Lisa Gawlas – Shambhala Has Arrived and the Earth Shakes in its, In Your Glory! – 12-4-16



Lisa Gawlas   –   Shambhala Has Arrived and the Earth Shakes in its, In Your Glory!   –   12-4-16


YAY, I pulled my happy butt out of bed at 4am this morning to make sure I can do a good a huge information dump!!  Lucky you lol.  One of the main things I wanted to do this whole last week, was gather all the various “anomalies” happening in, on and above earth in these last several weeks, which really are reflecting the energies being shown in the readings every day.  Of course, I understood the events more completely the day they were revealed to me and I was still incorporating the days energy readings, now with some time in my rear view mirror, it’s not as clearly detailed in my mind within the relationships of what you are doing in readings, what the ETs show you they are doing with you and how it is affecting our earth and air.  But is a marvel!!!

A youtube video was shared on my wall several days ago, sadly, I was knee deep in assisting my daughter that I couldn’t even comment on the understanding, but I do want to bring it here for those who have not seen it yet:



I love the last few words in the description, looking for a culprit.  We must raise our hands and take blame or is that, credit!!!  We, with a tremendous amount of help and direction from our ET friends, are changing the magnetic pulses, frequencies and anything else we can do there, within the earth and beyond the earth… stuff is gonna move, act a little crazy, no differently than our bodies act as they receive these new energies and assimilate.

Pulling information from, on Dec 1st they talking about:  MESOSPHERIC BORE (IT’S NOT WHAT YOU THINK): This month, a lot is happening in the mesosphere. The mesosphere is a layer of Earth’s atmosphere above the stratosphere; it is the realm of sprites, noctilucent clouds (NLCs), and airglow. Starting on Nov. 17th, NASA’s AIM spacecraft spotted bright noctilucent clouds forming in the mesosphere above Antarctica. Then, in an apparently unrelated development on Nov. 24th, the normal dome of airglow over China split in two.

This is called a “mesospheric bore”–and not because it’s dull.  A bore is a type of atmospheric wave with deep ripples at its leading edge.  Indeed, you can see the ripples in Shuai’s photo separating the zone of airglow from clear sky.

Bores fall into the category of “gravity waves”—so called because gravity acts as the restoring force essential to wave motion. Analogy: Boats in water. When a boat goes tearing across a lake, water in front of the boat is pushed upward. Gravity pulls the water back down again and this sets up a wave.

In this case, instead of water, rarefied air is the medium through which the wave propagates.  The sudden boundary in the airglow layer is probably akin to a hydraulic jump.  But what created the disturbance in the first place?  (What is the ‘boat’?) No one knows.

The day prior we were gifted with UNEXPECTED SOLAR FLARE: Yesterday, Nov. 29th at 1723 UT, new sunspot AR2615 surprised forecasters when it suddenly erupted, producing an impulsive M1-class solar flare.  A few hours later, it happened again. At 23:38 UT on Nov. 29th, AR2615 produced an M1.2-class flare, causing a short-lived radio blackout over Australia.

Of course, this on the heals of the asthmatic producing thunderstorm in Melbourne Australia, the one and only time any ET ever said exactly where their base is and took me underground to show me.  I have now been doing ET connections for 3 years I think, with the exception of the lab beneath the gulf of mexico, the ETs have never revealed exactly where they are located on or in earth.  But in that one connection, they even spelled Melbourne out to me so I knew where they were.  There is a reason for that.  ET’s or spirit reveals nothing without important relevance.  And that base down under is working directly with the magnetics of earth and beyond earth.

There were more anomalies, I just cannot find where I seen them at.  Sorry I have been distracted this week, not to mention my brain has literally been vibrating from kingdom come and back each and ever day reading the field, not a pleasant or workable event!! lol

Now lets back up a moment to the video, hilo events.  That happened around the same time spirit said to people, target the water movement towards the oil basins.  If we are going to move water and create new flows, guess what, the earth is gonna shake itself up a bit!!

In so many of the readings, water itself has come from and center.  Let me just pull one from yesterday, and we can start to see how the thunderstorms are creating huge influxes of energy that just happens to have an adverse affect on bodies.  (A little something I have 4 years of first hand experience with!)

Ohh wait, before I get to her details, there is something I have been wanting to share but kept forgetting!!  There are three areas I am seeing people set up within outside the door (in the field of light.)  As we transitioned into December the placements took on new meanings.  Those I see at the ground level are working directly with the earth’s energies and frequencies, those about 6 feet above the ground are working in the upper atmosphere, beyond our breathable air space and then the mid section, they show up directly between the two and work the breathable airspace, which combines the earth and upper atmospheric energies.  One is not better or more important than the other, just different duties providing for the good of all.  However, I do have to say, there is a lot more people working the upper atmosphere than the other two areas.  Maybe it’s because we are still going thru intense change, I don’t know.  We will see!!

Anywayz, my lady yesterday was in the upper atmosphere swimming in energies that looked very ocean like, but was pure energy.  I could see the waves forming and blending back into the energy just like you would an ocean.  My lady was doing the breast stroke, very particularly the breast stroke (her team made sure we understood that.)  She had on a white bathing cap, her team explained that was for her crown protection.  As her right arm went out and pulled the ocean like energy behind her, it took pure energy and gave it something equivalent to an emotional frequency.  Her left hand took the energies and gave them the frequency of matter.  Her position was head and breast above the energy surface and from the waist down, below the surface.  However, the energy ocean from her waist down was very very different from the one in front of her.  Her team explained that by doing the breast stroke (using the heart, lungs, ribs and diaphragm) and changing the energies with her hands, it produces a usable energy for the earth, which transitions to the earth via rain.   Ain’t no wonder our rains are so potent these days!!!  Add some electricity to the mix… it is all changing life on this planet.  As life changes, so must our bodies ability to eat and breathe these changes.

Ohhh and one of the things her team explained I found so stunning, came from our conversation about even spiritual vision being 20/20 in hindsight.  Even tho what I am seeing we are doing Now, spirits concept of Now and ours are a bit skewed.  For example, they showed her also over the Emerald City, that to us humans incarnate, we still walking towards, yet it is fully built, amazingly beautiful and we are already working there too.  I was watching her do the breaststroke in a clockwise large circular motion, what her team explained is creating something like an energy vortex the likes earth has never experienced before.  So she is already working there, as well as here, and primarily from the sleeping state (body asleep, soul busy, as just about everyone I am reading for now, is doing.)  The greatest gift we are going to ever give ourselves is to start participating consciously.  The more you understand your innate, natural skills, the more proficient you become at using them for your own personal creation and destruction.  Keeping in mind, destruction is as important to life as creation is. Once again, I hear the old familiar statement from spirit “If you can have it all, would you give it all up first.”

Yesterday was my five month anniversary of leaving my heaven, my beloved life in New Mexico.  Never in a million years did even think something could cross my path that would have me leaping out of that life into another on a moment’s notice.  But then again, I was pretty damn sure I would never see my mother again in this lifetime.  And yet, like a volcano erupting, my life in New Mexico melted away and new structures set up in Florida.  Lava always reformats itself into a solid construction… eventually.

I dear friend I never met, Jeff Schauss created a painting earlier this year that just exploded in my heart.  He even decided to send me this paining and the energy from it just radiating everywhere in my Being.  I hung it on a wall that faced the outside of the backyard, yet was positioned on the wall inside my home where I parked my car in the front yard.  I don’t tend to over analyze things, I just ride the energies.  I think it was last week or the week before I was looking at this paining now hanging on my office wall spreading its energy out into the marina when I just stopped in my tracks!!



Those four things to the right of the painting felt important, but for the life of me, I could not interpret them.  That is, until the other day as I was looking… feeling into this image before my day started and being completely blinded by the rising sun and my heart stopped”




Everything that I was about to experience is fully detailed in the painting.  The poles of the sails I see every day.  The blinding sun energy, even when you look towards the bottom of the painting, there is the marina, the waters of the marina.  And cradling the entire explosion is the colors of New Mexico.

Then I had to look at the whole wall’s energy now:


The Mesa, the explosion of change and my soul painting.  Destruction and creation, one in the same!  Birth and rebirth!  Our duty is to hold nothing and allow for everything!!

Speaking of change!!  Things are moving in an upward direction for my daughter and baby grandson!!  One of my friends met up with my daughter, she had AAA with plug RV on it, and AAA moved her RV (even after they realized, since there was no truck involved, that not how the plusRV was supposed to work, let it go thru anywayz) to another wonderful souls property in Redwood Valley.  That part of her change is finally done, no more mean degrading people pushing her around.  Now we are still waiting to see if her paternal sister is going to drive her big truck from Houston texas to Cali to pull the RV to Austin.  This really is best case scenario.  We should have a definitive answer today.  If this becomes the case, we exceeded what was needed in fund-raising, and to each and everyone, thank you from the depths of our souls.  She will actually have enough money to settle into an RV park instead of just parking it for a few weeks on a friends land.  I think last night was the first time in weeks I slept soundly, which is why I could dance out of bed at 4am today!! lol

I also want to mention my youngest daughter as well, the one in jail.  Ya know, I really do have amazing kids and they sure have not taken the traditional path in life!!  Since Valorie became incarcerated, I have been looking for paperback versions of the trilogy “Conversations with God” by Neale Donald Walsch, until last month, the only things I could find were hard covers.  I finally got to send her the trilogy and OMG you talk about the phrase “right time, right place” being a truth.  I don’t know that she was really ready to digest that information in the way she is now, before.  She needed everyone of you writing to her, redirecting her thought patterns, and sending love in the unique ways each of you do, to be open to this information.  And holy gobble gobble is she excited and ingesting and getting it!!  She was like firecracker last night, quoting parts of the book in understanding.  Saying she always thought I was a fruit loop, especially when I would tell her I am God, she is God… and now she understands.  NOW she gets it and embraces it and big yays!!

She is truly in a school you can’t pay to be in, surrounded by such contrast you can’t pay to learn from.

And for my mother, myself, my children, the greatest alignments they have is YOU.  Your love, your support be it prayers, money, letter writing, whatever, all feeds the funnel of rebirthing our children, our parents, our world.  For that, I am on bended knee in deep thanks, overwhelming gratitude that you LOVE That much, that completely, that unconditionally!!  You ARE Shambhala made manifest!!!

((((((HUGZ))))) of life exploding love to and thru ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas


Chaos and Shambhala Side by Side. How Are You Using the Event Horizon Underway?? | The Shift of Time and Energy! — Infinite Shift

There is so much to share, amazing how one day not writing has me backlogged with information and now I pray I remember to get every ounce of it out!! For many years now, we have talked and even seen to the slightest degree, the separation of the wheat from the chaff, well, if I […]

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Courtesy of

BUDDHA Amitabha Buddha, Nepal


Dear All

Shambhala is a sacred community, a sangha, a satsanga.

Satsanga means ‘sitting and listening in the Truth’ and Sangha means ‘community of Buddhas’.

Consider also the following. How would you communicate with your guru, enlightened teacher, soul guardian? With your God-Self? With criticism? Or with compassion and love? A deep devotion to wisdom, right? When we find fault with others we create obstacles for everyone around. For the one doing the criticism. For the one who is blamed. For those listening to the criticism.

Satsanga or Sangha is divine or spiritual community. What is said with compassion and love or devotion to wisdom to another is fruitful for everybody. Only when we are free of criticism and blame can we truly say we have entered satsanga. This is a hard practice requiring moment by moment awareness. We have to be alert and awake. Not reacting from old habit patterns. We are all at a crucial point where we can truly let go of the past and come to deep and loving communication with each other and our collective wisdom. It takes effort. Perseverance. And Love.

Sometimes we have to let go and begin anew.



LISA GAWLES – Living Shambhala – Critical Mass Achieved – 5-16-15

 life exploding reforming

Lisa Gawles

Two days ago, when I got out of that bath meditation as I was trying to get spirit to help us understand that whole bell shape, bell curve gig, I was suddenly overwhelmed with emotion.  I could feel the tears welling up behind my eyes like I have just received the greatest news of my entire life and it hung there.  There was nothing spectacular revealed in meditation, at least, not that I was aware of or retained.  I finally broke down and asked my team…. what on earth am I feeling??  I mean, it feels good, I just don’t know what I am feeling this for.

Just above my left ear (physical life side) I hear the softest, sweetest voice say “Lisa, everything you have ever worked for, is Here Now.”  What the hell was I working for??  My mind is scrambling to figure that out… there is no intelligent, angel of a man (hold the feathers) in my life… but the feeling grew deeper, fuller, the tears of… I cannot even call it joy, it was something else, something… reverent in away I never experienced reverence before.  Knots were curling up inside my stomach, like something huge was happening and you get that childlike nervousness inside.  What the hell have I been working for????

Just call me clueless Lisa… that’s how I went to sleep… clueless.

I only had one reading scheduled yesterday (the rest of the day are the super powers homework sessions) and not surprisingly there was that bell, there she was on the pendulum and the damn field is as tight-lipped with understanding as they were the day prior.

Spirit has said many times before, it’s not always about the “reading” itself, it’s about the conversation we have in place of a reading.  This precious 30 minutes in time was never more true in revelation.  Holy blessing batman!!!

She asked a question I had no answer to, nor was the field very revealing about… well… not in the way I am accustomed to anywayz.  She asked if the gong part of the pendulum will ever hit the sides of the bell image.  That I was sure was a yes given the faint details we did get the day prior.  We, as a collective, are building moment towards that.  So then she asked… will we hear it?  Will there be a sound we will actually hear?  I dunno.  But then I got a flash of what science now calls, the big bang theory.  Of course there would have to be a sound… but I don’t know if you and I will hear it.  Then the visuals I was receiving started revealing something, plus her explanation of what she feels when she uses her Tibetan gong (I think that’s what she said she uses.)

Lets take the image of many soap bubbles together, not just one cluster, many clusters connected to many other clusters:


Remember back in 2012 when everyone was talking about reaching “critical mass” of enlightenment.  If (and of course, we did) enough people “woke up” to their own christed energy and started using it, living it, ascension was assured.  We actually reached critical mass for that event back in mid to later 2012.  2013 had us arriving in the ever-expanding body called ascension.  The new vibrant earth and our high vibrational hearts became one and we started expanding, adding wisdom, stretching our consciousnesses into amazing realms of not only possibilities, but experiences.  This Christed energy is what my team refers to as the 5th dimension, less an actual dimension and much more a vast frequency interconnecting very particular dimensions together as I humbly shown as the lower area of the bell thingie.

Back in 2007 my team started to reveal the next great adventure on earth called Shambhala.  Living heaven on earth in all its possibilities.  Of course, I had to start doing research on what Shambhala was, I barely got out of the Christed energy understanding and I was still in finding my own inner shit and clearing it up… until I went into a meditation to look for more of my own inner crap to clear and I couldn’t find anything… did I break something??  My team said to me, don’t you think there comes a time you cleared/healed as much as you needed to??  Ummmm… well NO!!!

We can liken that to never ever getting out of the shower, you just scrub and scrub and scrub… and never get out and put on those pretty clothes you’re getting cleaned up to wear.

Playing dress up was never so freakin weird… for years… thru now even.  This is one hellofa long dress up session let me tell you!!!  But we really do work best by trying on something and realizing… nope that looked better laying on the bed than on me.  Figuring out what we do not want to create, what we do want to be in the center of and how exactly are we going to shine and giggle and be incredible playful humans living… LIVING heaven on earth.

Shambaha is not a particular place on earth, it is an energy, a LIFE LIVED that can only come thru the human incarnate.  When you have let go of your judgements, your biases, pretty much everything that made you human in the first place lol and live in absolute joy and love with ALL THINGS.

I chose the spelling of my use of the word Shambhala on purpose.  In Sanskrit is simply translated to Peace, Love, Harmony.  Perfect!!  But this MUST be thru your heart… no looking for it to be in a landscape, a job, anything.  It’s YOU, wherever YOU ARE!!!!

As my team revealed more and more and more of what living Shambhala really meant to the earth, to the people/collectives willing to do the inner work, holy heaven, its all I wanted, I have worked night and day, with anyone willing to work with me for themselves to get here.

Here we are!!!!  (insert major happy dancing here.)

That bell thingie… THAT is the critical mass reached for the solidification of Shambhala!!!  This is what my team meant by “all that you ever worked for, is now here.”  And I only understood that fully and clearly because this beautiful, precious lady showed up for a reading and we had a conversation instead.

But the illumination was just getting started!!!

Let me bring back the image from yesterday:

bell curve

The image of the pendulum…  our teams only have certain ways to show the story unfolding for me to understand.  We are not ON a pendulum, our entire collective ARE the pendulum.  WE, as a unified heartbeat thru space, time and well beyond, are what is swinging that pendulum, building energy to gong the sides….

And we could see it clearly, the gong, the reverberation of that round gongy thing releases a frequency never heard in all of creation before.. shattering the lower soap bubbles/dimensions where fear and separation are still hanging on.  All that energy coming up thru every other dimension, purified, excited with living light and we are forming new worlds.

There is more to this incredible, tear stinging with love and reverence story bubbling up in my consciousness, but it is far from clear, actually at this moment, its more confusing than anything.  But hey, lets all take a collective breath and feel and celebrate the enormity of what have achieved and are doing TOGETHER!!!

WE ARE the golden age of Life.  Only thru the human incarnate can anything happen.  You powerful creators you.  Remember too, to create takes the energy of uncreation as well.  Know mama is gonna twist and turn and burp and fart and just do what she does so naturally, wonderfully, in her “nesting period.”

On that note, celebrate, in-joy, hug each other, go in (to meditation) and see what being a living spirit in physical body means to you, start undersanding the super powers you brought here to use, to create and build with… because baby, we’ve only just begun!!!!

((((((((((((HUGZ))))))))))))))))) of Dreams Come True to ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S.  The power is within you, lets tap in and bring it out for full on use!! LAST chance Super Powers Course starting in June, click here for details.

Lisa Gawles – The Living Energy of June-July – Shambhala!

living light

Of all the things that I realized these last few days, this one revelation took me by the biggest surprise.  It’s not the earth herself that is doing all this “shifting,” it’s us!  Earth was created to house vast amounts of frequencies or dimensions to allow all those incarnate to have whatever experience they wanted to have upon her life system.  Over the span of eons of time, it has been important for us to experience as many frequencies as we could leading up to this extraordinary moment in time.

If we look at it all like piano keyboard, we were all born into middle C, then we choose which other keys (frequencies we were going to explore while in body.)  Lingering on some notes, running from others and learning to play several of the notes together at one time.  This really does lead to the mastery of life.  Not avoiding the various notes, but playing in them, learning them, understanding their uses, potentials and harmonies.

That is not to say the earth herself is not going thru changes, she is knee-deep in menopause, brought on by the music we are now playing.  Maybe we can look at the earth changes as the way mom dances to the music of her children.  She is one talented mother… she often does several dances at once., there are so many pockets of music to move to.

So with these shifts that we are experiencing, we are doing this together.  For those who say I am not feeling it, just wait, your time is coming lol.  The more you pay attention to the higher notes of life and the less you listen to the lower or deep notes, the more you shift within.  The more you see how the world and your place within it really is.  A lot of people will take up residence on middle C, never really exploring except that which they were born into.  They are so important too, and our out job is not to move them out of their comfy note in life, not at all.  Like blockbuster movies, there are always “extra’s” in the movies to give depth and meaning to the ongoing movie.

What we do not see about earth is the massive amounts of dimensions that are all playing out at once.  Where we have other versions of ourselves experiencing different things, all sharing back to the soul consciousness and to each incarnation in body.  This to such an amazing light yesterday when I was doing a session with a beautiful soul who said she was attacked by demons this week.  She told me this in an email and I could not wait to connect with her to hear the rest of the story.  I knew her light field, the notes her soul song plays and she is not in a frequency where demons can just move in and attack her.

When she started to explain that as she tried to fall asleep one evening, she got really restless within the sleep.  She woke up and went to her kitchen, but it was not her kitchen, her husband was not the familiar guy she is married to now, she even had a 6-year-old daughter and yet, she felt like her.  Indeed she was.  She could hear this horrible, nightmarish chanting happening and new they were being attacked by something dark.  As scared as she was, she mustered the light within her, beamed golden energy out of her eyes towards those “demons” and then woke up in her bed that she was familiar with.  This happened twice.  Instantly I knew what happened.  She slipped between dimensions in the “restlessness” and actually went to help the part of her that was incarnated in that life and having that experience.

I became very aware of how the other aspect of her related this experience.  As if an angel came to her rescue and dispelled the dark energies haunting her.  How often do we all do that, we have an experience of “light” and we give all the credit to an angel or Jesus or something other than ourselves.  Our soul knocking on the door of another incarnation of itself to assist that which is needed.

This revelation alone left me in awe for the rest of the day!!  lol  Not to mention, in awe of the incredible power and mastery of my precious lady!

So now, lets talk about this big expanse called June/July.  It seemed to be a mystery right up until June 1st.  Maybe I really needed to read the Billy Fingers book before I got to see the truth of it all, because I know I would have never looked at yesterdays connection like I do now.

In all 6 connections yesterday, the layout was the same.  The start of a circle of light, a blue pencil line of energy infused with that brilliant white light.  The Living Presence of all of Creation.  Some may still call that God or the God Presence.  This circle was only about 1/4 visible and so thin, yet, I knew what I was seeing, at least, eventually lol.  This circle is on the ground, part of the ground itself.

All but one person was not interacting with this energy yet, but the one who was gave me a larger glimpse of the field itself.  She gently pushed a toe onto the energy, the energy line suddenly filled out the 1/4 of the energy field within the emerging circle in amazingly beautiful swirly patterns of blue-white light.  It retracted as quickly as she pulled her toe back.

I had yet another lady who gave us even more understanding about this alive, loving, vibrant energy that is before us.  She showed up as everyone else did, about 2-3 inches behind the emerging blue pencil line.  She had these enormous yellow, gel like butterfly wings that kept moving, constant movement.  Not flapping, more like, rippling.  These wings were so large they seemed to consume her body, I could not see a body at all, just these amazing wings.  But, she never moved, just turned around and around so slowly.  It started to feel like she was in her own Imax theater and what she was doing was looking was that thing, that moment where she can move out of the story that has now ended and desperately seeking the new one.  a place to jump into, or maybe out of.  I also knew she was not going to find it in doing a 360 life review.  I asked two questions at once, where is her body and how do we get her to stop rotating and move into this amazing field of June.  Suddenly, as if on cue, a baby fell out of the wings and landed on her hands and knees facing June.  Crawl forward!!  New life lays in that energy.  But the little girl was scared, she was frozen there, looking desperately for a parent, a protector, someone to guide her, give her permission to crawl out of the old life and into the new, the deep unknown of the new, but I kept feeling she going of her own accord.

I was at a loss, or so I thought.  All I could think to ask is how do we get this child to crawl forward.  I had such a deep belly laugh as I watched the adult I was reading for, the true mother of this child, swing back her leg and kicked the baby in the butt.  That’s one way to get her to move!!  lol  A good ole swift kick to the rear end.  Good thing babies are padded down there with their diaper lol.

So I took a moment to see what would it be like if the mother and child (this too, leads into the trinity: parent, child, holy spirit that is the wellspring of all life) took that leap of faith and moved out of the old into this vastness of new.  Holy heaven batman… suddenly I could see her in the middle of June, this living blue-white energy now spinning itself around her new life like a brand new sweater.  Instantly I got the bigger picture of what all this means to us, dare we take that leap of faith…

Again, good ole Billy Fingers and his Blessed sister Annie brought it all to a level of understanding I wouldn’t have seen quite like this.

As I mentioned yesterday, in the book “The Afterlife of Billy Fingers” written by his sister Annie Kagan, Billy explains after he was done being the universe (the great expansion) and became this concentrated ball of blue light, he knew the Presence was what we in the human realm would say was about 25 feet above him, a mass of blue infused with living white light.

He explained that when we are born, our mission is to connect with that spark of god, the blue-white light of ALL life, to bring it into us, to expand it thru us.  When we die, that same light becomes a part of us, as if we are wrapped within it (as opposed to it being within us like here on earth.)  Always one with it.

I realized I think on a slight level I completely missed the bigger picture of June/July and now it all makes such amazing sense.  The blue that I had seen making up the majority of the June/July experience is so much more than our soul energy, our soul expression in life, it is the truest of foundations of the Living Shambhala, The Presence of Heaven on earth.

The soul and the God Spark laid out and living as one.  The violet that I had seen (but didn’t as of yesterday, but again we are only in day 1 and even the blue was only as thick as a pencil line) is us.  The biological creations of creator itself, alive in body, alive and aware and partnered in matter.  Taking, creating leaps of faith into the fields of living life.

YOU are the shift of the ages!!  It is ALL happening thru you and NOT outside of you.  Keep in mind as well, YOU are the one you are praying too!!

Are you taking leaps of faith into Heaven on earth, Shambhala, or looking to re-enter an old story line for further understandings??

(((((HUGZ))))) filled with living, radiant blue-white living life!!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S. June’s Soul Gym agneda is now online.  Come expand with us!!

Lisa Gawlas – Shambhala, The Rains Of Heaven, Christ-Mass! – 5-22-14

lisagawlas2These last few days in the land of readings have been interesting to say the least and taking me much longer to understand what is happening than usual.  I realized something about the water colored energies from three days ago during a someones sharing of her experience in the soul gym last evening.  A fuller, richer, diverse increase in your soul energy coming into the wholeness of your created field of life.  Energizing everything with that pure, heavenly radiance.

If seeing everyone in water-color hue’s wasn’t strange enough, the following day took everyone to a whole new level of odd.  Right before the connection, I would get a flash, a single image for the person I was about to read for, expecting (my bad) to elongate on that image once we got the reading started.  Nope.  Instead, when I bent over to align my antenna with the back yard, the light became so bright I could not see thru it.  I eventually realized (after several connections) that the bright light I was seeing, was like a massive spark, an igniting… I could see its shape.. the full breadth of each persons field of life, from top to bottom, but the bottom was more like triangulated, incoming energy, pure Light energy to ignite the fields of life.

So I have to look at the preview of each person… the snapshot of imagery before our connection.  The first one was for two ladies who removed themselves completely from their old lives and moved to Panama.  I could see pastel colored flowers raining down all around them, I recognized these flowers from a long time ago… Shambhala flowers.  The rains of heaven filling their life, but equally, taking form.

My second flash before the connection was of a waterfall image that aligned with his entire outer edge of his field of life. Kinda like this:

link to picture

The pure hydrating energy to fertilize the very ground of life.  However, the waterfall energy was just starting to flow towards his center.

The one thing I am sure of today, all of the pre-images represents each persons emotional currency from spirit activated by the intent of seeing it, hence the intense bright light at our connections.

I have no idea what to expect in yesterdays connections, I was hoping for (and received) more than a flash!  What is interesting, out of 6 connections yesterday, all but one had the energy, the visuals happening in the same place in their fields.  I made a humble image of my viewing field:

My viewing field

What I find interesting if not telling, every persons “center path” is showing up in the area I call the East Field, new beginnings, fresh growth.  Of course, looking back on these last few days, it is exactly that.  Even more interesting, the only place you can go towards is the left or west side, created life itself.  Anything to the right or more east of center path is collecting the energy of pure emotion.

This shift in the field actually makes sense, to get to here, to this new moment in our story, we had to go deep within ourselves (the right side of the field, our emotional/spiritual life) and clean house.  Well, we should be pretty damn cleaned out by now because the focus of the field of light is what you are now doing in Life.

The yellow star in the image represents where all but one persons imagery was happening.  The place I call created life but also the gateway from Mays energy into the vast twin months of June and July.

One of the connections yesterday started with a pre-song.  I started hearing this song before I we connected.  Her name happened to be Virginia and the song playing in my head over and over was “Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus and you’ve got the right to believe.  I had to smile when Santa himself showed up in her reading, in that place where the yellow star was… but santa was having a wee bit of a problem getting down the chimney of her created life.  So I watched him twist and turn to get where he needed to be, in her Life field.  Then I realized he was using the energy of both a sine wave and the elongated fractal energy to moving himself thru the chimney (the space where heaven meets earth.)

I didn’t realize that the song I heard was actually from a little 8-year-old girl way back in 1987 as she wrote to the editor of the SUN newspaper.  The SUN/ The SON.  Christmas, CHRIST-Mass.

My beautiful Virginia was celebrating a birthday… her true Christmas, embracing the Christ that she is.  And now, she has become Santa Claus him/herself!!

I do want to share a bit of the editors amazing, enlightening reply to the Virginia who wrote to the Sun:

“DEAR EDITOR: I am 8 years old. 
“Some of my little friends say there is no Santa Claus. 
“Papa says, ‘If you see it in THE SUN it’s so.’ 
“Please tell me the truth; is there a Santa Claus?


VIRGINIA, your little friends are wrong. They have been affected by the skepticism of a skeptical age. They do not believe except they see. They think that nothing can be which is not comprehensible by their little minds. All minds, Virginia, whether they be men’s or children’s, are little. In this great universe of ours man is a mere insect, an ant, in his intellect, as compared with the boundless world about him, as measured by the intelligence capable of grasping the whole of truth and knowledge.

Yes, VIRGINIA, there is a Santa Claus. He exists as certainly as love and generosity and devotion exist, and you know that they abound and give to your life its highest beauty and joy. Alas! how dreary would be the world if there were no Santa Claus. It would be as dreary as if there were no VIRGINIAS. There would be no childlike faith then, no poetry, no romance to make tolerable this existence. We should have no enjoyment, except in sense and sight. The eternal light with which childhood fills the world would be extinguished.  …

We as children bring our wish list to Santa.  We can look at this Santa as our soul energy ready to give back to the human who houses the fullness of this magical, wonderful, heavenly body.

I am equally finding, there are many who have the same dilemma as I do.  I have no idea what is on my “desires” list.  For me personally, my life is full, I love my home, my work, my play…. and for a moment or two, I got worried because I really feel complete on all levels.  I was relieved of my pondering when I heard my Self say… now you are open to receive what you cannot even conceive of (mentally.)

May we ALL be open to receive and then ACT on the incoming energy.

Merry Christ-Mass to ALL!!!

((((HUGZ)))) of celebration and joy,

Lisa Gawlas