Channelled Messages – Melchizedek, SanJAsKa, Pleiadian Council of Nine – June-07-2013

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Melchizedek ~ The planetary shift of May that unfolds in June and July ~ Channeled by Meline Lafont June 7, 2013…
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SanJAsKa and the Pleiadian Council of Nine: A Magnificent Revolution of Individual Sparks Uniting Wes Annac June 7, 2013…

Channeler: Wes Annac – Message: Pleiadian Council Of Nine

Channeled through Wes Annac

Your mainstream media will still not yet report the progress humanity as a collective is making with the purging of the dark souls from your collective society and influence, and this is because such media is still largely owned by those individuals.You will find in the time ahead that free press is an absolute and just as will be so with your governments, souls in your mainstream media who display malevolent or service-to-self-based agendas will be kindly taken away from their positions and, depending on what their higher selves and their guides wish for them personally, will perhaps be rehabilitated of the negativity that would drive a malevolent perspective.

Higher Dimensional Rehabilitation

This rehabilitation we speak of is not anything that will be forced onto anyone and rather, will be an optional choice that we are quite confident many souls steeped in negativity will accept.We speak (in part) of the souls who you refer to as “criminals” who have entered into a specific archetype and way of Living for their current Earth experience. They will be offered the choice to rid themselves of the negativity that has driven many of their perspectives for so very long and as goes without saying, every soul on your world who has been imprisoned under false means will be released and given redemption from the difficulty they have had to suffer because of the injustice continuing to take place on your world.Of course, we do not wish to feed a victim consciousness in humanity even when discussing the many ways in which you have been victims of sorts, and even the souls on your world who are falsely imprisoned are where they are for specific reasons that are unique to them and where they are heading along their Life paths.Every single one of you are where you are at specifically for a very real and necessary reason, and we ask for you all to see the sheer perfection and Divinity of this very moment as you find yourselves expanding in unprecedented ways.

Awaiting the Lightened Collective Energy Levels

We have long informed you that your abilities are to expand and become as infallible as you have begun to learn they can be, and you can as well become infallible in the sense of no longer allowing any happening in your personal Lives to bring you down or take you away from the natural center you are learning to breed and feed in yourselves as you embrace the pure states of consciousness making up your ascension experience.The ascension of the Earth has been in a magnified phase since the end of your year 2012, and we note with enthusiasm and joy the purer perspectives already beginning to be made known within you.As we have previously informed you, we are waiting for the collective energy-levels to reach the stage needed for us to be able to comfortably be on your world with you dear souls, and we have withheld our “official” contact with your world in a brazen manner that will help everyone to know the truth of our existence, because of the collective energy levels as they have stood for so very long.

Purposely Repeating Certain Things

There are quite a few things said by us in the higher realms that we feel best repeating at times, for a plethora of different reasons. One of such reasons is that the readership of the communications given from the higher realms is constantly changing, as more and more souls are seeking answers to the great questions that have confounded humanity yet remained right in the open for you to begin to understand and know.As such, the influence of the Light and of the higher realms is growing in every single moment, and as more souls are coming aboard who could use general instructions as to what is currently happening with your planet and the role we been playing in your evolution among so many other things, the necessity to repeat certain facts or impressions we have given in the past arises.We will delightfully give as much information and energy that the information is encoded unto, as possible as we wish with every facet of ourselves to help you dear souls find these blissful states of consciousness we are so very happy to be speaking with you from.Every one of you will be introduced to the sentient technology that is our ships, and we encourage every one of you who are beginning to garner interest in us and our craft to research the sightings we have been giving for some time, as they are only to increase in their brazen nature.

Denial Provides Comfort

We are and have been serious about our mission, though of course, seriousness as you see it is indeed not a factor in the higher realms. What we mean is that we are in your skies and under your ground to make ourselves known to you when the energy levels allow for our existence to be accepted and understood, and this is a mission that we fully intend to complete as indeed, it can simply be no other way.Especially with the vastly-pure states of consciousness you’re continuing to reach and Create for others to be able to reach on the surface of your world, those aforementioned collective energy levels could not be purer and we are happily anticipating an easy entrance into the collective energies when the sacred time finally does come and we are able to be introduced to you and make ourselves known to every soul on your world who has remained within a paradigm of not understanding and in many cases, not accepting our presence.The denial factor in many souls will be seen as an aid; as a comfort, because it will be easier to remain within the paradigm they have been used to even when faced with truths they had not expected themselves to ever know in their Lifetime.While the societies you find yourselves in have indeed been cabal-Created and oriented specifically to serve them, plenty of souls on your world are still very comfortable within the paradigm your societies have offered and will need the calming and Lighted influence that will be you dearest Lightworkers and awakening starseeds.

Coming to the Earth from the Higher Dimensions

Some of you have come to the Earth from planets or other objects in our star system, the Pleiades, while others have come from states of consciousness much purer than those that would require Living on a planet.What we mean is that the pure states of consciousness some of you have made your way to the Earth from, garner a natural experience of pure higher dimensional (Love) and Light magnified to the extent that the wish to have any type of archetype or identity to Live or experience through, which can include Living upon a planet, is simply unwanted.We are speaking, of course, of vastly pure states of consciousness that, while many of you have come from, you have not yet grown back into and we can say with happiness and Love that you will be able to fully remember these states of consciousness upon growing back into them.Indeed, there will be so very much for you to learn that will help you adjust to the pure states of consciousness you have long begun growing toward, and we mean this for your personal Lives and for the world stage. Personally, you are going to uncover and remember revelations that will help you to adjust to the states of consciousness you have come to the Earth from, and on the world stage you will be given truths and disclosures that will shock much of your collective back into awareness.

Breaking the Earthly Paradigm

The period between the initial issuing of disclosure and our official landing may be a bit tumultuous, as humanity will come to find that you have been deceived about nearly every aspect of your (existence). (1)The actions of the cabals in attempting to control and enslave you have not been pretty indeed, and one of the reasons they have kept such a tight grip upon the knowledge of our existence is because such knowledge would and will naturally serve to break the paradigm that has been instilled within the minds and hearts of so very many souls.Indeed, upon learning about the existence of we benevolent spiritual beings, many of whom are human and have come from our respective planets to assist in an evolution your planet has been undergoing which you have not been told about; in the face of such information, having a job and all of the other physical, Earthly aspects of your Lives will be seen as hollow and unimportant for indeed, you have been kept distracted from the truth and reality of your existence and nature as spiritual beings with the very many aspects of your society designed to usurp the money and spirituality out of you.We mean it quite literally when we say that your cabals have attempted to Create a slave society, and they have continued to benefit from the hard work of souls whom they have branded “poor” or “ordinary” because their own egos have grown to incredible extents.Finding and beginning to understand your spiritual nature also helps you to break the instilled paradigm that has remained commonplace for so many, and you will be able to find (greater) perspectives within you with every bit of purer energy you are able to absorb unto yourselves, because your ability to pick up on purer frequencies of encoded Light will grow as much as your perspectives will.

Intention and Effort are Required

Continue to make your attempts to feel the opening of your heart taking place, as you are finding yourselves able to fruitfully express the aforementioned perspectives you find growing within you at this time. Every one of you have maintained the strongest and purest connection to the higher realms; it is simply that such a connection cannot be made known to you all at once for indeed, this would burn you out, dearest souls.We do not wish for that to happen, and you as well would not want to gain a perspective that you have not naturally grow into because again, you would be overwhelmed. Naturally growing and learning back into the perspectives of the higher realms will see you appreciating such perspectives much more and as with anything, intention and effort must be put in if you wish to find and expand upon your unfolding higher dimensional experience.Your experiences are truly only to get better from here on out but when we say this, we do not want it to seem as if you will not still be tested with events manifesting in your Lives. Indeed you will, but you will find that the testing begins to orient much more toward what you can do in any and every moment to maintain a balance of physical existence and higher dimensional harmony and joy, which will make your physical existence much, much easier and more enjoyable.You will be able to breeze through your (experiences) with the happiest of perspectives, and when negativity attempts to come up you will be able to see it for what it is, and transmute it quite successfully and easily.

Attempts to Crash Galactic Craft

We are speaking to you from a perspective of being able to instantly dissolve and transmute any and all negativity that would be sent toward us and trust, dearest souls; your cabals have indeed attempted to use low-frequency weapons on us and our ships.In the instances they have been able to bring our ships down which has happened more than you are told, and bring us out of our body temples by making us crash; we are spiritual beings leading a completely spiritual existence and at any moment, are able to transport into a new body that is readily prepared for us if it is foreseen that the cabals will attempt to cause mayhem while we do our work in your skies.Your cabals have only been able to crash or recover crashed ships because of the technology that was meant to be gained from such ships, as we have been helping to carefully plan your collective Life path for so very long and this has included allowing the cabals to back-engineer much of our technology so that humanity could eventually benefit from such back-engineering.

Benefits of Back-Engineered Galactic Technology

One of the ways you are benefitting from this now is the internet, which comes to you on your computers that have been back-engineered from the super-computers we have aboard our ships. You are and have been benefitting from the back-engineering of our technology in so many other ways that you will be informed of during the disclosure announcements, and we have long wished to prepare you to learn much of what will be given fruitfully in a short amount of your concept of time.As we make our final impressions for this communication, we ask you all to brace yourselves for the bursting open of a millennia of secrets.The revelations will indeed be pouring in one after another, and we are confident in stating that those of you who have already prepared yourselves and learned so much about the very subjects humanity is to be taught in the time ahead, will be able to both calm and inform those around you who may initially wish to panic or retreat back into the paradigm they feel comfortable within.This paradigm is to truly burst open, which is why your Light and your knowledge will be more needed than ever.Thank you to the Pleiadian Council of Nine, and to SanJAsKa for being their don’t want this statement to be misinterpreted into a claim that anarchy will rule the streets after disclosure, nor do I believe it is intended to put anybody in fear.I believe we’re being told this so that we awakening souls can further the calming influence we’ve been told we will have on those around us, and it does make sense that some people will be initially upset upon learning that so many facets of their physical existence have been fabricated.It’s a hard truth to digest indeed, and the Pleiadians’ mention of a potentially-tumultuous time directly after disclosure does not have to be a bad thing. Rather, it can help prepare us to sharpen our roles when disclosure comes and to know what we may be up against in helping calm and quell the initial collective upset. Nobody said it would be easy, but it will be worth it! / link to original article

Pleiadian Council Of Nine – Paradigm of Secrecy

Channeled through Wes Annac-

Greetings, dearest souls, I am SanJAsKa speaking for our Council of Nine. You continue to make the strides and progress that you are becoming famous for, and as the Earth experience tests your faith and resolve we note the overall enlightenment so many of you are beginning to find not just in yourselves, but in those around you who are beginning to respond quite favorably to the energies and perceptions you’re uncovering.

As you unlock new perceptions and find yourselves able to radiate the resulting energies, every single soul around you benefits from your Light in their own specific and individual ways and for many of them, it will take and has taken quite a long amount of your concept of time for the energies you’re introducing to their perspective to settle in and begin changing such perspective in a way that will display very clearly to you, the effect your Light is having.

Your Abilities Have Never Been Stronger

This effect is grand indeed, and we will happily continue to be with you to offer updates about where you are heading as a collective and where your continual paths are taking you and all those around you. Your ability to feel and radiate massive amounts of pure Light is greater than it has ever been and of course, this ability is only to increase as you find yourselves able to open up to states of consciousness and states of wellbeing that you had perhaps not expected to be able to feel at this time.

The Earth experience as it stands at present continues to test many a soul, and events occurring on the world stage are indeed leading you to the disclosure of our existence, the existence of realms beyond your conscious understanding and the existence of so very many other things that are to help humanity see the orchestrated illusion that has been cast upon you.

Truly, you have been conditioned to grow up in and experience an illusory reality that has taught you to act and Live your Lives in certain manners that are, in many cases, serving the souls who have crafted your societies in the ways that they have in an attempt to gain and keep control over the bulk of humanity.

An Orchestrated Reality & Instilled Complacency

We have previously discussed humanity’s complacency and the effect it has had on your ability to spread and understand the truths of your existence, but we wish for you to know that this complacency has been very carefully instilled into you, which is why we have been working from our positions as much as possible to help each of you see the orchestration that is the reality around you and to help you break the physical, mental and emotional constraints that have been given to you.

You have indeed allowed these constraints to remain in place, because you have learned from them exponentially and grown from each lesson such limitations and your breaking away from them have bestowed upon you. It has all ultimately been designed to aid in your growth as a soul, and your breaking through of your personal shells is a remarkable feat indeed.

We wish you to know that the veils between you and the higher realms that seem prevalent in your Lives and that temporarily convince you physicality is all there is, will be dissolving along with the illusory reality being kept in place by them, and each one of you are helping enormously to bring this change about as you continue to feel purer energies and perceptions in yourselves.

Truly, the effects of humanity’s Light are greater than could be communicated with your Earthly words and if you could have our vantage point of matters occurring in your personal Lives and on the world stage, you would understand that there is absolutely nothing to be in fear, worry or anxiety over because you are truly being looked after.

Humanity’s Trust Put to the Test

Humanity’s willingness to trust perceived “outside forces” will be tested in the time ahead, as the disclosure of our existence is brought forth on your world and you are left to collectively understand that there is so very much happening on your world and off of it that you haven’t been told.

An entire paradigm of secrecy, lies and half-truths is about to be shattered and with it, the aforementioned carefully-instilled complacency and unawareness that has been bred and fed in much of humanity will fade as well.

We do not wish for you dear souls to feel as if you are responsible for the reality you see around you.

Indeed you are in the sense of Creating your realities and allowing complacency to stop you from arising and taking action but again, that very complacency has been anchored unto you quite purposefully and the general unawareness as to the slave-society that has been Created on your world has kept many of you back from understanding that there is so very much more to Life than working away and expending your energy on various jobs that in many cases, do not have much of anything to do with running your world in the manner that an ever-growing number of aware souls on your evolving planet are calling for.

Expanding Upon Awareness & the Dark Forces’ Decreasing Influence

As you evolve, collectively and individually, awareness is naturally garnered and in the time ahead and currently as we speak to you through channels and scribes, we hope to be able to expand upon this awareness and help you to facilitate it and see it grow in influence into a full-bloomed enlightenment and understanding of how your world is meant to be run – collectively.

Indeed, your world has been run collectively in that a small collective of entities who assume themselves all-powerful because of their mental intelligence and ability to use deceit, lies and trickery to fool others steeped in unawareness have been running your world and have, for centuries, established monarchs and dictatorships that were meant to display their perceived “rein” over humanity.

These souls are finding themselves unable to have much of a say in what is to occur in your immediate future and beyond the containment of the cabal heads and the ongoing negations with their descendants, we are happy to say that the cabals are playing a decreasing role in the future of humanity.

Indeed, it has always been meant to be this way and it has always been known, even by them, that events would eventually reach the conclusion they are now reaching which is again, the disclosure of our existence and the full discussion of our wish to assist you along your evolution as a planet.

Distorted Mainstream Science & Keeping Humanity Unintelligent

Some souls on your world may not feel as if a collective evolution or any evolution of any kind is in your immediate future, and this has in part to do with the fact that you have been lied to concerning the very idea of evolution. Mainstream science on your world has been purposefully distorted, and concrete proof of the ascension of not just your planet, but the entire Universe has long been discovered and suppressed.

This is because the cabals have not wanted to create an intelligent society of free thinkers who understand what is truly happening on your world and in your cosmic backyard. Rather, they have established purposely-failing public educational systems and added ingredients to your food and drinks that are meant to dumb humanity down and keep you feeding dense states of unawareness and egoism.

Your mainstream media only encourages such density, and you dearest souls can see on nearly any channel of your television station that density and lower dimensionality is flaunted and brought to the center stage.

This is because the cabals and the forces who have been employing them only wish to see the density and negativity of the old paradigm enforced and to that extent, have attempted to see to it that humanity is (continually) exposed to such lower dimensionality because of the strength of your Creation power and because of what your continual feeding of density will garner not for you, but for them.

Feeding off of Humanity

Indeed, one of the revelations you will be given concerning the cabals is that they have used the negative and dense energies of humanity to keep themselves sustained energetically.

Allow us to explain, dearest souls. Upon reaching a certain stage of service-to-self behavior, the negativity and selfishness driving such behavior is turned up to incredible extremes, and the soul caught up in such exponential service-to-self and the resulting desire to control as many around them as possible has taken their own feeding of negativity so very far, that they must now feed off of the lower energy of others just to keep themselves sustained.

It is quite similar to how the tax dollars of humanity have been fed into a broken and dying occult financial system that has become far (beyond saving), because of the greed of the souls who established such a system only for themselves and thought themselves able to keep its existence hidden forever.

These souls have been taking the money of humanity in a desperate attempt to keep their dying occult financial system online for just a little bit longer, and in the same avenue they too have been feeding off of humanity’s negativity and the descendants of the cabal heads who are not in containment are finding it much harder to gain sustainability via the energies humanity is putting out, for two different reasons.

One reason is that humanity is beginning to feed negativity less and less as the ascension taking place helps to initiate awakenings in so many souls, and the other reason is that (the cabals’) very ability to feed off of lower energy is decreasing as the planetary vibrations lighten more and more in preparation for the much-purer states of consciousness you are about to enter as a collective.

Disclosure’s Role in Ascension

We have previously discussed certain brazen “shift points’ wherein humanity is to very clearly be initiated into a purer state of consciousness, and we say that while disclosure itself will not solely herald such a major shift point, it will very strongly help each of you to recognize and adjust to different concepts and ideas about your world and that very inner-quest will lead you to the pure states of consciousness so many of you have been looking for and so many others have not yet remembered their full ability to access.

Indeed, every one of you can find an access to the higher realms; to the energies of we Pleiadians speaking with you; to the energies of various other ascended souls who are very adamantly attempting to communicate with humanity at this time; to your higher selves and future selves who have long been giving you advice and guidance along your Life paths; there are so very many souls you can connect with and so many realms waiting just beyond your conscious perception that you can access and feel alike, and even those on your world steeped in temporary unawareness know and can feel this very deep within.

You Will Understand the Good You Have Done

Deep within, each one of you recognizes that you are a sovereign, Divine Godspark who is on the Earth on an ultimate mission of personal and collective growth. So very many of you have purposefully come to this world to answer to the dark forces and the negativity they have been putting out and having humanity feed, and the Light you have been able to shine has done this and so very much more.

As we make our final impressions for this communication, we congratulate you as so many others have for the pure Light you have been able to continually shine upon the surface of the Earth.

When reaching an ascended perspective, you will be able to look back upon different facets of your Earth experience and in doing so, you will be able to understand and feel every last bit of good you have done as you evolved from the lower realms of the Earth. We will be in these realms awaiting you, with smiles on our faces and Love in our hearts.

Thank you to the Pleiadian Council of Nine, and to SanJAsKa for being their conduit.