TRANSFORMATION! – by Katelon @ Empower and Balance – 4-8-18 – –

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We were like these flowers

Notice the geometry

Notice the symmetry

Our cells were more dense

Carbon based cells


Deeply Spiritual Poem continues,

Including original photography.




ART WOLFE – Visionary Co-creator of Our World – 7-13-17

Art Wolfe

Art Wolfe  –  Visionary Co-creator of Our World  –  Showcase 

American photographer and conservationist, best known for color images of wildlife, landscapes and native cultures.


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Please visit  the Art Wolfe Gallery at his website.

Art Wolfe  –  Visionary Co-creator of Our World  –  Showcase

Orb Photography – See through Halo’s Eyes — Our Shifting Perspective

Halo Child

via Orb Photography ~ See Through Halo’s Eyes — Our Shifting Perspective

Veraiconica’s Blog – In The Quiet Of The Mountain – 11-11-14

Roan Mountain from Appalachian Trail near Jane's Bald


Veraiconica’s Blog   –   11-11-14


Rain falls softly through the canopy of leaves
Imprinting words of leafy whispers into the air
Peace and calm are welcome companions
That sweep over and enfold us
In the quiet of the mountain, he is there!

He speaks with brushes of colors, vivid and alive
His handiwork evident on this mountaintop canvas
Beauty cannot speak without our eyes
Soaking in and beholding its breathtaking effects
One could not help but know. . . . .he is there with us!

Time on the mountain stands perfectly still
While we walk the paths, his presence we count on
Out spirits are healed in the moments that
The mists fall upon our faces
We are renewed, we are refreshed, we are restored
There, in the quiet of the mountain!


Photography Credit


Roan Mountain from Appalachian Trail near Jane’s Bald by Dave Allen Photography on Flickr.


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Pet Photography

PetsPhotography·14 videos

Pets Photography Studio
Pet Photographer Richie Schwartz

With 30 years of photography experience behind him, this former Veterinary Technician and Dog Trainer is known as the “dog whisperer” of pet photographers. Having worked in the animal care business before becoming a photographer gives him an edge in working with animals that other pet photographers are hard pressed to match. Schwartz has a special bond with animals and it has been said that he seems to hypnotize animals into posing for him.

One of the country’s most successful Pet Photography Specialists, he founded and owns PETS PHOTOGRAPHY STUDIO, the largest pet only photography company in the USA, and is the exclusive photographer for PETCO in the Tri State region.

At Pets Photography Studio, he has assembled some of the most talented Pet Photographers in the country. Amongst our photographers are former Veterinary Technicians, Dog Trainers, and Show Dog Handlers with many years of both pet photography and animal handling experience.

Richie and his personally trained staff work in over 75 locations across NY, NJ, and CT. He and his busy staff have photographed over 60,000 pets.

Aside from the day to day photography experience, Richie is available for seminars, workshops, pet fairs, speaking engagements and fundraisers.

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