ROSALIE PARKER, Wayshower for the New Earth – We’ve Collectively Chosen Acceleration of New Earth Changes! – THE EVENT – 8-28-16

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Have you felt antsy and expectant lately?


The Event

is about to become clear and hopefully, undeniable

as a massive Galactic Wave hits Earth in September,

accelerating our Transformation.


September 2016 Wave

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Be ready to relax, to keep feeling and projecting love, peace, and happiness during the big changes that are now starting.  Don’t fear.  We are witnessing one of the biggest and best events EVER on this planet.  Recently, it was said that we had a choice (as you will read, below) between a timeline of continued slow progress toward a planet without strife, conflict and war, or an accelerated timeline, with less gradual, huge and noticeable changes, and of course, including Divine assistance.  To me, there never was a doubt of what is coming.  I said, “Bring it on!”


I now feel that we, our Collective Consciousness, have chosen


of this continued


to STABILITY in our



Before we can get to discussions on Conscious Creation of Reality, we need to know that these changes ARE underway and how that makes it easier to consciously control Reality, individually and collectively.  The very fact that our collective has chosen, first in 2012, to all go to New Earth, and now, to take the accelerated path, shows how we are creating a new shared Reality.

The Energetic Gateways

I don’t study astrology, so I keep up with what other people are saying about Earth, Lunar, Sun and cosmic gateways—openings that bring Transformational energies to us.  Such gateways have been and are important in bringing about our New Earth Transformation.  Below is an excerpt from Sandra Walters’ recent article:

Triple Eclipse Portals: Triple eclipse portals of August 18 (lunar), September 1 at 2:01am PDT (Solar), and September 16 at 11:54am PDT (lunar) assist in bringing in these collective consciousness-shifting energies. Treat them as Gateway influxes; open your portals, open yourself to receive. Gaia[¹] consciously monitors and responds to your thoughts, creations and emotions. Show her what we desire, ask her (verbally – use your voice) to release the codes and frequencies to level up the Tribe and provide the accelerated experience.

September 9th – 11th; Initial Wave Entry: The Third wave² begins to trickle in September 9th – 11th. Most of you can feel it building already, it is already affecting the SUN with its powerful frequencies. Solar plasma will be greatly affected, which affects Gaia’s magnetics, activating (very) ancient codes for the dimensional shift. This is a big push for the accelerated timeline of Ascension. It does not happen without our command, our intention, and our ability to take (immediate) action on creating the Shift.

September 22 Equinox: The Equinox lands on September 22 at 7:21amPDT. This is the Gateway opening for the new level of consciousness. Honor it properly, be outside on Gaia as much as possible. The SUN and Gaia will have a strong bond during this Gateway, and our intentions for balance, peace, harmony and Ascension will be greatly amplified.

September 26 -29: Our Third Wave of 2016. This is our strongest influx in decades. Be excited, let’s do it right! These photonic frequencies further accelerate the activity of Ascension and will continue to flow in for several weeks. You may have noticed the Light does not step down in between waves any longer. This is a good thing; we are able to maintain higher levels of light without integration periods as in the past. Each wave this year has raised the light level dramatically, and accelerated the Ascension. The purging, revelatory activity continues to build to compliment Source’s command for order, harmony and Ascension.

By the time this wave hits, we will have collectively chosen the acceleration opportunity. I feel we are capable of experiencing an acceleration without too much duress, or at least we are prepared to assist the collective properly. A heart-based expression, embodying the Christed state of peace, has tremendous power as this unfolds. Many are experiencing the neutralizing effect of the crystalline level of Divine Love. I AM confident the Light Tribe will flow through this passage with ease and grace.

In Love, Light and Service,

How do I know that the above, or anything about New Earth, is true?  I work with or as my Higher Self (not all the time—yet), and I know things intuitively, usually with claircognizance—clear knowing.  In getting information, I rarely see an image, while the information seems, with a certain feeling, very clear.  I had to learn not to doubt it.




A NEW EARTH PRIORITY – UNDERSTANDING YOUR ROLE AS CO-CREATOR — by Rosalie Parker – Wayshower for the New Earth

Greetings, my friends. Having read Rosalie’s recent announcement of her intention to focus more intensely on the process of reality creation, I want to explain why I regard understanding this process as of even higher priority than many of the other topics in which we also share an interest. I see no other way that […]

via A NEW EARTH PRIORITY: UNDERSTANDING YOUR ROLE AS CO-CREATOR — Rosalie Parker ~ Wayshower for the New Earth

ROSALIE PARKER – Interpretations of Gaia Portal Messages – 12-20-15

New Earth Dawning



5D New Earth is here and we have changed.  Now we begin changing to new life on New Earth.  That’s the main message I get from these most recent Gaia Portal posts.

Transformational energies have bombarded Earth and caused our energies to vibrate faster and in more harmonious patterns.  All of the Gaia Energy Messages are about energetic configurations of ourselves and the Earth, and how this is affecting our lives in New Earth.  Having attained higher levels of Consciousness and Light content in our personal energetic systems, we are more in control of ourselves and our environments.  We have reached the Fifth Dimension.

This post covers the last six Gaia Portal messages.  My comments are in orange:

Ramps of ascension are constructed

7 Dec

gaia_energy1Ramps of ascension are constructed.

By ramps is meant energetic channels and structures that push, pull, or guide us to becoming fifth dimensional Hue-mans.

Gaia movements portend planetary changes.

The poles have moved quite a bit.  Ocean floors are rising.  Earth is moving with the solar system and the larger Pleiadian system, toward the center of the Milky Way, where vibrations are higher.  With all that going on, the planet will certainly change.

Personally, I don’t expect it to be catastrophic.  The latest Gaia messages have been about soothing, peaceful energies on Earth.  Mother Earth and nature are calm now.

Linears are dropped as exponentials merge.

The old 3D perceptions, understandings, and concepts are considered to be linear.  Things happened step by step.  We were locked into a shared timeline, so we thought.  Having no idea of a multidimensional universe, or multiverse, where each being has his unique reality, we could only think of “true or false” and “right or wrong”, rarely allowing that opposites could be true.  We are now opening to possibilities of individual realities and timelines, in which an idea can be true in one person’s universe and not another’s.  Our linear perspectives are being dropped, replaced by freer forms of creativity that exponentially change life on Earth. People who are changing exponentially are working together.

Fortifications of all Gaia energetics completes.

Gaia’s energy patterns are stabilized.  All of us have had our DNA modified and energetic frequencies raised, have received energies that bolster our new states, ensuring that we cannot backslide.  There is no going back to sleep.  Sorry conditions that we’ve left behind won’t reoccur.

Ultracousticals permeate Gaia inhabitants of all levels

9 Dec

gaia_energy1Ultracousticals permeate Gaia inhabitants of all levels.

Extremely fine frequencies of energy (vibrations / sound / light) are permeating all of us, no matter what our current state of development is.  Recall that Light is no longer separated into colored rays, so that we now take in white Light.  Our senses, therefore, have increased.

We have increased power of not only our physical senses, but of emotions and thoughts.  More people are experiencing extrasensory perceptions and increased intuition.  We see into other dimensions.  We “just know” things, hear messages from higher beings or get telepathic messages.  We know what others are thinking.

Our actions, feelings, and thoughts can now use and affect higher energetic frequencies with ease.  We manifest desires more easily, and while we still have some darker emotions like fear, when these crop up, they may instantly manifest a representation of the emotion.  Like my fear of mice is a little thought and feeling, and I instantly have a mouse in the house.  Another example of using higher energies is that quantum healings are no longer unusual.

Forced withdrawals accompany the shadow operators.

Yes, this is partially about the dark Cabal that had been increasingly enslaving us.  We no longer submit to them and they are being cleared away.  Their motives and tactics can’t survive in these energies.  Neither can they.

Those Ultracousticals pry loose and clear all aspects of ourselves that diminish our power; that is, the shadow side of ourselves.  Many of us have already dropped most of our fears, hatred, low self-esteem and other emotions, thought forms, and beliefs, that have clouded our luminosity. We hold more light.  Vestiges of such energies are being stripped from us.

Expansions of ring energetics is called.

I picture energies forming into expanding and rising spirals.  And I see this in groups of like minds, combined efforts and circles of love.  Beginning to act as and see ourselves as one.

Seasons of elevations are upon the hu-beings.

The hu-beings, regular people who had not risen to a higher level of and wider Consciousness, have now begun the rise toward Hue-Being state.

Carillons sound the call.

Earth elementals—living beings of the four elements of Air (Sylphs), Water (Undines), Earth (Gnomes), Fire (Salamanders)—beings who serve humanity, each send waves of the purest and subtlest of their particular types of elemental energies to us, giving us increased expression using Freedom (Air), Memory (Water), Manifestation (Earth), Passion (Fire).  These energies push us and our environments to higher levels of density of our physical, emotional, mental and intuitive parts of ourselves.  Thank you, dear elementals.

Mountains of Peace are viewed in awe

12 Dec

gaia_energy1Mountains of Peace are viewed in awe.

As Hue-manity comes to the assist of hu-beings.

People tend to gravitate to the Hue-beings.  They sense Peace and Wisdom in us.  They often tell us their deepest needs, problems and desires.  Our words and healings calm their inner turmoil, clarify understandings and possibilities, heal bodies, and bring awesome Mountains of Peace into their view.

I imagine that people in higher realms and other planets look at everything that is happening here with awe, especially the Peace that is settling into Earth.

Angelic sorties are flown over all Gaia surfaces.

Earth is swarming with flocks of assisting angels of all sorts.

Inner Earth rises to greet the dawn.

The Being whose body is the Earth, raises its own frequency to greet the dawning of this New Earth.

Kindness elements incur upon hu-manity essences

14 Dec

gaia_energy1Kindness elements incur upon hu-manity essences.

Regular humans find impulses of kindness in themselves.

Fractured paradigms are healed.

False systems of belief that no longer make sense, that we can no longer feel or tolerate, are corrected and replaced with systems of better understanding.  Think of the drug and cut paradigm of medicine and turning over responsibility of one’s own health to a doctor.  It is being replaced with the paradigm of self-responsibility and knowing that the body’s self-healing is assisted by natural medicine of plants, minerals, and energy medicine.  Think of war being replaced by cooperation, division replaced by oneness.

Farsights impel further investigations.

Ones with the sight to see what the Controllers have been doing to us impel further investigations of their crimes.

We have been conditioned to look at, plan for, and find solutions in the surface, the short-term and the nearby.  A newly expanded field of vision and consideration shows us the wider understanding and effects of actions.  We are impelled to investigate those effects and adjust our ways, accordingly.

Armistice has passed.

Armistice on repercussions for crimes by the perpetrators has passed.  They WILL be stopped.

Respite from struggles with life and each other has turned to a permanent state of Ease and Peace, not only in outer shared reality, but in our individual inner states.

Foreground patterns illuminate the masses.

The curtains of lies, pacification, blame, and brainwash have been pulled back to reveal true conditions.  The masses now see the obvious state of our lives on Earth.

As egoic personality issues are cleared, the true Self shines out of each of us into our outer lives.  We live as the luminescent Source (God) fractals that we are.

Lichens are consoled and removed

17 Dec

gaia_energy1This message uses the analogy of agriculture to show how all humans and societies are being adjusted for New Earth.

Lichens are consoled and removed.

Those clinging to and finding sustenance in 3D limitations or negativities are consoled, as they are separated from that old reality and its old ways.  This applies as well to parasitic methods and systems that are failing because they are not of 5D energies.

Harrows are smoothed and patched.

Destructive people or those who fight against what they don’t like are shown positive ways.  Similarly, systems of competition, opposition, and war, and the participating societies are transformed into peaceful, constructive 5D participants.

Green pastures are viewed from the border.

As we arrive at this early stage of creation of life in New Earth, we can see the pastoral future before us.

Fields of Light are now the norm.

Cultivation of new, positive elements for New Earth is now the norm.

I just don’t run into much negative any more.  Do you?

Heralds of ionics bring voices of new life

19 Dec

gaia_energy1Heralds of ionics bring voices of new life.

An ionic person has something added that sticks out, not like the uniform thoughts and ways of the masses in 3D life.  Ionics bring a new way or point of view.  They foreshadow and instigate new life on New Earth.

Guardians are alit with passion.

The Watchers or Custodians, beings who tend this planet and wider areas that it and we affect, are pulsing with energies to assist us in further refinement of this new life.

Masterfuls are recognized.

Those who have a higher understanding of life and spirit and have mastered expanded abilities are seen as masters.  No more debunking or persecution of healers, shamans, seers, mystics or wise ones.  Naturals in all walks of life are respected.

Masteries are accepted and utilized.

Those who can improve life for individuals and communities will be allowed to do that.  No more ruining the life and career of a person who, for example, diagnoses and does quantum healing long distance, who engineers free energy, or who thinks out of the box.  Rather, the skills of the masterfuls are accepted and utilized.

Rosalie Parker Interpretation – Gaia Portal Message – First Wave of Ascencion – Festivities Are Prepared – 9-13-15


Rosalie Parker:

Here’s the latest Gaia Portal message, with my thoughts in bold.


13 Sep

gaia_energy1Experientials provide the Guidance for steps.

We have many experiences that we may or may not take notice of that are giving us Guidance.  Your personal universe speaks to you.  We now experience many synchronistic events—ones that seem like “only coincidences”, but that we can take to be meaningful events, our own personal universe speaking to us.

We also may have mystical experiences, either spontaneously or in meditation, sometimes with blatant messages, other times as symbols that require the rational mind to allow the intuitive mind’s interpretation.

Those who get the above kinds of experiences and messages interpret them as personal to them or as being general Guidance.  They may pass that information on as Guidance to the general public or within their circles.

Many teachers who are guiding us to the First or Second Wave of Ascension can also be thought of as Experientials.  I think of Matt Kahn, Kryon with Lee Carroll, Bashar with Daryl Anka, Abraham with Esther Hicks, Adronis with Brad Johnson, to name a few, plus the many people who channel various higher entities.

Clandestines are unveiled.

The secrets actions and agendas of the negative Controllers of the planet are revealed.  There are Light warriors, too, who must be Clandestine.

Also, many positive, but secret matters are no longer kept from us by the veil of loss of knowing that we agreed to long ago.  That veil is now thin, disappearing.

Frequencies of collusion diminish, as frequencies of Inner solitude rise.

This is a play on the word frequencies, meaning that

The number of occurences of secret cooperation with mal intent for humanity diminish,  while both the amount of time people spend in Inner solitude and their energetic frequencies while ‘going within’ are rising.

Flamboyants are denied.

Those wanting to “burn” others by war, theft, alarm, fear, or other means are denied the opportunity.

Things that used to inflame us emotionally no longer do.  We are more calm and self-contained.

Channels are appreciated.

Avenues of spiritual knowledge and expression are appreciated.

Channelers of spiritual information and the channeled information are appreciated.

The channeling of each person’s Higher Self “down” into his everyday life is valued by them—and others.

Festivities are prepared.

Can you imagine celebrating our Freedom on Earth with our ET friends and higher beings?

Rosalie Parker

Rosalie Parker – First Wave of Ascension – The Way Is Clear – Gaia Portal Interpretation – 7-6-15

ascension portal

Here’s more support for my previous post that the first round of ascension is VERY near.

Gaia Portal.  I’ll bet you find this TERRIFIC NEWS fairly easy to decipher!  My take is in orange.  Please add yours in the comments.


Enrapturings are finished

4 Jul

gaia_energy1Enrapturings are finished.

Emanations of energies that have been put out to the planet, to us, to bring us up, to enrapture us Earth beings, to make us ascend to 5D consciousness, are complete.

Essentials are incorporated into all Energetic up-levelings as their absence precludes existence.

All energetic essences required for our continued existence on this planet have been worked into the energies that are transforming us.

Last messages have been heard.

Last communications regarding the Old Era have been given and heard by those involved in the effort to transform us.

First messagings of the New Era are recognized by the seekers.

The people who are seeking 5D existence, 5D consciousness in Love—YOU—are getting messages from Mother Earth, getting the feelings and knowings of what is happening, what is about to happen, how to proceed in this new consciousness.

Though the level of consciousness of the messages varies, you are getting these through your body and from your Higher Self.  As time goes on, you will feel and know and understand them more and more.  This is happening to me, so I know it will happen to all of us.

Finalities are no more.

The moment is now.

This is the moment of ascension.  Remember that beings from other dimensions do not relate exactly to our feeling and recording of time, but rather look at timelines as series of events.  They see all as not happening, but existing in the ever-present NOW.  That is, they see this as a done deal.

This says to me that all events that from their perspective are necessary for the first round of ascension exist, that is, have happened.  It’s done!

Rosalie Parker, Matt Kahn – First Wave of Ascension is Near – You Are Probably a Part of It – ~ What Is Ascension and 5D Consciousness ~ – 7-5-15

Rosalie Parker


We’re not really going anywhere; we’re just allowing fifth dimensional reality to come alive in our experience.   ~ Matt Kahn


1/3 of the Planet Is Ready

Four Stage Initiation Process

Since this video announcement by Matt Kahn came out in April, 2014, I’ve been waiting and watching for the time to talk about it with my readers.  Now, just in the past few days, I am hearing signs of it and feeling it in my heart.  I want you to first hear this from Matt Kahn, so please watch as much of this video as you have time for.  I think you will want to sit down and WATCH Matt, to see and better feel the humor and Love he radiates.

Meanwhile, observe yourself nonjudgmentally, and I’ll bet you’ll see that you have made many changes toward fifth dimensional beingness.

Rosalie Parker – Journey Of Spiritual Transformation – 6-26-15

Image Source

Rosalie Parker

When we consciously awaken to the journey of transformation to our true self in Divine unity, we are initially opening to the Spirit in a top/down movement. The infinite Spirit and higher self floods the soul and body with Divine Light. The grace of the Spirit begins this process even before the mind and body with dense inharmonic negative emotions and false beliefs can maintain this light on its own. The opening to the action of the Spirit begins the journey of healing repressed emotion, childhood and intergenerational wounds, and limiting belief patterns. While we become more aware of the patterns of the mental, emotional, and physical body, we awaken to the transcendence of the Divine Light, Energy, and Being.


Historically, this period is known as an ”awakening,” “honeymoon period,” and the beginning of the long journey of healing, transforming, evolving, and ascending to a higher consciousness. If we stay at this level for many years, our seeking reinforces a subtle separation of the Divine as external, outside, or beyond. When we focus on connecting to this frequency bandwidth without grounding in our own Being, the external ritual in any form of meditation, healing, and prayer is relied upon instead of the fullness of the interior of one’s heart, soul, and unity in Divine Being. If this way of practice persists, we can develop an aspect of a higher chakra connection, but not fully integrating it within the unity of the soul and body naturally connected on Earth. At this level, the lower chakra restrictions are never fully healed, cleared, and transformed. As a result, the full capacity of heart consciousness is not anchored within the body.


Total Lower Chakra Healing in order to Anchor Heart Consciousness and the Light Body

When we are ready, we realize that we must fully develop our true self and interconnection to the Divine solely from within in the here and now. Thus, a true understanding of the healing of the root, sacral, and solar plexus energies begins. The way to go higher is through the balancing and harmony of the lower chakras. We become more grounded and Earth based. The more that we are grounded within our Being, the more our multidimensional consciousness can connect throughout the cosmos and spiritual realms. The transformative journey shifts from a top/down to a bottom/up process.


Related: The Universal Law of Harmony

In whatever way we are working, the purpose is to evolve and ascend to a heart-centered unity consciousness. Only by anchoring in the full capacity of the heart can we unite the Light Body in the physical body and open the higher capabilities of the higher mind in the heart — telepathy, teleportation, harmonic cellular regeneration, nonlocality, multidimensional time, and intentional creativity.

When we merge the top/down approach with the bottom/up approach, we are fully focusing our ascension process within our own Being. Within the overall Dimensional Shift, we are now approaching a change from a preparatory phase of transition to a manifestation phase of transition. As we move into the manifestation phase through the winter solstice period, the clearing and transforming of all trauma is of utmost importance. This is the key to choosing to relinquish the 3D dense duality consciousness of conflict and separation, and fully anchor in the heart of unity consciousness.

A fully opened heart consciousness will restore the third eye in conjunction with the crown chakra and the soul star chakra. Our full connection at the crown is our restored third eye in the heart expressing through the physical body. After having cleared layers of the emotional and physical body in the earlier top/down movement of the spiritual body, and then truly integrating the physical body and emotional body with lower chakra work in a bottom/up focus, we need to take the last step to allow the fullness of our heart consciousness. This is central for ascending with the Earth to a fifth dimensional and beyond human consciousness on Earth.


The Mental Body and Ascension

The last step brings us to the core restriction that we have been working on all throughout the journey of healing, transforming, and evolving — the mental body aspect of the 3D duality thinking mind. Often in the spiritual path, a huge shift may occur which is an opening to mystical consciousness where we might perceive and believe we have transcended the duality mind. In most cases, the total core wounding structure has not been fully resolved and this shift into the unitary frequencies of the brain is another version of the aspect of the higher chakra connection without full integration.


Related: Stages Of Spiritual Awakening

If we have been truly healing at all levels of our consciousness and body, we will become aware that somehow we must let go of the entire false belief structure of the duality encodings within the mental body in order to fully anchor heart consciousness and restore our natural sight of the third eye. We come face to face with the structure that has enabled all of the emotional and physical wounding. It is the primary structure that has kept hidden our true Divine nature as unlimited Beings of Light presently incarnate in a physical body on Earth. This erroneous structure of false encoding is the limiting mind structure of a fear-based conflict, control, and separation. In third dimensional life, the limiting mind structure is the cultural and societal conditioning of a chaotic inharmonic human consciousness. The false awareness of working against in conflict, separation, limitation, and scarcity.

The entire 3D restrictive awareness narrows humanity to an imprisoned state of consciousness that is controlled by forces outside of true Being. This is the whole matrix of 3D society. All of humanity is conditioned from the outside and forgets our true freedom and empowerment from our unity in Divine Being. The outside sensory and mind conditioning has left us with a reliance on a logical functioning that doubts our true capabilities as Divine Beings of Light. Our souls incarnate in human form on Earth are infinite beings of love and creativity. All the answers to knowing yourself is from within your heart. The doubts and the fears of receiving outside validation is not necessary. The whole structure of the programmed 3D duality mind makes us doubt what is possible.

Therefore, the final step in preparing for ascension is to release this entire false structure of the mind. After opening to the transcendence of the spirit, healing the many layers of restriction in the emotional and physical body, and grounding our light on Earth, this is the most difficult choice. It is the last impediment to heart consciousness and our interior sight of the third eye. We cannot have our full awareness as infinite multidimensional beings with this false mind structure in activation.

All of our soul evolution is within Divine timing. Thus, we cannot force the final decision to fully release this limiting mind structure. However, as the Galactic energies accelerate toward a new manifestation phase of Dimensional Ascension, we can now prepare and decide to commit to our choice of letting go of this whole programming that is not who we really are as infinite souls in Divine Being living a human incarnation on Earth.

With sufficient core level healing to enable the full anchoring of the heart center, the higher dimensional energies of the Light Body will be able to coexist in the physical body. With the integration of the Light Body, all higher chakra capabilities are opened and restored. The point of transition is when the fully restored third eye unites with the heart. Then we have awakened our entire inner feeling sense in combination with a full vision of who we really are.


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The release of the controlling belief structure of lack, conflict, and separation of the duality mind is the point of transition. Now we will solely operate from the higher mind within the heart through the body. Any need for the 3D thinking mind will be as a 3D tool is service to the heart. No longer will this level of the mind cause limits to the true self in Divine unity.

When inner feeling and inner sight become one, we know our multidimensional self as the true self in Divine unity. As we evolve to know this in incarnate form, we become ready for a fifth dimensional and beyond incarnate life. May we choose to continue to heal all core trauma and conditioning, and prepare for the full clearing of the 3D duality mind so as to ascend with the Earth to a higher dimensional consciousness.


About the Author:
Peter is an Author, Visionary, Multidimensional Transformation Teacher, Dimensional Evolutionist, and Consciousness and Energy Researcher. You can read more of Peter’s writings, here.

By Elinor, Sending you Abundant LOVE Ground Crew … For all You Are …
WE Truly are Blessed to have ALL of You working deligiently 24/7 to assist HUmanity in this transition of Cosmic Epic Proportion ~
Lying Deeply embedded within each & every BEing here on our beautiful Earth … WE ARE currently AWAKENING at warped speed with the exponential increase of our beautiful Cosmic Love Energies embracing all life-form, seeding our hearts each & every second
of this linear time space.
Your healing gifts have assisted HUmanity as you continue your Valiant selfless efforts to assist Humanity = Our Beautiful Planet & all her inhabitants … A frequency vibration of HIGHER LOVE like no other.
We are all Blessed with Abundant Gold Christ Consciousness … incredible influx of such Cosmic Divine LOVE …
A gift never known, to be experienced on such a massive
level of Ascension …
We are all TRULY BLESSED & LOVED BEYOND MEASURE heart emoticon

ROSALIE PARKER – Interpretation of Gaia Portal Post ( May 28 ) – 5-31-15

Stillness BeneathROSALIE  PARKER   –    INTERPRETATION  OF GAIA  PORTAL POST ( May 28 )   –   5-31-15


Shadow remembrances clear as Hue-manity awakens further into Higher Energetic Light Mastery


Original content is in bold typeface.


28 May

gaia_energy1Shadow remembrances clear as Hue-manity awakens further into Higher Energetic Light Mastery.

In current spiritual lingo, “shadow” means the darker/undesired/negative side.  Remember that Hue-manity are the awakened ones who’ve reached some level of fifth dimensional beingness.  That’s myself, my readers and those beyond us.  We are clearing our individual shadowy memories, as we bring in more Light.

I wonder if the situation goes beyond the individual to the planetary memories.  It could be that our increasing levels of Light are clearing the Earthly energetic grid and Akash (record of all memories of events on the planet) of shadows.  These concepts are a bit fuzzy to me, but I want to mention this as a possibility.

Yes, as I am writing, I honor the feeling that something along those lines is happening.

Inner Freedoms are embraced within humanity and Hue-manity.

The question for me is what is meant by Inner Freedoms.  I think of Freedom to

  • explore beliefs, drop old, embrace new understandings, think independently
  • express relationship to Spirit in our own ways
  • live outwardly as we please, escaping current enslavement systems of all kinds
  • love more, love as we please
  • access higher levels of mind and knowingness—the intuitive and spiritual levels.

So we hear more about sovereign rights.  This is the basis of our USA Constitution.  We HAVE Freedom and don’t need to await their grant or approval by anyone.  This is stirring in all people, now.

Distinctions differences between humanity and Hue-manity decrease rapidly at this moment.

Regular people are rapidly changing, even though you and they might not be able to tell it.  They may still be asleep about much that is going on, the New Earth and the bad, but inside, they are changing, big time.

Forward movements via the Stillness are primary.

At first read, this looked like it said something about the stillness of meditation, but intuitively, I knew it was beyond that.  It is about the

Stillness of the Unmanifested ALL

that is behind all manifestation on all levels, that lies beneath even that highest level of Forces and of Godhood, our Highest Selves.

THAT deepest Stillness is the greatest impetu

of our movement forward

to becoming fully 5D in a beautiful planet of

Light, Life and Love.

It is inside us and is what we are made of.

Rosalie Parker – Time Is Personal – And Always Has Been – 4-7-15

9914_667824776567961_1629157709_nTime Is One of the New 5D Freedoms

I don’t watch the clock like I used to, but yesterday I set the alarm for 6, so I could be ready for a QHHT client.  Getting up just before dawn to enjoy the quiet shadows and bird songs and the gradually increasing light and neighborhood sounds is a real pleasure for me.  Memories of beautiful morning experiences in beautiful places I’ve lived always crop up.

I accomplish a lot during the early hours, because of the enjoyment of it.  It’s always a surprise to find that it’s 9am.  Rising at 9, I don’t get much done by noon.  It seems I pack more time into the first three hours when I get up at 6.  When we feel that time has gone by slowly or quickly, then for us, time really has changed speed.  Time speed variance is not an illusion, but an experience.

We Have Agreed to This “Shared” Universe

These concepts were unknown to the everyday person in old 3D Earth, so it behooves me to backtrack a little before we get back to the topic of Time.

We each have an individual universe (path through the Multiverse) that we created and continue evolving for ourselves, in cooperation with others.  As incarnate beings, we are sharing parts of our experiences, to create an agreed upon universe.  We agree, as we come into this dimension, to include in our personal universe the larger framework of the cosmic bodies like planets and stars; natural Earth systems, like the seasons, ocean currents, sky and weather systems, countryside; and what has been reshaped by mankind.  This lets us evolve together, pulling or dragging each other along, the more powerful beings having more impact on the shared universe than the punier beings.  The sun has more effect than a mouse, while a powerful person has more effect than a weak-willed person.

Each Person’s Universe is Unique

A good example of this sharing would be two people living in the same town.  One habitually notices all the undesirable in life and tells himself that things are getting worse, while another waves off the unwanted, having chosen a habit of feeling life is a joy.  A new city project to upgrade streets and sidewalks of an area and to attract more people and businesses takes on two complexions for those two.  One sees real estate values and therefore, rents, go up, so that, “Poor people are pushed out and it’s racist.”  The other sees safer and more beautiful neighborhoods, nicer places to visit, more jobs and entrepreneurial opportunities, and increased affluence for all.  Same town, two different universes.

We Had Agreed to Lock Step Time

Similarly, we agreed to share a measurement of time, which granularity eventually came down to the minutes on the clock.  We take as a basic truth that time is real, that it can be and is measured.  Really, we have individual time experiences, and have agreed to sync up—so much so that we feel we all experience the same universe with exactly the same time increments for everybody.

Shared time is so important to us, we constantly want to know what time it is, to make sure we’re in sync.  When you’re captively bored, time crawls, while, “Time flies when you’re having fun.”  We feel those time contractions and expansions are less real than the time on the clock.  We shake ourselves and think that it only seemed like a long or short time, and we regain that in-sync feeling.  The experience of it is the only thing about time that can be said to be “real”.

Stretching Time

We’re not newly freed from the bounds of time.  Rather, we are freeing ourselves from a social agreement that became a belief system and was even called science.  But considering our experiences of time, the New Earth ability to stretch time is something we’ve always done.  The way to do it is to enjoy every minute of life.

Live in the Moment

Follow your highest delight, minute by minute, as Bashar says.  The long taught spiritual lesson is to live in the ever present NOW of “Multiverse pebbles”  that are existing, but not happening.  Nothing happens.  All the pebble “still frames” exist, simultaneously, and we focus our Awareness on them, going from one to another, giving us the feeling of movement.  [Search for earlier posts on Multiverse and pebbles.]

The more we live in the moment, the more time we “have”.  We “have time” to do what we want.


Movement and Time

Are Only As We

Personally Experience

the Constant

Refocus of Awareness

Rosalie Parker – The New Earth Rule Book – 3-19-15

rule-bookRosalie ParkerMust we meditate?  Is it bad to be rich?  Should I tithe?  Can we eat meat?  Is it okay to stay in my religion?  I work for a bank.  Banks are bad.  Should I quit?  I’m working on rockets.  Am I doing wrong?  Is it good or bad to work on the pineal gland?


Stop shoulding all over yourself!

New Earth Is about Freedom


LifeIsDelightfulThe global controllers are on their way out.  We can get used to Freedom extending from the global, financial, social levels, to big personal decisions, down to every decision we make, every minute of every day.  Complete Freedom, because Hue-Mans are ready for it.

As for careers like science, engineering, journalism, banking and medicine, you may want to expand your mind on possibilities of new systems, new ways to do things.  You might study the ideas of others or get involved in discussions or research.  It may be a good idea to hold tight to your position while New Earth society goes through a few big shakeups, knowing it will settle into a fascinating era of innovation.  Being awake, you will see the right time to make the right changes.


Your spiritual practices, if you have any, may change.  You may begin some. 

Physics has changed; therefore, magic, healing and other energy practices are changing.


Flexibility in attitudes, opinions, and ways is called for now.

Though we are imperfect, we have the ability to listen to our inner knowing, finding it in our individual ways, and to make our own life choices.  We are loving enough to make choices based on the Law of One, loving ourselves and other BEings of all kinds.  This code of conduct works for us and we need no other.


Soul Memories and Making Rules


In life regression hypnosis, we work with soul memories from other lives or this one.  Most of us have a history of lives in these animal bodies of Earth.  We have our Biological Spirit, the Innate, that communicates with the Soul to give us its memories of our past. We tend to take on attitudes and rules, based on the soul memories, desiring to do what has worked and perhaps thinking it’s the only way, or believing that what did not work is the wrong way—for us and everybody else.

For example, a person who was a meat eating warrior, protector of his tribe in many past lives feels better when they eat meat now.  They may have impetus to look out for their family and neighborhood.  A person who was a yogi in a past life becomes a vegetarian, and feels better for it.  They may love to meditate.  I remember a vegetarian friend was told by my teacher, “You are vegetarian, but your little boy is not.”  I now understand the wisdom behind that.  Eating meat makes one person healthier, but another person weaker, even in the same family.  We still have dense physical bodies, differing in DNA and in soul memories that influence our DNA.



Rosalie Parker – GaiaPortal’s Message Means New Earthlings Are on Track! – 3-17-15

Rosalie Parker


News from Gaia Portal gets better and better!  I think it is important to get this message to you right away, so that you won’t misinterpret the news today and the rest of this week, and fall into fear.  I hope you can share with others the Good News of what is really happening beneath the surface news.  It’s the push of all into a very happy New Earth paradise.

My comments are in Italics.

Telechronics have activated within Gaia Hue-manity

17 Mar

gaia_energy1Telechronics have activated within Gaia Hue-manity.

The timing of our Transformation is back on track inside Earth’s Hue-manity, according to the Divine project of Earth, planned so very long ago.

Stasis is ended.

Stasis is lack of movement.  Shift’s hitting the fan!  People can’t fail to notice.

Rapidity of hu-being upgrades is noted.

The sleepers are awakening rapidly and are going through the changes the rest of us have had to go through, albeit, likely more rapidly and easily. 

Serenities of Higher Light are sensed by all.

If any one feels fear or unsettled, they can get quiet and feel that tranquility.  Even the Cabal and Illuminati people can do so.  And BTW, it’s time to start feeling ready to forgive them all.  I have.  You can, too.  They played the necessary part.  Even Lucifer is totally of the Light again.

Gaia responds with silence.

I guess that means that Pachamama is happily experiencing the new state of serenity.

Comments welcome, as always!

Rosalie Parker – Gaia Portal, My Take on It – 2-20-15

Rosalie Parker

Rosalie Parker

Here is the latest messages from Star Beings connected to the sacred land of Éire and posted on GaiaPortal.  My comments are in orange.  You’re welcome to comment, below.


“Stability” paradigms have been “exploded” and disintegrated

19 Feb

gaia_energy1“Stability” paradigms have been “exploded” and disintegrated.

This could either be about how we’ve been looking at the world and the systems we are consciously involved with, or it could also be how the Cabal believes those systems that they’ve put into place in order to control us are stabilizing their control.  Either viewpoint would include those systems that they control:  mainstream media, banking, stock markets, retirement funds, other financial tools, education, war vs. peace, governments and politics, health care (not insurance), insurances of all kinds, etc.

Our belief in those systems is gone.  People may still cling, but they no longer trust.  None of those are stable.  We know it.  The Cabal knows it.

“Standards” of Cosmic Connections are completely removed.

What is a Cosmic Connection?  Divine Connections, Connections to Extraterrestrial Beings here, or to those anywhere in the Universe.

Regarding Divine Connections, the Veil between us and higher realms is fading.  It is easier to contact Archangels, Ra, Elohim, the Councils of governance (That’s how it is done outside of Earth), etc.  Our Higher Selves are with us, walking with us through our days.  We are becoming Christ like.  We don’t need priests or religions, and many of us know it.

Regarding Extraterrestrial connections, Earth had been quarantined due to its darkness.  The quarantine has been lifted!  Of course, caution is still called for in approaching us.

Consciously, we have expanded and can more readily communicate with beings of other realms, other planets, and starships.

Alliterations present to those of understanding Eye-Heart portals.

Alliterations are uses of words that all begin with the same letter.  All of the following sentences begin with the letter F and are Eye-Heart portals.  Eye (knowing with senses and mind) and Heart (feeling and knowing through Love).

Fabrications of disinformation have been unraveled.

As predicted, 2014 was the Year of Revealing things hidden.  “Victims” of false flag events like Sandy Hook, Boston bombing have been exposed as actors, as those with Intuitive Discernment knew immediately.  Lies in the media and in government, lies about Big Pharma drugs and vaccinations, etc., were exposed, one after another.  Hu-beings can only still believe in the disinformation through willing ignorance, due to the discomfort of knowing.

Falterings are soon to be eliminated from the Hue-person.

Hue-beings have been dealing with self doubt in many ways.  Some have not believed or have faltered in belief in their mission,  modalities, or abilities.  Many have been consciously working toward this Transformation for more than 25-40 years.  As the energies changed, their methods have not worked as well.  They need to trust in themselves and adjust their ways.  They can relax.  Listen to the body on what it wants to eat.  Stop all the rules to live by and just BE.

Formidables release from Mind, and coalesce as Heart forms.

Any fear or obstacle that seems formidable, we’ll let go of from our Mind, let the idea settle into our Heart, and let the expanded Heart Consciousness handle it with Love.  No more fear or worry, when we do that.  This becomes easier now.

Fleeings of hu-beings and Hue-Beings are recognized as unnecessary.

Hmmm.  Leaving the planet?  No one will be removed.  No need to think you need to get on a ship to avoid catastrophe here.  Dropping body?  We no longer are bound by the birth, death and reincarnation cycle.