Lisa Trancendence Brown – When Purity, Beauty and Simplicity Touch Your Heart SO Deeply – 6-10-19

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Lisa Trancendence Brown – When Purity, Beauty and Simplicity Touch Your Heart SO Deeply – 6-10-19

It’s the most profound EXPERIENCE there is

When something SO PURE and SIMPLE is FELT so deep within
Your heart bursts wide open
and a Stream of Pure Love (Light) Pours out..

When you are REMINDED of what Pure Love really is… 
When YOU REMEMBER through the simplest of everything… 

When a soft breeze blows
or fragrance enhances your senses
When the great SOULar Sun is golden
When a child greets you with innocence
When a blade of grass sways
When a bird sings eloquence
When another’s heart opens too…..

Your memories flood back to/through you…

the beauty that all is….. 
When you truly understand with your WHOLE BEING
What we came here to REMEMBER, BE AND DO…. 
Because you REMEMBER who and what you really are…. 
Which is nothing that you use to think… 
This goes soooooooooooooooooo far BEYOND….



ANNA MERKABA – Lord Metatron, Lady Quan Yin – The Sacred Key – Purity Magnifier – 7-22-16

puritymagnifierAnna Merkaba
Greetings Everyone,I hope that all of you are doing exceptionally well! I know it has been a long time since I’ve touched base with all of you. Today, I come to you with a new message that I have received from AA Metatron and Quan Yin. Quan Yin has supplied us with a fantastic sacred key which should assist you in meditating yourself into balance. This particular sacred key is called “The Purity Magnifier”.

Before I tell you more about it, I would like to say that the channeling that I am sharing with you today talks about a few very important points that I would like to briefly touch upon. In the channeling Metatron and the company of heaven are talking about Karma. Karma that has been accumulated by many on this planet and that the time has come to release this karma. Please note that, there is a big difference between the Karmic Wheel of Life and Karma. Everyone has some form of what is called Karma on this planet, however not everyone is actually “stuck” on the Karmic Wheel of Life. Many who come to me for a healing session whose origin prior to their present earthly incarnation is outside of earth, such as star seeds, angelics, etc., are not stuck on the Wheel of Karma, and what they believe to be their human karmic debt is but an illusion, caused by what is known as Karmic Containment Units, once these KCU’s are removed, tremendous shifts in consciousness occurs. I deal with KCU’s on daily basis and talk more about KCU’s on my blog

So to recap, all of us have what is known as Karma on this planet, but not everyone is stuck on the Karmic Wheel of Life. I will talk more about that in my future messages to you, but briefly I want to say that karma is completely misunderstood by most of us. Karma CAN be changed, incredibly easily, because truly it is “cause and effect, where intent and actions of an individual (cause) influences the future of that individual (effect)”. So, the point of this message is to say that those who wish to release their karma, or to be released from the Karmic Wheel of Life have a perfect opportunity to do so with the assistance of beautiful new helpful energies which our planet is being supplied with daily, but we will still have to consciously tune into our Karma, understand it, and release it in order to create new experiences that we wish to partake of.

Another point that our etheric counterparts are touching upon are blueprints. New blueprints that many of us have accepted during our latest invocations. What I wanted to share with you are my own recent experiences with these shifts. What is basically happening for many of us is, due to our acceptance of these new blueprints, or new pathways/missions on this new platform that we are all being moved to, is that our various timelines and past events that have happened with us are being recalibrated, merged, balanced and cleansed. What we really are experiencing is the merging  timelines.

Personally, and I am sure that many of you are also experiencing this, last few weeks I am continuously finding myself tuning into various parts of my life’s past events, clearly seeing and feeling everything as if it is occurring right at this moment, but with a tiny bit of a different twist than what has actually happened. This occurs randomly throughout the day and usually lasts a few seconds. I feel as if I am constantly moved and shuffled through various experiences that I’ve had in the past, where I feel tremendous changes are taking place in order to create a new pathway that I have chosen in my present reality. It is as if the future events are influencing my previous experiences in order to align to one path which is the best one for me. I know that many of you are experiencing this, and so I wanted to share this with you so that you know what is happening on a conscious level if you haven’t already figured it out.



And finally, many of you are experiencing the old sensations and feelings that you thought you have already dealt with a billion times over, rearing up again, but this time, you are actually able to not just allow these sensations to pass, but finalize your realizations and understandings of past events in connection with the present moment and the moments that are yet to arrive. I understand that all of this might be very confusing at times, and tiresome, as it takes so much energy to deal with all of these frequencies, and changes, accelerating of events and then sudden halt of everything you’ve been working on. All of these fluctuations can drive any one of us mad, that is why I am guided to share “The Purity Magnifier” sacred key with all of you today, along with a few other tools to help you get through this time as sensibly as possible. I have received this download from Quan Yin and had asked a very talented graphic artist for help in bringing it to life here for you here today. This Sacred Key is the Picture as you see it above. That is exactly how I saw it in my mind’s eye.

What Quan Yin has explained is that this particular key should help us with:

  • Unraveling of the hidden potential of the human vehicle
  • Balancing of Yin/Yang
  • Assistance in moving onto a new platform
  • Assistance in leaving the old behind
  • Resurrection of Purity
  • Transmutation of Outdated Structures
  • Assistance in transforming from one state to another
  • Finding balance
  • Preparing the Vehicle for Ascension
  • Finding your way.

Quan Yin asks that you meditate on The Purity Magnifier Trice Daily (3 times) for a few minutes (how many depends on you), for 7 days. Meditating on this key would simply mean that you are to sit in a relaxed state observing the picture that you see here and allowing the energy to be transmitted to you in order to assist you with everything stated above, that is all.

For those of you who wish to have a tool with Quan Yin’s energies and the energies of “The Purity Magnifier” I highly recommend that you reach out to Natalya Ankh at who co-creates phenomenally powerful metaphysical tools. One of her tools that is also very active right now, and by that I mean that I feel it’s energy exceptionally much lately is St. Germain’s Disc. St. Germain has actually visited me again recently and has explained that the Violet Flame will become very active again and his presence throughout our lives as well as his Twin Flame Lady Portia will begin to truly transform us. So as you can see all of the great Ascended Masters are collaborating and working closely together at this time to assist us in keeping our energies steady.

The violet flame works by changing “vibrations”. In physics, vibration is the speed of oscillation – the speed at which something moves back and forth. On the atomic level, vibration can be understood to be the speed at which electrons orbit around the nucleus of the atom. The violet flame works by changing vibrations on this level.

For those of you not familiar with St. Germain’s tool here is a brief description of it. St Germain’s Violet Flame Transmutation Disc is infused with St. Germain’s energies and the energies of the Violet Flame:  Violet flame is one of the most powerful vibrational frequencies which enters our field of vision as ultra violet and violet. This frequency operates on opening up our 8th chakra and crown chakra, the chakras of divinity and connects us with the divine. In doing so, it purifies our whole body, removes blockages, releases the past and transmutes all that stands in the way of total recognition and understanding of self.

“The violet flame works by changing “vibrations”. In physics, vibration is the speed of oscillation – the speed at which something moves back and forth. On the atomic level, vibration can be understood to be the speed at which electrons orbit around the nucleus of the atom. The violet flame works by changing vibrations on this level. The violet flame transmutes this negative energy. It does not simply surround and remove the energy, but transforms it into light. Because there is less density within the atom, the electrons whirl faster and faster, thereby raising your vibration. The Violet Flame Disc is Infused with Saint Germains Violet Flame energies and is bound to find a special place in your heart as it opens up your crown chakra transmuting the old, welcoming in the new and connecting you with the divine! To learn more about this amazing tool please click here. 

cell_salt_6_largeI am also guided to share with you two more items that should help you at this time. I am sure I’ve mentioned this to you before. Right now would be a good time to supplement our nervous system with Cell Salt #6. Here is a brief overview of what this amazing cell salt does, as presented by Peter Brodhead CN.

Kali Phos is the #1 Cell Salt for Weak Memory – Nerve & Brain tonic. A great remedy for condition’s arising from want of nerve power. The person is nervous, restless, sensitive, easily frightened or startled, weak and easily exhausted. Neurasthenia – Nerve exhaustion.

Kali Phos sharpens the memory. Weak memory & overuse of the brain. Great stress buster for students, exams, and accountants’ i.e. mental occupations. Brain fatigue – brain fag, prostration of mind. Combines well with ginkgo, gotu kola & lecithin (the phosphorus from lecithin is what’s used to make Kali Phos) Exam Funk, performance anxiety. Mentally stressed and worn out from taking on too much. Drug addiction, DT’s Senility, Alzheimer’s (Anacardium for complete loss of memory also Alumina) Early stages of MS it may help stabilize nerve sheaths

Depression without a cause. Indisposed to meet people or talk with them, depressed and gloomy. St John’s Wort & Kali Phos complimentary herbs go well with cell salts Kava with Kali Phos Chronic Fatigue syndrome from overuse of the brain.

A major insomnia remedy. Sleepless from worry, business troubles. Insomnia especially for people who work irregular hours. Yawning, Hyperventilation Nightmares in children (wakes up screaming). Talks in sleep Kali Phos is a convalecent remedy after stroke (arnica is very good if used immediately after a stroke) Worse worry, mental fatigue. Careworn look on the face. “Homeopathic Valium” taken to gently calm a person down who is nervous or stressed. A good tonic for the high strung nervous type of person.

As you can see this salt has phenomenal properties and I highly recommend it for those of you who feel drawn to it. I personally use cell salts and absolutely love them as they provide immediate relief. You can purchase this cell salt anywhere online, amazon sells these, as well as and they ship all over the world. You can also find these in your local health food store.

lotus_flower_essenceAnd finally The Lotus Flower Essence. As you have seen The Purity Magnifer contains Lotus flower within it and so to maximize the effects of this particular sacred key, Quan Yin is guiding me to share some information about the Lotus Flower Elixir that is made with the energies of the Lotus Flower. Once again, if you resonate with what it is designed to assist with and are being pulled to this flower essence then you should give it a try, if not then you do not need it at this time.

Lotus flower essence stimulates the seventh (crown) chakra to open to Divine inspiration and Spiritual liberation. For those who seek enlightenment and inspired insight. The Lotus flower remedy holds the key to spiritual liberation and freedom so that the individual may find their way toward inner peace and sanctuary.

Archetype of the Lotus Flower is Quan-yin. Quan-yin offers reassurance and inspiration as you begin your spiritual quest for full awakening, appearing to you in whatever form will most aid you on your journey.

In general, Lotus hastens recovery from illness, so it can be given to the patient at the start of therapy. It is a very good aid to healers in diagnosing patients more accurately and ameliorates the anxiety of a healer about the patient’s problems. When in doubt about which therapy to prescribe or when the patient’s condition is confusing, Lotus opens up the case by clearing the picture.

Lotus aids in cleaning the entire system of toxins — physical or subtle. It can be used in bath therapy, and can also be used locally along with lotus oil, or in a cream or lotion base with Lotus essence added. The essence augments the effectiveness of Kinesiology, Aromatherapy, Homoeopathy and tissue salts and is also used on acupressure point

To learn more about Lotus Flower Essence please see

cosmic-energyNow having said this here is the channeling that I have received from AA Metatron and the 33rd Dimension…

The memory banks of the past, the intricately designed waves of ascension, the timelines of the chosen momentum, the liberating energies of love are swiftly moving through all points of BEing.

Dearly Beloved children of the universe,

Through the incarnation of your present momentum, through the incarnation within your present vehicles of time and space, you have transversed eons.

Liberation of your hearts and souls is approaching. Liberation of your hearts from the malevolent influences of the past, the malevolent influences of the thinking patterns that you have ingrained within your very subatomic principles of being are unraveling before you, unraveling and releasing all that no longer belongs on your path to freedom and entitlement of BEing.

The outdated thinking patterns of those who have come before you are disappearing from the blueprint that you have all accepted during the latest invocation. The new blueprint that has indeed been downloaded and delivered into your hearts have begun to activate the codices necessary to rewire your physical vessels of time and space onto a new energetic frequency, onto anew frequency on which your vehicles shall continue to operate in the weeks and months to come.

Those of you who have indeed accepted the new blueprints into their hearts shall find yourselves experiencing the changes and realignments within your bodies, within your minds, throughout the day and during dreamtime as you are being fully rewired and assisted in releasing the old and welcoming in the true essence of that which you are.

Your vehicles are being rewired and recalibrated to be able to function on a new frequency which you have chosen to experience. A new frequency which shall allow you to absorb more light into your vessels, light that you shall then be able to carry within your bodies and share said light with those who have not yet accepted the new blueprint into their hearts. With said light, you shall then be able to activate the dormant memory of that which they are, and stimulate their desire to grow and return to the purity of BEing, the purity of BEing in balance with all that is.

And so, and thus, the new blueprints shall allow those of you chosen to experience higher frequencies to anchor new informational encodings, translating them into innovations that shall continue to balance, clear, cleanse and fortify all whom your way shall come, enlightening them with informational encodings necessary to assist said souls in releasing themselves from the prison of that which they have recreated for themselves. So that all can find unity with that which they truly are and begin their journeys home, to their very own higher selves.

The moment of tremendous change and potential for human collective shift in consciousness has arrived, and the window of opportunity to transverse time and space collectively in order to arrive on a platform which shall allow all to release their karmic debts by finally understanding the lessons laying therein, learn from said lessons, finally release said karma, and consciously walk into a new phase of their soul’s eternal journey. And so and thus, the time for karmic release, karmic debt and karmic debris clearance has arrived and all whom wish to utilize the new energies shall be able to do so with vigor and might. For all are being supported in this new momentum. For all are welcomed into the new reality where all that one wishes to experience shall be delivered to them instantaneously.

Be mindful of that which you wish to experience for all is occurring with lighting quantum speed and shall propel you onto a framework that your thoughts are generating for you every moment. Know that the next few months of your earthly time shall prove very fruitful for you now. Know that you are being recalibrated, rewired, rebirthed, so that you can fully function freely on the new platform and gain the necessary access to information that you are to then manifest for all of humanity. For all seven billion souls residing therein. Remember, that you are the co-creators of this now moment, and so monitor your thoughts diligently as you adhere to the new principles of being. Know that you are supported, loved and applauded and revered by all that is. Know that we walking with you hand in hand and foot in foot. Know that it is so. For it is.

That is all that we have for you now. WE love you. WE are with you. Goodbye for now.

If you need any personal assistance via a healing session, you can reach out to me at to set up a distant healing session with me. I also invite you to visit my blog for more information to help you on your journey. 

annamerkabadistantenergyhealerCOMPREHENSIVE ENERGY HEALING SESSION & ANALYSIS WITH ANNA MERKABA :This is a DISTANT Healing Session. Each session takes 60 – 90 minutes to complete, furthermore much more time is spent on putting together a report which is guided to me by the angels, there are a lot of details involved, this is an elaborate healing session. This is not just an energy attunement you will be bathed in loving light from the angelic realm using reiki like universal energy throughout the session, and a few days following the session, many issues will be corrected, and you will also receive much needed guidance after the session of what you are to do on your own. The energy will continue to be released for the following 2 – 3 months.

Here is what you will be scanned for and if any of these are found or need to be removed/unblocked/

  • Removal of Achorns/Grays/Dark Entities (If there are any)
  • Removal of Implants
  • Cleansing the Aura
  • Removing blocks from the chakras
  • Activating Chakras
  • Activating the Pineal Gland
  • Activating the energy flow throughout the body with Kundalini Energy
  • Sealing the rips in the energy body
  • Connecting the heart chakra to the third eye
  • Scanning of the body to determine if there are any major issues to be aware of
  • Cleansing the blocks within the organs should there be any, and if it is possible to do so, or if there is more that needs to be done.
  • DNA Upgrade
  • Rainbow Healing Light Invocation
  • Past Life Contracts Clearing/Cords cutting (if I am allowed to proceed by your higher self) This is NOT karma removal. NO ONE can remove your karma, except for you, that is if you have karma. Not everyone does, as people misunderstand what Karma is.
  • Past LIfe Visions – ( If necessary to understand why you are going through what you are going through, I will be shown your past lives, this will help you determine the reason as to why you are experiencing that which you are)
  • Scanning of your chakras, correction of energy flow and further recommendations directly from your guides as to what you need to do further
  • You will also receive further recommendations on what you are to do on your own to SEAL in the new energies flowing your way and to assist your own self further without the constant need to come back for more and more healing sessions. However, should you feel that you do need a healing attunement, or there are some issue that need more work you are welcome to come back for another session.

To learn more about this session and hear what others have to say about it please visit:

pdfdownloadableversioncoverP.S. To help you on your journey I have written and published a book. It is now available for all of you in both hard copy and digital form. It is called “Mission To Earth – A Light workers guide to self mastery”. In it I explore topics such as: Why you are here and what you are doing on earth. How Starseeds get to earth to begin with. Why you feel the way you do. How to communicate with your guides. How to discover your life purpose. How to release everything and let it go. How to reprogram yourself in order to fully connect with your true essence. How to release old thinking patterns and institute a new reality into your life. How to change your life and make it what you want it to be, and most importantly how to find a link back HOME! There’s a lot more that I discuss in this book. I invite you to join me on this journey of self discovery as we explore together the “HOW”, the “WHY” and the “WHEN”. For more information please visit :

~Anna Merkaba – Distant Energy Healer- Channeler – Lightworker. To book a Healing Session with Anna
and for more channeled messages to help you on your journey to self discovery visit : Sacred Ascension – Key of Life – DISCOVER YOUR TRUE SELF THROUGH THE VIBRATIONAL MESSAGES FROM BEHIND THE VEIL

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Oversoul Teachings via Wes Annac – Your Mission Will Strengthen in Purity and Purpose – 8-19-14

Peace MakerChanneled through Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness, Oversoul Teachings

With the immense and miraculous things you have the potential to do, there’s little reason not to start your work with as much joy and enthusiasm as you can muster up. Your work to bring humanity into the light doesn’t have to be difficult or draining, and it can be the most enjoyable thing you’ve ever done if you open up and allow it to be.

If you don’t, you might find it harder to do this work, and in general, it and everything else you seek to do will become more tedious. They won’t seem nearly as easy or enjoyable as they could otherwise be, because your enthusiasm will have been turned down when you closed your minds to your potential to successfully and enjoyably do them.

Your perspective is everything, and if you’re willing to believe you’re capable of doing the miraculous things you’ve come to the earth to do, then you’ll happily do them. If you approach your mission with fear or apprehension, however, you’ll find that it’s much more difficult and you may wonder why your skills aren’t at the level you expect.

You can hone all of your divine talents in this wonderfully transformative time, and your readiness and willingness to do the jobs that need done will always determine the progress you make. We and plenty of others have said this a lot, and this is because we think it’ll help increase your understanding of how important your earthly presence and the work you do truly is.

Spreading Knowledge and Awareness

We can’t express the importance of your earthly presence enough, and we want you to understand just how essential it is to work as hard as you can, spreading the knowledge and awareness you’ve started to gain to every facet of consciousness around you who’s in need of upliftment.

Your planet is desperately in need of the light that’s now pouring in at a rapid pace, and the chaos playing out on the world stage is a partial result of the intensification of the light energies, which are colliding with the dark, dense ones that have clogged your collective consciousness for millennia.

Given that the conscious public is recognizing and acting on the fact that you have to be as active as you can before the greatest planetary changes can be made, the timetable that’ll deliver these changes is speeding up in accordance with the work each of you chooses to do.

The harder you work to bring yourselves and the rest of your awakening planet into the light, the quicker the events you’ve waited so long to see will manifest, and we can envision all of humanity excitedly making the wondrous changes that most of your society doesn’t know about yet.

We’re excited for this time, and we see the ripple effect these changes will have on your ascension process.

When more souls can become aware of not only the reality of spirit, but the reality of the uncountable advanced technologies that have been suppressed by the cabal and wait in the wings to benefit humanity, enthusiasm to contribute to your new society will increase tenfold and everyone will understand that you aren’t meant to live the limited lives so many of you have put up with.

You’ve lived them because of your freewill to live them, but now, a growing number of you are proclaiming your dissatisfaction with the current manner in which your world functions. As you do, you ready yourselves to see what a new way of life that’s inspired by spirit has to offer.

Now that you’re collectively exiting the self-instated illusion that’s blocked your minds and hearts from the energies descending down, your realization of the necessity to live for spirit is causing an unprecedented effect in the collective consciousness, enabling far more earthly souls to awaken than before.

Every step you take in a positive direction uplifts the planet around you, and likewise, every backward step you take makes it more difficult for the rest of humanity to become aware and use their awareness for positive and progressive purposes.

This is one of many reasons why your commitment and dedication are important, and now that so many of you are recognizing this, your work is becoming purer and the result is that you’re able to bring through a wealth of helpful energy and information that’ll uplift every seeker around you who’s been lost in the darkness of the lower dimensions for millennia.

The time has come for all of humanity to open up to the greater spiritual revelations that sit within, and those of you who are using your awareness for positive purposes are pioneering your planet’s transformation and the presentation of the knowledge that’ll drive it.

Many of you are using the natural, creative energy you carry within to uplift those around you with your spiritually inspired works, and we couldn’t be more pleased with this because we see the monumental effects you’re making in the collective consciousness, even when you don’t.

Physical and Spiritual Balance

Even when you don’t have the slightest grasp of the importance of everything you’re doing for your planet’s ascension, we’re fully aware and happy to help you become aware of all of the good you’re doing in the world.

Using your spirituality to uplift your planet is one potent way to go, but there’s nothing wrong with using your awareness to create direct, physical change as well. As we’ve said before, a balance between the physical and spiritual is recommended, and if you tip too far in either direction, you’ll want to make sure it’s in spirit’s direction.

There’s nothing ‘wrong’ with putting all of your focus on spirit instead of lending some of it to the things you can do to physically heal and transform your planet, but you don’t want to dip too far into concerning yourselves with how you can bring about this transformation.

Spirit will always be responsible for planetary (and even individual) transformation, and the physical actions many of you want to take up will result from your inner drive to create change, which, of course, comes from spirit.

Deep within, a growing number of earthly souls are ready to transcend your old ways of living and being in favor of a standard that works for every soul – a standard that can’t be broken or tampered with by any occult group for any self-serving reason.

Humanity is ready to see the light, and no force can stop you at this late stage of the game. The light you carry within is growing in potency with every day (and every moment) that passes, and likewise, your inspiration is growing far more than you would’ve thought or expected if you’d looked to your future a few years ago.

Many of you are doing far more than you would’ve thought or expected yourselves able to, and as you increase your efforts, the planetary vibration is purified and waves of other souls who might not have awakened without your assistance are able to utilize their creative, spiritually inspired gifts to uplift your planet and assist with the most important changes that need made.

Everything is flowing along wonderfully, and you can contribute to this divine flow by letting go of the ego and seeking to be clear and pure receptors for higher facets of your consciousness.

Your higher self, guides, and the rest of the Company of Heaven will continue to actively communicate with you, but you can bring forth the divine mind in any given moment and feel a wealth of pure energies that’ll have resulted from your efforts to transform your perception.

As your perception is transformed, the surface of your planet begins its transformation, and dedication to making the inner changes that need made will help you find the dedication to eventually make the outer changes too.

All that’s currently required is to go with the flow and allow the resulting loving expressions to come forth, easily and gracefully, but the ego will do everything in its power to block your flow and keep you from finding the pure and lively state of consciousness so many of you are ready to find.

We’ll always recommend doing everything you can to transcend the influence of the ego, and once you do, you’ll see that its mechanisms and the things that feed it can be used to feed into spirt.

Your ‘demons’, which many of you tend to have a lot of trouble with, are completely harmless. Is this difficult to believe, given that many of you have faced intense temptation from them to feed into former ways of being, making it seem as if they possess an unknown power that, in reality, they don’t possess?

Your demons, along with every lower entity or thought form that could possibly make its way to you, originate within. Yes, there are lower entities and thought forms in the lower fourth-dimensional realms who gain sustenance from your light, but they can only reach you if you’re susceptible to their influence.

They can never make you do anything, but they can influence you to do things you know aren’t in your best interest. At the end of the day, the responsibility is yours not to listen to the influence of lower thought forms who have destructive aims in influencing you, and as many are starting to learn, they can be just as helpful as they are hurtful.

We certainly aren’t the first source of spiritual information to recommend befriending your personal demons, and by ‘befriending’, we really mean approaching them with a loving, open perspective and transmuting them, thus bringing them onto your ‘side’ and using them for positive and progressive aims.

Personal Angels

Your perceived demons can help you spiritually soar, and all you have to do is employ them the way they’re meant to be employed.

If you find that you’re being influenced by lower thought forms (or even if you’re in the company of one of them), it’s usually because of something in you; in your personality or your mind, which allows them to be there. Transform that aspect of yourselves, and your demons will no longer be demons.

Instead, they’ll be more like personal guides or angels who you can employ to help you with your daily routine and your spiritual/creative work.

If all of your demons were re-recruited onto the side of the light, your work would become one hundred percent purer and more potent, and realizing this is the first step to inviting your demons over to enjoy a new perspective and work for a more positive and light-filled purpose.

As each conscious seeker transmutes their demons and enjoys the company of new, love-filled thought forms, the collective consciousness purifies because the entities who’ve fed off of your lower energy are given no further negative sustenance, nor do they seek it because they’ve happily devoted themselves to the light.

As long as you feed negativity for any reason, even reasons that seem completely understandable or justifiable at the time, you’ll continue to feed the old world.

You current paradigm will continue churning on, because no significant inner changes will have been made or acted on to bring about an outer change. We can’t stress enough that the changes you wish to see have to be made within before they can be reflected, and we’re very aware that we’ve repeated this plentifully.

We’ll continue to until its understood in a real and pure sense that your actions are monumentally important to the earth’s ascension, and you’ll soar on a cloud of your own spiritual awareness when you realize that your demons are harmless, transparent beings of creator energy who can be used for any purpose.

Your ego, which is also a facet of your consciousness and can be used for good, attracts lower thought forms when you let it influence you to the extent that you’re low, depressed or angry.

If your ego were transformed and used the way it’s meant to be used – as an assistant and a follower of the promptings of the open heart – any lower thought form would be instantly transformed into a loving being who’d stand by to be used for whatever lighted purposes awaited them.

The nature of most conscious beings is that they dedicate themselves to the qualities that seem to exist just beyond their surface perception, which they feel very close with.

Let us explain. When energy takes the form of a human, plant, animal, or even an etheric thought form, it’ll dedicate itself to whatever feeling/emotion/quality towers over it. If darkness seems to tower over a conscious being, for example, they might dedicate themselves to it by letting it fill them up and harden their perspective.

In the case of a thought form, however, if that darkness were to suddenly be replaced with pure, omnipotent light, the being would either fight and fight until they couldn’t fight anymore or simply give, allowing the light to refill their perspective and reverse their dedication.

Dedication is far more relevant to your existence than you yet realize, and we’ll make our final expressions for this communication with appreciation for the dedication so many of you continue to show.

Rediscovering the light has motivated many of you to contribute to the restoration of consciousness with flowing work that reaches more fellow seekers than you might realize, and again, we can’t express the importance of your work enough.

You’re doing far more for the light than you realize or give yourselves credit for, and we look forward to the time when you can look back on your earthly journeys with the satisfaction that you not only did everything you could – you enabled humanity to ascend.

You’re creating the planetary ascension as you go along, and as long as you can continue to commit to your roles and dedicate yourselves to the light and helping humanity become aware of spirit, your work will continue to increase in purity.

You’ll be very glad you did the work that led your society to the point of ascension, and when you’re back in the higher realms, many of you will assign yourselves to the ascensions of various other planets – many of which will be much easier to complete.

Your mission will strengthen in purity and purpose from here on out, and likewise, we can envision your dedication growing as you see just how important your presence on the earth is.

Thank you to my higher self and spiritual guides.

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I’m a 21 year old awakening seeker and creator of The Culture of Awareness daily news site.

The Culture of Awareness features daily spiritual and alternative news, as well as articles I’ve written and more. Its purpose is to awaken and uplift by providing material that’s spiritually inspired and/or related to the fall of the planetary elite and our entrance into a positive future.

I can also be found at Oversoul Teachings, The Golden Age of Gaia,, Ashtar Command Crew, Facebook (Wes Annac and The Culture of Awareness), and Twitter.



The 7th Golden Age – Jesus Brought The Light – Saint Germain the Purity – Akasha brings the Love

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♥ The Birth of the 7th Golden Age in 2012
♥ Jesus Christ Emmanuel brought the Light into this World :the Golden Rays of the All Christ Illumination
♥ Saint Germain brought the purity :the Violet Flames of Love, Mercy and Forgiveness
♥ Mother Akasha brings the love, Divine Love, the Return of the Mother’s Presence to the World, the Rose Pink Rays of Divine Will , Love and Grace ♥

Mother Akasha:

“There is another Path to embrace after your Awakening, and one that if you choose, can lift and raise you up and out of the limitation of human strife, raising you into the highest vibration of Light & Love, a path of Higher Consciousness is called “The Path of Becoming your True Self” on Earth, also known as “The Path of Resurrection”. As you embrace this path, a great raising & expanding activity unfolds within your mind and your feelings, your consciousness, and ultimately your physical garments. You are awake, your Life calls upon you to rise now & become on Earth your True Glorious Self ‘I AM’ individualized of Mother/Father God.

It is a path in which there begins to be experienced by you the second birth, lightning flashes of sudden Light within your mind, great outpourings of Love within your being, all that prepares you in the centre of your consciousness to enter into The Secret Heart of your God Nature, and to pass through ‘The Door of Everything’ where you will drink of the Waters of Life, the greatest Love of all, The Mother’s Love, the Love of the Heavenly Mother that individualizes as your Soul. When that Love begins to express through you it will reveal its Presence and it will nurture and fulfill all that your mind dares to conceive. Your Soul is the Sacred Womb of The Divine Mother of our Universe, Individualized, just as the Christ is the Individualized Mind of The Father.”

Kitaro – Chinese Bamboo Flute

Basho Matsuo

An old silent pond…

A frog jumps into the pond,

splash! Silence again.

Yosa Buson

A summer river being crossed

how pleasing

with sandals in my hands!

Natsume Soseki

Over the wintry

forest, winds howl in  rage

with no leaves to blow.