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Note: Previously, I referred to our Universal Family as “The Company of Heaven” which this section about them also used to be called.

Our Universal Family is a general label for the souls and collectives comprising the higher dimensions who actively communicate with humanity and have assisted in our evolution for centuries. A lot of material about and from them is available these days, and a lot of people believe that they speak with humanity regularly through channeled messages.

Our Universal Family is comprised of every evolved collective who’s grown to understand themselves and each other as aspects of the Creator. Souls from the higher dimensions have been identified and given all types of labels on our planet – angels; archangels; galactics; I could go on.

It’s generally believed by those who endorse the idea of our Universal Family that spiritually evolved galactic and angelic deities have actively visited our world and tried to help us along our evolution many times in the past.

It’s believed that their existence and presence has been largely misconstrued by religion and deemed fantasy by science, and that they continue to assist humanity to this day.

As I’ve mentioned in other writings, humanity’s freewill sees us create our reality and enforce whatever veil or limitation we desire. Ultimately, claims of galactic and angelic deities existing and communicating openly with anyone who can open up will sound crazy to some, and if we can’t or won’t open up to the possibility that this could be real, we won’t be overwhelmed with its reality.

Humanity’s Ability to Communicate with our UF

The belief in many spiritual circles is that active contact with humanity on the part of various galactic and angelic deities is ongoing and that we can open up to a connection with them if we wish. It’s believed that we possess a latent yet accessible telepathic ability, and that we can use it to communicate with the higher dimensions.

It’s believed that spiritually and technologically advanced extraterrestrial humans have visited humanity routinely in the past in an effort to help our various civilizations, and that we can connect with certain spiritual “guides” and receive assistance along our evolution.

Accompanying this is the belief that much of our history has been hidden from public view and that we’ve been conditioned to grow up in an artificial reality.

While much of our history is believed to have been suppressed and contact with enlightened extraterrestrial humans and ascended angels and archangels has fallen prey to that suppression and to misinterpretation, our UF hasn’t given up their effort to continually and routinely contact humanity.

Many believers in the idea that our planet has been routinely visited by “ancient astronauts” who’ve sewn greater understandings of mathematics, science, art, philosophy and other things, point to the pyramids and other ancient monuments as potential evidence of ancient advanced technology. (1)

We have the Cahokia Mounds here in Illinois. The largest of these mounds is Monk’s Mound, which stands at 100 ft. tall. In Egypt and other places, ancient pyramids have been discovered that seem to have been built independently by civilizations on all sides of the world who otherwise had nothing to do with each other.

Some seekers believe that the ancient pyramids were much more than monuments to Egyptian rulers (or rulers of any other civilization), and were actually pieces of advanced technology built to help people find enlightenment. It’s believed that many of the leaders of the civilizations that might have experienced contact with enlightened extraterrestrials went on to distort and suppress the teachings they were given to be in their favor.

The spirituality of the Illuminati is said to be distorted from genuine truths given by the extraterrestrial collective RA to the ancient Egyptians regarding the Law of One. (2)

Again – various other ancient civilizations in various time periods have also built pyramids and other interesting monuments such as Stonehenge (the Cahokian civilization had woodhenge) and endorsers of the “ancient astronaut” theory believe that those monuments and some very suggestive ancient art are results of contact with enlightened star people.

Don’t take my word for it – do your own research on the pyramids, Stonehenge and the ancient art that suggests contact with otherworldly astronauts. The belief in ancient ET contact goes hand in hand with that of our true history being suppressed.

Contact Continues

Accompanying the belief that star people have visited our planet many times in the past and offered advanced technology, insight and assistance, is the belief that they haven’t stopped contacting humanity.

It’s believed by some that as recently as the 1950s, star people were making individual contacts with humans. (3)

While the “Roswell” event is perhaps the most famous UFO phenomenon with retired officials claiming to have dealt with small extraterrestrial craft and bodies, it’s believed by some that the galactics have continued to make nearly-routine contact for generations.

Just why would they choose to visit humanity so routinely? The drive to assist any lower-dimensional planet in its evolution is believed to be very strong in the higher dimensions, but this isn’t the only reason various galactic races are believed to have contacted us.

Their closeness with us and the role they’ve played in helping steer our evolution is believed to breed their immense desire to make continual contact with humanity.

We’re tasked with steering our evolution, but our Universal Family have and continue to graciously offer their service and the perspective they’ve gained to humanity’s evolution. Helping enlighten people who then go on to enlighten many others is believed to be an aspect of this service.

Channeling and Channeled Messages

I haven’t yet discussed channeling or channeled messages in depth, but they’re believed to be one potent way our Universal Family communicates with humanity.

As we expand our perception and begin to evolve, so does our ability to pick up on and bring through energy from the higher dimensions expand. We become able to maintain an active and fruitful link with the higher dimensions if we let ourselves believe such a link is real, and as a part of this process, some people will open up to what’s been called “channeling”.

“Channeling” is a term for connecting with an individual or collective of entities from the higher dimensions or the planes of nirvana and communicating with them. It’s believed that we can open up to the higher dimensions and specific individuals and collectives comprising our Universal Family as we open our heart and third eye chakras, though of course, we should focus on the development of every chakra.

There are many different types of channeling, and one of the most popular methods is “automatic writing”.

Automatic writing sees the channel reach a state of connection with the entity/collective they intend to bring through, usually with affirmation, and have the entity convey a message through them with writing. Channeling via automatic writing has caught on quite a bit, though admittedly, it’s not as direct of a method as vocally bringing an entity through.

Automatic writing sees a small portion of the consciousness of the channel still intact, whereas direct or vocal channeling sees the consciousness of the channel depart from the body while the entity/collective speaks.

The channel’s mind interprets the flowing impressions that are received with an opened and brimming heart with automatic writing, whereas the entity/collective directly comes through and temporarily occupies the temple of the channel as they speak with vocal channeling.

Automatic writing could be seen as less effective, but it’s a softer method that doesn’t see the channel completely leave their body for another to come through, which could be dangerous if not properly trained for before doing.

More Channels Sprouting Up

Simply searching for channeled messages on the internet will render a host of results, and messages from our Universal Family have flooded the internet in the past decade. More people are opening up our UF and the messages and assistance they’ve been offering, and as this happens, more channels for them sprout up and offer continual messages.

An infinite amount of higher-dimensional souls are believed to comprise our Universal Family, and it’s interesting to think that they’re all fixated on our little planet because of the big collective evolution we’re experiencing.

Channeling can help you along your path of opening up to the higher dimensions, because our guides will help us through every lesson we experience and every challenge we’re presented with. They’ll also offer brimming insight about the higher dimensions and our evolution back into them.

Not Everyone Believes in Channeling

Despite my support for channeling and channeled messages, I should point out that some people don’t believe in their validity or credibility.

Some people think that only certain direct forms of channeling can be valid, while others think that the very idea of communicating with entities beyond our physical realm is too wild to possibly be true. Some have discredited channeling after witnessing predictions or similar ordeals that didn’t pan out, but personally, I recognize the necessity to bring about the future discussed in a host of channeled messages ourselves.

There’s a lot of stereotype surrounding channeling, and this is a big reason it isn’t credible to some. Some people believe channeling to be another new age “trend” that’ll ultimately fade away, despite the fact that it’s been practiced for centuries, and some see today’s channeled messages as little more than intuitive information sprinkled with fairy dust.

Of course, I exaggerate with the term above, but it almost adequately describes the belief in some that the level of love and joy expressed in many channelings discredit them rather than display that the source is on a higher vibration.

Personally – if I existed on a constant vibration of love, bliss and harmony, I’d express the resulting joy to whoever I communicated with. The “fairies and unicorns” connotations my expression could be given by others who are situated on a lower vibration and who don’t understand what it’s like to feel that level of love just wouldn’t matter to me.

So it may be with higher-dimensional sources, and while some people think channeled messages are a bit mushy, others have found genuine benefit, insight and growth because of them. I don’t think I’ll ever stop endorsing channels or our Universal Family, because they’ve helped me plentifully along my growth.

Potential Channeling Pitfalls

Of course, there are some pitfalls regarding channeling, and the biggest one is the possibility of connecting with an entity of lower consciousness or intent.

The best way you can avoid such a lower connection, beyond keeping your temple healthy and pure if you want to channel, is to make continual affirmations that only guides who are of the highest and purest Christed consciousness and intent be with you, at the time of channeling and at all times.

You can find an uninhibited connection with the higher realms if you can keep your vibration relatively high, and you can directly call on higher-dimensional guides to put a layer of protection over you that ensures only beings of a certain vibration can connect with and speak through you.

Affirming such a connection will keep you away from the influence of entities with lower intent; again, as long as your vibration is generally pure. As with any ability, it’s important to practice channeling if you feel particularly drawn to it. You may not bring through a brimming or flowing message at first, but if you stick with it, you could end up connecting fruitfully and channeling long communications.

Of course, the aim isn’t to channel a long message; it’s to connect with an entity of higher consciousness who you feel close with, or with your higher self as a whole, and bring through the guidance our Universal Family is starting to become known for.

Channels on Contemporary Affairs

Beyond the assistance with our evolution, some channeled messages discuss contemporary political/geopolitical matters unfolding on our planet.

Channeled entities can be very direct when discussing contemporary matters, and some people use channeling only for spiritual advice and insight while others seek the truth about various things happening politically, environmentally, etc. Perhaps an equal balance of discussion of the two aspects of our evolution is necessary, and some of the most know channels tend to employ such balance.

Connecting with the Higher Self

Our Universal Family has a lot to offer us in the way of assistance and insight, but I think that the most important connection to make is with our higher self. The higher self is essentially the root oversoul of each of us, and we’re believed to be extensions of this oversoul consciousness. This belief includes the idea that we’re physical and spiritual extensions of the Gaian mind/heart/consciousness.

But that’s another discussion for another time.

I think that in the low vibrations, it’s important to maintain an active connection with our higher self and our various “future selves” existing on future timelines. When reconnecting with them, we can receive personal advice and guidance regarding various situations and circumstances in our lives, and we can also let them use their perspective for the benefit of the public by channeling them.

Our Shaped Perception of Star People

Many ET and channeling enthusiasts believe that along with suppressing their existence, the powers that were have broadcasted a slanted view of star people for decades.

The typical alien invasion movie that displays monstrous “aliens” bent on destroying or consuming humanity has been a popular choice for filmmakers for decades, and the powers that were are believed to use Hollywood to shape our perception of just about everything – supposed “aliens” being one.

It could be difficult for people to open up to the idea that spiritually evolved star people exist and don’t want to destroy our world or do us any harm, but the belief that they want to assist us along our evolution so we can feel the states of consciousness they exist in resonates with me.

Some people believe that we’ve been fed a purposely tainted image of star people, and that even the label “alien” is grossly inaccurate compared to what and who they could really be.

Negative ET Races & Involvement with the Cabal

I couldn’t properly discuss our Universal Family without mentioning the fourth-dimensional extraterrestrial and astral forces that are believed to work actively against humanity. The stories of abductions, cattle mutilations and all manner of scary extraterrestrial phenomena can be attributed to negatively inclined, fourth-dimensional factions of the Zeta race, or the “little greys” as they’ve been known. (4)

The “little grey” is a stereotypical extraterrestrial depiction, but even the negative factions who are believed to have exchanged advanced military technology with the cabal for permission to perform abduction and mutilation aren’t believed to make up the entirety of the Zeta race.

Beyond the negatively oriented Zeta factions, there are a sparse few other negative extraterrestrial races believed to have worked with the powers that were, such as the reptilians, but their number is far smaller than that of our Universal Family who’s helping bring humanity into the light.

Darkness has been allowed to thrive on our planet for centuries, and entities who practice pure service-to-self, be them extraterrestrial or astral in nature, have controlled our collective consciousness via the hate, greed, selfishness, etc. that we feed and express to each other.

Even though mentioning them seems necessary, they’re not worth worrying about because we’re each becoming personally empowered as we see the light and anchor an unprecedented force of higher-dimensional strength onto ourselves.

This is a time when light thrives and darkness is understood for what it really is – necessary for the advancement of light. The powers that were and the extraterrestrial/astral forces that have driven them have worked to keep humanity in the dark, but a rapidly growing number of people are finding the light and nothing can stop us from becoming aware.

Nothing can stop our physical and spiritual evolution, and myriad beings of light who’s energy we can access stand at the ready to assist us at every turn.

Why is our Universal Family so Focused on Earth?

It’s believed that there’s always been a general fixation on our planet and our evolution on the part of our Universal Family but that the number of civilizations focused on us increased when we first deployed the atom bomb.

Beyond the loss of life and the immense physical damage it caused to our surface, it’s believed to have caused chaotic effects in our planet’s etheric realms. Our planet was very close to death because of the poor condition of its surface and our collective consciousness, and this is believed to have caused our Universal Family to focus on us in greater ways than they did before.

Some people think that the incarnation of millions of lightworkers and starseeds who are awakening to their greater potential was a direct result of our deployment of the atom bomb, but regardless of the reason, they’re here and ready to bring our society into the higher dimensions.

The Prophets and the Masters

Beyond our Universal Family’s recent response to the atom bomb, various masters, angels, archangels, star people, etc. are believed to have incarnated on our world to help uplift humanity.

We’ve all heard of the enlightened teachers of the past – Jesus, Buddha and Mohammed to name a few, and it’s believed that they incarnated on our planet to help humanity see the light. It’s also believed that the religions they’re respectively known for were originally created with pure intent.

Some people think that the masters, such as Jeshua, have been here in other lives even in the last century. For all we know, they could’ve experienced multiple lives on our planet and helped us find the light in each one. They could even be readying themselves to be with us in mass numbers as we speak.

There are, of course, some who focus on assisting the Earth and various other civilizations from a higher-dimensional perspective instead of incarnating here, and they’re also believed to perform a great service to humanity. Ultimately, every effort to help the dense and distorted aspects of creation evolve is needed and appreciated.

Lightworkers: Their Presence and Purpose

The term “lightworker” has been thrown around a lot in the spiritual circles and even throughout this section. A lot of awakening people have heard this term and some of the spiritual blogs and forums out there are built around it, but just what is it? Just who are the people who call themselves lightworkers?

Is there any real “light” or “work” involved with being a lightworker, or is it just something you call yourself? It’s safe to say that some people use the term without necessarily understanding it, and a lightworker is no different from an energy worker, as light is a form of energy.

A lightworker/energy worker is someone who’s awakened to the energetic reality of our existence and seeks to be of service. An aspiring lightworker could open up to a greater perception of higher-dimensional energy in meditation, or have an experience that expands their personal paradigm and leads them to understand the energy creating and sustaining our reality.

When making an initial connection, some people become interested in acting as willing conduits for higher-dimensional energy (otherwise known as channeling) and using it for the betterment of the collective consciousness.

Some people assume the role of transmuting the bulk of negative energy clogging up the collective consciousness, and some perform energy work in their inner etheric realms. Essentially, lightwork is physical and metaphysical energy work that’s done for the betterment of humanity, and lightworkers are people who’ve opened up to their higher-dimensional roots and work from that perspective.

Lightworkers have simply discovered their ability and the piece of the puzzle they’ve come here to fill, and they work away to help the planet just like everyone else who’s discovered the role they want to play.

You don’t have to have a big ego to embrace the idea of energy work or call yourself a lightworker, because it could simply be the role you’ve chosen to play at this time. Granted, it’s a wonderful role that’s rooted in higher-dimensional perception and “work”, and the work’s a lot of fun.

There’s little difference between a lightworker and a channeler, as channelers too have chosen to bring through higher-dimensional energy in the form of the entity/collective they let speak through them.

Everybody has their role to play, and call me biased, but I think that the lightworkers have a lot to offer humanity. The idea of being a lightworker has been around for so long that it’s easy for it to become generalized, muddied and misunderstood by the current and future awakening generations, but lightwork has a genuine purpose and lightworkers do their work with genuine intent.


This discussion wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t talk about the source of all life; the creator of this multidimensional existence we experience and learn lessons in. As most of you reading this probably know, the common belief in many spiritual circles is that we’re the creator, experiencing a lower-dimensional reality that we envisioned and brought into form.

The idea is that we, as one omnipotent creator entity, made the decision to experience the distorted realms of consciousness we created for the purpose of growing and learning in a way we never had before.

Most religions have taught us to believe in an angry or vengeful god that takes form as a human man sitting in the sky, but the expanded spiritual beliefs of this era rebrand our creator as a non-judgmental, loving entity who we actually are in our heart of hearts.

We’re constantly connected with Source, because we’re individual facets; expressions if you will, of the Source consciousness. Source isn’t a man or woman, or an angelic or archangelic being. Source simply is, and everything around us is bred from this complex simplicity.

Put simply: Source is the creator of our existence and our ultimate “higher self”. We’re extensions of our higher selves, and in turn they’re extensions of souls, who are extensions of souls, who are extensions of souls, etc. and this chain eventually leads back to Source.

Rest easy in the face of pain and difficulty, and understand that you create your reality. You’re the conscious and unconscious creator of this existence, and eventually, we’ll all understand that we created this place before we decided to inhabit it.

We can utilize the understanding of ourselves as conscious creators, and fashion an existence that sees us able to live freely and help as many others do so as possible. In this time of expanded perception and understanding, the idea that we’re the all-knowing and all-loving Source of existence is being understood by a growing number of people.

Ultimately, the greatest insights regarding Source will be found within, and I recommend meditation to open up to those insights.


In concluding this, I want to reaffirm that our Universal Family’s intent is one of pure love. They seek to help us utilize our greater spiritual potential and evolve back into the blissful states of consciousness we once existed in, and we can open up to them and receive this help.

Our Universal Family intends to help our planet evolve into a heavenly and blissful state of consciousness. We’re just starting to understand heaven for what it really is, and their goal is to wipe away the distortion and misunderstanding surrounding our idea of heaven and introduce us to the truth of our existence.

If you can open up to our Universal Family and the assistance they have to offer, you’ll understand their immense love for humanity and their unending drive to help us reach a greater state of consciousness. I’ve started to understand their love for us, and it’s wonderful and nourishing to feel.

If connecting with our Universal Family doesn’t resonate with you, you’re encouraged to take up the aspects of our spiritual evolution that do. As I mentioned earlier, some people aren’t yet comfortable with the idea of communicating with enlightened beings that aren’t of this world.

Some people think that to seek anything other than the self for spiritual inspiration or clarity is to disempower or fool yourself about your true power and ability, but in my opinion, we can take the energy and advice given from the spiritual realms without letting ourselves think that our power lies outside of us.

Our Universal Family won’t be solely responsible for our establishment of a new paradigm. They’re here to give a hand, but they look to us to bring about the greatest revelations and changes.

They’re doing a lot behind the scenes, but it’s important to understand our power to bring about planetary change. The people are becoming more motivated by the minute, and with the growing drive to expose tyranny and create change, we can realize our goals swiftly if we get to work.

There’ll be some hurdles along the way, but our Universal Family will be here with us when the collective vibration allows it – cheering us on from the sidelines and offering much more assistance than they’re able to right now.

You’re encouraged to look toward the stars and keep yourself grounded in the understanding of your unlimited power and ability, and when you can do this, our Universal Family might just use a starship to show you that they’re here. They’ve done this for me plenty of times, and it’s a welcomed validation.


Wes Annac – Our Universal Family – Unity Provides The Foundation – 12-6-13




Channeled through Wes Annac, the Aquarius Paradigm

Note from Wes: As you can see, I don’t intend to fully stop channeling but to channel every now and then at whatever length the messages end up when the inspiration hits. You’ll notice that this message is shorter than usual, and this may become routine.

I feel drawn to pursue other, similar aspects of service, but channeling is still a wonderful and enjoyable practice and I’ll simply offer what I feel led to offer.

As your inner-perception is growing, more revelations that are rooted in such perception will continue to make their way to you. The goal of many of you is to expand to new heights that you perhaps wouldn’t expect yourselves to expand to, as your ascension is a process that continually refines you and your perception of the realms you’re growing back toward.

You’re being given unending assistance with the various tasks you’re embarking on, and if you could feel how supported and Loved you are from the higher dimensions then you’d understand that existing on the Earth doesn’t have to equate to being away from the spiritual realms or us in any way.

Every soul on every lower-dimensional planet who begins to understand spirit and their inner-realms aptly works to awaken those around them to the reality of these things, and we can feel the willingness in many of you to begin acting as wayshowers and helpers for the rest of your planet to begin consciously absorbing your ascension energies.

Holding the Energetic Space

The incoming energies will help many souls who were previously lost in the mucky unawareness of lower-dimensional existence to open up to concepts they wouldn’t of opened up to before, and you can actively hold the space for this to come about as many of you have already been doing.

You can hold the space for the rest of your populace to awaken, and doing so can entail letting pain and difficulty melt away when it could be easier to engage them or react to them emotionally.

Of course, your ascension process requires you to “get down in the trenches” to borrow that phrase from our scribe’s mind, and we’re confident that those of you who feel as if you’re lost in the dense energy of the Earth will find your way back out of it and back into the peaceful and harmonious Light you’ve come to the Earth from.

The terms “starseed”, “wanderer” and a few others have been used to describe those of you who’ve willingly come to the Earth from the higher dimensions for the purpose of awakening and uplifting your collective, and a wave of higher-dimensional souls has and continues to incarnate on your planet with no desire of stopping.

This is because we’re all gearing ourselves for the monumental event that will be (and already is) the collective awakening into a new frame of understanding and comprehension.

When your populace can grasp the reality of spirit and the need to begin working toward a better paradigm than your current, we can anticipate the collective energy level rising exponentially. We can also anticipate humanity being tested initially in the way of coming together and expressing harmony toward one another.

It’s been mentioned that humanity could have initial trouble establishing unity because of your perceived differences that have been played upon by aspects of the ego-self that enjoy the separation that fuels your current paradigm, but these differences are illusory and your oneness with each other lies in the fact that you’re all Created from the same Source and comprised of and connected via the same energy of Love that sustains your reality.

As more people are beginning to learn, Love as an energy forms the building blocks of your reality and when making the choice to consciously attune to a deeper state of being, you deepen your perception of the higher realms.

The result is myriad positive health effects on the body, mind and spirit, and likewise, the effects of keeping oneself blocked from the higher realms can be hurtful to the body. This is because you’ve always been meant to feel and express your spiritual links, and there truly is no difference between spirituality and the physical reality you find yourselves in.

Humanity has convinced yourselves that spirit can’t possibly exist, and as a result, many have Created this reality for themselves and have effectively blocked themselves from the realms of spirit, possessing little more within than the everlasting spark of knowledge and understanding that can never be put out.

Expressing Your Unique Perspective

Though a growing number of you are now turning that spark into the burning flame of enlightenment and resulting inspiration, many on your planet still don’t understand the spiritual realms or the fact that spirit has forever and always been a pervasive part of your reality.

Everyone on your Earth will come to understand this in due time, and we’re confident that those of you who are willing and excited to show the way will be able to do just that, now and in the time ahead. As many of you find your role and mission expanding as much as your perception of the higher realms, we can anticipate that the volume of “work” you’ll give from here on out will be incredible and beneficial to the collective.

Recognizing that everyone’s path is different, we encourage channels for our communications to begin writing and expressing your unique perspective if you feel drawn to doing so, because we Love speaking to and through humanity but we also Love when anyone’s able to express themselves.

You’re all much more valuable to the Earth’s ascension (and in general) than you’ve let yourselves believe, and your ability to see your value lies in how much you’re willing to accept it. What we mean is that if you can’t see yourselves as valuable, then you won’t be able to make efforts that reflect that understanding.

From our perspective, it isn’t necessarily “vain” (as humans love to label such things) to understand that you possess incredible power and ability and are very valuable to the Earth’s ascension, because the value you possess doesn’t put you above any other soul.

You all possess an incredible wealth of value to the Earth’s ascension, and when every person on your planet can recognize their value and their incredible ability, the resulting “work” that can be produced can vastly benefit your society.

You are Love incarnate, dear souls, and more people are beginning to understand this as your populace awakens to the Love of your existence.

When it’s understood that you can transcend physical limitation and find yourselves completely limitless and infinite in what you’re able to do, be and perceive, the oppressed manner in which much of your society goes about daily Life will be replaced with invigoration and unprecedented excitement to be a part of the building of a paradigm far away from your current.

The Importance of Unity

Your society has made considerable progress, technologically and in other avenues, and as you’ll learn, much of the technology you enjoy to this day has originated on other planets and been given to the Earth for purposes both benevolent and malevolent.

You’ve certainly benefitted from the technology you’ve been given, and we note that the internet in particular has been a wonderful way for the growing number of conscious individuals flooding it to express their unique perspective.

However, despite your technological progress there’s still much progress to be made in the way of collective compassion and unity. By now, we can understand if the word “unity” is beginning to sound repetitive, but its importance couldn’t be expressed enough.

Unity amongst your populace provides the foundation upon which you can build your future, and unity is an essential component to the building of your new paradigm because a divided humanity will have little interest in building anything different from the current manner in which your society operates.

We’ll make our final impressions for this communication and say that the Love making up the fabric of your existence is and will continue to flow through your expanding minds and hearts in incredible, and for many of you, surprising ways.

The effects for the better this can have in your Lives will be monumental if you can open up to this brimming, overflowing Love and allow it to be expressed through you as often as possible, and we’ll forever encourage maintaining an active connection with the higher realms as you go about the Earthly experience.

In doing so, you’re anchoring a higher vibration onto the surface of your planet and assisting your collective tremendously, and it’s a joy for us to be able to watch you make this immense progress and shine in the ways you’ve always been meant to.

Thank you to our Universal Family and Jah/Source.


Wes Annac – Our Universal Family – You’ve Entered a Time of Rapid Progression

Photo: "Full Bloom" by PocahontasBrandy, 2013

Photo: “Full Bloom” by PocahontasBrandy, 2013

Wes Annac.com

Channeled through Wes Annac, the Aquarius Paradigm

The recommended audio of me reading this latest message can be found here.

The colony of Atlantis was brimming and alive with spiritual energy and widespread spiritual understanding on the part of its citizens.

Advanced and brimming crystal technology was prevalent, and the manner in which buildings were constructed was one that utilized crystal to give the buildings energy without the need for the outdated electricity methods used on your planet currently.

Enlightenment was one of the biggest themes of Atlantis, but we should stress that despite the advanced nature of much of what was used, your collective consciousness was still susceptible to lower oriented influences that eventually caused Atlantis and Lemuria’s sinking.

Atlantis is an important part of your history as a species, and will come to be fully understood as your populace continues to seek answers about it and so many other things.

Lemuria is much less often discussed than Atlantis, but despite this, Lemuria was an equally developed and advanced society who’s citizens did go on to find evolution in the realms of the Inner-Earth or “Agartha” as it’s been referred to.

The Lemurians who foresaw the destruction of both colonies took physical and spiritual refuge in the realms of the Inner-Earth, where they were happily greeted by enlightened souls already Living there and welcomed to integrate into the society that was already flourishing.

Spiritual Awakening has taken place in Every Century

Needless to say, when humanity is introduced to the Inner-Earth and all who exist there, you’ll be introduced to Lemurian souls and souls who were there before the Lemurians arrived.

Your collective understanding of your history has been distorted to say the least, and the existence of various advanced civilizations, Atlantis being one, has been covered up in an attempt to make you think your reality has been limited and survival-based up until the current time you find yourselves in.

Indeed it hasn’t been, and in fact, spiritual awakening has taken place throughout every century of your time and even in this day, people are ascending from your planet with some choosing to come back and assist in the collective evolution.

The Atlanteans had the sacred opportunity to collectively evolve and greet the end of their growth cycle with the start of a higher-dimensional one, but the acts of warfare that resulted in the destruction of both colonies led most of the Atlanteans to take a few final lower-dimensional cycles wherein they’ve worked out their karma before ascending to the next stage.

Love, joy and harmony are much more prevalent and fed in the higher dimensions than we could yet express, and the Atlanteans were just beginning to pick up on and understand these concepts in the greatest sense before entering their next lower-dimensional cycle.

Atlantis was a society bent on advancement and excelling in ways much different from your current society. The Atlanteans understood the power of crystal energy, and happily utilized the energy prevalent in your atmosphere for myriad important things.

Atlantis was powered by free and crystal energy, as well as various other things your society hasn’t yet rediscovered, and many Atlanteans reached the point of enlightenment and were able to evolve with the Lemurians.

Some Atlanteans chose to depart the surface of the Earth with the Lemurians and venture underground to the ascended Inner-Earth, and since then, they, like the Lemurians, have actively monitored and worked to help humanity along your evolutionary growth back into the joyful and balanced realms of the fifth dimension.

Evaluating your Progress

We ask you to ponder where you perceive yourselves to be in your evolution in this moment. Do you feel that you’re reaching greater personal and spiritual heights, or do you perceive yourselves as floundering or wasting energy and potential that you feel you could be utilizing?

As always, we’ll affirm with Love that even those of you who feel as if you’re doing very little are contributing much energy and effort to your ascension, as your presence on the Earth and the energetic effects bred from it help those around you who are stuck in the mucky unawareness of the lower vibrations you’re growing away from and subsequently bringing into the higher realms.

Many of you have come to act as conscious wayshowers and Lightworkers for the ascension of the planet, and those of you consciously utilizing the higher-dimensional energy you’re being given have as well made great effects in your collective consciousness.

You’re helping others who may otherwise remain unaware to unlock and re-find the Divine burning flame that can never be extinguished, and as you do this we ask you to seek the aspects of your Earthly experience that you enjoy and that are able to fill you with the good vibration you’re anchoring and helping spread.

It can be easy to forget about the importance of nurturing yourselves, but doing so can only deplete your energy and enthusiasm to be a part of the building of your new paradigm.

You have so much good to do and so much pure energy to spread, and as long as you can remain in a happy and joyous place, you can continue to give the effort so many of you happily and excitedly give. We recommend pondering your future and asking yourselves what you’ll do in an era of widespread change brought about by humanity.

Ponder a time when there’s nothing holding you back from achieving your greatest dreams and desires, and understand that you’ve already entered such a time and can now Create in a greater manner that sees you reap everything you sew, whether it’s perceived as positive or negative.

Recognizing that you’re in the driver’s seat and can decide where you take your Life and your role from here on out, we’re confident that you can unlock the everlasting liberation that so many awakening souls are accessing as they reach the greater perceptions that help them see that freedom has always been here with you, waiting to be rediscovered and picked back up on.

The Greatest and Strongest Spiritual Links

You maintain the greatest and strongest spiritual links in every moment; it’s simply the extent to which you utilize these links that determines how much you’re able to perceive of us and the realms we happily exist in.

It’d be counterproductive at this point to doubt yourselves or convince yourselves you’re less than what you are any longer, because the amount of positive service you can give to the planet is much more exponential than you’ve let yourselves believe.

We in the higher realms are brimming with joy at the prospect of being able to exist openly on your planet and meet with every one of you who’s felt close with our energies. When we refer to our arrival on your planet and assistance with your evolution, we don’t just refer to the ship landings of your immediate Galactic family, who have so much Love and guidance to share.

We speak as well of the various Angels and Archangels; Masters and Saints; Elohim, Seraphim and every other aspect of the Angelic structure or “hierarchy” if you wish to use that term; all of us will exist happily on your planet and dance, along with your populace, to the music of widespread enlightenment.

We’ll revel at the progress your society will have made by the time we’re able to openly exist on your surface, and needless to say, there’s still work to be done before the collective vibration reaches the point of being able to align with ours.

If it was up to us, and especially to certain elements of your immediate Galactic family who are the closest with your planet, we would’ve long arrived and helped you out of the many difficult situations you find yourselves in.

We don’t intervene directly in the affairs of any lower-dimensional civilization, but we’ve had many perimeters lifted in regards to what we can and can’t do at Gaia’s request, and we work aptly to cover as many facets of your return to full consciousness as possible.

Service is our Purpose

Needless to say, we work very actively in every moment of this infinite and glorious Now to help your planet reawaken to the bliss of your evolving existence. Everything we, and subsequently many of you, choose to do for the Earth’s ascension revolves around helping your populace rediscover infinite bliss and wholeness with themselves and their Lives.

Unhappiness; depression; angst; frustration; and a host of other qualities that are only different shades of the same oppressed energy are expressed constantly on your planet by myriad souls who’ve forgotten about the realms of infinite joy and bliss.

Our aim is to help every one of you re-unlock your sacred connections and remember that the pain and angst are fading aspects of an experience that’s being brought into the Light with fervor and grace.

As you ponder your future and just what you wish to do for the ascension of the planet, remember that you’re being supported and Loved endlessly by the entirety of your family from beyond.

Know, in your darkest hours of despair and difficulty, that we’re by your side, holding your hand and doing all we can to remind you that infinite Love is not only attainable, but is ever prevalent in the realms you’re growing back toward.

We seek to let you know that the pain doesn’t have to overwhelm you, however strong it is, and that you can constantly tap back into the deepened perception you’re finding and gain a natural and unique experience of bliss from doing so. You can now lay down the need to entertain lower-dimensionality in the various forms it’s come about.

Ultimately, what is or isn’t “lower-dimensional” is for you to define with your human senses that perceive such duality, but on a vibrational, energetic and feeling-based level, you can discern those things that no longer fit you or serve you in the way they once did.

You may be surprised amidst the course of your awakening from here on out, because you’ve entered a time of rapid progression.

Though many of you have been rapidly progressing for some time now, the leaps you’re about to take can be even bolder and greater if you can smoothly flow with these expansions and allow them to take place, understanding when things seem rough that there’s a lesson intended to be learned behind everything.

A New Perspective lies to be Obtained

With everything that happens in your Lives, a lesson lies to be learned and a new perspective lies to be obtained. You can perhaps take everything occurring in your Lives that could be seen as “negative” in stride knowing that it’s all for your greater growth and development.

You’re certainly being challenged in this time of rapid transformation, but the challenges you’re being given are intended to help you soar to new heights instead of cripple you or push you back into your small corners.

We’ve mentioned before that you’re emerging from these corners as you embrace expansion and active involvement in the Earth’s ascension, and since you’re rapidly evolving in this time you can soon find yourselves far, far away from these corners and deep into the ascension related affairs of the Earth – perhaps far deeper than you anticipated.

We can feel that many of you still wonder about the event that’s been branded “disclosure” and given various other names. We should say, as we have in the past, that this event is inevitable and that various things are ongoing in this moment to help bring disclosure about in a way that doesn’t overwhelm your populace.

We should say to pay attention to the growing BRICS alliance, because among the many other agendas this alliance is adopting that the west wouldn’t yet accept, disclosure remains a behind-the-scenes concern for many world leaders who are aware of the planetary situation in more ways than one.

World leaders who you wouldn’t perhaps see as spiritually aware are still very aware of the existence and presence of your immediate Galactic family, and we couldn’t express enough that matters playing out as they’re presented by your mainstream media are nothing like you’re being told.

We note that the growing awakening taking place in the conscious public is seeing our presence generally able to be more accepted by the day in terms of the vibration your collective is situated on as a whole.

Despite our existence, presence on and around your Earth and the myriad technologies we have to share, our mission isn’t to solve your planet’s greatest problems ourselves but to provide supporting roles while subsequently working within the perimeters your collective freewill allots.

Freewill is Unflinchingly Honored

Freewill is unflinchingly honored throughout Creation, as those who exist under the law of freewill (as humans define it) are forever free to Create their experience as they desire. We honor and Love you for your freewill, and it exists in a different format in the higher dimensions that’s also universally honored.

We have the freewill to Create, feel and be anything we desire, but the vibration we’re situated upon sees us have no desire to hurt another or perform any act that could be seen as lower-vibrational. We have no desire to do such things, as the joy and bliss radiated out to every facet of consciousness sees us express constant Love and respect toward one another.

This is an experience we excitedly await humanity gaining as a collective, because your populace has remained divided because of perceived differences that you’ll come to understand matter little in the face of your energetic ties with each other that can never be broken.

As we continue to support every conscious soul on the ground working to awaken the rest of your populace, we see that much progress is being made in various avenues, some of which we couldn’t possibly express because of the complex terminology involved.

We speak of energetic events and the effects on your populace they’re causing, and to keep our reference to them simple enough, we’ll repeat that souls you wouldn’t expect to awaken to infinite Love and a higher truth now can.

You’re entering a time of quickened yet strong progress, and as we make our final impressions for this communication, we express that you’ve reached a point of everlasting utilization of your ability to Create and sew the changes you’ve wished to see for so long.

We recognize with Love that many of you are ready for the Earthly experience to be over in terms of the difficulty accompanying it, but this difficulty no longer has to bring you down or take your blissful perception away from you.

Rather, it can catapult you to a place of everlasting harmony that you can then express to every person around you who’ll pick up on and benefit from it in their own way.

Thank you to our Universal Family.

Wes Annac.com

Wes Annac is a 20 year old awakening seeker and creator of The Aquarius Paradigm daily news site.

The Aquarius Paradigm features daily spiritual and alternative news, as well as writings from Wes and channeled messages from our Universal Family. Come check us out!

Wes Annac – Our Universal Family – Rivers of Energy – Pouring into your Chakras – 11-1-13




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Channeled through Wes Annac, /   The Aquarius Paradigm   /   Wes Annac’s Personal Blog

Humanity is finding and rediscovering endless and bountiful joy and bliss with your reality and the experiences that play out before you, and as we have in the past, we reiterate that allowing your existence to simply be and to play out in the manner it’s intended to will see you able to navigate your experience and the lessons you’re being given much easier.

One of your aims in incarnating on the Earth has been to learn and grow from within the lower vibrations, while for many of you, subsequently lifting up the collective and helping show the way for the rest of your planet to see the Light and evolve.

You’ve learned much amidst the course of your experience, and while you stand at a pivotal moment in your collective awakening and you have much to offer your planet indeed, we ask you to remember that you’re experiencing a personal ascension process amidst helping others and that you must allow yourselves the necessary time and energy to rest and integrate the ever-purer energy you’re being given.

Uniqueness is Intended to Unify

It’s important to allow yourselves to integrate this energy as it leads you to deepened spiritual perceptions that’ll awe and amaze you when attuning to it, because it’s very powerful and has the potential to drain you if not properly integrated.

Allow yourselves to rest when you feel it’s necessary, and when you feel the enthusiasm to be a part of your new paradigm and humanity’s spiritual evolution, you can throw yourselves into your work and produce as much as possible for the benefit of your collective.

We, your Family from beyond the ever-thinning veil, have worked with much of ourselves on your planetary ascension and the general awakening of your populace.

There’s much needing done before your collective can reach the point of being able to unify and work together to build a new paradigm far away from the control and personal agendas driving your current, and we have faith in the awakening public to continue to act as beacons for change and show the way despite what you perceive to be differences between one another.

You’re all unique and individual and everybody possesses their own perspective, but remember that this is intended to unify you further rather than divide you.

You’re meant to come together while performing your respective individual work, and any future coordination between conscious souls will be met with much jubilation in the higher dimensions because a unified populace will be able to achieve a lot indeed.

Souls from all across your planet are being called in the way that best suits them to be a part of the enacting of your new paradigm, and we ask you to see the amount of progress you’ve achieved while keeping in mind what needs done still, because you’ve done much more than you tend to give yourselves credit for.

As has been mentioned by other higher-dimensional sources, you dear souls on the Earth tend to sell yourselves short and convince yourselves that you’re much less than what you truly are.

You’re the Universe; Source incarnate in a lower-dimensional body on a lower-dimensional planet working to uplift yourselves and the collective into understanding who and what you really are.

The Next Evolutionary Step

Your power and ability to Create and sew so much change couldn’t be expressed enough, and while events on your world may look bleak, we can say with Love that our efforts and yours combined will see humanity happily avoid any negatively oriented timelines or futures that see the old paradigm in play in much greater measures than it currently is.

We refer to doomsday scenarios wherein survival of the fittest becomes the rule of the day all across your planet. Rather than these old qualities continuing to be expressed and felt, humanity is ready to enter the next cycle in your evolutionary growth, which is a leap you’ve long been destined to take.

The majority of your society as it stands at present existed in Atlantis and many souls were ready then to take their next evolutionary step, but the sinking of Atlantis and the warfare that preceded it saw your collective avoid the ascension timeline and take more lower-dimensional cycles.

You now stand at the end of your last cycle wherein you ascend into greater understandings and perceptions, and we stand by your side with Love and appreciation for the achievements you’ve already been able to make in your personal Lives and on the world stage.

Understand the magnitude of the personal work you’re each doing for your ascension, because the work you perform for yourselves helps others when their time comes for personal growth and lesson-learning.

In a future that could seem anything but positive from the current perspective many on your Earth possess, you have so much to look forward to.

The Responsibility lies in the Awakening Public

Economic woes and pollution concerns paint a bleak future for humanity, but the understanding that you’re being looked after and Divinely guided by Source and by us, your Family from the stars, will help you see that the future you’re heading into is both bright and will be built by humanity after your understanding of the need to come together is brought about.

Despite the work we have and continue to do, we don’t encourage looking toward us or any source other than yourselves to bring about the future you’ve heard so much about. We’ll continue to happily assist your planet and do everything we can from behind the scenes, but we’re unable to have a say in the most important decisions being made on your planet.

The responsibility lies in the awakening public to begin building your future, but we encourage the understanding that we’re indeed here for you and have much to offer you in the way of assistance along your evolution.

In this overall collective speaking with you currently are myriad races and civilizations who you’d refer to as “extraterrestrial” or Galactic. Many of us are fifth-dimensional, but our lineage is far more diverse than the fifth dimension.

Many of us have come from star systems very close to your Earth, and needless to say, the closest star systems (to Earth) with planets that have been discovered by your scientists boast brimming and advanced Life.

There are few planets throughout Creation that don’t boast brimming Life, because the purpose of Creation and of each Galaxy and Universe humanity has yet to discover is to exist; to Love; to evolve back into the understanding of ourselves as the Creator of our existence.

In evolving from our respective planets, we’ve joined together with various federations and organizations with the intent of helping as many civilizations and planets as possible find the awakening we’ve been able to find.

Many of you have read channeled communications purporting to come from these federations and organizations, and communicating with humanity is just one facet of the work we happily and lovingly perform for your ascension.

Heart-Centered Telepathy

The fifth-dimensional humans speaking with you (along with the rest of us) who are the closest with your planet hail from star systems such as the Pleiades, and exist partially cloaked in your atmosphere in our ships and partially outside of the Earth, existing on Motherships or choosing to help the Earth from our respective home planets or the planets we’ve branched out to and chosen to Live on.

Needless to say, Pleiadian souls can easily Live in various other star systems of advanced civilizations, and it’s not uncommon to find a great number of Pleiadians in the Sirian star system, for example.

There’s brimming Life waiting just beyond your conscious perception to pick up on and chat with, and the manner in which we’re communicating with you through our scribe is purely telepathic.

Telepathy is just as much heart-centered as it is mind-centered, and our scribe is bringing our energies through his heart and mentally interpreting the impressions we’re giving as he translates them into the writing that’ll be produced from this discussion.

We’ve spoken with humanity telepathically through what could be seen as “channels” for centuries of your time, and while channeling us has been picked up on more recently in your society, it’s been performed nearly endlessly as it’s preceded your physical contact with the various civilizations who are the closest with your planet.

We’re waiting and willing to make open, widespread contacts with humanity, but we understand and respect the perimeters in place and seek to help awaken you from beyond the veil until we can openly land without the worry or fear of our presence amongst your general populace.

Myriad Evolved Humans and Energy Beings

The understanding has been fabricated in humanity that there’s no conscious Life in what you’ve seen as “space” that’s been discovered, and your perception of extraterrestrials has largely been shaped and molded by the television and movies you’ve been given for decades of your time.

When humanity understands that myriad evolved humans and energy beings exist around your planet and are peaceful and harmonious in nature, seeking to spread such harmony to your planet, the fabricated mindset of “evil alien invaders” can diminish and you can understand us for who we are at heart.

Individuals comprising what’s been referred to as the cabal work rigorously against humanity’s undistorted understanding of your star family, because like incarnate souls who’ve seen the Light and worked to awaken your populace, we have much to give and spread that’ll vastly improve your understanding and quality of Life.

When the collective is unified and the differences between you no longer feed division and hatred, you’ll be much more easily able to accept our presence and the general influence of the lower vibrations will diminish.

You have a long road ahead of you indeed in breeding unity, and in many ways it’ll be necessary for the general public to be shocked into awareness. Keeping this in mind, we seek not to overwhelm but continue to stand ready to make contact with your planet as the collective vibration continues to lighten, naturally and with your efforts.

You can aid the rising of the collective vibration in every moment if you make the effort to walk your talk and display the Divine qualities in every aspect of your Lives.

It becomes much easier to surrender the mental need to control your existence when understanding the bitterness that attempting to hold onto what you perceive as “right and wrong” can cause.

Monitor the unhappy feelings that can arise and result from employing resistance in your Lives. Monitor the times when you could avoid putting yourselves on a low vibration, and take the lessons you’re given in stride knowing that ultimately, you’re being led back to realms wherein worry is a thing of the past.

Constant Bliss and Ecstasy

Earthly words don’t do justice to the expression of just how joyful your experiences in the higher dimensions are going to be. Constant bliss and ecstasy surround every facet of consciousness in these wonderful higher dimensions, and as you absorb this communication, you’re being given slightly distorted doses of higher-dimensional energy.

You’re absorbing the energy our communications arrive on the back of as you read the words we’re giving, and many of you who feel yourselves especially attracted to reading channeled messages are more attracted to feeling the energy that comes with them.

Each of you can open up to a connection with us and channel us if you wish, and the energy we’ll impart unto your evolving temples when doing so can help remind you of the reality of everything you’ve come to know and feel within regarding heaven and the higher dimensions.

You’re growing back toward heaven as you embrace physical and spiritual evolution, and you’re being given a higher-dimensional perspective with each attempt you make to attune.

As more souls are led to step up and begin using their voices to mend the physical problems plaguing your reality, so will more spiritual revolutions occur in the minds and hearts of a growing number of souls who no longer resonate with the old paradigm and the things that have kept it in motion.

Lower-Vibrational Purge

Those of you who are awakening and consciously undergoing your spiritual evolution have and will continue to purge everything from your Lives that no longer matches the realms you’re growing back toward, and this will come about in the form of those things that perhaps once worked for you no longer resonating.

You’re expanding and embracing new ways of Living and being as you rediscover the higher dimensions, and your ascension process can entail giving up some things that worked for you in the lower dimensions but that no longer resonate or assist you in the ways they have for so long.

We can only recommend embracing this and understanding that every change being made is for your evolution and growth into a greater state of awareness and perception.

As we make our final impressions for this communication, we express that rivers of energy are pouring into your opening and expanding chakras at this time.

Feel the whooshing and rushing of this energy as it comes through your chakras and helps you adjust to purer states of consciousness, and remember that we’re always and forever with you, offering guidance, advice or a shoulder to cry on when you require it.

We’re here to serve you, dearest souls, and upon evolving you’ll find your desire to serve increase dramatically.

Thank you to our Universal Family.

— —

Wes Annac is a 20 year old awakening seeker and creator of The Aquarius Paradigm daily news site.

The Aquarius Paradigm features daily spiritual and alternative news, as well as writings from Wes and channeled messages from our Universal Family. Come check us out!

Also see Wes Annac’s Personal Blog and The Golden Age of Gaia.

Wes Annec – Our Universal Family – Every Facet of Consciousness is Inexplicably Connected – Golden Age Of Gaia – 10-29-13


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Our Universal Family: Every Facet of Consciousness is Inexplicably Connected, channeled by Wes Annac, October 28, 2013 at http://aquariusparadigm.com

Let an unending banquet of Love wash over you now as you read these words and absorb the energy they’ve arrived with.

All of the pain and disharmony can melt away when allowing yourselves to tap back into the Universal conduit of oneness energy as well as the various perceived personalities comprising such a complex, who our scribe has referred to as your Universal Family.

We are indeed your Family, and we have so much Love and guidance to share with you.

Humanity’s destiny, while being set in stone in so many ways, is ultimately being decided by you as individuals and as a collective. However, we seek to offer the advice and guidance of souls who’ve been through our own respective lower-dimensional experiences and can understand some of what you’re experiencing from the perspective we’re blessed with having.

As you ascend and reach purer states of consciousness you’ll find are everlasting, you too will desire to help as many others as possible open up to and understand what you’ve been able to. The desire isn’t for others to have the same perspective we possess, but rather, to see others bathed in the pure bliss, Love and joy that accompanies entering a purer state of consciousness.

Self-Created Limitation

Discovering infinity and understanding that your Lives are meant to be joyful will help you navigate through your Earthly experiences. When we say “discovering infinity” we refer to the discovery that there’s no limitation holding you back from your ultimate dreams and desires.

Every bit of perceived limitation is self-Created and hyped up by the ego in an attempt to push you back into the small corners you’ve emerged from, and we wholeheartedly encourage allowing any perception of obligation or limitation to wash away from you now as you embrace your infinite and Divine nature as spiritual beings undergoing a human experience that’s meant to be every bit as joyful as the existence we lead.

Does it surprise you that your Earthy experience is meant to be just as joyous as the higher dimensions?

Even in the lower dimensions of duality and disharmony, the opportunity and potential for harmony exists and is acted upon as you come to rediscover the higher dimensions in all of their eternal glory again.

Our scribe seeks deeper, and what he perceives as realer, ways of connecting with us than he has thus far, and we can say that every scribe who begins channeling our energies first undergoes a process of working with/subduing the ego to produce communications that are unfiltered by mind or by one’s own expectation or perspective.

Channeled communications from us that are brought about in this manner (automatic writing) are poised to come from us and from parts of the mind of the scribe we speak through, and the process of bringing a channeled communication through in this manner is one of working with our scribe to produce a communication rather than solely speaking to you ourselves.

Make no mistake – when we speak through scribes and have them feel in their heart and mentally dictate the impressions we give by writing or typing them out, they’re just as much a part of the communication as we are.

The method of channeling our scribe seeks is one where his mental painting of the communication ceases, and this potential is available for him and every aspiring channel.

Laying Expectation and Judgment to Rest

We quite enjoy speaking through humanity in the manner we’re blessed with doing, as one of our aims is to help you rediscover the need to lay your personal and societal expectations and judgments to rest and simply Be with the flow of Life.

This sounds easy enough on paper, but as many are coming to understand it can be much more difficult to act upon.

We can say that finding it in yourselves to see past lower, ego-driven influences and see the harmony of your developing higher-dimensional existence is more important than exposing the actions of the few with personal agendas in their hearts.

Nothing has to lower your vibration or bring your physical health down in this new era you’re entering, because the vibrations coming your way are seeing to it that the playing field is fair for humanity and that no attempts to poison your food or any part of your or Gaia’s body achieve the results they’re intended to.

It can be easy to worry about the cabal’s various actions against humanity, but we say with Love that in the new reality you’re manifesting, there’s simply no need to.

The efforts you’re making in the physical to establish a new paradigm are necessary indeed and will go on to have great effects in your collective consciousness, but they’ll mean little if you can’t feel the vibration of your new paradigm and act upon it within.

What we mean is that if you aren’t feeling the flow of Divine inspiration then your efforts will miss that essential flavor. There’s much you can individually and collectively do for humanity indeed, but there’s also much you can do for yourselves in every moment.

Seek Solace from Earthly Toiling

Nothing will be held against you dear souls if you choose to take a day away from the pain and strife of the Earthly experience and take the needed time for yourselves, because you’re Loved infinitely and it’s more than understandable that the toils of the Earth can weigh upon you and convince you of the illusory limitation you’re growing away from.

We understand and empathize with the fact that the Earthly experiences weighs on many of you, and taking time for yourselves in the ways that work best for you will allow you to see beyond the strife and difficulty and peer into something much better and much, much easier to exist in.

We note the excitement and readiness many of you feel to be a part of your new paradigm in any and every way you can, and we note the depleted feelings as well and the seeming departure from a purer way of Living and being that’s been felt in many of you.

Understand that your growing higher-dimensional perception hasn’t and won’t go anywhere, and that you’re simply in a resting and recalibration period wherein your abilities become stronger than they’ve ever been.

Surrendering to the flow of your experience will help you meld away every Earthly stress and everything that comes with it, and you have much to learn that your surrender will teach you.

In surrendering to the flow of your experiences you’re surrendering to other aspects of yourselves, as all are One and connected via the infallible network of energy we all comprise.

You’re as connected with us in the spiritual realms as you are with your neighbor on the Earth, and those who you don’t think you’d ever connect with are just as connected with you as any Angelic deity or guide. We’re all here for you, and every facet of consciousness, on the Earth and beyond, is inexplicably connected.

Our sacred connection can never break or falter; you can only convince yourselves that such connection or the souls you’d connect with don’t or can’t exist.

A Gem of Knowledge

Within every Earthly pain and stress, understand that a gem of knowledge lies to be obtained. When learning that everything playing out is Divinely ordained and meant to happen for your greater growth and development, surrendering to the flow becomes much easier and you find the influence of mind and ego significantly reduce.

Living from the sacred heart space breeds a natural understanding of surrendering and the benefits it can offer.

Understanding that, again, you surrender to yourselves in every sense when you practice detachment from the outcome or circumstance playing out in your Lives, it becomes clear that only you can hold you back from obtaining ascension or doing anything else.

The “American dream” has been sold to myriad unknowing souls and has taught them that if they put their mind to it, in American society they can do anything they want.

The idea is taught that nothing can stop them from obtaining their ultimate goals and desires, and while that rhetoric has been used for the enslavement of Americans and many others, we ask you to expand upon it and understand that with the infinite Love, power and ability you’re finding within, you’re truly unlimited in what you can do and be.

If you let yourselves believe you can’t access the higher dimensions or us souls in them; you can’t perform a feat intended to help the planet; or anything else, you’ll Create that reality for yourselves because the Creation around you actively listens to the impressions you give out.

It’s been said before that every thought, action and intention is known about in the higher dimensions, and we should perhaps expand upon that idea and say that they’re enthusiastically picked up on with the intent to assist you as much as possible.

We feel the deepest empathy and compassion for the trials you’ve experienced on the Earth, and our goal in being by your side in every moment is to do what we can to help you and see you take the paths you’ve subconsciously chosen for yourselves.

Coordinated Efforts

There are deeper aspects of yourselves comprising your higher self who assist you along your path in every moment, and our efforts are coordinated with theirs to put you on the paths you’ve chosen for yourselves.

We can’t and won’t make any decision for you, and even if we wanted to we don’t have the perceived “control” doing such a thing would require, nor do we wish for such control.

We seek to let you go about your Earthly experience and make the choices you feel are best to make while in your bodies, but at the same time we work to help keep you on the paths that work for you or to help you discover new paths that could assist you greatly in your personal growth and development.

We do much in every moment to help you ascend and Create the greatest changes you’ve heard so much about, and with everything we do for your planet and collective we have the ultimate goal of seeing you ascend in mind.

Your collective ascension has always been assured, just as the individual paths of each of you and where those paths will lead you are, but the individual and collective decisions being made by humanity matter very much in regards to where you take yourselves and your planet.

Much pollution has been fed on your Earth, in the same manner that much pain and misery have been fed and experienced in your collective consciousness. We ask you if it’s worth your energy to focus yourselves on such things any longer, or to perceive separation in the form of “us vs. them” mindsets in relation to your cabal.

It’s been expressed before that even the individuals comprising your cabal are facets of the sacred Oneness energy that is Creation, and Source looks upon those souls with just as much Love as you’re looked upon with.

No soul is judged in the higher dimensions, but we recognize the need to do what we can to keep your planet safe from these souls as they’re deeply entrenched in the darkness of fourth density-negative and their own will and greed has caused them to momentarily forget about the Divine and peaceful perceptions they and you all can access.

They know about such perceptions, of course, but their idea of how to reach them has been vastly distorted and fashioned for them by entities within fourth density-negative.

What is Fourth Density-Negative?

Fourth density-negative is a compendium of fourth-dimensional realms that are oriented toward troths and troths of oppressed, dense and lower inclined vibrational energy.

Much of this energy is fed into your third-dimensional realm and expressed in your collective consciousness, and fourth density-negative and the energies pouring into your realm from it are, with humanity’s unknowing involvement, being expressed and fed continually in your collective consciousness.

You can easily feed into this energy and have it expressed through you if you worry about the actions of your cabal or continue to feed into divisive mindsets concerning them, and while their uprooting is indeed necessary and is a process that’s being assisted greatly by us in the spiritual realms, you can change the game much more than you perhaps think by simply changing your vibration and aligning it with the pure vibration flowing through you.

You’re bringing pure higher-dimensional energy through in every moment, even when you’re fuming angry, and it takes continual adjustment and alignment to the frequencies of this energy to begin feeling it rush through you constantly.

It takes simple alignment and intention to be a part of the pure vibration your Earth is being fed, for you to be reminded of the blissful perceptions that have always waited just beyond your surface understanding to be felt and known again.

We exaggerate not when we say that nothing else is required for you to ascend, build a new paradigm or reach a higher vibration.

The theme has been hammered into our scribe by us and by fellow writers in his domain that any and every bit of expected change must come from within, and we expand upon this message by stating that raising your vibration and aligning with the pure energy you’re being given is all that’s needed to uproot your cabal and Create a new paradigm.

Yes, physical work will be done in your new paradigm but nothing about this work will drag you down or make you unhappy. Feeling the pure higher-dimensional energies you’re being given, every person will be Divinely inspired and enthralled to do the work they’ve found themselves able to do for your Earthly ascension.

Every one of you will enjoy your role exponentially, and the work you’ll do will be more fulfilling than we could perhaps express.

You’re Meant to Enjoy Yourselves

We note the drained and tired feelings in our scribe at this time in regards to performing his role for humanity, and we encourage rest and the aforementioned continual recalibration with empathy and understanding of the general difficulty accompanying the Earth.

You’re meant to enjoy yourselves and express constant fulfillment and bliss to every facet of consciousness around you, as you’re all blessed to exist with each other and blessed to exist on the Earth and undergo such a sacred experience.

The division and conquering of man has helped keep the lower vibrations fed and instated on your planet, and unity amongst every soul will come about naturally as the vibration of all is aligned with the purer and purer vibrations being delivered to your planet rapidly.

We couldn’t reference the pure vibrations you’re being given enough throughout the duration of this communication, because they’re relevant to much of what we discuss about your ascension process.

In this sense, we refer to them to express that they’re bringing about a collective willingness to be a part of and build your new paradigm, and as each soul aligns with the higher dimensions so will everybody become motivated and excited to do just that.

Allowing yourselves to rest when needed will see you able to really embrace the times you’re filled to the brim with energy and intend to use such energy for the betterment of humanity. There’s so much you can do in every moment, and we mean this in the physical and spiritual sense.

Ultimately, you know you’re returning to your personal kingdom of heaven despite what you do on the Earth, unless you were to suddenly align your vibration ninety-nine percent toward self, so whether you choose to perform physical or spiritual work for the Earth’s ascension, your efforts are still needed and appreciated.

In the Driver’s Seat

You’re in the driver’s seat in terms of what you want to do for the Earth, but we can say with Love that many will find much more enjoyment out of performing the spiritual work and feeling the resulting pure vibration.

Even those of you who feel yourselves aficionados in regards to feeling purer vibrations haven’t seen anything yet, and the alignments and important celestial configurations you’ll continue to enter will continue to cause deeper and more powerful shifts within.

These shifts will continue to be reflected in your outward reality with the destabilization of old paradigms and the things that have driven them, and you can watch everything playing out from the Loving standpoint of a soul who’s rediscovered your sacred ability to feel heaven from the Earth.

Everything you’re doing is designed to help you and your collective find and re-access the blissful vibrations of the higher dimensions, and any bit of stress or difficulty experienced along the way won’t inhibit you or your sacred missions in the ways they have in the past.

As we make our final impressions for this communication, we express as we have in the past that this is just the beginning of everything you’ve felt and heard about for so long.

As we continue to encourage you to arise and take physical and spiritual action, we also express that complacency isn’t driven by choosing to take blissful spiritual action rather than fight against the dissolving old paradigm or those who’ve kept it going.

Fighting against anything Creates resistance, and when you fight against representations of the old paradigm you actually strengthen their power.

Exposure of the cabal is important, but widespread Love and unity bred amongst your populace is equally important and we ask you to ponder if your collective would be able to run your planet if the reins were given to you tomorrow.

Ponder this as you continue along your sacred paths, and we’ll go for now with the expression that we’re always with you, forever offering Love and empathy.

Thank you to our Universal Family.



Wes Annec – Our Universal Family – You’re helping raise the Consciousness of your Planet – Ascension

newearth3-Image Source   –   Universal Angelic View


Channeled through Wes Annac-

With so much brimming Love and joy for the continual progress being made by each of you, we express that you’ve only reached the beginning of your enactment of widespread change and your fashioning of unity for all to enjoy and be a part of.

We note the efforts being made by an increasing number of souls to establish unity amongst themselves and those around them, and while our scribe seeks guidance about his own involvement in such things we can say that similar unity-based movements are being started all across your planet.

You’ve always been meant to come together and establish widespread unity and harmony, and we’ve long looked toward the dear Lightworkers and conscious souls to pave the road for unity by becoming examples of it in play.

We’ve given this idea to our dear scribe when he’s chosen to write about it, and needless to say, the process of writing can be very similar to that of channeling if the writer is opened up to inspiration from the spiritual realms.

Everything is Spirit

Every one of you is a Divine spiritual being existing in a realm comprised of physicality and spirituality, and it would of course be incorrect to state that your physical realm isn’t also spiritual.

Everything is spirit, and as humanity continues to come together and breed unity so will your oneness with every facet of consciousness around you be understood.

We can anticipate the awakening humanity taking the first steps toward establishing peace and harmony and presenting such concepts to the rest of your planet in a way that can be picked up on and accepted by everybody, and we’ll forever support every soul who decides to be a part of anything aimed at bringing forth unity and harmony because they’ve always been intended to come about.

Individuals and entire groups have always been meant to understand and act upon the need to unify and build a paradigm far away from your current, as the manner in which your current paradigm functions is one of keeping oneself ahead and letting everyone else fall if necessary.

You’re meant to share and Create everything together, dear souls. If you desire an economic system, in the eyes of Source it’d be based in abundance and prosperity for all instead of any “rat race” to get to the top of the financial pyramid.

Wealth and status aren’t as prevalent on other planets, even lower-dimensional planets, as they are on the Earth because it’s generally understood that all are One and are meant to respect and Love one another.

We applaud you dear awakening souls for the progress you’re making in every endeavor you undergo, and we encourage your continual expansion and addressing of everything holding your populace back from the full bloom of enlightenment waiting to be felt by all.

Those of you who are awakening and beginning to feel the energies of your descending heavenly reality can take the inspiration you’re being given and work to motivate and activate as many awakening souls around you as possible, and we encourage you to encourage others without pushing your belief or ideology onto them.

Sewing Awareness and Spreading Enlightenment

Every soul is awakening in their own way, which has been mentioned plentifully, and those who you can identify as “awakening” could always use encouragement and support amidst their process.

Every one of you is accessing the blissful vibrations that can be felt when opening yourselves up to the idea that something exists beyond your current perception, and the aforementioned illusion of limitation is being broken as more souls see beyond your purposefully instated, limited reality.

Your cabal has only been able to keep your general public ensnared in states of physical and spiritual limitation because of the non-understanding of the reality of the spiritual realms they’ve had a strong hand in breeding amongst the populace.

A philosophy of your cabal has been that as long as the masses can remain distracted and convinced that the reality they experience is the only one in existence, they’re malleable and controllable to enact the cabal’s wills and agendas.

The cabal has indeed thrived off of the unawareness of the general public, and those of you who feel yourselves on a mission to awaken the planet can work as actively as anyone else in sewing awareness and spreading enlightenment to every soul around you who’s becoming aware.

We encourage any attempt to pick up on and bring the energies of the spiritual realms through, because in doing so you’re helping raise the consciousness of your planet exponentially.

The entire collective benefits when you can situate yourselves on a good vibration and bring through the resulting pure energies, and the energies you’re bringing through are being given to those around you who may otherwise seem as if they could never awaken to all you’re coming to feel and understand within.

They certainly can and will in the manner that suits them best, and the energies you’re bringing through are accelerating this process and helping them and everyone else be a part of the awakening of your planet and the widespread establishment of the Divine qualities.

Allowing the Expression of the Divine Qualities

The Divine qualities can become much more prevalent and expressed in the Lives and experiences of each of you if you allow them and the understandings that can come with enacting them into your Lives.

You’re meant to enjoy your experiences and tap into the greatest Love imaginable from the realms of the lower-dimensional Earth, for in doing so you’re achieving the goal you set out to achieve when making your incarnations on the Earth.

The ultimate goal of many of you in incarnating on the Earth was to anchor the Light from a place that’s been a hub for darkness and service to self-oriented entities who’ve used your planet and your many species for their own benefit.

Humanity will come to understand the actions of corruption and tyranny on your planet and just how far your cabal has gone to keep your awareness of the reality of your existence suppressed, and as more people on your world find geopolitical awakenings so do more find spiritual awakenings, which can result from understanding the actions of the cabal.

It’s been mentioned before that understanding the distraction and illusory limitation prevalent and enforced on your planet will help plenty of dear souls to see past the illusion and glimpse the spiritual realms in clear and pure ways, and you each have the potential to break away from the illusion as it’s fed and enforced and tap into something much greater.

Not only do you have the ability to do so, you’re encouraged to do so in this and every moment. We ask you to recognize and honor your abilities, dear souls, because you have so much to Create and so much Love to sew and spread from the position you currently find yourselves in.

The level of Love and brimming joy you can now express and feel is growing in every moment as more awakening souls expand and take in the pure energies you’re being given, which are leading many of you to the perceptions you’re now uncovering.

You’re being led back to the understanding that Love and bliss are meant to be constant driving factors of your individual and collective experience, and unity amongst every facet of consciousness is a big aspect of feeling and expressing constant Love and bliss.

Disclosure and Free Energy Technology

The temporary difficulty and pain of the Earthly experience will matter little when one realizes their infinite nature as spiritual beings undergoing a human experience, and if we haven’t stressed it enough in the past we’ll happily reiterate that you are much more than your bodies and the third-dimensional stresses that can come with them.

As long as you can allow yourselves to believe you’re deeply rooted in realms far beyond your physical wherein your spiritual potential and ability is infinite, you can break free from the matrix of control and spiritual enslavement and you can make real progress toward a new paradigm wherein every person has a say in the decisions that are made.

We’ve long thrown out general ideas for as many as possible to absorb and potentially act upon in regards to establishing a new paradigm on your planet, but ultimately, the work is yours to be done and while we have and will continue to assist you, we recommend understanding the power and ability you each possess and aptly getting to work.

If we could only express how much good your united populace is going to do and how much change and Love you’re going to Create and spread everywhere, then you’d understand our positive perspective when discussing your future and the work you’ll all be involved in doing.

As has been mentioned in the past, the free energy-based technology you’ll utilize when it’s been disclosed and put into production in a widespread manner will be brought to your planet before open landings of your star family and a collective understanding of our existence on and around your planet for longer than your history has been recorded.

Much has been suppressed concerning our existence and the assistance we’ve always offered your developing societies, and we’ve offered telepathic and physical contact to various civilizations in your past who found themselves ready to take the next step in their physical and spiritual evolution.

Indeed, people have ascended from the Earth in every time period of your history, even those that haven’t been recorded or disclosed to humanity, and your history in general is much different than you’ve been told.

Souls with the aim of keeping humanity uninformed and distracted about the reality of your existence and your true history have suppressed much information that’s vital for all of humanity to understand, and we’ll have a hand in introducing free energy technology and a plethora of other things that’ll see your current paradigm, however technologically advanced, vastly outdated.

Free Energy Tech has Various Purposes

The clean, free energy technology we’ll offer will be used for various different important and leisurely purposes, and devices will be and have already been Created that orient specifically toward using free energy to mitigate and cleanse the widespread pollution that remains fed in your current moment.

Gaia experiences much pollution of Her surface, waterways and atmosphere every day, and beyond the awakening public’s active involvement in projects and things of a similar nature designed to put an end to the most destructive pollution being allowed, you can send your positive energy to Gaia and offer healing and cleansing to Her water and Her atmosphere.

As awakening energy workers who are discovering your potential to sew vast amounts of pure energy unto your planet, there’s much you can do in every moment in the way of utilizing an ability many of you are just beginning to remember you possess.

You’ve possessed the ability to perform Lightwork for your planet and collective consciousness all throughout your Earthly experience, but it’s remained dormant as it awaited your understanding of its prevalence within you when you reached the stage in your individual growth you’re now reaching.

We understand that we’re speaking to a host of different Earthly souls at once when delivering this communication, and we wish to address those of you who don’t feel as if your spiritual abilities are clearly in your reach or are developing for you.

We can reiterate with Love that you’re only beginning to understand and re-access the abilities we speak of, and your very desire for these abilities to reach you has bred and is breeding such a rediscovery for many of you.

Allow any preconceptions about yourselves as human or spiritual beings to fall by the wayside as you embrace your infinity and the Love and bliss you can feel and express, for it’s here for you in abundance.

Allow the pain, strife and disharmony to integrate and dissolve away from you now as you embrace infinity and constantly-replenished bliss and joy, because this is the reality of your existence.

Difficulty = Catalyst

What humanity perceives as darkness or difficulty can, in many cases, act as a catalyst for the greater growth and development of your personal Light, and each of you holds pure troths of Light within that can be constantly accessed and felt.

Embrace your developing roles as Lightworkers and as conscious souls who can Create endless physical change in your outward reality, and understand that there truly is no separation between you and the higher dimensions any longer.

You’ve come from the higher dimensions to help uplift the Earth and Her collective, and in doing so you allowed yourselves to get lost in the illusion and the Earthly dramas that played out before you in each Life.

You’ve learned so much, grown so much and experienced more than most of us who are speaking with you during your time in the lower vibrations.

We’ve had our lower-dimensional experiences of course, but the extremes of the Earth have tested you and helped you gain the greatest understandings of lower-dimensional existence and of anchoring the Light from such existence.

Anchoring the Light from the Earth, a planet formerly shrouded in darkness, has been your ultimate task all along and now that you’re awakening out of the illusion, you’re remembering this task and anchoring exponential Light in preparation for your planetary ascension and remembrance of who you truly are.

As we make our final impressions for this communication, we thank our ground crew in Love and appreciation for all of the trials, all of the conflict and pain you’ve willingly and Lovingly experienced for the good of your planet and the good of Creation.

Feel our Love spilling through this communication to each of you, and feel our presence around you as we bid you adieu and welcome you to connect with our lingering energies, which can now be felt and accessed.

We maintain constant links with those of you who are interested in connecting with us, and even when you decide to connect with us yet can’t feel our presence, trust that we’re with you and offering a plethora of Loving energy for your absorption.

Thank you to our Universal Family.