Raise Your Frequency – Raising Your Physical, Emotional, Mental, Spiritual Vibration – 11-28-14

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All is energy vibrating at some frequency or another. Just like the physical body’s immune system is stronger in an alkaline state where germs cannot survive, so is it important to maintain a high level of emotional, mental and spiritual state of being.How we think, act and respond to our environment has a direct energetic impact on our experiences. Our choices create. When we are aware and fully accountable for our choices we can shift from being a victim of circumstances to seeing any and all challenges as opportunities to ask “how can I learn & grow, and help others learn and grow from this?” Until our biggest challenges become our brightest blessings, we have some perception work before us.

“Map of Consciousness”

The below map was created by David R. Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D., http://jhaines6.wordpress.com/2013/07/13/map-of-consciousness-from-david-hawkins/

As David shared in several of his books, the intellect ends at level 499 and the leap of faith via Love begins at 500. This is where we shift out of our head and into our heart. This is where there is less, if any resistance from ego and a stronger surrender to something beyond “me”. It is a profound shift when one can distance or detach from ego, even for a second and realize that there is no need to define the infinite possibilities of what we can BE! We don’t have to believe that we are this, that or the other. Just BE it! Get into Action. BE Love. BE Compassionate. BE Kind. BE the Change You Wish to See in the World! That simple!

Start your day in Service ~ Power of Pure Intention

Consider starting each day, immediately upon waking asking for a clear path to being the most efficient/effective catalyst for positive change.

Making this choice is like setting your emotional/mental/spiritual GPS to experience infinite potential in the realm of miracles. It is a simple yet profound space to operate within and will draw in the energies of awe and gratitude.

You may want to start a journal to keep track of all of the synchronicities that begin to become a natural way of interacting with a higher frequency state of being.

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Raise Your Frequeny! How to Raise your Physical, Emotional, Mental & Spiritual Vibration

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