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There’s a profound spiritual possibility open to all people: the opportunity to be absolutely connected to the source of all life, and have that energy steer us in the direction of destiny. Kundalini is the natural creative alignment with the divine; it is our inherent birthright that most have been separated from. How do you unify lower and higher self so that you may reactivate your Kundalini? What would be the advantages of doing so? Activating Kundalini is like connecting to the fast track of the internal superhighway – plugging directly into the ‘mains’ of universal consciousness…

What is Kundalini?

To me the soul is a flowing stream of consciousness, out from the source and back again. In an aligned state, it’s an eternal flow of creativity, symbolised by the figure 8. You’re in creative alignment with the divine, every step feels interconnected with the universe, an orchestra of synchronicity sounding in your ears. It’s like every action is supported, and even when your creative manifestation is blocked in the physical world by someone or something, you’re still able to appreciative the deeper significance, the deeper meaning, the higher teaching that all co-creators in the event are being invited to realise. This interconnected flow of creativity is the harmonious flow of an aligned and balanced soul. This is kundalini.

Most – if not all – have suffered the loss of this inherent condition early in life. It is caused by an interdimensional intervention – an Opposing Consciousness – with the agenda of separating mankind from his divinity and creating an artificial reality in which to enslave him. When you look around you in the world at how humanity lives, it’s easy to appreciate how effective this separation has been.We can reactivate this kundalini. And to do so will guide you on a profound journey of rediscovery of who you truly are and your place in the cosmos. You become once more an active channel for divine expression. So how do you do it? How do you reclaim your true nature?

How to activate Kundalini?

Firstly, it greatly helps to keep reminding yourself of the higher connection through spiritual practice. The power of meditation cannot be over stated. Of course there are many forms, but essentially the principle we’re looking for is a way of softening identification with the lower physical/emotional nature – feeling through that and instead, touching the softness around us. It’s experienced as a sense of expansiveness, pure light, stillness and peace. When you begin to embody this higher nature, there’s a feeling of wellbeing and harmony: pure inner peace.

It can be done through countless spiritual practices such as meditation, yoga, tai chi, martial arts, shamanism, crystal healing, sounding healing, aromatherapy, reiki, five rhythms dance, through connection with nature and probably one of the most powerful – loving sexual intimacy.But this connection to higher self is not the end of the story. It is only the beginning – a plateau which we must break through and beyond if we are to progress further. We must then cleanse and purify the lower vehicles to actually unify lower and higher self. How do we do that?

Opening the channels for Kundalini

The lower self composed of body and mind has been essentially separated from the higher self by a karmic barrier in the fourth density which generates ego. It’s a consciousness which addicts people to base levels of desire through fear and sense of lack. It causes people to effort to control reality, generating the build-up of conditioned behaviours, isolating them from their inherent connection. So essentially we must confront and break down these fear based patterns that embed the lower consciousness within our being.

Imagine sitting in an orchestra of music where the base section is playing so loud, the finer sounds of the flute (for example) can no longer be heard nor felt. This is the effect within society of the denser vibrational consciousness.Here are some key areas we’ll need to look at..

  • Food: industrialised and processed food is full of impurity. From preservatives to pesticides, hormones, antibiotics, artificial colourings and GMO, these disharmonious substances create ‘excito-toxins’ within the body. It becomes like white noise, contracting our consciousness into the denser vibrations. It’s the same with meat and dairy, which many would argue the human body was not designed consume or digest. When people convert to a mainly plant based diet, they get healthier and their vibration rises. The sense of interconnectivity greatly increases (see Trinity’s Conscious Kitchen).
  • Fear and control: Mostly fear happens when we realise we cannot control the situation; we’re needing a particular outcome or are resistant to what’s really happening. It’s all caused by false identification with who we think we are. Such erroneous perceived need, creates tightness and density which sucks the soul into it like water into a sponge. You can literally feel the contraction inside. Yet if we challenge this when it’s happening, soften into the tightness and unwind the need of an outcome, then we find the universe shapes through us the ‘Right Action’ (‘right’ defined as being in alignment). Once more you feel your interconnectivity as the One Life.
  • External distraction: It would seem society has been purposefully constructed to distract people from their inner self. Yet within rests the seat of our power – our kundalini. Our inner configuration of consciousness creates the reality we’re experiencing. Both our aligned state and distortions are mirrored into the outer world. So trying to fix the outer is a pointless waste of time, and only distracts from the source of the creativity. Hence we must not only delve deep within, but be constantly attuning to our inner self through the events of our lives. You touch the place of the void – infinite potential – the crystal clear clarity of the Seer. Upon which, right action then flows through you. It could also be enjoyment within the physical world, but you do it because you feel a sense of rightness to it, there’s no getting lost in it, and your actions are supported by co-creative synchronicity of the universe.
  • Inner child/Inner teenager: when we’re in the flow of life in this way, then the soul begins to integrate and infuse within. It’s purpose is the empowered experience of the One. And so (assuming we allow it), the soul will flow into all the inner density that prevents the expansive freedom of an enlightened life – fueled by kundalini. Especially it will take us into our inner child and teenager identities – a complex inner web of fixed bahviours, fears and identifications with the illusion. The false self creates false reality filters through which we judge life thereby creating unaligned choices leading to disharmony. So as the soul now infuses, we must allow the contraction of these filters to expose themselves as inner tightness, but now soften and unwind into the constriction. We must challenge and confront the lower based behaviours, interrupting the old reactions and instead choosing the responses of our highest truth. This will unwind the old density.
  • Matrix Consciousness: the limiting consciousness of the matrix is omnipresent through the field, influencing mind and emotions. It’s a web of fixed ideas and behaviours – energy – which owns people. We think we’re making free choices, but mostly they’re confined within limiting fields and parameters. You appreciate this just as soon as you start making choices of the soul – you tend to rebel against the non-aligned ways of society. It’s vitally important that we honour this new emerging truth, or we continue to strangle the life out of the soul. There’s no need for conflict, but if we work at it, we can still express our truth with tact and without reservation. Sometimes this may mean saying or doing nothing, but in the process, embodying depth of truth that says energetically “this is where I stand!”. It’s all apart of the reattunement inside. If we’re constantly expressing the soul, then it will strengthen within.
  • Electrosmog including wifi: the surrounding field is full of interfering electronic frequencies from wifi, mobile phone networks, household electrical circuits, gadgets and appliances. They cause a huge amount of interference within our bodily field. If we can minimise the use of such gadgetry in our lives, then our biomagnetic field will become more harmonious and aligned.
  • People that don’t serve: We may find we have to let go of certain relationships – people that constantly remind you of the old consciousness and continue to suck you into it. There will be yet others who beneficially activate your old patterns so that you may break through them. Hence there’ll be some relationships to maintain, even if they aren’t always harmonious – because they challenge you to be more of you. But in these more challenging engagements, the key is to always take the opportunity to expand who you are within them, even if that means a degree of uncomfortable confrontation. If you’re truly meant to be in that relationship, the person will come to accept you as who you truly are, even if they don’t agree with you. They’ll be brought to a place where they’re not constantly challenging you. So be mindful of which relationships to maintain and which to release. Thus you’re opening into the new consciousness and kundalini is strengthening within you through the application of aligned Right Action.
  • Compassion for all life: Compassion is an inherent characteristic of the soul, signaled by the fact that we’re interconnected with all life. Energetically, what we do to another sentient being, we do to ourselves. And if we deny the impact of our footprint on other life, then we’re denying an inner aspect of ourselves too. So by exploring the choices we make in relation to the impact on life they have, causes us to increase our sensitivity and intimacy with the whole of life. From the clothes we wear to the food we eat, how we travel and what we consume in society, all these activities contain energy. As we become ever mindful of our actions, then compassion arises naturally, which increases the inflow of kundalini.

Integrating Kundalini into our lives

Generally speaking, in order to activate kundalini, we must open and harmomise the chakras. In the Openhand Approach, the chakras are consciousness exchange points where the consciousness of the soul infuses within the bodymind. Where we become identified with the bodymind, then convolution, tightness and disconnection ensues. So by bringing conscious attention into these centres and softening into them, means we reconstitute the natural infusion of soul. At Openhand we do this through breath work, exhaling into each chakra and relaxing until we can feel the inflow of soul.

Alternatively it can happen through deep consciousness bodywork. Specifically, you’re penetrating the denseness of the bodymind through movement and breathing; you’re feeling and touching the lightness through you, that which penetrates you. In attuning to this expansive feeling, you’re literally becoming the sense of soul, which in turn unleashes it within. And the more attention you can bring to this feeling, the stronger it will become.What we need to remember however, is that you cannot divorce effective spiritual practice from its impact within our lives. So activation of the chakras will highlight the lessons we now need to work through, as we navigate our relationships and external circumstances. It shines a spotlight on them. So we have to work through the distortions highlighted if the effect of the spiritual work is to be fully integrated within our being. Otherwise we’re wasting our time. So to activate and unleash balanced kundalini, there has to be integration of our spiritual beingness into our physical life.

The pitfalls of Kundalini Activation

Without this integration aforementioned, then spiritual practice becomes either ineffectual, or else it disconnects you from true reality. In extreme circumstances, some spiritual practice can lead to premature kundalini activation: it’s being forced without the proper integration of the new, higher beingness within our lives. It’s like conducting too much electrical energy through a fuse that’s too small. It leads to ‘burn-out’. The person becomes disconnected from a true interrelation with the world. They often seem distanced, aloof, spaced-out and not really in their body. It can also lead to psychotic behaviour.

We have to be mindful then of practices which unnaturally force kundalini without the proper integration of the higher spiritual behaviour in our lives. In my experience, psychedelic drugs such as Ayahuasca and also forced kundalini yogic breathing are practices to be wary of. What we’re looking for is a steady build up of kundalini energy over time, allowing it to progressively flow into our density so that we can unravel and integrate it through our daily lives. Then it becomes the most profoundly rewarding and beneficial influence imaginable.

When kundalini is activating in a balanced way, you’ll know it as an increasing sense of lightness, expansiveness and inner harmony. You’ll notice the universe speaking to you through synchronicity. You’ll feel the soul compelling you to act in accordance with the natural flow. There’ll be an increasing sense of contentment. You’ll be having constant breakthroughs where it feels like coming home to who you truly are.

The miracle of Kundalini

I’ve witnessed many people experience the full activation of kundalini through the Openhand work. When the breakthrough finally happens, it’s a very special moment, something you’ll treasure your entire life. The soul encased within the lower self, rises up the spine then reconnects higher and lower self in the third eye. Sense of separated self completely vanishes. Your true self emerges, everywhere and nowhere, penetrating the space between the spaces. Crystal clear clarity emerges. You know yourself experientially as the One. There is nothing that can match it.

From now on, you flow eternally as the soul, an individuated expression of the eternal. But most importantly, although you’re having this experience of the soul, you still know yourself as the eternal presence that precedes it. You are still the Source – still infinite potential. It’s like having your ‘cake’ and eating it too!So I’d encourage all to work with the activation of kundalini to restore attunement and interconnectivity with the universe – our natural state. But we must do so with care, mindfulness and progressive integration into our daily lives. That way, it builds a solid basis through which to flow. We’re able to harmonise inner and outer seamlessly. It becomes pure bliss!

Finally I’ve attached below our 5GATEWAYS video where Trinity, Lesley and myself share colourful personal experiences of Kundalini Activation in the Gateway 3 section.

From my heart to yours, enjoy…

(on behalf of Openhand)
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About Openhand
Openhand is a unique approach to spiritual evolution: integrating enlightened wisdom of spiritual masters through the ages, it is a way of tapping into the Benevolent Guiding Consciousness of the Universe and aligning with it in your life. It helps you unveil your True Self, remove karmic blockages and unfold your Divine Destiny. It leads to authentic, resilient and truly successful living.
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Open Hand – The Adventure of a Lifetime is here!…Gaia’s 5D Shift – 6-19-16

Open Hand   –   The Adventure of a Lifetime is here!…Gaia’s 5D Shift   –   6-19-16…An_Adventure_of_a_Lifetime!

Pause for a few moments. Put on some soulful music. Breathe. Let breath carry you deep within. Imagine you’re taking a flight to a favourite destination. Take the seat belt off this one though, and feel the roaring power of the engines sweeping you steadily up aloft into the clouds. Where are you going? Where will it lead? The Great 5D Shift has begun its inexorable ascent.

Welcome to the adventure of a lifetime.
How will it be for you?

Embrace the fear as an Inspirational Doorway

On 3D earth we’ve now crossed the rubicon, stepped into unknown territory within this Great 5D Shift of Consciousness. Accelerating, irreversible climate change; society increasingly destabilising; the “Sixth Mass Moving On” of life is well underway, with species leaving at the phenomenal rate of up to 200 per day. Wow.

Are you afraid? Anxious? It’s okay. It’s understandable. The ‘fight or flight’ mechanism is sparked by such transformational catalytic energy. The mind reacts often, yes, forming judgments about what that might mean. Will I be hurt? Maybe I’ll die? It’s okay. From the moment you were born, you were already embarked on a pathway to your passing on. It’s totally natural. Embrace it and feel into the fear. It’s always a magical doorway into vast expansiveness on the other side.

Contemplate that; feel into it. Is that not incredible? Is it not breath taking?…

Like the Gazelle swiftly scampering across the savannah, the buffalo stampeding and the salmon leaping up the stream back to its source. What incredible energy. Close your eyes, visualise it now, feel it coursing through your own veins. Let it surge through you by feeling into it.

Nothing to Lose – except the sense of loss itself

Are you concerned about loss? Maybe of favoured possessions or our once beautiful habitat. Or most likely, loved ones. It’s an illusion! Loss is not possible to The One in You. Everything is contained within. And the love you feel is, and was, always in your heart. It’s only the mind that ever diminishes that feeling of connection and inloveness, by needing it to be in a particular form – this way or that.

The paradox is, when you let go of your need for it to be a certain way, you open up to the potential that it can be a multitude of ways – the experience always improving, always evolving.
So what about change? Are you resistant to that? It’s understandable too. The ego likes predictability, it likes the soft comforts that placate it. But in a universe of constant change, change is the only constant. Pause once more. Embrace that. Look for change, feel for it in your life. And let inevitable change confront and unravel the places you get tight, where you’re still hanging on. Feeling the ties unwinding and stripping away inside.

There’s absolutely nothing to lose….except the sense of loss itself!

Take the gloves off

Keep going my friends. Keep digging. Keep delving deep into all those areas which limit and restrict. Visualise yourself taking the gloves off. Feel as deep as you can into the moment. Penetrate it with intimate sensitivity. Explore – feel through your skin into the tingling energy. Transcend. And as you do, you pick up the flow of the moment – the real one. the one which is now steadily rising and breaking through the foundations of this old reality. Like a flooding river bursting its banks.

Let the current take you.This is going to be an adventure of a lifetime – of all lifetimes. You have a front row seat. You’re going to witness the most spectacular sights imaginable. Take the blinkers off. See reality the way it really is. As you break through the limitations, a whooshing feeling comes through you. Of amazing power. Like a tsunami. The retraints are breaking. Let the energy increasingly surge through you.

How do you feel to be?
How do you want to express?
What do you feel to do right now?

Authentic Creation follows Authentic Expression

Let the surge carry you to your passion. What brings you alive? What would you die for – do you know yet?
Find it, and the live for it, as if there’s no tomorrow.

If there’s something you know in your heart you really want to do, don’t delay, don’t put off till tomorrow – in the 3D, there may be no tomorrow!So whatever it is, begin it now. Where you are. With exactly what you’ve got. You already have exactly what you need to begin. And authentic creation follows authentic expression. So if you truly are in the flow of your passion, the right resources will come to meet you. Begin it. Now. This is the adventure of your lifetime!

Time to take Flight

It’s time to take that flight. The 3D window is beginning its slow close, so make sure you find your way to the doorway. As much and often as you can. Unravel your allegiance to the matrix, which is beginning to steadily break itself apart. But there’s no need to fear. Or at least if tear and anxiety grip you at times, let them inspire you by pointing the way to where you now need to work.

These are truly phenomenal times. But only if you full embrace them. If you Breakthrough the limitations and Break out.

You can do it. You’re meant to do it; seeded to do it.
Go on. Give the flow a chance.

It’s time.



OpenHand – Why Spiritual Mastery is a Shattering Process – 1-17-16

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Why Spiritual Mastery is a Shattering Process by Openhand

Why Spiritual Mastery is a Shattering Process

by Openhand

Anyone truly embarking along the spiritual path, must quickly give up the idea that it’s easy, or especially, that it will somehow build you up into something. And it’s definitely not all ‘love and light’ – not the true path anyway. In my experience, both of my own journey and in working with countless others, is that Spiritual Mastery is a shattering, breaking down process, that causes you to reconfront past-life trauma and source pain. It’s also reflective of the current state of our reality right now. Why is that? What might you expect? How might you deal effectively with what comes up?…

Walking the Spiritual Path

I’ve encountered many people who’ll tell you they’ve been “walking a particular spiritual approach for so and so years”. Yet really, when you dig below the surface, it’s clear they’re not truly Walking the Spiritual Path. Why not? What does Walking the Spiritual Path really mean?

It’s an all-in, total commitment, in the moment, moment-by-moment surrender. It’s definitely not about trying to get something physical. It’s certainly not intentional manifesting – who’s trying to do that?It’s mostly an ego. There comes this moment on the journey, where there’s a breaking-down sobbing commitment to the divine. A recognition that this is what you’re really here for – to be of selfless service. In this place, you’d practically starve, have everything taken from you, all relationships broken, and yet still see the beauty of it, still celebrate your inviolable connection to the divine. It’s a moment by moment commitment, to only, and always, come from your highest truth, as felt deep within your soul.

It’s like saying: I’m not going to do another dammed thing, no more wishy-washy half truths, I will do nothing unless I can feel it coming from my soul, even if I die in this place right now. In my experience, the incredible paradox is, there’s great joy in this feeling!

Why else is the spiritual path a shattering process?

All realities come and go

Consider the universe. It is in constant flux, constant change and it is all interconnected. Nothing is solid and fixed – it only at times appears that way. It’s all interconnected vibrational energy, all flowing in various waves of direction. At times, eddy currents form in this flow and realities take shape. But still they are not fixed – just like water constantly flowing in and constantly flowing out. No matter how established they seem, as some point, everything caught in them will wash away.
It’s the same in consciousness space. Unity consciousness is like the flow. And it’s always searching for higher harmonies of existence. In one way, this sense of unity binds realities together – it is the gravity of which the cosmologists speak. Yet it also creates instability, the agitation searching out higher, more euitable realities.
So ultimately, ALL realities become unstable and break down.
That’s the place the Earth finds herself in right now – a reality has formed from the karmic 4D layer for a given period, for the collective to explore particular truths – such as “what’s fair for all life, not just one form of life?” When the central pillar of that reality – Gaia in this case – has learned what she needed to, then she moves on, encouraging all life to move with her.

So Gaia is has begun unravelling this old reality and is currently building a new one in the 5D. Anyone who is able to expand – within themselves – out of the limits of the physical, through the 4D karmic layer and into the interconnectivity of the 5D, will already be feeling it within their consciousness.

(see… The Process of Transformation from 3D to 5D Earth)

An explosive cauldron of alchemical change

That’s why I say this is a breaking down process. Not a building up one. Our connections to the physical reality must break as we penetrate and unravel our karmic veils.
And at the moment, only a very few, in percentage terms, are committed to this. I work with spiritual people all over the world, and barely without exception, they have incarnated into families, most members of which, are still stuck, still identifying with the drama, still asleep. The awake ones mostly feel in a minority, mavericks against the mainstream.
So when a soul truly exerts its power and sovereignty, it’s mostly against this dogma and resistance. When you have the courage to be you, that challenges deeply the people around you – when you’re doing your unfolding ‘job’ fully, I observe they’ll go either one of three ways:
  • start breaking down and unfolding themselves
  • hold the space admirably while you get on with it and without interfering
  • exert resistance, and dig their feet in, until probably the relationship breaks down.
It’s almost impossible for the relationship to sustain in its old form within this divergence of polarity – it’s an explosive cauldron of alchemical change.

All the time in the World – but no time to waste

Do I make it sound tough? Well I don’t wish to unnecessarily. I don’t wish to exaggerate. It’s just what I observe, time and time again. And mostly those not in this cauldron, often tend to be in a quasi-state of denial about what the path is really inviting, or else lack of true commitment. Take a pop at me if you like, it’s just my truth based on what I observe.

You might find yourself in this breaking down process. You’re genuinely committed to the path, but find things falling apart – your job, your relationships, your general way of living. Don’t worry. I see this time and time again in true seekers. Let’s be clear, the Earth is in a breaking down process right now in the 3D. And this needs to happen in order to fully establish the 5D. So don’t expect your life to be much different. And don’t worry – if all is breaking apart, if the layers are being mercilessly peeled off you, then you’re exactly where you need to be.

And if your life is not breaking you down or has not, if it’s not been challenging you to the core for some considerable time, then maybe you’re not yet committed enough? Maybe you’re not yet all-in.
In which case, don’t worry either. But do explore your commitment. There’s still all the time in the world, but the world is changing, so there’s definitely no time to waste.

Surrender. Dive all-in.

When you do let go, when you dive over the waterfall with abandon, yes it’s going to batter you; yes you’ll have to confront many fears, many dark nights of the soul, but when you eventually bob back up to the surface again, all the pounding will have been worth it. You’ll have forged true spiritual mastery. Your life will be forever bountiful.
So all you have to do is let go. Surrender. Dive all-in. Let it break you down. All the way back into One.
And to help, we put together this short video on dealing with such challenges on the path. Be inspired…


(on behalf of Openhand)

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About Openhand
Openhand is a unique approach to spiritual evolution: integrating enlightened wisdom of spiritual masters through the ages, it is a way of tapping into the Benevolent Guiding Consciousness of the Universe and aligning with it in your life. It helps you unveil your True Self, remove karmic blockages and unfold your Divine Destiny. It leads to authentic, resilient and truly successful living.
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Open Hand – What does Enlightenment feel like? – 5-15-12

The taste of presenceFrom the Openhand perspective, we all experience the state of Enlightenment from time to time, it’s just that as soon as the experience arises within us, we associate it with something else and lose the experience. Alternatively, a part of us is not comfortable with the experience and therefore creates once more the condition of internal separation from it. But this experience of non-identified presence is there in the background of everything we do and dictates every experience. It is the guiding light and the faster we surrender to its inevitable pull, the more harmonious our lives will become. So what is this state of Enlightenment like? How can we recognise it and surrender into it?…

The absence of all experience

We often hear that space and time are illusions, that there is only one being forming the Universe and here at Openhand we agree with this perspective. If we contemplate deeply the meaning of these two statements, then at some point we’ll come to realise that if they are true, then there must be the experience of everythingness everywhere in the Universe – including inside ourselves. But how would we know that state when it arises?

Once more, if we go deeply into the question of everythingness, then it is likely that ultimately we’ll realise that everythingness and nothingness are one and the same thing. If we have everything as a condition, then there can be no “this” and “that” therefore no relativity, therefore no experience at all. This condition of being is what we might call ‘absolute truth’ or the absolute and by deduction it must exist in and through all things.

When people refer to God, in our view this is what they are really referring to – not some white bearded guy sitting on a cloud (although the condition of absolute would include the white bearded guy and everything else too).

It’s what some enlightened people also refer to as “the void” – because it feels like the total absence of experience – and that’s exactly what it is. And yet experience arises from the void within us (and within all sentient beings). The true miracle of life is that we can be the void (the total absence of experience) and experience that at the same time. In other words, in Enlightenment we get to have our cake and eat it too!

How might we experience this void?

There are two hurdles to overcome in order to rest in the experience of the void…

The first hurdle
The first ‘problem’ is that if we go out looking for the void, then we have already established the condition of separation from it. We have created an internal seeker – an identity (like the white bearded guy on the cloud!). The void is an experience of pure presence with no small “I” inside. There is just being. If we are looking for it, the “I” arises once more and we move out of the state of completeness – the state of Enlightenment.

Therefore, we can only create the conditions whereby the void might simply arise. How will we know what those conditions are? For each of us the conditions are unique and our individual journey is about realising what those conditions are and settling into them as often as possible. Effectively it means understanding, following and attuning to the pull of the soul – doing those things where we feel totally “in the groove” so to speak.

So for some, it might simply be tending the garden. We might feel so at-one, that the hours slip by without us noticing at all. For others it might be in the adrenaline sports jumping off some high cliff or simply riding a bike or driving the car. For most of us, there will be a broad range of experiences somewhere in between. This is the path of the soul and how we come into our own experience of Enlightenment.

The important thing to notice whilst we are doing this is whether or not we (the one) are still present. So are we lost in the action or totally aware of what’s going on within it? If we’re totally present, then the condition of the void can effortlessly arise and simply take over our experience.

The second hurdle
The second hurdle to experiencing the void is that when it arises within our experience, it is so complete, so all encompassing, so crystal clear, so absolute that it feels as if no one is inside at all – because there is simply no identity. It has vanished into crystal clear clarity.

In the beginning, this feeling (actually an absence of feeling) can be quite scary. There’s a tendency not to like it – it might feel like we’ve just died, or alternatively become so alive that the small “I” wants to own it, to taste the absolute peace of it and so the condition of internal separation arises once more and the state of Enlightenment disappears like the spot on a switched off TV screen – it can be more that a little frustrating.

So the key is not to effort to find this state and then when it arises simply notice it and as much as possible dissolve into it. When we come out of it, ask why and what brought me out? Why was I unable to stay in that state? It usually happens because we buy into the illusion of our lives once more – the telephone goes and we feel we must answer it; a loved one engages us in their drama; or an infinite other number of distractions.

A process can be applied that helps you align with this state however – one which aligns us with our soul and helps us dissolve into the experience of presence. For it to be effective, it must be one that strips away the blocking false self identity. That’s what Openhand’s process openway is all about.

In conclusion…

Ultimately we learn to come from the void within all distraction. We discover how to centre in this majestic cathedral realising that nothing else really makes sense and there is no point being anywhere else. The continued occupation of this hallowed place is arrived at by becoming awesomely okay with whatever experience is arising on the outside…

“To be truly enlightened, is to be enlightened in and through ALL experiences”



– See more at:

Open Hand – A Bridge between Worlds – 11-10-13

A new paradigm of being is opening up. It is here all around us. But sometimes it’s extremely hard to balance the connection to this ‘new world’ with living day-to-day in society, especially because not everyone is yet reading from this divine ‘script’. It can sometimes feel like it’s one or the other. Integrating one into the other can seem a nigh on impossibility, but it is not. Here’s where the tactile, empathic nature of the soul – the ‘diplomat’ – comes into it’s own: intuiting and feeling the flow of ‘rightness’ in any given situation, yet molding and blending it into this material world for maximum unraveling and realigning impact. You can live your truth, honour the alternative truth of another, yet not compromise your soul…

A tall order? Yes indeed. But it is definitely possible.
Mastering this “Ray 4” Diplomat in you, is certainly a path to mastery.

The fuel of inner alchemy

It is no secret that we live in a world which is out of balance with nature and therefore out of alignment with the natural harmony of the universe.

As separation consciousness exploded outwards at the “Bigbang” and then condensed into form, so Unity Consciousness continues to destabilise outdated structures and harmonies of lower truth as it makes it’s journey back to the source. Unity Consciousness is this flow of love that is the universe’s organising energy which you can feel in your heart when you stop judging the moment or need a particular outcome from it. Many people have now awakened and more than ever, are feeling the inner compulsion to ‘be the change’. It involves honouring and expressing your truth in every moment, not just with words, but in every physical, emotional and mental action that you take. It leads to an internal cleansing of blocked energy and out-dated, distorted behaviour patterns. This is the fuel of inner alchemy.

Indicators of “Right Action”

So after awakening, the first realignment is to connect up to this never ending flow of truth and love, realising that whatever may appear to be happening on the surface of reality, it is finding, honouring and expressing your truth as “Right Action” which truly counts.

In this sense, “Right” does not mean a judgment of ‘good’ and ‘evil’ or ‘right’ and ‘wrong’.
It means: an action which is aligned with the universal flow.

How do you know if you are in this flow of “Rightness”?

Here are some key indicators:

  • They confront, challenge and break down the ego within you and within others with whom you’re engaged.
  • Actions in rightness ultimately lead to an inner sense of expandedness, connection and openness, once you’ve broken through any tightness or resistance to expressing your truth.
  • When aligned with the flow, you tend to observe supportive synchronicity as the universe clicks into place around you.
  • When you’re in “Rightness”, it just feels right. It’s like being in love. No one can tell you if you’re in love. There’s no logic to it. You just know.
  • A choice made in rightness will feel like destiny.

The ‘sweet-spot’ of Life

This destiny of rightness that the soul is reading, is not so much about making a choice of doing ‘this’ or ‘that’ (although rightness does lead to right choices). It is more about finding and expressing lost aspects of your true nature. Of course there is only one being, and everything is formed of this one being. The One in you does not need a particular outcome because it already has everything…

What The One in you is truly looking for, is the nectar of life itself:
to find the fullest, grandest, most complete expression possible.
And that defines the purpose of your soul.
And there is absolutely nothing else going on. Ever!
So if you can make a point of continually working to feel this truth, flowing through the core of your soul, then you will align with destiny. With each expression of it, life will become increasing magical, mystical and simply divine. You are fulfilling true purpose. You’ve touched the ‘sweet-spot’ of life itself.

An impossible juggling act?

It’s not always easy to express the soul. The soul will lead you into confrontation and sometimes even conflict as you challenge the ways of old. It’s especially not easy because of the matrix in which we live.

The matrix is a huge ‘eddy current’ within the stream. It would seem like it’s been purposefully designed to capture the flowing energy, retard it into a ‘box’ and then to disconnect from the flow of rightness, riding roughshod over the natural harmony of life in the process. It’s like a dam has blocked up the stream, influencing, controlling and manipulating all life it catches in its net.

It has become a tremendous challenge to all those wanting to express and live the higher truth. You feel a pull beyond typical 9-5pm conditionality, but you step out of line and the matrix tries to punish you for it. With rules and regulations, appointments, deadlines and expectations, there’s every reason why not to express the truth.

Not only that, but the matrix currently owns all the resources. If you want to survive, most will have to interact with it in some way. And what about your families, loved ones and colleagues who may not be feeling this flowing connection as you are? This can be greatly influential. Sometimes expressing the flow of truth may feel like an impossible juggling act.

Rest assured, it is not.

Different soul ray harmonics

This is where the Ray 4 comes in, the diplomat in you, that which helps you blend with multiple realities, that which helps you empathise but influence, that which accepts unconditionally but also catalyses. This Ray 4 is the ‘Bridge between Worlds’.

I observe that the soul is a blend of seven particular characteristics – a soul ray harmonic – and that all expressions of beingness tend to be a blend of these particular ‘rays’ of consciousness, just like sounding a note on a musical instrument. If you can find the ‘right’ expression of you which is wanting to activate in this moment, then not only does it ‘sound sweet’, but you drop into the natural flow. It feels just like heaven. And there is nothing better than this. Everything else that you may search or strive for in life is but an echo of this source sound.

I’ve also observed there is a spectrum of possible soul-ray-harmonics. On one end of the spectrum are the catalysts. They are here to ‘shake life up’. To change, unravel, unwind and metamorphosize. They’ll continually confront you with truth. You’ll simply not be allowed to rest in your lazy bed!And on the other end of the spectrum are the empaths. These are the souls who can absolutely and unconditionally accept life as it is without judging. They can witness and feel the truth at the core of all behaviour – no matter how distorted – and not need to change it. They are that energy that helps play out a distortion so that others ultimately want to change, all of their own accord.

Now between this spectrum of catalyst and empath, each soul will be a unique blend of both. In understanding this and realising how you impact life around you, can be enormously helpful to your evolution. It will make sense of why you encounter the interactions you do, why it can be so hard to express your truth and why others may react so negatively or conversely be so inspired at different times.

The ‘gear-box’ that harmonises power with reality

Understanding and fine tuning your Ray 4, is like the gear box that transforms the raw power of the engine, into manageable torsion to turn the wheels. But this gearbox does need to be well oiled! If you can fine tune your particular blend, then you will go a long way towards facilitating your flow through life.

So what does this mean in a practical sense?

  • Firstly acknowledge that you’re here to influence and change the nature of reality. You’re not supposed to be cooped up in a box. Even if people around you react with projection towards you, fear and anger, recognise it is their own distortion they’re activating – otherwise they’d be able to calmly accept you as you are. As you realise this in your mind, feel a waterfall of flowing calmness descend around your expression of truth.
  • Secondly, in order to facilitate the greatest amount of positive change, there needs to be open doorways through the density of the field, that may touch something deep within another. In other words, whilst we stand our ground, we must recognise and honour the truth in another. Even if you notice their’s is a lower vibrational truth, it is still their truth and real to them. If you’re given to influence, you won’t get anywhere by riding roughshod over them.
  • Catalysing and therefore unwinding means first working to recognise the ‘ancient light’ at the core of a distortion. So all actions have begun with an authentic exploration of reality by the soul. It’s just that the ego then distorted the purity. So first work to find the truth at the core of their distortion and honour this with them. Then help them see the higher truth. If you’ve done it accurately, they’ll be on your side and much more open to change.
  • Recongise that the stream will always find different pathways back to the ocean. If you try one approach and it doesn’t work or if you then feel disconnected because you couldn’t fully honour the flow, work not to judge yourself for it. Benevolence doesn’t blame you! Instead keep softening into the place you are now at, pausing to reconnect again.
  • Compromise but don’t ever compromise the soul. Yes it may seem like an impossible paradox. But it is not. How can you make your truth the most understandable, the most reasonable, the most tactile, the most accessible and without any extra energy? If you can do this, you’ll find you don’t have to compromise your truth. Increasingly you’ll be accepted.
  • Don’t tell others what you know to be their truth (this can be a big button pusher!). Instead work to facilitate an increase in realisation by asking an empowering question. One that is open ended, one that causes them to explore and feel for themselves.
  • Accept that sometimes you will be in a minority of one. It does not make your truth untruth. Know and accept when it is time to stand your ground, come what May. This will always test your level of trust in the divine. So be it. Take it as an opportunity to evolve and grow.

Is it the soul acting or the ego?

So how do you know when you’re expressing what’s really your soul (in this case the Ray 4) and when it’s your ego that’s running the distortion? When does the authentic expression of the diplomat in you actually morph into compromising the soul?

This is a powerful and important question. And there’s only one soul who can answer it – you!

Lower mind likes a ready answer. It tends not to be comfortable with open ended and abstract questions that ‘hang in the air’. But work to get used to that question… “is this the soul acting now or the ego?”
Hold it in your awareness and challenge every situation with it. Feel through your reaction/response to it.

If the ego is acting, choices are often made out of subtle levels of fear – of a need for a particular outcome. So is your response really about placating because you’re afraid of how they’ll react to you? Work to be honest with yourself. The ego will make you feel less than. It will make you feel small, which your natural body language will reflect. Realise that ALL situations are a co-creation. Both parties have something to learn. You may be in rightness – the higher truth – so it’s not that you’re wrong, but perhaps you need to look for a more evolved expression? I find that having this in my awareness, frequently softens the burden of ‘carrying the truth’. It means I wasn’t ‘wrong’, I just need to look for a more sophisticated expression. I find it makes the truth easier to bear.

Two Worlds

Whether we fully know it or not, we’re living in two worlds at the moment. The higher paradigm is to be found infusing this lower world, working to transform it. Those who are already carrying the light, will frequently find it challenging. The old world values are so used to living in the shadows and fear the light. There’s a clinging to the easy-to-understand, in-the-box expediency and soft comfort. There’s a strong dependence on the crutch of old behaviours.

Despite this, there comes a point where you simply cannot compromise your soul a moment longer. You realise the illusion and that the only real purpose of life is the expression of you. In mastering the Ray 4 Diplomat – an interwoven aspect of your soul – it means you can still be living and breathing the higher realm, whilst acting in this one. It means you can stay in the truth.

In so doing, not only does your awakened life become more manageable, you become a powerful facilitator.
You become a bridge between the worlds.

from my heart to yours

(on behalf of Openhand)

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