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The story of Maldek begins with J. E. Bode, who pointed out a regular pattern in the planets’ distance from the Sun. Bode’s Law predicted that there should be a planet between Mars and Jupiter. This set off a telescopic hunt for the missing planet, and in 1801 Giuseppe Piazzi discovered Ceres, the largest of the asteroids.


Heinrich Olbers speculated that the asteroids were the ruins of a fifth planet, destroyed by some natural catastrophe; the idea cropped up now and then in science fiction, where inevitably it was assumed that the catastrophe was artificial — either an accident or war. This idea finally succumbed to the advance of scientific discovery, as did the canals of Mars and the jungles of Venus. But like many discarded or garbled scientific ideas, it lives on in the netherworld of occultism.

Somehow this imaginary planet acquired the name “Maldek.” There are as many versions of the story of Maldek on the Web as there are New Age goofs who don’t grasp the principle of non-contradiction or the difference between fantasy and reality. It’s rather a shame, actually: if any of these people could discipline their imaginations, they might have the makings of a science-fiction writer. The story of Maldek is the stuff of grand space opera.

* * *

“If you look at the ancient literature on your planet, like the Sumerian texts, you’ll see that the ETs were using what is very similar to your present-day rockets. The ETs did not have hyperspace capability. Most of them lived either on the Earth or in space stations very close to Earth on both Mars and Maldek which is now your asteroid belt…. In those ancient days there were really only three planets that could support physical life: one was Mars, one was Earth and one was Maldek, which is now your asteroid belt. There were no humans on those planets. They were primarily ET territory.”


* * *

“Ranya, a female warrior from Maldek, (a planet once orbiting between Mars and Jupiter) … gives a personal perspective on the final days of Maldek.”

According to this account, Maldek was a feminist utopia of mannish, dominating women and effeminate, submissive men. Into this perverse environment came “male aggressors from another star system. They decided to eliminate the women leaders and replace them with men.” An emissary from yet another star system proposed a truce: “One side would control the three satellites while the other would rule Maldek itself.” This was rejected by the rulers of Maldek; the war continued, and the planet was blown up.

“When the situation stabilized, Maldek was no more. The largest chunks of the planet settled into a new orbit becoming Earth and its moon. The rest of Maldek floated in a ring of debris between Mars and Jupiter, now called the asteroid belt. Nearby Mars was thrown further out away from the sun. It lost its atmosphere and surface water, becoming a frozen wasteland. Venus was forced closer to the sun where it turned into a burning furnace. A few parts of Maldek were hurled into orbit around the outer planets, Jupiter, Uranus and Neptune.”


* * *

“Long ago, another planet within your solar system known as Maldek was destroyed by nuclear weaponry. Recent revelations from Earth’s own ascension clearly show that Maldek was shattered as the result of Plieadian [sic] and Sirian forces in retaliation for the bombing of Sirius B. Sirius B, in the bombing raid by Andromedan forces, became a water planet not unlike Earth due to the shattering of the protective ice shields that surround her. Following such attacks, which were veiled to be the result of humans upon Maldek, Maldek was destroyed in counterattack. Not until the ascension of Sirius B was the truth revealed in the process of the Sirian ascension.”

“In the process of rising above the veils of illusion, the humans upon Sirius A came to an understanding that they had been conned into destroying Maldek needlessly. As such, they came to understand that they had great karma with your solar system as a result of their response that had not been verified before taking action…. As such, it was decided by the humans upon Sirius A to reseed human life into your solar system in karmic return for their destruction of Maldek. Earth became the chosen planet, and the only one with 3rd dimensional life remaining within the 3rd dimension, that such an act of benevolence was to be fulfilled upon. And indeed, 50,000 years ago, human life was seeded upon Earth through Sirian intervention.”


“The Plieadians [sic] and Sirians destroyed Maldek so rapidly, they did not have time to verify whom actually was at cause of the attacks upon Sirius B. It was not until Sirius A and B began to ascend that ascending masters acknowledged that Maldek was not responsible for the original attack upon Sirius B, but rather Andromedas was responsible. As Sirius A seeded humanity upon Earth 50,000 years ago in karmic restitution to the destruction of human life upon Maldek, such humans came into an already radioactive environment that was not a part of the place of their origin.”


* * *

“Many of you have heard of the planet Maldek. Maldek was destroyed and shattered and became our asteroid belt some ten million years ago. One part of Maldek which still revolves around our Sun is known as Chiron. In astrological terms, Maldek represented “Unconditional Truth,” and in her shattering, the truth of our solar system was lost. In the shattering of Maldek, a solar unconscious was born, and our entire solar system went into polarity.”

“Both Maldek and Mars once had a crystalline lifeform on it. The civilization on Maldek existed at a time of far less density than we experience here on Earth at the present time. The civilization on Maldek allowed for souls to descend into physicality at will, create the physical experience they desired for whatever lesson they wished to learn, and then to ascend out of physicality when complete with their lesson or experience. The experiences of birth, death and rebirth were not a part of the records of Maldek.”

“Maldek experienced a different molecular pattern than our current form here on Earth. Our current molecular structure resembles a solar system of atomic particles that revolve around each atom similar to the planets revolving around our Sun. The molecular structure of Maldek was a triple-circle or three balls that rotate around one another like ball bearings. The triple-circle molecular structure appears to have allowed for the descent into form and ascent out of form within the souls who co-created civilization on Maldek.”

“At some juncture, the molecular structure of Maldek was altered. This appears to be related to a solar-level curse between the Logos of Maldek and the then Logos of our Sun, Helios. In the alteration of the molecular structure on Maldek, all souls in physicality at that point in time became trapped in the dream they were creating and were unable to leave or ascend out of form. Maldek was eventually shattered in a psychic attack orchestrated by Sanat Kumara and appears to be related to a curse between Sanat Kumara and the planetary Logos of Maldek.”


“The Order of Rize has determined that 75 per cent of all earthbound personality entities originated from Maldek. Long ago, Maldek was a third-dimensional planet with a fully conscious life form upon it that was humanoid in shape. Such life form was not restricted by reincarnation but rather stepped in and out of form at will. The solar system at that time consisted of two suns and was a utopian solar system experiencing no destruction or difficulties whatsoever. Maldek and all other planets revolved around both suns in a figure-eight pattern. Mars was covered in large minerals and was a place of spiritual retreat and evolution for those incarnate upon Maldek. Earth was a plant and animal sanctuary in which such kingdoms could experiment with shape, form, and evolution. There was peace throughout the solar system.
“The Order of Rize would like to state something about polarity here. This is where within the memory banks of Earth and humanity is a utopian time without struggle. Maldek was a utopia that was devoid of all struggle. Without some struggle, there is no evolution. With too much struggle within a particular life form, there is also no evolution. One seeks the middle path of some struggle which brings about evolution. What had happened to your solar system during both the era of Maldek and the current era is that it has experienced both extremes of either too little or too much struggle, which has brought forth a lack of evolution in both cases. This is simply because without just the right amount of struggle, there is no impedance for evolution. And with too much struggle, evolution becomes impossible.
“Maldek experienced a time of such ease that there was no desire for any soul to go anywhere. To bring forth an experience of no struggle, the Lords of Maldek had polarized all destruction elsewhere within third-dimensional form, i.e., they consciously sent all destructive souls to other solar systems within third-dimensional form. Polarity as it is will eventually bring forth as extreme a swing in the opposite direction, and as Maldek was destroyed, this is exactly what ensued. Your solar system went from a utopia to a place of great struggle to survive.
“The destruction of Maldek was premeditated. This is what the current genetic records have shown as they have been released. What we mean by this is that Maldek was destroyed by another conscious race of beings, who just so happen to be Pleiadian. One may wonder why the Pleiadians would wish to destroy a utopia type solar system?
“Well, the Pleiadian karma goes back much further than Maldek. The Pleiadian scientists attempted at an earlier time period to create a new solar system of their own. The experiment backfired and actually destroyed parts of their own related star system. As the elements were lost to sustain life, the Pleiadians sought the missing elements from other solar systems. In total, the karmic records recently recovered from Maldek show that seventeen solar systems all told were raided, one of which was your solar system.
“During the raiding of your solar system, the Pleiadians appear to have removed the second sun from your solar system, and then raided it for elements until it cooled and became a third-dimensional vessel now present within their own star system. This loss of a second sun dropped the vibration significantly within your entire solar system. Furthermore, the Pleiadians wished to raid Mars of all of her minerals to replace those minerals that had been lost in their failed experiment. Those incarnate upon Maldek objected, and a war broke out. The Pleiades won, and Maldek was shattered by spacecraft thus becoming your asteroid belt.”







PAULINE BATTELL – Memories of the Maldek Evacuation – Rananda Kumara @ Opening The Gate To Christ Consciousness – 12-4-15

Rananda Atlantean crystal




The planet Maldek used to orbit the Sun between the planets Mars and Jupiter and was an upper 4D planet with a civilization that was more technologically advanced than that of the Earth today. They had advanced space travel based on crystal technology, and could cross the entire the Solar System in moments. They also had crystal laser weapons like the “Star Trek” phasers.

There was a scientific community and a military community on that planet, and the scientific community would invent things for the military to use. I remember living lives in both communities. During one life in the scientific community, I remember discovering a deposit of a mineral that could only be described as “levitation stone”. I demonstrated it to the military governor and led him to the site of the deposit.

The planet was very cold, being further from the Sun than the planet Mars, and the populace, which numbered only a few hundred thousand, lived underground as they do on most planets with an extreme climate. Their homes were heated by geothermal heat from the planet’s core.

The Maldekians used crystal technology in the propulsion and guidance of their craft and in their laser weapons and tools, and they fought a war with another Star Race over the crystal mining rights on the moons of the outer planets. I was involved in this war as a sort of space cadet in the military during one life, and narrowly escaped with my life when I turned up late and the patrol that I should have been with was ambushed and everyone was killed.

The Maldekian men were bald with a long nose and large eyes that had evolved from living underground. The women were very beautiful with short hair that grew upward on top of their head, like a long crew cut.

ART : Bead - by Escume @ DeviantArt

Maybe I should make it clear at this point that I was not truly a Maldekian, although I had lived several lives on that planet. I was GFL “Ground Crew”, but didn’t know this until my final life on Maldek. During that life, I was contacted by the GFL and was told that I was one of their “Ground Crew” members on Maldek and made aware of the other Ground Crew members, most of whom I already knew and communicated with. The GFL voiced their concern that the Maldekian government had refused to abandon their development of nuclear weapons after being warned by them, many times, of the danger of continuing to test them. I was told that this would result in the destruction of their planet, and that I should get the others together and prepare to evacuate, so I contacted all of the other Ground Crew members and told them of the message from the GFL. We came together and formulated an evacuation plan.