Teal Scott – Returning To Source – How Will Ascension Affect Us – Sky Blue Symposia

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In part 1 of our symposium with Teal Scott, we talk with her about the changing vibration of the planet and its effects on us. How we humans are becoming more in alignment with source, groups of vibrationally similar people and how they enable us to evolve more quickly. We also explore into commitment phobias and how we can move past them, how much of our life is predestined, animals, pets, and why they are here, and how to raise our children.

In part 2 of our interview with Teal, we talk about healing oneself by distraction, how brain diseases are caused by suppression, and paying attention to what emotions are telling you in order to heal. We also discuss how she makes herself available to so many people and her new healing modality. We learned how the energies around her can explode crystal as one did exploded during the interview. Additional insights were gained about “sundowners”, how Teal learns, how to connect with your own spirit guides, and tips for empaths on how to cope.

Teal Scott’s Website: http://www.thespiritualcatalyst.com/
SkyBlue Symposia Website: http://skybluesymposia.com/