DANIEL SCRANTON – Don’t Wait for the Predictions to Come True ∞ The 9D Arcturian Council – 2-3-19




“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are considering the possibilities that you all have in front of you, and we know that you are also considering which timeline would be best for you as an individual and for the best possible experiences for the collective. We also recognize that many of you still believe certain things are just going to happen, no matter what. And we know this because we hear you asking and we see you speculating about what is going to happen, as though something could be set in stone.

You are going to continue to ascend, and that is pretty much the only guarantee around. Now, we also see many of you putting your eggs into one basket. You hear about something that is going to happen at some point in the future, and you get fixated on it. This is true of many things, including what we have just told you is a guarantee.

You don’t want to wait until the shift happens, or anything else happens, before you determine for yourselves what you want to be living in the here and now. We want you to remember that you create your reality, and whatever reality you choose to create, there will always be a version of the collective there with you. Therefore, if you want to experience something in your lives, do not wait for any prediction to come true before you start living it.

We want more than anything else to empower all of you, and the best way that we can empower you is to remind you that you have the ability within you right now to feel how you want to feel, to vibrate in harmony with that which you want to experience. If you can take your minds off of the future long enough, you can create a pretty fantastic present for yourself, right here and right now. And you can expand that present moment out for all of eternity.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

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From no Self-Esteem to total Self-Empowerment – by joypassiondesire – 6-23-17

How can you stop your self hatred and

start improving how you feel about yourself?

It is easier than you think.

It doesn’t matter if you have hated yourself your entire life

or if you have the lowest self-esteem imaginable –

you can improve how you feel about yourself

and you can begin now.

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Pleiadian Teachings by Wendy Kennedy – Multidimensional Consciousness


Golden Ascension

Tiara Kumara – Give Yourself Greater Self Empowerment in 2016 – 2-3-16


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Tiara Kumara   –   Give Yourself Greater Self Empowerment in 2016   –   2-3-16



It is absolutely astounding to witness the acceleration of consciousness at the collective level. Our perspectives seemed to have shifted dramatically and many of us are entering this new year with heightened levels of self revelation, not to mention new body sensations that seem to accompany this transforming journey.

Each wave of change that rolls in stretches us just a bit further. On the rebound, we get squeezed a little bit tighter. The expansion and contraction scenarios seem like some type of exotic rebirth. What is most exciting is that this all blesses us with a natural unfolding of some really amazing abilities.

What do we do with all of this energy?! Many of us live in places where there is little support from those in like resonance. We often wonder if what we are feeling and going through is even real.

Our theme this year will hopefully help you out a lot. It is focused upon personal and collective EMPOWERMENT!

Shine Your Light, Day 177, Caban 8 – Mayan Messages – 2-25-15

We understand that it is hard for you to exist in such a place. As your veils of amnesia lift, it becomes even harder to remain on the Earth. Yet we ask you to have patience, for there is much that you can do to assist with the changes that are currently taking place.

Many Lightworkers have come to the Earth at this time to assist in returning the Earth to her pristine state. Although the Earth was pristine at the time of her original creation, she and her inhabitants are now beginning to vibrate at a much higher frequency. This means that those who cling to lower frequency aspirations will not be able to maintain their goals of Not-Love experiences.

You, as a Lightworker, have the ability to pressure those in leadership positions to make the changes you wish to occur on Earth. There is power in numbers and as you unite with each other, with common goals, your voice will be heard. Many of your industries will crumble overnight if each of you simply says, “No more!” and stop feeding the monster. As you bond together and boycott the industries that are harmful, these corporations will either crumble or scramble to restructure.

With the advent of the personal computer and accessibility of the internet, the truth can be told across the world in a moment. As more people step forward with the truth, they have the ability to offset mass marketing and reach those people who are being misled. Part of the work of each Lightworker is to reach those in your network.

Perhaps you are the only one who can influence your parents, your siblings, your friends and acquaintances. Take your role seriously by educating yourself and others. Empower yourself with the knowledge that you are an important ambassador with the ability to help others create a world of peace and joy.  Selamet!  Caban 8,  Day 177

Read the Mayan Messages in their entirety at https://mayanmessages.wordpress.com   Please include this web address when posting and sharing with others.  Many blessings, Theresa Crabtree

Inelia Benz – Self Empowerment – They don’t want you to know how strong YOU are – It’s Time!

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Self Empowerment – Wendy Kennedy – 9th Dimensional Pleiadian Collective – Brad Johnson Interviewer

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Brad Johnson interviews Wendy Kennedy: Channeler of the 9th Dimensional Pleiadian Collective.

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