Conscious Out of Body Travel – Freewill R. Scott Lemriel & Pari Bince

Published on Aug 3, 2019

Awaken The True Nature of Freewill R. Scott Lemriel,,, &…

Magenta Pixie – Astral Projection – Out of Body Travel

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Astral Projection (Out of Body Travel)

“We would say, to the new astral traveller, to he or she who has only just experienced their first conscious out-of-body experience, we would say to you… you have done this before, many times! It is only that is appears to be your first time because it is the first time you have had conscious recall in the moment. Conscious awareness of your out-of-body experience.”

Music by Kevin Macleod
Images by Stock.Xchng
Moving images by motionbackgroundsforfree
Channelled, written and recorded by Magenta Pixie
Editing by Catzmagick