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Over the years I have been contacted by many great souls asking me about Twin Flames.

They also ask about many other ‘terms and titles’ we use for soul guidance to get across concepts that we are trying to understand. Fundamentally they wonder, do they have a twin flame, where is their twin flame if we are all evolving so quickly, what if my twin flame is the same as another’s, what does all this mean in multidimensional consciousness when there are so many perspectives on the inner Light, Love and Being?



INVOCATION and APPLICATION of the SACRED FIRE @ Starseed Highway – 5-8-16

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Pauline Battell  –  A Personal Message

It is very important for each of us who has been blessed to incarnate on Earth during these long foretold days of Resurrection and Ascension to go within our hearts to know what our I AM Presence is guiding us to bring forth within the expanding patterns of perfection in our personal lives and in service to All Life.



PAULINE BATTELL – INTER-SPECIES COMMUNICATION – Rananda @ Opening The Gate To Christ Consciousness

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PAULINE BATTELL   –   INTER-SPECIES COMMUNICATION   –   Rananda @ Opening The Gate To Christ Consciousness


My first experience of inter-species communication was when I was a young boy. My aunt and uncle used to leave their pet Alsatian, Betty, with us when they went on holiday. I became great friends with Betty, and would take her for long walks in the countryside surrounding the little Scottish town where we lived. I also found it very easy to teach her tricks. In one of these that I remember, I would point two fingers at Betty and say;- “Bang! you’re dead”— Betty would fall over on the floor and lie still with eyes closed. After a few seconds, she would open one eye to see if the game was over, and come back to life. She seemed to just pick up on what I wished her to do by seeing into my Mind and reading my visualization. My…

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by Pauline Battell – MEMOIRS OF JOHN THE BELOVED DISCIPLE – Lord Rananda Kumara – Opening The Gate To Christ Consciousness – 9-12-15

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I, John, come to you to clarify and add to, the information concerning me and my role in beloved Lord Jeshua’s mission to bring Christ Consciousness to Humankind.

My name was actually “Jahanan”, which means “Christborn”.  In Jeshua’s following there were several other Christed Ones;- those whose Sacred Heart was open.   He was our leader, yet not the one and only Christ as you have been led to believe.

       I, John, was/am a Soul Aspect of Lord Rananda Kumara of the Kumaran Family of the Higher Dimensions of Venus, and Jeshua was/is a Soul Aspect of Lord Sananda Kumara; the Father in the Higher Realm, of Lord Rananda Kumara. So, in a sense, Jeshua was/is my (John’s) Father.  As the son is loved by the father, so I was the disciple beloved of Jeshua. This was understood by very few of the disciples at that time, and thus gave rise to some jealousies.

Others amongst the followers of the Master were Kumarans too, but some were volunteers from several other extraterrestrial races whose Soul Aspects had taken birth or, as I did, walked-in to an Earthly vehicle to bring support to the Master’s mission. My brother, James, was also a Kumaran from Venus, and a Christed One. In the Higher Realm She is my Cousin, and Her Name is Saranda Samara Kumara. She is a Soul Mate of many lives, in many different relationships; some on other planets, before coming to the Earth.

Before I walked-in to the material vehicle of John, I received special training in the etheric retreat of Archangel Michael, above the Canadian Rockies, to be the “Earth Eagle” for Lord Jeshua.  An”Eagle” is a specially trained protective Light Being, or incarnate Light Being, allocated to one who has an important mission on the Earth, or in the Higher Realms, for their protection.  Lord Michael has a legion of Eagles headed by Archangel Jychondria.

As part of my job as the Master’s Earth Eagle, I would travel ahead of His group and find a house where He could eat and perform healings and sleep in safety.  After I had located a suitable house, I would perform a ceremony and draw a special symbol above the door. The symbol was a diagonal cross with “Fire Letters” inscribed in the vertices above and below. With this symbol and ceremony, I created a Sacred Space, that no one of ill intent could enter.

It is recorded in the scriptures, that at times when the mob was incited to violence against the Master, by the pharisees, and was preparing to stone Him, He would disappear.  He is credited with doing this Himself, but in fact this was another protective measure performed by me, John.  I would create a force field around Him that was so powerful, that He would disappear from view; a sort of cloak of invisibility.  I was trained in these protective  measures in Lord Michael’s retreat before I walked-in.  At the time of the Master’s arrest I was forbidden by Him to protect Him.  Simon-Peter did not know of my role as an Earth Eagle for the Master, and fancied himself as his bodyguard in a physical sense. Peter tried to protect Him with his sword, but the Master needed no sword to protect Him.  It was His wish that He be arrested at that time, but it raised feelings of guilt in me that I was not allowed to do my duty as His protective Eagle.

The Master had an Inner Circle comprising myself, my brother James and Mary Magdalen. In the scriptures it is said that Simon-Peter was a member of this Inner Circle, but I believe that this has been added to the gospels by the fathers of the Roman Church, to give Peter a more important role, as he was the founder of their church.  Peter is also said to have been the leader of the disciples, but this is also untrue.  That role fell to His deputy, Mary Magdalen after the crucifixion, and Peter would not be led by a woman, and departed for Rome to found his own church and promote his own version of the teachings of the Master. It was Mary Magdalen who carried His true teachings to the South of France. Those teachings were subsequently taught by the Cathars and the Knights Templar. Both of these groups were terribly persecuted by the Church Of Rome.  I, John, Have also lived within both of these groups and have carried forth the teachings of Jeshua as taught by Mary Magdalen, His beloved wife.