David Palmer – Weekend Inspirational Astrology Report – July 3-7 2013 – New Moon In Cancer

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Healing Anxiety and Emotional Addictions with the Angels

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This is a powerful meditation to help you let go of emotional and substance adictions and behavioural pattern energy systems and fear based attachments which may be anchored in your physical body and energy field. Please drink lots of water and know that you can let this go, love, power and laughter adri

David Palmer – Daily Astrology Report – May 30 2013 – Esoteric Spiritual Horoscope Forecast

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The Oracle Report – Daily Energetic Analysis During the Time of Awakening, May 16, 2013

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Crescent Moon Phase – Moon in Leo

Ruling Mahavidya – Tara

Today, like a string being pulled, something emerges from deep within us.  You may be surprised or think you didn’t have it in you.  This energy finds things that are latent, dormant, or undeveloped.  It can be anything – a feeling, a talent, a belief, an injustice, the spirit to stand up – there are no limits with this.  But it comes from the seats of our souls and it tells much about who we really are.  The activation of this element from deep within us is part of the energetic upgrade that occurred over last lunar month.  Something needs to come into the light today, and it is part of the teaching that Tara brings us this month.

If involved in something important to your future today, do not go in unprepared or overconfident.  Double check yourself and come from your heart.  While this may sound like generalized, parlor astrology talk, it is more important to do this today than it would be on most days.

The electric Universe is still reverberating with X-class flare solar energy, and spaceweather.com predicts a 60% chance of another X flare today.  Remember this is “agitating” our personal electric fields, causing some to react hyper-emotionally and erratically.

If you have been following these reports for a while, you may remember that we implemented a shamanic technique of carrying around an energetic “quiver of arrows” that we shoot at “negative” forces when encountered.  We mentally shoot a light arrow at something that is attacking.  Most often this is a negative thoughtform – an Archontic intrustion.  There is heightened need to keep our quivers filled today.  We can blow away anything that attempts to drag us down.

As always, remember to find beauty and a reason to fall back in love with the planet.  There are lots of reasons, but one will do.

The Oracle Report

Pay It Forward – Reaching Out To Others In Need

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Ask Teal – How to Raise Your Frequency – Increasing Your Vibration

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Ask Teal Website – http://www.askteal.com
Consciousness and vibrational frequency go hand in hand. When you’re in a low frequency, you’re in a decreased state of consciousness and your perception is limited. When you’re in a high frequency, you’re in an increased state of consciousness and your perception is heightened.

The lower your vibrational frequency, the less you are able to comprehend because your ego is restricting the Flow of Life Force/source Energy and Intuition/Love through your mind and body. The higher your vibrational frequency, the more you are able to comprehend because you are allowing a greater Flow of Life Force through your mind and body.

In this episode, Teal explains that raising your frequency means move to a better feeling, more positive emotion. She also explains that the trump card of all things that raise frequency is focus… nothing is more important than the thoughts you are thinking and whatever you’re paying attention to/focusing on. You can not focus on things that cause you to feel bad, and hold a high vibration.

Teal then goes on to describe eleven steps that you can take to increase your frequency.

Synchronicity & the Conscious Universe Series: “What is the Smallest Particle in the Universe”