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by Nikki Colombo, Editor ContactOnlineMagazine
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Those of you who have researched our true history will be familiar with this research. Tara, or Terra, is one of the planets where we originally came from, much further down the timeline of Lyra.

Could this be a parallel planet that we might be ascending back to for those who develop our 5th strand of DNA or more?

Michael Tsarion, George Kavassilas (who has actually seen this) and Ashayana Dean all describe Tara, or Terra, or the New/Old Earth, and now it seems we have photographic evidence coming in from Bondi (pronounced Bond-eye) beach, (one of the most popular and busiest) from Sydney, Australia.  This shot was captured unintentionally on a webcam on Dec 9th 2016.

Could This Be The New Earth?

In the video, you can see a tiny blue moon and toward the end there is a telescopic close up of the planet showing lines and craters.



PLANET X NEWS Published on 12 Dec 2016


If this is legit , then we all have an object to focus on in bringing this New Earth into our reality, ……as its already there … waiting for us… how exciting!


I love you all , Keep Shining!


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MAGENTA PIXIE – NI-BI-RU, Planet X, Pole Shift and the New 5D Earth


Magenta Pixie 

Published on Aug 15, 2017

You have asked us of Planet Nibiru or Planet X, other planetary bodies or comets coming into your solar system and an impending pole shift upon your planet. We have addressed these issues previously within our transmissions yet we shall do so again, in more depth.

Channelled, written and narrated by Magenta Pixie. Video compiled by Catzmagick using royalty free media.

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Galactic news update; Part 1;  I have been waiting a long time to write a update on Planet-x,photon belt and the ascension plan because things have gotten a bit out of hand and has expanded greatly into a more complex situation including the Mandela Effect, alternate reality,holographic earth or simulated earth contained in a bio-sphere. this is most difficult for us to our minds around and there are many questions left unanswered because the whole story is constantly expanding. So I will attempt to try and explain it as I am currently understanding it from my point of view and from my higher self. Please try to stay with me and keep a open mind for it is also mysterious and complex even for me after studying and writing about these things for over 46 years for someone has changed the rules of the game and how it is to be played out.Many of us believed 2012 was the end of the game or at least of the old ways and the old earth and we were supposed to Ascend to the 5th dimension and the New Earth. But it didn’t happen as we planed,oh my !
I choose the above title so that I could keep this blog in some sort of order, as there are many subjects that often over lap each other and could cause a lot of confusion. So lets start with the 1st statement of, Are we on a alternate earth?From my perspective i do believe that we are on an alternate earth, I wrote about this last Dec.12 015 in a blog on this site that I had shifted from what I call earth one to this earth which I call earth two.I later found that this effect was finally coined ” The Mandela Effect” What happened was that I was checking up on my family in the states on the net, since we had a falling out of sorts and did not communicate. When I checked on my brother I came across a blog requesting money donations for my recently deceased mother who needed a head stone.They even had pictures of her before she died in early 2014.This blew my mind as I had done this same check 5 years before and she had died in Dec.2006 and the obituary was in full detail on the net, I even saved some of it.

And to make matters even more weird when I checked my brothers family the last time, his wife was still alive but now it showed that she had died in Jan.09. Of course all of this blew my mind and so I started searching the net on u-tube mostly to find out that many others have had these same experiences and or experiences, that’s how they came up with the name ”Mandela effect” About half of the people remember Mandela dying in prison back in the late 80’s but the other half remember him only recently dying in 2014 one year after his term as PM.
I had received a severe shock of some kind while standing behind my trailer in mid 2013. I thought I was dying but checked my heart and arm and no pain, it was like I was being compressed and pulled apart at the same time.

I managed to make it to my couch and laid down and after a while, I came back to this reality. In the days, months and years later I noticed that people had that I knew had changed greatly, they were not the way I remembered them. I even asked them if they remembered certain things that had happened or that we did or something that I had said before and they could not. At first I thought it was me and that my memory was getting bad.That is until I found it on the net.It is not only people dying or not dying at the time we had known but also names of movies change, famous words spoken in them. The title so books cartoons food candy ect, ect.and the list goes on and on.

Now the real question is how can this happen? How is this possible? And what most came up with including myself was that maybe half of us came from another Earth, an alternate Earth. Those who do time traveling claim that they never come back to the same Earth, there are always some details that are different but extremely close to this one.I am a firm believer in time travel and have bought a time travel machine that I thought didn’t work but maybe it did and that is what happened to me but that would not explain all those others about half of the people poled.And we would not have the proof that things were different we would just have our memories like the time travelers have. But we have the old movies and pics and vids showing things differently. So the only thing that it could be is what some of our ET allies have said and that the spiritual kingdom gave them permission to bring two time lines together as one.As we know we and the earth are multi-dimensional and I myself have traveled to many alternate earths both past and present in my Lucid Dreaming experiences. Many think they were brought here in there dream state ,except for a few like myself.

Many others think that it was caused by CERN and the evil plans with that particle collide r , opening up portals into other dimensions and alternate Earths, colliding them together.One thing is for sure and that is two Earths have been brought together and for me this is Earth two because I came from earth one and for the others who live here they believe things have always been this way and cannot explain the proof that we have that no, it was different, even the shape of the continents and we have the old maps to prove it. Then there are those who believe that the two new Quantum super computers that work at absolute zero F. is responsible for bringing alternate worlds together. That the same computers in an alternate reality communicate with there’s and bring the two realities together.The more recent blog that I posted last month that was supposed to be from the Paleidians ,say that actually it happened back in 1999-2000.

That War broke out and fire covered the entire Earth so Creator gave them permission to stop time on the original Earth and transfer all beings both good and bad to another Earth in an alternate reality or dimension,in there sleep. They said the had to transfer the DC with us so that we could work out our Karma but I don’t agree with that one because the DC will just try to do it again. The ET’S say they will stop them that no nukes or War will be possible for they have disabled them all except for the ones used to destroy the incoming asteroids,comets and meteorites.I believe that they are talking about Planet-x and the million mile long tail of Asteroids and meteorites and that story will be coming up soon. So there you have it folks, many different views just on the Alternate world that we now live on. This blog has turned out to be so long that I will have to do it in pieces. Next we will talk about Planet-x,Nibiru also known by many other names, in part two,stay tuned. Adonai

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Drunvalo Melchizedek – Ascension – Planet X

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