Jessica, Abe Delmar – Free Energy, Pole Shift, Lemuria, Atlantis – 1-30-19

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Abe Delmar

Part 01

The connection between the pole shift, Lemuria, Atlantis and free energy through energy portals along the equator of the Earth. // Jan. 30, 2019 Information in this Free Energy series is reading energy ahead of current time. Maybe to help set us up to receive it. I sense 5 to 10 years in the future. LINKS: Read the transmission — Inner Lost Knowledge Pt. 1 —

Part 02

Information in this Free Energy series is reading energy ahead of current time. Maybe to help set us up to receive it. I sense 5 to 10 years in the future. Strong portal of energy to Inner Earth Gaia found in Ecuador. Message to open this portal to open free energy on the planet. Tesla machine, Tesla tower. Activation and strengthening of powerful energy portals in original placements of where Atlantis and Lemuria used to exist. // Feb. 1, 2019 Pole shift updates, Lemuria and Atlantis updates. EDIT: *Central America resides strongly NEAR the equator line, so it opens to very large amounts of equator and inner Earth energy* Read the transmission — Part 1: Free Energy series — “RA Energy, Restoring the Heart of 3D Inner Earth Sun” video —

Part 03

Tesla comes through to offer more information about free energy, how Atlantis and Lemuria generated energy, and how to bring forward free energy to our future. How to access knowledge of Tesla through our inner lost knowledge tesseract. Tesla’s strong knowledge of free energy opened Atlantean energy on the planet that sparked the ascension of Gaia over 100 years ago. Vibration of inner Earth is raising in frequency and strengthening, offering us the ability to utilize it for free energy. Information about Tesla and his perspective of 3, 6, 9 vibrational heartbeat of God Source. // Feb 4, 2019 Information in this Free Energy series is reading energy ahead of current time. Maybe to help set us up to receive it. I sense 5 to 10 years in the future. READ the transmission — Free Energy Pt. 1 — Free Energy Pt. 2 — ‘The Tesla Files’ docu-series on History Channel — Image of spiral spire found here — Super Blood Wolf Moon reading video — *~* JOIN the FB Group: BOOK a Personal High Vibe Heart Reading: RECEIVE a written Light Language Activation Message from your guides: *~* Website: Instagram: @abedelmar Email:


DUANE: I’m adding this Tesla video for more information..

Aluna Ash- 9D – Energy Update ( 1-17) – Pole Shift, Magnetic Sun 2021

Aluna Ash- 9D

Published on Jan 16, 2019

If you didnt see the community tab section where I mentioned a wave coming- theres a wave coming. After the Total Lunar Eclipse but some may feel it now or sooner. Ill talk more about the Feb & March activations & shifts coming soon. The closer we get to the new galactic year (end of July 2019) which is a DF magnetic charge, the more the poles will shift. The new galactic year of the divine feminine for the first time since the fall of Atlantis. Its like a re-do. To me, I see the planets & stars in many diff ways, but mainly they are transmission systems. All linked to the psychological experiment of ascension and free will on Earth. These avatars are linked up to it all too.

I know alot of people on this channel have experienced the Rainbow Wave Event around March 2018 as well… i believe it is timeline, galactic lineage & perception based. Certain Starseed groups are in different timeline points possibily. We are all connected individually to our galactic family & as groups so experiences are different and at different times.

The Synchronicities pick up in order for the Soul vibration to fully integrate. The Soul guides through the unconscious to rewire the brain and activate the diff hemispheres.

When Mars conjuncts Uranus in early Feb… its a big deal- integration.

Try not to feed into the drama that “the world’s going to end” or “what are they not telling us” or “elites are planning..” That’s how the matrix stays in place. We are going forwards not backwards. People will start getting activated and remember. They don’t really have a choice, the frequency is Shifting whether people like it or not. More people will start feeling and some will start seeing these energy waves and having the awareness of what’s taking place.

Trust your gut about people/places/things in connection to your Soul’s desires. Set boundaries in a healthy way, cut out what drains you. Trust your guidance & focus on your manifestations/path— rapid manifestations for those focusing on their own Soul growth/path/new life. YOU decide where you are going and what life you want.

I love you guys, thank you for all the support. Missed you guys very much.

** and feel free to link your channels, books, websites, advice… anything that you think could be helpful to another person. or even if it’s something that you’re just starting, promote yourself on this channel in the comments! Some people may feel weird about doing that, but you have to get out of your comfort zone and share your stuff if that’s a part of your path. Just link below in comments❤

**I am not doing any work/emails/messages this week

Im excited to jump timelines with Fleurbrun & her group for the 1st time for the Total Lunar Eclipse- check out her YT and instagram

Aluna Ash Clairvoyant-9D – The Event, Pole Shift, 4D/5D Magnetic Sun 2021, Collective Awakening

Aluna Ash- 9D

Published on Dec 2, 2018

I mentioned stuff about this on Patreon recently so some already heard about this… but I feel extremely confident about this based off of the information that I’ve been getting Clairvoyantly and downloads of information over the last 4-5 years. I most definitely believe that systems will transition completely either by 2021 or not long after… 2022 looks beautiful at least from how I was shown. It’s so important for people to start planting there seeds in clearing unconscious programs from their old Paradigm right now and I talk about this more in The December Astrology & galactic cycles video im uploading because you have the ability to have a completely new life- new reality VERY VERY SOON, just stay focused on your highest reality. I’ve talked about three suns in the past: 3D sun is electric consciousness- masculine 4D sun is transition 4D/5D sun is magnetic-consciousness- feminine. We are going to a new sun by 2021. 2021 is the full transition. The last phase of this transition begins July of 2019 as we enter the new galactic year of the divine feminine. from now and even more so as we get closer to the new galactic year in July 2019- which would be the 13 Moon, which would be Christ consciousness gateway/13th gate, people will be Awakening to their unconscious patterns.. if they haven’t already. The whole Paradigm of the third dimension will be changed. The sun going from one charge to another- electric to magnetic just like our poles on earth, this creates pole shift. We are shifting with the sun from the inside out, as the sun is turning inside out as well. Still finishing up the astrology video for December.. (I can only make these videos during during certain times because I have work that I do during certain hrs and a child + 3D life) but itll be up soon! The December channeled messages for each zodiac sign will be up on this week (prerecorded just need to upload) Thank you to everyone that has reached out about working with me doing emails, I appreciate it so much! I haven’t been able to respond to everyone that has reached out so I just wanted to send a thank you and let you guys know how grateful I am. I’m Grateful for this entire family here on this channel! Love you guys.. I have never really had a “family” and you guys have become that for me🤗❤❤❤ ..even my spies just here for the info☺ I Love you & I am grateful your keeps spirit bringing your back here. © Copyright. Aluna Ash

Aluna Ash-9D – NEW EARTH & POLE SHIFT – Galactic Cycle of The Divine – 11-20-18

Aluna Ash- 9D

Published on Nov 20, 2018

This all still blows me away, it is all synchronized/orchestrated perfectly- Divine Time☺ Dont forget to charge your water & drinks w thought/intent before drinking- it holds memory. I was seeing how people are drinking memories of the info the water stores during packaging/transport/sitting on shelf & it is crazy. 2012-2020- 4th density synchronization 2012- beginning of the end of linear time 3D matrix time, false grid removal through collective focused thought. Beginning of the end of “time” as in 12months a yr 60 min clock-false timing frequency created by THE VATICAN TO ENSALVE through creating a conscious construct/artifical grid of crystallized collective thought 2019- New Divine Femine Galactic cycle- reactivating The Mother Energy. Individual awakening process begins to become collective. The shift becomes more real. 2019-2020- pole shift becomes more physical 2020- last group activated, triggering mass collective awakenings at a larger level. Many twinflames & soul groups will be together or getting together around this point or after this point/organizing around this timeline. 2021=5 (cycle pattern of the 5)completion & beginning of last phase/stage in closing cycle I was seeing a “split” of realms here in this timeline point 2021-2022(6)- completion of activation of last group 2022(6) balancing out, collective integration 2024(8)2025(9)- completion of collective grid synchronization. End of one Uranus cycle, beginning of new. 5th conjunction of 5 star pentagram sacred geometry of earth & venus around sun, happens in 5 stages over 8 years (2024) (cycles of 5 or 5-5-5=6) Ive mentioned this in past videos, the patterns of Uranus & Venus cycles are connected to this new earth grid synchronization process/pole shift/collective shift in consciousness. This process is more individual up until July/Aug 2019 then after this point 2019 it becomes more at a collective level where lightworkers starseeds twinflames really start going to work and we see the planet transform through synchronized collective thought, it is amazing ! The Gregorian calendar or 12 month calendar was created by the Vatican to create a collective focused thought artificial grid system known as The Matrix to keep us out of sync with natural order in natural time of the cosmos- Leela, in order to maintain control in the fourth dimension where synchronicity takes place, which is the natural timing frequency that we are collectively moving back to. The Gregorian calendar was a construct of the Pope and the Vatican Draconian/Dows agenda to create a matrix system and cap off Consciousness to the third dimension through Collective Focused thought throughout generations creating an artificial timing frequency grid and unconscious programming of a false perception of reality. The shifts taking place right now or activating the spheres of the brain that have been dormant due to the programming of the Vatican. The awakening process or upliftment process, releases the imprints/programs of the false 3D matrix reality. Its basically a time loop within a reality that has been created to ensalve & drain/harvest energy. The closer we get to July 2019- the more real/physical the pole shift becomes. That’s when we as a planet and Collective shift into the natural timing frequency. I’ll make a more in-depth video on this because I have a ton of information connected to this that I’ve received over last for 4-5 years that I’ve written it down and I recorded myself when messages came through, its just everywhere/very disorganized. **The only ones who need to beworried about a rest or economy collspse are the ones dependant on 3D programs… if you are experiencing synchronicity in the form of number or signs, you are no longer plugged into that 3D system of fear & control. The ones pushing fear are only pushing it due to their own perception. Nothing to fear, its something that is bound to happen with a collective shift… the old systems no longer work, it MUST change.

THE QUANTUM SOUL – QHHT: Ascension 5D Update – Pole Shift & Event Info – 7-31-18



Published on Jul 31, 2018

In this video, I share information about an upcoming light event that has been coming through almost every one of my Quantum Healing Hypnosis (QHHT and BQH) sessions, as well as a possible future event(s) that are also connected to the ascension and pole shift.
Keep in mind that everything that comes through are possibilities. When I channel information, the guides have said that it’s all possibilities, and the information that comes through Quantum Hypnosis sessions are often coming through the perspective and experience of that individual, so it might not be relevant for everyone.
If you’d like a session, please visit or to find a practitioner in your area. — Any information that comes through this video is for you to use your own belief syste
m and discernment within you. I want to thank my clients who have agreed to let me share the information from their sessions. —
Website: QHHT/Hypnosis:
Email: hello [at] — ♡ Oneness and love be with you.


ALUNA ASH CLAIRVOYANT- 9D – THE EVENT – The Light Body & Pole Shift – 8-27-18

Thanks to   Blue Dragon Journal


Published on Aug 27, 2018

I keep being shown another rainbow wave like the one some of us experienced in March of 2018 Anyone that would lile refund, send refund request through paypal if you havent been able to get intouch through an email.

MAGENTA PIXIE – NI-BI-RU, Planet X, Pole Shift and the New 5D Earth


Magenta Pixie 

Published on Aug 15, 2017

You have asked us of Planet Nibiru or Planet X, other planetary bodies or comets coming into your solar system and an impending pole shift upon your planet. We have addressed these issues previously within our transmissions yet we shall do so again, in more depth.

Channelled, written and narrated by Magenta Pixie. Video compiled by Catzmagick using royalty free media.

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