2 Planets – Huge, striped fast – rotating on FAA weathercam! Very close to Earth – 3-17-18

Published on Mar 17, 2018

Why isn’t this on the news? These huge planets are visible to anyone browsing through the FAA weathercams. Today this huge, striped, colorful planet was on the weathercam, rotating quickly. A red planet then rolled into view on the same camera at the same time. Not a word from NASA about any of this. Why the coverup?


The Mind Unleashed – 6-3-17 – All Outer Planets Lock Together – Fire Trine on Eclipse Point to Last 5 Months

[Kp update: here’s an astrology glossary if some terms are unfamiliar.] Saw this at Galactic Connection. Although I do not always pay attention to “astrologicals”, this rather hit a home. Very illuminating message. “From now until almost the end of the year, a special astrological configuration will be stuck in the sky. The aspect seems […]

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New NASA Discovery – Our Sun and Planets Surrounded by a Gigantic Round Magnetic Field That Fills the Solar System – 4-26-17 – 2012 The Awakening

April 24, 2017 New data from NASA’s Cassini mission, combined with measurements from the two Voyager spacecraft and NASA’s Interstellar Boundary Explorer, or IBEX, suggests that our sun and planets are surrounded by a giant, rounded system of magnetic field from the sun—calling into question the alternate view of the solar magnetic fields […]

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Pluto’s Heart – Astronomy and Space — Infinite Shift – 7-18-16

The best image of Pluto yet from New Horizon yesterday, en route to its closest approach! This picture was taken by the LORRI instrument and sent highly compressed since the New Horizons team did not want to waste too much time sending back data rather than taking new data during the approach. LORRI was designed […]

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Wired.com – Buckle Up, Space Fans – A New Batch of Pluto Science Is Here – 3-17-16

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*Wired.com   –   Buckle Up, Space Fans   –   A New Batch of Pluto Science Is Here   –   3-17-16

Richard C Hoagland – Ancient Ruins on Many Planets

Sheldan Nidle PAO Webinars – Planets, Gravity – Galactic Human

Sheldan Nidle PAO Webinar 58 Preview: Planets & Gravity

Sheldan Nidle PAO Webinar: Galactic Humans 101

Sheldan Nidle


Sheldan Nidle PAO Webinar: Galactic Humans 101
To download other PAO Webinars: http://www.paoweb.com/webnarch.htm

Manly P. Hall – Of The Sun And Its Planets

Danny Wilten

“The true Sun is the heart of the solar system, and its brain is hidden behind the visible sun. Occult philosophy defines the visible sun simply as a glowing sphere, the real Sun being hidden behind. The invisible Sun is the storehouse of our little Kosmos, self-generating its vital fluid, and ever receiving as much as it gives out. From thence, sensation is radiated into every nerve-centre of the great body, and the waves of the life-essence flow into each artery and vein. … The planets are its limbs and pulses. ” – Secret Doctrine

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Stars, Planets, Motherships – The Divine Mother through Isabel Henn – 2-27-14

(Translated from original language german)


My child, have you ever asked yourself if these stars that you see twinkling in the sky so glorious at night are actually all stars?

Many really are, also planets that are there, like Venus or Jupiter, who are so nice big and bright.

They are but so close to Earth.

Others, however, are motherships from your diverse stellar families.

Especially the big motherships are shining so bright that they look like stars.

They are living beings with a soul and a high consciousness.

They consist to a large part of pure energy that is changing and manifesting as the beings that live on them just need or wish.

The big motherships like my own, the Mesime, that means the ‘Light of God’, have their own habitats and in this sense are already like a small or larger planet.

They supply the beings that live on and in them with all that is necessary and they can use it for thousands of years and even longer to travel around the various universes.

But also the stars and planets are living beings with their own consciousness.

So is Gaia, whom you sometimes lovingly call Mother Earth a wonderful soul with a high consciousness.

She provides you with everything you need for your life and your existence.

Your body is made ??out of the materials making up her own body.

She gives you food, water, air and shelter.

Please be also lovingly in your interaction with her. Be careful with your ‘mother’. You help her with this to recover from a long abuse.

The lesser Gaia will have to let go of negative and low energies and this ultimately comes to your own good.

Do you understand that, my child?

Your Earth, my beautiful daughter, is not a dead rock covered with a lot of water, but a loving wonderful soul.

Esteem and love her.

This is my request to you, my beloved child. ~

Your Divine Mother

Copyright © Isabel Henn. It is allowed to share this message in its complete form without changes and when the author’s name and the link to the original site is given.


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Why Is Jupiter Turning Blue?

Crrow777·44 videos

This series of images was taken on November 24, 2013. A few nights back I was reviewing these images as they have “bothered” me ever since I shot them as the moon hologram clip did. The following morning I was contacted by a sub who mentioned he had taken some strange images of Jupiter. As I believe in synchronicity I immediately created this clip.