Robert Shapiro – Life Here and Beyond – Ascension Thoughts by Grandfather

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You are living in transformational times. All around and about you things are changing – sometimes for the better, sometimes not so. There will be times when you will feel pulled this way or that way. There will be other times when you won’t know what to do. Advice is given, as always, in this video to support you on your passage from here to there in the most benevolent way. It is likely there will be a follow-up to this either in the Sedona Journal of Emergence ( ) or the Light Technology Publishing website ( ) or both perhaps in October or by November.

Robert Shapiro – The Explorer Race

Robert Shapiro·380 videos

Who are you in the larger sense and how does it actually affect your day to day life? Are you here to suffer through some difficult ordeal – many times it will seem that way. Are you here to learn something that will be of value? Oh yes. What will you do with this knowledge? This video will help to explain that and to discover why you are called the explorer race.