Anna Merkaba


Those who have passed the ring past not, have been transitioned onto a new parallel of reality structure, which is presently being superimposed onto your earthly structures of living, the ordinary situations are thereby playing out in extraordinary ways, presenting you with phenomenal opportunities for growth and expansion of BEing of all those involved in the Project GAIA.

For your placements around the globe are not accidental, but have been chosen, by your very own higher selves, for you have unbeknownst to the consciousness of your vehicle, chosen to experience your human incarnations in specific places that you are finding yourselves at various moment in time. For It is through deliberate mapping, if you will, of your locations that as a collective consciousness, you are able to bring through the necessary energies of change, peace and harmony for all who reside on your planet.

For through your vehicles of time and space not only are you collecting various experiences, whilst learning about the human culture, but also broadcasting the understanding and the innate knowing of the culture from which you have come prior to your incarnation onto this planet. For you bring with you the gift of inner knowing for all of humanity. The gift of innovative thinking patterns. The gift of Harmony, Bliss, Peace, Collaboration, Unity and Oneness. The gift of Eternal Understanding of Self. Self-Love and Adherence to the Universal Principles of BEing…

I am guided to share “The Purity Magnifier” sacred key with all of you today, along with a few other tools to help you get through this time as sensibly as possible. I have received this download from Quan Yin and had asked a very talented graphic artist for help in bringing it to life here for you here today.https://sacredascensionmerkaba.com/20

The transformation of collective consciousness has begun and shall continue for the duration of six to nine months of your earthly linear time frame. Within said time frame, much shall change within your very own lives, as you are prepared for the junction in time when collective consciousness of humanity can indeed jump to a new octave of being, and so, each is prepared in their own way for the event that is rapidly approaching and shall culminate in a point of no return for all of humanity, in due time.

The event of grand magnitude indeed is approaching your earthly shores, and it is time to once again prepare for that which is to come. Each of you shall be taken aboard your very own light ships, in what is called in your known world as your Merkaba (vehicle of ascension) which shall be fully activated and remain galvanized for the duration of said experience.

And just like all of us have our own personal points in time from which we can jump onto other timelines, GAIA and human collective consciousness too has these moments in time, that is why it is so important to come together for meditative purposes at specific times, and that is what is about to happen. At specific time, in the weeks to come we will feel a nudge to relax, go to sleep or meditate. From what I am told that point in time will occur on June 21st and most of us will be called in to join in the massive meditation…


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Thank you everyone for your beautiful artwork which I have found through google pictures search, though I do not know who you are who have made these publicly available to all of us, I do appreciate your beautiful work of art for enlightenment of the whole planet. Thank you!

Music Credits: Unity and Travel into the Dream by AudioBlocks.com

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