ERA OF LIGHT – KejRaj – All Portals of Light Are Now Open – Resetting the System – 1-1-19

ERA OF LIGHT – KejRaj – All Portals of Light Are Now Open – Resetting the System – 1-1-19

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Lisa Gawles – The Portals Of Light (You) Moving Toward Center

lisa gawlesLisa Gawles

The beauty of living in the high desert, woke up to 13 frozen inches of snow yesterday morning, by late afternoon and close to 60 degrees later, it’s all but a memory in patches upon the ground.  Internet and phones now stable… hurray!!  I am soooo flipping exciting to witness the field thru you!!

The 28th, in one of my many baths (can’t read might as well swim) I got a glimpse of an archway into the fields of March.  It was a large old old wooden archway, within the archway was this deep yellow film with dots or tiny bugles of energy running down thru it and I guess spreading out into the ground.  Thru the wonderful exchanges on facebook (I so love that place, at least the wall itself, the only place I play on facebook) someone mentioned they went thru their portal already.  Hey!!  I want in!!!  I tried going thru my filmy covered entrance and heard, too much is being laid out for early entry.  Dammit.  So I had to wonder, why such a different view… so I entered meditation and panned way out to see the collective view, since I was only seeing my own.  Life is all about me, right??  lol  OMG, the extraordinariness of the view.  Every single person who has readied themselves for this new earth had their own very particular portal.  My view was in a super large oval of landscape and completely outlining the oval was everyone’s individual portal, arrival into March.  Everything you need alive and aligned within you and the field of life as you entered.

I know now that the only image I had seen of March was this large circular area trimmed in what looked like deep gold garland housing the clearest striations of energy throughout itself.  Now I see that the garland is each one of us, connected side by side to charge, nourish and play on this new alive energy system called Life.

During the many diverse facets of my experience within my sword of light crystal yesterday, my dream team (smile) gave us another view, since it is now March and I have been withheld from reading (dammit.)  I could see all the individually connected portals or entrance ways into Now (March) in a deeper, richer color spectrum that before.  Each and every portal had a very particular color streaming from it heading towards the center of this oval-shaped landscape.  It was beautiful, like a massive web being created and connected at the center thru each person’s energy.

This morning as I wake up, I can see that once again, only now there is this intertwining of all our energies in the middle as it creates this interesting form moving upwards.  The shape is kinda cylinder shaped with this, I don’t know, beveling maybe, a continuous indent that might actually be forming a spiral indent as it comes together and moves/grows upwards.  Kinda like this, but made of our combined, multi colored energies.


helices-3Now what it all means to us… I have a feeling we will discover today!!  I hope lol.  But I know spirit is in now way as linear was we are!!

In the avalanche of incoming information these last several days, thanx to my bound at the waist dream team, I have a fuller understanding of my own personal world of crazy relationships, with one more to come.  This is as important for you to understand within your own scope of things, as it is for me.  As I mentioned in an earlier sharing, my team showed me one more person “down the road” fully connected to the All of Himself, head to toe.  In a meditation the day after that, thru some work I was doing in the bath and wondering, uhhhh how long is this road??  Out of the clear blue my very own soul, rarely speaking separately, but did this time said there are 5 incarnations on this timeline.  FIVE??  Holy shit and I only met two in 13 years.  I’ll be freakin 90 at this rate.  Fine, just freakin fine!

The absolute twists and turns, hidden information suddenly revealed can give us freakin whiplash!!  Yesterday, in my sword of light meditation, my dream team showed me the road to here and the 4 primary aspects of my soul incarnate as men.  Marc, Frank, Rick and Michael.  Holy shit!!??  All of them???  Each and every one???  Just when I thought I really knew my back story, I was shocked and so didn’t see that coming.  Facets of an amazing diamond!!  So Rick was not wrong at all, just not the final outcome of this crazy story.  Nothing more could be presented (to me) until I finally seen the importance of the interplay of each one, which I wrote about the other day.  Boy the mystery gets richer!!  I love a good mystery!!  So one more to go, yay!!  I’ll sit on my hands and wait as patiently as possible.  There’s always a freakin carrot, isn’t there????  lol  What I do find interesting, I cannot seem to get any clarity of what 5 meant, does that include me or not??  Silence.  Dammit.

Now, let me back up a little bit to the beginning of February.  I know this is all relevant and forming a bigger picture, bear with me as I process out loud here.  Before Michael left for Peru and after he left my house, he would call me in the evenings to share all the crazy and wonderful things coming into him.  I would sit on my couch and listen and smile and realized I have something weird happening in one of my crystals.  A face was presenting to me in one of the crystals.  At first I thought I was just seeing things based on the angle of how I was sitting and looking, so I moved here and there and yet, the face constant, always when Michael was on the phone and only then.  Let me show you my crystal formation on my coffee table, arrow pointing to the crystal I am talking about:



You cannot see it in this pic, or any pic I tried to take, but I know what I was seeing, a face bent downward, reverent for sure.  All I kept thinking was… Jesus???  Again, that amazing Soul called Sananda never once in 14 years showed me the true face of Jesus when he was kicking about in body, but the energy signature coming thru was…. familiarly Sananda’s.

What is also interesting, that particular crystal is cut and polished, virtually trapping the energy of itself inside the formation.  It is also the crystal Rick blessed with his love before he left.  (Long story, not sharing it!! lol)

Couple this with my shocking meditation yesterday with my newly released lemurian crystal and literally seeing the face of Jesus and AA Michael connected into one body at the waist…  All these freakin years later!!

One of the things I was shown, in fantastic detail thru this meditation yesterday, is how we started in Light over 26 thousand years ago and became so dark along the way.  Ya know, I think just like my cut and polished crystal, we trapped ourselves into a story that is no longer relevant and is actually quite limiting.  If I ever get prompted, I will share it.

The handful of us that broke free… well… we are about to come into true form.  Living bodies of Loving Light creating, exchanging, together as one Living energy form!!

Well, my day is about to begin… I am so excited!!

((((((HUGZ))))) of wonder and bliss to ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas

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Aluna Joy – Global Light Portals May Be Landing Soon – 12-1-14

Portal Of Light

Aluna Joy and the Star Elders

This past month we have been slowly released from trapped feelings and gripping inertia that felt like emotional and physical quick sand. Yet one deep cellular feeling has remained. For the past few weeks, we have been feeling the cells in our bodies quake, rock and roll, and this is not a very comfortable feeling. Deep inside, for no outer reason, we feel something big is UP! If you buy into fear and victim mentality, your conclusions might not thrill you. But if you are coming from love and master consciousness, you are holding your breath in happy anticipation. I expect that most of us are somewhere in the middle as our soul is revving up for a powerful landing of light, while our bodies are freaking out from all the changes.

Since 1986, we have been traveling through the Milky Way and its dark transformational center. We learned about our profound light during this “once in a life time” event. We reached the outer band of the Milky Way in 2012. It has been a rocky and starry journey through this band. Soon The Earth will exit the Milky Way and its life altering energy. This outer band is like a huge spiritual mountain pass that we must travel through. This is the flippin’ Himalayas guys! The good news is that we have now crested the top of this mountain that we began to climb in 2012. It is going to get easier as we will begin to see the fruits of our labors. It has been constant hard work. We are now crossing over the massive mountain top with anticipation for what is ahead and on the other side. What we are feeling now is a new and oddly indescribable energy that is quaking through our bodies. But this is what we have been waiting for.

I have been seeing some clues that physical reality is about to change. I was in my garden over Thanksgiving doing winter clean up. I was clipping back a bush and gasped as I saw an electric blue lizard bolt by me. Now I am not afraid of lizards, but I was holding a lethal clipper in my hand, and I didn’t want to hurt it. I only saw it for a brief second, and it was gone. I had flashes of the movie Avatar. It was beautiful. Then I saw another one in my kitchen! These glimpses have been showing me that we are getting so close to the landing of paradise . . . an age of light. Have you been seeing interesting and beautiful things out of the corners of your eyes lately?

Now . . . There is a lot that will not cross with us into this age of light. We can graze the news headlines to see that many are not coping so well with the arrival of this new, pure and higher frequency energy. The crazies are coming out. People are losing it. Lives are changing. Issues are rising to the surface to be cleared once and for all. Most lower natures will not be able to go much further now. Once we cross over the top of the mountain and begin our decent into Shangri-La, the new laws of nature will strip any mis-creation from our being. During each step of our journey, we are being purified.

Since 1986, I have been aware of a city of light hovering over Palenque Mexico. I was in Palenque over the historical, Mayan dates of 12-21-2012 and watched the closing down of this site and Earth’s old grids. We have been living (barely surviving sometimes) through a massive, global and universal reboot. I will be back in Palenque for 12-12-2014 and am packing up now. I have been called strongly to return and feel the divine creative power of the light that will return there before many other places. This is return of the divine feminine. I hope this is the time (fingers crossed).

I have been hearing stories of a City of Light returning to Sedona over Christmas. Last night, we had a very rare 4.7 earthquake between Flagstaff and Sedona. It is funny that we had a calling to drive up that canyon yesterday. The energy was quaking uncomfortably hard in our bodies. We felt like we were just hanging on by our finger nails. The day before was calm and quiet. So the radical shift was interesting to see. I was playing music and had a call to play “What are you waiting for?” by Nickelback, a very different genre from my favorite tunes from Liquid Mind. We sang our way down the canyon.

The last big earthquake in Sedona was in 1959 and was a 5.6 magnitude. So most locals have never felt an earthquake. I grew up in southern California, so I am pretty quake savvy. But I blew off the energy as quake energy, because Sedona doesn’t get quakes. So I am wondering this morning . . . Is this quake a clue to this Cites of Light arriving? We hope so! And does this mean other Cites of Light will land and anchor as well? I am thinking of my old home base of Mt Shasta CA, as well as the Tetons WY, Tucson AZ, Taos NM, etc…. And these are just in the Americas.

There are Earth grid acupuncture points all over the Earth. I INVITE YOU To . . . List sacred areas you know of, in the comments on our facebook! (Facebook (Sorry we dont have a working comment box right now) It would be awesome if we held space for all these areas from now through 12-12-2014 (days to the Divine Mother), and right through Christmas (days of the enlightened Christ) on 12-25-2014! Will you JOIN ME and our global family from around the Earth? As Nickelback’s song said . . . WHAT ARE WE WAITING FOR?!
Aluna Joy Yaxkin © 2014