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Activating the DNA of Ascension – GoldRing with Asa9 and Rysa5



Activating the DNA of Ascension – GoldRing with Asa and Rysa – Join us at

rysa5 – The Grand Cycle – Arcturian Alignment



For All who wish to be of Service,
Be a Wayshower and Discover Soul Purpose
It is time for the Commitment of a Teacher of Light Bring your aspirations into alignment within the GoldRing Community Move into and through the Processes and Ceremonies of the Initiations. In the Spirit Fire Initiation your are guided to the Emerald Island of Light in a Lucid Dream state to Experience, Connect and Embody your Divinity and Step into your Divine power Knowing that you are Supported by your Family of Light ~ The Gold Ring Family. These Alchemical Journeys are not about experiencing spiritual highs or altered states of consciousness but rather are a Catalyst with a Purpose to Accelerate Awakening by raising one’s vibration to greater alignment with one’s Divinity and the Greater Plan. This process is facilitated from the inside out, guided through the Purest Vibration of Truth, Love and the Force of Creation itself and is always offered in the Highest Divine Order for Each Being.These Journeys integrate these Higher States of Consciousness into the Physical Form while fully Present and Empowered, as we Collectively Create Heaven on Earth. This is the Final process in Becoming a Master of the Matrix and is offered to Bring about Changes in your Internal World that Manifest as Changes in the External World. The GoldRing of Enlightenment & Abundance Our Community is the GoldRing. Everyday we have committed to work in cooperation to reach out to learn, teach and assist our membership to grow into spiritual beings in telepathic harmonious alignment. The Wiki Website at is our home where we share and express our desires and are building the GoldRing Media Group – Welcome… – The two main realities a Wayshower understands are the Individual and the Collective. The individual is your’s alone and no other has the same set of core beliefs which create your world view and perceptions. In the collective reality we are One. In this shared belief system our connection is the world we live within and our society. In the collective reality we are moving to expanded awareness .

The Wayshowers are connecting this awareness to the constituency. The ultimate reality wherein the pure essence of self, the soul, is allowing the connection to higher intelligence of our oversoul and the spirit of universal Cosmic Consciousness. This is another reality. This engages the higher mind to empower the rational ego into direct manifestation of will towards physical creation. In moving through the dimensions and the densities Wayshowers are able to see the levels of creation and the layers upon layers.


Arcturian Alignment – Indigo Ultraviolet Stream of Andromeda – rysa5

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Music by Amaya…

Rysa Poetry

Engage oceans flowing natural and free wind billowing the white clouds of Aster
Where seas of bluish green and violet azure foam into colors of white and lavender
Upon this ancient dream of which the dragon’s lair did hold the summer fields of gold
Here was once a heart to heart where only the open path of light did know and give

They said Atlantis that it did not exist nor is their knowledge of its creatures or time
Where those who spoke of this believe in the golden age in the treatises of the divine
Of characters within history that lived in cosmic mysteries of a time of fate and destiny
No longer are they forgotten nor lives remembered nothing as we walk into the light

In memories within imagined life before the dream has given to the night the fading view
In hearts bound through love’s embrace the feeling is breathed into light for each of you
We care in hearts born from stars where all is peaceful fulfilling service to give and renew
Of Pleiadian virtue standing stones tell of the wishing well and the falling stars turn blue

Once your eyes saw my soul a turn was found inside into the moonlight course I choose
The rain falls upon the fertile soil where grass in green where the cold wind blows through
End the night to begin the day watching changes color the winter’s cold northern lakes
One more chance to give and let go to learn the lesson that was taught long ago to who

Falling stars and galaxies in the heavens affixed to the pole and spinning in symmetry
Angels call and listen to every thought, pain and hesitation learning to heal personality

Late in the morning early in the day the stars are westward falling away
The way is within to pray for the light to know the future is closer today

Leave the world sacred, honored and loved
The stars are ready to show us the way

Encased within the body of light where Arcturians move and shape the curving sun
Sounding deep and driven home the sphere of life through galaxies beyond
There again on the reflecting sea the shining crystalline images of falling stars
Anointment and peace in a restful smile where time has faded into stronger call
Center of the sun reaches to warm and keep in comfort one life to see Andromeda

Rysa5 – Intelligent Light Being – Galactic Oneness

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You are the creators of your being by the thoughts that you entertain and enjoy. This adds energy to the thought which will manifest the experiences. There is no further authority beyond you, as the gods you speak of are illusions of your own reflections. It is time to trust who you are and understand how to move through the illusions of the coming times, disconnect the left brain demand to limit meaning of existence and know what it is to be in clarity and knowledge.The Guardians of Light created new designs around the human template. You are the Wayshowers of this light and represent the Guardians as an aspect of your being. The movement to unity and oneness is the initial step of the plan. The great awakening is coming from within and the knowledge and manifestation of this world is always being recreated new along the momentum of the positive stream.

Rysa5 – The Mirror of Peace & Joy – Mirror of Timelessness

rysa5·488 videos

The key that unlocks the doorway must be exact, and a match to the frequency of the door. When the resonant frequency within the body is reached, the energy vortexes entrain to the overtones of the higher spiritual vibratory manifestations accelerate. The heart of the universe is vibrating in the highest frequency of light that is harmonizing and opening all attuned harmonics within the electromagnetic physically manifesting universe. The Family of Light communicates on waves of thoughts that vibrate through the mental and causal planes of existence. From the world of illusions to the real, the harmonic alignment of the wave forms are being attuned by the central source of the wide spatial base foundation underlying and supporting all spirit to lead the single point of absolute harmonized resolution of the soul of source.

In this time, you are given the opportunity to expand your dream to the level of transformation that becomes absolute reality. Reality becomes what thought creates through focus, attention and intention. Planetary human thought experiences the intensity and the pinnacle of duality and polarization in syncopation and irregular inconsistent dissonance creating static, distortions and corruption. On one level, the resonant frequencies will increase in intensity to a point of climatic acceleration that opens the singularity of evolutionary translation. On the lower levels, friction and decay continue to diminish the level of energy within existing structures, creating a loss of vibration and deterioration of forms into disease and death. The splitting of the polarities is designed in this manner.

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