5D Media Radio – RevolutionShips – Navigating Relationships in 5D – 1-12-14

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Presented by: Crystal Walker, Julien Wells

As we step over the threshold into the energies of the New Earth 5th Dimensional awareness, the changes are rippling out into every facet of life.  As we begin to step forward and claim our personal sovereignty on the heels of our awakening, old limiting structures and definitions of how life was lived in 3D are being rapidly replaced with our new understanding of who we really are.  One of the more limiting constructs of the old society was in the realm of romantic relationships.  Romantic relationships are growing and evolving as are all aspects of life as we know it.  A lot of us are asking what it means to be truly free within a relationship?  Can we only love one person?  One gender?  These, and many more, are the questions we’ll be exploring as we figure out how to integrate partnership with freewill.

The first episode will introduce myself, Crystal, with a bit of background as to how I collaborated with Julien Wells, and our first guest will be a mutual best friend of ours, Sheri Rogers Gordon.