Chrystalai – Your Cells Are Listening – Dr. Angela Barnett – 7-7-15

Chrystalai – Your Cells Are Listening – Dr. Angela Barnett – 7-7-15



Dr. Angela Barnett

Crystal Magic


I don’t know if you have read any of the 12 DNA from the Music of the Spheres book. In it you will find the story of how my husband was hit by three ten ton trucks and five cars ran over his body. His body couldn’t possibly survive such an ordeal in the 3D version of the world. Lucky for us we don’t live in that world. His body was taken on to a space ship as a hologram where complete spiritual surgery was performed to return his body. This story represents the reality that Kryon is presenting in this CELLS ARE LISTENING you tube.

When we realize what our atoms REALLY are, as the omniparticle substance of the God Template, and we are connecting our neuronets into our multi dimensional selves, we learn how we can connect into an entire being that is exactly a Merkaba Space ship light body. Within this Higher Consciousness of Light and Sound the bones magically mend themselves through this process that looks like little fairies flying around within the cells themselves and repairing and upgrading the body structure. There really are tiny beings who look like gelaisic snowflakes who swim around in the body and repair it at night. I am so glad that I got to know these etheric cellular fairies.

I became so close with them that they began to sing songs through me. I was guided to record these songs of the frequencies of their healing consciousness. I learned that these etheric beings were me–what I am made of, and they were also my family. I call my etheric star mother Cinderella. She is a very real being and she can transform my body by waving her wand that shoots stardust frequencies. She is actually an Aquafarian at the Cosmic Level of etheric substance. She contains all of the Consciousness from the COMPLETE SELF that I am on the Spiritual Parallel Side.

All that I am is within me because she is within me. She is also around me as my multi dimensional selves are etheric beings flying around me and guiding me moment by moment. If we could visualize them, they would look like a Merkaba Space Ship that hovers over our head and there are little fairy like beings and humanoid beings coming and going from the Ship. These tiny little merkaba ships also live inside of every cell of our body and there are teams of healers within each ship. The story goes like this. When Joe was declared dead at the hospital, I placed that music that was created by the angels and the gelaisic snowflake fairies, on his ears with earphones.

He returned to his body from the spaceship, and thousands of broken bones healed in a matter of a few weeks. His back, his hip, his spleen, his ankle, his legs were all shattered. However, when I connected consciousness to the CELLS WHO WERE LISTENING, they began the repair and upgrade process even before he was returned to his body. The formula that I used to create the music that brought Joe back to his body and healed his body in a matter of months is the formula that I use to create each Individual Eternal Life Album.In order for the Eternal Life Album to be successful, the Individual must learn to come in tune with the frequencies within which are, in fact, the consciousness of the etheric water fairies and gelaisic fairies who work within the body to upgrade, transform, heal and immortalize the body.

The frequencies that are heard outside of the body are the consciousness of the multi dimensional selves, the Innate Higher Self and the stream of consciousness that reconnects to the Spiritual Parallel Self that remains on the other side of the Veil. That Self who remains in the Light of God eternally can be as close as the cells in your body when you tune in to the complete light spectrum and the music of the spheres. Now is the time to tune in. The cells in your body are ready to transform your body into a vehicle that will be healthy and strong and a guiding light for others on the planet for another few hundred to one thousand years.

Those who make a commitment to their cells for the Extended Life Version that transforms the body so that it can remain on Earth for as long as you want, will be the witnesses of a transformation in their body where they see themselves grow younger every day, stronger every day, more intelligent at the genius level, they will become telepathic, have telecommunication with all dimensional realities and will be invited to ride on spaceships of various galactic race lines within the next decade. We will also become a part of the group who is still living on Earth in 2036 when the Tomorrow Land of Inter Galactic Travel becomes a part of the normal reality.

By this time there will be complete love and harmony on Earth and we will be a part of the Galactic Family with Space ships that travel all over the Galaxy. Space ships will become more and more a part of a family vehicle plan rather than a NASA function. As early as 2020 we will already have the Free Energy that we learn to create from within ourselves and other technologies will appear that can create water in dry places and individuals can have their own sources of all energy and food.This will be a major step in people not relying on others. People will learn that everything we need lives in our cells.Read more:
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LIFE COACH CODE – 10 Ways How Healing Yourself Affects The World And Everyone Around You – 6-29-18



1. Your healing creates a ripple effect.

When reaching out to others for healing you’re lifting yourself out of the darkness, in which many are held captive.

Doing it creates a ripple noticeable by others. Your effort inspires others to take action, seek help and lift themselves up from their darkness.

Soon they will contemplate healing themselves too.


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2. You unconsciously assist others in their own healing.

You’re assisting others in their own healing without your awareness.

As you take steps to heal yourself you pave the road for someone else to follow and take the same steps to heal themselves.

Your energy imprint has a multidimensional effect that you’re unaware of at the moment.

3. Your ability to heal yourself raises the vibration of others.

It takes a lot of courage to face your own wounds and heal them.

Doing so means you have to go through the pain, feel it and let go, releasing its grip it has on your subconsciousness.

This will lift your vibes and affect anyone who interacts with you positively. Your triggers will dissolve and you will act from a place of love.

4. You’re allowing greater opportunities to manifest.

As you keep healing yourself, you’re allowing yourself to grow and expand.

This invites greater opportunities to manifest, and at the same time, raises the vibration in your surroundings.

As you start perceiving greater options and possibilities for your dreams to come true and take action, you will keep raising the vibration of your own reality.

5. You’re spreading the value of trust.

You know that time is an illusion and you’re not in a hurry. You believe that the right things will fall into place at the right time.

Your dreams may not be visible at the moment, but you believe that they will be given to you when you’re ready for it.

This projects ultimate trust and others can sense it. It will give them freedom to have faith in something bigger than themselves.



Receiving Distant Healing — Reiki With Friends

Article by Lisa Koester, Reiki Rays Hello, healers. I wanted to share a recent experience I had with you all because I think it may change some perceptions on distant healing. I know that as a Reiki Master and Practitioner, so often we focus on giving and sending Reiki, even though we are told over […]

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Ana Prana @ Collective-Evolution – Proof that Self-Healing Works – 5 Steps To Start Doing It Successfully – 7-16-16


By Ana Prana,, Thanks to Conscious Life News

For the longest time I had tunnel vision and expected life to be a certain way. I studied my failure until I lost sight of my successes.

I crafted limiting beliefs and shielded myself from love and happiness by refusing to put myself out there. And as I did all this, I sat back and wondered why my life was not working.

Obviously, I was very lost.

But it was not until 2012, when our family was hit with multiple disorders, that my stubborn habits led me into another internal argument.

I remember looking at myself in the mirror that evening and hearing a voice in my head say, “Ana, you are the enemy – your enemy.”

I had a strong urge to start searching for a practical tool to turn things around.

That’s when I started heavily studying all the different self-healing modalities I could find, taking practitioner courses, teacher courses, and running meditations and workshops. The more I dug, the deeper the levels of truth I was able to uncover, and was then able to start helping others do the same.

In 2014, I helped my family member recover from various issues such as intestinal polyps, endometriosis, arthrosclerosis, hormone misbalance, and hair loss. These had lasted almost 15 years and was resolved within 3 to 4 months of regular healing treatments. Now, it’s time I shared some of what I have learned and experienced firsthand.

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Diseases Caused By The Mind

Many of us at some point experience gastrointestinal problems when extremely angry, constipation or diarrhea when stressed, or sudden neck or back pain when worrying about money or relationships.

These are widely accepted examples of the relationship between mind and body. Another basic example is getting hiccups upon waking or sweating when nervous. These harmless temporary effects are all caused by the mind.

So, what’s stopping the mind from creating more long-lasting effects on our bodies?

The “nocebo effect” refers to the mind’s ability to cause more harmful physical disorders. Dr. Bernie Siegel cites a finding in his book, Love Medicine and Miracles, concerning patients in an experimental control group for a new chemotherapy drug.

It is commonly known that hair loss is a side effect of chemotherapy. This group was only given harmless saline, but thought they may have been given chemotherapy. 30 percent of this group lost their hair. Yes, the mind can cause extreme physical changes in the body.

How The Mind Creates Physical Symptoms

The above example shows how the outcome could easily be traced back to the conscious belief that chemotherapy causes hair loss. You believe something about the body and it happens. What makes this belief even stronger is the support it gets from our family, society, the media, and even our doctors.

In the book Heal Your Body, Louise Hay writes: “I’ve learned that there are really just two underlying mental patterns that contribute to dis-ease: fear and anger.” These underlie any deeply repressed unconscious beliefs of self-unworthiness.

Energy follows thought, and what we say repeatedly has a tendency to permeate our astral emotional emotional subtle body and manifest in our physical body in various ways.

If you repeatedly say, “So and so is such a pain in the neck,” it is quite possible that this thought is going to accumulate and, in a day or two, cause pain in your own neck by affecting the energy centre responsible for muscle and bone structure.

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Where Does Self-Healing Start?

There are two concepts which are important to grasp at this stage:

  1. Self-healing originates in our mental faculty
  2. Self-healing is sustained by our emotional well-being

Contrary to the nocebo effect is the placebo effect, when a person’s healing can only be attributed to the belief, not the treatment, that they will be healed.

Throughout medical history we have witnessed numerous cases of this happening. Our will is a lead player in this formula of success.

You may go and meet many very expensive doctors and go for all sorts of medical treatments, but if you keep on telling yourself that the power to heal you is with the doctor, the therapist, the nurse (outside your body and mind), chances of the same symptom reoccurring in a different place in your body are high.

If after treatment you find that this is the case, it is a sure sign that the origin of your current state is emotional in nature and before treating the physical, the emotions must be regulated.

5 Steps To Get Healthy Naturally

  1. Traditional medical diagnosis. A physical diagnosis is a great starting point because if you are starting on your own, you want to know where begin untangling the ball. If you’re really new to self-healing, always seek support from an advanced healer. A good book to start with is Louise Hay’s “Your Body Can Heal You” and “You Can Heal Your Life.”
  2. Proper belief. In order to live well you need to want it. Go over your aims and targets, note down everyone and everything it is worth living for. Take a note of successful bibliographies that made it using self-healing. Louie Hay is a great example, as well as Dr. Wayne Dyer.
  3. Creating your healing program. This is the fun part. Here’s where you will experiment either with the help of an advanced healer or on your own. Be aware of your body and how it absorbs energies from different practices and put your own practice together. Mine usually starts with an energetic yoga practice, self-introspection, breathing exercises, and then a meditation.
  4. Make a new habit. Like brushing your teeth twice a day and having afternoon tea at 5 o’clock, you want to find a time and space in your home where you can comfortably practice your new healing program. This phase will need 30 days of constant practice to stick in your life as a new habit
  5. Go out there. If you’re on your own trying this out, find a partner or someone from your class that you can share your experiences with. Having a “healing buddy” will give you an extra boost of motivation and zest to keep going


Jacob Devaney – Is The Power To Heal Ourselves Increasing? – 5-21-16

Is The Power To Heal Ourselves Increasing?


By Jacob Devaney, Thanks to Body Mind Soul Spirit

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New studies are showing that placebos are becoming more effective in treating illness.

Researchers are perplexed by recent studies that have placebos performing very well compared to new and experimental pharmaceuticals. Meanwhile the science of Psychoneuroimmunology (PNI) is echoing what mystics and shaman have been saying forever which is that we have untold powers to heal ourselves!

Spirit and science converging

This coming together between the spiritual and scientific communities shows an unprecedented opportunity for humans to embrace vibrant, healthy, thriving lives. Recent research on placebos comes from a McGill University and is published in Pain, the Journal of the International Association for the Study of Pain. I first learned about this in a wonderful article by Carolyn Gregoire in Huffington Post titled, Placebo Effect Puzzle Has Scientists Scratching Their Heads.

I highly recommend reading the entire article which shows how the placebo effect is exploding in the United States, but nowhere else. This may have something to do with the fact that the United States has 5% of the worlds population yet consumes 75% of the worlds prescription drugs (more here).

The ‘sugar pill’ is working

The analysis revealed that in U.S. trials conducted in 1993, pain medications were rated to be an average of 27 percent more effective than placebo pills. In the 2013 trials, however, the pain medication was only 9 percent more effective than the placebo. The difference wasn’t attributed to decreased effectiveness of the medication, but instead to a greater response to the placebo. In other words, the sugar pill has become nearly as effective as medication in alleviating pain. – Carolyn Gregoire in Placebo Effect Puzzle Has Scientists Scratching Their Heads.

The above study focused on pain-killers, but similar results have been observed for anti-depressants. With more than 1 in 5 Americans taking mental health drugs the number of people seeking alternatives and preventative measures continues to grow. Yoga, meditation, healthy diet, and exercise do not come in the form of a pill but tend to address the larger picture of wellbeing that is too often overlooked by the medical establishment.

Although placebo may not be a viable treatment option, there are other treatments that on average work as well as antidepressants, [such as] physical exercise and cognitive behavioral psychotherapy. As far as we know, these alternatives don’t make people worse. – Irving Kirsch, Time Magazine

Tuning into our trauma

All of this points to the innate ability our bodies have to self-regulate, seek balance (homeostasis), and heal. You would think that we would be eager to listen to our own bodies when they speak to us through symptoms, yet we usually do the exact opposite by numbing the pain or ignoring what we feel.

Peter Levine, author of Waking the Tiger, is an expert in trauma resolution and a lead voice in field of Somatic Experiencing, which invites us to tune in to our bodies as well as our emotions in order to reclaim our health.

Why do humans need to be guided at all? The biggest obstacle is how inattentive and unfamiliar we are with our physical sensations. Our big, sophisticated brains constantly out-think and override our bodily needs. We are trained to ignore signs of hunger, pain, discomfort, injury, danger, as well as pleasure, saturation, and fulfillment. What’s astonishing is how forgiving and responsive the body is. As soon as we tune into it, shifts begin to happen. – Peter Levine

Prescription of the future

The mind, our beliefs, emotions, and lifestyle play a much larger role in our wellbeing than we tend to recognize. While researchers are wondering how to avoid the dreaded monkey-wrench of the placebo effect in testing new drugs, the general public is recognizing that taking charge of ones health doesn’t need to always start with a call to the doctor or a new prescription.

As Carolyn Gregoire underscores in her Huffington Post article, “If the placebo effect continues on its current trajectory, American pharmaceutical companies may find it increasingly difficult to get consumers to buy new drugs.”

By learning the bodymind language of symptoms and illness you can learn what is being repressed or ignored in your psyche and emotions and the affect this is having on your physical body. – Deb Shapiro, author of Your Body Speaks Your Mind

Popular books like Your Body Speaks Your Mind are a significant indicator that a new paradigm in health is upon us. Science and spirituality, like the brain and body have lots to gain by embracing the wisdom that the other has to share. We are evolved enough to know that the answers we seek aren’t always either/or.

A balanced and holistic approach is a prescription for wellbeing. So keep your doctors number close by but also take the power of your health into your own hands. Your body will thank you for listening to it, your emotions will release freely when they feel welcome and your quality of life will increase. Placebos may not be the miracle cure after all, but what they might be showing us is that we already possess an untold capacity for self-healing.

THE TEACHER – Tools For Awakening and Self-Healing



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THE TEACHER   –   Tools For Awakening and Self-Healing


Here are some basic understandings and self-care practices which can assist you in your journey into the new times ahead.

With thanks to Shannon for her input and guidance.


  • “Let each and every thing be in its true frequency, and then all is in peace and harmony”.
  • This is the law of the New Reality and shall be honoured by all – no exception.
  • This Law is about honouring The Sacred in everythings in creation.  Living the reality that all things are of God.
  • It is also about about the importance of allowing everything to exist according to its true nature.
  • When this is done with true unconditional love, it means that we are now living Oneness.



  • Surrender to God and the Divine Plan.
  • Allow all things to unfold naturally.
  • Let the head be handmaiden to the heart.
  • The heart gives you divinely inspired vision.
  • The head sometimes then provides useful tools for putting the vision into practice.
  • The heart has its own consciousness and thinking – let this lead you.
  • Surrender yourself to God’s Guidance.
  • Be a servant of The One.
  • Heal and balance the masculine and feminine within you.
  • Take care with what you expose yourself to – choose what inputs you wish to shower your body and consciousness with.
  • Flood yourself with that which is life enhancing and promotes the expansion & growth of consciousness.  And keep clear of that which does not promote all this.
  • This includes what environment, work and people you choose to spend time with.
  • God is in all things – look for this, see this and honour this.
  • See The Divine Presence in all beings.  But also see how the outer aspects & personality of the other person are behaving – and act accordingly.
  • All return Home to The Source, to The One – each according to their unique paths.  None are lost or neglected.
  • And all follow their own particular individual journey – as shaped by their choices (both conscious & from unconscious patterns) & soul experience & divine agreements & life contracts.
  • Allow each being to live according to their own unique path – which is between them and God (and so is none of your business).
  • Allow all, and then All shall be.
  • Be discerning.
  • Be aware of that which is for you to, and that which is for God.  Ask God to guide you in this.  Leave alone that which is for God to do.  Only concern yourself with that which is your responsibility & that which is for you to do.
  • Open the Christ Heart & activate the God Mind.
  • Christ Heart – a new chakra at the top of the breast-bone.  This gives access to the sea of Christ Consciousness.
  • God Mind – a new chakra at the top of the head.  This is the place to communicate with the Mind of God – the place to receive Divine Knowing.
  • Be multi-dimensional.
  • Anchor yourself in the New Reality – the new matrix of the Fifth Dimension here on Earth.
  • Be grounded.
  • Be self-sovereign.
  • In relationships always stay in self-sovereignty – while you share with each other the cycling flow of energy between the two of you.
  • Give of yourself (in service), but never give yourself away.
  • Always honour your life experience and inner sense of what is right & wrong for you.
  • Have your head in heaven while you have your feet in the clay.
  • Be aware that we have been living in an Age of Darkness (a time of separation, illusion & duality), but we are now returning to an Age of Light.
  • We are now entering the New Reality of Oneness.  And all this is according to the Divine Plan.
  • Bring to light all aspects of yourself (even the ugly or rejected or painful ones) and welcome all back to your inner family.  Claim all your parts back – past, present & future, and all levels.  This is soul retrieval work.
  • Bring to light all that is hidden, shine The Light on all this, and all becomes Light.  This is the power of the Light of Consciousness.
  • Discover your personal gift(s) and in some way share it with others as a gift of true service.  This is a key part of life.
  • Discover and live your passion – that which warms your heart & nourishes your soul
  • The true purpose of your life is to discover who you really are and to live this in daily life.
  • This is to know that you are God and to walk this on earth’s floor.


James Gilliland – Self Healing and Leadership


James Gilliland

Healing and Leadership

We spoke earlier about the incoming energies one wave peaking just after Thanksgiving with a build up before and assimilation period after.

Now we are moving into the second wave which is exponentially stronger than the last wave.

If you were resisting the process, in denial and shifting into blame and projection this next wave will be even more intense.

Many ask when are the Ets going to help. This is help, it is coming from the spiritually and technologically advanced off worlders, the ultradimensionals which would better be referred to as the greater family of man/woman. They know how to work on the level of cause or consciousness as well as working with the consciousness and energy grids of the planet.

This is where the real power resides yet this does not diminish the need for hands on work in the physical. Much of this is up to us. There is a saying God helps those who help themselves.

This is universal law and fits within the prime directive. Because there has been so much interference and manipulation by the regenerate ETs they are having to intervene for the sake of humanity and the earth.

This does not however diminish the need for the ground crew, the awakened ones on earth to do their part.

The days of tyranny, the enslavement of humanity, the manufactured lack and suppression of fuel-less energy and healing technologies is fast coming to a close.

Those who continue to harbor and operate along these lines or within this grid will not be frequency specific to the evolution of humanity and the earth. They cannot maintain their empires, their consciousness, even their bodies will fail them.

It is said; “No rock shall be left unturned and all their iniquities will be shouted from the roof tops.”

Is this not happening now? Are not the archons, regenerate ets and demonic realms being revealed.

The power elite who serve these unseen negative influences, those who call upon them for power in secret rituals at the highest levels of almost every institution, is this not also being revealed?

The international banksters, the major corporations enslaving the masses though dependency and manufactured lack with their genocidal programs in complete opposition to universal law are being revealed on a global level.

What is the process upon which this is happening? It is the byproduct of the vibrational lifting and healing which is coming in wave after wave, what the Mayans call the 9th wave of unity consciousness.

Where do hierarchies and a sense of entitlement fit into unity consciousness? Where do disempowering gurus and leaders fit into unity consciousness?

They don’t.

The ones who serve the people, empower the people to make their own personal God/Creator/Spirit connection however do fit into unity consciousness. Not the ones who say one truth on the podium then live another.

We are all being shown where we are incongruent with love and service our true motives even the hidden ones due to wounds, traumas and wrong conclusions from past experiences.

Nothing can remain hidden. It is a time of going within, it is a time to surrender, call upon the God within and ask for healing, help with releasing the past and bringing you current with the new energies.

A major recalibration is in order. It is not going to be business as usual because social consciousness is giving way to Christ or Buddha consciousness.

You can call it what you wish, Mary, Buffalo Calf Woman, Kwan Yin energies all are working together to bring balance back to the earth.

This includes the ultradimensionals, spiritually and technologically advanced off worlders, and yes even the nature kingdoms are working hand and hand in this process. They are waiting for the missing link and that link is sleeping humanity to awaken.

The future is set, the earth will heal herself and ascend. There will be a grand unification with the Star Nations and the other kingdoms existing right along side of us. It is up to us individually and collectively how we adjust and flow with this process. We do not have the option of continuing in an unsustainable society out of alignment with universal law.

The best advice we can give is again practice love and kindness, be of service and learn to set boundaries and not participate in anything that is harmful to humanity or the earth. It will all be revealed, the karmic consequences will come swiftly and there is no place to hide.

Ponder this in all you say and do. Surrender to your own awakening and healing process and remember this too shall pass.

In the days to come it is also imperative we ask for and initiate all the help we can get from on high.

It is going to take a miracle to clean up the mess and what is a miracle other than what is beyond our present knowledge and abilities. Be well.
James Gilliland

Nora Herold On Self Healing

andres fernandez·1 video

In this time Nora is channeling the 9D Pleiadian Collective with a beautiful insight on self healing, or better said, self love.

Nora’s channel: