MAUREEN MOSS – The Magical, Mystical and Sacred – 5-17-18 – by The Earth Plan


There is no denying the magical, mystical, erratic, stranger-than-fiction, often uncomfortable and remarkable internal effects and jaw dropping external ones, of the high-speed month of May… still not over.

Thanks to   The Earth Plan

Permanently closing the book on every chapter and verse that made up our lives… provoking deeper embodiment of our Soul (for who else would we have enter) … Ascended Masters from St. Germain to the Divine Mother coming and going as they shower blessings upon us, the children of the new and Earth…evolutionary planets transiting and stationing themselves in rarely seen positions setting us up to step into a radically different flow of life…and We beginning to bring shape and form to our Originally Created Blueprints.

Heart to heart and Consciousness to consciousness we are aware our former selves are being archived while our true selves are being ignited, initiated and unified at an entirely new level in preparation for the 2020 transition as Divinity touches us, beckons us, weaves the strands that have come loose from the fabric of Creation and accelerates us in ways we have longed for, though barely imagined.

Through the radically new and not yet reliable sometimes we feel our lives are out of our hands and we out of options…and we are…though only the unreliable ones that split us apart from our Soul.

There is evidence of new options harmonious to our Soul and destiny coming on line, not for quick decisions though for deep consideration using our Sacred Hearts and whole bodies… while kindly abandoning our preferences and personality.

Carrying magnetic conversion energies necessary to establish ourselves in a New Reality, new choices are coming daily now so pay close attention to the faintest whispers about anything requiring a choice.

Capabilities are multiplying this year… like fishes and loaves… along with the Sacred Template (Temple) of the Divine expanding and bursting into Masterful states of wisdom, truth, joy and love within us each time it is struck by a higher state of consciousness… stabilized by new awareness…honored and held steady by what is true in our hearts, and activated by acceleration Light codes having engaged with our human receptor field…we will come closer and closer to translating what it means to be Embodied Sacred Gods engaged with our Destiny.

This is shaping up to be an unforgettable year.

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Pauline Battell – The sands of time slide through the entrances & exits of all that is Sacred – Gillian MacBeth-Louthan – 8-19-17

via The sands of time slide through the entrances



The Circle - Completion - Your DNA about to Fire and Activate. 
Please study these Fire Images

The Mandala - Creation - The Tree of Life - Your Genetic Encoding.    
Look deeply within the images, then relax and close your eyes. 
See before you the flame of creation.  It enters your body through 
your crown chakra slowly moving downward to fire you DNA. 

Feel it slowly spiraling downward through your head

activating each cell in your brain to a higher frequency of conscious thought.



The flames spirals downward to your heart chakra, the place of your soul connection to your source . . . activating and healing that which blocks your emotions. Relax . . . allowing everything to release as your souls connects.


A golden key is given to you.

Take the key and place it in your heart. Unlock the codings of your DNA.


The flame spirals downward through your solar plexus releasing anger, frustration, tension, and rage. Feel your DNA begin to merge As is above, so is below.


The flame spirals downward through your sacral chakra releasing and balancing your male-female energies.


The flames now spirals into and merges with your root chakra, merging with the 8 primary cells that have been with you since your came into your physical form at the time of conception, which contain all of the DNA coding and knowledge for all of creation.


The flame activates your kundalini energies which send a rush of energy through your spine firing your DNA coding on all levels.


Please allow this merge to filter through your body, mind, and soul, when you are awake and when you are asleep.



Sacredness Within the Violet Flame – Images by Avatar

Sacredness within the Viotet Flame

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