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Joanna – Purify, Rise and Expand – 1-19-17



Joanna   –   Purify, Rise and Expand  –   1-19-17

Dear All,

Well, what a start to 2017, with much intensity as the wave of higher light rolls in stronger this year. The ‘new’ energies in motion feel expansive, clarifying and powerfully shifting, around the Earth and in synchronicity with our galactic region. The friction of ‘old’ energies – limiting thoughts, fear-based reactions, neediness – is magnifying, no longer able to be masked or avoided. This is obvious to many on the ‘path into the Inner Divine’ at an individual level, just as these effects are likewise to the forefront in the human collective consciousness. If you’re experiencing less than peaceful energetic discharges or imbalances coming into this year, rather than looking at or for an external ’cause’ (personal, political, environmental, social) see and feel your emotional, mental or physical reactions as a message from you to you…showing you that some part of yourself, at some level, isn’t in that moment aligned with the rising Wave.

You can transform your energies in this moment, however! We all can, and today’s post is dedicated to coming into 2017 and a higher accelerated phase of the planetary Shift in a centered, peaceful, high vibrational flow…and maintaining it. We mentioned last year the importance of shifting your focus from achieving balance to coming into a merged state with your higher self/higher dimensional soul aspects (that exist simultaneously across and within multiple dimensional bands of focus and experience) and staying flexible with the incoming light waves. Balancing amid the polarities, balancing between your 3D and 5D energies requires little focus or energy when you are in a consistently merged state…the ‘unity within and with all’ that can seem  elusive or challenging to maintain, from a 3D perspective. Trying to balance your energies this year if you are not in inner merge is likely to take you into a state of fluctuation and exhaustion, a sense of pulling or juggling between 3 & 5D ‘realities’ where you may inadvertently create a divergence rather than deeper convergence of the two…and can end up compromising or diluting your deepest purpose from the soul level. This can happen in small ways, that gradually have large effects. So firstly, we’ll revisit some advice Ashtar gave a few years ago, when I had begun a practice of going into Inner Heart on a daily basis, but was fluxing between 3&5D energies while going through a lot of inner clearing/healing.

Inner Heart is our own creative inner realm – our well-spring of Source connection and inspiration within – that spans 4&5D…and 5D is a wonderful unified layer of beingness, still with ‘physicality’ (crystalline light embodiment) but which is also an access layer for higher non-physical dimensions, through which higher light beings, guides, and energies can be freely connected with. Its entry point visualizes as a doorway within your Heart Centre. (If you’re new to Inner Heart meditations, see the Inner Heart and Practices pages). There are some common features for most people, in the way the Inner Heart realm visualizes when you step through that doorway: for me, I step in onto grass that stretches infinitely on either side – which is the ‘shared’ space of 4D – and there is a bridge that crosses over a river, the Source stream with a waterfall upstream, eternally flowing through the heart realm. Crossing over the bridge takes me into the 5D space, where there is a temple (Inner Heart Temple), forests, bays and mountains in which I consciously create, every day. Everything shows visually in the Inner Heart, all your energies, feelings, states of consciousness, as well as ego blocks and any attaching lower energies/entities. The beauty of the Inner Heart is that it shows us abstract energies in visualized forms that are precisely symbolic, and make it easy and clear to identify energies in our beings that need healing, releasing or transforming…while also being the space in which we can create new energies of whatever we wish and can imagine. The only requirement is to create in there with unconditional love, for whatever you co-create with Source in the Inner Heart translates and reflects through the dimensional layers, into your 3D lived experience…and if your heart is merged with higher self and ego/subconscious barriers or resistance have been dissolved, the flow-through will be swift, recognizable, and seemingly magical. The true magic of Love.

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With love to All,

Joanna. ❤


STEVE BECKOW – Purification and the Divine Plan, Part 1/2 – 1-3-16

evolution 22


Steve Beckow

I’d like to look at the mechanics of human life, as a way of backlighting the Divine Plan behind it.

Animal life is by and large stimulus/response.  It may not be that way for whales, dolphins, cats and dogs. I don’t know. But for most of the animal kingdom it seems to be, given our present state of knowledge.

Life for humans is stimulus/perception/conception/conclusion/decision/response.

Or I could have said stimulus/thinking/response.

We interpose between stimulus and response a cultural moment, a moment in which we experience sensations, make sense out of them, reach an understanding of what we face, frame a response to it, and then respond.

While that process may take time when we’re young, later in life it’s second nature and often takes no more than a fraction of a second.

If we respond to life from love, our native spirit or soul expands its control over the dense material mechanism that our bodies are. Our soul has freer rein to govern our actions. Our awareness steadily increases.  And our link to our guides and others who are attempting to influence us for our own well-being and the highest human good is strengthened.

If we respond from the lower and baser impulses, like anger, greed, jealousy, and hatred, then we strengthen the baser and denser elements of our physical structure and lower our awareness.

Specifically, we create stress and store it in our muscles as bands of muscular tension. These go to areas that receive our attention through the inappropriate use of metaphors. So if we conclude that we’re carrying the world on our shoulders, then we store tension in our shoulders and end up with a sore shoulder and eventually arthritis of the joints, etc.

Or if someone like a spouse is seen as a pain in the rear, we may create complications in that area. If we cannot stomach the condition the world is in, as I fell into doing, we may create gastro-intestinal problems; in my case, colitis.

Moreover, we “learn” from our negative experiences, resolve to never go to unproductive or traumatic places again, and create tapes, records, scripts, vasanas, issues, resolutions, reaction patterns, roles, etc., to see that we never have to experience a “bad experience” again.

Living Fossil 33

And we walk down a path to what I’ve variously called fossilization, coralization, dumbing down, however you want to see it.

In that state, we become what we variously may call “old fogeys,” “a guy in a diner,” rednecks, opinionated people, etc. We trade our spontaneity for automaticity. We become like robots.

Ascension will relieve of us these symptoms and situate us in a light body that has no more diseases. And the refined vibrations of the Fifth Dimension will dispel and disallow all the lower emotions and qualities.

But in the meantime, we have work to do as lightworkers and that work is impeded if we’re prisoners of our base emotions and reaction patterns.

Unless we handle and emerge from them, we won’t be able to serve the roles we chose for ourselves in the work preceding Ascension. If we spark, argue, criticize, gossip, reject, and in other ways decline to work as part of a very large team, then we’ll have little or no role to play in things like building Nova Earth or creating a world that works for everyone.

That’s OK if it happens. Others will take our place. But I assume that people want to make their contribution in this lifetime and so they’re open to emerging from our patterns and unworkable ways of being.

Spiritual teachers have discussed the process of emerging from our patterns in various ways. Many have called it “purification.”  The Buddha advised us to desist from unwholesome actions, do only wholesome actions, and purify the mind.

His method of purification was Vipassana meditation which sees one circle the body with one’s awareness, observing sensation on the body. Taking one’s hands off the steering wheel in this way had all our vasanas – no longer held down – emerge. Provided we simply observed them, they disappeared leaving us “purified.”

It could be called cleansing the mind, resolving our issues, letting go of our past, becoming aware of our scripts – there are any number of ways one could characterize this process.

Whatever the way, it has us emerge from the bondage of our stress patterns in the body and unworkable reaction patterns in the mind.

Spiritual experiences can accelerate our growth. The heart opening I had on March 13, 2015 certainly accelerated mine. And the rising energies are making these experiences possible and propelling us towards love, compassion, bliss, etc.

One could say that we have two choices in life: (1) to continue reacting to the people and situations around us, building up more unresolved issues, committing ourselves to lifetime after lifetime of karmic illness and disease and living unfulfilling lives or (2) learning how life works and living it consistent with what works and not with what doesn’t work.

So that’s the reason why I talk so often about what Linda calls core issues and what I call vasanas. They are the residue of our unfortunate choices in life to withdraw from it, isolate ourselves, compete with others instead of cooperating, and generally behave as if life is an “us against them” affair.

Everyone takes a bath or a shower in the morning before beginning their day. We lightworkers are also cleansing ourselves before beginning our work. The depth and conscientiousness with which we do it will determine the extent to which we can contribute in what’s coming down the pike.

In the next article I’d like to look at the relationship of purification to the Divine Plan.

(Concluded in Part 2)



Archangel Metatron

Greetings Everyone! Before I begin this channeling I would like to add a personal note. I hope that all of you are doing phenomenally well! I know that the last few weeks have been quite hectic for many of you. With many changes taking place and the energy frolicking every which way, many emotions have been released and continue to be released and contemplated upon daily. Much chaos has unfolding around the earth and yet within all the turbulence of the chaos much love and light can be felt flowing through the most darkest places on earth.

Miracles abound for so many of you as you are sharing with me daily. And I’m SO grateful that you are feeling a shift taking place! Not only in your own consciousness but also in the consciousness of those around you! Many are awakening to the truth of who they are and looking for answers, and that is where YOU come in. I am so happy to know that so many of you are taking ACTION in the direction of your missions. You truly are making a GIANT difference, every single moment of every single day! And from the bottom of my heart I thank you all so very, VERY much for BEing, all of you for walking this earth no matter how bizarre it may seem to all of us at this time.

All in all we’re moving in the RIGHT direction, and many wonderful surprises and changes that many of us have been working toward are manifesting and are about to unfold in our realities! You’re doing an AMAZING job! And I love you all so very, VERY much and once again I’m sending you my heartfelt thanks for transmitting and broadcasting the light and uplifting energies that you are receiving to those around you.

Now having said this here is the message that I have received from AA Metatron & The 33rd dimension.

The purification phase of the determined ones has reached the pinnacle of truth benevolence and might. The purification phase of the chosen ones has been completed and a new set of universal decrees has indeed been bestowed upon the ones that have chosen to walk amongst the souls who wished to partake of said experiment. For indeed the veil of forgetfulness is thinning daily for you now, allowing more light, allowing more benevolence, allowing more understanding of self and all that is to shine through into your psyche and all those stationed on GAIA.

For indeed the experiment has been a phenomenal one, and the experiences gleaned by the beholders of said realities have been accumulated, processed and documented in the Akashic records for eternity.

For through the experience of pain and suffering, through the experience of effervescence and joy, through the experience of benevolence and peace, through the experience of all emotional octaves of the spectrum of human understanding of BEing, a new cognition has indeed been formed in the universal lore.yin_yang_by_bambr

A new cognition of and understanding of said emotional structures of BEing. For indeed the planet on which you are presently finding yourselves is a unique haven, a unique haven whereby you are able to experience BEing as you are! BEing through the emotional rollercoaster prevalent on your planet.

Being able to experience all the spectrums of the emotional wheel, the freedom of choice, the freedom of co-creation. For indeed it is so, For indeed all of you who are presently residing on Gaia, all who have, are and never have been part of the experiment of the human wheel of karma, all of you have chosen to experience said realities through the vehicle of expression you call the human body.

For the world in which your reside, the experimental matrix if you will, has allowed all of you to experience that which you wished to, experience that which indeed was necessary and desired by your higher selves in order to glean, grow and expand the consciousness of that which you are. Nevertheless, the time has come to fully awaken to that which indeed you are, releasing the last bits of debris and misconception of your benevolence, might and power. For indeed you, all of you are mighty powerful beings! Mighty powerful co-creators of that which you wish to see unfold in your world.

And so, as always, we wish to remind you to keep steady in your benevolence, keep steady in your encounters with all that you see, with all that you are bathed in daily, all the “positive” and “negative” spectrums of your daily activities.


Be mindful of that which you read, be mindful of all the activities rapidly unfolding in your world, all the way understanding that, that which appears to be chaos, is building order, order through chaos, as we have indeed conversed to you prior. And so, we command you, we love you and we bow before you, for truly you are the masters of the divine, you are the masters of that which is, and you are the ones writing human history as you breathe, as you walk, as you talk, as you think as you dance, as you sleep, as you invent, as you CREATE.

Everything that you are, is that which is. Everything that is, is that which you are! Keep steady in your stride as you walk toward freedom from the amnesia which has beset you upon your entrance into this world. Keep steady and allow, allow the beautiful encounters with your higher selves, and the benevolent truth of that which you are to flood your psyche. Understand that you are ready, ready to fully awaken, ready to take your righteous place in the universe as co-creators, as gods, for truly you are! Believe, know and remember. Remember, know and BE, BE in the moment, of eternity, BE all that indeed you have come here to uphold.

Stay in balance, stay thoughtful of peace and harmony through unconditional understanding of all colors of the spectrum of life. All colors of the spectrum of life and the emotional wheel of human experience.

Know that we are walking with you, foot in foot and hand and hand. Know that it is so. For it is!

That is all that we have for you now. We love you. We are with you goodbye for now.

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~Anna Merkaba – Distant Energy Healer- Channeler – Lightworker. annamerkabadistantenergyhealerTo book a Healing Session with Anna
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Wes Annec – Oversoul Teachings – You’re Purifying the Collective Consciousness – 11-4-14

6ffa8-1004762_669008726460633_138590120_nChanneled through Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness, Oversoul Teachings

Channeling, like many other things, is a form of art, and those of you who enjoy channeling the energies and impressions of various higher-dimensional souls are encouraged to embrace this practice and the greater spiritual energy that comes with it.

In practicing channeling, you’ll practice sustaining a very real and pure link to the higher realms and, specifically, your higher self or whichever guide you feel comfortable channeling.

We’ll always encourage anyone who wants to channel to first connect with their higher selves and allow themselves to connect with other guides at a later time, because your higher selves have far more to offer you than any given guide.

Your higher selves have a very direct link to your earthly experience – a link that many other higher-dimensional souls don’t have – and they watch you experience the pains and stresses of the earth in a more direct way than the rest of your guides can do.

The higher self has a wealth of advice and guidance to offer you that’s related to your ongoing ascension process and the best and most helpful choices you can make along your quest for spiritual enlightenment, and we highly recommend any seeker who’s receptive to the influence of spirit attune to their higher selves and receive the banquet of energy and advice that results.

Struggling and Shining

When you can put yourselves in a pure frame of mind and open up to the flow of energy you’re receiving from the higher realms, which is constant, you’ll be easily able to do anything that requires or involves your creativity or your connection to a greater spiritual/inspirational source.

We in the higher realms seek to do everything we can to fill your minds and hearts with inspiration and enthusiasm to begin contributing to your ongoing conscious revolution in the purest ways you possibly can, and we continue to watch you struggle through the darkness at times and shine brilliantly in the light at others.

We watch you experience all of the pains and stresses you’ve come to the earth to transcend, and even though some days tend to feel considerably more difficult than others for many of you, we encourage you to keep going, for you’re doing far more good than you yet realize.

Your very presence on the earth is helping change things in monumental and extraordinary ways, and even though we understand that it doesn’t seem this way on some days when the pain and stress seem turned up, we want you to know that you’re making a very potent and noted difference.

You’re purifying the collective consciousness with each attempt you make to open up to spirit and allow the divine, creative flow that results to express itself through you, and when your minds are open and your hearts are filling them with the pure love that sharpens and enhances your creativity, your spirituality or anything else that utilizes your greater perception, you’ll find that you’re basically infinite.

You’re as infinite as you allow yourselves to be, and if you’re willing to believe in yourselves and your divinely ordained abilities to be conduits for spirit in the realest and purest sense, your abilities will be naturally strengthened and your enthusiasm to contribute to your conscious revolution will be turned up.

As long as you have love in your hearts and willingness in your minds, you won’t have any difficulty doing all of the divinely inspired things you’ve come to the earth to do. You’ll do them with the grace and ease of one who’s mastered their life plan, and you’ll skyrocket toward enlightenment more quickly than ever.

One of the best things we feel we can encourage each of you at this stage of the game is to do things that fill you with passionate inspiration.

Even if this means staying home and embracing the creative works you enjoy bringing to humanity, we absolutely encourage it. If, for some of you, it means taking a temporary leave from you creative work and getting out to nature or another place that fills you with passion and spirituality, we’d have no reason not to encourage you to embrace it.

As our scribe has learned, those of you who enjoy retreating out to nature can still be creative in the expanded setting it provides, and all it takes is the willingness to find a way to be creative in this setting.

Our scribe resonates with the idea of taking a notebook out to nature and writing or channeling, and we couldn’t recommend this more for anyone who enjoys getting out but still feels a responsibility to be creative every day.

From our perspective, being creative every day and in every moment is among the best things you can do for yourselves and those around you who enjoy and benefit from your creativity. When many of you are creative, we note that it fills you with a sense of wholeness; a sense that you’re doing exactly what you came to earth to do.

You absolutely are, and for this and plenty of other reasons, we’ll always encourage you to be creative every day of your lives. Never let your creative well run dry, and know that the only way it can run dry is if you don’t routinely refill it by being creative every day, or at the very least, every other day.

Those of you who aren’t in a position where you can practice your creativity every day are still encouraged to practice it as often as you can, even if this means choosing it over other things that you enjoy.

You’re Constant Creators

Creativity is very important, because it’ll lead you back into the higher realms and help you see that your reality is spiritual. Creativity is innately spiritual, and even before you came to earth, you were (and still are) constant creators who manifested entire realities out of sheer thought and the desire to create.

Even while you exist on the earth, other aspects of your consciousness that are still rooted in the higher realms are creating realm after realm; landscape after landscape to explore, run around in and learn lessons in.

The earth is one of many realms that were created by the willing minds and hearts of higher-dimensional, etheric creators who continue to create to their heart’s content.

You can constantly manifest creations if you allow yourselves, and those of you who feel inspired to create in the realms of spirit can meditate and visualize yourselves creating entire realities to, again, explore and learn lessons in.

Those of you who enjoy creating things in your physical reality that benefit your fellow humans can embrace the idea of writing articles, channeling messages from the higher realms, writing music, writing books or doing anything else that fills you with inspiration and helps enlighten those around you who could use enlightenment.

Many of your family members subconsciously crave the spiritual perception so many of you have started to gain, and even though they resist spirit at the surface, a subconscious aspect of their personality that’s very aware of spirit, your ascension and everything else you’ve come to advocate and empower strongly hungers for their surface perception to catch up.

We’d say you can assist them in this endeavor, but we’d never encourage attempting to pour your beliefs into those who aren’t yet receptive or ready to hear them.

You don’t gain anything by overwhelming those around you with your beliefs, and neither do they. From our perspective, the best thing you can to is to drop little, subtle hints about your beliefs – hints that aren’t too bold or brazen and that could start to awaken others to the truths and revelations that exist beyond your conscious perception.

Another thing we’d recommend is that you only present your beliefs as your beliefs, instead of as reality. Even though your reality’s far more spiritual than most of your planet understands, your truth is your truth and doesn’t necessarily have to be another’s.

Spirit’s a very pervasive aspect of your reality to say the least, but the things you believe and empower make up your reality, whereas the things others believe and empower make up theirs.

If one puts their faith and energy into conventional religion, for example, then they’re creating their reality based on their beliefs. Attempting to squash those beliefs with your own would be akin to attempting to tell someone the reality they’ve created for themselves is incorrect or insufficient.

The reality you each create for yourselves can never be ‘incorrect’, because even if some choose to empower ideas that are technically illusory, they’re still primarily responsible for creating their reality and when they empower these ideas, the ideas become fixed in their sphere of perception and, for them, go on to become reality in a sense.

Thus, advocating your beliefs as if they’re the only correct ones diminishes others’ sense of reality, and you certainly wouldn’t want anyone to do this to you with their beliefs.

If one empowers atheism, then they’re creating their reality based on the idea that spirit doesn’t exist and physical death is the complete end of consciousness. Even though this might seem like a very restrictive and confining belief for many of you, it’s their belief nonetheless and there’s no reason not to honor it.

Again, we encourage you to say little things that are intended to express how you feel about your reality to those who aren’t yet ready to hear what you have to say.

Continue On

We note that many of you are learning the best and most proper ways to present what you think and how you feel to those around you who haven’t yet opened up to spirit, and we wholeheartedly encourage you to continue on with your diligent missions, no matter what they entail.

The missions of some of you entail using your creativity for as many spiritual and progressive purposes as you can, whereas others’, like we said in our previous communication, entail direct forms of activism and shedding light on important social issues that need addressed.

Many celebrities are even stepping up to shine their light on aspects of your society that are less than lighted or fair, and you can support the souls who are doing this while keeping in mind that you’ve each come to earth to offer something valuable.

Whether or not you’ve been put in the public spotlight, you have a lot to offer the awakening humanity and you have little reason not to offer yourselves to the restoration of consciousness in your increasingly evident new paradigm of widespread spiritual understanding.

All of humanity will become aware of spirit in due time thanks to the diligent efforts of each of you, and we’ll make our final expressions for this communication with appreciation for how aware and receptive so much of humanity’s beginning to become.

Yes, many souls on your planet are still unaware of spirit and have little desire to become aware, but those of you who’ve gained a glimmer of awareness are, for the most part, using it to do as many positive things as you can in your short time on earth.

The things you’re doing are uplifting your collective consciousness and making it easier for others to find an open spiritual perception when they’re ready, so continue on your diligent missions with the understanding that the things you’re doing are very pure, potent, needed and helpful.

You’re contributing far more to your ongoing conscious revolution than you yet realize, and when you feel depleted of the greater spiritual energy that helps you thrive, keep in mind that in most cases, you’re sharing this energy with the rest of humanity. When you feel depleted, another soul’s usually brimming with light.

We recommend balance over anything else, of course, and in due time, every earthly soul will brim with the greater and more refined spiritual energy that’s helping you find your way back into the higher realms.

Your ascension is only as far off as you allow it to be, and while there are phases to your ascension that many other channeled sources have started to outline, you create your reality and you can ultimately determine when you ascend.

It helps to keep in mind that your ascension is a moment-by-moment process, and when you realize this, we can envision many of you taking your focus off of dates and timeframes and putting it onto what you can do in every moment to help yourselves and your little blue world (and everyone on it) ascend.

Thank you to my higher self and spiritual guides.

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Anna Merkaba – Crystalline Christened Energies Purification Phase II Has Begun – Andromeda, Arcturus, Pleiades – The Purification Phase has Begun – Assist in bringing the Awakened Ones into a New Understanding of Self – Their Conscious and Subconscious Selves enter Your Sphere of Existence from Without and Within – Your Crystalline Energies will help Transmute Negative Energies – 7-30-14


The purification phase has begun, and it is up to all of you to assist in bringing the awakened ones into a new understanding of self. For as the energies released from their conscious and subconscious selves enters your sphere of existence, it shall influence the without and the within. For these energies to be contained and transformed, you are to begin working with the crystalline energies that are stored within your vehicle, by utilizing various tools and crystals at your disposal. For the crystalline energy shall permeate your lives in the next few months to come. For indeed this next phase shall bring forth fruitful commencement of a new era, a new era amidst the seeming destruction of your old world.***

Dearly beloved children of light, love and universal decrees. We speak to you now from the echelons of the Pleiades. From the echelons of the 33rd parallel. From the echelons of the Arcturus. From the echelons of the Andromeda. From the echelons of the ENTIRE COSMIC GATEWAY.  Our dearly beloved children – The Moment has come and your planet has indeed entered into Phase II.  The Christened Energies, the energies of love and the heart code have indeed been ingrained into your very planet’s core and each and every single being dwelling therein.

The moment has come and you shall step into your respective missions urgently so, for urgently so you are to begin the purification phase, phase two. The purification of the energies that exist outside of your vehicle. For the energies that are surrounding you wherever you may be stationed on earth shall begin to be unified with the transformational christened energies flowing freely through your cosmic awareness.

And so the focus of Phase II shall primarily be on cleansing out all that has been overcome, all that has been left behind, the lingering energies, of the ones that have released them into your atmosphere, into the “air” that you breathe and the energy that you surrounds you. The purification phase has begun, and it is up to all of you to assist in bringing the awakened ones into a new understanding of self. For as the energies released from their conscious and subconscious selves enters your sphere of existence, it shall influence the without and the within.



For these energies to be contained and transformed, you are to begin working with the crystalline energies that are stored within your vehicle, by utilizing various tools and crystals at your disposal. For the crystalline energy shall permeate your lives in the next few months to come. For indeed this next phase shall bring forth fruitful commencement of a new era, a new era amidst the seeming destruction of your old world.

Please understand that the seeming destruction is merely a transformation into a new paradigm of thinking, for as the Armageddon continues to storm within each vessel that is presently occupied with thoughts of lesser vibrations understand that  what is merely occurring before you is the destruction of the old paradigm, a shift in consciousness. It is of outmost importance for you our dearly beloved ground crew to understand that upon the introduction of any new energy, be it of a negative or positive proportions as is understood in your present earthly reality, the new energy pushes out the old energy that already is present within the vehicle, and as such the energy that has been pushed out roams freely around the vehicle of time and space , looking to attach itself to other such vehicles!

And as such, it is of outmost importance to purify said energy, to purify it and release it into the light and transmute it with the violet flame of your heart’s code. Purify the vehicle, purify the energy surrounding the vehicle, purify the energy ley lines that of planet earth, purify the ley lines of all that you see before you. For indeed the time has come to purify, yourself, and those around you.

Focus on the ones that have awakened, for they are in dire need of your assistance and understanding of that which they are. Let go of the ones that wish not to find the way to enlightenment at this point in time, for the time shall come that they too will awaken to their true selves. Know and understand that the passion of love and light that you shall surround each and every soul that harbors any negativity as perceived in your earthly reality shall break the matrix within their heart space and allow them to see the light of the divinity of which they are! Purify, release and christen the awakened ones, for indeed the energy of love and understanding, the true energies of love and understanding shall prevail on your planet. For it is so, and so it is.

That is all what we have for you now. We love you. We are with you. Goodbye for now.

missiontoearthcoverlargeP.S. To help you on your journey I have written and published a book. It is now available for all of you in both hard copy and digital form. It is called “Mission To Earth – A Light workers guide to self mastery”. In it I explore topics such as: Why you are here and what you are doing on earth. How Starseeds get to earth to begin with. Why you feel the way you do. How to communicate with your guides. How to discover your life purpose. How to release everything and let it go. How to reprogram yourself in order to fully connect with your true essence. How to release old thinking patterns and institute a new reality into your life. How to change your life and make it what you want it to be, and most importantly how to find a link back HOME! There’s a lot more that I discuss in this book. I invite you to join me on this journey of self discovery as we explore together the “HOW”, the “WHY” and the “WHEN”. For more information please visit : http://sacredascensionmerkaba.wordpress.com/books/

~Anna Merkaba – Energy Healer- Channeler – Lightworker-Author. To book a Healing Session with Anna and for more channeled messages to help you on your journey to self discovery visit : Sacred Ascension – Key of Life – DISCOVER YOUR TRUE SELF THROUGH THE VIBRATIONAL MESSAGES FROM BEHIND THE VEIL –http://acredascensionmerkaba.wordpress.com/




Jim Tolles – How to Face Your Inner Darkness – 7-2-14

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By Jim Tolles

Facing and embracing your inner darkness has nothing to do with becoming evil. It is also not an impossible task that will overwhelm and destroy you. It’s looking at all you, and only you can embrace all of you.

One of the biggest problems many of you will face comes from running from your inner darkness. Some people go to great lengths to do all kinds of good deeds to try to erase, counterbalance, or avoid their darkness, but wherever you go, there it is. When unconfronted, the darkness thrives. It exists precisely because you don’t look at it. That is the nature of the dark. It is the absence of the light. Just start to turn and look at it, and already it is evaporating.

But it may not go easily. It’s not because it has to be difficult, but rather, we quickly begin to realize how committed we are to these aspects of ourselves and the expansive system of relationships and lifestyles we’ve created around ourselves. As such, we soon learn that facing our darkness will bring us into a deeper level of commitment to reality that may involve giving up more than a few things. That’s usually when things get sticky.

What Is Darkness and the Nature of Evil?
As I mentioned already, your darkness is simply what you are unwilling to deal with. In ignorance, the darkness grows, and it influences everything you do. It becomes the puppet master, and you are the puppet. If you continue down this path, your deeper sense of suffering builds. The more you suffer, the more it becomes second nature to respond to life from this suffering. That may turn you into a greater and greater victim or a greater and greater perpetrator of painful acts. For instance, the woman who does not deal with her history of sexual abuse may continue to unconsciously attract more and more abusive romantic partners. The man who was badly physically abused by his mother when he was a child may become more and more manipulative of women as he continues on his journey.

If the darkness someone is avoiding is particularly powerful, the person may turn to more and more violent acts. If you put this person in a violent surrounding (war-torn nation, crime-ridden area, and so forth), they then may become the next brutal dictator or mafia leader. Pain builds upon pain until this is the only way someone knows how to live their life, and the very idea of love is a far-off fairy tale. And you don’t have to be a dictator to already believe that love is a fairy tale. The “average” person today in Western Society lives in so much daily pain, that many people view love as some kind of fiction, and if this is you, it’s time to turn around and confront what you are hiding from.

Hiding, Running Away, Ignoring, and Other Forms of Avoidance
As you see in the above subhead, there are a number of ways to cultivate the darkness within us. It’s not just about hurting ourselves. Usually, it starts with a lot more ignorance. The number of people who are so chemically imbalanced that they are cruel and heartless from day one is very, very, very tiny. Unfortunately, popular culture and media like to highlight these people, which further skews people’s understanding of darkness. Mainly, the inner darkness we carry has come from fear. It’s the fear of seeing something we don’t want to see–something that breaks our ego story of ourselves. It’s also the fear of feeling something we don’t want to feel. So we all got taught by our society how to hide these aspects of ourselves. Oftentimes, these are perceived weaknesses. So people tried to bury these pains by misdirection (focusing everyone’s attention on something they’re good at), hiding in work, drinking, drugs, sexual promiscuity, and a host of other ways. I encourage you to pause here and write down a list of how you hide from, run away from, or ignore issues of your own because they aren’t going anywhere any time soon.

The Courage to Face the Dark
Awhile ago, I wrote a blog post called, “The Dark Night of the Soul,” which has been relatively popular. This is usually when all of life is blowing up your ego story. The harder you hold onto the old story, the worse this time period can be. So I encourage you to not to wait for life to explode in your face (and let’s be clear, you’re fortunate if it does; most people will spend their whole lives in ignorance and perpetuate suffering for themselves and others). By choosing to turn around and see what you are afraid of, ashamed of, angry about, and so forth, you have begun to face your inner darkness. In a very real way, you have already begun to dispel the darkness in that very intention. Some issues will melt away more quickly than you could imagine. Such is how it is with many things; once the light is upon them, they cannot last.

But others will melt much more slowly. They are the crusty old chunks of hardened ice that has withstood numerous summers and built up more deeply in the winters. These tend to break down in layers, and I would encourage you to check out “The Multiple Layers of Healing” for more thoughts on the many layers of darkness you may be sitting with.

5 Tips For Facing Your Inner Darkness
You probably won’t be too surprised at my 5 tips for facing your inner darkness. Mainly, the big thing is to start. If you really don’t know where to start, then you can begin with my step one.

Get an outside perspective. Many people are so mired in their beliefs that they have no perspective about themselves or how they influence other people. This is good time to ask for outside perspectives from friends and family. You will also have to learn how to listen to criticism, which is always a worthwhile spiritual practice.

Journal. Yep. You saw this one coming if you’ve read this spirituality blog at all. Now, that you have some more perspective, it’s time to sit down and consider what people are telling you about how you act and how you treat others. Why do you act that way? Why do you treat others the way you do? These are some starter questions to get you going.

Keep breathing. Especially when some old pain and trauma starts surfacing, it’s easy to let the ego-self convince us that we’re being overwhelmed and can’t handle it. Keep breathing. Focus even more on your breathing the more intense the emotion coming up. Emotions are always in motion, so they will pass, possibly making space for a new self discovery.

Find help. If you really are struggling, this is why spiritual healers, therapists, psychologist, psychiatrists, and spiritual teachers exist. Asking for help can be a really important step in facing things that feel too frightening to look at on your own.

After the First Steps, The Gloom Darkens
As many of you know, I don’t sugar-coat anything around here. I speak the truth. When I talk about the light and the amazing levels of love and connection, that’s not sugar-coating; it’s the truth. With the darkness, it’s much the same. Many of you are going to go into very dark places, which is why having your spiritual practice to sustain you is so important. It is–at the very least–a powerful coping tool to handle all the emotional fear, the biochemical responses our bodies do when scared, and the dysfunctional mental thinking that can come up when we go into the dark. It’s a lantern when all lights are going out, and there are truly some places only you can go.

But it is doable, even though it’s not really a doing. It’s more of an undoing. You are looking back into all the ways you believed you were in pain, and you are learning to let them go. You are looking at the rape, physical abuse, emotional abuse, or whatever, and you are letting that pain go. You are letting go of the fear of being hurt in a similar way, and with that fear, a whole huge system of beliefs and actions that have defined your life start to fall apart. With that falling apart, your life is creating space for you to be reborn. This is usually when people say they’re having a dark night of the soul, but this is simply the messiness of rebirth. And a lot of stuff has to go if you are going to grow more naturally from a space of your own true love.

Relying On God and the Divine
Whatever your belief is in a divinity or particular deity, you’ll need it. Not because you need beliefs, but until you truly and unequivocally connect to that divine flow that is all of life, the belief in a divine consciousness can be an important thread and guiding light especially when it seems that your own light is going out. God is always here for you. And I know that many of you have had confused relationships with God because of how God has been related to you by other spiritual religions and traditions, so I can only encourage you that now is a time for a new relationship to God. For some thoughts on what God is, I encourage you to check out this YouTube video: What Is God?

With that connection to the divine, you will find new levels of strength and courage that you might not have suspected you’d ever had.

The Dissolving of the Dark
As you continue to look at the darkness in your heart, body, mind, and spirit, things change. Not everything hidden in the dark is evil. Many forgotten gifts have languished back there. Those of you who are great speakers may have left that gift in the dark because of a fear of expressing yourself. Time to dust this off. But much like a rusty old tool, it probably won’t work perfectly at first, so have patience. Take your time getting used to speaking and sharing your expression. Some others of you may have no choice but to dive headfirst into these gifts. Sometimes your forgotten gifts are the only way out of very difficult circumstances, and there may be no time to waste.

But as you go, you may find that you feel more and more courageous. You may find that the paralyzing fear you once had of going into these dark places and seeing the whole truth about you may now have evaporated. As I said before, this type of work tends to go in layers, but it is all you. Now that you’re looking at all of you, it’s up to you how far this work goes, how much darkness you allow to linger, and how much you simply dissolve into the light…


Archangel Zadkiel via Fran Zepeda – You are Nearing the End of this Clearing – 5-6-14

Zadkiel.ashtarcommandcrew.netArchangel Zadkiel

Received May 6, 2014


Hello dear ones of the Light, ever-increasing and ever-growing in illumination. Bravo for all the clearing, dear ones, for it has not been easy.

As you absorb more energies and subsequently download all you need to build and maintain your developing crystalline bodies, you subsequently must clear what is in the way. And so it is an ever- expanding process, but please know dear ones, that you are making much progress.

As you clear more and more of the dross of yesteryear, and this includes many many lifetimes as well as this one, your Divine Selves are becoming illuminated with such a crystal clear clarity, like a diamond that has been shined to perfection.

And sometimes just below the surface of this increasing shine and illumination there is more to uplift and transmute, but do not think it is a bottomless pit, for you have taken on quite a task in this lifetime, and although you may grow weary at times at all that seems to endlessly come up to clear, you are indeed getting to the bottom of the “pit” of clearing, and just as the bottom of a barrel reveals sludge and residue as the bulk has been cleared away, do not despair –  You are nearing the end of this clearing, many of you.

So please remain diligent and upbeat about it. For it is a glorious honor to be chosen and to have accepted this sometimes seemingly daunting task of clearing and consistent illumination, allowing yourselves and all around you to lift into the lightness of the Higher Realms.

I do not mean to tell you that it is easy. But every skill and ability it takes, you already have hardwired into you. This hardwiring is becoming more apparent as you dip deeper into the resources that enable you to trudge through the dross and the tunnels of transformation.

So your transformation is becoming so apparent now, as the culmination of all your hard work is starting to make itself known, dear ones. And I beseech you to not lose heart whenever you find yourselves feeling overwhelmed, for as I have said, you have all the resources to push through.

So take a rest now and then and a deep breath and allow the smoke to clear a bit. You will see you have come such a long way and for this we are all grateful. For you are refining the energies ever so much with your spinning of the truth that comes with allowing the illusion to part from your focus and to reveal the clarity that is sometimes only just beneath the surface.

Consider yourselves as beautiful peacocks with beautiful illuminated and vibrantly colored feathers. Although at times your feathers are folded in and all is not visible, it takes merely an opening of your magnificent spread of your plume to reveal what has always been there, beautiful bright hues of magnificence and vibrant color.

And so it will always be an ebb and a flow involved in your revealing your beautiful essence: energetic receiving, rest and then outflow, like breathing, in and out, a contracting and then outflow of your magnificent Breath of Divinity and Creation.

And it just depends on which phase you are in as to what is seen or perceived. But lo and behold, the essence and potential of your vibrant magnificent magical core of Divine Essence, your beautiful Golden Divinity shimmering with all the colors of the rainbow, is always shimmering and present below the surface, waiting for your allowance for it to emerge once again, like a peacock spreading its magnificent plume.

And the time for that is Now. Step up your acknowledgment and subsequent clearing of anything that requires transmutation and call on me to magnify your clearing with my violet flame and then feel the cool clear light result of clearing that feels like a cool fresh soft breeze against you as you let go again and again what no longer serves you.

And so, my beloved “peacocks” of Divinity, spread your beautiful plume and “strut your stuff” – Your Divine Matrix, your Divine Magnificence. Allow your magnificent “Plume of Divinity” to show in all its glory.

I AM Zadkiel, at your service.


Thank you, Archangel Zadkiel.

©2014 Fran Zepeda. Permission is given to copy and distribute this material, provided the content is posted in its entirety and unaltered, is distributed freely, and this notice and links are included.

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Mooji – Remove Everything That Is not Original to You

Moojiji·492 videos

‘Whichever direction you go right there is a door to your inmost Being.
You are freedom itself. You are love itself. There is no source for joy but your own self.’

A video extract from the Satsang DVD ‘Enter Nirvana, Ignoring the Guardian Mind’
Zmar Silent Retreat, Portugal 16th September 2013, Session 2
The full DVD of this Satsang is available on the online shop:

Music: ‘Kissed from Within’ by Jyoti from the album ‘Kissed from Within’ also avaiible on: http://www.satsangshop.com/music/581-…

Videos with Subtitles in many Foreign Languages

Polona – Ascension Update – Purification – Infinite Expansion – Lift Off


Dear Ascension Pioneers!

Here is my another Ascension update in Nature. It is a very spontaneous one, so be prepared for that free flow! Please remember that Nature is neutral as all Creation is, and that it serves as our utmost mirror. I rejoice every single time that I get to be myself in Nature, all alone … in my sacred Silence … communing with Spirit … the Beloved I AM! Know that the greatest Masters always live a life of pure simplicity, and they see what many others do not … in the tiniest of things and in the deepest of feelings being felt … in the eternal silence of the sacred breath! All pulsates … all is alive with pure awareness!

We are purifying so much lately! Remember that Ascension is simplicity. When we are ascending and raising in our vibration, we simply loose interest in all things complicated and we are interested only in organic and beautiful things, like spending time in Nature and deeply communing with Spirit. We are no longer interested in drama, crowded and noisy places, being in large groups, drinking, partying and smoking, eating low vibrational foods, sharing energy with negative people and waste our time in situations that don’t match our unique authenticity. We are only interested in our Ascension journey … from head to toe and from within to without! Life suddenly becomes so simple, but so deep and magical … like mine is … every single day!

My only desire is to share it all with all of You and help the collective to raise in awareness by remembering who we truly are as Divine Love.

Within Divine Love, Polona