Wes Annec – Planetary Healing – Music in the Fourth Dimension


Written by Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness.


I wrote the following for the ‘planetary healing’ section of The Aquarius Paradigm Weekly Newsletter.


This week, we’re going to examine what it’s like to be a musician/composer in the fourth dimension. We’ve already learned that the fourth dimension is a much freer and less inhibited place than the third, and this applies as much to writing and playing music as anything else.


Musicians and composers enjoy a greater level of freedom and ability than they’re usually blessed with on earth, and even though the talents of a lot of earthly composers are able to shine through, some people find too much difficulty playing or writing music here.


This isn’t so in the fourth dimension, where everything’s easier and more enjoyable, and as we’ll learn, there are plenty of musicians out there who actively write and play. I highly recommend pursuing music, which I call the sound of the soul, because it has a lot to offer our expanding minds and hearts.


Music has introduced me to incredibly pure states of consciousness more than once, and I’ll happily continue to practice it until I and we all are back in the higher realms, composing and playing glorious symphonies that the human mind can hardly fathom.


We have a lot to learn about music and the spiritual nature of sound, and hopefully, the fourth-dimensional account we’ll examine about it will teach us a thing or two.


The account we’re going to examine comes from Monsignor Robert Hugh Benson. It’s pretty long, so I’ll divine it into quotes with a little bit of information/opinion from me in between.


In his first quote, Monsignor tells us what it was like when he and one of his friends met two famous, deceased composers: Peter Ilyitch Tchaikovsky and Franz Joseph Hadyn.


“‘Call our friend Peter Ilyitch, Roger, and look for surprises.’ …

“We were shown into a spacious apartment that was both sitting-room and work-room. Close to a wide window there was a large table upon which were disposed many sheets of music-manuscript, some of which had already been written upon, while a further quantity of unused paper was ready waiting, and it was evidence that actual work was in progress.

“Along one wall was a commodious couch upon which an old friend of ours was seated and who rose upon our entrance. He was presented to Roger as Franz Joseph and then resumed his seat.” (1)

So far, Monsignor and Roger have entered Peter Ilyitch’s fourth-dimensional ‘apartment’ and met Franz Joseph face to face. They’ve seen Peter’s music sheets scattered wildly about, and Roger has been ‘formally’ introduced to Franz. Monsignor continues, outlining a conversation he then had with Peter Ilyitch.


“‘[Our friend] Roger does not suspect … who you are…. I’m sure he doesn’t know who Franz is either.’

“‘Well, you know, my dear, we have changed a little since we came here.’ …

“‘It amuses us greatly when we hear the announcement made on earth before a broadcast performance, that ‘this is the last work composed by so-and-so.’ The last work. Naturally, one knows what is meant, but it sounds so funny to us, especially when one glances at those shelves [full of music manuscripts]. …’” (2)

Apparently, it amuses Peter (and probably a lot of other deceased musicians) that our society’s so convinced death is the end of life that they’re quick to proclaim the last piece of music a composer wrote before passing on is their ‘last work’.


It certainly isn’t, and it’s interesting to think how many departed musicians continue to write songs in the realms beyond. Can you imagine hearing entire albums of new material from John Lennon; Jim Morrison; Kurt Cobain; Peter Tosh; Bob Marley?


It amazes me that all of these skilled musicians live on in other places, continuing to create their art for an audience of higher-dimensional souls to enjoy. Music is great here in the third dimension, but it must be much, much more wonderful and lighted in the realms beyond.


Clearly, higher-dimensional musicians work very hard, and if I was in a position where creating and playing music was much easier than it is on earth, I’d work hard too. The things I write basically flow through when I’m in the right state of mind/heart, and I like to think I work pretty hard on these reports.


We’re then told more about the departed musicians’ amusement at how our society has and continues to see them.


“‘That is why they put up statues and monuments to us, my dear friend’, said Franz Joseph. ‘They think we are finished and done for; not a note left in us. And now they are perfectly certain they know what was in our minds when we wrote any piece, large or small.

“If any of us had given the plain reason: to keep off starvation, they wouldn’t have approved of that. Not nearly mystic enough. Ah, well. This is the life.’” (3)

Here on earth, musicians, artists, etc. have to work to pay the bills and keep food on their plates, but in the fourth dimension and beyond, work is done purely for the sake of enjoyment and personal satisfaction. Music, which is liberating even on earth, is obviously no exception.


Music is written and played for the sheer enjoyment of writing and playing it, whereas here, it’s sometimes written so the writer can survive in this harsh, money-driven world. When he was asked what his hit song, “American Pie” means, Don McLean once said “it means I never have to work again”.


Plenty of musicians are following their passion and pursuing the sound of the soul, but they have to survive and most of them turn to music as a means to do so. I look forward to being in a state of consciousness that doesn’t require physical survival, and when we are, you can bet I’ll work harder than ever before, doing things that fill me with joy and wholeness.


Hopefully, the rest of you can say the same.


We deserve to be free, and in my opinion, we shouldn’t have to be too worried about physical survival to pursue things we’re passionate about. Every sovereign soul has the right to do things that fill them with joy and wholeness, but when physical survival distracts us, we’re kept from reclaiming this and myriad other sacred rights.


According to Peter Ilyitch, making music is much easier in the fourth dimension than it is on earth.


“‘Is it easier to compose music here or on earth?’ asked Roger.

“‘Oh, here, without a shadow of a doubt. Consider how free we are from everything that might be – and so often was – a hindrance. Franz mentioned starvation, for instance. Call it plain hunger in this case and all that it means. In other words, caring for necessary bodily wants. We’re entirely free of that.

“‘Public apathy – there’s something else that’s thankfully missing here. Difficulty of getting one’s works [heard] or acknowledged. No trouble about that either – here.’” (4)

Apparently, it’s easy for one’s music to become popular in the fourth dimension. I’m sure fourth-dimensional composers don’t have a shortage of listeners, because anyone who doesn’t write or play music probably listens to it with enthusiasm.


Something tells me most fourth-dimensional souls understand the role music plays in creating/sustaining our reality and helping us evolve, and the ones who don’t play music are probably very interested in hearing it.


I tend to write articles more than I play music, but that doesn’t soften my interest in it one bit. I’m happy to do what I can to support the artists and musicians who are helping awaken humanity, and no matter what realm I/we are in, that won’t change.


I don’t know about any of you, but I’ll always be interested in supporting artists and musicians. Music will only get better and better with each realm we reach, and personally, my support for it and those who are involved in it will continue to grow.


Franz tells us about the absence of negatively charged criticism in the realms beyond.


“Somewhere pleasant to live: this little place is an example. Franz lives in a delightful house where he is as happy ‘as the day is long.’” …

“‘No music critics,’ said Franz with a chuckle, ‘though fortunately for me I did not suffer much from those peculiar people. Not … that my music was perfect but because I lived at a period when musical criticism was not the subject for every ignoramus who thinks he knows something about music, as I believe is now the custom on earth.’” (5)

Criticism is definitely an earthy custom, and I think it’s unfortunate. Healthy criticism makes sense, but here on earth, we’re far too concerned with condemning people who could have something genuine to offer us if we opened up to them.


We live in a dog eat dog world, and a kindhearted person who only wants to get their art out could potentially face waves of criticism because their art doesn’t match what other people want it to match. It’s sad, but if you think about it, it really only holds the criticizers back from something that could’ve benefitted them.


If we’re too closed off to accept something or someone, we can’t benefit from it/them.


Acceptance is the way of the new world we’re creating, and we’ll have to be able to accept and encourage everyone’s talents. Everyone has something genuine, positive, and uplifting to offer, but we have to hear them out before we automatically criticize them.


Here we are at the end of this week’s planetary healing, and there’s still a lot to discuss about this subject.


We haven’t even finished Monsignor’s story, so we’ll pick this discussion back up next week and hear the rest of what he had to say. I’m certainly enjoying the discussion, and hopefully, it’s helping those of you who’ve wondered what writing and playing music is like in the realms beyond.


We haven’t learned very much about it yet, and of course, the best way to learn is by experience. When we’re back in the fifth dimension, we can perhaps peer into the fourth and see for ourselves what music is like there, but I think we’ll be far too absorbed in the music of the fifth to go to the trouble of looking.


We’ve talked about music in the fourth dimension, but I’d imagine music in the fifth is completely unfathomable. A lot of things about the fifth dimension are impossible to fathom from our current, limited perspective, but we’ll perceive its unfathomable wonders when we surpass the third and fourth dimensions.


For now, we’ll have to be content with what we’ve learned so far. We still have a ways to go before music’s greater relevance is recognized by all of humanity, but the rest of the world will wake up when they’re ready.

Wes Annec – Planetary Healing – Love is Intoxicating – 3-3-14


The following was written by Wes Annac for the ‘planetary healing’ section of The Aquarius Paradigm Weekly Newsletter, which is being offered for $11.11 a month. Income from the newsletter helps my family and I get by, and the option to subscribe will be given below.

Lately, I’ve been talking a lot about enlightenment as a means to heal the planet, and like I mentioned last week, this is because I think it’s important. I created this planetary healing segment with the goal of exploring some of the ways we can heal this world physically, but I’ll admit that these days, I feel led to talk about enlightenment and becoming aware of spirit.

I’m convinced that finding enlightenment is one of the best ways for us to really change the planet, and I’d like to devote as many segments as possible to discussing it. You’d think that only so much could be said about enlightenment, but the spiritual teachers of our past have given us more information about it than most of us think.

Enlightenment is a complex, multi-level process that entails complete spiritual evolution, and it goes without saying that becoming enlightened leads us to raise the vibration of the world around us. As we evolve, we naturally affect those around us who haven’t yet discovered everything the divine has to offer.

This week, I’d like to talk about the near intoxication that comes with rediscovering spirit in a big way. When we reach a certain level of consciousness, we’ll be practically giddy with love and joy, and this’ll be a result of the blissful and ecstatic realms we’ll exist in.

The higher dimensions brim with a level of happiness that hasn’t been experienced on the earth in a long time, and the feelings we’ll gain when we rediscover Source in all of its bounty will wash over us with ferocity, leading us to marvel at the perfection of all creation.

We’ll enjoy the world around us when we open up to the brimming states of consciousness spirit has to offer, and it feels good to be happy and lively in a place that can be painful. We don’t have to let the difficulty of this experience bring us down, and if we do, we’ll only make this existence worse for ourselves and everyone we intend to help.

We can be on a constant cloud of happiness and satisfaction if we let ourselves, but if we toil in uninspired unawareness, we’ll run the risk of being lost in the darkness we’re here to uplift. Let’s each be a strong force for spirit in this new era, and as we heal the planet, let’s keep in mind that we’re supposed to enjoy our work.

We have to feel passionate about everything we do, because we can’t produce anything of significance if we don’t enjoy the work along the way.

In our first quote for this week’s segment, Paramahansa Ramakrishna tells us how discovering the divine can initially make us feel.

“When a man has performed many good actions in his previous births, in the final birth he becomes guileless. In the final birth he acts something like a madcap.” (1)

What this means is that we might be so giddy with divine energy at first that we seem loopy or reckless to people around us who don’t understand what’s going on. Discovering spirit in a big way will open us up to unprecedented happiness, and we might display that happiness in a less inhibited way when we feel it on a greater level.

I look forward to being in a place of constant joy, and I definitely look forward to everyone else being there with me. It’s our nature to be filled with love, and humanity is on a fast track to returning to this way of life.

Ramakrishna also tells us that we can’t attain enlightenment if we don’t enjoy our ascent.

“Those fools who will not sing, or dance, mad with God’s name, will never attain God.” (2)

It’s important for us to celebrate the vibrancy of our existence, for in doing so, we’ll contribute to it. In whatever way works best for us, we’re encouraged to show joyful appreciation for the spirituality of our existence and enjoy the perception we gain along the way.

The divine is calling us to remember it, and enthusiastic celebration will help us do so in greater measures. We have so much to be thankful for in this evolving reality, because in every moment, we can seek and remember Source. At all times, we can feel and understand the truth of our existence in a simple way.

We make our lives difficult by refusing to live in a place of heart-driven simplicity. Only from this place can we sing our praises and make the best of our experiences, and we’re always given help to remember that life is supposed to be enjoyed.

As we’re told below, focusing our thoughts entirely on spirit doesn’t entail any form of deranged detachment from the physical.

“Some people think that by thinking of God too much the mind becomes deranged; but that is not true.” (3)

In my opinion, we can never think of spirit too much. Even when we’re occupied with other things that have nothing to do with the divine, it can always be on our minds. We can always remember that the divine is with us and focus our thoughts and feelings on it, and the more we do, the more we’ll be able to feel it.

Spirit is all around us, and the only thing that determines our ability to connect with it is the effort we make. If we seek to connect with spirit continuously, then eventually, we won’t need to seek it at all. It’ll flow to us easily, and some of us are already being called to surrender the mind and let spirit take the wheel.

Ramakrishna tells us about more of the qualities of the newly awakened.

“A man who has seen God sometimes behaves like a madman: he laughs, weeps, dances, and sings. Sometimes he behaves like a child, a child five years old — guileless, generous, without vanity, unattached to anything, not under the control of any of the gunas, always blissful.” (4)

He continues: “Sometimes he behaves like a ghoul: he doesn’t differentiate between things pure and things impure; he sees no difference between things clean and things unclean. And sometimes he is like an inert thing, staring vacantly: he cannot do any work; he cannot strive for anything.” (5)

Personally, I think we have the choice as to which road we take when we see Source in a big way. We can go about our awakening with a level of maturity and readiness to handle what comes our way, but it makes sense that along the way, the things we perceive could lead us to act batty at first.

Think about it – we’re going to perceive some pretty incredible things in the higher realms, some of which will be experienced right here on earth.

In an inspirational quote, Ramakrishna tells us that he wasn’t afraid to speak the truth when he started to find enlightenment.

“In that state of God-intoxication I used to speak out my mind to all. I was no respecter of person. Even to men of position I was not afraid to speak the truth.” (6)

Ramakrishna’s boldness displays that we don’t have to hide what we think and feel from the world, and I think we should all cultivate this level of strength and assuredness of what exists beyond this reality.

We can stand strong in our spirituality and be as vocal about it as we want, because in the end, everyone will remember and openly talk about spirit. I’ve said before that a worldwide awakening is inevitable, and the result will be an enthusiastic populace openly discussing the truth of our existence.

Mahendranath Gupta tells us about the intoxicating love Ramakrishna was able to feel, which, on one occasion, spread to a few of his devotees.

“Sri Ramakrishna was completely intoxicated with divine love. The devotees felt its contagion and danced with the Master in an ecstasy of love.” (7)

I firmly believe that the intense love spirit has to offer can be felt by those around us if they’re open to receive it, and enlightenment can never be avoided. Eventually, everyone will remember spirit, and the love we feel and express now will be used to help others awaken in their own time.

Gupta then tells us more about the intense love Ramakrishna and his devotees were able to feel.

“A strange transformation came over the devotees. They all became mad, as it were, with divine ecstacy. … Vijay was first on his feet, carried away by divine intoxication. … The younger Naren and Latu went into deep samadhi.” (8)

He continues: “The atmosphere of the room became electric. Everyone felt the presence of God. … After a while, as they came down, some laughed and some wept. An outsider, entering the room, would have thought that a number of drunkards were assembled there.” (9)

From what’s said here, it wouldn’t surprise me if an outsider assumed the blissed-out devotees to be intoxicated. I’ve experienced some pretty incredible meditations, but I haven’t felt anything near the strength of a collective experience of love. Multiple people were able to be uplifted by one person, and this shows us that spirit is strong.

Rediscovering spirit will, at times, breed a sense of uplifted liberation that’ll make us want to express what we’re feeling to anyone who cares to hear, and our work to awaken others will increase the greater energy we’re able to feel. As long as we keep our hearts open and our minds on spirit, we’ll experience the exuberant states of consciousness it has to offer.

As long as we keep at our effort to rediscover the divine and help everyone else do the same, the wonders that lie ahead will become much easier to feel. We’re working to restore the earth and realign with a greater way of life, and it’s important that we do so joyously.

We have to enjoy ourselves on this planet, because if we don’t, we won’t be able to do anything of significant value. We’re always encouraged to challenge ourselves with new projects, works, etc. that are intended to benefit others, and we can feel free to express the unbridled joy rediscovering spirit breeds.



Wes Annac – Planetary Healing – It’s Time to Care for the Planet – 2-8-14


The following was written by Wes Annac for the “planetary healing” section of The Aquarius Paradigm Weekly Newsletter, which is being offered for $11.11 a month. Income from the newsletter helps my family and I get by, and the option to subscribe will be given below.

I think it should go without saying that healing the planet requires recognizing and fixing the destructive things we’ve done to it.

It’s time for us to start caring about the condition the dear Earth is in, because we have a lot to do here and we’re being called to start the most potent of our work. Individually, we can only do so much, which makes our collective recognition of where we’ve went wrong more important.

It’s time for us to love, nurture and care for the Earth. It does the same for us every day – provides us life and nurturance from a place of human neglect. In my opinion, it’s very unfortunate that most people care more about themselves and how they can gain from natural resources than taking care of the planet that gives them to us.

This planet has so much to offer humanity, but we’ve been taught to see it as an inanimate object that we can plunder all we want with no consequences.

We’ve been taught to believe that the planet doesn’t suffer when we destroy its natural environment, and were it not for the forces beyond the veil who watch and assist us, we could experience a devastating future because of the things we are and aren’t doing right now.

Of course, those of you who are reading this already know what I’m saying and probably wonder what we can do to stop humanity’s gross misuse of the Earth. The number of seekers who are dedicated to changing our current paradigm is growing, but unfortunately, we still need more people to get on board.

More people need to understand the injustice that is our destruction of the Earth, because we can’t come together in peace and harmony on a broken planet. We can’t heal our collective relations if we don’t heal the world we’ve hurt for so long, and it’s time for everyone to gain a sense of the harm we’ve caused.

[Last] week, I reposted a story from Natural News about Shell oil’s pollution of a “small Illinois town” that’s very close to where I live. Because of multiple chemical spills at Shell refineries around here in the past couple of decades, an extremely toxic and illegal amount of benzene sits under the town’s ground.

A judge ruled that Shell can’t be sued over the ordeal, even though one woman claims that benzene soaked through her basement walls and gave her cancer.

The reason for the ruling is that the benzene hasn’t been proven to have contaminated the water supply. I can tell you firsthand – because of the refineries and the fact that oil is known to sit under the public water supply of some towns, almost nobody around here drinks the tap water anyway.

The problem is that this dangerous chemical is in the ground in such high numbers that it’s actually leaked into people’s basements. The problem is also that the level of benzene under our ground exceeds the legal limit by thousands, but the judge ruled that this doesn’t matter.

According to him, legal benzene limits don’t apply if the benzene hasn’t directly infiltrated a public water source, which essentially means that an infinite amount of the carcinogen can be spilled underground with no accountability as long as it doesn’t get in our drinking water. Does this appall anyone else?

Let me get this straight – state laws for the legal limit of a carcinogenic substance that shouldn’t have been spilled in the first place no longer have to apply if people aren’t drinking it? Are you kidding me? This is the exact type of backward behavior that we need to change.

The last thought on that judge’s mind was probably what all of that benzene would do to the Earth – you know, this living body that hosts our consciousness. Because they don’t have to live here, the powers are perfectly fine with dumping benzene into our ground, and they now know that they’ll get away with it.

This isn’t the direction our civilization should be taking, and it still surprises me that people can care so little for the fate of others and the fate of the planet. In this case, it’s all in the name of moneymaking.

Fellow seekers, it’s time to get active in restoring the planet to the pristine condition it was once in and can be in again. It’s time for us to eradicate injustice and see to it that the Earth is loved and respected like it should be, and it’s time for us to hold the people who’ve endlessly polluted our environment accountable.

It’s time for awareness, caring and love to trump individual, egotistical desires and pursuits, and it’s especially time for us to stop taking our planet’s natural resources out of the ground. We see the harm that can be done when companies are allowed to ravage the Earth with no hindrance or accountability, and it’s essential that we put a stop to this.

How much more are we going to put up with? How much damage is our planet going to take before we step up and say enough is enough? How many more people, around here and in other refinery areas, will have to develop cancer before we open our eyes and see what’s going on?

A side note – cancer is common around here, and a lot of people attribute it to the smoke billowing out of our multiple refineries every day. Benzene isn’t even on most people’s minds, even though it exists under the ground at 26,000x the legal limit (and I’m not exaggerating that number).

People have and continue to get sick around here, and I’m sure the same can be said for any other refinery area. This stuff clearly isn’t good, and yet, we remain complacent and let the oil companies ravage our Earth and our health so they can make money off of the overpriced gas we think we need.

There’s technology out there that’ll completely eliminate the need to use fossil fuels, but to the chagrin of the elite, it won’t make them any money or let them cause the destruction they’ve caused for generations. We can’t put up with this type of oppressive behavior anymore, and it’s time for them to be held responsible.

Another important part of healing the planet is holding the people who’ve hurt it accountable.

I’d like to see the judge who ruled that the immense benzene under our ground doesn’t matter come live here for a while and see how long it takes him to develop cancer, but the one percent are never made to live in the environments they’ve created for the rest of us.

They still haven’t been held accountable for their many crimes, but after they are, it’ll be up to us to address and fix the things we’ve done wrong. We’ve went wrong by assuming we could treat the planet however we wanted, and in a time of heightened awareness, this and a lot of other things will have to be addressed.

We can’t keep moving in the direction we have been. We just can’t. It isn’t sustainable, and in fact, it’s among the worst paths we can take. We’d be headed for complete social and environmental destruction if we weren’t starting to come together and change our ways, and destruction is exactly what the former powers want.

They want to see society buckle under the weight of pressure they don’t have to feel, and they especially want us to turn violent in the name of a new world. If there’s one thing we’ve learned, it’s that peaceful assertiveness is much more powerful and effective than violence, and billions of people striving to change the planet can’t and won’t be stopped.

As long as we start the hardest work to repair and care for the planet, the former powers will be completely unable to stop us. They might try, but we’re growing stronger by the day and using our power to change things for the better. Nothing can stop our growing revolution, but we have to be willing to start it if it want it to succeed.

Environmental destruction is among the most important things for us to address and mend, and I can envision a fully restored planet offering its people bountiful nature and resources that we happily use without hurting or destroying it in any way.

Even though I advocate ceasing our use of the natural resources that’ve been “officially” discovered, I also think there are other, better natural resources we could be using that’ve been hidden because, again, they don’t make money for the one percent.

Free energy is one such natural resource, and even though I haven’t studied it as much as I’d like to, I’m confident in saying that it could power our modern existence and help us excel in ways that oil never would. I think that oil is intended to remain inside of the Earth, and other resources are given for us to use that most people don’t even know about.

As consciousness continues to rise in every social area, an increasingly aware humanity is examining the progress we’ve made so far and asking the essential question: are we helping or hurting ourselves and the world that hosts our life? This is for each person to decide, but the answer, just like the solution to our problems, is simple.

This concludes this week’s planetary healing.


Wes Annac – Planetary Healing – The Dawning Of The Age Of Aquarius (Part 3,Conclusion) – 1-4-14




The following was written by Wes Annac for the “planetary healing” section of The Aquarius Paradigm Weekly Newsletter, which is being offered for $11.11 a month. Income from the newsletter helps my family and I get by, and the option to subscribe will be given below.

Concluded from our Age of Aquarius discussion.

So, is there a Christian perspective on the Age of Aquarius? Perhaps the better question would be, is there a positive Christian perspective on a new age?

I’ve read some religious perspectives on a new age that proclaimed the belief systems surrounding it to be the work of the devil (but what isn’t that’s outside of strict religion) but is there a lighter or more understanding perspective about it?

In fact, there is. 2012 Spiritual Growth Prophecies explains, and we’re also given a quote from Max Heindel on the subject.

“What does the Christian tradition [say] about the Age of Aquarius?

Many feel that most of the human population will gain a deeper understanding of the Christian teachings. It will be a time of truly living instead of just surviving. We will have access to deeper knowledge…a knowing that we haven’t been aware of in this era.

‘This age is regarded as an intermediary preparation toward the Christ in the etheric plane, the New Galilee; the ‘new heavens and a new earth’ to come in a future not identified by time. In the Aquarian Age at hand it is expected a great spiritual Teacher to come (‘will come’), through the school which works as a herald of this age, in order ‘to give the Christian Religion impetus in a new direction.’ Gleanings of a Mystic, Max Heindel” (3)

We’re then given the author of the referenced article’s perspective on the matter, as well as another quote from Alice Bailey about the ushering in of a new era.

“But some believe the spiritual teacher will come from within.

I too believe that Christ will come to awareness within those who seek the Inner Teachings. He has always been within us all, but will be KNOWN innately, by those who truly seek him with devotion.

‘When the task of Saturn and of Mercury has been accomplished, then during the third decanate Venus, which is the union heart and mind, will usher in the long hoped for era of love-wisdom, of brotherhood and of expressed brotherly relationships. Opportunity – Illumination – Brotherhood; these are the gifts that Shamballa is planning to confer upon mankind during the Aquarian Age, if man will but prepare for them, accept them, and use them. Only the future will make clear man’s reaction.’ Esoteric Astrology, Alice Bailey, 1975” (3)

We’re all masters in training, and we’ve all come here with a unique perspective and a mission to uplift the planet. Our unity, combined with the strong individual drive to greet the Age of Aquarius, will see the Christ return in full expression through us. Of course, some famous enlightened teachers of our past could greet us again to join in the fun…

As always, I’ve only been able to scratch the surface about an interesting and important subject regarding humanity’s physical and spiritual evolution.

When initially researching this subject, I was awash in complex astrological material that didn’t quite describe the spiritual qualities of the Age of Aquarius, and admittedly, this report has been more focused on those qualities instead of the scientific aspects of our next astrological age.

There’s a lot out there to learn about the astrological ages and the shift taking place from Pisces to Aquarius, and I have two opinions about our new age: that our shift into it is inevitable and that we still need to put in the work required to reach a better place.

Before we can enter a future of peace and harmony, there’s a lot needing done to see that our planet and civilization doesn’t spiral downward into widespread difficulty, and unfortunately, far too much of the population already has.

In my opinion, a big aspect of building a new paradigm and entering the Age of Aquarius will be recognizing that most of the populace has been left to struggle while a small percentage of people carry most of the world’s wealth, which is far more than they’ll ever need.

Try to ponder the fact that we have enough wealth and resources to see everybody live a comfortable, middle class existence at the least, and that it’s been usurped from the many into the wallets of the few.

Of course, at the end of the day money’s only paper that means little, but on our planet it’s worshiped more than religious deities. It’s also been used as a tool to keep the few living luxurious and indulgent lifestyles while too many people are deprived of food or running water, and this is one of many things we’ll need to address before we can enter a new age.

A lot needs done, but I don’t think this has to deter us from doing everything we can to bring about a future of physical and spiritual abundance for every person. When it comes down to it, time and astrological ages really don’t determine when a collective shift into a higher vibration will take place.

I think they’re intended to be general markers, but they don’t determine just when we find the motivation to come together, see beyond our differences and bring our civilization into the light.

You’re encouraged to do everything you can to help raise the consciousness of the planet, and just like there’s a lot needing done to bring us into the light, there’s a lot you can do to help people who are willing to hear what you have to say become aware of the reality of spirit and our ongoing shift into the Age of Aquarius.

We’re carrying an increasing amount and purity of higher-dimensional energy as we look toward the future with optimism, and we can use this energy and the resulting inspiration for the good of the planet.

What do you feel led to do to help bring our civilization into the Age of Aquarius? Do you feel led to pour your energy and enthusiasm into a specific calling? We all have a crucial role to play, and I’ll admit that I tend to waver from thing to thing.

The term “wanderer” has been used to describe awakening people who wander from task to task without innately knowing what they’re meant to do, and the wanderer can be among the most potent contributors to our evolution because they often feel drawn to various avenues of service.

You’re encouraged to explore your developing role in humanity’s physical and spiritual evolution, because collective enlightenment is bred from individual awareness and the resulting drive to wake as many others up as possible. We’re all blessed in every moment, and the descent of the sacred I AM presence will see the Age of Aquarius come about with joy and relative ease.


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This concludes our planetary healing.