‘The Council’ via Ron Head – The Expansion of Your Consciousness – 6-3-16

the-councilvia Ron Head, Oracles and Healers

Today we will discuss the expansion of your consciousness. It is time to have this discussion, not because it is something that will soon happen – it is always happening – but because you have reached a point at which you may want to give some conscious thought to what you may experience.

Now we do not wish to structure what you may consider here. But we will give you some examples of choices you might make that you may very well deem beneficial. The choices you make will not be limits. That is, they will not happen to the exclusion of other expansions of your awareness. But making a choice to focus on something will allow you to begin seeing, hearing, or feeling things that you have, up till now, not seen, heard, or felt.

Do you wish to, for example, be more able to interact with others in a loving way? Would increased empathy help in this regard? Do you wish to be able to pick up on thoughts that are directed toward you? Do you want to know what your pet is thinking? Yes, they think. Do you want to explore other times or places? The ways that your knowing can expand are endless. We are simply saying that at this time you might wish to give some focused thought to the matter. Why do we say that?

The change in your awareness has already begun. Have you noticed yourself reacting to things in ways you did not expect? Are you often more emotional than you have been previously? A large number of you are already experiencing things that are new to you.

Some of you have even wondered if you are ‘going crazy’. Well, you are not going crazy friends, you are developing, evolving. Much of what is possible for you has previously been said to be abnormal. What does abnormal mean? It means simply that most people did not have such experiences. Most people do not see auras… yet. Does seeing auras mean that one is crazy? No. Does not seeing auras mean that one is challenged in some way? Again no.

But many of you have a laundry list, so to speak, of things that you want to become capable of. We are simply saying that you are nearing the energetic level that will allow you to begin gaining those capabilities. And we would have you consider some things now.

Why do you want these things? How and to what end will you use them? How will you not use them? Do you know that you can choose not to develop them and may have already done so? Do you want to travel the galaxy? Why? Where? Fun, by the way, is allowed. Are you going to be frightened by what you see, hear, experience?

If your answer to the last was yes, you may want to reconsider, or you may want to do some studying. If you can imagine that hearing all of the thoughts going on around you would be, at the least, a bit disconcerting, you may want to explore how to be in control of that. Perhaps the best way to manage all of the above is to determine that you will develop your understanding of unconditional love. That is, after all, the baseline of all of this. But in the learning of this, do not forget to include yourself.

The main message here is that you are now indeed changing, and perhaps it would be a good idea to be more aware of the changes to your awareness. In other words, do it with intent. Do it with desire. Do it with focus. And do it with acceptance and gratitude.

What will you become? Have fun with that.

As always, we celebrate you and remain with you in love and support in every moment.

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The Expansion of Your Consciousness


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Ron Head – Which Particle is? – Which Particle is not? – The Council

 Which particle is? Which particle is not?



Ron Head
Today we want to have a little fun. Your Albert Einstein, now he is our Albert, used to do what he called mind experiments. And we want to do a bit of a mind experiment with you. But that doesn’t seem much like fun yet, does it? So we’ll ask Lucy and Ethel to loan us their chocolate factory. Yes. That’s more like it.
Now this factory is where Creator makes all of the ‘stuff’ out of ‘non-stuff’. And today you get to be Quality Control. We are familiar enough with the current physics to understand now that all of the ‘stuff’, the particles, is made entirely of energy that is vibrating at varying frequencies. And we are standing on the line as these new particles come into being, consisting completely of the thoughts and energies of the Divine Non-Stuff. Got it? Now what we are to do is to separate the particles that have been created less than perfectly. We need to pull aside all of the ones that Creator didn’t make right.

What’s that? You say there are no particles for us to set aside? OK then. Let’s move to another assembly line. Now we are on the line where these new particles are coming together to make stars, nebulas, galaxies, planets and moons. Fun, isn’t it? Remember, we need to dispose of all the defective ones. Everything looks perfect to us. How about you? There must be something for us to do around here.
Let’s move on down the line. Ah, here we are! This is where all the ‘live’ stuff is made. Did you see where the stuff became live stuff? We must have missed that part. Anyway, let’s separate all of the live stuff that isn’t made entirely out of perfect particles. It seems like we have the same problem here. Let’s move on. In fact, let’s skip some steps and see what we can find.
Ah, here’s the line where Creator has all the humans made. It looks like they are still made up of all the perfect particles. But we were assigned to Quality Control, so what are we supposed to do? Are we supposed to judge which ones are perfect and which ones are not? Do you want that job? As you look around every day, do you not see people assuming the job of Quality Control agents everywhere you look?
Now, there are a few things to consider at this point. You have begun to choose to understand that your Creator, whatever you call Her/Him, is love. You have gone further and said unconditional love. Unconditional would seem to mean that it is a love that does not judge. So this Creator is not saying, “ I will love each of you as long as… “. Each particle, and every being is nothing more, and nothing less, than made completely of perfect divine stuff. Each is nothing less than another face of the Creator Of All That Is. We know that. We just watched the whole process. Right?
So where does that lead us? Well, for one thing, it means that every person you see today is made entirely of divine stuff and is perfect as you see him or her regardless of how they see themselves and therefor how they act. That does not mean that they act nice. It does not mean that you must like to be around them. It means that they are in the same learning mode that you are and you may choose to learn somewhere else if you like. But that still is not where we wished to go with this.
If all of the above is true, and we know that almost every one of you can agree to this, then what does that make you? Can you begin to accept that you truly are a divine being? Are you made entirely of divine stuff in perfect ways? Did you really do all of the things you have ever done as experiences and steps to learning what you needed to learn? Creator has not judged you. Who has? Do you truly feel that you are a divine being? Why not? Because we tell you that if you do not own this, then you still have some forgiving to do. And Lucy, Ethel, Ricky, if you cannot yet forgive yourselves and everyone else, then “you got some ‘splainin’ to do.” Or some deep reflecting.
Now, before you put on your hair shirts and go further into your guilt trips – in other words, don’t feel guilty about feeling guilty – please understand that the entire object of this experiment was to bring you to see that you are indeed made of, and in fact are, the divine stuff we spoke about. And you cannot be anything else. Because there is nothing else. There really is not. You cannot say, “Creator made All That Is except for that stuff over there.” You cannot say, “Except me.” Are you still learning? Are you still improving? That’s your job. Congratulations. You have spotted ways in which you might be able to improve. Actually, you may find that you were better, in your estimation, the way you were. But you get to decide. And that is alright.
What we have done today is revisit topics that we have spoken of before and looked at them in what we intended to be a new way. We do that often. That is because if you have looked at them before then you are not the same today, and you will very likely gain some new insight. And if you have not, then you will make another step on you journey.
Blessings and a good day to all.
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THE COUNCIL – Get Ready! – 4-12-16

THE COUNCIL   –   Get Ready!   –   4-12-16

April 12 2016

There is a rather high probability that in your very near future events will occur that will make our topic for today very relevant, even though it may not seem so at this moment. We wish to discuss in a bit more depth something that we have mentioned more than once in past messages, but have never devoted an entire message to.

We are speaking to a large number of people around the world. Many of you have been following our messages for quite some time. But it is also the case that many of you have been placed in areas where you are seemingly alone, or where there may be very few of you whom those who are awakening would term lightworkers. The reason that that is, may soon become much more apparent.

You have spent varying lengths of time bringing into your own awareness spiritually based information and what you think of as ancient knowledge. We see this as ever unchanging Truth (capital T, please). You have not been taught so much as you have been helped to remember. And you do have a reason for being where you are.

We have spoken before about impending change. We have spoken before about the fact that a great deal of the impending changes have been happening for some time in small increments and widely spaced locations. It has not been so very evident to those who were not looking for it. We also mentioned that it would have a snowball effect.

The amount and type of change is about to make a rather radical shift. So much, so important, and so impactful will be the changes that emerge very soon, that no one anywhere will escape being affected. There are millions of you who will know what is happening and why. But there are billions of others who will be completely taken by surprise.

Now that should make it rather obvious why you are where you are. And we can skip speaking of the obvious. But there is more than placement to be considered.

Almost all of you have been at this long enough now for you to have experienced definite shifts in your inner selves. Sometimes you amaze yourselves with your reactions to things. We see you wondering, as you find yourselves saying things or doing things that you always wanted to say or do, but always felt lacking when you did not do or say them. Inside, we hear you saying to yourselves, “Wow! Was that me?”

But still, you have not completed your inner evolutions yet, and there are large numbers of you who are fairly new to this journey. For these reasons, we feel it necessary to pass on a word of caution at this time.

Please, when numbers of those around you begin to ask about things that they never would even listen to before, be very careful how you respond. Please realize that you speak a language of tone, of body language, of feeling, that everyone reads, whether they know it or not. And don’t allow yourself any part of “I know. I tried to tell you.” Neither, “I told you so.” Understand that answering questions that are asked is enough and be careful not to fall into a teaching mode. Advice that is not asked for is seldom received well.

Now, if you feel that you can offer instruction about something that others may opt to come to you for, that is another matter, and we say good for you. If you do that, be sure you are quite prepared. You will be sought out.

It is time to begin giving these things some serious thought. Not all of you are there for this purpose. But the largest number of you are. You will know if that includes you by how the thought of how it makes you feel. Do not feel it is necessary for you to set about doing what does not feel right for you. As always, we say that you will always know what is right for you by how you feel about it. Of course that does not mean that those things cannot change as you change and grow.

It is enough that we have brought this topic to your attention. We thank you and as always send our love and blessings.

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The Council via Ron Head – All of You are part of Consciousness – 12-15-15

The Council

The Council

We continue.

We were discussing oneness, unity, the idea that all of you are a part of a consciousness. Many of you have a problem with that. You have been taught thoroughly and well over many lifetimes that you are separate and unique. And you have been also taught that you are separate in every other way possible. And those ones over there bode you no good. And those other ones are truly dangerous. And just forget about the ones we haven’t even mentioned.

There was – no, there is – a reason for this. And you know very well that it is a mechanism to keep you all apart and under control. You cannot be made to treat someone that you care about as an enemy. And profit requires enemies. The security of the top layer requires enemies among the lower layers. This is the concept that your world functions upon. It is not true, but it is believed, and belief creates. Belief creates B.S., belief systems.

What we want to replace that with is not exactly a belief so much as it is what you each know full well in your heart, in your gut, is truth. You know that your neighbor, that man, that woman, is exactly like you in his heart, her heart. You know they bleed red. You know their blood can save your life. Why? Because it is the same as your blood. You know they want the same things that you want. The problem there lies in lies. The Belief System that there is not enough to go around is that lie. And it is easy to prove it to you if what you need is held from you or from him. Then all that needs to be done is for that to be shown to you. See? They are starving over there! Never mind that there is enough in dumpsters to feed the world. But that is another story.

The concept that you are a part of a unity is very easy to see if you can look around and suspend doubt for a moment. You understand it in ants, bees, flocks of birds, and schools of fish. It only takes a small change in viewpoint to see that there are many unities to which mankind belongs. There are city consciousnesses. There are those of sororities, fraternities, colleges, states, countries, races, religions, and many more. In fact, the very existence of these is used against you. Is it so difficult then to see the oneness of humanity itself?

No, it is not. As a matter of fact, the Great Awakening that is spoken of so much is largely an awakening to that fact.

Now, if that is a problem for you, then you are really going to enjoy it when you are faced with understanding the oneness of ALL life. But that little lesson is still just a small distance away on your path. You can make it somewhat easier if you begin to tune in to the oneness of the various lifeforms on your own planet. It will be less of a jump to include that from other places in the universe.

All of this is understood by many on your world. This has, however been kept well out of the mainstream, as you term it. You are constantly being bombarded with the mantras of divide and control. And why constantly, do you imagine? We are happy to say that the reason is that you are indeed waking up to the game that is being played upon you. In fact you have reached what is termed a critical mass. You are about to witness how amazingly fast a world-wide change in consciousness can manifest.

This is happening now. Get your popcorn. Grab a beer and your favorite seat. And watch the show. Of course you may choose to do your part. Good for you.

We will speak again soon. Peace to you this day.


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BREAK FREE – The Council via Ron Head – Comentary by Rosalie Parker – 12-5-15



Many of us have already turned off cable TV service in order to replace negativity with positive activities and not to be under mind control.   The council addresses why this is a really good idea.  Here, they point out that we have already won the battle for Freedom.  Now, it is a matter of refining our energies and our beliefs, and changing our habits.  This is the message we hear from Gaia Portal and many other channels.  Maybe you have received the same from your Higher Self.

Since the “news” is all lies and control, replace it with positive, happy activities.  Movies, chosen with this in mind, may be a good replacement, especially as a stepping stone for breaking away from the TV habit.  Many old classics, independents, and foreign films may help to change habitual thought patterns to more beneficial ideas.

Here is the Council’s message regarding the mind control TV and faux news situation.   The orange highlights are my own.



Break Free – The Council

via Ron Head


Today we will speak of your efforts to break free from the old paradigm that you seem to be surrounded by on all sides. And we say ‘seem to be’ because that is what is being made most evident to you while the evidence of anything else is not apparent at all.

There is a manufactured phenomenon in your societies, many of them, called news. First, please realize that it is a manufactured phenomenon. This means that someone has dreamed it up. This means that someone is very likely benefitting from it, and that, dear friends, is probably not you.

It was noticed at some point that bad news got everyone’s attention. Of course it did. Long ago such knowledge saved your lives many times. But the studious application of this understanding of humanity has been cultivated and applied for quite a long time now in order to achieve and maintain control of large populations. It has been refined into a very effective science and all the more so since the advent of what you term mass media. A large portion of the populace has now begun to understand this. But even so, the extent to which these media have been used, and the methods involved, are barely understood. And it is very likely that if one were to try to explain these things it would be some time before anyone would choose to listen and believe them.

Even though so many do understand the likelihood of this, the greatest percentage of those who have access to these media still choose to immerse themselves in them daily. For many, it takes up a huge part of their waking time. For many, it is their greatest source of information. Please understand that this fact is known and taken full advantage of.

Now, why do we, who usually deal in much more positive subjects, choose to address this? We do so because you are in the throes of what might be called a final battle. You are being pulled this way and that every time the situation seems to require it. Even the knowing of this can be used to produce frustration and dejection. You are seldom ever given a tidbit of good and happy news.

Well, we are here to tell you that the truth is that you are actually surrounded with an almost overwhelming amount of good and happy news. Beside the fact that most of the events of most people’s lives are far from negative, the actuality is very positive. Consider the weddings, the parties, the births, the celebrations, and more, that make up a great deal of the landscape of your lives. That is what is actually around you, not the events that are placed into your faces through technology each day. The good things happen to billions of you each day. And they are not a very large part of what is called news.

And we want you to understand something that is very much not being seen. The reason that there is so much of this negativity being waved in front of you lately is that there is a losing of control. There is a desperation. You, and we mean the collective you that you truly are, are waking out of your trance. You have decided that it is time. You have determined that this is enough, and in fact is too much. And seen from that perspective, so much ‘bad news’ is really good news. It would mean that you were winning, except we will tell you that you have already won.

And so we come to the end of this little message. There is one point that we would make before we end it. There is an off switch on your devices. Better yet, they can be unplugged. Some of what is done is not dependent upon their being switched on. So unplug yourselves. Go do something enjoyable. Keep raising your frequencies. You will feel better, and you will be doing your world a service, even though very few of those around you will understand that.

Be in joy. Be at peace. Love those around you. Love those who are not around you. Go for it!


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SAFETY – The Council via Ron Head – 5-25-15

Oracles and Healers   –   Ron Head   –   https://oraclesandhealers.wordpress.com/

The Council

We choose today to speak about the subject of safety. And so, naturally, we shall begin by taking a look at fear.

Fear is one of your biggest obstacles. For many it is a constant companion. It is, in the final analysis, a lack of faith in oneself, in one’s future, and a lack of understanding and faith in the Universe itself. Have you not heard throughout your life that your life itself is eternal? No matter where you are, no matter what your faith, even if you think you have no faith, this is something that is a deep part of your being.

The knowing of this deeply within your consciousness is the reason that it is pervasive in all of your world’s religions. And yet you fear.

Of course no one enjoys physical pain. No one enjoys suffering. Everyone wishes to have abundance, joy, freedom. No one wishes to lose these when they experience them. The fear we are speaking of is your ultimate fear. You fear death. You say that you believe there is no death, yet you fear death.

Now, it is true that the body’s mind has a fear reaction to pain and wishes to live, even in its last instant. And it is also true that by far the greatest number of you identify with the body that you inhabit. Even if you have studied and believed great numbers of teachings that say you are not that body, still you identify with it. You feel as if you are inside of that body and that you are not outside of it. For what it may be worth, we tell you that you are outside of it and that it is inside of you.

But we are speaking of safety, of security. How can you find this?

Instead of living in a constant feeling of being in peril of losing your life, what if you could live in constant knowing that nothing could possibly take that life from you? Would thinking it work? Not really. Professing it? You do that. Does it work? Not really. Blind faith? Doesn’t seem to work so well, does it? What produces real trust is experience. Does that seem true? This is, in fact, why those who have had what you call near death experiences are forever changed.

So let’s all run out and have one of those. Please do not try this at home.

Now if you could experience the memories of having lived several times before, if you could experience the memory of being outside of your body and still being here to tell about it, would that help? Of course it would. Isn’t that a great part of what happens to those you call adepts in many of what you call spiritual practices?

And once one experiences these things, a great load is lifted from them. Now they know, you see, that they are not their body. They know that they live with or without it. It is only a creation that allows physical experiences. And they begin to learn that their total experience is far more than physical.

As earth humans have progressed recently there have been many methods of reaching these memories and experiences that have become quite popular. Still, however, it cannot be said that anything like a majority of you are on that path… yet. But we tell you that will change along with everything else. Your memories are returning.

And along with the memories will come that knowing, that certainty, that you are eternal, that this moment is the only time that is. And that is security. That is safety.

We trust we have given you food for thought. Be at peace. Good day.

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Archangel Michael via Ron Head – Is there really a spark of the Divine within you? – 4-24-15

Gretchen12Michael and the Councils of Higher Selves

We are here today to bring your attention to the topic of self-love.  We return to this over and over because it so important.  Perhaps today we can give a different perspective of the subject and make it a bit easier for you to understand and move into the energy of it more readily.

When you think of the word love, your current understandings are weighted down quite heavily with ideas of romance, sacrifice, impossibly long lasting emotions, and all the other baggage which has sold so many songs, films, books, and television programs for many, many years.  The love we speak of is not an emotion.  Some languages have no word for the idea of love that your society has promoted for so long.  That seems so strange to you.  In your past there were, in other languages, many different words to define many kinds of love.  That also seems strange to you.  But we speak of the energy which is the very stuff of which everything that is, is composed of.  Now we know that, in your current intellectual understandings of the make-up of the universe, that makes no sense at all.  You have been taught to think of the cosmos as a giant mechanism that can be explained and measured.  It cannot be, but that is not important here.

Back to self-love.  It sounds to you as if we are speaking of something selfish.  We are not speaking of a self-centered spoiling of oneself.  In fact, it is quite the opposite.  And that is because you will achieve this only by understanding who you are, and that will completely change how you think and how you act.  All that is needed for this to happen is for you to accept finally that you are a divine creation of the Divine and for you to stop judging yourself, to forgive yourself for all of those thoughts, words and deeds which you are so afraid of.  No, they are perhaps not so very wonderful.  But please understand that by experiencing them you have actually learned that.

Now let’s take a short moment to examine the judgment itself. If one says, “I am undeserving of my God’s love because I have done this”, then one is saying that a portion of the Divine, the All-That-Is, is undeserving of love.  Is that not true?  And so you are pronouncing judgment upon something that even the Creator does not judge.  Now where is the value in that?

In contrast to this, how do you feel you would act if you knew absolutely that you were a perfect creation of God and were loved unconditionally, were forgiven for everything you had ever done, and were trusted to and beyond the limits of your understanding?  What that would be is a complete acceptance of the love that is, and always has been, yours.

Here is a puzzle for you.  There is no easy or quick answer for this.  But it is a puzzle worth thinking about for a bit.  Why, do you suppose, has this been so difficult for humans to accept?  Have they been taught not to do so?  And if so, why is that?  Are they afraid to do so?  And if so, why is that?

Is there really a spark of the Divine within you?  Do you believe that?  Can you own it?  What will you do with it?  Can you love it?  Do you believe it loves you?

These are weighty questions, are they not?  We ask them because we are very desirous of your knowing yourselves finally as we know you to be.

Let us finish with one final thought.  It is time.  It is time.  It is time.

Good day.

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Exploring Your Multiple Selves – By Suzanne Spooner & Ron Head

InfinityHealers·7 videos

The Event – (Celestial Consciousness Trigger) – Higher Self Interview – Suzanne Spooner, Ron Head – Nov 2013

InfinityHealers·5 videos

This recording was part of a Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy (QHHT) session. The subject is Ron Head and is deep in hypnosis. The practitioner is Suzanne Spooner.

When Ron is hypnotized he accesses the Creator or God energy. Each session, Suzanne guides Ron into trance and then asks questions on a topic. Each time he gives beautiful, deep and profound answers. They place these recordings on their website, http://www.SpeakingwithSelf.com.

This recording was made at the end of their 9th session on November 6th, 2013. Suzanne had thought the session was complete and had turned off the recording. On a whim she asked one more time if there was anything else that needed to be discussed.

After a long pause Ron, still in trance, starts to speak again. Suzanne quickly starts to record again mid-sentence.

After she asks if there is anything else, he responds, ” There are some things we can tell you and as much, that we can not. But we will say your favorite word, soon….” This is where the recording begins. As it plays out, more and more details are given about this Divine Event.


This is a continued conversation about “The Event”.

Suzanne is asking for clarification and more details of what to expect as The Event occurs and how it will be perceived after.

This recording was part of a Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy (QHHT) session. The subject is Ron Head and is deep in hypnosis. The practitioner is Suzanne Spooner.

When Ron is hypnotized he accesses the Creator or God energy. Each session, Suzanne guides Ron into trance and then asks questions on a topic. Each time he gives beautiful, deep and profound answers. They place these recordings on their website, http://www.SpeakingwithSelf.com.

This recording was made at the end of their 9th session on November 6th, 2013. Suzanne had thought the session was complete and had turned off the recording. On a whim she asked one more time if there was anything else that needed to be discussed.

AA Michael – Ron Head – If it were true, what would you do next?


Ron’s Channeled Messages


Please accept our congratulations on passing another important marker on your way to higher awareness, greater consciousness.  Although you will certainly not feel any different today than you did last Friday, we can assure you that you are.  Each day, hour, and minute that you spend now in the energy field that currently surrounds you sees your entire being becoming more able to contain the higher frequencies that are necessary for your further growth.

There are those around you who do not choose to believe this is occurring.  There are those who follow these messages who still think there is nothing happening to themselves, only to others.  But, as we have previously stated many times, this energy is having its effect upon everything.  We do, however, agree with them in this way.  Were they to open themselves to what is possible at this time, welcome the change that is possible for themselves, and feel gratitude for all of it, the potentials for greater and faster manifestation of the life they profess to desire would, as you like to say, knock their socks off.

You can have a little, if that is what you will allow, or you can have a lot.  Your wishes will be honored at all times.  If you are in conflict about what you wish to allow, you will be given that which you can accept.  And, as always, dear friends, you will see what you believe.  It is therefore high time for you to clarify, for yourselves, what it is you do believe and what you do desire.

When we have taught you that you are the co-creators of your lives, it was because it is fact.  If you look around you, you will have no problem seeing that in your outside world.  Is that not true?  Is it not natural then that it be true for you, as well?  It is true that you were taught that you did not have such power.  And your creation was therefore unconscious.  Now you are being told that the power is yours.  Build the rest of your lives with conscious intention.

We say this not to bring forth any guilt, blame, nor any negative feelings whatsoever.  We say it to get you to begin imagining the possibilities that now exist for you.  It is not that the manner of creating has changed, it is that your creative energy is being upgraded from regular to high octane.  Do not ask us to prove that to you.  Look inside and prove it for yourselves.

If you do not know it already, play the game of “if it were true”.  If it were true, what would you do next?  Beginning that process by declaring your intention and gratitude to that which you call your Creator would not be amiss, but start out and see where it will get you.  You will astound yourselves.  Asking your guides and angels for help is also a good idea, especially if you believe we exist.  Yes, we are smiling at that.  We live for that possibility, dear friends.  It is not necessary for you to be in dire straits before we step in.  Just ask.

And one more thing, please begin to consider forgiving yourselves for being who you are.  We promise you are each amazing miracles.

We love you dearly. We will speak again soon.  Good day.

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