Sheldan Nidle Update – 7-11-17 – by Ascension With Earth – We are on the Verge of a Wondrous Set of Events!

New-Jerusalem-Mothership (1)
Dratzo! We are on the verge of a wondrous set of events. It seems that all the obstacles we encountered have been dealt with and we are just about ready for the initial group of deliveries. These currencies are to be gold-backed and are to contain US notes. There are to be no Federal Reserve dollars in these assigned deliveries. Hence, they are to spell the demise of the US Federal Reserve and quite shortly are to signal the formal rise of your new NESARA Republic. This simply means that we are to officially observe the start of a number of major arrests of the heinous scalawags of the dark. Oh Happy days for us all!!

These coming times are to ultimately demonstrate the deep commitment of those in charge to giving us our prosperity and the formal establishment of our NESARA Republic. We are truly grateful to all in both Heaven and Earth for finishing their grand assignments! This is no small achievement. It simply implies that all is now well and in good order. Much is still left to be done. Hence, ready yourselves to earnestly commence your grand preliminaries and, in divine purpose, achieve your sacred projects to better humanity and this magnificent realm! May you all be blessed by Heaven for your wondrous patience!

There is much that can be said about the events of the day. What is deeply required is a true return to honesty. For the last two decades, we have seen how those in power openly flaunt their positions. The present time is indeed the moment for this to finally stop, particularly for those who so arrogantly saw us in a most unkind light. In other words “off with their heads!” Good-bye to the Powers that were! A most marvelous welcome to those who now come to forever change the order of this realm The old power must be ready to face the consequences of their actions. In this regard, we rejoice in the arrests that are expected to follow and wish them to fully face the results of their unsavory actions.
It has long been known by the Light that this grand day was destined to arrive. The process of “taking out” the upper crust trash has now come and they will ultimately be gone. We salute those who showed the courage to complete their ordained tasks. It is not easy to formally end eras of untold abuse by those who exercised power. It is an even greater accomplishment for those chosen for this much-needed task to have so brilliantly carried out their most luscious duty! A grand final salute to all who carried out this magnificent job! Hurrah! Hurrah to the new realm!


Namaste! We are your Ascended Masters! We begin this message slightly dazed and confused by all the attention generated. All that has emerged is a strange series of proclamations that are all too common in this very weird reality. Heaven is doing all to finally return this reality to a semblance of sanity. The dark cabal seems destined to shortly meet its end. Heaven has also set up the demise of this most unkind reality, and we are close to a time when all comes to a most benevolent conclusion. The time of miracles is upon us!!

Let us think of this as the moment when your much-disappointed globe is permitted to turn its unholy weapons into a most welcome series of plowshares. It is when old thoughts of war, disruption and national hatreds are to conclude. Permit us, Sirs, to bring about a much-anticipated Peace as the true order of the day! It is also a time to celebrate this newly brewed Age of Love and Light. A time to bring forth many special moments to honor prosperity and Heaven’s divine Light! In this Light we bless all and again thank Heaven for all that is about to manifest. Hosanna! Hosanna!

What is occurring is cause and effect for the sacred decrees of the Heavenly Host. Rejoice, humanity, and return these divine blessings with true appreciation for what is so lovingly given you by the sacred and the divine! Indeed this is magically becoming a series of sacred moments from Beyond! It has taken far too long for all to manifest before you. Now is a time when, in joy, you can joyfully manifest all that you originally came here to accomplish. So as it is said, Be One in purpose and in thanks for all that you are allowed to do.

Today, we have continued our weekly global report. As you can see, events are unfolding that finally allow us to near the end of these inglorious times. Know in your heart that the countless and never-ending supply of Heaven is indeed yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun. Selamat Ja! (In Sirian Be One! And Be in Joy!)

Sheldan Nidle Update – Galactic Federation – Prosperity that allows you to Achieve your Dreams and Governance that Mirrors your New Reality / Be ever Aware of what is Happening around You. – 9-6-16

Pleiadian Observation Deck


3 Cauac, 2 Zip, 12 Caban

Dratzo! Many interesting events are now happening. The most important is that those in charge of delivering the vast amounts of humanitarian funds are preparing to do so. This vast transfer of funds globally promises to create the means for transforming how this world operates. Many parts of this globe have been deprived of the means needed to construct needed water, sewage and modern transportation systems. With funding, those nations that the old financial system either abused or denied can begin the complex process of design and construction. These various projects can swiftly bring even the most primitive regions the necessary water, sanitation and electricity so they can be modern and self-sufficient parts of this world. Then, a more contemporary education system can also be provided. These projects are to ensure that every part of this globe is connected to the worldwide net, as well as enabling all to have those things that are considered a part of the accoutrements of this modern world. Thus, these funds will end the disadvantages of the previous financial realities!

As these new realities modernize this world, they are expanding and preserving the numerous ecological systems as well. Over the past two centuries a vast array of native flora and fauna has been damaged by humanity. This mass destruction was previously carried out either to take over the region’s natural resources or “in the name of progress.” The primary purpose is currently shifting toward providing ways to improve humanity’s living standards and preserve those eco-systems vital to sustaining wildlife, trees and land needed for all of us to thrive. These newly envisioned restorations are to enable the natural order of life to thrive again. We are encouraged by the way in which you are starting to abandon old beliefs that doomed the existence of such noble realities. The old economic ways are to be buried in the Light of a new and rising prosperity. Another factor in all this is your ever-rising new consciousness.

You are beginning to evolve new perceptions and intentions that literally are to alter the surface of this wondrous orb. Gaia looks upon what you are doing and smiles. You are bringing a glorious Light to every part of this globe. Those who previously used their technologies to fill this orb with the essences of death are seeing newer technologies bring back a Life-giving essence that is truly astounding. Until recently, teams of your biologists forged numerous reports that broadly hinted at the continuance of a global extinction. There is now a suggestion of the opposite, a flourishing of Life on this world. This is due in large part to your newly acquired perceptions of how you can change the way global society looks at itself. You are seeing how easily you can restore this world when you alter the ways you deal with places where your natural resources are found. Hence, you are discovering the vitality of retaining all of your realm’s varied eco-systems.

As you continue to view what is primarily necessary for this new realm, you are reviewing those projects that you must do first. You are thus putting together all that is needed for you to contribute too. All the major projects are to be handled by the demands of each government and the funds to be allocated to them by the Royals and Elders of the East and West. Your concerns are those projects that are to build your many healing centers and those endeavors that your companies and visions require. These events have been pre-approved and many of you are expected to receive your first small emergency relief funds. After that, you are to receive weekly or monthly amounts, as you so planned, for your many wonderful ideas. All of these funds are to signal as well that the long-awaited prosperity funds are to be given out. These amazing events, moreover, are to permit the new NESARA Republic to be declared by the newly-designated interim President.

Namaste! We are your Ascended Masters! Over the past few weeks, the funding program distribution issues that all of us have blessedly worked toward have been resolved. Practically, all of these hold-ups have reached the promised funding and delivery stages. This means that our mutual envisioning is successful. The dark has been neutralized. The Light has finally triumphed. The means for winding up this long process of delay has been achieved. Our purpose is to use our abilities to ensure that this realm of prosperity is established. The first key to this is the broad prosperity programs. Their final delivery gives credence to the replacing of the USA, Inc. by the new NESARA governance. To enforce this, there are to be a number of very important public announcements. This new governance is to restore the Constitution and return the USA to Common law. In addition, it is to make governance more viable by truly opening Congress to the people.

Your collective envisioning and growing consciousness have made all of this possible. America is to be restored to what we intended it to be when it was born. This procedure requires that you see government in a different light. You need to participate daily in some aspect of government. The dark long wished to create a reality where this option was impossible. NESARA takes this away from them and gives it back to you. Use this time to make government a true part of you. Bless this governance daily and make sure that it provides for everyone in ways that meet your approval. This does not mean any form of overbearance by it. Government is meant to be a tool of last resort whose actions meet everyone’s approval! The gist of this is to maintain freedom and one’s utility of action.

In this coming time you are to gain a prosperity that allows you to achieve your dreams and governance that mirrors your new reality. Be ever aware of what is happening around you. The key to all of this is focus, and realize a vision that you have held for a long time. Heaven has always rewarded those who plan to achieve good works and use their due diligence to obtain blessings from Heaven and from us. We forever thank all of you for growing in spiritual potential and helping all to achieve their goals. We graciously thank all who comprehend the beauty of what Heaven is laying down before you. This new divine time is to give you prosperity, freedom and a renewed sense of responsibility. With the rise of full consciousness, humanity gleefully rejoins its widespread family of the Light! Hosanna! Hosanna! Hosanna!

Today, there was a continuance of the reports that we issue weekly. We finally are on the very brink of what has been told to you for decades. Use this moment to rejoice, celebrate and welcome in this new age of freedom and overwhelming prosperity! Know, dear Ones, that the countless supply and never-ending prosperity of Heaven are indeed yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)


GrandFather though Kathryn – Together, We Have Done This: A Personal Message from GrandFather – 3-12-16

Photo Credit: Unknown
My dearest ones, I believe it is time for me to greet you all directly.  You have been carrying this banner of Prosperity and Light, some of you for many years, and I wish to honor you and offer you gratitude and thanks for your brilliant service to the Light, and to the project that we all designed together when you were with me in Higher Dimensions.
It has been a challenge for all of you to remain positive, gracious and calm for so many months and years even in the face of detractors, setbacks, unexpected delays and for some, economic distress even as you plan for great prosperity.  You are truly the children of my heart, and you have opened your hearts to offer your help to so many others over the years, without personal benefit or glory – to say the least.  Your perseverance has made it possible for us to continue climbing the intricate path to the mountaintop, gathering momentum as we go.
We are Co-Creating This Triumph
There are many, many separate individuals and groups who have taken pieces of this great puzzle and worked through each challenge as it  arose , whether they played their role  in governments around the world, in finance, in institutions of power, in the global courts, in preparing the new infrastructures,  or completely behind the scenes, all carried their part of the work  with the faith that they were making a worthwhile and honorable contribution even when they were not aware of the greater picture or how it would eventually unfold.  It is truly a miraculous achievement, a triumph of cooperation that has engaged millions of souls here on Earth and billions in Higher Dimensions who are focused on bringing this first wave of Ascension to Planet Earth and her beleaguered humankind.
Some have asked why the Revaluation (RV) of currencies has anything to do with spirituality.  They see a need – the relief of debt slavery and all it causes –  and want it fixed as quickly as possible.  For them it appears to be simply a financial arrangement, an improvement in economic conditions for the many.  Yes, it certainly is that, but let me explain what my aim for all this has been, and why it is first, foremost and ultimately a Cosmic Spiritual Event.
Who Am I?  Who Are We?
I am called Grandfather by the ancient Chinese families and their counterparts around the world who were charged with protecting and preserving great stores of wealth.  These treasures have been entrusted to their care for many generations.  Although they were mostly families who had become prominent in their own right, they did not earn the Prosperity funds on their own.  They were chosen as custodians by Father and Mother God and the Company of Heaven, and they were contacted directly by St. Germain and Kwan Yin when they incarnated here on Earth for the purpose of accruing and keeping safe the Freedom Funds.
The families have been overseen and guided by our beloved Master St. Germain and Lady Kwan Yin for many generations, as Earth humanity prepared against great odds for a time when it would be safe to release this enormous wealth to the people of Earth.  It is your birthright as the rightful inhabitants of your beautiful Blue Planet to be a recipient of these funds – whether you are aware of them or not and whether you agree with this plan or not.
To encourage the families along the way, I incarnated with them to oversee the governance of the funds and to encourage them in their humanitarian mission.  It is said that I have lived for 500 years and that I am now inhabiting the body of a small boy.  That is true.  I have presented myself over the centuries as various ages and identities, but those close to me always recognize my energy and know that it is I.  As we in the Company of Heaven have been showing you, reality is far more flexible than the inhabitants of surface Earth currently recall.  In fact, there are quite a few of you who have met me on the road.
Whenever I embody, I do not bring my entire energy into the body, for it would short-circuit the nervous system of a dense human body, but I can choose to appear in any form, any body, depending on the need.  I have chosen the body of a young boy in this time because it is possible for me to present more Love and Light energy in that form without causing discomfort to those around me.  I asked Yosef, who has come as an intel provider, to show you my photograph in hopes you would recognize me.
You see, my true identity is the one you know as God, or more accurately, Father God.  Mother God has also incarnated to do her part in this great Project, but that is another story…
As many of you know, this plan for economic abundance is just a stepping stone to something far more glorious.  It was to be the initial crack in the fortress that had become the oppressive control by dark races and their minions over all humankind.  Even before Earth had become, by cosmic terms, a locked-down prison planet, we devised the plan to intervene by striking at the center of the corrupted power –  money.  We (and this includes you!) had to develop and execute our strategy in such a way that not only would the prosperity funds be disseminated to the people without being stolen by the criminal families and their tight web of financial organizations.  The plan would also serve as an invitation – for every member of those very families along with their minions – to return to the Light and into the awaiting arms of Mother God and me.
Each of You Has a Personal Stake in This Game
You will soon learn, through public announcements and individual mentoring programs, of the extent of the abuse of power and the way it was wielded against you personally and against humanity.  For the time being, I present this abbreviated picture to help you understand the giant web of darkness and deceit we were faced with unraveling.  Much information has already been released in print and across the internet through our courageous Lightworkers who are revealing more every day about those who masterminded and carried out these travesties.  There will be much more to come.
Our wish was to not only to free humankind from the iron fist of the Anunnaki, and the human cabal, who took over from the Anunnaki after they signed a peace agreement with us and vacated the planet, but that each and every soul may free themselves in turn. Each of you has a personal stake in the game too.  You are each using this experience as a chance to ascend in your soul development, and at the same time, help to raise the human race from this lower dimensional duality experience to a higher plane.  It was our promise to Terra, as we call the soul of your planet, that she would be able to ascend at this time.  She has long served with great care and is more than ready to ascend, but she has agreed to slow her process of ascension in order to help all her human children ascend with her.
Let’s Get Down
Now, it is important for us to have an understanding so that we may continue to work together effectively and companionably.  I am your Father God.  I am the Creator, with Mother God, of all planets, stars, beings and consciousness in this Universe and far beyond, but the state of your planet is not my doing; it is our doing.  It has evolved this way as a result of the creativity, imagination and free will we granted you, our children, and what you have done with that gift of free will and co-creation.  Let’s put it this way:  A parent is not the driving force behind the event every time a child spills their milk or even experiments with pouring it on the floor, but the parent who took part in creating that child does need and want to help clean up the mess.
It has been heart-breaking for us to see how far some of our children were willing to go under the influence of evil, and how eagerly they invested their precious life force in the delusions of the Matrix.  The Matrix is not made of our essence.  It contains no Love, is not made of Light and therefore is not real.  It is a construct that was designed and put into place by the dark races who intervened on your planet.  Over time, their concoction has been openly accepted, and its proponents frequently elected as overlords, by a large enough group of humans to create the problems we see now.
We did not simply stand by and watch your planet “go to hell,” as you may describe it, yet we did work strictly within the agreements we had with you, to only intervene from the ground up, not by edict or force from Above.  Thus, we work with you, inch by inch, as you extract yourselves from the contracts and consequences of your past agreements.  However, there are many agreements in play – many of which you have little or no recollection yet – that are also influencing events.  An important example is that it was agreed from the beginning that Earth would be raised up.  Again, you will shortly receive the details of this astounding story, but today I come to tell you directly that the time in now.
We do have sympathy and great affection for those of you who question everything and wish to pin down explanations about how evil came to be, and why we permitted any of this in the first place, and why we don’t just throw a Lightening bolt and make it all go away.  I assure you, it isn’t because we can’t or because we are cavalier; it is because we will not break our vows to you and to all harmony, justice and stability in the Universe.  All of Creation is our responsibility, an extension of our Love.  Since human vocabulary and thinking capacity does not, by design, allow for us to truly explain all the variables, I must ask you to take this part on faith:  We love you and we want to see you free.
I ask you to raise yourselves up on your elbows far enough to see the mind-control you have been subjected to.  My dear children, leave behind the jaded quality of cynicism and judgmental disapproval you have taken such pride in learning and applying wholesale.  It is not true discernment, because it does not engage your loving heart.  It no longer serves you, and even worse, it stands directly in the way of your own happiness and blocks the flow of abundance of every wondrous kind, including the HoneyLove we have waiting to bestow on you.
It pangs us to see the automatic disdain and suspicion many heaped on our beloved Yosef when he brought you the first revelations of how our work behind the scenes was coming along. And how many berated our messengers and channels when they recognized his extra shiny Light and supported his mission!  It is high time our Lightworkers strive to see the similarities in each others’ Missions and hearts.
I ask you to look closely and bravely within now, to discover the reflex that encourages you to recoil in fear or dislike for someone who brings forth an idea that seems unfathomable to you.  What program is working in your mind that urges you to attack rather than respond with curiosity?  What “A leads to B” is grooved into your responses so deeply that you become upset when new information does not match what you already know, expect to happen, or reminds you of something you feared in the past?  Remember: new information presented to you for consideration is not an attack.  It is just information.
No Consequence Outside Your Own Previously-Agreed-Upon Contracts Will Be  Permitted
I am here to offer Love to replace your fears.  You are under our absolute protection.  Mother God and I, the Company of Heaven – all your Galactic friends – are devoted to making sure that no disaster will befall you.  There will be no invasion by evil forces; that happened long ago and is now forbidden by Heavenly decree.  Your planet will not shake you off the way a dog shakes off water.  She is helping you, and she is being assisted by the Galactic Federation of Light, your benevolent Star Brothers and Sisters.
You are safe.  This new condition is possible now because of the work you and your fellow humans have completed.  We support you to the maximum allowed by our agreements with you (and then some – what you call a dispensation), and that has increased day by day.  As you have incrementally increased your Light, we have increased our programs to help you and shore up your successes, as we agreed to do long ago.
I now bring to the Council table an option that you, Humankind, could manifest in a millisecond if you wish.  Let us picture this as an American thriller movie.  We, as your higher dimensional allies, have the technology, the Light energy and the wherewithal to walk with you through this open door to peace, prosperity and freedom, but if you want it to happen, you will have to put down the gun.
Come forward, our beloved, treasured ones.  Let us embrace you and ease your fears.  We created the “We Have Your Backs” program just as you requested.  This program continues to ensure that any and all progress you make personally and collectively to restore the Light, we shore up.  We do not allow your efforts to be thwarted by the formerly overwhelming dark spirals of energetic thoughts, behaviors and patterns which previously sabotaged all your brave advances.  We will not leave you alone to be overwhelmed or defeated.  We are with you, planning and executing every small detail, down to the locks on the bank vaults, the computer fixes, the introduction of new technologies, the granting of duties to those (previously undercover) Masters who have long prepared for their assignments, and the designation of legions of bright angels to help with every detail of your personal lives.
You only need to raise your faces to us, allow us to touch your sore hearts with Love, and give permission within yourself to be at ease and to walk with us in faith and joy, knowing you are loved.
Easy Does It, Partner
There is no need now for an itchy trigger finger or a defensive or suspicious stance.  Would we bring you this far to offer you dregs, or worse yet, a repeat of what you have already suffered?  Do not anticipate or prejudge what we will do or have already done for you. Remember, you too are bound by the Universal Law:  You create what you envision.  If you kvetch and moan, you will bring about the disappointments you anticipate, rather than the delights we have in store for you.
Aim high.  Raise your sights.  I promise you, you cannot overestimate what we can do together.  Anticipate the glory that is awaiting you and it is yours.  Remember:  you cannot out-give God.  We have presents for you that are beyond your wildest imaginings.  Of course, they will all fit perfectly because they are actually all the things you asked for and planned for with us before you came here.  In this case, the Veil guarantees this will be a real surprise party.
Think of this as a three-legged race, Partner.  We have run and will finish strong, this race together, and the more we synchronize our rhythm and our pace, the faster we can go.  Match your high vibration to ours.  Leap with us into your unknown – it is known and easy for us.  We can see beyond the horizon of your Earthly experience.  Let us show you how glorious it can be.
You are our Love, created in the image of Light.  We are your Love, eternally.
I am your GrandFather, with Mother God at my side.
(Channeled *and Transcribed by Dr. Kathryn E. May 3/12/16)

By Keri-Lee – Inner Prosperity Foundation Series, Day 4 – What Is Respect? Where Does it Start? – 7-14-15


By Keri-Lee, (Contributor, Culture of Awareness)

A Better Way Broward, July 14, 2015

(Original post date: June 25, 2015)


What is Respect and Where Does it Start?

Respect is a direct reflection of the inner you. It reflects as your thoughts, feelings and tends to involve itself in your actions. Maybe you can identify respect as what you can see for someone else, or an authoritative figure, but do you feel that great regards, and reverence towards yourself first?

Respect starts from your personal views and perceptions about you…

…and the feelings that you hold inside. It is because of respect for yourself that you can stand up for you, family and friends, achieve amazing goals, and even transform your entire life.

You will always be the sole catalyst to situations in your life, because you may notice that your inactivity will simple show up as no interest, urge or passion to create a change. It’s the couch potato effect. It’s like you end up watching life, while it watches you right back.

If you think that life flies by; it doesn’t. It literally is the perception that you’ve held the entire time within your focus… No pizzazz? Ok, then so be it. There is life. Are you filled with overflowing joy, ready to smile and be active in your day? Well then there you go; -you’ve got a life with action.

How does respect reflect itself in our lives?

When we do not have respect for ourselves, it may reflect in situations such as allowing others to walk all over us, or as simple as not voicing your opinion about something which greatly effects you. It may seem minor then; but what this leads to, are moments where you emerge feelings of being powerless.

Day 3 addressed our Divine Birthright, and how to remain in power with your being. It is a great Responsibility to be the overseer of you, because you are the one who dictates when change is needed in your life. You will always know when you need to make an adjustment. When you allow outer influences to deter circumstances in your life, you will see opportunity dwindle away because your energy isn’t being utilized to its best potential.

You will be under the influence of those who have opinion over you, and what they say tends to sway what you do.

But if you take charge, take chance and steer the ultimate direction of your life, you will empower your entire consciousness to claim its power and you’ll produce a reality which starts to reflect more of who you are. This allows you to believe in who are you.

Respect may seem like a normal everyday task that we must exchange with one another, but what is respect, or great admiration, when we let ourselves fall short from this gift which we can first reward to ourselves and bestow upon others. We put up with tiring workforce conditions, other people who drain our precious love and energy, life plans which keep us enslaved to a “40-year-plus” work plan for greedy-visioned corporations, and a life which could use some extra freedom, peace and unity.

When you find value in your passions, interests and urges then we can let go off the old opinions and start to create the reality we’ve dreamed of. You don’t have to dream about the perfect job. You can live within a reality where you are the big boss of your own great ideas (a life vision).


Respecting yourself leads to empowered decisions and moments in life. If we’re running around senseless because of someone else’s vision, then we’ve got some adjusting to do. As long as you promote unity, then you are aligned with an amazing intention to become as creative as you desire with your life. It is creativity and unity which are catalyst to set us all free.

If we seek respect from others, we cannot just go around demanding it; -we then have to embody it. You are the living example of what you expect. Respect calls for the quality of leadership, and once you can identify yourself as a chief, then now you know that you’ve placed yourself in a position to admire your being.

If you’ve noticed that you could use some adjusting in your life, then it’s best to start with your thoughts. In previous details, we shared the importance of keeping your thoughts pure when dedicating to your life mission, because your actions will always reflect from that primary position.

As you continue to merge along this unselfish, lifelong mission you gain respect that you’ve been seeking all along. Within this reverence resides a peace, which allows you to not only respect you, but to extend this understanding to others you meet. From a metaphysical perspective, when we connect with our life purpose and offer service to others, we cause a ripple effect into their lives, and this is a direct reflection of the Universal Law of One, which states that we are all connected.

If you are interested in taking a glance of yourself, and conduct an intense overhaul, then remain conscious of how you feel. Your feelings tend to direct your day. If you wake up in a sulky feeling, then your day just may seem a bit; -or sometimes too much, off; but yet if…

…you wake up in a manner where you are ready to pursue, conquer, and create; then you are well-aligned to more of a productive day.

Your feelings will reveal how much respect that you have for yourself. It’s best to face it now because from this point forward you are conscious of the fact that you are the creator of your life. If you allow your life to remain under the control of others, then you are very much not reclaiming the power that you have over yourself, your right now and the rest of your forever.

Are you waiting for the rescuer in shining armor? You will be the one to step into your personal, individual, and unique position of authority. What do you see for yourself? Do you believe that society will judge you? Do you feel anxiety about what family and friends may think about you? It shouldn’t matter because it’s time for you to ultimately respect you.

These are the fearful objections the mind will reveal to you, but once again, you are the authoritative figure who determines the thought and actions which stem from inside of you. No longer can you blame others for things or events that don’t add up in your life. Right now is the time, with choice, that you can determine your next step.

What will you create? How will you allow your respect to create a shift that will catapult you into the depths of your true passions?

Remember this; -any thought produced from the mind, is a thought stemming from the quality of its creator. Who are you right now?

===> Click here for Day 5

This is Respect, Day 4 of The Inner Prosperity Foundation’s 12 Day Series of Delicate Guidance and Self-Redefinition. If you found this truth interesting, please share this kindness as a revelation to another.

Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be in JOY!) ~Keri-Lee

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Saint Germain via Ann Dahlberg – Bringing Prosperity To Humanity – 6-2-15

Saint Germain

Channel Ann Dahlberg

Sunday, May 31, 2015


I am St. Germain and I have some things I want to tell everyone today. The funds that I have managed have now been distributed to trustworthy individuals and banks, which have embraced this new system. This will eventually provide a fairer society and give everyone what they need.

Everything will start on a small scale, but will be spread over the earth at a pace the world can manage. The more people that wake up and understand that changes are needed for all of us, including the Earth, to feel good, the faster it will go.

I am very grateful that we have come this far, thanks to the many allies who have put their heart and soul into this project. Many of them have been working day and night to bring this to a close. They deserve all the praise now. Send love and light to them for their great and selfless work. We have come a long way but there is still some way to go.

I look to the future with light and love in my heart. I have put much work into this, and now it starts to bear fruit. I’m happy for all the help that I have received along the way and especially I want to thank you for this. You have kept the light alive despite the many setbacks we have encountered.

You can be pleased that part of the money is already at some trusted places and more is on the way to other trusted locations. It constantly and gradually increases as bank are taken over by trustworthy and generous people who only have everyone’s best interests in mind. That’s the attitude you have to have for it to become a lasting change otherwise we are soon back in the same old tracks again. That is not the intention now, rather the light has taken hold and is spreading just as the funds and the money is spreading all over the globe.

The change is taking place gradually, my dear earthlings. Have trust, light and love in your hearts and you will soon experience this yourself.

This I wanted to tell you today.

Yours sincerely,

St Germain

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LANDA GLOBAL INTEL – PROJECT FUNDING – ( Folks, This is Very Important! – History in the Making ) – MAY 15 2015

A combined DragonsHeart, Landa and Humanus
Global Humanitarian and Economic Development Initiative
Prosperity, Infrastructure projects for Humanity
Latest audio link.
Right up front you will hear some strong intel – all very professionally presented.*
This group is also processing proposed projects – funding coming up.

Rumor Mill News – CONGRATULATIONS AMERICA! – On 12/12/2014

NOTE FROM DUANE:  This story has been building up over the past few days.  It sounds very promising.  Our emotions have been roller-coasting every week as hopes build and the Dark Ones throw a wrench into the machinery.   As Kauilapele in the post below says, :  ‘We can always hold it as a vision”.  In Your Deepest Knowing, using your strengthened powers of Manifestation   –   Make it happen for You in this 5D Now Reality!


You can read the full report at Rumor Mill News