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Divine Principles by Polona – Universal Cycles – Soul Rays


Dear Ascension Pioneers!

I was guided to say a few words about Soul rays, because I mention this a lot, and many people are asking for explanations about it. This is connected to our I AM Presence and the path of Ascension. I also speak about the Universal cycles.

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Within Divine Love, Polona

Divine Principles, Part 2 – Understanding Free Will – Polona


Dear Ascension Pioneers!

I was guided to speak about the deeper understanding of free will, because this term has become very corrupted and misunderstood in our world. I hope this sheds some deeper Truth! We also need to understand the difference between Divine Will and human will.

Here is an article from my automatic writings about The law of free will:…

Within Divine Love, Polona

Divine Principles, Part 1 – Understanding the I AM – Polona


Dear Family of Light!

I was guided to speak about the I AM THAT I AM. This is our eternal and immortal infinite God Self, our Spirit monad. I AM speaking about it from my own simple spiritual perspective, but if You desire a more intellectual concept, there is an article from I AM University below!

Within Divine Love, Polona

P.S. I AM – By Dr Joshua David Stone

“The Spiritual constitution of every person on the path of ascension really involves four major parts. These parts are your Soul, Superconscious Mind, Oversoul and Monad or Mighty I AM Presence!

Many people get confused about this because there are so many different names for these aspects of Self. Some people call the Soul the Soul Extension. It is the aspect of your Oversoul that is incarnated into a physical body for the purpose of becoming an Integrated Ascended Master, passing Spiritual tests and learning lessons, as well as being of service. The Soul is not one place in your physical body, like in your pineal gland or Heart Chakra, as some people think. The Soul pervades your entire physical body. Many people are not awakened to their Soul and think they are just a physical body. At the third initiation, which is called Soul Merge, one fully merges and awakens to the fact they are an eternal and immortal Soul.

To Achieve Ascension You Must Merge With Your Soul, Superconscious Mind, Oversoul, and Monad. Secondly, we not only have a conscious and subconscious mind, we have a Superconscious Mind. This is literally a higher mind that can access the Akashic Records and is an aspect of God within you. It is your true teacher. Edgar Cayce became world famous, for he was a channel for this mind. The Superconscious Mind, also known as the Higher Self, has the job of training you to become an Integrated Ascended Master. So it is constantly giving you guidance, dreams, inspiration, intuition, thoughts, images, synchronicity and lessons to help you develop in the areas where you are weak, in terms of Self and God Realization. It guides you to books to read, workshops to go to, tapes to listen to and on and on. Every person should develop a close personal relationship to one’s Superconscious Mind. This does not mean you have to hear a voice like Edgar Cayce did, for the Superconscious Mind is communicating with you all day long through a variety of means, if you have the eyes to see and ears to hear. Your Superconscious Mind loves that you are doing this correspondence course and reading this lesson, for these teachings are part of the Superconscious Mind’s curriculum for you. On the path of initiation and ascension it is important that you merge and integrate with the Superconscious Mind. You do this by developing your consciousness to the point that your thoughts, feelings, emotions, energy, words and actions are all guided by and mirror the consciousness of the Superconscious Mind in how you live your life! Then the three minds function as one mind. You are the master of the subconscious mind and you are completely subservient to the Superconscious Mind, which is the consciousness of the Spirit / Christ / Buddha / Krishna / Moses / Mohammed / Mighty I AM Presence / God / Goddess Within.

So in the process of ascension, one first merges with the Soul, then the Superconscious Mind, then the Oversoul, and then the Monad or Mighty I AM Presence! Then you are an Integrated Spirit / Christ / Buddha / Krishna / Moses / Mohammed / Mighty I AM Presence / God / Goddess living on Earth. This is the example the Sananda/Jesus set 2,000 years ago in his life on Earth.

The Ascended Masters, Archangels and Angels, Elohim and Spirit-attuned Extraterrestrials all work with these aspects of self to help train you to become an Integrated Ascended Master and Enlightened Being. Once you achieve your Integrated Ascension and become an Integrated Ascended Master, of which there are very few on the Planet at this time, the next step is to call and merge with the Cosmic aspects of our Divinity, which are God, Christ and the Holy Spirit. The Mighty I AM Presence and Monad are your individual sparks of God within you. God, Christ and the Holy Spirit are the Cosmic aspects of Divinity for the entire Omniverse! So it is Spirit, the Masters’ and my hope that this brief discussion has given you a good, quick overview of the planetary and cosmic ascension process in terms of the Spiritual guidance you must merge with in consciousness, light and love, to become Self and God Realized!”

(I AM University)

Polona – Ascension Update – 12-12 – The Sealing of Ascension


Dear Ascension Pioneers!

Here is my latest Ascension update. Boy, I haven’t done one in quite a while. This one incorporates everything from the portal of 12-12, the sealing of our Light body vehicle/Merkabah, and Self empowerment as we move through the Gateway between now and the December Solstice … entering a new energetic year of 2014.

Here is another message about the portal of 12-12! I asked Spirit about what is there to know about this year’s portal of 12-12. This is what I received:

“Beloved Light Beings! This year’s portal of 12-12 brings special Gifts and opportunities for all of those Ascension devotees, who have been focusing only on the New, and merely on the embodiment of Divine Love. This doesn’t mean that they are somehow special or chosen. It simply means that they have done enough preparation work, that their body vehicles can Now hold the amount of Light which is needed for the full integration/seeding of the Light body Merkabah/Star of David/Star tetrahedron, which has been an ongoing process of expansion since this Summer.

Walking through this portal and the Gateway between now and the December Solstice requires the full letting go of the old … leaving it “behind the gates”, so to say. With this, one can walk in Purity and complete devotion/integration of the multi-dimensional Self. The only reason that so many multi-dimensional Soul gifts have resurfaced within many individuals, is because the make-up template of the 12-stranded DNA has been completed, and with this sealing of the Light body Merkabah, this process is now coming into a phase of completion, and the December Solstice will kind of capitalize that and prepare You for the New Year of 2014, which will be more about the sharing of these multi-dimensional gifts. It will be a new journey.

The year of 2013 was the first year of the ascended Gaia, and the number one year for those who stepped into co-creating with it. It is not so for everyone, of course, for it was a Soul based choice and Divine Reunion with the Self … one where the devotee had to be ready and well prepared. So 2013 was sort of like a discovery year within the grand initiation, when many were feeling like they are going through so much of the New while being blindfolded, testing the grounds and looking for that “perfect spot” to plant the seeds of the New. In 2014, these seeds will begin to sprout, and the results of that first growth within the New Earth template/Light grid will begin to show … especially from now on, after the full sealing of the Star tetrahedron/Light body activation within the ascending Souls, who are connecting to their personal and Universal Merkabah.

Much trust and patience is still required, and all perception of time is moving away physically, as the new consciousness of “inner time” is beginning to take form within many. Blessed are those, for they have remembered who they truly are, and they choose to embody it. So be it … and so it is!”

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn

Polona – Star Origin – Soul Purpose – Ascension Pioneers – 12-8-13

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Dear Ascension Pioneers!

What is the difference between our Star origin and calling ourselves “starseeds” or “lightwokers”? Star origin is always about where our Soul began its journey of expansion through the exploration of worlds of density. We are all seeded from the Stars anyway, but Star origin means something completely different. It is that first and unique individualization from Source in direct experience. Because Creation was bursting out in waves of expansion, Star origin is also directly connected with Soul age. Naturally, the deeper we move into Source itself, the less reference we have of time, age or anything as such … as all is but One. But we need to always embrace our individuality before we know Oneness. The key is to always live in between individualization and Oneness at the same time, always in perfect harmony. This is the so-called middle path and understanding the Divine nature in all things. Also, Star origin is most crucial for understanding our unique purpose as the individualized Soul, because this is what was first written in our unique Soul frequency. We did not just randomly come into Being out of nothing … we were created, with great purpose behind it … all within the Divine Plan of Perfection. As always, it is about coming into awareness about this and embodying it while living through our Monadic Presence. We are so unique and so special … as precious Beings of Divine Love! All we need to do is embrace it!

Next time I will be sharing more about different Rays within Variation of Creation!

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn

Polona – Wisdom of the Stars – Ascension Pioneers


Dear Ascension Pioneers!

My path is slowly but steadily expanding into more of my real Cosmic Self and sharing the Wisdom of the Stars … the most benevolent and evolved Beings of Light and their knowing and embodying of the Principles of Creation. I have been on this path for a while now, and I have often shared about Principles of Creation, but I feel the activation going deeper Now. A lot of us are Now connecting with our Cosmic Family more and our latent DNA is coming to life. We are in communion with Star Beings, and the benevolent guidance from the higher dimensions/planes of Existence and connecting to our own Star origin/Home, which is where our Soul first began its experiential journey of expansion and evolution within Creation.

A lot of us are volunteer Souls, descending/coming from higher planes into this dimensional reality to be of service to others and all of Creation. We often have deep feelings and dreams connected with this feeling, and now we are asked to explore this connection deeper … but not in a way to obsess over it, but in order to use your higher knowledge and wisdom to be of service in some way that feels very close and natural to us. If You have felt like an “alien” your whole life, You might originate from another dimensional reality, but now the time has come to share your wisdom and unique gifts with others and the whole world, instead of obsessing about where You come from and why. You are not a persona, You are a unique Variation of Creation … a form of consciousness with a very specific vibration and purpose.

Just go with the flow and trust your inner guidance … and You are always Home anyway. If there are ever any doubts, just call in your Universal guides to assist You in Divine remembrance. This is a path of our true Soul Essence/name, not a label … and it is not personal … it is Universal and meant only for the greater good within service to All Life.

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn