Ron Radhoff – Transition Experience of my Mother to the Other Side – 3-4-15


The  Transition Experience of my Mother to the Other Side

From Ron Radhoff


My mother made her transition to the other side three years and three months after my father. The following is what she shared about her experience when crossing over to the spirit plane.

“The walls disappeared from my room and it was as if a band of angels with snow white wings and a heavenly chorus took me up to the horizon where I could really see. All earthly material and earth people disappeared with all things physical. Those who had promised to be with me at the end of my physical life came in mass as had been given to me during my meditation and prayer states, those times when you visited me and thought I was out of it, All around me were angels and singing and your father Ron, and several others I knew on earth.

Mother Mary and Jesus, who had promised to be with me, were there to greet me also. They were too beautiful to describe in words and they emanated a very powerful love. I was reminded of the saints who were born on angel’s wings. So indeed my journey into spirit was on angel’s wings and it was accompanied with beautiful music that filled every cell and awareness. It was beautiful beyond words and it filled all that I could perceive with such great beauty. And there was golden light all around as far as I could see. Even sunlight could not compare with the beauty and brightness of this golden light and then it turned into the whiteness of angel’s wings and I was born, so to speak, upon the wings of these beautiful beings of light.

Very slowly I moved through various levels of sound and what appeared liquid, at times, of color. Moonlight became tangible in a sense because I could experience it through sound. In a sense, I felt one with everything I perceived. I felt a part of it all as I was born up on all this.  I had never felt really special in any way on Earth so I thought of what a glorious way that God would create this beautiful pathway into His home as I was taken into these beings of light and angel’s wings and those that were with me, into what would be called a heavenly place that I had traveled to many times while my spirit went out of body during my sleep state, and so it was very familiar.

In this place, or dimension as I have learned here, there was a beautiful reception and what I perceived as a party, like a birthday party celebrating my birth back to spirit. I was overwhelmed at the people there that had remembered me and had come to welcome me back home again. I am home now and I feel so very happy and peaceful here. Henry was looking so young, like when we first met. He said that I could look any way I wanted to look relative to my past life. So, I made myself look refined somewhat. I am still Helen but I prettied myself up like I always wanted to look, and now I look beautiful like I did in my twenties. We can all do this here on this dimension.

Yes, I am so happy now. After we arrive here we come into the fullness of our being. We are, in reality, so much more than we know ourselves to be in our physical life. I am going to school here and I am going to make myself useful in some way, probably working with newly arrived children for awhile. Your sister Marilouise is working with children at times also. I will be here with all of you in the family at the end of your physical Earth life when you come here and you will have a reception also with many people you’ve known, and I’ll be one of them.

Know that there is no need to fear death for it is like closing one door and opening another. Because I knew that from you, it helped me to cross over more easily because I was not afraid and therefore I could more easily close my eyes to the physical and open my eyes easier to this life here through that understanding – and so, if you choose, will all of you who are not afraid. I have become aware of what a great barrier fear can be, not only in crossing over but also in all aspects of physical life.

In this dimension where I am now, it is very much like Earth. There are magnificent buildings, etc. but everything is of a higher vibration. My mother and daughter Marilouise are in a higher place or dimension. They can visit your father and I here but we cannot go to a higher dimension because it is too intense until we spiritually evolve to a higher dimension. We can go to lower dimensions but we would have no desire to do so unless we wanted to visit someone we loved or knew. We will continue to learn and grow into higher dimensions. As the Master said, “In my Father’s house, there are many mansions.” Whenever you think of me, I will be with you.

Auf wiedersehen and God be with you.

 I am your mother who loves you.”

Ron Radhoff – Physical Problems – A Manifestation Of Higher Consiousness?



Ron Radhoff

Writer/author, artist, lecturer, and Certified Hypnotherapist


In the process of evolving the human mind, our consciousness and our spirituality, we will unconsciously begin to reprogram our entire physical body.  This will happen inevitably because the body is a product of the mind, of one’s belief system.  If we evolve into a higher level of consciousness, becoming more spiritual, more loving and more forgiving, the body will change and evolve as well.  Initially, these changes, which may be physical, mental, or both, may not be perceived by our consciousness in a positive manner.

Through the attainment of higher consciousness we learn how powerful our minds are and realize that our thoughts create our reality, i.e., our future, our limitations or openness to new possibilities, and our health, whether it is characterized by well-being or shortcomings.  And in regard to our health, when we have physical and/or mental problems but do not experience healing through changing our thoughts and through prayerful efforts, even with professional assistance, we may think we have failed or lost our ability to create the healing we want.  This is not necessarily true.

We have simply not yet evolved to a point where we have full command over the body through the mind.  The spiritual, mental, and physical aspects of our being require that we first release and clear out the old—the thoughts, beliefs, and potential physical imperfections brought in from our ancestors through the DNA structure or from past lives.  The releasing and clearing out of all this “stuff” is often an uncomfortable or painful experience, and we tend to think “I’m falling apart.”

In the following I will explore in detail the many idiosyncrasies that the evolving human entity is experiencing on their evolutionary path-physically, mentally, emotionally, as well as why they are occurring and how to ease these problems.

Several years ago I observed that many individuals who, having chosen a path of raising their consciousness and evolving spiritually, were having many problems physically as well as mentally and emotionally.  The emotional problems were often the result of their perceptions of how their physical and mental worlds were falling apart.  My curiosity as to why this was happening was answered through my meditations in which I received information from higher dimensions.  The answers I received from those sources were later confirmed by other individuals who also received similar information through the same sources.

What has been and is occurring to so many over the last few years is what spirit terms “an opening of starseed”.  The definition of a starseed would constitute a long discourse in itself.  For the purposes of this message, suffice it to say that anyone who is seeking a greater awareness of spiritual truth, metaphysical understandings, or has an avid interest in UFOs and benevolent starbrothers is, in all likelihood, a starseed possessing great knowledge, sometime dormant, from deep within.  The following discusses then why so many of us are experiencing discomforts and apparent disharmony in our lives.

The Physical Problems

In the process of our evolution, of getting there, we are completely restructuring everything about ourselves, including our body’s entire cellular make-up. It is of significance this happens gradually or current beingness could not handle it. As we begin sensing these changes, we expand our entire electromagnetic field, which goes into the construction of our form.  This causes us to release past data, the genetic memory that we have been holding in our cellular structure for so long.  Every time we bring in positive feelings, i.e. light, this occurs.  Conversely, there is usually a negative physical reaction to this process. Often occurring days later, so we don’t tie them together as a cause and effect event, and we think something is amiss with our health.
We know that a rotten tooth has to be removed or saved with a root canal process, procedures that are usually uncomfortable. So it is with releasing all the negative “stuff” within us.  And eventually it all must go.

Our DNA structure was created through a hereditary process called “emotional embracement”.  From our ancestors we inherit and embrace everything that any and all of them have ever experienced physically and emotionally.  So, our bodies store their unresolved issues as our own.

At this stage of our evolution we are dealing with young, or unevolved, bodies, which explains why there is such a high percentage of individuals who experience ailments, diseases, and disorders.  They are, in a sense, immature bodies for a God to express through. Our bodies, which have reflected the Earth’s longstanding third dimensional consciousness, are not yet evolved enough to hold a Christ consciousness-the level we are moving toward when we evolve spiritually.

At humankind’s current level of evolution, our bodies are always trying to catch up to our evolving level of consciousness, and they will do so in time.  As this process occurs we begin to physically experience changes created by the release of our unevolved ancestral embracements. Most frequently, we experience this with discomfort, and many of us are dealing with this now.  Even so, this phenomenon presents a great opportunity to alter our bodies, changing them into the whole and perfect ones we wish them to become.

During this uncomfortable process of physical change, it is important to avoid perceiving our bodies as our enemy. The replacement of old, deep tissue cells with new ones, characterized by light and joy, can last anywhere from a few days to years. Mainstream science has told us the simple and conventional process of complete body cell replacement happens every seven years. Based on this premise, it could take a similar span of time to replace our cellular memory with a new, more evolved consciousness of perfection, love, and perfect health.

When this fact is applied to the evolutionary leap just described, it (perhaps?) implies this process of bodily transformation, which involves replacing our cellular memory with a new, more evolved consciousness of perfection, love and perfect health. This could take a minimum of seven years. As the old 1960s song title, “Breaking Up is Hard to Do,” suggests, so it is with the old cellular or genetic memories held in the body.  Any event that has been emotionally charged by either ourselves or any of our ancestors is imprinted on our DNA structure and is contained within our cells as cellular memory.  While our DNA gives us our appearance, it also contains our cellular patterns. And if there is illness, disease, or mental or emotional disorders in our stored “record”, we can emotionally trigger them and create a propensity for old symptoms to recur, wherein the same emotions that created the dysfunction originally are released and experienced anew.  But rest assured, we will not necessarily or automatically experience the disease or disorder again.

When we reach an evolutionary tipping point in the development of consciousness, we will heal the negativity and associated dysfunction in our entire genetic memory held in our bodies.  The process of calling up these buried memories for cleansing and releasing causes them to “rise to the surface” where they can often manifest as a short-term, pseudo re-experience of the original situation or state of dis-ease.  This revisiting of symptoms and/or emotions can last only minutes, but it can last for hours, days, or even years.  If we can avoid identifying with the issues or illness and then embodying them, we can pass through the recurrence much more quickly.  Here is a critical key for an optimally handled process:  We recognize what is happening, simply acknowledge it, bless it, and let it, go, thus mitigating any intensity or prolonged duration.

A second key is this:  Genuinely love your body, regardless of a negative judgment about its appearance or condition.  This loving response, through the power of love, will signal the cells to open up and release the genetic memories comprised of old negative emotions and symptoms and will replace them with higher light, infilling the cells with positive emotion.  Please note, however, that all the body’s cells will not become activated for a healing opportunity at the same time. To reiterate, the replacement process will take from minutes to days to perhaps years. It is of paramount importance to avoid impatience if it does not happen quickly or completely. Because healing is incremental it is essential we remain in a consistent state of loving ourselves, especially our bodies.

Another occurrence might sometimes hinder our transformational process.  The old, negative cells that are yet to be replaced perceive the new joy/light cells as invaders, and thus attack them, causing fatigue and other uncomfortable symptoms.  Please, release concern around this!  The more we love ourselves and remain in the positive mindset that this process is temporary and fleeting, the faster all our cells will be replaced with the new joy-filled cells and the faster our bodies will be able to accommodate our more evolved God consciousness.

With this new level of understanding, we know the importance of feeling love for ourselves as well as others.  Also, the frequent practice of meditation, focusing on positive emotions in spite of any physical problems we carry in the body, keeps us immersed in divine light, expediting our bodily transformation and a robust state of health.


Our relatively unevolved physical bodies are carbon-based.  As we continue to evolve consciously and as we move gradually toward a sustained level of unconditional love, we begin to transform our dense, carbon-based bodies to a crystalline-based, or light, body. This will be necessary to accommodate the higher frequencies.  As this process occurs, it is important to drink a great deal, (several glasses) of pure clean water as our body takes in both oxygen and hydrogen from water.  Filtered tap water is optimal.  Most of us do not consume nearly enough good, clean fluids each day.  Sorry, but cola, coffee, and beer do not qualify.

To reiterate, our transformation to a higher level of vibrational expression can cause physical discomforts because we are transforming everything the body is familiar with into nothing short of a new being.  The complexity of this process is much greater that we might imagine.  While fully understanding all the intricacies is unnecessary, we do need to be patient with our bodies when they feel fatigued, for this is the most common reaction.

The Changing Brain

The brain cells are the first to undergo reconstruction, a process that consumes much of the body’s glucose supply and can cause hypoglycemia and, in turn, fatigue.  The brain is necessarily the first area to be restructured, since it controls the entire body. If the brain was not changed initially, the body would remain in the same eons-old biological rut and evolution would stagnate. Until our neurological system can create new energy patterns within it, our old patterns of behavior and, consequently, our lives will not change.  We must understand that progress and evolution are only possible with change.  So, it is vital that the very intricate and very demanding structural changes occur in the brain first.

If we think the way we’ve always thought,

 We’ll always get what we’ve always got.

The Cause of Involuntary Body Reactions

Through this transformative process it helps to understand the workings of the brain.  When we start evolving our consciousness and becoming more of what we are capable of being, i.e., more aligned with the God within us (or whatever term you may wish to use), more spiritual energy develops within us.  And as it moves through the brain, the associated increased electrical flow triggers certain nerve endings connected to various organs or parts of the body, causing involuntary shuddering or twitching.  This is simply a normal part of the process, some people being more susceptible than others.  If we don’t let these occurrences excite us, the process will be easier.

The Rigors of “Heavy Mental” Work

Do you sometimes fall asleep while meditating?  During a deep meditation or session of prayer often our blood sugars are consumed at a high rate, resulting in feelings of fatigue, headache or sleepiness, or some people feel “wired”, while others may become nauseous.

Please do not allow these side effects to discourage you and cause you to stop meditating, as this practice brings more light into the body!  When we do deep mental work, thus bringing in more light, new paths in the brain are forged.

This has sometimes been termed “The brain is being rewired” New light waves can break off into new directions and make minute laser-like cuts in brain tissue, which can cause the brain to swell, resulting in headaches.  Although the physical effect is one of discomfort, an understanding that wonderful new things are occurring would mitigate it.  Just as giving birth to a baby is virtually always uncomfortable, what a joy we experience when we give birth to our higher, more evolved being!

While it is helpful to tolerate some physical symptoms of transformation, be advised to attend to any serious physical problems, of course, and consult a physician if a condition persists.  Even if a doctor finds no underlying cause of your symptom, such a finding can be comforting and would dispel unfounded fear lest you dwell on negative emotions, thus deterring your body’s transformation.

Memory Loss

Of the three stages involved in memory storage, the first involves sensory memory.  This stage will only briefly hold such things as strong, impacting visual images, as well as some sounds, smells and tastes.  In order for these memories to last, they must quickly transfer to the second stage of storage in the short term memory, also known as the working memory.  For data to move to the third stage in the long term memory, it must be experienced repeatedly—studies indicate seven times or more, or the data must profoundly impact our emotional senses.  For example, I can definitely attest to the profound impact of being forced to land my Cessna aircraft on a highway after running out of fuel, an incident which will certainly stay embedded firmly in my long term memory! While it happened almost 40 years ago, the memory is still very vivid.

Many of us who have been moving into higher consciousness are experiencing short term memory loss.  However, the loss is only temporary.  Similarly, we often “space things out”.  For example, we forget where we left our glasses or car keys or where we left our car in a parking lot.  Or we forget the names of things and people we know well, but a little later, after trying to remember them, the names slip right in. Moreover, some of the actions we have easily performed in the past, we might now find ourselves straining to recall how to do them.  This “spacing out” phenomenon can become so extreme that we be might be thinking of something, doing something, or talking about something and lose our train of thought in the middle of it!

If you relate to any of these symptoms you are probably not getting Alzheimer’s disease or Dementia, nor are you experiencing early-onset senility! More than likely, you are simply undergoing the side effects of an evolving consciousness.

If you find these experiences frustrating, be advised to let them go. The more frustrated we are, the greater the block to retrieving the memory becomes, possibly to the point we never get it back.  By understanding what is happening and then relaxing, we can minimize the problem.  It also behooves us to avoid the judgment that something is wrong with us and accept that our minds are preparing to work in a new and greatly enhanced way.  Consider this:  Through this complex experience, could we be letting go of the old process of remembering, which is tied to the past, in favor of moving to a new process of simply knowing in the here and now?  Is this not an exciting prospect?!

Another aspect of the issue of memory loss is tied to the opening of starseed entities (referred to in the introduction of this message).  In the process of awakening, knowledge, also called memory pods, from life expressions in more highly evolved civilizations or star systems, begins penetrating our brain cells. Usually it is a gradual process, but it can nonetheless cause temporary memory loss, mental confusion, and even disorientation.  But be not surprised when one day you become aware of new knowledge you have learned from external sources. It will seem like you have always known it, and you might not even realize it is new to your consciousness.

It is imperative to note:  If you are not experiencing most of the effects of transformation described herein, it does not imply you are not evolving.  Not everything is going to apply or be the same for all persons or in the same timeframe.  Although you might be expanding your consciousness, you might have experienced only a few of these conditions until now, or they were so slight they were unnoticeable.  Or, you might experience many of them down the road.  What you have experienced to date, or will experience, is determined by what your propensities are, given the genetic heritage you possess in your DNA. Each of us will experience our own effects when the time is right.

Our Sensory Brain

It is not commonly known that we possess a sensory brain with many nerve endings in the solar plexus area.  This is the location of our feeling center.  Have you noticed how you feel emotions in this part of your body, sometimes referring to them as “a gut feeling”?  In order to continue evolving, we need to open, or in some cases reopen, the solar plexus. A reopening may be necessary, as so many have shut down this area as a protective measure in an effort to avoid being hurt “again”.  Evolving means taking the risk to open up to our feelings and becoming fully aware of them.  This requires a willingness to let down our walls and allow the intake and outflow of more love.

Our sensory mind connects to all areas of our body.  Through this solarplex center we have the ability to change our DNA, which must be changed if we are to evolve our bodies to a higher, disease-free level.  When we do not deal with our emotional feelings directly, we stuff them into our lower spine and the surrounding organs, causing (among other things) lower back pain. And when we cut off our feelings, we also cut off or reduce the life force to this area of the body, thus compounding any of our physical problems.  However, when we open up to our feelings and freely experience them, we release much of this congested energy and will find relief from lower back discomfort and in the nearby organs.

The Heart

Another phenomenon that may occur is a fluttering in the heart, or a feeling it is doing strange things. We have been taught that the heart is simply a pump, but more aptly it can be described as an electromagnetic organ that recharges the blood, the polarity of which pushes the blood out in a pumping action.  (Most physicians will not agree with this, as they view the body from a strictly physical perspective.)  In fact, the life force, or spirit of our being, works through the heart center, also called the heart chakra.  From a cavity behind the heart organ, an electromagnetic pulse of energy emanates, acting as a pacemaker.  As we begin to evolve our consciousness inviting spirit, love, and joy in, we open this chakra, which allows the light to enter and energizes the pulse with a higher vibrational rate. In turn, the heart is influenced to beat faster than normal.  But its natural beat is still maintained, causing a sensation of fluttering or doing “strange things”.  Probably happening randomly–that is, not related to a particular activity or emotional state, this can cause a shortness of breath or discomfort and can even be painful.  If we react with fear, we might interpret this as experiencing a heart attack.  However, relaxing instead of tensing up will result in a faster smoothing out of the anomaly and a return to normal.  If relaxation fails to create this response, do not ignore the possibility of a serious heart problem and act accordingly.

In the process of releasing our past issues–or what some affectionately term our “garbage”, sometimes there is a toxic release of acid into the body, akin to a slight poisoning.  The body counteracts the acid by creating mucus, which we might experience as a cold, flu or lower intestinal issues. Some might experience symptoms of an inflamed gallbladder, while some feel pain in the sexual organs or kidneys.

As difficult as it might be, it bears repeating: Keep loving your body during these times.  Getting upset or disgusted for what we think our body is doing to us will complicate what it has to go through. The choice is ours when we choose the reaction we have, thus shortening the transition to hours or days or lengthening it to months or even years.  This message repeats this point many times because of its personal significance for each and every reader.  In short, to create the new body we must get rid of the old one. We do this by replacing the old, obsolete cells little by little with the new cells of the new patterning.  This is done according to a more evolved mind, which exercises a greater expression of love.  You see, love is the key!

In understanding how our evolving consciousness ultimately and positively affects our bodies, we will be more patient with the process it must undergo.  Happily, we can cease feeling like we are falling apart!

Other Physical Manifestations

Events in one’s life that trigger emotions or release of stored, emotionally-charged memories in turn produce an increase of acid in the body. The effects of overproduction of acids are harsh and can cause a variety of physical issues. Depending on the emotion felt, there is a corresponding bodily organ that will be affected, [(e.g. anger for the liver and gallbladder, fear for kidneys, grief for the heart, childhood issue for the pancreas)].  With the volume of acids being released, the normal elimination system may be overwhelmed. Some of the overage can be released through the skin, causing breakouts, rashes, acne or other skin ailments.  As with bodily changes during adolescence that are triggered by puberty, similar symptoms may be experienced in the present.  Occasionally, females might even experience slight menses, even having not done so for years.


Whatever nerves are being pushed or emotions are being triggered, there will be a corresponding organ in the body that will react to it. Other symptoms we might experience include colon issues, bladder pain, kidney infection and urinary issues.  Regardless of the particular symptoms one might experience, the same advice applies in order to mitigate intensity and duration: understand that they are simply part of the body’s transformational process and know that they are temporary.  On the other hand, if any health issues really concern you, at the risk of sounding redundant, you are advised to seek medical advice or treatment.  Err on the side of caution, and avoid thinking you are somehow failing yourself by visiting a health care provider. Taking this action can ease your process.

Sleep Patterns

It is probable that our sleep patterns will undergo changes during our transformation, and they might even change permanently. Because our bodies are sensitive to light from the inside as well as the outside, they react to the infusion of light that is inherent in bodily transformation. Traditionally, when light naturally dims at nighttime, the body’s inner program responds by falling asleep. Also, with the cycle of day and night, we are psychologically programmed to believe we should sleep at specific times–certainly at night.

Therefore, when we internally create inner light through the increase of love and joy in our lives, the body’s internal clock is thrown out of sync. We can become so wired that we might not be able to sleep for hours. This is not necessarily insomnia.  But if we believe that it is and respond with anxiety about having this “condition”, we can actually induce an actual case of insomnia.  Again, understanding what is happening will mitigate your concern.  The key then is to alter the common belief that we must have a certain amount of sleep during specific times of the day or pay a penalty in terms of feeling fatigued later.

We can actually take advantage of this changing sleep cycle.  During sleepless times, we can have fun with our “extra” time–for instance, by doing creative things or by enjoying deep meditations.  If we simply allow the changes in our sleep pattern and avoid feelings of frustration, we can more easily adjust to the changing cycle. Again, it is imperative to drop the expectation that we will feel tired if we do not maintain our old pattern of sleep.

Eating Patterns

Our appetite and choice of food may also change because we are building or rebuilding a whole new being.  It is prudent to listen to the body and to tune into what it is telling us.  We might begin to crave foods we have never craved in the past. And we might start disliking food that we have enjoyed for years.  Even if we have made a practice of eating healthy foods, we might find ourselves craving junk foods, simply because they contain something our body really needs.  Eating or not eating certain food combinations might also be a part of a changing diet.  As with our changing sleep patterns, we might also find our body dictating new cyclical eating changes–for instance, not wanting to eat three daily meals at the same times each day. Most of us can get by with much less than we are in the habit of consuming, and reduced amounts will probably be healthier for us.


Whatever changes we adopt, everyone will be different based on individual propensities within our genetic structure.  Again, unusual changes are simply part of the process and reminding ourselves that changes are normal and that it is acceptable to let go of old beliefs will expedite a smooth transition.  Our bodies know how to heal themselves; we need only allow it. A message from one of our star brothers stated, “In our future we will learn that certain combinations of food will result a much greater level of energy for our bodies. Just as Nitrate acid and Glycerin by themselves are not powerful, when added together it creates Nitroglycerin, a powerful explosive.


When we evolve in consciousness and in our spirituality, the body will follow.  If we become upset with the body or drive it hard, it will only prolong the inevitable process of change. The evolutionary process calls for the release of stored negativity in our DNA, which must be let go of mentally and released physically.  Along the way, there will certainly be discomforts, as are characteristic of almost any birthing process.  While understanding the process it will expedite it and aid in tolerating symptoms. If there is any lingering doubt or fear, it is wise to get checked out medically.

The key will be to always love the body in whatever state it is — strong or weak, ailing or healthy. Allowing it to evolve at its own pace is sensible.  Becoming emotionally upset when discomforts occur can prolong the transformational process.  Understanding the process and having patience are the keys to easing discomforts. Let us keep the faith and know that where we are headed is much more magnificent than we can conceive at this time.  As miraculous is the transformation of a caterpillar into a butterfly, know that we humans are on a far grander mission!

Have a grand transition to a higher plane of beingness!

Note: This document was compiled from a combination of research, intuitive messages,  and personal experiences.

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Ron Radhoff

Writer/author, artist, lecturer, and Certified Hypnotherapist