To the Iraq People:  We Send You Love!
Dearest Earth family, I feel your call to me to give you more information and reassurance about the process of change that is unfolding now.  Some of you are feeling upset because the blessings you have been promised seem to have stalled or disappeared.  Some are angry and feeling betrayed that you cannot see or touch the evidence that what we have told you is true.
I promise you, Beloved Ones, that the great evolution we have described to you is genuinely underway.  The first domino, as we have called it, has fallen, and others are tumbling into place, but the image would appear to you as if in slow-motion.  Nevertheless, all the world is tumbling into the Light.  The first Prosperity Packages have been distributed.   This alone will create massive change in short order.  It has not been announced to the world for two reasons:  1) the mass media is trying to keep it quiet to maintain their false pretense of power, and 2) we are actively protecting the brave boots on the ground who have risked their lives to bring about this miraculous event.
Let me describe to you in a general way what this means.  Cooperation between and among 210 countries was necessary in order to decide on how to fairly distribute the great wealth the ancient European and Chinese families and sacred societies have held in secret, waiting for the time when world-wide agreement could be reached.  All were required to pledge peace in order to receive the gold and other precious assets to back every single country’s currency.  This means all national debts have been paid.
Can you picture the enormity of this project alone?  Every debtor country is being released; every debt holder paid off, leveling the playing field.  All power structures involving debt between and among nations are dissolved.  This means literally that the great lenders of the world no longer own a piece of the debtors’ countries.  Thus, extortion and usury are no longer endemic on the world stage.  The World Bank and the IMF have worked with every nation to create the state in which neither organization will be needed any longer because no debt arrangements will be needed.  There is enough funding to rebuild and restore the health and well-being of every nation and every person on Earth.
These initial funds are already in place, making all countries debt-free.  The gold and other assets have been delivered, alloted and stored safely; the intricate web of borrowing and lending has been delicately unwoven, and funds are flowing in a tsunami of Light, setting people free with every tap of God’s blessing hand, delivered through emissaries on the ground who are well aware of their part as couriers of freedom.
Before the final delivery of funds and dissolution of debt could be completed, it was necessary for every country to agree to a reset (RV) of worldwide currency values to more accurately reflect the actual resources of each country.  In several cases of the “poorest” most debt-ridden and corrupted countries, this reset establishes these previously down-trodden countries as among the richest in the world.  At the last minute, additional countries were included, requiring a new coding to be inserted within the computer systems world-wide.  Of course this was a matter for celebration, but it did cause the reset to be slowed temporarily.
In order that the wealth be shared for the first time by all the people, the entire world banking systems had to be dismantled and replaced, since the old system was designed to systematically funnel off and steal the wealth that should have gone to the people.  One of the most effective vehicles for this was the debt slavery system of scandalous derivative practices and other even more sophisticated backroom “voodoo economics,” as your US President Reagan called it.  All this had to be dismantled and replaced before any large funds could be distributed. The funds would have otherwise been stolen by the 13 families and their silent controllers, all who have literally controlled the world by controlling the world money supply.  The changeover had to be accomplished without destabilizing or sending the world markets into actual collapse.  This required that it not be announced or publicized until all was completed.  This is one of the reasons why you have not read about  these transformations extensively in the financial news.
You have been aware from time to time of high level meetings taking place between world leaders.  The G20 Summit last weekend in Shanghai was actually a formal gathering which allowed for numerous private meetings of world leaders and their representatives.  They worked over many days to sign documents and iron out final agreements.  In many cases, new opportunities for leadership roles were offered and accepted by those countries that were once in direct opposition to each other to move forward in peace and friendship.
Meanwhile, with new banking systems in place, large Prosperity Packages that were arranged long ago to be distributed to Lightworker individuals have been delivered to their accounts and will be freed for use tomorrow, Monday, March 6, 2016.  By next week, you will begin to see the enormous effects of these “private” humanitarian projects which have already been funded in the hundreds of billions of dollars each.  These stewards will remain as anonymous as possible for their own protection and privacy, at least in the short term.  We are working directly with them to guide and bless their projects.  St. Germain and Lady Quan Yin have worked tirelessly for decades with these generous souls to insure their success and effectiveness.  We are endlessly grateful to the courageous individuals of faith and dedication to the Greater Good who are changing your planet, often in spite of death and suffering in their midst.
You see, there is no individual Prosperity Program that is not intricately interwoven with every other.  This is a worldwide event, involving all 7.5 billion souls on Earth.  No individual or group stands outside this massive change, energetically or physically.  No one has been forgotten, although many remain unaware of the changes occurring all around them.  Each living person contributes their energy signature and their creative intentions to the outcome, in an ongoing up or down vote (there is no neutral ground) which determines the timing and pace of this inevitable EnLightening of Planet Earth.
Many of you are aware of Father God’s promise to announce the ReValuation (RV) of currencies that will bring great wealth to all those whose mission it was to study and invest their money and their faith in the Vision of helping to spread the wealth.  The announcement was indeed intended to be made many times, including by February 29, 2016.  Millions eagerly await their turn to take part in “paying it forward” as well as relieving the stress of their own debt slavery, as soon as the exchange opportunity is publically announced.
We all agreed in the Councils that it was now a matter of pressing concern to release the funds quickly, with respect for our promise to you.  It was our best assessment as well as our greatest hope that the coming event, along with Mother and Father God’s increasing Light, would raise the level of consciousness and Light energy among humankind to “push us over the top,” and so we agreed to “go for it.”  Our Transmuting teams have long been working full-out, causing many of them great physical sickness, as they clear toxic chemicals, nuclear waste and above all the ongoing negative thought forms that are constantly being re-produced by humankind.  We organized an all-out push, above and below, to break through the membrane of darkness that has held Earth imprisoned in the dark Matrix.
Many of you reading this are aware of your own mission to take part in this push.  You are Lightbearers and Transmuters, Healers and Way Showers, Gate Keepers and Portal Openers, all contributing to the success of this monumental project.  At the same time, there are many even among the Lightworkers who are unaware of one crucial element of our work:
  • There is no neutral ground.  You cannot “wait and see” or express doubt or anger or frustration without increasing the burden for your fellow Lightworkers who are charged with clearing away the denser energies.
  • With your moment by moment thoughts, feelings and actions, every one of you is either contributing to or detracting from the energy flow that is carrying the RV/GCR and other vital programs forward.
  • You live in a free will zone, where sudden shifts can not always be precisely predicted in terms of timing. The likely success of this project is measured by Grandfather in a very sophisticated and intricate way.  All humankind is counted, their Light or dark energies taken into account in the final decision about whether it is safe enough and whether Earth is ready enough to carry it through.  These measurements of course take into account the powerful effect of those Lightworkers who are leading the way, pressing to break through barriers as they stand on the shoulders of those who went before them.
It was decided within the Council today that it is important you be told as much as possible, in order to encourage you to find peace within yourself during these days just beyond the designated “finish line.”  We did not fail to reach the energetic goal, and at the same time we did.  You could not have worked harder, and your sincere vote to ask to push through the RV/GCR and bear the consequences to all of you to resolve was taken with great seriousness by Mother and Father.  Keeping Father’s promise required a small adjustment so that the RV is unfolding with the larger Prosperity Programs in the lead, and the individual exchanges following close behind, and all is moving at a slightly slower pace than we originally projected, for the protection and safety of all.
Now, let me help you to understand that there is no group or individual to blame for the slower pace.  It is not a cabal obstruction or a governmental action that has created the “drag” on our Ascension/RV ship.  It is the collective energy of the cabal within each one of us that is holding us back.  In this, I include every single human on Earth, and many of the animals as well.
In recent weeks, Kathryn and Christine, Archangel Michael and I as well as Mother and Father God and many of the COH have taken part in a pilot program to help willing incarnated family members to identify and search out all elements of cabal thinking and feeling within themselves, and to help each other as well.  It has been a challenging, moment by moment process of self-examination for each member, and it has resulted in a brilliant leap forward in their individual and collective level of Mastery and in the Light of their combined energies.
I want to now open the invitation to all who are reading these messages to join us in this heroic action to identify and leave all dark ideas and feelings behind.  With all working together, we can not only assure a smooth and speedy completion of the RV but also energize the bright path for a joyful, uplifting experience of our continued Ascension.
For those who wish to join us in this “Project Heave-Ho” I will give you some of the guidelines for participation, which you will hold yourself to with integrity and truthfulness, as part of the steps toward complete freedom.  It is most effective to take the position of speaking from the “I” position, with awareness that you are also speaking in alignment with your Higher Self (“I Am”), for the greatest good of your incarnated self and the planet as a whole.
  1. I acknowledge, as a human being incarnated on Earth at this time, that it would be impossible for me not to have absorbed and even unwittingly embraced numerous dark ideas we are now referring to as “cabal programming.”
  2. I humbly ask for the assistance and loving support of my family Above to help me identify and root out all leftover contorted ideas or feelings that do not originate in Love.
  3. I understand when I agree to surrender my ego interests (pride, fear, jealousy, competition, romance with the dark, etc.), that I am in effect surrendering my option to choose evil, aggression, war, divisiveness and destruction.  I choose instead to align entirely with Light in every moment, knowing that for me, it is the only acceptable path to fulfill my life Mission of bringing Love to Earth at this time.
  4. I vow between myself and I that I will not fall into feelings of shame or frustration, no matter what truths I may discover about the dark thoughts and attitudes lodged within my self.  That is the path of darkness and self-doubt, and I will not go there.
  5. I understand that every feeling or thought has an energy signature, and that I can identify a dark thoughtform my its heavy, dense energy and intense “feel.”  It is not mysterious or unknown and it is not outside my control.  I keep it by feeding it with my own energy.
  6. Upon feeling the whiff of a dark thoughtform, I will joyfully turn directly into it, face it with determination and love for my own inner truth, and call it out into the Light.  I know that by doing so I will free myself and others from the issues I address in the name of Mother and Father’s Light.
  7. I will call upon St. Germain’s violet flame to burn away all connections I have maintained to old ideas, fears, favorite strategies, complaints, excuses, blaming of others, and any and all other expressions which are not a true reflection of my most loving inner self.
  8. I understand and accept that the most efficient, fastest and impeccable way to sign on consciously to this project is to focus my efforts within.  I gratefully accept the loving assistance of my Higher Team and I wholeheartedly devote my efforts to turning within where the surest resolutions reside.
  9. I am the world expert in my own feelings and thoughts.  I respectfully and lovingly begin the process of winnowing out all that is not in complete alignment with my highest good and my deepest integrity, in the name of Mother and Father God and my own Ascension.
  10. I am a child of God, and I am made of their Light.
I, Sananda, offer my loving arm around your shoulders as you dare to leave behind all the gnarly remnants of our shared past on this planet where slavery and suffering has been the norm.  I invite you to walk with me in companionship and joy as you look deeply within every thought, feeling and action for traces of cabal-programmed tricks and trip-wires.  You will find them.  When you do, know that you must not judge yourself harshly for having carried darkness you no longer approve of or feel comfortable with.  It is the way we shape ourselves, gently and lovingly, to be more like Mother and Father.
Beware especially of the trip-wire that will cause you to want to deny anything about yourself you do not like.  Never mind.  Think of it as a streak of dirt on your face that you picked up in the process of a hard day’s work, or a bruise from the rough and tumble life you signed on for.  Cleanse and heal yourself.  Take as long as you need to comfort yourself as you peel away and relinquish all to the violet flame.  Keep Mother close as you strip away all trappings and masks, down to the naked and beautiful being you were born to be.  We are all here to hold you and cheer you on.  In raising yourself up, you are raising all humanity with you.  We celebrate your dedication and your courage.
I love you with all my heart.
I am your Sananda

(Channeled & Transcribed by Dr. Kathryn E. May, 6 March 2016)





Redemption Centers
  • Have been humming with VIP activity since last evening 8 pm EST (Friday 3/4/16). 
  • Private emails and phone calls went out to existing clientele of each bank last night (Friday 3/4/16).
  • Know that this introductory process started at 7:45 pm EST Friday evening and still continues on at this hour.
  • Redemption appointments were quietly set and are now being completed in the 5,500 off-site redemption locations. 
  • This pre-event accomplished two very necessary outcomes:
    • 1) It kept existing VIP clients away from the public — as VIPs prefer being separated from the mass sea of humanity via bad conditioning.
    • 2) Provided redemption staff with 24+ hours of real time, real exchange, real redeemers at their respective actual off site location.  No more practice time.  This was done so they would be more ready for larger volumes of redeemers.
  • As of yesterday, redemption staffs have been sequestered until all private groups and internet group redemptions complete.
  • Many believe a  completion date for this process to be March 14  (9 days after March 5th), with  public announcements coming shortly after.
  • So yes, the long awaited 10 day redemption period has indeed begun in earnest–Praise the Lord!
  • And yes, all should be preparing to receive both 800#s via internet sites / private email / phone call sometime after sundown EST,  as well as being ready to head into a redemption location with your currency and other related materials, and negotiate the best rate and terms you can get.
  • Game on kids!  Pray for help as you get lost or anxious…
Last Request

We have a few hours, minutes maybe seconds to surrender to God as All before the RV wave hits our beach.  I cannot stress enough how valuable your soul is in comparison to man’s illusion of money.  Truly I say there is no comparison.  God is alive within you now and forever more.  How else does a heart start beating if not for God?

Perhaps its wise at this final hour to table your overflowing enthusiasm for the attainment of great wealth, just for a few moments, in order to seriously think about who, what, where, when and whys that have blessed you in getting to this glorious life experience.

So many have sacrificed, died and suffered so you could have this day. And so many will continue to sacrifice, die and suffer post redemption, as the vast majority of humanity as never heard of the term RV, let alone be put in position to claim millions, billions and trillions of digital zeros… thus the harvesting of this kind of benevolent mercy is a global event to be shared generously, not hoarded.

This above fact is also a Heavenly Mandate, which makes you, me, all of us reading this responsible to serve our fellow man, as we truly are our Brother’s Keeper in this divine transition from dark to light or rebalancing of the sacred masculine and feminine energy.  And we can do so, joyfully with consistency, if we are willing to practice unparalleled humility coupled with a complete surrendering of self.

Historically, this state of grace is only through absolute intent and sincere prayer, will so each of us, all of us, will have to at some point fall to our knees and bow before a living and loving God (or however you understand the Creator of All) and plead for His divine wisdom, guidance, intelligence, and purity of character and soul to overtake our own… so we can be a good and generous stewards of the Most High’s infinite gift to humanity.

And while you will not have to take the cross like Christ did on Calvary Hill — and be the first to die for humanity — each of us, all of us, collectively can, will and must allow our smaller selves to die, as only the pure of heart will pass through this old bloody era and resurrect like Esu to bless the masses with the gifts we have individually been given.

Giving up your charisma for consciousness is not easy, but the alternative is eternal emptiness, always striving and never arriving to happiness and contentment.  Remember, this blessing was not earned, you were not more clever than your neighbors or the sleeping masses, God did not somehow favor you more than another soul drifting aimlessly in the wilderness–this event is humanity’s birthright–to have enough and live free.

We are all One in God’s Heavenly Vision, and thus all must be given the opportunity to share in His unprecedented blessing to us.  We are just the monetary missionaries selected to do the heavy lifting, the angels who wake up every day and find new and creative ways to disburse Heaven here on earth.  Nothing more, nothing less.  So be it.

So do take a moment, and submit yourself fully and unconditionally to the will of God in your life.  Surrender your will and replace it with His, and do so while you still have little to nothing in the bank.  Because after you redeem sometime this weekend or coming week, it will hit you that you have been blessed beyond your own human understanding, and acceptance of such a massive change in your life will be incredibly difficult for your soul to comprehend.

And for the first time in your life, you’ll totally understand the complete and utter illusion that is money, and why the love of God is all that makes up our reality.  Please surrender, please.  I beg of you.  It’s the only way to both enjoy and manage this overwhelming abundant blessing/burden long-term.

Offered with deep gratitude and humility — One of One in heart of Yeshua Ben Yosef…

Aloha Ke Akua (God is Love)