ART OF QUOTATION – “What keeps my heart awake is colorful silence.” – 3-20-18

“What keeps my heart awake is colorful silence.”

― Claude Monet, French, painter

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STEVE BECKOW – The Beauty of Stillness and Silence – 3-8-18 – by Golden Age Of Gaia




Remaining aware of everything means remaining as the witness.

The witness is usually, in spiritual circles, a synonym for the Self. The Self merely observes and is unchanged. Remaining as the witness, therefore, is remaining as the Self.

Only Mother/Father God – whom the Divine Mother acknowledged in An Hour with an Angel on Jan. 4, 2018, was the Godhead or Parabrahman – is beyond the Self. (1)

Please remember that, while we remain neutral in our awareness, awareness itself is not neutral. It is dissolutive.  (2) If we “paint” an unwanted condition with our awareness, so to speak, and let our awareness simply rest on it, the condition will dissolve. Hopefully leaving no residue.

In light of these two considerations, I consider remaining as the witness – also known as remaining self-aware – to be an evolved spiritual practice.

Kathleen approaches the same goal of knowing the Self by contextualizing it as achieving balance. By forgiving everything and other practices, she has achieved balance, in my very biased opinion.

I’m approaching it from the vantage point of self-awareness.  It’s just because I resonate to that path. Zen, Vipassana, enlightenment intensives, encounter groups – all share the same focus on self-awareness. (3)

Awareness is like a perpetual, cleansing waterfall. The longer the time I’m able to maintain awareness of myself, the greater the cleansing and healing effect.

As my awareness rests on me, I come to a time when I don’t think of myself as being restricted to a form or body named Steve.

The”I” that I remain aware of begins to loosen up, shift, and change. It becomes more like a cloud or space.

When I became the witness earlier today, I noticed less drama and more spaces. The space of love. The space of bliss.

I also was aware that the duration of my experiencing had grown from the last time I felt in touch with myself. When love and bliss came, after I breathed them up from my heart, they stayed a little longer.

Occasional solitude is such a valuable gift. I fear it’ll become a very scarce commodity in the times ahead.  Let me never forget the beauty of stillness and silence.


(1) Beyond God is the Godhead. So, for other  students of cross-cultural spirituality, here is the relationship between the Self and the One, stated in the language of several spiritual traditions:  Christ —> God (the Father) —> Godhead;  Self —> All-Self —> One; Atman —> Brahman —> Parabrahman.

(2) I’m led to believe the word is not in the dictionary. I may have made it up. For me, it means “dissolves something, a solvent.”

(3) There are so many synonyms for it. Staying with the “Now” or the “moment”” is one.  Remaining with one’s self/the self/the Self. “Being with” oneself.  Knowing the ways of the self. Self-Knowledge. “Getting in touch with” one’s self. On and on go the ways of describing self-awareness and its aims and ends.

Lost for Words! — dreamweaver333

Originally posted on Endless Light and Love: My Dear Friends, I’m just lost for words! I have been going through one of the most challenging times of my life and honestly I’m just lost for words…… Each day, for the last few months, I have wanted to put my fingers on this keyboard and spell…

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Heaven Letter #5664 – The Embrace of Silence and Stillness – 5-28-16

God Is Love 2

God said:

Remember you are not a performer, yet you are a doer. To one degree or another, you are a doer. A doer gets things done.

However, everyone is a Be-er. Everyone IS. Everyone on Earth, of necessity, exists. This has to Be. It is not by edict that everyone must Be. It is by nature that everyone is a Being. It is your nature. I bequeathed Being to you.

Even so, activity is part of life. In terms of the world, you have to be doing something. You are not a sculpture that cannot move of its own volition. It is not a fantasy that you are deep Silence and Stillness, and you also move around. You may do push-ups or twiddle your thumbs. You may move your eyebrows. You may pose. You may steal. You may squander. Nevertheless, underlying your activity and noise, you are the utter embrace of Silence and Stillness.

No matter what a doer you may be, you are, also, the Stillness of Being. There are no exceptions. You could be a non-stop talker – yet you are Stillness. I am not speaking of something you ought to adhere to. I am speaking of you as you are. You cannot change this. You may not be aware of your Stillness, yet it is infallible that you are Stillness. You cannot be otherwise. This is your Truth. No matter what, you cannot depart from this Truth of Being. If you were music, this is the tune and beat that you are. Only you can play your strain of music.

Being cannot exactly be called your destiny because it is already the case that you are established in Being. Your specific world destiny may well not yet be evident, or it may. Your particular destiny on Earth may not yet be a fait accompli. You may not yet know during your lifetime how to expressly pick out your greatest deed or function on Earth. It could even be something you might not have noted. You do not always know where you stand in the history of the world. It can even be said that you are the last to know or, while on Earth, you may never know your unique contribution.

What you can know is that you were born for something and that you are irreplaceable. There is no one else just like you. There is no one else who can fulfill your express destiny.

You may even sit around thinking you have no great purpose in your life or any worthwhile purpose. You may perhaps just sit around waiting to let go of your life on Earth. You may have no idea what star you serve or that you serve any star in this Universe.

Nevertheless, every soul on Earth serves a Significant Purpose in the Evolution of the World.

You might assume that Christopher Columbus’s Great Purpose was to discover the Americas and show the world that the Earth was round, not flat. From Earth, you may not know.

Certainly, Abraham Lincoln contributed to the unwinding of slavery and the haughty assumption that any human being can be less than a soul that I, God, created in love and gave Free Will to.

And there was the Dutch boy who put his finger in a hole in the dike and held back a flood and became a hero. Who knows whether that was the boy’s great deed or another more subtle, perhaps.

Yet a great destiny does not have to be identified as a physical event of magnitude. Somewhere, somehow in every life on Earth, there is something gracious, or even noble. Perhaps, even one smile, one thought, one perception that raises life higher for even one other individual.

I will tell you a secret. You have or will render more than one great deed or understanding that has brightened or will brighten another soul on Earth. You have blessed another, and will, knowingly or unknowingly, bless another and perhaps another and so lift the world to New Heights.

Remember, this is not a performance We speak of. This is a Rising of Consciousness. This blessing of the Rising of Consciousness enters the world through you.

Allow yourself to be embraced by your reliefgiving silence – by JoyPassionDesire –

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When you feel worn out, allow yourself to be embraced by your silence. Sometimes it feels better to just be quiet and empty your mind.

You don’t have to explain, you don’t have to justify – just rest in the reliefgiving silence. You will feel better again, soon. ♡

Taylor Linn @ Tiny Buddha – Why Silence Is Often the Best Response to a Verbal Attack

Hands Over Mouth


Taylor Linn @ Tiny Buddha   –   Why Silence Is Often the Best Response to a Verbal Attack


“Have the maturity to sometimes know that silence is more powerful than having the last word.” ~Thema Davis

It all started with the forks.

“You need to return my forks,” my roommate demanded one morning as I sat in the kitchen attempting to get some work done.

“I have already said that I don’t have them. We told you that the other roommate has been hiding them,” I replied.

She began raising her voice at me, “I can’t believe you would accuse her. You’re just a mean, nasty person!”

I slowly turned around and said calmly, “Today is my birthday, actually. So I don’t really want to have this conversation right now.”

She retorted, “I don’t care,” and then began to attack my character with a spiel of all the various other things I’ve ever done to upset her.

Perhaps she felt some kind of underlying hurt, but she would not share this with me. She was not telling me these problems so that we could work on them together to fix the hurt. Instead, she was insulting and attacking my very existence as a human so that I could feel hurt with her.

I could already foresee that nothing I could say was going to calm her down, so I chose to respond with silence. I suppose my silence pushed her over the edge, because she ended the conversation with “good luck with your miserable life treating people this way!” and stormed out of the room.

Well, that escalated quickly. All because of some missing forks. I continued on with my birthday as happily as I could.

Over the next few weeks, I waited for my roommate to come to me in a calm manner to resolve her issues with me, but she never did. Any chance she had, she continued to speak to me in a hateful manner, even though I didn’t engage her.

For some reason, my respectful silence made her angrier with me. I had held my tongue and kept my negative thoughts to myself, yet she still found a reason to hold on to her anger. This made it seem to me that she did not respect me or wish to resolve our issues.

One day she shoved me while coming in the front door at the same time as me. She went so far as to spread rumors that I was planning to break up with my boyfriend so that he would break up with me first. I remained silent and still as a tree.

Looking at things from her point of view, it seems that she was trapped in pain. A pain so severe she wanted someone else to feel it with her. She did not know another way to express her pain to me, so I will never know the true cause of it.

Luckily for me, she moved out shortly afterward. Though our relationship ended and our issues remained unsolved because of her lack of cooperation, I do not regret my silence for several reasons.

Silence shows that external factors cannot affect your self-esteem. 

If you have hurt them, it is okay to acknowledge this and apologize. You are a human who makes mistakes. If they are unfoundedly attacking you, remember that they are speaking from a place of hurt that clouds their judgment.

In either situation, remind yourself that their negative view of you does not change your self-esteem and value as a person.

Oftentimes, flinging an insult is a reflection of their hidden insecurities and fears. True maturity comes from letting the hurtful words roll off your back without feeling the need to defend yourself, knowing that they are not a reflection of you.

Silence is not weakness.

Silence is harnessing your calm in a heated moment. Silence is a moment of Zen in which you can see the positive and negative coexisting together. Silence is the power to mindfully choose to stay out of the negative space, and not to say hurtful words back.

It takes true strength to hold your tongue and not succumb to negative energy. With time and practice, it will become easier and easier to ignore negative comments and continue on happily with your day.

Silence is not ignoring the problem.

Silence is the way to avoid saying things during a moment’s anger that you may later regret. Of course if the person has cooled off later on and wishes to speak to you calmly and respectfully regarding the matter, you should have a dialogue with them. Rational conversations are the only way to effective conflict resolution.

Silence is always in your toolbox. 

When someone has an interpersonal problem that they genuinely wish to fix, they approach the other person from a place within their heart, a place of actual caring and love. If someone immediately attacks your integrity and character, they are not speaking out of love but out of hate. Hatred cannot solve problems, only love can.

When the other person is being intentionally hurtful, without regard for your feelings, you always have the choice to stay silent and walk away from the conversation. There is a point where no words will calm them down, and they simply want you to join in their anger. Reciprocating their anger and adding fuel to their fire will just make things worse.

Silence is always there for a moment of clarity.

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Taylor Linn is currently a junior at Vanderbilt University, double majoring in History of Art and Film Studies. She is obsessed with self-improvement, meerkats, and anything mint. Visit her at

Saint Germain – Bringing Silence Into Your Day – Alexandra Mahlimay

Bringing Silence into Your Day

Alexandra Mahlimay

If you find yourself caught up in the hustle and bustle of the holidays like a few other billions of people around the world, this time of the year can be a little confusing.

You may find that you are caught up in experiences, or situations that are bombarding you with a lot of information, and suddenly there are also many demands that you didn’t put on yourself. There are expectations, flirtations and sorrowful endings.

You literally have no room to breathe, and feel quite compressed by this ever-growing pressure that builds-up around you, and inside of you.

As the pressure increases, you have no time to be with yourself and to consider what it is that YOU want to do.

Instead of being caught up in the madness around you, maybe you’d rather sit in your favorite chair, sipping on a cup of hot chocolate, and watch the lights of the city.

Maybe you would prefer to share a quiet dinner with some good friends, or with your partner. Maybe you would like to listen to someone reading you a fairy tale.

Such quiet moments are important, because they bring you back to your center, when everything else pulls at your attention, demanding your presence and your energy.

You need to find time for yourself, and you need to be able to reflect about where you are, and what you are about to embark on, after all the madness is gone.

Otherwise, you’ll be trapped in the same old story that comes after the hustle and bustle. TOO quiet, too much silence and know nothing of what to do with it.

But what if you didn’t wait for that moment to hit you like a sledgehammer in the head? What if you invited the much needed silence into your day right now?

So here are some simple ways that you can do that.

1. Wake up earlier than usual in the morning, even if it is 15 minutes earlier, and sit down with your favorite drink, or a cup of warm water.

2. Before you get ready to leave out the door, turn off the noise inside your head. It won’t be easy, but you can start practicing.

3. Once you are around people, talk less. Being able to listen, creates more silence within you.

4. Instead of spending hours using electronic machines, spend 30 minutes walking in a natural environment, where you can see plants, birds, or animals.

Nature will bring you back to yourself and a natural sense of quiet.

5. When you feel the need to do too many things, go into the bathroom, wash your face, and decide what is the most important thing to do for the rest of the day. The rest will look insignificant.

6. Go back to your home earlier than usual, and spend some time doing something enjoyable that you haven’t done in a long time. Like taking a bath. Or reading a poem.

7. Finally, stay away from noise of any kind one hour before you’re ready to go to bed.

Your sleep with be less agitated, and it will be easier for you to get up and spend those extra 15 minutes in silence, in the morning.

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Jiddu Krishnamurti – In Total Silence – The Mind Comes Upon The Eternal

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What Love Is Not
7th Public Talk, Saanen, Switzerland, 22nd July, 1979
In Total Silence the Mind Comes Upon the Eternal
Why is there constant strife and seeking?
Are we seeking superficial sensory experience or something timeless that thought has not touched at all?
Can thought with its limitation enquire deeply? Is observation the instrument of thought?
When one observes does the thing being observed undergo change?
Can the mind having understood desire know its value is relative and be free to observe?
Is there a way of living without any control? Is not the controller the movement of thought?
When there is no conflict whatsoever what takes place in the mind?

Empty Mind Meditation

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The most important and final practice in any genuine spiritual tradition is the practice of meditation. Meditation is a simple technique in which a person remains in the state of awareness in this immediate moment. The goal of meditation is the realization of who or what you are at the most fundamental level. Meditation awakens us to the truth of ourselves and life — without words or methods, without steps or stages.

In this Channel Higher Self video you are immediately taken into the practice of meditation and the experience of an empty mind. Empty mind is a Zen Buddhist term that refers to the state of being in awareness with no thought. When the empty mind is present, everything simply is and no thought or emotion occurs. This empty mind state is the goal of meditation. It is only by directly experiencing the empty mind state of sustained periods of time that the ego mind can be purified, silenced and removed. During the experience of empty mind, all that is false will effortlessly be removed, and that which is truth will remain.