Pleiadian Delegate – Releasing of Karma – Frequency Transmission

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The Pleiadian Delegate “Releasing of Karma” Frequency Transmission releases the Karmic Traces; Memories held in your Cellular Consciousness, DNA and Original Blueprint.

In this Pure Blueprint state of “Being” you function in Divine Flow, with ease and Grace.
Free from the Unconscious Patterns and memories that take you out of Harmony.

Freedom is the New Era of Light. Freedom to be you. Freedom living as the eternal Being that you are, free from suffering.

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Embodying Divine Union (the fullness of You) is the Agreement you made at Soul level Prior to this Incarnation onto Planet Earth. Codes are held in your Original Blueprint to be Activated and Initiated Now. You as the New Human of Light, walking Fully into the New Era of Light.
This is the Reason you are Here.

This is a Commissioned Dispensation for you and Your Alchemical Transfiguration into Divine Union, The New Human of Light. From The Central Sun through The Queen of Light.

I hold you in Divine Union, Love and Harmony in Eternity.
Pleiadian Delegate; The Queen of Light

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