PAXTON ROBEY – Forgiveness – 5-1-15

Paxton RobeyPaxton Robey

Pam asks a very pertinent question about forgiveness:

“What does it mean to forgive? Like so many other words that I thought I knew and understood their meaning, I don’t have a clear idea of what this really, specifically, down-to-the-bones means. I’ve spent the last hour or so reading various definitions of and articles about forgiveness and most of them do not agree. Is reconciliation required? Can I forgive someone and still not want to have anything to do with them as long as we’re wearing bodies? I can forgive a rattlesnake for striking, that’s the nature of a rattlesnake, but I still won’t invite it into my house. Can I forgive, truly forgive, and still not get to love – at least not immediately? Can I love and not like?”

Thanks for asking the important question Pam. Actually we each make all the rules for our own life. We must always use our own discernment when asking others what something means. In my opinion (judgment) there are steps we take in coming to the ultimate answer about forgiveness.

If someone can not strike back when attacked, that is a form of forgiveness. Turn the other cheek. If we can release all negative thoughts and emotions about someone who “wronged us” that is a higher form of forgiveness. Forgiveness has NOTHING to do with the other person. It is about our own comfort level. It is about not letting our grievances get so ingrained that our misery creates heart attacks and ulcers.

Only when we get to the point of seeing everything from God’s point of view can we understand what Jesus or Buddha meant by forgiveness.

Life on Earth is an audio-visual training program. It is an illusion. It is not reality. If this were reality then most certainly there would be no loving God. God would not let tragedy happen in reality.
When you attend a movie and see injustice done, do you refuse to forgive the actor and hold a grudge against him or her for the rest of your life? Of course not. The fact that it was a stage play makes that unnecessary. Same with life.

You have been murdered in past lives by people who are good friends in this life. You no longer hold a grudge because past lives are no longer “real” to us, they are vague images in our mind at best. Actually from a cosmic perspective which you have between lives, you see the reason you were murdered and you understand the lesson you learned by going through that experience and you are thankful for it.  And you thank the person who murdered you for making the experience possible. They did you a service. It cleared your karma.

Nothing in this life is what it appears to be! Nothing in this life is what it appears to be!

Allow me to take this further. There is no world out there. There is no “out there”. Everything that exists in your “reality” exists in your mind only. The entire universe exists only in your mind. All thoughts in your mind are under your control. If you change your thoughts to love you have taken your power back. Your experience will contain nothing but love. This is what all Master Teachers learned. To them there are no limits in their minds. All things are possible.

The goal can be seen as coming to the understanding that the Universe does not allow harm to occur so there is no need to forgive anyone or anything. In truth only love exists. We can all understand how hard these concepts are to truly grasp. Take note of how many times you try to convince someone that your painful situation is “real”. If you make it real you get to keep it.

It used to take lifetimes of holding the intent to see only love before it really sinks in. But it is now possible to gain the ultimate understanding of God’s universe as being completely harmless and loving in this lifetime. The veil is thin. Your guides and angels have easy access to your thoughts now. Let them help shift your understanding.

This is a tough school. I have heard some channelers say that this is the toughest school in the universe and we chose it because we wanted the most expedient path to enlightenment. Well we chose wisely. We will graduate. We will allow enough understanding into our belief systems that the game ends. We will graduate from Earth School. In the meantime love what appears to be evil. Jesus said love those who despitefully use you. He didn’t say it would be easy. Continue to be harmless. Always prefer peace to retaliation or revenge. Always ask guidance for understanding (your guide’s insights are better than anything you could get from FaceBook :-)

Never feel guilty for being unable to come to peace with someone or some situation. It is all just lessons. Everyone eventually learns all the lessons. God won’t let us go too far astray or get too miserable. Your INTENT is all that matters when moving along your path. Behavior is irrelevant. Have the intent to love everyone; don’t worry about whether or not you succeed. You will get home safe and sound.


Without pain and struggle we would not seek God. We all want to end pain and struggle forever. It is possible in this very lifetime but it requires seeing everything from God’s point of view. Never believe that what is in your face is real.  It is a training video.  The lessons will continue to show up until you give up the idea that they are real.  They are no more real than last night’s dream.

You can see why they say “the way is narrow and few are chosen”. We have to allow our entire belief system to be rewritten by our guides. Believe no harm is possible. Believe you have never made a mistake – God doesn’t allow mistakes. Believe love overcomes the worst tragedies. Believe that the moment you leave this body you will see the perfection in the entire plan of salvation.

If we focus on what is in our face we will be miserable. Read the words of the Masters. Talk to your guides all day long. Find inspiration in nature or music or art or babies or something, but find it and immerse yourself in it.  It will rub off.

You will discover bliss. It is your destiny!!

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Paxton Robey – A Creation Story, A Completion Story – 3-15-15

Paxton RobeyYou are a member of the planetary wide bonded group of light workers. Yes, a bonded group. Even though you have felt it already, your real connection to and common objectives with the other members of the group will become obvious when you view life on Earth from your fifth dimensional perspective. You may have done this already.

As with most members of the group there came a time earlier in your life when the lights came on, so to speak, and you realized there was more to life than meets the eye. You knew you didn’t understand everything, or even very much, but you felt drawn toward altruistic goals of improving life for all human beings. If you spoke in metaphysical terms at that point in your life you might have expressed a desire to awaken yourself and help others move towards the light.

You uncovered a desire to be of service to all people. Since that time life has been filled with dichotomies, highs and lows, challenges and victories, many surprises, and an ever-increasing desire for understanding and awakening. In other words, we each live the typical, while unique, life of today’s light worker on planet Earth. We haven’t completed our own journey to enlightenment, thus the remaining challenges.

But, we are close enough to graduation that our recently acquired understanding has empowered us to join as partners with many Masters, mystics and healers. From their perspective it is a partnership of equals. We know that our task is to assist in evolving planetary group consciousness one more step up the ladder.

We can’t change humans through words or actions, no matter how articulate our voice or how imposing and forceful our actions. The human ego always resists those who would try to change it in any way. Our job is as simple as sharing our own consciousness telepathically with Gaia and her inhabitants. What can we share that will be beneficial to the billions of souls in our class? Nothing less than joy, happiness, inner peace, and that feeling of “finally all the pressure is off”. That feeling of “I’m home”.

How do we acquire these states of consciousness so we can share them?

The ego is what Earth School is all about. If there were no ego there would be no need to spend millions of years releasing ourselves from the illusion of separation. This is a good thing, as we will see. The ego can be said to be that part of us which believes it is truly a separate individual, not connected to the infinite. Therefore the ego believes it is responsible for its own survival and responsible for whatever meager level of comfort it can attain and pain it can avoid.

The ego has always been dependent on an active fear mechanism which will warn it when danger approaches. The ego can’t see the future and therefore it sometimes fails to fend off danger. Guilt results. The ego can’t understand the past, therefore it sometimes judges falsely. Guilt results.

At this stage of our evolvement the goal of the school is to release all fear and guilt and return to a perpetual state of the awareness of love’s presence. But there is more to the story than that.

The goal is also to retain the individualized sense of identity which we have acquired through believing we were separate from Source. We developed our unique identity by thinking we were an ego, not in spite of the ego. Now as we release the illusory part of the ego, the fear and guilt, we are forever unique and forever Source, the One, All That Is.

How should we regard the ego that seems to make a mess of our life occasionally?

Allow me to repeat a story you have already heard. Soon after I discovered my inner connection with something far more expansive than I would have believed possible, I received a message from the voice within.

“When you speak to people don’t ever try to tell the truth. The truth of the divine reality is so much grander, so much more magnificent, so much more beautiful, so much more expansive, then anything you have reference points for, or vocabulary to describe, you have no shot at telling the truth. Just say something useful.”

I was told that no Master Teacher ever tried to tell the literal truth of the infinite nature of eternal life. It is beyond our comprehension. They all spoke in parables, metaphor. Rumi, Hafiz and Emerson spoke in poetry. Words are only pointers. The intuition of the listener then interprets the words, personalizing them to fit the unique needs of the person at that moment in time.

No two listeners receive the same message. So when anyone tries to explain the reason life is the way it is and why ego is, and always has been, a necessary ingredient of the spiritual path, feel free to know your intuitive interpretation of their words is the only one which will work for you.

From our present viewpoint we can’t understand 10th dimensional reality, let alone infinite mind, anymore than the indigenous cultures could understand transistors, satellites or jet planes and what benefits these things would bring to society.

When it comes to true infinite reality we know nothing. It is wise to grasp the understanding that we know nothing so we do not delude ourselves into thinking we know something about healing or enlightenment or what I or another person need to do or learn next to move down our spiritual path.

Believing we know anything at all about our own spiritual path causes a delay in time, slowing our progress along the path. The ego’s self worth comes from knowing things, from having the ability to be “right” and win arguments so you may feel resistance when you say to yourself “I know nothing”.

Instead of the ego’s path of trying to figure it all out, there is this simpler choice: an empty mind is ready to be filled with spirit. This is an essential step away from thinking we are separate individuals, responsible for our own well-being, into the understanding that we are one with All That Is. It is the All That Is, with its infinite vision that is responsible for our well-being, not a separate ego’s vision which can’t even see tomorrow. “Zen mind, no mind” can access the all powerful mind of God.

That said, here is a made-up, hopefully useful story or metaphor about how we arrived at the present point in time and the experience we refer to as “my life”. Perhaps a story like this can help us ease our way back to that state of consciousness where we feel “I’m home”. In the beginning God was lonely/creative/innovative (not true but there is no need to pick apart the details here, as egos love to do. We aren’t trying to tell the “truth” here, this is just a useful story.)

How could absolute oneness create something out of her oneness (all that exists) which could appear as a companion while still being the one and only absolute oneness? By using illusion and creating the ego which would buy into that illusion, of course.

The magic, the sleight-of-hand, is that when we graduate from Earth School we will have released the parts of the ego self which no longer serve us; fear, guilt, limitation, and the need for time and space, while retaining eternally a sense of individuality, yet completely remembering the whole, the IAM, the One, the All That Is, is who I am. We re-merge with the One and keep our unique awareness. Magic.

We are nearing the end of our journey through time and space. We can see the goal of living free from fear, guilt, pain and struggle, but we still have residue of all these. We can see the value of having worked with fear as a warning mechanism, helping us avoid danger.

To give up fear is to lose a long time companion. From where we now stand the remaining part of our journey will go more smoothly if we don’t regard the ego as the enemy. No more battles. No more resistance. The ego is and always has been an essential ingredient of the spiritual path, a friend, a teacher. As our friend Scott Kalechstein Grace says: “Getting rid of the ego is just another ego trip”.

Ego equates to individual awareness. It doesn’t preclude awareness of the One. We want to keep the individuation and the oneness and release mind sets that served us in the past but now we have outgrown. That is no small job. Fear kept us from dancing on the edge of the cliff. Karma taught us not to do harm to others. Now we go with spirit’s choices as to where we dance and how we serve others. It is now safe to release fear, knowledge of right and wrong (judgment), and lack of self confidence.

We cannot give a gift to humanity that we do not possess. We want to give the gift of total inner peace without a trace of fear or guilt. Fear and guilt are ego states of mind only. Fear and guilt are the cause of all the apparent problems, conflicts, disagreements, and wars which seem to manifest in time space. When fear and guilt have been released the only state of mind which exists is love. When fear is released love and peace are our natural condition.

Love does not have to be learned or acquired. You don’t need to seek it. It is the universally normal state of being. It has always been in you. It will always be in you. It has only been temporarily hidden behind the belief in the need for fear to keep us from stepping in front of speeding cars and being damaged or destroyed. The ego says “Fear is good. It warns us of danger”. Spirit says “Look with inner vision. There is no danger.”

How can we give the gift of peaceful mind to group consciousness when we haven’t finished healing our self; when we still encounter fear, caution, and the need for vigilance in our daily lives? Ah, the paradoxes. We teach what we need to learn. We gift what we would acquire. Our gift to humanity is the gift we give to our self as we learn to trust in the safety of Source.

To the ego healing or freeing humanity from the effects of fear and limited belief systems would be an overwhelming job, if it had any interest in going that direction. Fortunately, what the ego thinks is required for us to be a success as light workers is not our job at all. We heal ourselves, our mind, by constant communication with inner guidance, hearing or sensing the voice more clearly each day, building our trust in the safety provided by a holy/healed mind. As we see things more clearly by relying on spirit’s vision instead of our body’s vision, healing is automatic.

Soon we will find our self doing the mental dance of awareness. By paying close attention to our thoughts and feelings we become very aware of old habits of fear-based responses to people and situations, such as arguing, defending or withdrawal (fight or flight). This reminds us that our old friend fear is ready to step in and keep us from falling in a hole.

But with our new friend “spirit guidance” at our side it is now time to thank fear for its service in the past and set it free to transmute into an expression of love. Then we gently, very gently, forgive ourselves for having been fearful and ask for inner peace to return. When we heal our mind, release fear, we will have healed the world. It’s all one, remember?

Our only job as light workers is to change our mind. Nothing out there needs fixing; it is only a mirror whose images can be viewed with inner vision to remind us that there are no victims and we have never made a mistake. We are not powerless in the face of fear; rather we are empowered healers, free to change all threatening situations into expressions of love by allowing inner guidance to reveal the way to us.

It is time to complete our journey. It is freedom time. Jesus said: “It is the father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom”. You can’t work for it. You can’t earn it. You can’t become deserving of it, you have always been deserving of it. You can relax. It is your free gift for playing the game. You have passed all the tests; you have met all the requirements already.

You are home free. You have just been watching a training video low these many lifetimes – a video on individuation and oneness. That’s all just a useful story of course, not a “truth”, because you never left home. You never left your oneness with all that is while you used time to create your uniqueness.

“A Creation Story, A Completion Story,” by Paxton Robey, not dated.

Paxton Robey – Light Workers Are Amazing – 3-7-15

Paxton RobeyPaxton Robey

From Golden Age of Gaia, March 6, 2015

Light workers are amazing. The Earth has not hosted such a group of light workers as we have on the planet today for many thousands of years.

The helpful insights which flow from you on forums like this, not to mention the pictures, are aimed at all levels of spiritual beings who will be uplifted by the great wisdom and caring displayed here.

I suspect that most of you have social media friends as wonderful as mine. Sometimes when I am sitting at my computer I can’t see the screen for being choked up. What a time to be on Earth!

We know that we came to Earth this time around with an agenda. We are dedicated to peace on Earth and peace within. We are part of a team of angelic beings and old souls, volunteers dedicated to healing Earth and her inhabitants. I often repeat that we have two jobs.

The first is to complete the healing of our self. The second is to make the planetary transition, or shift, now taking place as easy and as magnificent as it can be.

With regards to the raising of the vibration of Gaia and her family; we are way ahead of the visions I saw thirty years ago as to how good it could possibly get. The express train to the Garden of Eden has departed and is picking up steam. When someone asks for assistance with health, emotions, helping loved ones, or any other concern, light and love and support engulfs them like honey and strawberries covered with roses.

And you should know that in regards to large scale issues of the world’s peoples, such as politics, armies and weapons, greedy power structures, and economics, we are receiving large quantities of help from the Angelic and ET realms. It’s no big deal, it happens every time enough light workers pray for assistance and visualize peace. You didn’t think we had to do it alone, did you?

A Course in Miracles says; “If you knew who walks beside you on the way that you have chosen, fear would be impossible.” And “As you perceive the holy companions who travel with you, you will realize that there is no journey, but only an awakening.”

With regards to healing ourselves and moving rapidly toward graduation from “Earth School”, we are ahead of the predicted schedule there too. We want to sit quietly occasionally, still the mind, and look into our own future. Here we can almost grasp how the greatest gift we can give to our soul family here on Earth and throughout the universe is the person we will be when we are totally awakened.

Compared to the great insights and gifts of healing we give to loved ones today, the gift of an awakened self is a million times more powerful. Master Teacher or philosopher? Saint or good person? Jesus or St. John? Buddha or Bodhisattva? Krishna or Arjuna? Take the higher path of service.

We no longer need to deal with struggles, grievances, sickness, correcting the evils in society, feeling empty, fears, or anything that doesn’t feel joyful, comfortable or even blissful. But the path to awakening must be our top priority if we want to complete the job in this lifetime. The big picture is what counts. For saints and mystics life is not about the stage show. They aren’t distracted by the ego’s need to maintain fear and guilt as a vantage point.

You have heard me tell the old Hindu story of the Guru and his disciple sitting in the hot pool in meditation. The student asks the Guru “how can I attain enlightenment?” The Guru pushes his head under water and holds it there for a very long time. When the student finally comes up, gasping for air, he asks “why did you do that?” The Guru answers “when you want enlightenment as much as you wanted that breath of air, you will have it.”

We have been trained that to be compassionate we should stay focused on the evening news, you know, the drama of who is doing what bad thing to helpless people, the destruction of the rain forest, mistreated animals, the polluted atmosphere, and on and on. That is absolutely not what compassion is. Compassion is healing this illusion we call life. Compassion has nothing to do with exposing the perpetrators of harm.

Compassion is the opposite of punishment and revenge. Jesus told us to love our enemies. Compassion is knowing from your own deepest wellspring of experience, that where another person is hurting, there is love. Compassion is creating heaven on Earth. If thoughts create reality then watching the drama in living color creates more of the same drama. If thoughts create reality then visualizing peace creates nirvana.

Being anti war creates hell on Earth. Being pro peace creates heaven on Earth. It is that simple. Imagine arriving at St. Peter’s gate when you die. Pete says “what are you doing here? We expected you to be at your graduation party.” You say “I didn’t have time to love everyone. I was busy kicking the bad guys out of office.”

While the hosts of heaven are absolutely thrilled at the progress we have made individually toward awakening, I am told we can do more to make our journey more enjoyable. We have to want enlightenment more than we want to hold on to our personal history, more than we want to hold on to our grievances, more than we want to hold on to our old beliefs in right and wrong and cultural roles which we inherited from authority figures and parents.

It is time to no longer look to another person or society for approval or acceptance. That must come from the inner voice, and only the inner voice. It is time to immerse our self in self administered spiritual psychotherapy. Be aware of when something pushes your buttons. After all they are your buttons. Giving yourself heart disease by being angry at the bad guys has no effect on the bad guys but it can kill you. Be aware of each and every fear. Ask your spirit helpers to dissolve the fear once and for all.

A Course in Miracles tells us we don’t understand anything we see. Why would we get upset at something we don’t understand? The Course says we have given everything all the meaning it has for us. There is no absolute meaning to anything, including politicians, in-laws, economists, weather forecasters, generals or goats. In this audio-visual-visceral training video we call life, it is not possible for harm to occur.

Awakening is delayed for those who believe in harm or right and wrong. Feel how that makes you squirm to see how far you have to go. Now feel the love within to know you have no journey left. You are home. The way is narrow and few take the narrow path because it is a total affront to our old out-dated sense of compassion not to be defending the “good guys” against the “bad guys.” There are no good guys and no bad guys, only children of God. Our sense of compassion can be directed at getting all persons to the experience of love instead of fixing them.

Only awakening brings the Garden of Eden to our lives. The more our eyes are open to God’s truth and clear about the illusory nature of life’s dramas within the context of the big picture, the easier it is to assist, to heal, to know peace, to give light, and to live our heart’s desire. We can help our loved ones out of their drama by seeing only love.

You do not live in this world. This world is in your mind. Oh, come on. Really? Really!! Only those close to graduation can put those statements in the category of “may be true.”

Consciousness, thought, belief, and emotion, create the appearance of reality on Earth. If there is anything you experience which looks like it needs correction, check inside. The cause is inside, not out there. We are not masters if we get angry when we enter a room full of angry people. We are masters when we exude love and peace when we enter a room full of angry people. Send love to those who make you upset.

When talking to their dedicated students, Master Teachers throughout history did not speak about behavior, only consciousness. Behavior follows a person’s consciousness. There are no victims. A person’s consciousness determines their experiences. A God of Love would not allow victims or harm.

See how centered in love you can become. Walk in nature and become one with the flowers and trees. If you have a busy mind let it be busy talking to spirit. Better yet have a quiet mind and listen to spirit. Listen to the murmurs and intelligence of the world around you.

If you must indulge your logical mind trying to figure things out, try to figure out how the universe could be 100% friendly and supportive. Figure out how love can be palpable.

If your ego insists on having something to fix, give it the job of getting rid of even the tiniest bit of unhappiness and replacing it with full time joy.

Remember that nothing on Earth is what it appears to be. Nothing which does not last forever is real. Only love is real. You are a unique individual and you are everyone else in existence. Love everyone else in existence in order to love yourself fully. We are one with everyone. That is the principle upon which all reality rests. That’s why love works.

All things are possible now. We can all graduate in this lifetime. We can all be perpetually happy now. We are Source. We are Divine.

In this small step at a time phase which we are in, we look for truth. We sometimes look for it in the books and words of teachers, spiritual authorities outside of our self. These teachers will tell us how to search for the real substance amongst the various sacred texts and ancient writings. A few will sometimes share their personal insights as if they were “truth”.

These authors and teachers can be extremely helpful for students just entering their search for God. I read the words of a number of fellow light workers who often have just the right word for me to lift the gloom or dissolve the struggle. Teachers like Pema Chodrin, Eckhart Tolle, David Carse, and many others, inspire me as I take small steps toward the light.

There is the absolute perspective of all that is, and there is the relative perspective. From the absolute perspective there is no path home, there is no duality, there is no right and wrong or good and bad, we are as we have always been, God. From the absolute perspective, the illusion of all that the ego sees and interacts with, doesn’t exist. It is too big of a step for humans, even old souls, to go directly to an absolute understanding of all that is. That is why the Master Teachers have used words and metaphor to assist us in taking a small step at a time.

The relative perspective of the infinite makes concessions to help the student move forward from the place in consciousness where he/she thinks he/she is. Modern spiritual books, as amazing as they are, don’t come from the absolute perspective; very few would be able to understand them.

The enlightened Master Teachers use words only as hints and triggers to get us to turn to our inner being for answers and what the truth is for us.  There is no one correct path for all students when we are dealing with relative truth because we each have a unique karmic history and journey through the illusory time and space. We need to consult with our guides and decide for our self what our path is.

The enlightened ones say things like; “you are on a journey without distance to a place you never left.” Their words cause the intuition to reach for insights from the infinite which remind us of who we are. If we debate the meaning of words at this level we have missed the point. Words in and of themselves mean nothing. The Tao which can be spoken of is not the Tao.

Everything in this article may be wrong, only you can decide for you.

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