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Sanat Kumara – Sacred Law of Attraction and Repulsion – Interviewer Suzanne Maresca – 11-12-13 – Golden Age Of Gaia


18 Monday Nov 2013

Suzanne Maresca: Good morning and welcome to another offering of Heavenly Blessings with Linda Dillon, channel for the Council of Love and author of The New You: Emerging into the Brilliance of Humanity’s Heart Consciousness and myself, Suzanne Maresca.

Today’s topic is the ever popular Law of Attraction and Repulsion, and once again Sanat Kumara will be joining us to offer fresh perspective on a much discussed Universal Law. The Council of Love tells us that when we align with the Law of Attraction we call in assistance from sources that we may not even be aware of. The Law of Repulsion goes hand-in-hand with the Law of Transmutation and both are involved with returning discordant energies to the One for recycling.

Its wonderful to be jumping back into our exploration of Universal Law. So much has been happening and so quickly that for me the information and energy gets classified, filed and put away immediately to make room for more Light to come through. I feel like a spacey blur and the weeks are just speeding on by. Good morning Linda.

Linda Dillon: Good morning Suzy and boy is that an apt way to put it; it does feel like time, and in fact, it has speeded up. And partially its because the experience of time in the 5th, 6th, 7th, higher dimensions, is a different experience than it is in the 3rd dimension.

So, we tend to be doing that translation, that transition, that Ascension process where there are times when we feel that time is really dragging and we’re waiting and waiting for things to happen and then there’s this other piece of us that just feels like ‘Where do the days, the weeks, the months go?’ I can’t believe we’re in the middle of November; its just amazing.

So, here we are again and I want to thank you and thank our listeners…I think that your idea of taking some time out and not doing a new law every single week has given us some integration and some breathing time.

You know, the whole idea when we began Heavenly Blessings was basically to have a ‘how-to’ show and on An Hour With An Angel we talk to the Masters, the Archangels, the Mighty Ones, the Company of Heaven, we talk to everybody and so often they will say, “Do this, do that” so in a casual conversation they can say to us, Archangel Michael can say, “Well use the Universal Law of Attraction and Repulsion” and that’s all that’s said.

And the guidance in what you and I have been doing – with a lot of fun – has been taking those concepts and really having a chance to explain them, to explore them and to work with them. And these are massive; this is the explanation of how things work. So, I think the idea of having that interim week to be able to chew some things over sometimes has actually, certainly been beneficial to me, but I think its been beneficial to all of us.

SM: Oh, it certainly has been to me.

LD: You know, I think that part of what we, you and I and everybody who’s listening, have been doing is taking the Law…and its one thing to understand it in theory, you know, ‘this is that concept’ but then to have the practical application, the how-to, and how does it work in my life, how do I actually utilize it, is huge. And its especially huge when we think ‘well, not only are we working with one Law but we’re working in this tapestry, this grid of all the Universal Laws because they are all interacted and they’re all connected and they’re all about balance. So, its massive what we are doing. So, thanks everybody for hanging in.

SM: It is and we’re ready for it. Oh absolutely. I’m really enjoying this very much and its been an expansive experience for me and the practice opportunities have also been very helpful because, well, you get the opportunity to prove to ourselves that this is real and this is not just imaginary, visionary work, it actually works. I’ve done it on my fighting cats and the shift has been amazing. So, the things that I work on, that the shift in transition isn’t quite as clear, its easier for me to trust and know that the invisible work that I’m doing actually is making a difference.

LD: Yeah, its nice to have those, not just the intangible but the tangible signs, things that we can see and touch and smell and taste. I think that one of the other things that’s happened in this series is, I don’t remember – well its never happened – to have Sanat Kumara or any of the Masters spend so much time with us on an intensive basis and I think that all of us have this closer feeling to Sanat Kumara. I think when we started it was like ‘who is this guy?’, ‘where does he fit in?’, ‘what does he want?’ and ‘why is he taking so much time?’

SM: He’s coming into my visions now, so, yeah, I definitely feel like it and it almost feels like even though this is spread out over weeks and sometimes we skip a practice week, it feels like a residential workshop where we all get to really be close and living together and understanding one another and experiencing the day-to-day with one another. I can’t explain that because clearly it is not the situation, but that’s the way it feels.

LD: It does feel that way to me and in some ways it also feels that Sanat Kumara, Raj, basically moved in with us. And it makes sense in terms of all the ascended Beings or high energy Beings, enlightened Beings that we work with, he’s the one that’s the Planetary Logos, he’s the one that’s basically in charge of overseeing the unfoldment of the plan here for Gaia and for us. So, this closer relationship, it makes sense but boy, its intense and its brand new.

SM: It is and its really interesting because before I could hear Planetary Logos and it doesn’t really mean that much to me, but now its really becoming much clearer to me just how huge that is, what kind of Being that we’re having these friendly discussions over a coffee table with; its just amazing.

LD: Yeah, it is amazing. When I first heard Archangel Raphael identify himself, introduce himself, as the Archangel that’s responsible for the healing of the Universe, the healing of the planet, and the healing of humanity, I thought, “Oh, my God.” When you think of it, that is such a massive, massive role and yet in so many ways SK is in exactly the same kind of a role. So to have him take his time for us is really neat.

SM: Oh it is really neat but it makes me wonder how many of us humans, ‘boots on the ground’ kind of people there are for each Master. And then that brings me into this whole thing like this interwoven tapestry because there are many Archangels and Masters that I feel connected with that’s just one big, wonderful, happy, glowing group of Beings but it makes me wonder how many, say Archangel Gabrielle, how many humans does she have, you know, that are doing, channeling her energy or channeling Sanat Kumara’s energy or channeling…so it just feels like this interwoven tapestry because each one of us may have our interchangeable teams of energy that we’re running through for…does that make sense?

LD: It absolutely does. You know, when we talk about guides I always, when I talk about this subject we talk about, I talk about, the Council talks about, basically two categories and there’s your personal guides, that circle, usually of about five to seven Angels or Beings, enlightened Beings, that surround you throughout time. You know, people talk about their guides changing but in fact, they don’t, they may come forward or back off at different times, but your guides really don’t change.

But in addition to that we have what I call ‘the big boys’ and those are the Beings that each of us has this love and devotion and connection with. For me, Gabriel, and I’ve said this so many times, Gabrielle, Susanna Michaela Gabrielle, is my ‘go-to’ gal; she’s my teacher, my mentor, my comforter, my nurturer, but in addition to that I also have such connection with the Universal Mother, especially Mother Mary and Yeshua.

But you can tell when you look at people, even just glancing at them, you can see that they’re holding that Buddha energy or that they’re holding the Michael energy which is very much the warrior, peaceful warrior energy, or they’re holding the Quan Yin energy. And so, we do have, usually, these multiple connections to these Beings, these Ascended Masters and these Archangels as well as the Divine Ones, that…and there’s Yahweh people, you see these people that are just strictly, I mean, its Heavenly Father the whole way, they want to work with that masculine energy.

Now we’re all finding that balance but each of these Ascended Ones has, like you are putting it, these ‘boots on the ground’ and I think what’s happening in our transition and in our Ascension is that all of us are realizing more and more who it is that we’re working with.

When I was getting ready, doing the meditation and stuff, getting ready for this morning, I was thinking that there were things that I couldn’t talk about because they are really part of the expanded body of knowledge that’s in The New You…here’s my plug for my book…but that’s not the purpose of it, its that there’s new understandings and new expansions. But the basis of everything we do is having that really clear, finite understanding of our foundation of who we are because we can’t expand if we don’t have that clear understanding of who we are to start with.

And part of that understanding is, of course, who are we connected to, what is our mission and purpose and what does our fulfillment of that mission and propose look like, because its completely different, there may be similarities, but its different for each and every one of us.

So having that starting point is really important, so I think this is an important conversation that we are having.

SM: It is an important conversation and as you were speaking and you talked about the Buddha, I listened to part of the Dali Lama’s webcast, he talked about all of us becoming Buddha’s and doing a chant or prayer to say, “Let me become a Buddha for the highest evolution of humanity” and I just found that really interesting. I couldn’t listen to the whole thing but it was…that was the part that set out to me most, so, very interesting.

LD: I think of all the teachers that are really, physically anchored and present on the planet, the Dali Lama, in my book, is at the top of the list. He is such a phenomenal Being and so humble and so compassionate and so real.

SM: Yes, exactly. Alright, so are we up for a meditation?

LD: I think we are, what do you say?

So, let’s begin by getting comfortable, by beginning to sink into your chair or your cushion or your car seat or your bed or the floor and let go of the day, let go of the day and the week that lies ahead or the weekend that just completed, let go of your to-do list and to all the busyness of your life. Make sure you’re comfortable and really let yourself let go of your body so that you can simply be in this time for your sacred self.

We’re going to begin by breathing not only the beautiful gold of Sanat Kumara, of Archangel Gabrielle, of Gabriel, of Yahweh, of your Divine masculine, but we are going to tinge it with pink. And it is the pinky-gold of purity, of grace, and of Venus, so its that rose gold. Open your crown chakra, that soft spot, your fontanel on the top of your head and just allow this pinky-gold, the gold of Venus, of the Cities of Light, particularly of Hana in Hawaii, to come into you.

Its strong and its gentle at the same time and just feel it as this warm molten gold coming in through your crown and caressing and surrounding your pituitary, your hypothalamus, your pineal gland, and just the way lava flows, filling and activating all the fissures, the crevasse, the hemispheres, right and left of your brain, and breathe pink-gold. And let that lava stream continue on down your neck, your clavicle, your high heart, filling the central column of your spine, into your heart, down into the gold of your solar plexus, your umbilical, your tummy, your sexual and reproductive areas, your organs, your liver, your gall bladder, your kidneys, down into your legs, your knees, your shins, your feet, until you feel that you are this wonderful liquid pink-gold. And breathe and relax.

And we ask this day for the assistance of all the Golden Ones throughout all systems, the Company of Heaven, to come and assist us with our expansion, with our purity, and with our grace that we may be filled and overflowing and healed.

Now come back up, gently, to your heart, to this center where you live, to the center of your heart consciousness where you truly anchor in the higher dimensions, and feel your heart expanding. And breathe that rose-gold. And go deeper.

Now once again with me, see that tiny pin-prick of white light in the center of your heart, the portal to your heart and your heart consciousness, to who you are and feel your wings unfurl…let them unfurl. And feel yourself flying towards that pin-prick of white light in the center of your heart, through that portal into the golden chambers of your Being, into your sacred space. And breathe. Deeper.

And look at the walls in this wonderful golden chamber where you have written eons ago and yesterday, your intentions, your sacred purpose, your creations, your heart’s desires. And take the time to see the symbols, the ancient symbols and the new ones, for you will notice today there is new information on your walls. So take a minute and look at it, look at what you are telling you. Now go and find your chair, your cushion, your place to sit and to be in your sacred space and relax.

And we are going to go deeper into your heart, into the core of who you are. I want you to feel, not to think, but to feel what is the dearest desire of what you wish to create? What is that hidden dream, the action or the experience, the situation, the energy that you feel would assist you most greatly, right now, in the fulfillment of your sacred mission and purpose? What is it that you feel would make you believe, would equip you to complete this journey right now? And go deeper.

And if you think its something tangible like money, financial support, better health, better home or living circumstance, peel it a little deeper, come with me and do that. What do those physical things which you are fully entitled to receive, but what’s contained inside that request? Is it the sense of being loved and cared about, of being safe, of being free? Don’t judge it, just allow whatever it is to just come on up so that you have the fullness of the picture. Now allow yourself, with that knowing of what you desire to create and to attract to yourself in this very moment, to be fully aware and awake in your heart and love it.

And invoke with me the Law of Attraction. In this case we are giant magnets and we are pulling across the Universe that which we desire. If it was not already in form, in existence, you would not desire it. So feel yourself expanding now out into your various bodies, your mental, your emotional, your causal, into the fullness of your field, out as far as your Solomon Seal, and feel how large you are and at the same time see that you are part of this wonderful golden grid, that you are a butterfly on the golden grid. And feel this expanded self, take your right hand as if it is a giant magnet, and reach out where you see what you are asking for on the grid and simply reach out and begin to pull it towards yourself. See it moving and it doesn’t matter whether it is a partner or a sense of well being or balance or new car, pull it into you. Stronger.

Now take that hand and bring it into your heart where all energy, all creation is anchored. And set the timer as it were, the universal timer, that this sensation of pulling, of magnetizing across the grid into your hand, into your heart will not cease until it is completed. And rest in the knowing that it will be completed and give thanks, knowing it is already done, the delivery’s on the way, and that you can come back here every day and check and pull some more, attracting and using the Law of Attraction. And rest.

Sanat Kumara: Greetings, I am Sanat Kumara…

SM: Welcome.

Raj: …Keeper of Universal Law. Welcome my friends of gold, my fellow Venusians, my fellow Gaians, my family, for that is what is occurring and that I wish to refer to even before we discuss the Laws. I am not some distant entity, some foreigner sent from a distant planet to work with you and with Gaia. We are family and that is what you are beginning to feel and it is not simply family with me, far more importantly, it is family with each other. And this sense of unity and connection, of brotherhood, of sisterhood, of sibling, of Mother/Father/One, this is growing.

Now how does this relate to Universal Law? How does it relate to the Blessings and Virtues, to the Divine Qualities? Dear Heart, it is how we are, it is not merely how we operate, how we think, how we feel, it is how we are and increasingly, much to my joy and the joy of all who participate, you are realizing this, you are realizing that we are but one family, one collective, that there is not this collective and that collective, but that we are unified on one grid, in one Universe, in one Omniverse. We are not broken up and separated, that is not the way it is.

So how does this relate to the Law of Attraction and Repulsion? Well, with Attraction it is very simple; first of all, what you desire, what you desire in truth, not as a false grid or an expression of the old realm, but what you truly desire you call to yourself because, in the most basic terms, it belongs to you, it is part of your makeup, your birthright, your formula, your design. And nothing, nothing, please listen to what I say; nothing is ever withheld from you that, in fact, belongs to you.

Now are there ripples, have there been interruptions? Yes, but might I also suggest to you that that is also because perhaps you are not fully applying the genuine nature of your heart’s desires or calling upon this Law of Attraction and Repulsion is no limitation in the Divine Mother’s Universe, none, and that is part of the realization that you are coming to. So you cannot think in terms of limitations, that something is withheld from you because maybe there isn’t enough. Creation is constant; there is always, eternally, infinitely more than enough for all, in any Universe, in any reality, as long as that creation is of the molecules and the codes of Love.

So, what you are truly calling to yourself when you are practicing Attraction is more love. That is why the channel, that is why I’ve asked her in this meditation to dig deeper to what it is you are truly looking for, it is more love; more love of self, more love of others, more sense of unity, more sense of community. When you invoke, not only my name but the Law of Attraction, you are not simply calling the energy, you’re not simply calling the thing, the environment, the situation, whether it is a chocolate bar or world peace, what you are doing is calling upon your entire Universal family, your Star brothers and sisters, the Intergalactics, the Company of Heaven, the Archangels, the Seraphim and Beings that you do not even have any idea about, you are calling everybody and you are saying, “Can you help me?” And everybody, all energies of all forms are speeding to your assistance.

This is not a minor exercise, ‘oh, I will think it and then it will happen,’ it comes from the core, the very core of your being, of your soul. And it comes with the truth of allowance and acceptance and not forcing the tide, not being dictatorial, not attempting to control the how, where, why. So, in attraction is also the Divine quality of trust. You cannot even begin to fathom how much power you have in this but if you work with it every day you will begin to see. Now, is it the totality? No. All the laws, all the energies work in conjunction.

So let me be practical here, and yes, I know I go on but you did give me a hiatus, so let me say, you have said, “I am attracting a full sense of safety, of being safe in my planet, in my life, in my body, in my reality.” Now here we are all streaming towards you infusing that energy into you. But with that and inside that will also mean that you will begin repulsing, sending back to the Source, all fear, all sense of displacement, all sense of insecurity, all sense of inappropriate vulnerability. So you say, I prayed for security and here I feel that I am gnashing my teeth because your issues are coming to the forefront to be repulsed back to the One. It is the balance, it is the scales of justice and it works in the personal sense and it works in the global sense and the universal sense and the infinite sense.

So, do not turn to me and say, “Raj, I did this and it didn’t work; things got worse.” Well all that means, my beloved friend, my family, is there was a little housekeeping, there were some cobwebs and dust bunnies that needed to be let go of. And think of them as no more significant than that, because you don’t want to be caught in the cobweb, you don’t want to be caught in the dust bunny, you wouldn’t see a dust bunny under your bed or under your chair and say, “I think I will crawl in and live there.” So, let it go, let us help with the clean-up and the repulsion as well.

So it is this sense of pulling in and at the same time of pushing out. Now this is a very physical example and a reality that we share with you so that you have that sense because you also push out your creations as well, when they have been inseminated, when you have had that stillpoint implosion/explosion. But understand, when you are working with the Law of Repulsion you are never, ever repulsing people or nations; you are repulsing the energy directly, directly back to the heart of One, not to any chamber for clean-up, directly to the heart of One because it began just as you did, as the energy of purity and love. So you send it back, it is recycled, and then it is returned to you. So think of it as etheric dry cleaning without the chemicals.

Now I have gone on, I know you have questions for me sweet angel.

SM: I do, Raj, my friend. I’m so happy to be speaking to you again in this way and I really appreciate the shift in relationship that I’ve been feeling lately. So really, thank you for that and being more present in my life.

So, we keep getting the message that our perceptions determine our reality, so the highest and best that I can imagine for myself already exists somewhere and when I focus on that in meditation am I not actively calling those aspects of myself into my current vessel? And is this an overlap with the Law of Instantaneous Transmission?

Raj: Yes it is. Now you are understanding it perfectly. And when you think of it, it is in accordance with your intent, with your purpose, with the balance of all. So yes, when you are holding that highest perception, that vision, the truth of who you are, you are instantaneously transmitting, transmuting, transubstantiating, and bringing to the forefront faster than the speed of light, at the speed of love, the truth of who you are.

SM: Wow. Okay that is a beautiful thing. If all that which we desire is to serve the Divine Mother, I imagine we can trust that our souls design is what will manifest and that it will all unfold naturally. So far I haven’t got a handle on what I will be doing next but in this meditation just now I got a glimpse. I haven’t been raised with much tradition or community and the perfection of that may be so that now I can be an ambassador between cultures, on Earth and beyond.

For some of us the path may reveal itself quickly and I guess for others it will be a more drawn out process but I’m wondering if the Event being referred to so often now will pop those and the forefront of human evolution into a deeper knowing all at once? I’m feeling that after that point I won’t even need money; am I delusional in having visions now that’s far removed from this one?

Raj: No, you are not delusional and yes it is true that not everybody is having simultaneous experience, so that it is not happening at the same speed, shall we say, for everybody. And it is also depending on how deeply you are holding that truth and that vision of who you are. Let us also say, the Event as you call it is still a series of events because you aren’t all working at the same moment in the now. Yes, there is only one moment, but within that moment there is eternity and infinity. So think of it more as a portal, as an activation, as a series of events.

When you reach the level of creativity, of creation, of reclaiming who you are as creator race, then you have what you need. Now if you feel that you want to play or create currency, then that is fine with us; we really don’t care and we don’t mean that in a dismissive way, we mean that it is a choice. There are various intergalactic cultures that use various forms of currency because they like it. But the crux of this is the understanding, and this is why we have asked you to divorce yourself from the focus on the currency to your own currency, and what you are capable of bringing forward, it is a choice. So if you wish to call the molecules of Love that form a home, a community, a City of Light forth, then that is what you do. But it is not dependent upon the simple manifestation of what you, in the current reality, think of in the old 3rd because the currency of the 5th is different.

So the old currency, it is not dependent on simply that. What we have said and what we will continue to emphasize as changes in currency, financial systems, governmental systems, political institutions, judicial institutions, they are heart consciousness, attitudinal, spiritual shifts; these things don’t simply occur because of the availability of money, they are heart changes, they are a change in your consciousness.

So, some will always love to play with currency and that is fine. And the idea of currency over the next five years or so will change; what it is used for, how it is available, how it is available to those who wish to create because where the currency issue comes in is truly just in the transition phase. But it has never been the Mother’s plan simply to say that everybody upon the planet would have plenty of currency. No, her abundance is much bigger than that. Can it include currency if that is part of your belongings? Yes, but it is so much bigger. I can tell you, I do not deal in currency.

SM: Beautiful. I have one more question and then we will go on to callers. It has occurred to me over the past week or so that my awareness of the current world situation and on the mundane task required for my life has been fading away. I’ve been feeling less and less present and I’m wondering if that will continue and one day I will switch over to what has already been created in the new world and reality with what we know and experience now fading away in consciousness awareness? Will you speak to that please?

Raj: Yes, and many of you are having this experience that you feel less and less present, or can we say, attached to the old reality. Now we have been saying for some time, in fact almost a year, that Gaia has anchored herself firmly in her heart to the 5th, reaching up to the 7th, brushing the 3rd so that you, of course, did not fall freely into space. So what you are doing, it feels to you, you have an expression in film where it is a fade and then there is a new scene and that is exactly what you are experiencing.

So, some of you feel less and less competent, interested, available to engage in the routine of the 3rd. For some of you, yes, this channel has expressed it repeatedly, that the interactions with the old 3rd literally make you feel sick, nauseous, that you want to turn and run. So, yes. Now, that is those of you who are through the portal, who are in some ways balancing back and forth because you are wayshowers and you are helping people through the portal. So in many ways, Dear Heart, an “event” is not necessary for you because it is already underway. So yes, you are correct in your understanding.

SM: Well, that’s wonderful. So, that will just continue to unfold, the understanding will grow deeper and deeper and will have…I mean the visions that I am having are just enormous about who I am connected to and why I’m here and to be honest, its an adjustment for me…

Raj: It is an adjustment but we would ask you and we would ask all of you…trust your visions, trust your dreams. Many of you are processing and making this transition in dream state, in the dream frequency because your days are very busy and you don’t have the time. Trust what you are hearing in meditation; trust your intuition and not only trust it, actually follow it. That is how we talk to you. Yes, it is always our joy when we are given this kind of opportunity, but on the day to day basis, Dear Heart, this is how we talk to you.

SM: That’s wonderful and I’m so looking forward to the time when communication is more present and available. I know you are around me all the time, I just don’t see yet and I’m hoping some day I will.

Raj: And because you have declared it and because you desire it, you know that it is part of your belongings.

SM: Yes, yes, true. Thank you. Okay, are we ready for some callers then?

Raj: We are indeed.

SM: Okay, here we go…area code 248, are you with us?

AC248: Yes, I am. Thank you, Raj and Linda and Suzanne. I wanted to mention that I have been holding the space for a deep desire here in the dimensional world and the time line is coming to expiration at the end of the month. I’m running out of ideas on how to proceed in a physical way to bring closure to this desire. Is there anything more you might suggest?

Raj: What do you mean, Dear Heart, your timeline runs out?

AC248: I have a legal contract for some property and technically that timeline concludes, that contract concludes at the end of the month and it requires physical currency and I’ve been looking at ways to bring that forward and I’ve been noticing that I am currently running low on any other ideas as to how to fulfill (?) the contract.

Raj: Not only expand time, sweet angel, but take yourself outside of time. So that is the first thing. Then have the soul conversation with the contractors because there is, what you are doing is you are calling forth what we have been referring to in this conversation as one of your belongings and it is actually not only a belonging for you but for the collective. So, continue to call forth your belonging but have the soul conversation with the contractor, then have the physical conversation as well, and do not wait until the last moment, and extend the contract if necessary. But we do not believe it is necessary or will be necessary.

Now we also want you to do something else: can you hand it over to me? You are a very busy little fairy, but there are times as hard as it is, that you could use a little help. So I offer you, out of time, soul conversations, physical conversations and my assistance.

AC248: Thank you, thank you.

Raj: You are welcome, Dear Heart.

SM: Alrighty, we are on to area code 810, are you with us?

AC810: Yes, I am. A quick question: How does anyone find out who they really are? Someone like me, I like to think I am a Starseed but it could be wishful thinking and another part, how does one connect with who they really are and can we speed up the process of attracting like-minded people?

Raj: You discover who you truly are, Dear Heart, through meditation, through going within, it is actually not as complex as you wish to think it is, it is a matter of knowing your ray, your guides, your affiliations. What you desire to do is the truth of what you are and who you are and why you are here. So, it is to take some time because as the channel has said, this foundation, this foundation of knowing is very important.

So, use the meditations that are being made available to you to know this and to work with this. And then, to find like-minded people, it is two-fold; yes, of course, call upon the Law of Attraction for like-minded people, might we even suggest like-hearted people. But then take action; put yourself, physically in community, in situations where you may encounter those who are of like-heart. So it is not simply a matter of just hoping they will find you, you have need also to engage with your family of humanity. Do you understand what I say?

AC810: Yeah. What is the best meditation for this? Not to use up all the time…

Raj: We would strongly urge you to use the Council of Love meditations on Soul Color and Meeting Your Guides.

AC810: Okay. Thank you.

Raj: Farewell.

AC810: Farewell.

SM: Okay lovely. Alright we are on to area code 604. Are you with us?

AC604: I am. Hello Suzanne and hi Linda and hi Sanat, its Kathleen calling. I have a question about worthiness and if you could actually define it, define worthiness, value, and some practical tips how to anchor this quality into our foundation and if this is contained in love?

Raj: First of all, worthiness is part of your spiritual makeup and your physical makeup. It is not something that you need to go seeking or searching for. Now, can it be expanded? Absolutely. Worthiness is knowing that you are part and a spark, an integral piece of the Divine.

When you truly accept this knowing then you have reached the place of knowing your worth and then what happens with that is that there is an excitement to explore. That is why we have talked about the importance of knowing your essence of who you are because within that is your worthiness.

This is the cancer, the primary cancer of the human race, the lack of self-worth, the lack of self-value, the lack of self-love and too often, because this has been one of the strongest false grids of the old 3rd dimension, is the belief system that you have to earn your worth, that you need to become worthy. How, Dear Heart, can you and I be birthed from the heart of One, carrying the essence of One and not be worthy? That is like saying that your essence was destroyed when you took form. And if your essence was destroyed, and we will speak next week of the Law of Elimination, if your essence was destroyed you would not be breathing, not in any reality.

The value, your worth, is infinite, infinite. In this lifetime and in this Ascension and in this Shift what you are coming to know is your value, your worth, and your potential. Now even as you shift, are you working at the fullness of your potential? No. It will continue to grow and grow and grow. That is the way of spiritual evolution. But will you be happy, joyous, in the state of bliss as you realize that, that you are in the constant state of becoming and expansion? Yes, you will be because joy is also the key to creation. You do not create, you do not find your self-worth and worthiness in misery.

Now, does sometimes misery or lack trigger that essential finding? Yes it does. It is like falling down a very deep, dark well and sitting there, sometimes for what feels like eons and there is no light and there is no hope and there is a sense that you are not even remembered, above or below. And then you realize at the bottom of the well what you are sitting on is a trap door and you open that door and you fly free because you demand it, because you either extinguish and perish, because you cannot live indefinitely with no sense of self-worth, or you simply fly free and find and discover what has always been within you. That ember, that flame, is within you. Just like that flame of joy is within you.

Now when it expands, it calls out, it announces throughout the Universe and the expansion and the energy which is sent to you, complementing you, grows and grows and grows. It is a phenomenon. You have often thought of the creation of your Universe in the old science; you have said this planet was created by the ‘big bang’. Well to us, the big bang is when you acknowledge and accept your worth. Is that clear?

AC604: Yes. Thank you so much.

Raj: Farewell.

AC604: Farewell.

SM: Okay, we are on to another caller and this caller I’m not sure what to call you so I am going to call you “Yellow”. Hello Yellow, you are on the air, are you with us?

Yellow: Hi, hello there, hello Raj, thank you for taking my call.

Raj: Hello Dear Heart. And what is your question?

Yellow: My question is that I have got three creations that I am trying to integrate to become one, but I have a feeling that if I follow one of my creations I might just lose the other, so, I don’t know what to do about that.

Raj: Do not limit yourself. Now, one of the things that you are doing is that you are thinking that, and I use the word ‘thinking’, that all of these creations have need to be simultaneous. And while, now I am going to speak about quantum physics, while in our reality they are all simultaneous, in your reality of what you are doing, you can work these as sequential and not lose a darn thing. Begin with what is most near and dear to your heart because that will feed the energy for the other creations to come forth like a supernova. So, do not feel like you have to sacrifice; choose one over the other. Do you understand what I am saying to you?

Yellow: I understand. Thank you so much.

Raj: Go with my love. Farewell.

SM: Okay, so we are on to area code 520, are you with us?

AC520: Yes I am. How are you doing this morning, Suzanne?

SM: Fabulous. How are you this morning?

AC520: Good thanks and Raj and Linda, hello, good morning. Regarding the Law of Attraction and Repulsion with your soul family, can you talk, Raj, a little about timing and soul mates?

Raj: Can we say ‘yesterday’? Can we say ’22 eons ago’? Can we say ‘tomorrow’? I do not wish to be flip with you, my friend. There is much happening upon your planet and that is one of the reasons why, this day, I have chosen to begin by talking about how we are coming together, you and I and all of you who are listening and participating, coming together more and more closely as soul family and the recognition of that because soul family, soul partners, that truth is in the recognition as well.

Now, what do I mean by this? When you are working with the Law of Attraction, you are pulling the energy, the codes. Now you may have – let us use the practical example of a soul partner, of a sacred union, which is the theme of humanity right now, and yes, we are speaking a great deal about it – you may have a vision of what that looks like and that is fine for using the Law of Attraction for what you are pulling unto your sacred self. But what we are saying is part of the Law of Attraction inside that delivery system of your belongings is what we would refer to as the recognition factor. So you need to understand and recognize with your heart, with your heart consciousness, and then with your entire field, what it is that you are looking at.

So, for example, if you are expecting a car, you are creating a car and you have visualized a perfect Jetta and we have delivered you a BMW. Can you at that moment recognize that this is what you have attracted and that this is the fulfillment of your attraction; and visa-versa, if you have been visualizing a BMW and we bring you a Ford then know that that is the perfect match. So there is an element in recognition of also letting go of preconceptions and control. And it is a process of being open and receiving and then also realizing that you can expand on that creation.

AC520: How do we improve on our ability to recognize?

Raj: It is acceptance and allowance and truly looking, with your heart, with the eyes and the knowing of your heart, but also your third eye, center of forehead, your fourth eye, between your brows, and what we have come to refer to as the fifth eye, which is at your hairline, which is the ability to see with the eyes of the Mother. So when someone or something is in front of you, stop, simply stop and look and allow yourself to see the truth of what is standing in front of you and then you will know, not think, not judge, but discern and know the truth of that.

Now, there is a piece of this that I am glad you have brought up. You do not need to accept all deliveries ‘as is’. Now we are not talking about a lack of gratitude, what we are talking about is supplementing and building and building and building the energy.

So you may see, for example with a soul partner, the truth of purity, the beauty of the person standing in front of you. But you may also say, “But wait a minute, there are areas that perhaps have not been completed, either by myself or by that person or with the help of the Universe, the Company of Heaven, so we want to add on greater communication, more clarity in communication, more openness of heart, greater security, to be that truth, to not create false separations or lines in the dirt.”

So that you can build upon the creation that is right in front of you as well, it is not that it is there and it is done and then you have to move on, you can build, in form, as well as in the etheric. But you have need first to discern with your heart, with your 3rd, 4th, and 5th eye what is the truth of this. And if the truth is that it does not match and does not feel that it is truly what belongs to you, then release it, release it in gratitude and in love and continue on.

Because all things that pass your energy field, tangible or intangible, are not meant to be anchored with you; sometimes it is a symbol, it is a catalyst, it is a moment in the Eternal Now but it is not meant to be clung to. Sometimes there is a tendency in the human beings to cling to something because they think that is all they are going to get and what it does is it turns off the speckot of creation and it limits what you are open to receiving so that truth with yourself and with creation is very important. And we do not get offended in any way, shape, or form if you say, “Thank you, but this isn’t quite enough.”

AC520: Well, thank you very much Raj, I don’t want to take time away from others. Thank you very much.

Raj: Go with my love, Dear Heart, and thank you for your work.

SM: Okay David, I’m taking you on the air. We only have a couple of minutes left.

David: Hello, hello Linda, hello Suzi, okay so I’ll make this quick. I want to know, as far as I understand it, we need only the Law of Attraction while we are in this duality and this illusion because as far as I understand, we are, or I am, the great I AM is the Law of Attraction because it is everything and we become that which we become aware of, that which we focus on, so what I want to know really, how can I be calm in this time where I sometime know I am everything and that we are all One, but there is still a time lapse within this illusion that creates a feeling that there is still this separation in-between that which I want and that which I am in this moment of Now.

Raj: The greatest way, and I thank you for this question because it is an important way in which we finish up, the greatest, most rapid way in which you allow the Law of Attraction to come into the fullness, first of all is to utilize the Law of Repulsion. Send back to the Light the illusions, that sense of separation, that sense of time lag, the sense of separation of who you wish to be and who you are in this very moment. That is an illusion. You are not in that old reality, so don’t even look at it, simply send it, the fullness of it – kit and caboodle, you would say? – send it back to the Source because the old 3rd, this place of limitation, the 3rd dimension is a beautiful place of physical experience of smelling flowers and having form.

But the old 3rd, the sullied 3rd that is filled with these false grids has no place. So how you do that is constantly practicing this Law of Repulsion; take this limitation and send it home. Nothing can transform Gaia and humanity faster than this one simple action

Transcript: Sanat Kumara on the Sacred Law of Attraction and Repulsion. November 12, 2013 « Golden Age of Gaia