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About Tarra Christoff

Tarra Christoff, MA is a sacred path career coach and the founder of The Marry Yourself Telesummit. She leads Marry Yourself retreats around the globe and has a background in depth psychology, creative arts, and Reiki energy healing.  Visit http://www.marryyourselftelesummit.com.


“You, yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.” ~Buddha

I married myself at the age of 37 in a quiet ceremony of one near a waterfall in Big Sur, California.

I had prepared my “soul vows.” These vows were my deepest commitment to love, cherish, and deeply care for all parts of myself in sickness and in health, until my time on the planet comes to an end.

My soul vows became an ode to honoring my highest self always, and remembering that seeking love outside myself will never bring fulfillment unless I possess radical, unshakable love for myself.

With that knowing, these are some of my Soul Vows:

I vow to comfort myself during times of hopelessness, despair, depression, disillusionment, or any difficulty that arises.

I vow to be my Beloved always and in all ways.

I vow to never settle or abandon myself in romantic partnerships again.

I vow to live in the faith my life unfolds in mysterious divine perfection.

I vow to honor my spiritual path and create an amazing life whether I am ever legally married or not.

I vow to honor my calling and live my life as a work of art.

Some vows were tender and some fierce—some private, and some to be shared with the world.

All vows were an expression of my soul’s calling and a deep desire to love myself and care for myself at the deepest possible level in all areas of my life.

These vows were the gateway into a life that was deeper, richer, and more connected to my soul’s guidance.

Nearly nine months later, I have a birthed a new life. Many of the visions I had for a decade are starting to come true.

These visions include attracting a loving partner, spending time in my beloved Bali, and feeling a deeper sense of purpose and passion for my work.

I believe that this had everything to do with saying “I do” to giving myself the love and affection that I desired from a beloved.

The life that I now have is beyond my wildest dreams.

Here are four ways to say “I do” to you.

1. Write your soul vows.

You have a deeply cherished vision for your life, and your soul vows are a way to get it out of your soul and on paper. Mine were simple, but you could express them in any way that works for you. You could create a video, write a poem, use fancy writing, or maybe create a sacred altar for your words. Throw yourself a party. Register for gifts! Why not?

2. Create a vision board.

The soul speaks in images. Your soul vows may be magnificently revealed in a vision for your life. Carve out some time to craft a vision board from images that resonate with you. Allow yourself to be intuitively drawn to these images and don’t rely on your rational mind.

3. Sacred jewelry.

Procure a piece of jewelry that has heart and meaning for you. My object of art was literally a silver heart necklace inscribed: “You make the world a better place.”

My best friend actually created a sacred jewelry business after marrying herself. She’s finally found her path after years of meandering. That’s what is possible when you choose to marry yourself. I have also known men who marked this commitment with a sacred ring.

4. Be witnessed in your sacred vows.

I had a solo ceremony at a retreat center in Big Sur, but it was immediately followed by wine with friends. However, I’d recommend taking it to the next level—perhaps a ceremony with a few close friends? Find a way to have others acknowledge this transformation.

After my self-commitment ceremony, I realized that the real work was to start to love all the places that I had not fully loved myself. I needed to befriend the parts of me that were needy, scared, ashamed, or simply in need of my care instead of my criticism.

And while the marrying myself was a lovely starting place, it was really just the beginning. In the wise words of Rumi, “Your task is not to seek love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”

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Indigo Light, Alexander – Why is Loving Yourself so Challenging?

Indigo Light

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n this video, Alexander covers the balance of self-love and faith necessary at this time. We are here to grow, experience, and learn how to appreciate and support ourselves enough to rise above fear and uncertainty, and create something beautiful and new. Love is the basis of all life in the Multiverse.

22:22 “Synchronicity: What is the Universe Trying to Tell You?” 11:11 During this 80 minute event, we will dive deep into the topic of synchronicities, the etheric language of the Multiverse, and learn how our entire physicality exists to communicate messages from the ether continuously. We will explore the topic from different angles, and work on mindfulness regarding what these myriad messages mean to us individually. Through this, we will be able to understand what it means to truly listen and expand our perception of the signs Source sends our way daily. Alexander will cover the topic of the energetic language of the Universe, as well as the metaphysical components of what we call our physical reality. The time for our full awakening is here. This begins from within, in the silence of our being, as the veil is lifted and we begin to identify things that have, for so long, been elusive. We look forward to having you present.

Through this event, we will cover the tools and understanding necessary to properly integrate the powerful frequencies enveloping our planet at this time. These are actively asking for a fluid passage through our energetic vessels in order to settle within our DNA. What we perceive as symptoms during upgrades and activations is often down to resistance, and fear, manifesting on a subconscious level that prevents us from being in acquiescence. This prevents us from allowing ourselves to be filled with light. We will learn how to work with Guidance, LOVE, and energetic tools, through this guided event and meditation. The more we release and embrace our gifts, the more powerful we become. So many of our gifts lay dormant, waiting to be awakened through this process. The time for this is now. Email us at indigolight2222@gmail.com for the recording.

Lee Harris – Your Self-Love Tool Kit – via Galactic Connection


Published on May 14, 2019

What is self-love?

⁣⁣⁣⁣It’s a question that I struggled with for many years myself in my own personal life. ⁣⁣⁣⁣I definitely knew self-destruction as much as I knew self-love. ⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣

What I’ve come to notice in working with tens of thousands of people all over the world is that we all fall somewhere between self-doubt, self- judgment and self-love and self-elevation.

I created Your Self-Love Toolkit to help you cultivate self-loving practices and bring higher energies into your daily life. It looks at what self-love is, how it can show up in your life and also what the benefits of it are not only for you, but also for everyone around you.⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣

This audio guide includes 11 short and simple recordings you can easily access whenever you feel you need a lift, or to get back into the habit of being more self-loving.

Every audio file is streamable and downloadable so you can listen to the teaching anywhere you go.

Check it out here: http://bit.ly/your-self-love-toolkit

Patricia Cote – Robles – Vlog 104 – Honoring Our New Self Image by Taking Care of Our Self


Published on Mar 5, 2019

Mike Quinsey – Higher Self Message – 2-15-19 – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age Of Gaia


Mike Quinsey’s Higher Self Message, February 15, 2019

You have an expression that the world is your oyster and it is true, and the pearl inside is you. After so many lives of struggle and a multitude of challenges you stand today on the steps of Ascension. You have held your heads up high and always risen up after the more trying experiences. In some ways it is as well you cannot remember all of your earlier experiences as they would weigh heavy on your mind.

Of course they were interspersed with lives that were not so demanding, but the whole time the emphasis was on your evolution. Always the degree of challenge you were given was with your approval, and we never try to advance you too quickly. In fact it is you who are often so keen to push yourselves ahead and we warn you against going for too much, as even with our support it is you who have to perform. There would be no gain for you if we did more than help you along with our advice.

At this time you really do not grasp what a great achievement you have made in passing the marker. We are still rejoicing and full of admiration for your fortitude and intent to keep going regardless of the tasks ahead. You were chosen for the opportunity to prepare yourselves for Ascension, because we rightly believed you had the tenacity and strength of character to be successful. With freewill some souls have not applied themselves to their tasks, and sometimes lacked the determination to succeed, perhaps having tired of the demands upon them.

Never mind there is always another opportunity coming your way, there is no urgency but we do try to push you along as you are on the verge of Ascension. We want you to be a success as so much now awaits you that is a total change from what you have been used to experiencing. The good times are soon to begin and the chaos that abounds on Earth right now will end. Follow through the logic of stopping nuclear wars and realise that it is the beginning of the end for violent confrontations. You may rest assured that the weapons of war will be silenced, and it can be easily achieved.

We tell you these things realising that some souls have the expectation of things changing too quickly for the degree of negativity that has to be cleared from Earth. You get help from many sources of which you are unaware. Know that your Galactic family oversee your progress and are never far away. If needed, they could arrive on Earth in an instant so you are perfectly safe from any outside interference.

The beautiful Avians watch over you and their presence ensures that no outside interference can take place. They have an extra interest in your wellbeing and help mankind in ways you are never aware of, and very much like the Pleiadians are close to you. You owe much to them for their lasting love for Humanity and the Pleiadians in particular are your family.

Do not limit your visions for the future, as you will be pleasantly surprised at how much happens to you that is uplifting, and place your sights firmly on your path to becoming a Galactic Being. It may be well into the future but is your destiny and you aim high in all you do. As you sometimes say “The best is yet to come” and how true that is so keep your focus strongly on your chosen path, knowing that at every turn you will be getting help and direction from those who have such love for you. Remember that now is the time you can drop your karma as you are in charge and choose the path you wish to take.

As you lift up spare a thought for those souls who volunteered to play the roles of the dark Ones. Just like you they are birthed with all they need that allows the outworking of their life plan. Each has a role to play and they show you the extent to which they can challenge the Light, and they have been quite successful. Your role has been to rise up above such negative energies, and maintain your Light and act accordingly.

Stand on the outside and look in and you surely must agree that you have at times been tested to the limit. The old ways and days are all but finished and you will no doubt admit that your experiences have made you all the stronger. Think of plays in the theatre, they finish and when the curtain drops and re-opens the cast line up together, and often link arms as they bow to the audience to take their applause.

Of course life on Earth is for real, but bear in mind that each soul’s life plan is organised in such a way that karma is cleared, although sometimes there are dear souls who make sacrifices simply out of their great love for you. The most obvious one was Jesus who willingly gave his life, to help Humans find the love, and understanding that was missing from their lives on Earth.

What a wonderful arrangement exists in Spirit that allows for more experienced and evolved souls to help those following in their footsteps. It follows on as you rise up into even higher vibrations and you can always call upon highly evolved souls for help. The system is well tried and tested because as you may realise it has been operating for a long, long time. The souls that have gone before you have much experience to call upon and can very accurately predict what you will do as you evolve.

You must have heard the expression that there is nothing new in the world, and now you can perhaps understand why that is so. All combinations of circumstances have been tried time and time again and of course in the higher dimensions all is in the present and you can experience just as you choose. For example you can go back in time to any period you wish and re-live experiences there again.

Dear Ones, accepting that “all is in the now” is probably too much for you to absorb and recall every detail of your experiences. Yet as your consciousness expands so your memory becomes expansive, so much so you can tune into any experience that you wish to recall.

As you move out of the lower vibrations so your recollection of events will improve. Everything that has happened in your current cycle is still recorded in the ethers, and you could go back and put something right that lives in your memory. Fortunately you will progress at a pace that suits you, so you should not be overwhelmed by the responsibilities that you carry.

Let your vision of the future hold fast and as you do so you will be helping it to manifest at the earliest time by raising the vibrations. The Photon Belt is also part of your upliftment and you are well on the way to your goal, and in the not too distant future great Beings will again appear on Earth to guide you.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

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MATT KAHN – A Glimpse Into 2019 – 1-1-19 – Suzanne Maresca @ Golden Age Of Gaia


For so many years (and lifetimes), we’ve done the work, cleared the patterns and unraveled the beliefs. We’ve judged ourselves for our sensitivities, untangled the web of our familial conditioning and ancestral lineages, and even went to war with our own egos until loving ourselves unconditionally revealed the end game of sweet relief we’ve all been waiting for.

We’ve been there, done that, got the t-shirt, and even sold it at a garage sale.

All of this to say that we, as the way showers, light workers, empaths, Earth angels, and love warriors of the planet are entering the new calendar year more authentic, allowing and aligned with the new energies of 2019.

Since 2019 adds up to 12, which then adds up to 3, 2019 serves as a time of deeper spiritual integration as your human self, soul, and the Universe come into balanced grounded harmony through the power of 3, which is the number of the Holy Trinity.

2019 is where your deepest soul’s essence and highest life purposes emerge in awareness with synchronistic support from the Universe to bring your dreams to life.

Your role, of course, is to keep loving yourself, not because there are so many things left to clear but now to allow your self-love practice to expand your field and refine your alignment with the higher waves of energy that we used the past few years to become more familiar with a higher vibrational level.

In honor of this theme of integrating your soul into physical form, the Universe has named 2019 “The Year of the Thriving Light Worker”. It is where those of you who have been shining the brightest begin to feel, experience, and know your true worth and value within a Universe that can support your mission, accelerate your contributions and re-create your reality to be as nourishing to your heart and as fulfilling to your soul as the vibration of love you bring to the world– even if pains, heartaches, hardships, patterns, and symptoms still linger.

I welcome your attendance at each 2019 event, where we can unite in-person (or via livestream, now available!) to resolve your concerns and transform your circumstances — once and for all.  I also invite you to join Angel Academy 9 and warmly welcome all of you who have already registered. I am honored to help you through this rapid transition at a remarkable, miraculous and joyful rate — all in aligned accordance with your soul’s contract in the Akashic Records.

May you enter 2019 more grateful to be alive and faithful in the will of your soul’s infinite power as you step across the threshold into the long-awaited Ascension timelines of 5D consciousness. You will still exist in a world filled with all the friends, family and familiarities you know and love. Life will just unfold with greater precision and feature more nourishing relationships as you view your reality from a more heart-centered perspective.

Let our celebration begin!

All for the love of all,

Matt Kahn

RITA LOYD – What Unconditional Self-Love Looks Like

Self Love 333

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“Love is the great miracle cure. Loving ourselves works miracles in our lives.” ~Louise L. Hay

When I first began painting twenty years ago, I had no idea what self-love was. A few years prior, I thought I knew, but when I lost my health to chronic illness and could no longer do the things I used to be able to do, I lost my ability to love myself. This and my illness caused a deep depression, so I chose creating art as a way to lift my spirits.

In order to create uplifting art, I first had to look at my life and see where it needed lifting. That meant that I had to look at my pain and identify its origins.

Sometimes it’s not the actual problems in life that cause us to suffer but the way we look at them. When we change our perspective, much of our suffering can diminish. So I would look at one problem in my life at a time, and then I would search my spiritual studies for advice, and paint it.

I continued with this process for about nine years, and then one day I made a discovery that would change my life forever.

I was drawing the image of a woman with words of encouragement all around her and then I suddenly realized that these words were messages of self-love. Then I realized that all of my paintings were messages of self-love.

I couldn’t see it before because I was focused on only one painting at a time. But now I could see that each painting was a reflection of my journey in search of self-love. 

Even more amazing was that I could see that my creative process was teaching me howto love myself and it did this by giving me a setting and the reason to:Unconditional Self-Love

  • Look inward
  • Ask myself questions and listen for answers
  • Seek new solutions
  • Be kind and patient with myself
  • Value my opinion
  • Trust in my instincts
  • Embrace my sensitivity
  • Forgive my mistakes
  • Give myself a voice and allow myself to speak

Now that I could understand what self-love was, at least within the boundaries of creating my art, I felt motivated to examine self-love further in order to incorporate it into all areas of my life.

So next, I looked at why I lost my self-love in the first place.

Before I lost my self-love, I had my health, I was going to the gym regularly, I had a wonderful husband and we did fun things together, I had a job, I was going to school, and I had friends. Everything was going well.

But when I lost everything (except my wonderful husband), my ego judged me as a failure and worthless, because its love was conditional. My life had to look a certain way before my ego allowed me to love myself. And then, when my ego became displeased, it activated the voice of my inner critic.

From the wreckage of my life, even my ego eventually gave up on me and in its silence, the gentle voice of my spirit could finally be heard. It guided me to paint art as a form of therapy. And within the quiet space of creating art, it became a spiritual experience that drew me closer to my spirit’s voice.

As I explored my thoughts about self-love and with the influence of Wayne Dyer’s book entitled Sacred Self, I came to the conclusion that there are two kinds of self-love.

There is ego-based self-love and there is spirit-based self-love. The former cares about what the ego cares about—appearances, power, and survival. The latter cares about what the spirit cares about—healing, wholeness, and love.

Early on when I lost my ability to love myself, I saw how conditional ego-based self-love is. But now I was ready for unconditional self-love, which is a love that never abandons us.

Before I found true self-love (spirit-based self-love) I thought self-love was about pampering ourselves, for example: buying a new outfit, getting a manicure, or going on vacation in order to feel happy. Pampering is not a bad thing if we can afford it, but it does become self-sabotage if we can’t.

Pampering is more about distracting ourselves from our problems rather than dealing with our problems in order to solve or manage them.

Real self-love is not about anything you can buy; therefore, it is available to everyone. Real self-love is about healing, helping, supporting, and empowering ourselves. It’s about examining what we believe about life and ourselves, and then challenging those beliefs to see if they are truly beneficial to our health and happiness.

The goal of unconditional self-love is to live our best life with a sense of wholeness, health, peace, and empowerment. Empowerment enables us to change our lives for the better and to make the world a better place.

Before I found self-love, I use to be a lot more critical with myself. For example, I hated how sensitive I was, because my sensitivity caused me to experience depression, anxiety, and panic attacks. This sensitive nature made me feel stupid, worthless, and weak.

But when I began to love myself, I began to look at the positive side of my sensitivity—that it gave me the ability to understand things on a deeper level and to create meaningful art that touches the hearts of others.

Another area that self-love improved in my life was that it influenced me to make better relationship choices. My first marriage was emotionally abusive, and I stayed in it because I didn’t believe in myself. But as my self-worth grew, I was able to leave and find a wonderful love with my husband Jody.

For me, my biggest obstacle to self-love was just not knowing what it was. Now that I know what it is, I can realign myself with unconditional self-love just by catching myself and realizing that I have strayed away from its path.

Now I know that true self-love is about the relationship that we have with ourselves.

It’s about paying attention to what we need in all areas of our lives instead of ignoring, avoiding, or neglecting those needs.

And it’s about speaking to ourselves, treating ourselves, and seeing ourselves with kindness, forgiveness, fairness, encouragement, patience, and helpfulness.

True self-love is not about standing in front of ourselves as a judge that shames and condemns us. True self-love is about walking beside ourselves in harmony and as a true friend, supporting ourselves along life’s entire journey.

Artwork by the author, Rita Loyd

About Rita Loyd

Rita Loyd is a watercolor artist and a writer. The message of her work is about the healing power of unconditional self-love. Her art was on the cover of science of mind magazine, March 2016 issue, with an 8-page article about her work inside. View her healing art and other tools for nurturing self-love at NurturingArt.com





I reached out today to One, as it has been awhile and I felt inspired to do so.  

I’ve also just released a book, “Join me on a Love Quest”. It is a journey into self-love, and that is what I believe is necessary for all of us now as we proceed through to the upcoming changes. It is one that was taken 7 years ago, by many of us together, on Face Book. It is, I believe, what has led to my own expansion. It was made into an easy to follow format so that others of us could easily explore the nuances of getting to know, forgive and ultimately love yourself.  There is a book trailer for it included below this conversation. Notice that the cover is a star map, for indeed the Quest to your center will navigate back to where it all began, where you all began. Check it out!  

Here is the conversation. (We had already been speaking in regards to the reader’s questions that will be a part of the next newsletter, to be published next week.)

“What can you tell me about this current moment? About the Event? About Earth changes, including the volcanoes erupting? It has been sometime since we’ve spoken.”


There seems to be a focus now on delays, destruction, and on the horrors of crimes perpetrated against humanity. As this awakening of the collective proceeds, all of it becomes visible.  It has been there always and it is this idea alone that gradually occurs to the human mind. All proceeds as it is called forth to proceed. It can be no other way.

The absolute conviction many humans hold in rightness, wrongness, good or evil perpetuates polarity.

It is this final lesson perhaps that remains elusive and then holds at bay (a) rapid, expedient progression.

For even those of you who many would claim to be highest evolved, hold deep in your heart ideas of separation.

These notions of “other” must be released. You wonder even now, why, in answer to your query about the Event and earth catastrophes, that this is the direction of the response. This, because my beloved one, it is in all ways and will always return to you.

For until you accept responsibility for all of it, you will not realize your true nature.

You hold within the essence of God-hood. The keys to creation are not hidden from you, yet they are covered still in blame and shame.
A God does not point fingers.

You are stepping closer to your nature, helped along by your inner drive towards evolution as well as (by) these rapidly accelerating frequencies.  As you do so, the most heinous crimes show themselves in the light of day to those with eyes to see.

These are not all eyes. It is for this reason you are here in such massive numbers now – those of you who originate not on earth but elsewhere. The reason for your presence and relentless hope is due to an inner calling.  You want everyone along for this progression, this Ascension.

You firmly believe that if everyone knew the truth, the truth of the program of control here, that they would choose to join you.

You must let that notion go. For in it is held a deep-seated belief that you hold the only true, right answer. That indeed you know the way.
In a sense you are requiring others to “follow” you in order to ascend.

Gods do not follow.

Gods create.

It is here where you’ll realize all answers you seek.

These are found not in predictions or calculations or observations even, but in belief.

Gods know.

In these words, let there be comfort as well as conviction and determination and realization.

You will create each moment from your core self. This happens in a place of pure knowing.

When there are no longer questions, you will have all the answers you seek.

That is all.

Thank you.

  *   *   *

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Q&A Session with Kej Raj – Earth, Self Love, Atlantis – by Era Of Light – 4-9-18

gowithin eraoflight

Kej Raj

Greetings Friends, It is I KejRaj(KayRy). These are questions I have received from readers via email. Please understand that the answers are from my perspective, my point of view. For all truth resides within your heart.

Question: Hi Kejraj! I have a quick question to which I have heard many different answers already, but I want your thoughts on this. Is Earth overpopulated?

Answer: The short and simple answer is YES. Most when confronted with this question either hesitate, are not brutally honest, and or answer the question with ifs and buts and in the PAST or FUTURE timelines.

Example: Well, if we had done this and that differently Earth wouldn’t be in the position it is now, etc etc.

The truth is simple, always. When a society becomes so careless, so selfish, and feels the need to rape The Mother, burn, destroy nature, kill the body of a planet, in order to sustain itself, that planet is way over populated even if the population is seven million, let alone seven billion. And again we speak of the NOW. No ifs and buts or yesterdays and tomorrows.

Question: How old am I as a starseed/old soul?

Answer: Well, for one, this would require a soul reading to determine the exact eon, by a very advanced pure channel.

But what we can say for certain is this, you are older than Earth, perhaps even older than what you refer to as the Milky Way Galaxy. You were present and very involved in their creation.

Question: The Native American people that were killed by the invaders, where did they go next?

Answer: Many of them ascended. Many returned to their home worlds. Some went to Agartha through the birthing process.

Question: Where should our focus be right now to bring healing to the world.

Answer: Focus within. Heal the self, and you will see the results in the outer world as well.

Question: Is it true that Greek history is a fabrication?

Answer: Yes. Most forget or do not even know that Greece was an English colony. The goal of those in power was always to not only deter focus from the REAL ancient civilizations, but also ERASE any group of people through whom the TRUTH might make it to the light. So you must ask the question why so much attention was/is given to Greece by the mainstream media, mainstream archeology and historians and so on? Those in control have never given attention to the truth.

Question: What is one thing I can do to accelerate the process of ascension for my self?

Answer: Love and respect yourself. That is the most important thing any one can do in any given moment. Whatever you are facing in life, stop, breath, and turn to the light within. Realize your true beingness and embrace and love who you are, and know that what you are going through is only temporary.

Question: I have read in a couple articles that Atlantis will rise again. Are they speaking metaphorically or literally, and how true is this claim?

Answer: Yes, this is true, Atlantis will rise again, literally, physically. The continent will rise, there will be once again land mass in what is now the Atlantic Ocean. Now, the continent may not rise in its past, original form or shape, but it will rise, gradually.

Question: What is the God head?

Answer: We believe we have answered this previously. The Godhead is THE HIGHEST aspect of YOU.

Everything of positive nature that you experience, the Godhead experiences it you could say a billion times fold. The Godhead is YOUR PUREST form-less of light consciousness.

In the depths of your TRUE BEING, YOU ARE ALL THAT NOW. But than rises the question, so WHY AM I HERE?



YOU are here to RAISE THE BAR even for the PUREST LIGHT that is NOW.

Question: Are sports a good thing?

Answer: Competitiveness is low vibrational energy. This is why sports are huge on earth, not by chance, but by design. And of course for distraction of the masses.

Question: Can you recommend some natural antibiotics?

Answer: Ah yes! You can go with one of the most powerful plants, GARLIC! And of course onion, honey, ginger.

There are also vitamins that work as natural antibiotics; Vitamin D, C and E.

That is all for today. From heart to heart I am KejRaj!


A Valentines Day Love Letter to Your Self – 2-14-18 – via Prepare for Change

Therese Z here;

On this Valentines Day I felt that probably one of the best ways to bring Peace to Gaia tomorrow would be if we wrote ourselves a Love Letter. We have all heard the words reminding us that to gain peace in the world we must have peace within. To have peace within we must be willing to love ourselves unconditionally which is the only foundation for loving others unconditionally. Soon on this planet there will be much to forgive so that we can move forward. Let us be ready for this time now by finally loving ourselves as we are loved by Source ~ Mother ~ Goddess. This beautiful letter by Kathleen is a perfect example of how we might write to ourselves this Vaentines Day.


21 Days of Forgiveness: Love Letter

By Kathleen Mary Willis

Dear Heart, Self,

I LOVE you.

I apologize to you for the entrenched belief that I have been consciously, unconsciously, subconsciously holding, that “God is punishing.”

I see now:

I Love you, my Self
I forgive you, my Self
I apologize to you, my Self

Mother/Father One never meant for life to be a struggle, to think that I needed to plan for disaster, for lack.

I see now, lack of love within creates the perception of lack.

Lack of apology and forgiveness to you, my Self, and others creates lack within/without.

Flowery language can explain what is transpiring on planet now, but what am I truly feelingwithin, what is my heart saying?

What is heart listening?

If I sat still and truly examined how I feel, what would I find?

Oppression, control, judgement, separation anxiety, worry – broken trust, doubt, futility, disappointment, sorrow, shame, exhaustion, fear of ruin, fear of failure, fear of defeat — lack of self-worth and lack of self-Love — is that how I feel?

What is lack of self-love and lack of self-worth? What is judgement of self and fear?

In the present moment, Now, what am I feeling?

Am I feeling the LOVE that is all around me?

Am I in bliss, in ecstasy, in joy knowing sacred purpose helping create the New, in rejuvenation?

How do I get there, to that feeling bliss, the LOVE, the joy of sacred purpose?

This is our Nova Earth — living in the heart — heart consciousness.

As within, so without. As above, so below.

Jesus, when he walked the Earth, knew this. He taught this.

Anyone who has experienced near-death relays this; they come back to Earth and all they speak of is LOVE.

What is LOVE? Absolutely no judgement of self?

What is PEACE? The state of no fear?

I understand the value of pain but am I compassion?

Where is “God not punishing,” where apologies and forgiveness are the Way of LOVE, the Return of LOVE?

I LOVE you, Self.


This article (A Valentines Day Love Letter to Your Self – Prepare for Change) was originally published on Golden Age of Gaia and syndicated by The Event Chronicle. Found via Prepare for Change.

HEAVEN LETTERS – What Do You Think You Must Atone For? – by Rainbow Wave Of Light


God said: 

Sometimes you seek the ultimate of yourself. No matter how fine you are, tomorrow you want more of yourself. In this way, you are never satisfied.


The cry of More! More! may be asking too much of yourself. You may whip yourself to a frenzy. You may not let up on yourself. You may ask too much of yourself. You may not love yourself enough — or why would you keep berating yourself? What do you think it is that you must atone for?

I teach forgiveness, yes? No, I don’t even teach you forgiveness, for what do you think you have to be forgiven for? If you have been a scoundrel in a previous Life, so you have been a scoundrel. That was then, and this is now.

Be good to yourself. How can you be beautiful to others when you frown so at yourself? Love yourself first, and then others will be drawn to your Love.

There is a tendency for many of My Children to be too stern with themselves. There is a tendency to perhaps punish themselves, as if they do deserve punishment.

Have a more friendly approach to yourself and to the world and to Me. Engage with Me, Beloveds. Do not be hard-hearted to yourself as if this is how to win My approval.

Win My approval by accepting yourself as a worthwhile human Being who learns, not all at once, but little by little. You don’t have to be an overnight success. You don’t have to be a Child Wonder who makes the headlines of the newspaper.

Be your own teacher. Do you want a teacher who is loving and kind or one who is so strict you can hardly breathe? Let go of the idea of being a hard taskmaster who demands more and more of yourself. Don’t be over-demanding. Bestow some of the Milk of Human Kindness to yourself.

Accept that you are on the right track.

Give yourself some of your own approval. Don’t be impossible to please. Start with a clean slate.

If you met up with Christ in the world, do you think he would frown at you? If you think that, think again. My Son Christ would shine his Light on you. This is the least you can do for yourself. Be genial with yourself. Enough of faulting yourself.

Never are you to kick yourself in the shins. Open your heart to yourself. Don’t have it in for yourself. You really aren’t so bad, you know. Give yourself some air. Do you really want to be some kind of perfect saint who is so somber he cannot laugh and smile?

Give yourself a pat on the back, and stop trying so hard. Give yourself a break.

I created you Beautiful. I created the world Beautiful.

I do not put x’s on anyone as if I write them off or throw them out of My Good Graces forevermore or make it so difficult that they are to be wilted in guilt.

Not at all. Stand up straight. Put your arm around your shoulder, and hold your head high enough so that you can see above the crowd. Do not endure yourself. Don’t put up with yourself. Don’t kick yourself aside. No, be gracious to yourself. Encourage yourself. You are My Child.

Easy does it. Hard, encrusted, stale, doesn’t do it. Love does it.

Do you desire hard-to-please people in your Life? Do you think that hard-to-please people are good for you and beneficial to others and the world? Do you want frowns or smiles and some pats on the back?

From this day forward, be what you desire others to be. Be what I desire you to be. I desire you to be warm and loving. Start with loving yourself. If you want to grow fast, this is how to do it.






DR. LEO BUSCAGLIA – Love Yourself! – The Magic Inside you is Released

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Published on Jan 19, 2011

http://www.LastingHappiness.com … Dr. Leo Buscaglia explains that the secret to happiness is found when you “become the best YOU” and discover your human potential. This is often a challenging goal to achieve, considering that our lives are often filled with a great many responsibilities. In our classes, we show you exactly how to manifest your fullest potential while joyously taking care of typically mundane or routine tasks. We show you that “boredom” is a choice you don’t have to make. One of Leo’s most devoted students currently teaches Leo’s wisdom in the context of 21st century Buddhism (free Seattle classes). See http://www.LastingHappiness.com


Gematria Ankh Amen @ In5D – Of Love (Self) and Light (Knowledge) – 12-9-17

Self Love lll

by Gematria Ankh Amen,   Guest writer,


Light, as we are becoming, is knowledge. Knowledge is defined by many terms such as awareness, information, data, acquaintance, understanding, realization, comprehension, and the like. Love on the other hand, is without definition. It is what we are. It is the primal “Force” that is everything, and from lifetime to lifetime, it is the breath that gives Love its continued energy, and Light its mastery. Applied knowledge gives you power to control your own force, inside and out. From dimensions well beyond 5D, my Higher Self gave me these words to share with you.


“Avoid ignorance, and do not forsake your wisdom. Namaste Loved Ones. From a place of unity consciousness and oneness, as we engage more and more of you who are awakening, the confusion among many is obvious. It is clear to old souls that there is still much disillusionment regarding the nature, the meaning, and the simplicity of Love and Light. Knowing this, we are here to bring awareness to that fact now, so that you can continue your journey with understanding. To say that Love is misunderstood is a gross understatement. Because of darkness, Love is misused, and has been taken so far out of its context that it is even weaponized.

Dearest Earth family, Love is what we are. It is the ultimate benevolent force within and outside of us all. It is the air we breathe, and whether positive or negative, the thoughts we hold, and it is never in question because quite simply, Love always Is. Love is the deciding factor, and your level of Light is revealing how you use your force or power within. This also determines what you reflect and project into your reality. We have established that Light is knowledge. All those behaving in ways that appear unloving simply lack Light. What we want you to grasp and understand is that Love is not a choice, it is what you are. However, the unwillingness to embrace the Light is a choice that we want you to make consciously.

To be, and or remain in the dark means only that one’s own unaddressed fear(s) are standing in the way. Because Earth is a school on a free will planet, this is perfectly acceptable. We are here to make sure that you have seen and heard from the Love and Light that surrounds you at all times and are making informed decisions. Knowing is where we’re going, and for Mother Earth and her inhabitants that means that it is no longer possible to remain in dark places as all that was hidden is now being revealed. Darkness, quite simply, is lack of knowledge and ignorance to one’s self. You are who you came to know and remember. All others are here to assist in the process by triggering where lessons in healing will come from.

It is the continuous judgements of one another and subsequent abuse due to fear, not of others, but the inadequacies within that darkness has been given a home and kept in place until now. Those on Earth holding Love and Light in higher vibrations are being called out of seclusion, and can no longer avoid the task of sharing by doing the Light work no matter what. With the rapid approach of 2018, and the continuous bombardment of DNA upgrading Light frequencies, it is indeed a choice to either remain unknowing, or face everything and rise. It is our hearts desire that you will Love yourself unconditionally so that you will honestly treat others the way you want to be treated, for loving is our natural state of being. Prepare to know by remembering.

Focus your energy upon yourself and what you know you need to heal within yourself. Remember your own power and embrace it. Never again compare yourself to another, because no matter what you’re looking into a mirror, and it serves no one for you to hate your reflection. It helps greatly to realize instead that what you do to others, you do to yourself, and that it is okay for people to disagree with you. Part of the challenge in learning is acceptance. We are not all holding the same vibration, nor are we all in the same stage in our progression and evolution. Nonetheless, as you come to know yourself, you also know others, and with that also comes a natural respect and reverence for the individual journey. Unfortunately, nothing is clearer right now than just how wounded humanity is because of the manner in which our fears are projected upon one another, but I assure you that this is changing before our collective eyes, right now.

It is time to come fully into the knowing that you are everything, and everything is you. Who and whatever you hold the most disdain for has been your greatest teacher. That presence in your life was or is temporary, and serves no other purpose than to propel you forward into motion toward positive change and your greatest Self. Embrace that which you do not accept, or understand, for it is none other than an aspect of you. When you address the darkness within and begin to heal your unprocessed emotions and experiences, you will become more compassionate and more of the Love you are. Occupy your heart, forgive and make decisions from a place of unconditional Love. Everything that your mind says happened to you, happened for you and your spiritual growth, no matter how painful the lesson. When you can accept, learn, and grow from your experiences and Love all others, you are being the Master you came to be.”

In closing, I leave you with this: The power to make great change is always yours, and within you. You are divinity and benevolent help is waiting for your call. Know that your every thought and word is heard and that every action is seen and felt. No one has ever been alone, only unknowing of the spiritual and energetic connection to everyone and everything. I send you peace and healing energy.

This message is channeled from my Higher Self.

Gematria Ankh Amen

About the authorDr. Gem is a Writer of Science Fiction novels based on fact, and a Light worker, Energy healer, Spiritual counselor, and Yogini. You can view her latest work on her website at:  https://solgem.wixsite.com/spiritualaesthetics






aa sandalphon



Love yourself with all your heart and soul, so that you can succeed in loving your neighbor. Because what do you intend to give if you don’t possess anything, and are a stranger to yourself? Or do you want to pass on your suffering and pain?


Love yourself and then love your neighbor – that’s the right order.

Many physical and psychological symptoms are the result of misunderstanding love and majorly lacking self-love. A large number of people get sick because of a wrong sense of what love is.


The religious conditioning of this matrix leads to the misconception that loving your neighbor is preferable to loving yourself. These are the dogmas propagated by the churches so that a person’s access to self-awareness remains obscured.

One of the most damaging dogmas that catholic and other priests are to be held responsible for is: “Love thy neighbor …” and “as thyself” is blanked.

Resolve feelings of guilt, erase dogmas

This game only works because significant amounts of guilt were imposed upon people simultaneously – first and foremost the “original sin”.

It is not the topic of this message to explain this any further, because you can easily find illuminating answers if you are looking for them. This message is about shedding light on these facts so that every person can realize the urgency of resolving remaining guilt complexes and erasing wrong dogmas.

Because from the moment this illusion starts tumbling, on the day that humans realize their innocence, self-love emerges naturally.

Then charity is possible, because it is not at all forced and free of any guilt. This means that all promises, oaths and initiations by priests of these religions need to be detected and dissolved.

This is the only way that freedom is possible, and anyone who is free can live in true love.

Contemplate and determine for yourself what is good for you and what is not. Remember that you are a divine being with all the divine abilities. At the beginning of this realization lies the awareness of self-love.

If you don’t love yourself you can’t give love to another. Because what you then give to the other is only a notion – something compulsive.

Charity should no longer serve you as a means of escape, but should be the result of your self-love.

Refusing “help” and saying no

The best way to find out if you have come to that point yet is by observing whether you are capable of refusing “help”.

Not everybody who cries for help is truly in need, and not every person who asks you for help is your responsibility.

Don’t confuse this with being coldhearted, because you need to become aware that you have to walk your own path free and clear and should not linger over every flower along the way.

If you can’t say NO to a cry for help, I invite you to confront yourself with this realization.

Freedom means being able to decide freely in any situation, and not being subjected to certain dogmas without free will.

Many people are afraid of this kind of freedom, because they would have to blatantly oppose public opinion.

The first step is therefore to become mentally aware of this. Look closely, don’t exclude anything, make inventory. Where do I stand in this matter?

When you start the liberation process, I am with you, and an entire army of divine beings of light comes running to shed light on these matters.

When you love yourself, you love everyone.

This is the way to unconditional love.



» Source – Channel: Jahn J Kassl

How To Improve Your Self Love – Shift Your Relationship With Your Partner – by Collective Evolution – 10-1-17

Self love can be a difficult subject for many people to address,

especially because it’s one that society frowned upon for a while.

Strengthening your love for yourself was often viewed as vain,

and even to this day it’s mistaken as being selfish.

What we sometimes fail to recognize is …

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Sacred Heart Power – For the LOVE of Self – July 26, 217

As of today, the Planetary New Year,

eclipse season AND the Lion’s Gate is officially open

and we are no doubt in for the ride of several lifetimes!

In the new report, I talk about the extraordinary potential

of this powerful line up of cosmic events and how,

ultimately…it all comes down to Self LOVE.

via Sacred Heart Power: for the LOVE of Self ~ July 26, 217 — roseramblesdotorg

Jelelle Awen – Becoming Service of Love with Self and Others – 7-11-17

By Jelelle Awen

As you serve more love as the focus of your life,

you BEcome service of love.

Service of love with yourself and

all the parts that need you.

Service of love with others for a phase of time

in mutual respect and reverence.

Service of love with the Divine …

via Jelelle Awen: Becoming Service of Love with Self and Others — Blue Dragon Journal

From no Self-Esteem to total Self-Empowerment – by joypassiondesire – 6-23-17

How can you stop your self hatred and

start improving how you feel about yourself?

It is easier than you think.

It doesn’t matter if you have hated yourself your entire life

or if you have the lowest self-esteem imaginable –

you can improve how you feel about yourself

and you can begin now.

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Message from Lady Nada – Hold a Candle to your Self-Love and make it Brighter – Channeled by Fran Zepeda – May 26, 2017 – via Fran Heal

Lady Nada

Image Source

Dear Beloveds, I come before you today to deliver an important message. It is about magnifying and intensifying your Self-Love more than ever. For in this, you will withstand and overcome any interference and fleeting confusion and doubts. Hold a Candle to your Self-Love and make it Brighter, Beloveds. By this I mean, […]

via Message from Lady Nada: “Hold a Candle to your Self-Love and make it Brighter” ~ Channeled by Fran Zepeda ~ May 26, 2017 — franheal

How to Love Yourself – by True Earth – 4-27-17

Self Love

You may be wondering what advice a 27 year-old could offer someone possibly older than them on how to love themselves. Well that’s one of the interesting aspects of our experience here. Some people are farther along than others. This isn’t a bad thing or a good thing, it’s just what we set up to experience in advance before we arrived here.

But the Cabal depends on and profits from self-hate and the constant (artificial) need to think we need material items or to seek approval from others in order to maintain a ‘healthy self-esteem’ and to be fulfilled. In my own experience so far I’ve found that I have set up many life lessons in a very short amount of time (Doh!) and if you are open to it I would like to share what I’ve learned so far.

As an LGBT person I was screwed before I was even born. The Cabal had manipulated religion and society to reject anyone that didn’t conform with the standard and predestined existence they had tailored for each person coming into the quarantine; go to school, get a spouse of the opposite sex, go to college, get married, have kids, get a job, work, retire and die. Many LGBT people struggle greatly with self-hate and many take their own lives because of the sheer weight of pressure to conform to ‘the norm’. This applies to everyone else too, of course, but being an LGBT person is my experience and that’s what I am going off of.

It has taken me a long time to realize my worth and my value. It took many people in my life walking all over me to finally put my foot down and say ‘ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!’ One of the spiritual lessons one may learn is that we live in a hall of mirrors, each person or situation or what have you is a reflection/aspect of yourself that is telling you what’s inside you.

I was always surrounding myself with people who didn’t have my best interest at heart. They were only interested in serving themselves. And it wouldn’t be until my awakening that I realized what I needed to do to develop the skills necessary to stand up for myself and do what was right for ME.

Here is one analogy that I thought of just today. Imagine you have a new-born baby in your arms, and it’s yours. You want the best for him/her, the best food, care, medicine, education and so on. I am telling you that learning to love yourself means treating YOURSELF like a new-born baby, every moment of everyday. If you don’t want your baby to be around a smoker, you would excuse yourself from the area and avoid that because it’s harmful for the baby’s health. But what about YOU? You deserve to be in perfect health too.

Self-love and respect mean manifesting the best situation possible for you in every moment. Sometimes this takes a while to happen if you were like me, almost no belongings, starting a new job and just had a horrific best-friendship end where both parties were co-dependent on each other.

I would like to share the amazing power of the Law of Manifestation with everyone. Because once you learn to accept the best for yourself, in various ways which I will share in a little bit, you can exercise your Universal and Infinite power of manifesting to create the best life for yourself and your family. Just recently you may have seen a post about me wanting to buy a car. Well I did it with the help of the Law of Manifestation. I told the Universe I wanted a car and that I needed money for it. I needed X amount by X date.

I had to do the hard work and sell Orgonite in addition to working extra shifts but the money was there in various ways. The Universe and some other generous and amazing people helped greatly and I had the money I needed in the time I expected. Now I use positive affirmations everyday to manifest health, wealth and abundance into my life. The Universe is Infinite and is all energy and WANTS to give you what you want.

I’d like to go back to learning to love yourself. This is something that will require patience, self-reflection and maybe an epiphany or two. Since we live in a hall of mirrors, and lessons from the Universe happen in cycles and don’t go away if we ignore them, we will encounter the same people and situations until that lesson is learned.

The faces of the people in my life would change, and I thought I was rid of the problem, but then the same behaviors would emerge, and I would be left in the same position as when I started.

I recommend writing down what you want in your life. And be brutally honest with yourself. No sugar-coating anything. Write down things about yourself that you would like to see improve; learning to say ‘no’, a diet change, how to stop overeating, learning to communicate better, to be more service-to-others, etc. and what you want to do about it. This is where the Law of Manifestation comes in. Ask the Universe/Your Guides/Your Higher Self for help in finding solutions to these things you want changed. Your questions will be answered in one way or another so keep an eye out; telepathic imprint, a dream or a sign somewhere or a numerical synchronicity are some of the ways I get information.

It helps to be persistent and genuine. If you don’t mean it, then it won’t manifest and the cycles will continue.

I am telling you right now that you are beautiful, that you are worthy of everything you have and want in your life, that you deserve the very best of everything, that it’s okay to take time for yourself (you’re no good to anyone exhausted, burned-out and jaded, take this from a healthcare worker who has experienced and sees it all the time), that it’s okay to say ‘no’ to people and situations (saying no with a loving intent is important).

Trust me, this isn’t easy, but at some point in your exploration of yourself and your genuine desire to be the best YOU you can be, you will create a life that is as good as it can possibly be here in The Matrix. Everything will fall into place when you seek to better yourself and love yourself. When you think positively about yourself, the Law of Manifestation does its thing and amazing things and synchronicities will happen to you and those around you. Plus learning to love yourself will REALLY piss off the Cabal. =]

Learning to love yourself is like riding a unicycle, it will require the lesson of managing balance in your life. Balancing time for yourself, time for others, time for work, time for exercise and so on. Once you get the hang of this, you will feel balanced.

Here are some of the ways that I learned to show myself love:


  • This one is free, I will sometimes just go running around the block if I can’t go hiking or feel like lifting weights. I remember when I felt the desire to start exercising more in general. I just started running around the block one day. I couldn’t run very far haha. But I kept going and kept doing it until I could run much much farther and longer than when I started. You don’t need to join a gym to exercise, there are many ways of doing this that can be found on YouTube.


  • This one is a spiritual-given, the effects of meditation on the mind are well-known and are definitely worth putting the time in for. Meditation reduces inflammation/stress in the body and I can tell you stress will come to your house and kill you in your sleep with no trace or mercy. There is a great documentary about stress and it’s probably one of the best tools the Cabal has to use against us.


  • Learning to treat your advance bio-electrical vehicle (your body) as a temple instead of a waste bin is a huge part of self-love. I recommend looking into a plant-based diet. The food you eat becomes your hair, nails, heart, lungs, eyes and other organs, so eating food with unpronounceable chemicals will result in your body turning into Frankenstein’s body…no bueno. It’s like putting sugar in the gas tank.


  • We are all slaves, there’s no doubt about that anymore, but if you have the ability, try to not work as hard or to take more breaks if possible. I know this isn’t viable for many people, but doing the best you can with what you have will help. The Law of Manifestation can be used to create better opportunities in your life. Sometimes they are totally unexpected and exactly what you need.

Time with Others

  • Allotting time for others is another skill that will develop as time goes on. Spending too much time with friends and others will result in you neglecting yourself and YOUR needs. Remember, this whole process and experience in the physical plane is all about YOU. Learning to say ‘no’, with love, will be something that needs to be implemented here.

Managing Emotions

  • Learning to manage emotions is something that can be tricky. Meditation will help with these greatly. When being brutally honest with one’s self, there can be some emotional turbulence. And possibly some severe turbulence. It’s important to let yourself experience the emotion that you are feeling and observe it. If you block it, it will be stored in your body and possibly manifest an illness or will come out at a most inconvenient time.
  • Did someone cause you to feel a certain way? What did the mirror (person) tell you? What are they trying to teach you? Ask yourself what this emotion/situation is trying to tell you. (Personally I talk to myself when I am experiencing a puzzling situation, since nothing is arbitrary or random, the Universe will guide you in various ways and situations and I will try to explain out loud to myself what that moment is trying to tell me.)


  • This is a huge point right here. As difficult as it sounds, it is infinitely important to learn to forgive yourself for things you have done and forgive others in your life for what they have done. Everyone plays a role in each other’s life, sometimes it’s positive, negative or neutral, either way it’s a lesson/experience.
  • Part of self-love is acknowledging that you have done things that weren’t at the best interest of others or yourself and transmuting these situations into lessons to learn from and make an effort not to repeat. This is about being kind to yourself and realizing the Universe is not judging you. YOU are your biggest critic, judge and jury. Forgiveness breaks cycles and everyone deserves it, even the Cabal, and ESPECIALLY YOU.

Believe it or not, it is possible to balance all of these things and aspects of physical reality so you have the best quality of life possible. You are the new-born baby, and you deserve it and much more.

Even if you don’t believe them yet, positive affirmations that will manifest the best life for you starting now are the following that I use and say out loud everyday, many times a day:

  • I am beautiful
  • I will always have everything I need when I need it
  • I will never be without what I need
  • I will always have money coming in
  • Those around me will have everything they need
  • I deserve to be happy and loved
  • I am grateful for everything in my life (helps to be specific; house/shower/car etc.)
  • I always manifest success and abundance
  • I am manifesting health, wealth and abundance
  • I will always be healthy
  • I love everything and everyone
  • Everything is one
  • I am you, you are me, we are one

Remember, the Cabal uses our manifesting abilities to create the reality THEY want, we can use this incredible power that each of you reading this has and use it to improve your life, yourself and the lives of others. Below is a video I use and meditate to. I repeat the affirmations he says along with visualizing what they mean to me.

So there it is, possible valuable advice from someone younger than the person reading this lol. I hope this information has helped someone, because even one person learning to love themselves in a world where the Cabal profits on our self-hate and misery is one big kick in their balls/lady balls and a score for humanity!

Much love everyone!

Charlie Chaplin – As I Began to Love Myself – Self Love Poem – 2-14-17

NPG P283; Charlie Chaplin by Strauss-Peyton Studio

Charlie Chaplin, best known mime actor, wrote a beautiful self love poem on his 70th birthday (April 16, 1959). It is exceptional because there are not many poems written about loving the self and in my opinion, contains much wisdom. Here’s how Chaplin’s self love poem goes….

As I Began to Love Myself – Self Love Poem by Charlie Chaplin

As I began to love myself I found that anguish and emotional suffering
are only warning signs that I was living against my own truth.
Today, I know, this is “AUTHENTICITY”.

As I began to love myself I understood how much it can offend somebody
As I try to force my desires on this person, even though I knew the time
was not right and the person was not ready for it, and even though this
person was me. Today I call it “RESPECT”.

As I began to love myself I stopped craving for a different life,
and I could see that everything that surrounded me was inviting me to grow.
Today I call it “MATURITY”.

As I began to love myself I understood that at any circumstance,
I am in the right place at the right time, and everything happens
at the exactly right moment. So I could be calm.
Today I call it “SELF-CONFIDENCE”.

As I began to love myself I quit steeling my own time,
and I stopped designing huge projects for the future.
Today, I only do what brings me joy and happiness, things I love to do
and that make my heart cheer, and I do them in my own way and in
my own rhythm. Today I call it “SIMPLICITY”.

As I began to love myself I freed myself of anything that is no good for
my health – food, people, things, situations, and everything that drew
me down and away from myself. At first I called this attitude
a healthy egoism. Today I know it is “LOVE OF ONESELF”.

As I began to love myself I quit trying to always be right, and ever since
I was wrong less of the time. Today I discovered that is “MODESTY”.

As I began to love myself I refused to go on living in the past and worry
about the future. Now, I only live for the moment, where EVERYTHING
is happening. Today I live each day, day by day, and I call it “FULFILLMENT”.

As I began to love myself I recognized that my mind can disturb me
and it can make me sick. But As I connected it to my heart, my
mind became a valuable ally. Today I call this
connection “WISDOM OF THE HEART”.

We no longer need to fear arguments, confrontations or any kind of problems
with ourselves or others. Even stars collide, and out of their crashing
new worlds are born.Today I know THAT IS “LIFE”!

Charlie Chaplin




By Leslie Emmons, Wisdom Pills

Courtesy of   https://cultureofawareness.com/2016/12/11/think-you-have-a-healthy-amount-of-self-love-if-you-do-any-of-the-following-you-may-not/

Low self-esteem is like driving through life with your hand-break on. ~ Maxwell Maltz Click To Tweet

We often treat other people better than we treat ourselves. Think about it. When a friend comes to you in a bad mood, don’t you tell them how amazing they are? That it isn’t the end of the world and that they’ll only learn from whatever experience they’re venting about, to become an even better person? Now think about what you tell yourself when you fail at something: I’m an idiot. Not again! Can’t I do anything right!? Why am I so stupid?

Self doubt is sometimes instinctual, but it’s important to cut it out and treat yourself the same way you did that friend. We’re all on a lifelong journey to be better, so why not start now with these three things that, if you really loved yourself (and you definitely should!), you wouldn’t be doing.

1) Depending On Others For Happiness

This one definitely requires balance and hard work. We live in a world where we spend most our lives seeking the approval of others. Parents, teachers, coaches, significant others, bosses—the list is a mile long. We want to make others happy and proud of us.  Sometimes it just feels good to know someone is rooting for you, or to get a pat on the back for a job well done.

But that external feeling shouldn’t be the defining factor in how you feel about yourself.

Friends fight, bosses get angry significant others have moods and need space. Then what? What happens to your self esteem when the very people you depend on to build it up are not around? So try to put more stock in how you feel about yourself. Here’s a few ways to go about that:

Find a project you’ve always meant to tackle, complete it by yourself and don’t look for praise. There’s nothing wrong with sharing your successes but aim to keep some things to yourself. The satisfaction of finally accomplishing a goal should be enough (and if it’s not the first time around, keep trying! It will be eventually).

Have a problem that needs solving? Write it down and try to work it out by yourself. The next time you come across a problem you may not even need anyone else to help.

Feeling stressed? Find an activity you can do alone that you find soothing, maybe go to a spa, take a walk, go for a swim or a bike ride. The more you focus inwards, the easier it will be, when things don’t go your way. When your happiness doesn’t only stem from the people around you, you’ll become self sufficient and you’ll depend less and less on others for your happiness.

2) Making Commitments You Know You Shouldn’t

Have you ever said ‘yes’ when you really want to say no? I know I have—and still do. The need to say yes to others, even when it puts you in an uncomfortable position or creates more work is a habit that should be broken. If you’re asked to attend an engagement and you can’t make it just say no. Busy, but someone needs help with their own work? Say no (but do it diplomatically, of course). Piling things onto your already full plate is no way to live.

For example, perhaps you have a work presentation that needs to be ready by morning and a friend asks you to come out after work for drinks in the evening. You really should go home to work. Not wanting to disappoint your friend, you go, and end up having to stay up all night and into the morning to complete the project. It could have all been avoided if you said no. Now you’re stressed, tired and that presentation may not go as smoothly as it could have if you had just done what was best for you.

Yes, it’s hard to say no, but it’s a skill so many of us need to learn. You’ll be the one to pay for stretching yourself too thin if you don’t. So the next time you are asked to make a commitment you know you wont be able to follow through with, be honest. You might want to take a note from the book of Oprah :

3) Feeling Bad About Taking Personal Time

Of course, sometimes you aren’t busy. You have no prior commitments, but you’d just rather spend some time alone—if that’s the case, do it. Don’t feel obligated to go to every engagement you’re invited to. You can’t spent your entire life pleasing others—take the time to focus on yourself. We all feel like this, so don’t be afraid to tell the person you’re “blowing off” the honest truth : “I’d love to come, but honestly that evening I’ll be taking some long overdue me-time.” The hustle and bustle of everyday life can take a toll mentally and physically on our well-being and we all need time to recuperate.

Yes, it can be very hard to find these moments—we live in a society where overworking is worn by many as a badge of honour (so much so that there’s an actual word for it in Japanese, Karōshi: “death from overwork” or “occupational sudden death”), so pushing past the guilt of taking personal time is the first step.

Life isn’t supposed to be ‘go, go, go’ all the time! If you live that way by the time you slow down and look around it will have passed you by. When you find the opportunity to, use your vacation days. If you can afford a trip out of town/country take one, if not, have a staycation and use the time off to unplug, reflect and restart at home. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with having ambition, but don’t forget to take the time to take care of you.

The journey to self love is an arduous one. But set goals, be consistent and believe you’re worth the effort.

Leslie Emmons freelances for various independent publications in her home city of Toronto. Her full time position is Editor for North Island Publishing, where she covers the print and magazine industry.

The Magic of Loving Yourself — 2012 The Awakening

The moment you realize that you no longer feel the need to be in love with someone anymore to feel whole, it is quite liberating actually. It flushes your mind of all the bad relationships and the memories that have anchored themselves to your heart and soul for too many years, they finally break free […]

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SAUL via John Smallman – To Love Yourselves, just as you are, is the only task, the only duty that you have to Complete – 9-6-16

John Smallman

Saul Audio Blog for Tuesday September 6th

These are interesting times!  Humanity is moving very positively into awareness of its spiritual heritage, of its Oneness with Source from which it has never for a moment been separated.  And that is inspiring, uplifting, and extremely exciting!  In fact humanity is most definitely established on the collective path to awakening, although, of course, each individual has his or her own personal path that is different from everyone else’; no two are the same among the many billions presently incarnate on Earth.

Here in the spiritual realms, where we constantly watch over you lovingly and compassionately, we are truly in awe at what you are achieving.  You have made the collective decision to awaken from the dream or nightmare and you are most positively implementing it.  Great changes are in the process of transforming your attitudes toward each other and God.  Love now pervades the Earth plane and is penetrating every heart that has not made a conscious choice to block It or lock It out.

Everyone on Earth wants only to be loved, because Love is your natural and eternal state, and after eons of seeking it outside of self the vast majority have finally realized that Love is within them, not outside.  Accepting the Love within is the way forward, and that is done by accepting that you, each and every one of you, are perfect divine beings infinitely loved by God.  When you accept that truth you realize that to love yourselves, just as you are, is the only task, the only duty that you have to complete, and when you do that Love flows freely, smoothly, abundantly, and continuously as divinely intended, embracing all without exception.

By loving yourselves as perfect divine creations you allow your energy fields to expand to infinity instead of keeping them limited and tethered to your physical bodies on a short leash.  When you do that they all meld and mingle with each other, completely changing the energy field of humanity and Planet Earth, as all then engage in harmonious cooperation instead of in bitter and divisive argument and conflict.

The melding or integrating of your individual energy fields is an intense ongoing process.  Yes, you are all One, but you chose to experience separation and to do that you closed off your energy fields by restricting your individual access to the divine field of Love in which you are all contained, and thus apparently separated yourselves one from another and from God by enclosing yourselves in individual physical forms.  Doing so gave you control over that form, allowing you to hide who you really are from yourselves and from one another.  You became actors, sometimes with many parts, in the illusory game that has been your seeming reality for eons. And it has been threateningly and fearfully real for most of you!

Well, you have had enough.  You are seeing that conflict and the intense need to be right, to which so many cling, is destroying human society everywhere on Earth and doing unconscionable damage to the planet and all the other life forms that she supports.  You are finally realizing that you can change your attitudes, your destructive beliefs, and your insane and intolerable ways of treating those with whom you disagree.  Disagreements almost always escalate because your egos encourage you to hold your initial position, your perception of what the disagreement is about – regardless of clear evidence demonstrating that you have in fact misperceived what the disagreement is really about – and do their best to convince you that their fear, fear of defeat, i.e. loss of face is utterly justified.

Egos live in fear, it is their nature to be fearful.  You originally set them up to cope with ordinary everyday tasks, leaving you free to explore your illusory environment.  However, they have no wisdom, no real knowing, and they truly believe that the illusion is real.  Therefore if you dismantle the illusion they will cease to exist, and that terrifies them.  But, like the illusion, they are unreal!   They are just a tiny closed off section of your mind – the divine mind that you share with your Source – that you set aside for precisely this purpose.  They will not cease to exist when the illusion is dismantled but will merely be reintegrated into the One Mind, from which they, like you, have never been separated.

When that happens all fear will dissolve as all finally recognize themselves as eternally One with God, and forever inseparable from that state.

God is Love, each one of you, every human, is One with God, and inseparable from Him, therefore you too are Love. There is nothing else, and realization of this, and all are coming to the most dramatic awareness of this, is waking you up.

So, as we keep on reminding you, go within at least once daily, attend to the altar within, where the flame of Love burns continuously, by opening your heart to allow It to flow abundantly where It will.  And where It wills is to every one of God’s beloved children to assist them to awaken to the knowledge of who they really are.

Realization of humanity’s divinity will no longer be dismissed as an insanely arrogant belief but embraced with enthusiasm as you once more come to know it at the depth of your being.  Then all sense of inadequacy, worthlessness, or sinfulness will fall away like discarded old clothing that is no longer fit to clothe such a wondrous being.

As it says in the Bible: “The Kingdom of Heaven is at Hand!”  Very soon you will know that is the Truth, as you feel the divine embrace that envelops all as they delight in the joy of being eternally awake in the Presence of God.

With so very much love, Saul.

Heavenletter #5714 Love Yourself, Love Yourself, Love Yourself, July 17, 2016 — Illuminations Now!!

Heavenletters™, bringing Earth closer to Heaven. HEAVEN is here to reach every soul on earth to reawaken: * Our connection to God * * Our belief in ourselves * * Our awareness of our shared worthiness to God * * Peace on Earth * God is always bringing us closer to Him. Heavenletter #5714 Love […]

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Deepak Chopra – How to discover your true self — Evolutionary_Mystic Post

Published on Jul 6, 2016 Deepak Chopra How to discover your true self

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Heaven Letters – Believe in Your Own Worth – 2-23-16


God said:

You deserve all the Gold in the Kingdom. By virtue of being born to Earth, you do. You merit all good and grace, just as you are right in this moment. The world does not always see you as you truly are, nor does the world always serve you well. You do not necessarily receive what is rightfully yours.

The thing is to not get entrenched in what you received once as if that is as far as you can go. Give yourself more merit than was handed to you. Carve out your own happiness now and attract to you what was always yours — your place in the sun.

Do not buy into the price that was once set on you. The value was not set high enough, not high enough at all. Now you, you can be humble and, at the same time, know your worth. Truly, humility is knowing your worth. Then you are so confident in your worth that you don’t have to put yourself first or up a step or two. Knowing your worth is enough. From now on, do not believe you need others to give you your due. You are solid enough to give others their due. You don’t need fuss about you. You look to give points more than to receive points. You don’t require tokens any longer. You do not need to be reverenced and esteemed. No one has to prove your worth to you any longer.

I know your worth. You are the one who has to know your worth. Know your merit, and you will enjoy the world and everyone in it from. What a relief to not have to prove yourself any longer. It was always to yourself that you had to prove yourself. This is why you insisted that others recognize you so you could believe your own worth. Believe it. Believe your worth now.

Amazingly, as your own worth becomes clear to you, how much more generous and loving others seem to be. What is lacking in your life is your own sense of worth. Worth is yours. You have it. I gave it to you. Know your own worth, and life is worthwhile. Know your own worth, and you love life and bring more ease to the world and yourself.

It is not precisely self-esteem that We are speaking of now. You don’t have to esteem yourself. You don’t have to adulate yourself. You belong here on Earth. You are supposed to be here. You are supposed to take up the space you do. In the sense I am speaking of, you don’t have to earn it. You were born to it, and it is yours. You are not meant to be a beggar of love and respect. You are here on Earth to learn to love and respect yourself.

Once upon a time, you were powerless. You are no longer powerless. How can a child of Mine disown himself? Do you make mistakes? It doesn’t matter. Are you misunderstood? It doesn’t matter. Understand yourself.

See what I see, for what I see is the Truth of you. Your life can seem to be in shambles, yet shambles can never be the Truth of you. Shambles can only be the surface, and surface is not who you are. You may not know how to peek at your DNA and you don’t have to. My DNA is a legitimate part of you.

You come from nobility.

In any case, right now expand your vision of the world and of yourself. You are here to expand. Begin now.

Suzanne Lie – Activating our Expanded Perceptions – 2-20-16

InterDimensionalPortalAs we expand our consciousness, our perceptions expand as well. Just as we have special talents in our daily lives, certain expanded perceptions will be stronger or will come “on line” to our mundane consciousness first.  However, all of us have all of these expanded perceptions as an innate component of our true Multidimensional nature.

More of us would use these perceptions if we had not suffered judgment from others who were afraid of that which they could not understand. However, as more and more of us awaken, there is far less fear and judgment.  Hence, more and more of us are “coming out” with newly awakened, or long hidden, expanded perceptions.

As with all spiritual/enlightened endeavors, we cannot try to awaken or force our expanded perceptions. The Path to awakening is like a river in which we must stay in the center current to allow ourselves to easily be carried along with the flow. If we struggle or work, we only push ourselves out of the center current and into the many eddies and whirlpools of third dimensional life.

One of the main keys to restoring our innate “psychic” perception is to listen to the still, small voice within that whispers into our mind, heart and body. Just as our physical body uses our five senses to inform us of what we are hearing, seeing, feeling, smelling and touching, it also alerts us to information that resonates to the expanded frequencies our Higher consciousness. Inherent and latent within our Earth vessel is our Higher consciousness and the expanded perceptions that can receive and understand this Multidimensional consciousness.

Through merging with, downloading and integrating our Multidimensional SELF into our third dimensional Earth vessel, we upload our new Multidimensional operating system and can bring these expanded perceptions on line. Then our brain – our biological computer – can signal our body to respond to frequencies of information that were beyond the threshold of our old third dimensional operating system.

Remember – we do not just raise our consciousness; we expand it. As we expand our consciousness, thinking, expectation and perceptions, we receive information not only with the fourth, fifth, sixth dimensions and beyond, but also with the second and first dimensions and the quantum realities. When we moved into our exploration of the extremes of individuality, we became separated from our body, our animal instincts, our SELF, others, Spirit, “Heaven,” the planet and all of Nature. One of the innate animal perceptions that we lost was our instinct.


Instinct, which is an innate “knowing,” is a second dimensional ability based on our “primitive self” who has the ability to tune into the planet to know where there is water, what food will heal us or poison us and the location of our “tribe.” If we “give a horse his head,” he will find water. Animals in the wild know what food they are meant to eat and what food will hurt them. Animals know when a predator is stalking them or simply sharing the waterhole. In our quest for evolution we lost some of our basic survival skills.

Our instincts are usually a physical sensation, which our left-brain, logical self has been trained to ignore.  However, as we regain our Whole Brain Thinking, we begin to become close friends with our Earth vessel.  As we awaken, we begin to realize that WE are not our body. WE are IN our body. Our physical form is one of many forms that surrounds our consciousness. However, without our physical body we cannot continue to play the 3D Game.

In other realities in which we held a tribal consciousness, or in which we had to survive off the land, our instinct was one of our most important perceptions.  Our instincts are able to pull together information from our five physical senses that are just below our threshold of perception. However, when the distant vision, quiet sound, faint order, proximity of someone or something that we cannot touch comes together in our right brain, our instincts give us the meaning of the subliminal information. Unfortunately, if we still deny our right-brain perceptions because we have become trapped in our logic, we will not receive its message.

When we say, “I just have a feeling” or “I sense that I am being watched” these statements are arising from our instincts. When we give our attention to these messages, we reinforce our instincts and invite then to remain active in our lives.  All of our expanded perceptions are much like muscles – if we use them they get stronger, but if we don’t use them, we lose them.


Empathy is the ability to feel another person’s emotions. It is a second dimensional ability shared by “primitive,” tribal societies, herd animals, and birds in a flock. An example of this is when our pet comes up and nudges us in an attempt to comfort our sadness. Other examples are a mother’s understanding of what her non-verbal infant needs or a healer’s deep knowing of how a patient feels.

Empathy is another one of our “animal perceptions” in which we must pay attention to our bodies in order to receive and understand them. Darwin wrote about animals’ four basic emotions as a means for survival.  The survival purpose for fear was to create a state of fight or flight, sadness created bonding within the herd/pack/flock, happiness urged on procreation of the species, and anger’s purpose was to break through barriers. Our third dimensional animal self makes use of emotions in much the same way – as well as for the purpose of survival.

Humans tend to be more empathic with people that we deeply care for, even love. However, intense anger or fear can doom us to feeling the person whom we greatly dislike.  The complicated part of empathy is that we feel the emotions of another in our own bodies, as if they are our emotions. Therefore, to avoid confusion we need to understand our own emotions.  For example, if we are in a fine mood and we walk into a room where someone is angry, it will not feel like that person is angry, but instead it will feel like we are angry. In order to differentiate between our own feelings and someone else’s, we need to have a conscious recognition of our own emotions.

Then, when we could walk into that room and say, “I suddenly feel very angry”  we can also say, “However, it does not feel like my anger.”  In that case, we can look around the room to determine the source of the anger that we have been feeling inside our own body. Empathy is not limited to time and space.  We can suddenly feel an emotion from someone far away. However, this is usually only when we have a strong psychic attachment to that person.

Fear and anger are very loud emotions because they are important to activate the Fight/Fight Response of our body. These emotions are loud in our psyche because they are directly related to our survival mechanism.  Sadness is not as loud, but it is very contagious. We have all had experiences of crying at a funeral of someone we didn’t know that well, but we emphatically feel everyone’s sadness

Love, and the happiness that arises from love, comes in two categories: conditional love (from humans) and Unconditional Love (from Spirit).  If we have no ability to feel and identify a certain emotion in our own body, it will be difficult for us to empathically feel that emotion in another. Hence, if we have never experienced someone loving us, or if we have never loved our self, we may be very close to someone who deeply loves us and never know it.  It is sad to say that love is learned, but here in the third dimension it can be true.

Fortunately, there are those who never lose their connection to spiritual Love.  These people have “eleventh hour luck,” for they always find someone to love them when they need, even though they currently have no loving support. In fact, many of those who vowed to awaken in this lifetime were born into loveless childhoods to urge them to look inside to fond the Love they need.  The gift was that when they looked inside, they not only found love, they found Unconditional Love from spirit.


Intuition, another form of bodily knowing, gives us answers – “gut feelings” – without the need for thought. Intuition is the ability to combine the perceptions of the fourth dimension and beyond, such as vision, hearing, proprioception (your location in space) and smell. All these abilities are derived from our brain’s functioning beyond the 10-15% range that is considered “normal.” Many people use their intuition everyday, but they call it “luck.”

Intuition is much like instincts, except that it calls in the messages, answers and protection from our Spirit Guides. Instincts and empathy come to us while we are in daily, beta brainwave consciousness whereas intuition can only be accessed by connect to our alpha brainwave, creative, states of consciousness.  We get an intuition when we “think out of the box,” beyond the limitations of daily, third dimensional thinking.

Intuition can come to us as a warning or message from “above.” Of course, as we awaken, we realize that the message does not come from above, but instead from within. Hence, in order to receive our deepest intuition, we need to venture into the hidden place of our unconscious mind and injured heart.  If we cannot gain a clear reading on our own emotions, we will project that tainted reading onto our intuition about others and get faulty information.

In other words, if we look out into the world with dark glasses – or unclear aura – it will look as though the outside world is dirty or unclear. Because we are unaware of our “dark glasses” we will not realize that the darkness and lack of clarity is within our own consciousness. Unresolved fear, anger and sadness tarnish our vision of reality and make us feel too unsafe to surrender to Spirit to receive our healing. As children many of us had perceptions of faeries, ghosts or the face on the tree, which were lost in our adult struggle for survival.

To return to our innate intuition we need to heal our wounded ego and regain the innocence and wonder that we had as a child.  When we find the courage to make this journey, we will meet with higher and wiser expressions of our SELF who will assist us with our awakening.


Telepathy is the ability to read, or have a “knowing,” of another person’s thoughts. An example would be when we answer a question that the other person has not yet asked. It is a fourth and fifth dimensional ability, which is a natural consequence of either moving beyond the constraints of third dimensional time and into the more fluid fourth dimensional time, and/or moving into fifth dimensional consciousness where all life is blended in Unity with the ONE.

Many of us have had telepathic experiences where we knew someone was going call us or say something, and they did. We can write it off as a coincidence, recognize that we are awakening to our expanded perceptions, or realize that we are finally acknowledging what has been happening for a long time.  Awakening to our full potential is a process of acknowledging that we are more than we once believed and accepting our new SELF as it is revealed in our daily life.

It is important that we take the time to commune with our Multidimensional SELF through meditation, reflection, being in Nature, enjoying a creative endeavor, or whatever we choose. If we can take at least 5 minutes before we start our busy day to calibrate our consciousness to the resonance of our SELF, we can better maintain Multidimensional thinking, expect that we are awakening to our true SELF, acknowledge our expanded perceptions and allow them to guide us to BE our SELF in daily life.

Therefore, when we have a moment of telepathy, we can take a long breath of gratitude to be thankful for our transformation back to SELF. Thanksgiving for the moment at hand will duplicate that moment indefinitely. Furthermore, as we communicate regularly with our inner Self, telepathic messages are not unique. Hence, they don’t elicit fear. In fact, as we activate more and more of our expanded perceptions, our innate love grows, our fear diminishes and our consciousness expands exponentially.

When our consciousness expands beyond the third dimension and into the fourth and second dimensions, we can more easily have telepathic communications with fourth dimensional Elementals and Spirit Guides, as well as the second dimensional plant and animal kingdom. When our consciousness encompasses the fifth and first dimensions, we will have more and more telepathic experiences with our Soul/SELF, fifth dimensional parallel realities, and with the genetic, cellular, and DNA foundations of our personal and planetary bodies.

When our consciousness expands into the fifth dimension/first dimension and the sixth dimension/quantum reality, we gain freedom from time/space, form and the linearity of third dimensional thinking. At this point, we regain our Multidimensional/quantum thinking to receive, accept and understand messages free of any bondage of third dimensional limitation, separation or space/time. It is then that our messages can become precognitive and clairaudient.


Precognition – seeing into the “future” – is the fourth and fifth dimensional ability to move beyond the constraints of 3D time and into the mutable time of the fourth dimension or the NOW of the fifth. Precognition is helpful to assist us in creating our personal road map through life.

As we expand our consciousness we begin to perceive our physical reality from different points of view.  While only using our five physical senses, we can only access the perspective of being in the forest among the many trees that block the vision of where we are going.  However, many of our expanded perceptions allow us to move beyond third dimensional time, which blocks our vision like trees in the forest. A higher dimensional perspective is similar to seeing the entire forest from a control tower at the peak of the highest mountain. From this “tower,” which is beyond time and space, we can see where each trail of thoughts, emotions and actions leads.

With this information, we can change our course at any time by raising our consciousness, changing our thinking, expecting another path and perceiving solutions that we could not find before.  For these reasons the future is very fluid. Once we have mastered our precognition we can more easily discriminate between a “possible reality” and a “probable reality.” A possible reality is a choice of the ego and may or may not happen. On the other hand, a probable reality is a reality that already exists in the NOW of the fifth dimension and beyond. Therefore, if we are in alignment with our Soul, we will choose to manifest that reality.

The challenge is that no matter how much mastery we have attained of our precognitive abilities, there is usually a “blind spot” regarding ourselves. Therefore, our best choice is to tune into and follow the directives of our Soul/SELF. By surrendering control of physical reality to our Multidimensional SELF, we have assistance in maintaining an expanded consciousness.  In this manner, our daily consciousness, thoughts, expectations and perceptions can be harmonious and loving.


Clairaudience is the ability to hear sounds and communications from the fourth dimension and beyond. With practice, we can all communicate with realities that resonate to frequencies beyond the third dimension.

Clairaudience differs from telepathy in that clairaudience usually refers to communication with higher dimensional Beings that cannot be seen with our physical senses, whereas telepathy usually refers to non-spoken communication with beings of the same dimension. Channeling is a form of clairaudience. There are two kinds of channeling: unconscious and conscious.

With unconscious channeling, known as “trance medium,” the recipient, known as the “channel,” vacates his or her third dimensional form and allows the messenger to use their body as a link to the third dimension. With this type of channeling, the channel cannot hear the message, even though their vocal cords are being used. Someone else needs to record or write down the message that was spoken through the channel. Edgar Casey is an example of a trance medium.

On the other hand, during conscious channeling we are fully aware of our physical body and awake to our daily life. However, we are in an expanded state of consciousness. Because we are using our Multidimensional consciousness, third dimensional consciousness as well as fourth dimensional and beyond, it is difficult to remember our message if we do not quickly manifest it in our physical life. This manifestation will be according to our talents. However, verbal messages are usually transcribed as written material, poem or song. Art forms such drawing, painting, dance, architecture, athletic, etc are more often perceive via our clairvoyance.

We can activate our clairaudience by listening to the still, small voice within. As we listen to our SELF, we calibrate our consciousness to that resonance. It is vital to remember that there are many dimensions above the third, including the Lower Astral Plane of the fourth dimension, which is the realm of fear and darkness.  Also, just because a person is “dead” and speaking from the fourth dimension, does not mean that they know more than they did when they were “alive” on the third dimension. Therefore, it is vital that we ONLY attend to messages that come to us within the carrier frequency of Unconditional Love.

Furthermore, messages from the fourth dimension have a different time sequence than the physical plane, and those for the fifth dimension and beyond come into us in a flash of Light from the NOW of the ONE. We then need to translate these messages into our third dimensional language in order to incorporate it into our daily life and share it with others. Our brain, which translates these messages, is like a computer – it only contains the information that we have downloaded into it. Therefore, it will be difficult to translate a Light message if the concepts are totally unique to our third dimensional thinking. When the channel/medium vacates their physical form to allow the higher Being to use their voice, the channel does not need to translate the message.  In this case, the channel does not need to understand it.

However, no matter how beneficent the Being that we are channeling may be, it is dangerous to leave our bodies.  Many channels who have done so have found this to be true. When we vacate our form, we greatly weaken our immune system, as well as take on energies that are not of our life-stream. Often we can take on the energy patterns – and even latent darkness – of the Being we are channeling.  The Being on the other side may be able to deal with their darkness, but it can be extremely damaging to the third dimensional channel.

As we are awakening to, downloading and integrating our Multidimensional SELF, more and more of our channeling comes from a higher dimensional aspect of our SELF. It is important to remember that we have a resonance of our SELF on many planets, galaxies and dimensions. With our expanded perceptions activated, we can learn to communicate with them while we still hold a physical, Earth vessel.


Clairvoyance is the ability to see objects that resonate to the fourth dimension and beyond. As we expand our consciousness, our perceptions expand beyond the confines of the physical spectrum of Light. Hence, we can “see” objects and beings in the fourth dimension and beyond.

Whereas clairaudience is our Multidimensional hearing, clairvoyance is our Multidimensional seeing. We perceive different dimensions differently, as they resonate to diverse frequencies of Light.  One of the most common clairvoyant experiences is the perception of ghosts.  Within our third dimensional thinking and belief systems we think of a ghost as being dead. However, death is an illusion, for it only means that the person has returned it’s resonate frequency to a higher frequency. The exception to this is when one moves into a lower frequency, the Lower Astral Plane, often labeled Hell.

Hell is not a place – it is a resonance of the lowest frequency of the fourth dimensional Astral Plane.  The fourth dimension is the aura of planet Earth, as well as the aura of each person.  We perceive different frequencies through placing our attention on the correlating resonance within our aura. Just as we have dark and light patches in our aura, so does Gaia. There are many power places on Earth where people have expanded their frequency, grounded that expansion into the planet and crossed over, returned Home, in bliss and Unconditional Love.

On the other hand, there are other places on Earth where great injustice, cruelty, fear and anger have scarred the face of Gaia and left a blotch in Her aura.  Once we have activated our clairvoyant abilities, we can easily tell the difference between these two places. As we awaken our clairvoyance, as well as our clairaudience, we must take the initiation of making a tunnel of Light through our own Lower Astral Plane and ground the tunnel into the body of Gaia.  If we are unable to clear a pathway through the darkness of our own aura, our expanded perceptions will be a beacon to the collective darkness that humanity has left in the aura of our planet.

The initiation of clearing our “tunnel of Light” teaches us to differentiate between voices and apparitions who resonate to either the Light or the dark. There have indeed been many actions of fear, hatred and darkness which have left their mark in the Lower Astral Plane. We have also suffered many fearful, angry or sorrowful experiences in our life that have left darkness in our aura. First we must heal our Self – which is healing our aura – or the darkness in our aura will mar our ability to differentiate between messages from the Lower Astral Plane and from the higher planes. Our aura is the filter for our perceptions. If our filter is darkened with fear, so will our expanded perceptions.

Fear is our psychic ‘braking system’. If we have a fearful experience, then fear will bring us out of our expanded perceptions and back into our mundane reality.  Fortunately, once we have become Master over our fear by confronting, healing and releasing it with our Light, we have Mastery over any fear which we experience in the Lower Astral Plane. One of the ways we can confront and gain Mastery over negative entities is to stretch our hand and state with firmness and love, “In the name of the ONE, be gone!” It is a Cosmic Law that the lower frequencies cannot stay when commanded to leave by a Being of a higher frequency.

We can also send these wounded, lower dimensional apparitions Unconditional Love.  In this case, they will either show gratitude for our concern, then ride our wave of Unconditional Love into a higher resonance, or they will run from us overwhelmed by their own fear. The real initiation is that we must face our own fear in order to have the courage to stay in our altered state and confront the apparition that can only be perceived through our own fear. Once we have become Masters over our own fear, we can sense the darkness, place our greater Light around us and continue through the darkness, creating a tunnel of Light as we do so.

A lower frequency entity cannot harm a lower frequency being anymore than a monster at the bottom of the ocean can harm a sailor on the surface. This astral “monster” cannot raise its resonance toward the higher frequency until the fear that has bound it to that resonance has been healed and released.  Spiritualists are a group of people whose spiritual purpose is to assist those trapped in the Lower Astral Plane of the fourth dimension.

When our consciousness flows through our tunnel of Light into the Land of Faerie and the Emotional Plane of the fourth dimension, the colors are very bright and the Beings beautiful, although their forms can easily change. In the Mental Plane, the colors are calmer and the forms even more wavering. In the Causal and Spiritual Planes, the Beings all flash with Light.  They seldom seem to have feet, and their hands and face are so full of Light that you can barely make them out.  Often, all we can see of their face is their eyes, and their hands are torches of Light.

In the void between the fourth and fifth dimensions, we experience complete nothingness. We appear to be alone, although we feel life all around us. It is our initiation to release our attachment to the forms of the third and fourth dimension and perceive our Self as a speck of Light before we can release our ego enough to gain entry into the fifth dimension.  Once in that resonance, our “seeing” is more like a “think-see” (seeing through our Third Eye) or a “feel-see”  (seeing through our High Heart}. In other words, we must trust our SELF Unconditionally to KNOW that if we think it or feel it, our perception is real.  With practice, we can learn to perceive in a thinking/feeling way.

Once we Master our fifth dimensional perception, we can begin to “see” and “hear” Beings who exist only as a group consciousness.  We experience the call from these Beings within our own physical body, usually our Third Eye or High Heart. We need to expand our consciousness into the fifth dimension to be able to have a communication with these Beings. Our inner planes are FULL with wondrous Beings, eagerly awaiting our ability to remember how to perceive them. They have illumined information to share and wise guidance to give.


Clairsentience is the umbrella term for all psychic senses together. When we are clairsentient, we can access our expanded senses to smell, see and touch another person’s aura, hear another person’s thoughts, feel their emotions and/or communicate with higher dimensional Beings.

Clairsentience is experienced as a feeling, usually accompanied by a physical sensation.  We may smell something that “isn’t there,” get a quick glimpse of something from the corner of our eye, know something we didn’t know a moment before, blink out for a second to another reality and/or suddenly feel confused and disoriented. Very often we experience our alternate realities through our clairsentience.

There are different kinds of “alternate realities.”  One is usually known as our “past lives.” However, time and space are an illusion particular to the third dimension. Hence, once we raise our consciousness into even the fourth dimension, we often begin to experience ourselves in a lifetime that is not consistent with the third dimensional life that we are used to experiencing.

Once we can look “down” in frequency through our fourth dimensional consciousness into the third dimension, we are able to perceive any time frame that we wish. Our many incarnations on third dimensional Earth can be witnessed from this perception as being aligned on a wheel of time.  From our viewpoint of the fourth dimension this wheel is not bound by time. Hence, we can visit any lifetime with the constraints of time. In other words, we can visit a life in 223 BC, then visit a life in 2034 AD, then visit one in 1895 BC.  Nevertheless, once we enter any of these times, we are limited to the chronological movement of third dimensional time.

Clairsentience can be experienced as a ‘knowing’ that comes into our consciousness.  If we can trust that knowing, it can guide us through the many roadblocks of life. This inner guidance also directs us toward a better knowing of our Self.  The more we know our Self, the more we can discriminate between the inner sensations that we have picked up from another and the inner sensations that arise from our expanded perceptions. As with all relationships, Unconditional Love and trust is what develops intimacy.  Being intimate with our Self is a foreign concept to many, but once we remember and embrace our true, Multidimensional Soul/SELF, this intimacy expands exponentially.


Telekinesis is a fourth and fifth dimensional ability, which allows us to move objects through space without the workings of our physical body. In our fourth and fifth dimensional Self, our mind, emotions and intentions are more powerful than our muscles. Therefore, we can displace objects by combining our thoughts and emotions with our conscious intention.

Telekinesis is often referred to as “mind over matter.” In other words, with conscious use of our telekinetic abilities we can move and/or influence matter with the power of our mind. However, emotions also play a strong role in telekinesis. Conscious telekinesis is one of the least common of the expanded perceptions. On the other hand, we often influence matter with our mind/emotions in an unconscious manner. For example, those who have more of a proclivity towards telekinesis, sometimes turn street lights on or off simply by walking underneath them.

These people may be attracted to martial arts or sports such as tennis, baseball, golf, wherein the power of their intention can be consciously used to direct the course of the ball or the force of their martial arts blow. Artists who work with carving or sculpting may also have an unrecognized talent towards telekinesis, as they manipulate matter with their hands, but the intention of their unconscious minds/emotions may also be a strong component of their artwork.

Another type of unconscious telekinesis is a poltergeist. A poltergeist is not a “ghost,” but the movement of matter through the unconscious intention of a living person.  Often this person is an adolescent who us unaware of the force of their extreme emotions. In fact, fear, anger and sorrow can be very powerful forces. Unfortunately, when these emotions are unconsciously used to manipulate matter, it is usually terrifying to the person who unwittingly created that movement.  Carl Jung, the famous psychologist and disciple of Freud, spoke of his adolescent telekinetic experiences in his autobiography, Memories, Dreams and Reflections.  As a teen he read all the thirteenth centuries books on alchemy he could find.  Hence, he awakened a great power, but had not yet gained any mastery over his emotions.

Strong emotion is an important element in telekinesis because emotion is “energy in motion.” Once we have gained mastery over our emotions, we can use love-based emotions to consciously and lovingly raise the frequency of the matter to the fourth dimension where it is less encumbered by time and space.  We can then move it without the limitation of third dimensional weight or mass. If we can consciously connect with our quantum consciousness, we can use the instant manifestation of our quantum thinking to teleport matter anywhere in the Universe, instantly!

Our “junk DNA” has been proved to function as tiny wormholes where messages, and eventually matter, can be instantly teleported to any location. In one experiment, samples of the junk DNA where put in vials and take to another room. Pictures of fearful emotions were shown to the subject, and the DNA in the other room instantly collapsed and somewhat unraveled. Pictures of loving emotions were then shown and, instantly, the DNA perked up and returned to it most vibrant state. The experimenter – the US Military – then moved the vials hundreds of miles away and the DNA still responded instantly. It is likely that the “teleporting” used on the Star Trek shows is an example of this form of telekinesis.  The matter is taken down to the quantum level, where it can move beyond time and space, then restructured at the intended location.


Illumination arises as we surrender our ego to our fifth dimensional Soul/SELF to become ONE with the NOW of the higher dimensions. Just one 3D moment of such Union can set us on a Path that takes most of our life to travel.

Illumination is what occurs as we download and integrate our Multidimensional SELF into our physical Earth vessel. Once we have fully integrated our SELF into our self, our consciousness expands from Personal Consciousness to Collective Consciousness to Planetary Consciousness to Galactic Consciousness to Cosmic Consciousness. With each expansion of our consciousness our sense of SELF increases. Our “sense of SELF” is defined as: that with which we feel a complete sense of UNITY.

While in Personal Consciousness, we think of our SELF as a third dimensional human being who is fully conscious of the workings of our mundane life. We are also aware of our Inner Child and Ego. Hence, we are able to use our expanded perceptions to receive communications via our body, Inner Child and – through prayer – with God and/or Saints and Angels.

Within Collective Consciousness we feel unity with all humanity and think of our SELF as being a member of the family of all humanity. Because of this, we can use our expanded perceptions to tune into the fourth dimension and communicate with the mass Collective Consciousness of humans on Earth.

With Planetary Consciousness, we feel complete Unity with our planet, which expands our consciousness to embrace the fourth dimension. With the awakening of our Multidimensional consciousness we can perceive our SELF as a component of Gaia, the consciousness of Earth. In this case, we use our expanded perceptions to communicate directly with Mother Earth, as well as with ALL Her inhabitants. We can also connect with the fourth dimensional Elementals of earth/gnomes, air/ sylphs, water/undines and fire/salamanders.

With fourth dimensional consciousness we can also communicate with the many realities and beings that resonate to the fourth dimension.  At first, we may only be able to believe that these wondrous Beings and Spirit Guides even exist.  Then, over time, we realize that many of these Beings are fourth dimensional expressions of our own Multidimensional SELF.

With Galactic Consciousness, we feel complete Unity with the many planets, solar systems, and galaxies that resonate to the fourth and fifth dimensions. This Unity allows us to fully integrate our Multidimensional SELF and expand our consciousness into the fifth dimension and ground that frequency of Light into the body of Gaia. By now, “ETs” are perceived as other expressions of our Soul/SELF and member of our Stellar Family.

We have moved beyond the limitations of duality, time, space and separation.  We perceive our physical body as the Earth vehicle that we use and maintain to “drive” us through the experiences of being a member of the Planetary Ascension Team. We perceive every aspect of our physical reality as a blessing or an initiation to remember to release all fear and live in Unconditional Love forever and always. From this state of consciousness, we are Masters of Energy and keep a close watch on our thoughts and emotions so that they do not threaten to lower our consciousness.  We are no longer victim to any person, place, situation or thing and take full responsibility for every manifestation in our life.

With Cosmic Consciousness, we can move into the sixth dimension and beyond, as well into quantum realities and quantum thinking. We are preparing to release all attachment to form and see our Self as a Being of pure Consciousness. Interdimensional travel is normal, as we interface with our Oversoul in the seventh dimension to assist our Soul Family to bring ALL of our expressions of SELF Home to the resonance of Multidimensional Consciousness.

We no longer need to seek, for we live in Divine Intelligence, Spiritual Wisdom and Infinite Creativity. We share our Illumined Being with other expressions of our SELF and with all who seek our counsel. If we still maintain a grounded, Earth vessel (usually to participate in the planetary Ascension), we maintain a constant connection to our Multidimensional SELF as well as the heart of Gaia. We see one of our services as being step-down transformers to ground the higher frequency Light and quantum reality into the body of Earth.  With this service, we raise the resonant frequency of the planet to facilitate planetary Ascension.

We are free of ego, so we do not seek fame or recognition and often see it as a distraction to our true work.  We walk planet Earth as a “regular” person who still has to pay bills, go to work and feed our body.  We know that it is a huge task to maintain a third dimensional form with the expanded frequencies of our consciousness, but live with the many aches and pains of physical reality knowing that “this too shall pass.”

We KNOW we are greatly privileged to be a member of this Cosmic Moment and constantly strive to hold the connection with our Oversoul, through all our many dimensional realities and into our physical body. Most of us have suffered greatly in our sacrifice to forget our SELF in order to serve in the creation of and return to fifth dimensional Earth.  We know that, since fifth dimensional Earth resonates beyond time and space, “returning to” and “creating” can happen simultaneously.

We seek others of our kind who hold their SELF within their vessel of clay as a planetary and galactic service.  We still get hungry, tired, angry, confused, poor or sick.  It is the ultimate sacrifice that we have made to ground our great SELF into Gaia and to assist in the Ascension into the fifth dimension as an entire planet.

Fortunately, more and more of us are awakening to our Illumined SELF and realize that we don’t have to Do anything.

We only have to BE our SELF!

Loving your self, others and your planet 

What does it mean to love?

Love is an energy field, a resonance, a frequency which functions as a carrier wave to deliver all our messages to our Self, others and to the planet. Love is the silent language.

We are all familiar with fear as a carrier wave, as well as anger for when we come into the energy, frequency, emotion of fear, our hair stands up on the back of our necks, adrenalin rushes through our system, and we become hypervigilant to find the source. We feel fear as a shout because it activates our fight/flight response and puts us on alert.

On the other hand, Love is a whisper, a soft cool breeze, a feeling of peace and a sense of wellbeing.  Everything in our body alerts us to fear and prepares our biological systems for battle, but what prepares us for Love?  It is understandable why we are afraid of fear, but why are so many afraid of Love?

In fact, why is our reality so filled with fear, while Love is far too rare? The answer is “survival.” In our long sojourn through our third dimensional realities, we have learned that if we did not attend to fear, our lives could be endangered. But who wants to live a life without Love?  Unfortunately, for many Love is fleeting at best.  However, that is because it is human love.

Human love is filled with fear, anger, sorrow, judgment and conditions.  Just as humans can be filled with fear, so is human love. On the other hand, Unconditional Love is not based on humanity that is trapped in the third dimensional matrix of fear, separation and limitation. Whereas human love, which can also be beautiful, resonates to the frequency of the third dimension, Unconditional Love resonates to the frequency of the fifth dimension and beyond.

In fact, Unconditional Love is beyond human emotion. Unconditional Love is a resonance of Multidimensional frequencies that can adhere to any person, place, situation or thing in any dimension in all the Cosmos. Unconditional Love is a gentle wind on a clear day and the breath of God for all eternity.  Unconditional Love is the glue that holds all life together and the healing force of all creation.

Most important, Unconditional Love is the silent language that can be shared to create Calm, Peace, Unity and Knowing. It can heal any communication and solve any problem. However, in order to use Unconditional Love as a carrier wave for our communications with our Self, with others and even with our planet, we must be conscious of the carrier waves that we are presently using.

Once we become consciously aware of what resonance, frequency, emotion is the carrier wave for our communication, we can choose to replace the lower resonance of carrier wave, such as anger, fear, sadness or conditional love, with Unconditional Love. Furthermore, to allow Unconditional Love into our personal consciousness we will first need to love our Self – Unconditionally. Therefore, we must begin by listening to the carrier wave that we use when we speak to our Self.

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Suzanne Lie: Activating our Expanded Perceptions. February 17, 2016. http://suzanneliephd.blogspot.co.uk/

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