Judi Lynch @ OMtimes – The Sacred Gifts of Psychic Abilities – 1-21-16


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In this era of great change and rapid spiritual ascension, the sacred gifts of evolution are coming through us stronger than ever. With heightened energy fields of communication and miraculous intuitive frequencies we are able to absorb and transmit messages of hope and healing like never before. This is an incredible time to be a channel and to have psychic abilities!


Along with this knowledge, we also live in a time of great materialism, comparison, and competition. The challenges of practicing as an intuitive healer can be overwhelming when these things are allowed to become any more than a minute part of their environment. When we remind ourselves why we have access to the light bringing assistance from the other side, we can shield ourselves from the negativity of lower vibrational thoughts.


Psychic abilities, spiritual phenomena and paranormal experiences can happen to anyone at any given time. When the atmosphere is ripe with energy, the need is urgent, strange unexplained events can truly save our lives. Our minds are incredibly receptive, able to communicate to each other without physically speaking. Through messages, visions and lots of assistance from our guides and loved ones, we are able to transmute energy into action. This is our true nature, which we are now remembering, applying to the Earth here and now.



Teal Swan – Psychic, Energetic Protection

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To protect something is to keep it safe from harm. It is a state of preservation. Therefore if you want to protect yourself, you’re interested in self-preservation. Protection is in fact a state of defense and the state of defense is a state of resistance. What do we know about this universe? Whatever we resist, we get more of, so the more concerned we are with protection, the more there is in our reality that we need to be protected against. You cannot in fact create protection without simultaneously creating something that you need to be protected against. That is merely the flip side of the coin. Protection is what we call a mixed vibration. It’s pattern contains both what is wanted and what is unwanted.
Safety is not a state of defense. It is a state of emancipation, emancipation from fear. Emancipation from fear is a freedom. It is the state of being uninjured and unexposed to danger or harm. Because safety is a state of freedom, it is considered a pure vibration. The vibration of safety does not include the frequency of what you need to be safe from. Therefore creating safety does not automatically create something you need to be kept safe from.
In this episode, Teal teaches us some techniques for psychic and energetic protection, but not before she explains the difference between protection and safety.

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