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We are now Fifth Dimensional. That means we have the potential of becoming the Collective Consciousness. That means we can tune in to and become any of the infinite parallel versions of our selves. These versions come from the infinite possibilities that all of our Souls, Over Souls and Families in the Galactic, Universal and Cosmic realms have already experienced. We can walk into the Parallel Reality of anything that we can imagine. We just have to learn how to do that.

The Cosmic Mystery School of the Omniverse is the place that is now available to find those teachings. Those who become members of the MASTER’s GROUP will learn the skills that are only taught in Mystery Schools.

Walking into a candle or walking into a mirror is the same formula that we useย  to translate our bodies into anti-particle, etheric spiritual blue bodies. This is the future self parallel reality that one must step into before manifestation can begin.

When we walk into the candle or into a mirror, we are walking into the full spectrum of light or the entire rainbow prism. We actually disappear into the rainbow prism and then reappear as a blue body.

The rainbow prism is coming from intense electrical field like a MAGNETIC MIRROR which is a device used in thermo nuclear processes that in the mirror.

That nuclear process is actually contained within the intense dark field within the mirror.

That same mirror effect exists within the brain. We are supposed to be able to walk all the way through the mirror and see ourselves on the other side.

By practicing this walk through the mirror we are adjusting our brains. We are reversing the way our mind works. We are training our minds to see the other side of reality–the quantum field that we think of as invisible. But it is not invisible. We have just had our brains turned off so that we can’t see the rest of reality.

We have forgotten how to manifest the reality that we desire through our mid brain.
We are preparing for our grand manifesting by practicing with the mirror.

By using the mirror, we can learn to FEEL the anti-matter substance that is within it. We can feel how it makes our bodies translate. We can perceive how it allows us to see into a reality that we didn’t know was there.

We can actually come face to face with anti matter.

OUR MANIFESTATIONS become Manifest in the Hertizian because that is what tangible reality is to us in this world.

Once we learn to see the back of the candle arising as the blue candle or blue sphere, and we perceive the anti matter within the mirror, we can manifest the same relationship in ourย  photo negative mid brain through the activity of seeing the back of aย  card through the eyes of our parallel self who is on the other side of the mirror. We can look at the card and the back of the card will arise behind it just as the back or anti particle self of the candle rose behind the candle.

We must train the brain to facilitate antimatter. This is how we learn to see our parallel spiritual reality. This is what allows us to enter into the fifth dimension of our collective consciousness.

We have a big gap missing from reality because our mid brain hasn’t been used correctly in our life time.

The mirror give us back the part of the mid brain that we are missing.
We are learning how to reverse our DNA into the subharmonics that create the 12 DNA reality.

Working with the anti particle spiritual reality allows us to bring all of those forms into tangible realities in the hertzian visible manifest realm.

By walking into the mirror we turn on the extraordinary window in the brain that is the infra red psychic brain.
This thermo nuclear processes that we go through when we walk into the mirror is described perfectly here as the same thing that goes on in the Sun’s interior.


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