Phillip J. Watt – – Introduction to the Experts on Social Change – 6-16-15

Phillip J. Watt   –   The Purpose

The ‘Redesigning Society’ series will capture some expert perspectives on the current state of societal affairs, as well as the collective change we desperately need both philosophically and practically. It also aims to amplify mainstream engagement in how we should globally move forward for ourselves and our future generations.


The Context
Make no mistake about it; there is a growing community of ‘awakening’ people are who engaged in a core dialogue about what it means to be human at the start of the 21st Century. This awakening is a natural evolution for human consciousness and is composed of two overarching parts.

First is a deep realization of the innate interdependence we have with the entirety of reality, regardless if we look at it through the lenses of ecology, quantum physics or spirituality. The second is recognizing the social and systemic dysfunction that requires collective action to be transcended by redesigning our society to reflect the new era that humanity is adventuring into.

A collective awakening, driven by individual awakenings, has been a long time in the making. Inspiringly we are becoming increasingly closer to the tipping point for a society which has disconnected from the dominant worldviews and has awakened to their ‘connection-through-consciousness’ and the need for serious social change. The tipping point is estimated to be between 10 and 20% of the population; think of it like a fad that quickly grips the collective mindset, such as a particular fashion.

Once the required threshold is reached, it is inevitable for the masses to become aware of these ‘truths’ no matter how conditioned into mainstream ‘beliefs’ they might currently be.

The reality is that throughout the uniting global culture, which is a natural manifestation of modern day society, individuals are increasingly moving one of two ways. They are either opening up to the interconnection of life, including with Mother Earth and every person on her, or they’re going further into the depths of a disconnected and meaningless world.

However many are stuck in the middle, mostly due to the ‘scientism’ that has damaged our collective philosophical health. Unsurprisingly the data accumulating from the quantum sciences is increasingly making it clearer that the rebirth of this ancient wisdom and tribal philosophy is a rational and evidence-based path for our future.

Once this meta-paradigm is embraced on a planetary scale it will impact our value systems at a fundamental level because it will revolutionize how we collectively respect each other and our natural systems. This understanding is also important for the health and sanity of the individual because without it, the issues that plague our beautiful existence can become a little overwhelming – both emotionally and psychologically – especially when we don’t contextualize them into this more holistic picture.


The Reality
One of the biggest issues faced by humanity, most prominently in the Western World, is being virtually enslaved to dysfunctional and unhealthy theories and practices. These systems have been amplified by a hidden aristocracy, or ‘shadow-government’, who are the real power brokers of our world. This can be hard to accept, but true nevertheless.

Yet due to the instantaneous sharing of information across our globe, for the first time in the known history of humanity we can unite the people of earth to achieve a common goal: we the people, not the elite, will control our own destiny. Since humanity’s conception there has always been an ‘empire’ that has controlled the paths that we collectively forge, but now so many grass roots movements have emerged in response to the unhealthy and superficial ‘programs’ that we’ve been conditioned into since birth and are making slow but positive change in a wide array of areas for our future.


Example include:

Truthful information is reaching the world to combat the lies of the mainstream media;
Political parties are emerging to remove big money from the sell-out of our democracy;
Economic models are being designed to provide wealth and abundance for the people;
The dogma of the scientific establishment, which has been hijacked by corporate interests and ideological bias, is being exposed;

Local communities are being built from the ground up to meet the true needs of each other, their environment and future generations;

Healthy food is being produced in local, ethical and sustainable ways;
The biodiversity of life on our planet is being supported to ensure it doesn’t just survive, but thrive; and
Kids are being taught the true values and lessons of life that are missing from our education models.
The beautiful truth is that more and more people are disconnecting from the false truths which permeate our ‘accepted’ views of existence. These delusions have been spread like wildfire through the corporate owned-and-controlled mainstream media but their reign is ending because of a greater accessibility to information that is more closely aligned with the truth. This has been a direct result of the technological and digital revolutions, as well as the rise of alternative media.

Of course many of the worldviews or beliefs heralded by the conventional channels have a lot truth woven through them, which is partly why they’re so convincing. However, as previously alluded, the most pervading and damaging deception is the unwise and dogmatic philosophy of a purely mechanical and material universe which has been ‘unscientifically’ adopted by the academic and scientific establishments. This ‘false assumption’ is a metaphysics because it attempts to explain the fundamental nature of existence, however it has infiltrated Western value systems and produced unhealthy individual, social and environmental impacts as a result.

It’s also what is omitted from these ‘modern-day fairy tales’ which can be the most harmful, such as the information which is avoided to maintain the status quo. Plus, when we’re born into a world where the majority of people uncritically accept what is being said in their papers and on their screens, it is uncomplicated to understand why the masses have unconsciously fallen so easily into this trap.

There are several principal ideologies, among other sub-divisions, which have maintained hegemony over the collective consciousness during the last millennia. Chronologically they occurred as religion, individualism, materialism and consumerism, all of which have exceedingly amplified a collective disconnection from nature.

Obviously these ideologies have some associated goodness; however, the masses have been conditioned to thoughtlessly accept them which has resulted with toxic levels of intolerance, hatred, greed, selfishness, isolation, competition, aggression, dishonesty, cruelty, laziness, obsession and vanity, among many others. There is also a widening wealth inequality gap with so many people continuing to suffer from socioeconomic disadvantage such as ill-health, poverty and homelessness.

But finally, for the benefit of our species, these paradigms of mental and behavioral control are cracking through their weaknesses and elucidating right before our rational minds and intuitive hearts. This is definitely emerging as the most inspiring, empowering and enlightening time to be alive on planet earth.


The Topics and Experts
What follows are some of the topics that need greater attention in our mainstream conversations to assist humanity’s inevitable awakening to the innate entanglement, symbolism and sentience of reality, as well as some of the systemic change needed to reflect this new era. This project is an evolving process, so they’ll also be a few surprises along the way too.

In addition, it’s important to note that each individual guest explicitly advocates for their opinion only and therefore do not necessarily agree with all of the views of the project’s author or any other guest.


Communities – Local Economies & Happy People with Helena Norberg-Hodge
Economics – Debt Jubilee & Minimum Wage with Steve Keen
Science – Exposing the Dogma with Rupert Sheldrake
Food – Ethical Design Science via Permaculture with Geoff Lawton
The Mind – The Science of Parapsychology with Dean Radin
Medicine – Sacred Plant Therapies with Dennis McKenna
Behavior – Disconnecting from the Mainstream with Zen Gardner
Education – Revolutionizing How we Teach our Kids with Will Stanton
Power – Geopolitics and Elite Structures with Paul Craig Roberts
Freedom – The War on Consciousness with Graham Hancock
Perception – Awakening the Self and Society with Phillip J. Watt
Society – A New Era of Abundance with TBA
Health – Fixing Disease with Diet and Nutrition with TBA
Media – The Rise of Alternative Information Channels with TBA
Final Thoughts

Redesigning Society packages together a plethora of specialist information which is essential to enter into mainstream thought and dialogue. It is not intended to be ‘blindly believed’ by its audience; instead it is devised as a platform for its participants to launch into their own robust research and analysis, as well as spark healthy and productive debate among family, friends and peers, especially with those who have not yet been exposed to this type of discussion.

The project also strongly encourages people to comprehensively sift through the lies, manipulation and propaganda that plague the mainstream media and the stories they tell. It is of our belief that everybody deserves that freedom and clarity of mind.

In addition, the rabbit h*** goes much deeper than what will be discussed here; however this series is intended to challenge those who ‘believe’ the mainstream worldview in a way which isn’t too confronting to comprehend. Please subscribe to “The Conscious Society” YouTube Channel (1) and share these articles and videos through your social media platforms. If you can take the time to write a comment regarding what they’re about it will also improve engagement with your peers.

How far this series reaches will be entirely up to the audience, so a big thanks to everyone who participates throughout the ride. We promise it’s not just going to be informative, but enjoyable too. Read the preliminary


article here and watch a short introduction to the project in the following video.


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Phillip J. Watt – Growth is the Purpose of Life – 4-23-15


By Phillip J. Watt, The Mind Unleashed, April 22, 2015

The aim of this article is to illustrate why growth is fundamental to the universe we inhabit, as well as show how it is applicable to not just the individual human, but also our collective species. Yet the title generates several difficult questions. For starters, what is life? What about purpose? What does it mean to grow?

These are all challenging concepts to define, especially because there are different variations and perceptions of what they are. Yet it’s not impossible to get a general ‘feel’ for what they mean, so let’s have a crack at it.


Life is usually defined as plants and animals, however scientists and philosophers haven’t even come up with a proven or clear definition of what life is and why it manifests out of inert material. This thinking leads to questioning where the line is, or even more mind-blowing, whether there is a line at all.

For example, why can a plant be ‘alive’, but not a rock? At what point does matter come to life? Experts have deliberated over these questions for centuries, and sorry to disappoint, but there is not yet a satisfactory or universally accepted answer.

So, let’s reframe the question. Humans might be one of the few creatures on planet earth that are self-aware, but we can safely assume that animals have their own style of consciousness. This means our understanding of life usually corresponds to some form of ‘awareness’, because life, including plants, has a tendency to take action relative to the world around it. Bacteria and viruses have this same characteristic too.

This then begs the question; because the molecules and cells of plants and animals ‘respond’ to their environmental stimuli, does that make them aware?

Are atoms, which also behave according to their external conditions, conscious too?

If every layer of material reality potentially has its own form of awareness, regardless of how primordial it may be, is the entire universe conscious? Is it also then, alive?


We all want to have some sort of meaning to our lives and to leave a legacy for our future generations. Some of us embrace it through a metaphysical view and others create it through a pragmatic view. Some do both.

Regardless, to have a purpose is to have a mission that one is living or achieving. What though, is the mission? Who or what determines it? Why must there be a mission in the first place? Do we even have to be conscious of the mission that we have?

One of the primary purposes of animals and plants is to reproduce. Most forms of life need an ingredient from another kind of its species to achieve this, but life that only requires itself will still epigenetically mutate because of the impact of its environment. Growth has occurred, either by way of sharing genes or mutating them.

So when we look at the process of evolution, we immediately recognize its fundamental urge to grow, even if most of the species doing it are not ‘conscious’ of that mission. In this sense, life has an inherent purpose to grow. But what about a conscious purpose, such as that of a human who, for example, believes their purpose is to love and provide for their family?

When we look at this example, it is obvious that they want to not just love and provide, but also develop their love and what they provide for their family. They wouldn’t want to decrease it, would they? In this example, therefore, growth is also integral to achieving the purpose they have attributed to their lives.


Let’s take a look at the natural growth that has occurred in the universe.

In a physiological sense, all elements were created by the fusion of the two fundamental elements; hydrogen and helium. In addition, molecules are the result of chemical reactions which continue to form more complex compounds. Cells, which are arguably an initial form of biological consciousness, also change by responding to their environmental stimuli. All of these processes reflect a natural tendency for the universe to grow.

In addition, life has evolved into a plethora of plant and animal species. Naturally, life grew. But what if we consider the particular aspects of a species, or the species as a whole, such as humans?

For starters, our culture, technology, knowledge, language and population have grown. We have also become more creative. On an individual level, the development of our emotional, psychological, philosophical and intellectual capacities, since our birth, appears as a natural endeavor, as long as challenging life circumstances, such as systemic, cultural and individual dysfunctions, don’t impede that process.

Therefore, growing not just physically, but internally, is clearly a natural thing for us to do. However, given that the ways in which we are meant to grow are relative to each individual, it is up to each of us to figure out what that is in each ongoing moment. For example, we might need to focus more on emotional development than intellectual development, or we might need to prioritize managing our anger over developing our empathy.

In any case, if we accept that we are a conscious life form that has an inherent purpose to grow, on many different levels, then we have the responsibility to facilitate and amplify it ourselves. The beauty is of course, that there is never an end to how far we can develop whom we are, which reminds us of Heraclitus’ famous saying: the only constant is change.

Final Thoughts

If we consider what would be one word for the meaning of life, “growth” is a strong candidate because it is a simple rationale for all the turbulent change that this incarnation brings us. Making the most of it seems a reasonable and smart approach.

From this introspection it becomes apparent that we need to fully embrace who we are in each moment – for all our strengths and flaws – and strive to expand the heart and mind to the best of our ability. Learning the tough lessons and reinforcing them when they pop up again will obviously bring some developmental benefits. The challenges that life offers might invariably be difficult, however there’s nothing wrong with failing at times and aiming to be successful the next.

Even though personal development can bring so much variety, adventure and love to our life, it can also bring loss. It is awesome in some ways and not in others. Yet there’s no point having regrets; if we simply view our commitment to grow as an experience of discovery, wonder and embracing ourselves with all our human imperfections, we continue to become a more genuine version of ourselves and encounter new and exciting pathways to take.

Ultimately, life is a mysterious adventure of growth and not even an egoic death can end our energy.

Featured image: “Sunrise by the Ocean” by Vladimir Kush