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Wes Annec – Accepting and Respecting One Another – 6-28-14

Written by Wes Annac, June 27, 2014 –

We’re all here to contribute to the restoration of consciousness, and I think it’s important to love and support each other as much as we can. It’s easy to bicker about our respective philosophies and separate ourselves from others who we perceive as having ‘incorrect’ viewpoints, but where’s the unity in that?

In my opinion, if we want to thrive, we have to be willing to accept each other on a deeper level than we have so far. We have to be willing to come together in the face of differences in belief and perspective, and we won’t do ourselves or each other a justice by reinforcing the divisive manner in which this planet has been run for centuries.

We’re here to create a new world; a new society that operates far differently than our current. If we refuse to love and accept one another, we won’t make any real or significant change to this planet’s operation and we’ll feed the lower-dimensional ‘beasts’ who thrive from our separation.

I envision a world where everyone can work together in joy and harmony, and nobody has to go without the supportive love that helps us all thrive. Nobody will be made to feel as if their viewpoint on any given subject is ‘wrong’, because we’ll realize that everyone has a unique and helpful perspective to offer.

I don’t think we should avoid or put down anyone’s point of view, and even the strangest perspectives could have something genuine to offer us. We don’t necessarily have to believe what others do, but what’s important is the level of respect we show them.

Are we willing to respect someone’s viewpoint, even if it isn’t our own? Are we willing to recognize that everyone has something genuine to share – something we should perhaps consider before we automatically renounce?

Unfortunately, the conscious public can be just as bad as anyone else when it comes to refusing to accept others. It’s one of the most accepting and respectful communities out there, but at the same time, there’s a lot of rebellion and refusal to accept something we brand ‘wrong’.

Because of the manner in which we’ve been lied to and deceived by our governments for centuries, the conscious public has honed our discernment and the result is that some of us have a more difficult time opening up to or accepting others like we could. I’m sure I’ve fallen into this trap, and plenty of others have too.

Once our discernment is at a certain level, we choose not to accept things that we perceive as offensive to the beliefs we’ve started to form, and this is where the lack of respect for other people’s point of view comes in.

If we’re secure enough in our beliefs, the philosophy of others shouldn’t matter much to us because we’ll have already formed our own picture; our own understanding. Instead of using this as a reason to refuse others, we can openly receive their beliefs without putting them down or flaunting our philosophy as if it’s the only correct one.

As we’ve learned, no lone belief or philosophy is solely correct, and we’ve all come here to provide a specific piece of the puzzle.

In order for everyone to feel comfortable sharing their puzzle piece with the rest of humanity, those of us who are starting to become aware will have to be able to love and accept them as much as we can, even if our puzzle piece is a little different.

If there’s anything the conscious public has learned so far, it’s that our outer differences don’t have to keep us divided. What’s inside matters the most, but if we let ourselves, we’ll fall into the same divisive traps so many others have fallen into and our work to help the rest of the planet become aware will be muddied as a result.

If we want to achieve our unitive goals, we’ll have to work together with respect for the unique and individual viewpoints of each person, and if we can do this, our new society will be built in no time.

If we can simply love and respect one another despite what our various viewpoints are, the new society we’ve strived so hard to see will be built relatively easily. We just have to be willing to choose a new way of life over the old, divisive ways that have clearly held us back, and I look forward to the time when the conscious public can come together and be the example of real, divine change.

If we don’t do it, nobody will, so let’s make an effort to bridge the gap that’s started to form between various conscious ‘camps’ and individuals. I don’t think we should coordinate all of our efforts like I once did, but we can form some kind of communion between each other and strengthen our respective efforts.

If the various divided ‘camps’ were to come together, we’d have to do it in a welcoming and allowing setting so everyone could feel comfortable contributing. The hardest aspect of the whole thing would be learning to respect each other’s perspectives, and if we can get past this initial hump, the rest of our work will be much easier.

The unity of the conscious public isn’t far off, and every kind, loving act we show to another conscious individual accelerates our drive to come together and makes it easier for the rest of the world to open up. All that’s required is love and respect, and with the things we’ve learned so far, I think we’re up for the task. Do you?

Wes Annac – Ready for a revolutionary level of love to sweep over the conscious public.

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