QUENTIAL – A Happy Soul has Balance to the Principles of Life – 12-11-17


Principles of life either flow in our nature or we become estranged and life becomes meaningless and depressive. How important it is to have balance. It can be as simple as your diet and intake of food. Food needs to be portioned in perspective to activity and seasonal temperatures. Learn to eat more often and snack more healthy foods like fruit and vegetables, along with nuts and seeds.  Eating too much in one sitting is unnatural and can lead to fatigue and overweight conditions and stresses the digestive system. This occurs when the blood sugar levels are ramping up and down to low spots. When you are hungry eat. When hungry, wait for your body to tell you what it needs. Learn to listen to its wisdom.


Exercise daily, sitting down at a computer for hours and not moving will cause havoc to your body. Hydrations of clean water are so important. Your daily activities require your minds on duty and action to your work. But you must find time to study and a time to input music and balance creative thoughts and programming. Stay away from being tired and turning on the television to hear depressing reactive “news”. This is what pulls you into mass programming and more restlesness. As important as food is so is your input of data and media, be selective. Just remember you have a choice to participate in the drama of the collective world or to create your own sanctuary of peace and balance. Let people have their problems, you do not need to make it yours, especially if you can do nothing about it.


Touch people in your sectors of life with your positive, this benefits the world much better.  Just remember that the governments are acting to program you in mass media for their agenda, not your benefit. Keep good company with yourself and listen. Be selective of those around you for this imprints frequencies around you. Keep a good balance between cyberspace and reality. For the two are very different and many hide in the boredom of life estranged on Facebook and other social media because it is safe in Cyberland.  A walk in nature and breathing can do a lot for your well being. Keep balance here, schedule your time and use it wisely for this affects your attitude. A positive attitude comes from a rested well nourished body.

You can accomplish more after time with rest and recreation than you can if you think spending long hours will do. You will always flow better and things just fall into place when you are in balance. Become friends with yourself. LOVE and reward your soul and body in LOVE and be in the sun for at least 1 hour a day. Learn the art of breath. If you are stressed, you can just sit back with fresh air and breath deep inhales for 5 minutes and lower your stress and blood pressure. Keep things orderly in your surround, the viewer or consciousness appreciates this, as well as the energy flows.  Learn about the power of scents for they can cleanse negative energies and bring tranquiltiy.

Take your life seriously it is a gift and learn to laugh for life is often a cosmic playground of learning experiences.

Lisa Renee Update – Personal Integrity – October 2017 – by Ascension With Earth – 10-17-17


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Energetic Synthesis

October 2017 – Personal Integrity – Lisa Renee

Dear Ascending Family,

As the distance between the bifurcating energies is increasing, we can see that a lot of people are starting to fall through the cracks.  This time is especially challenging for those who do not have a strong moral compass and core sense of self.  As the negative polarity and positive polarity spirals are becoming more extreme and amplified, those who are consciously or unconsciously serving both, are beginning to fracture and lose coherence.  In order to stay deeply connected into our core self and to withstand the massive impact of these opposing forces colliding, we must take conscious steps now to embody personal integrity.


The 3D mind control set up is purposed to intentionally destroy the coherence and stability within sets of normative values that both define and model standards of behavior throughout human civilization. Through the mass promotion of the anti-human value systems, it destroys integrity and trust within the fabric of society, and directly erodes the development of Personal IntegrityPersonal Integrity is the quality of being truthful and honest with yourself and others, of intentionally aligning personal behaviors and actions to be congruently aligned with your own value system, moral principles, and ethics. It generally requires personal choice and commitment to align ourselves to stay consistent with personal values and ethical standards, so that when we speak we mean what we say.

Developing Personal Integrity is essential to becoming a stable, clear and trustworthy person that aligns their decisions in life with their chosen personal values. It is the milestone of building a strong character guided by ones chosen personal values, and is reflected in a person that is firmly centered in purpose and directed in life by their own core self. We compromise our core integrity whenever we let others make poor decisions for us or when we betray a trust, betray our personal values, or betray that which we know is the truth for ourselves. When we compromise our Personal Integrity, we allow a back door vulnerability for dark force manipulation that many times descends even more darkness and chaos into the situation where we had made the compromise.  To support the embodiment of our true essential nature, achieve single soul occupancy and continual consciousness expansion, it is imperative that we understand how to generate and maintain Personal Integrity.

Illumination and Inspiration – Lady Nada and Sananda – Discernment and Openness in place of Judgment – Channeled by Fran Zepeda – 8-7-15


Illumination and Inspiration   –   Lady Nada and Sananda   –   On Judgment   –   Channeled by Fran Zepeda   –   8-7-15

Fran Zepeda

Fran: This capsule of information came in as I was pondering how much judgment has been a part of our lives, but also how things are changing, and asking for illumination on the subject, I received this and share it with you now:

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Lady Nada and Sananda  (Received August 2, 2015):

“Throughout your long existence in duality, judgment has been your stalwart, your guidepost, your guiding light to navigate your many twists and turns within your reality. And it has served you well. It has seemingly kept you safe and kept you moving towards your goals. We say seemingly, because while it has moved you forward and kept you safe in many cases, it has also limited you in your many experiences in your journey of moving into higher consciousness.

Yet judgment has served its purpose. It has been necessary and has served you in your sojourn in duality, in navigating your many phases of evolution towards enlightenment and higher consciousness and Oneness. It has been a necessary phase to move you further along in your development and to allow you to move into your continual refinement of your energies as you move out of duality, and ultimately to discover that judgment can now be replaced with discernment and openness to new experiences in consciousness.

Looking at and examining the many times you have used judgment as a compass will be an enlightening exercise in discovering and examining the workings of your old ways of moving through life — that although they have served you, it is now time to allow yourselves to shift into the new perspective brought into your consciousness by the new higher energies, steadily becoming more comfortable residing within you.

You can now look at each new choice, idea, thought and occurrence as a canvas to explore the many sides of a question, occurrence, thought or idea as all-encompassing and all-pervading, with many facets and points of view, allowing you to see that within all of it holds the whole truth, to which you become open and more accepting and to feel more comfortable living within all of it, as a whole, with a feeling of “it is what it is”.

It is important you do not judge yourselves for judging, for in many ways this form of navigation in life has served you as you have moved through your eons within duality. And as you know, it is always a challenge to move out of the old ways. However, you are finding that it is becoming easier to move beyond this older mode of operation you have used to guide you, as you merge with your higher selves, aspects, and higher consciousness and embrace the new vibrant energies of change that are upon you now.

Dear ones, it is becoming easier for you to recognize when and how you judge things as good or bad, black or white, negative or positive, as you allow yourselves to ride the waves of change and open your energies to embrace all perspectives, all expressions and all thoughts as containing a multitude and plethora of possibilities, embracing it ALL in the present expansion of your consciousness.

And discernment will serve you in guiding you in the direction of your highest good, of your highest consciousness, your highest vibration, bringing you into new territory, allowing you to stay in the higher dimensions with more ease and sustainability.

And discernment is a means of choice based on your inherent compass housed in your heart and higher consciousness, your inner voice to which you are learning to listen and abide by, based on your Divine Love Essence and Soul-stirrings as you climb the ladder to higher consciousness, perceiving things from the perspective of your Christ Consciousness ever-building within you, as you merge with your higher aspects and lovingly take in the higher energies pervading you now…

…And thus inherently choosing all action and thought based on this higher consciousness, anchored in Divine Love, guiding you now in place of the way judgment used to guide you.

And there you have it, dear ones, as we offer you another means of opening up your perspective and consciousness to a higher level of clarity within your inherent journey into the higher realms of consciousness.


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Gillian MacBeth-Louthan – Stand Up For What Is Good –

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

Within the human being is a seed of hope a divine blueprint that has promised never to leave. A seed that stays planted no matter how bad the weather and storms of life may be. So many people have worked so hard only to see their dreams laid to rest in a barren thirsty soil. They have followed their divine blueprint into a desert that grows little and a land that does not support.  They have extended themselves financially, emotionally and physically plowing a land that is unfriendly and desires not to support what their heart yearns for.

As their dreams begin to wither in the high noon sun of earthly chaos and manipulation the light of hope seems to fade, the heart begins to close the door on hope. We become robot like as we struggle not to feel the sadness in our heart. We  don’t want to give up on what lives in our heart but we do not see the seasons changing in our favor.

All hands of the planet reach out to take what little you have stretching you into more fears and tears.  The price of all goes sky high as you continue to make ends meet the rope gets tighter and tighter around your dreams seeming to squeeze the very life out of them. We begin to feel like silly putty bouncing off the walls and only absorbing the pictures that others give to us.  We try hard to escape this harsh reality but life swims toward us with an open mouth hungry to take any and all.  Any illusion of control is held tightly in the body as pain as we announce to the world what we are not going to do louder than what we will be forced to do via life and circumstance.

Our bodies kick and scream and our soul pirouettes spinning out of control as the seasons of time demand our undivided attention. All personal considerations go on hold as these vast energies enter our field of inquiry. Fight or flight gallops thru our biological system as adrenaline glands pump hard like horses in the Kentucky derby.  Like neighbor kids in a snowball fight, no harm intended but it still hurts. We feel helpless and hopeless as our dreams seem to whither on the vine. Our ability to nurture has turned into the need to survive. We begin to panic looking for the escape hatch, anything has to be better that all of this planetary upheaval.

All of these events have been predicted for many years but we did not hear and we did not want to see that particular future. We now sit in space and time asking to be rescued by anything or anyone. In this place of vulnerability the scent of danger is sensed, as we become victims of a changing world. How can little ole us fight the oil companies the government the choices of people that do not seem to know what they are doing? How can we correct the balance of a world and economy on tilt?

Well dear ones it is time to get off our humbled haunches and stand up for all we believe to be good and light and truth and honor. We have been schooled for this time and energy our entire life. We are not little in light or purpose we are destined to make a difference person by person thought by thought without fear of consequence.

We have the light to shift the molecules that seem to own us taking away our freedom of choice. Yes we are adrift on a sea of manipulation by all that seems grander than we do. Yes we are padding to our hopes and dreams in a beautiful pea green boat, on a sea that changes its currents every day. We are not someone’s puppets to be played with and restrung at a moments notice. We are the rescuers of a world that has come undone. It is up to us to hold  the vision of peace, praying for the greatest good of all concerned.

We can shift our world thought by thought starting with our own little personal universe. We are not blind victims in a con game, we have come into this with eyes wide open, and no matter how hard we try to close them we can still see clearly.  No one on this earth has the right to shrivel our dreams pushing us from the cliffs as we strive to climb to new heights.

We have a great promise that lives in our soul over-shadowing all disbelief. We can not and will not let others decide our destiny. Are we so small and meek that we are afraid of everything. How can we let such things make us give up on our dreams of doing and becoming? We are greater than what befalls us. Our life force has better things to do than swat at what is small and pesky.  We have people to love, an earth to heal, and life to live to the fullest.

Created, Channeled, Written, Published and copyrighted

With Love and dedication to the Light by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

Ed. Note: On a personal note, this post really hit home. By finding the courage to survive my greatest loss, I’m discovering  Divine Grace and an inner peace greater than ever imagined.

The harder they push, the taller WE – who are POWERFUL, MANIFESTING CO-CREATORS – stand in our Eternal Essence Embodied, absent ALL limitation as we move forth to Co-Create a New Paradigm based in peace, prosperity, compassion, healing ourselves and the planet in Eternal love. 

Found at: https://ascendingstarseed.wordpress.com/2015/06/13/stand-up-for-what-is-goodby-gillian-macbeth-louthan/

David Truman – Ethics and Love for Human Salvation – 10-31-14



by David Truman

Get this! Ethics is the key to the whole enchilada for the humanity. All planetary progress, and even human existence, depends on ethics, 100%. Here’s why: although people may be willing to be selfish, and in their selfishness, unethical, all human beings hate immorality. More than anything.

And you know exactly what happens when human beings are immoral with each other: relationships break down. Resentment results.

And in the people who have any sensibility — which is just about everybody — guilt results. Then, when guilt and shame arise, blame follows. People resort to blame, even wrongful blame, to reduce their personal shame. But this, too, is wrong.

Wrongful blame destroys affinity fast. And if their associates don’t throw them out, people who are guilty will remove themselves from relationship. They are running from the scene of their own crimes.





Love is the source of ethics

So, if people want love relationships to work, or relationships of any kind on any level to work, then the answer is ethics. And guess what — the only source of true ethics is love. Love is the only element that sufficiently transcends self-interest to allow for a truly ethical orientation, a truly giving orientation, a truly self-sacrificing orientation.

Love is pure ethics, and immorality is pure selfishness.

So now we understand: Ethics counts, and love is its cause. That is the magic formula, the key to success for humanity — and there is no other. In other words, when it comes to love, and the high ethics that love allows for, there’s no replacement in the basement. That’s the truth.

Look at this matter of ethics — feel it. Remember how you respond to ethical failures. Everyone responds the same way.

That’s because selfishness itself — a self-centered life, a life that is less than loving — always offends the heart. Someone cheats or steals? Aversion! Someone lies or denies? Aversion! Someone is selfish? That’s right — aversion! Aversion arises whenever a human being puts their own small self-interests before others.



Ethical failures mean relationship failures

Can’t you just feel how ethical failures are the number one cause of failed relationships, failed loves. Whether it be marriage, friendship, business? You name it. “I’d like to help you move, but I don’t want to miss my favorite TV show.”

It happens even in the marital bed, when one person puts their own pleasure ahead of their lover’s pleasure. It happens when someone deceives, doesn’t keep agreements or promises, withholds love, energy, attention.

Whether it be in international relations, or in corporate politics, self-interest leads people to do things that may be considered “normal,” but which every heart finds reprehensible nonetheless.

Whenever someone ignores what would be right for their friends, companions, lovers, it will dishearten all who hear of it. And it will cause their associates to lose faith in them, and lose affinity for them.

That’s what causes the breakdown of friendships, families, business partnerships. It causes the breakdown of cooperation on every level you can name. And again, this is because unethical behaviors and values are deeply hated by all humankind.

Selfishness, immorality — living out of self-interest, living out of self-protectiveness, stinginess, in a spirit of self-service — it is all hated, universally. And of course, the only apparent exception to the rule that most people are willing to make is — you guessed it — themselves. In other words, I can be selfish, but you can’t. Like that.

But let’s think about that. What if every individual is willing to make such an exception for themselves? We may as well consider that possibility, because it’s pretty close to the truth.

So: If every individual is willing to be immoral even though they will deplore immorality in others, then everyone has a great reason not to get along with anyone. Now think: if everyone does not get along with everyone, the world is in fact as good as finished.

At every level of society in which selfishness is perpetrated, at every place where self-interest, self-protection, and greed raise their ugly heads, relationships are destroyed.

Gone are good will, cooperation, trust — and there goes the ball game. And here come the gross inefficiencies of the every-man-for-himself lifestyle: every man must have his own home, his own transportation, his own television, his own everything.

And without ethics, every country tries to get the best of every other country; every corporation tries to get the better of every other corporation; every mate has to get the best of their partner.

And watch where the money goes: infinite money wasted on competition, squabbling, lawsuits, broken business associations; on divorce settlements and the heartbreak and displacement they cost.

All because unethical conditions are depressing, demoralizing, and heartbreaking for all observers, and guilt-producing and problematical for the perpetrators.





Ethical victories are victories of love

Friends, for all ethical shortfalls, the only real answer is love.

“We would do for love what we would not do,” says the song. True! In the spirit of love, all the great things are done.

And it is out of love that a beautiful lifestyle, love style, relationship style, all good can be created. Everything that anyone could accept as beautiful, or even acceptable, comes from love.

For the salvation of humanity, and for the protection of our planet, our home, our habitat, we must look to moral and ethical improvement — improvement that can only be created by love.

We all know, beyond a doubt, that narrow self-interest is bringing down the house. It will bring down the house as long as self-interest is the dominant motivator in individuals.

Everything flows from motivation outward — every form, every structure, and every association of humanity: individual, couple, family, friends, businesses, corporations, states, nations — all of it. If the DNA is wrong, the offspring at every level are wrong.

There must be a right blueprint. There must be a right formula. And the only rightness that could possibly make the formula true is love. Love isit. No other idea or motive can ever work.

Even the word ethics is inadequate, because love alone defines ethicstruly. You can’t make a viable rulebook of ethics, as some religions have tried to do.

Only love can guarantee true ethics, context-sensitive ethics, humane and appropriate ethics — dynamic, living ethics. Nothing else can.

So friends, love, as if all lives depended on it, because they do. And if you have any question about what love means, ask God. God knows, because God is love. Ask, listen, and God will tell you.



7 Spiritual Laws of Success

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