Channelers: James McConnell, Dr. Susan Sammarco – Lord Lanto, One Who Serves, Ashira – This Now! This Is The Time Of Change! – 7-1-15

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Lord Lanto and Ashira channeled by Dr. Susan Sammarco

One Who Serves channeled by James McConnell

(Note: these messages were given during our weekly Prepare For Change group in Glendale, AZ on June 28, 2015)


Lord Lanto

I am Lord Lanto. I have been with this group once before. I am one who oversees this group along with others and one who serves each of you in ways you do not yet understand.

And yes, it was perfect this day for the conversation to take place that was planned. The seed was planted and that one who rarely speaks was able to get this forth into the group. For it is important that the group addresses issues such as these for these are issues that will be heard from others in the world in which you live as these shifts happen. And as more and more people have that alarm clock go of in their bodies, their minds, their souls there will more and more people who will ask these questions, yes, these very questions, because of that fear that has been placed there and reinforced over lifetimes.

To be concerned whether or not there is a roof over one’s head. To be concerned whether or not there is money in the bank. To be concerned whether or not one’s children or animals and such that has been discussed will arise. And yet, all of these things are for naught. As you continue to rise in the vibrations, those frequencies continue to rise upon the planet, there is not a need about any of these things. For your concerns about money will be met beyond your wildest dreams. Your concerns about family will change by the time you are meeting with people who have those concerns. And as you visit with them only days later you will see that there is a difference in them and their family structures.

These are the things that are coming to you. There are many who have been speaking of these things. There have been many, as Susan has spoken of, who have left the planet in the last two to three weeks. Again, this is another sign of how close this shift is. For these are called to the other side to hold those gates open for you and to feed the energy in that assists all. And any of those reservations that one might have this heart has been opened by the loss of this one and this heart will be filled with the love of those who have left.

All of this has been planned and it is part of the contracts of those who have left but even more it is part of your contract and all of those upon the planet whose hearts are open more and more in compassion, in sadness. It is those who have left the planet have left the opportunity for love to move through this planet. You see those who come upon this passing and reach out for others to share with them.

This “landmark” decision about gay marriage in this country, did you ever see that it would happen? This is yet another sign of how close love upon this planet, peace upon the planet is now, not later, as Joanna has said.

This is NOW! This is the time of change!

I was called forth and asked to speak that I might share these many wonders with you. To know that as time moves forward that everything is changing faster and faster upon this planet. You can barely see how close you are to the finish line that has been spoken of previously. For all is in the moment N OW as things are changing moment to moment and day to day. And if you could but look upon all the various levels \upon this planet you would see those changes. Parts are still hidden from you.

Why 50 years ago did you not know of these things? Why in the time of those authors about which you spoke wrote about manifestation? And yes, there were those who talked about the extraterrestrials presence in the sky. It has not been something that had been studied in great depth until that one who brought it to more people. The author of, “Chariots of the Gods”, Van Daniken, brought it to the mass consciousness. And still he has been laughed at and ridiculed for such a very long time. Even the word of Atlantis has been scoffed at and Lemuria even more so.

And yet, there are those who chose to incarnate at this time to grow in this time, to come to the families in which they grew, at this time. To be here to experience the grand changeover. The grand Ascension. This is not something those in this room or those upon the planet have to work toward.

You in this room have striven to work on self-forgiveness and those things we have spoken to you of. To allow the changes in the body. To allow so much to occur. To be in the rowboat and allow the boat to roll down the streams as life comes to you. To allow it to be.

This is the time when those you are in service to and will be in even greater service to have not the eyes to see in this moment and yet, when this shift happens there will be so much going on that you will be needed. Even the bodies in which they exist will feel pains you have already gone through.

And we know that there are those who will be the “medical teams” that will help people move into light chambers, to move into healthier eating and better organization of their lives. All of this is what is in the process now. And in all levels except where you see in your world. All levels ARE changing. All levels are changing now.

Have the faith as you move forward that you will see what you are to see when you see it. In this room and to all of the group who follows this one, those of us in service to you have encouraged you to believe first and see later. That is part of that manifestation process, is it not? You are in the NOW. You call it forth and you experience it. You call it forth because you see it, you feel it, you know it at your very deepest levels.

It is time for all to unfold. Be in the moment. Be in acceptance. Be in excitement. As your moods move through you, allow them to be as well. For many of the moods that you feel are not those of you but of others upon the planet.

We have encouraged you in the past and we encourage you again. You feel as though your world is getting smaller because you do not feel the desire to reach out to old friends if they are not on the path. You may not feel like watching old shows. You may not feel like watching old news. You may not feel much at all to reach out to the 3D world. That is OK my friends! That is OK  because you are moving with the energy into the new existence and all of those aspects and any of those aspects can bring you back into the 3D perception. It will slow you down.

Your path is cleared because those in this room and those connected by wires, all of those you reach out to are part of the front lines. We have shared this with you many times and we are with you at all times. You have been given the Light Mental Body twice now so that you can call that forth in confidence knowing that you will always know how to use it and it will be there for you.

We will remain with Ashira and One Who Serves for questions. We are here to give you confidence and to give you love and to support you in every moment of your journey and know that as you have this issue, situations and qualms within your own being this is the right and true place to expose those and to share those. Others in the group need those answers to be prepared to serve in the roles to which they are called to serve.

We are so grateful that you have heard this call and you are some of the first ones to awaken so that you can serve in the way to which you have been called. You have not yet glimpsed the grandeur of life and the various experiences you will be called into. You will know in that moment your connection to all. Your connection to the Archangels and Ascended Masters. Your connection to your Galactic Brother and Sisters. You are so much more than that which sits in your chair this very moment. And we know that you have doubts about that but as this energy continues to flow and shoot into this world, your presence and your understanding will flow to you as well and you will see where your part is in this giant puzzle.

We will be visiting you again during your meeting in August. I shall be there to oversee the events. I will be there as the “Ringmaster” as so many things are planned.

We are grateful to have been with you today. I am “Lord Lanto”.

“One Who Serves”

Greetings. This is “One Who Serves” here to share with you brief message and then we will move on to  regular festivities here as we know you have come to enjoy that time that you can have camaraderie with us somewhat.

The message we give here is to echo “Lord Lanto” here and that you brought up in your discussion earlier. And that is to be in the NOW. To be in the present moment is very important and have we not said that for some time now? To be in the NOW. To go with the flow. To allow things to be what they will be.

That is not to say that you should not take action. You cannot sit back and have something happen. So you must continue to work in your daily activities and find those things that bring you joy and entertainment as well as to bring about the changes that are necessary in your every day life as you are moving through it.

But to be also expectant for those things that are coming. And those things are in the future as you look at it now but the future in is the present NOW as well. Continue to move in the direction of raising your consciousness in every moment you think of and to do it. As “Sugat” said last week as he spoke of moving through the transition here. Each of you is moving through and towards your Ascension process. Yes, you are in the Ascension Process, here as we speak. Have you Ascended? No, not necessarily but you have at times moved up into the higher vibrations and spent a little bit of time there and then moved back for various reasons.

The Ascension Process will take you out of this 3D realm to never have to come back here if you do not want to, to experience this. But we know as we work with you, the Lightworkers, we know that you are here for a reason. You are here to experience the changes as you go through them and then assist others to go through the changes as well. So, you will find yourselves moving through the Ascension Process being in those higher vibrations and find yourselves back again. Yes, you will voluntarily come back again to experience the changes those here are going through and then to assist them. As we have said previously, you will have your mentors and you will mentor to others. As you receive, you will give. That is how it works.

So continue in the process as you are doing now. Continue to be in the present now. Find the joy in every given moment as you can and all will take care of itself, you as an individual, you as a group, you as a collective consciousness here on this planet. All is being orchestrated so just go with it. OK?

We will take questions now. “Ashira” and “Lord Lanto” are standing by along with us to take questions. Do you have questions here for us?

Question: It is my understanding that the entire planet will feel their Oneness with God and then some will Ascend and come back to help others. Is that an accurate understanding?

“One Who Serves” : Very much so, as we see it, but there can be shifts and changes in this. Not all will experience the same feelings. Not all sense it the same. But there will be what you are calling an energy shift that has been spoken of as “the Event” and other terms have been given to this, a “Tsunami of Love,” and more. And it is a wave of energy coming into the planet that will assist in shifting the consciousness of the entire planet.

Does that mean that all will shift at once? NO. Does that mean that all will go through this? No, it does not. Because they will not be ready for this in themselves. It will not be their time and their individual choice at that moment will not be one that will take them into the higher vibrations because they will not understand the higher vibrations. Or even a reason to go into them. They will find themselves in the familiar. In what they already know and will remain there. They will be accommodated in ways that needs to be at that time. No concern from all of you for all is being orchestrated as we have said many times. So, there will be those who will experience the shift and those who will not experience the shift fully as you are destined to. Does this answer your question? Yes

Anything you wish to add here, “Ashira”? No, splendid answer.

Question: I have been disconnected from the 3D world. I am out of an abusive relationship and leaving another friend. I am feeling alone. I know I am to be in the NOW and I am afraid that more negative will happen. What can I do?

“Ashira”:  Dear One, as we come to you what we would share with you is that you are going through experiences that are more of a result of your past thought processes and experiences. This is part of your soul’s way to bring you to the point of recognizing your own soul’s strength. Your own abilities. It is part of the moment in time now where you are to stand alone for the time being. This is very difficult for you. Even though you have been of a spiritual mindset, you have read and talked to and lived a type of thought process, you have been with this group a very short time.

Many of this group have brought similar stories and they have worked through them. This is a point in time for you to working through this from a different perspective. You are exactly where you are supposed to be. As these things come up, your self-forgiveness is very important. Forgiving yourself and knowing that anything you have experienced in the past that had “bad results’ were things that you manifested from where you were at that time. And now you are in a different place having different energy feeding you and supporting you.

It is time for you to know WHO you are and not to allow guilt or forgiveness issues face you any longer. This is your opportunity to peel that onion and come out that shining being nthat you truly are.

Anyone who has gone from you is NOT part of your support system, is NOT the support system for who you are at THIS moment! It is time for you now to find new support systems. You are changing the grid of your life. Those who were with you, family, friends, others are no longer the truth of who you are. The truth of who you are is coming to you more and more every single day. You will know it is not negative experiences that are going to be following you.

Open your heart. Open your spirit. Open that expectancy and believe that which you see in yourself now is the strength and wonderment in those who are now attracted to you. It is resulting in beautiful results for your life. It is all a part of something very special. Those in this group can surround you and support you. And help to assure you that they have also made it this far from very similar experiences and know now that your moment in this time and in the future you are creating will be totally supportive and beautiful.

“One Who Serves”: And we would add to this to answer your second question as to thought processes and the idea of a failsafe . This was already brought up in another time here. When you are in the higher vibrations—let us back up. While you are here in the 3 D world there is a failsafe here in terms of manifesting. So, that if you think of something fearful it does not manifest immediately. You must think it over and over. Put emphasis into it and feelings into it. So, there is a delay process.

As you move into the higher dimensions the delay process is less and less. As you move into the 5D world it becomes almost non-existent as you continue through a training process that you will go through. But as you continue to move up into higher dimensions and the delay process becomes less and less it would not behoove anyone to have fearful thoughts and have them manifest immediately. So, as you move into the higher vibrations you have a failsafe process that keeps these negative thoughts from coming in. You cannot move fully into these higher vibrations until these negative thoughts have lessened a great deal. When they come in at times, it can happen when you first enter the 5D world, that is where the idea of the failsafe kicks in and keeps these from manifesting. You see?

No concern here that you will be in those higher vibrations and you dream up something terrible. That cannot happen. OK?

Question: The Light Mental Body, does each one connect with other Light Mental Bodies say within this group?

“One Who Serves”:  In terms of other Light Mental Bodies in the group communicating? Yes! Certainly they are communicating just as other aspect of your Higher Self is communicating. While you communicate on your level here, there are those other higher levels of yourself that are also communicating. This is how these things are being orchestrated. How these questions that come up in your discussions here are being formulated here. Your Higher Selves are whispering to each other before you come in to bring this about. You see? Anything you wish to add here, Ashira?

“Ashira” :  We would add that this is all part of the Unity Consciousness. You are ONLY individuals in your body as it sits in the chair in this moment. Only in this body do you feel alone as you try to change the world. At those higher consciousness levels of the Light Mental Body and your Higher Consciousness itself, you are connected with ALL those around the planet and all those who are with you and many, many more. So, yes the orchestration that you are a part of is great and vast.

My wife had a strange occurrence last week. She saw something walking across the street ahead but it was blacked out so that she could not really see what it was. What can you tell me about this?

“One Who Serves”

Yes. We can share here that these types of things are the glimpses into the other dimensional experiences you might say. Now, when these things happen, and they are going to increase more and more and more attention you pay to them, the more they will happen. And the more that you are believing they are happening, the more they will happen. Eventually you will be seeing completely through the veil and the veil will disappear completely to your understanding here. Does this help?

“Ashira”: We would add that this is definitely looking through the veil and yet there is an aspect of your wife’s consciousness at a conscious level that said “Oh, I can’t be seeing this”. She automatically filled in the spaces with the black box that you would see on the television in this particular realm. But she was looking into the other realm exactly as “One Who Serves” has said.

Question: I had a chakra test the other day and I was told my heart is open but my root was closed.

“One Who Serves”

As you look at your Chakra centers it is important that you are the one who is looking at them. Not someone else that tells you what is there or not there. You cannot completely believe what another person says of you just as if they were tell you what your past lives have been or anything of this nature. That is not to say that they are not accurate it is to say that you cannot completely go with what another person says about you. YOU have to experience YOU. You have to go into your own Chakra centers and see. Is my root Chakra closed? Is my heart Chakra open or whatever it might be. That is how you gauge where you are in the process. You can use the various tools, and that is all they are, tools to assist you in coming to the same understanding as you come into by looking at yourself. It is very much a trap here to have another tell you what you are experiencing. How do they really know. You see?

Question: It is interesting how Ashira explained feeling alone but in the Higher Realms we are connected. How do we allow for the connection in this dimension?


Absolutely. Absolutely. Many, many people have experienced times when they have had meditations when they connected fully with others on this planet, not only brothers and sisters, but all upon the planet down to the molecular level.

There are those who have experienced insights and feelings on different types of drugs and different types of rituals. The reason I said that many feel alone, this is part of the game on this planet is that you have come to see yourself alone in the world. You strive to connect with the one who will love you in a love relationship. Strive to connect with your children. Strive to connect with friends and to find familiarity with the ones you feel closeness with.

It has always been a struggle, has it not? And yet, outside of this physical body, outside of the judgments and self-concerns, outside of all of that is that aspect of you that is connected beautifully not only to your brothers and sisters on the planet but to ALL upon the planet. All of the multiverses are filled with your vast awareness of the total being that you truly are.

So the longer you have been in these bodies on this planet that you have come to be in; that is what you can now move forward and past. You can move forward and past in your thought process by knowing that you are one with all on this planet, all across the Galaxy. You are a cell in the body Human and a drop of water in the sea of consciousness upon the planet. Does that make sense?

One Who Serves

Are their any more questions? Than we will release this channel. This next time you meet, next Sunday, their will be a special message given about your 4th of July and the real meaning behind this. This will likely be given by Saint Germain.

Shanti, Peace Be with you. Be the ONE!

Channeled by James McConnell and Dr. Susan Sammarco

ASCENDED MASTERS: Ashira, Sugat Gu Ra Ru, One Who Serves – MANIFESTATION – “As you move into the higher dimensions your thoughts will continue to create but they will be creating instantaneously” – 6-24-15

Ashira channeled by Dr. Susan Sammarco

Sugat Gu Ra Ru and OWS channeled by James McConnell

(Note: these messages were given during our weekly Prepare for Change group in Glendale, AZ on June 21, 2015)



I wanted to take a moment because this was, indeed, a planned exercise because we know there are still aspects to the relationship with mothers and fathers that are still hidden in corners. These are times for healing and these are times for forgiveness. These are times for self-forgiveness as well.

This is the time now that all come together on this day to honor the energy that fathers bring to this planet. And while there is much discussion of the Goddess Energy that has entered the planet there is many times that bad-mouthing, is that a word, I do not know, but bad-mouthing and reprimands of the male energy occurs. Many times the masculine energy, the patriarchal energy is associated with the negative. That is not what we desire.

We desire that the men and the women, the male and the female and all of the sexes in between and everywhere are coming together with an understanding, a forgiveness and a tolerance for one another. It is more common these days to see men and woman as true partners, true strong partners within relationships. Even within relationships that are not marital in nature but those relationships such as with Susan and James. There is a strong balance and an equality that is shared.

These are the types of relationships that are moving forward in the 5th dimension. The understanding of strength on both parts. The understanding that each has a role to play. And in the 5th dimension you will understand this more clearly because your roles will become more clear. There will be clearer communications with one another.

However, in the past there is still much to heal and much to love. This is a brief message to follow up on the exercise today. We will return with questions and answers and a closing at the end.

Let us prepare for “One Who Serves” and James by singing three “Ohms” please.

“Sugat Gu Ra R

Greetings to you. This is not who you thought was coming. We throw a monkey wrench into the works here! This is Sugat Gu Ra Ru. And I hail to you from the mountains in Tibet. Where I spend all of my time and some of you here have been with me before in what you would call a student –teacher relationship. And yes, you were the student! You were my chelas. And there were those times when we were together when you were experiencing and working with various aspects of raising your consciousness, just as you are doing now.

I can tell you that in those times when you were with me in a more stricter fashion you might say, more different, disciplined, something very foreign to you now. We do not see you in this lifetime being one who can sit in a lotus style position in a cave for hours and hours, sometimes days and weeks and even months at a time and meditate. I can tell you that you raised your consciousness in this way.

This time you are doing the same thing. It is just taking a little bit different route here, acknowledging that you have your everyday aspects here, your life to live. That life does not work together with the austere life which you had at those times.

At this time now, we would ask you and this has been coming, that you would continue to work with your thought processes. And raise your thoughts for as you raise your thoughts you raise your consciousness. As your consciousness raises your thoughts raise. And very soon you will find it is more and more difficult to have a negative thought.

When you have come to this point when you are no longer having negative thoughts or at least when you have one, you can push it out immediately. When you come to this point then you are moving closer and closer to your transition. Yes, the transition towards the Ascension Process. It is a process though. It is not an overnight sensation here. You will not be here one day and gone the next although there will be some who have more of that type of an experience. You have been told that everyone will have their own type of experience and yes, this is true.

And you in this group and many who are reading these words are in training to bring about the changes in yourself that can lead you to the point when the transition happens for you, for the entire planet, you will be in a position where you can be ready to go through it. You will not, have the aches and pains and the quandary that many will feel as to what is going on.

You will be experiencing it as a sense of bliss. A sense of wonderment. And you will be saying, “OK! I am ready. Take me now!”  Because that will be the feeling that you have. But in order to get to that point you have to first come to more and more of an understanding of your thoughts and how creative your thoughts are and how to control those thoughts as much as possible.

We say to you now every day, focus on this. Bring your thoughts into a more of an understanding that you are in control of the thoughts not the other way around. Because your thoughts create you. Every day your thoughts create that which is your life ahead of you. And as you move into the higher dimensions your thoughts will continue to create but they will be creating instantaneously.

So you have to prepare yourself for that eventuality when your thought manifests immediately. We would certainly not want some of your thoughts to manifest at this time in the higher vibrations. And the “One Who Serves” has told you it cannot be this way because there is a “fail safe” process here and this will keep this from happening but even so we want you to work on this every day. Feel your thoughts, experience your thoughts, and then take your thoughts into the higher vibrations with you. You will not want to stay in the lower vibrations with lower vibratory thoughts.

That is my message here at this time. I do not come to this group very often but when I get the chance and when there is the movement of consciousness within the group, it can call to me. This has happened. I have been called here to work possibly a little closer with you and to bring you closer and closer to what would be your own personal transition here.

I will not take questions. “One who Serves” will take care of that.

Shanti. Peace be with you.

“One Who Serves”

Greetings to you! “One Who Serves” here now to answer your questions with “Ashira” standing by here as well. We will say something at the end before “Ashira” comes in.

Would you have questions here for “One Who Serves” and “Ashira”?

Question: Several friends and others have had the inspiration to create their own language in symbols. I have written entire pages with symbols. When I went to the hospital recently, I spoke to people who have been seeing symbols appearing on their skin. What can you tell me about these experiences?

One Who Serves”:  We can tell you that you are experiencing that which we have been saying for some time now. Your memories will come back. Your understandings will come back. As to the deeper understandings as to where you hail from, where you come from, your system, your experiences prior to this. Even some of your past lifetimes are coming in. It is not so much at a conscious knowing level but it is a subconscious level that is feeding into the conscious level. You see?

So, that you may not understand what those symbols are and where they are coming from but yet they are there within you. As the time goes on here we are seeing that as you continue to work with this and this is the important thing that you continue to work with this, that these symbols will become more familiar to you. Then one particular day you will have this experience as you are reading these symbols or looking at them that it will come back to you what they are meaning. Okay?

Anything to add, “Ashira”? “No, splendid!”

Would there be other questions here?

Question: Í have a major question in my life. Since the plans have been initially made each girl has developed a major issue in life. Do you have any advice? I feel this is my last shot to be able to have some influence with them.

Ashira”: Yes. This was received (from “One Who Serves”).

We would just say to you as “One Who Serves’ would say, “Go with the flow”. If you are asked questions, you may give advice. We would share that giving advice without the question is part of that wall that you are striving to tear down. And that said, the problems that have developed in their lives is a subconscious way of them being able to come to you with a reason and allow this to play out the way it is meant to play out.

You are at this point in time given the opportunity to change what has happened in the past. For you to respond in such a way that they will not expect. And so if they present you with a problem and say, “What do you think I should do, Mother?” Remember what we have said in this group previously. Baby steps. Teaspoon full. Not the whole apple. Not the who game plan that they should follow to make it right. It is their’s to figure out.

You are right. It is time for you to move in new direction with those who have come to you I this lifetime and to be able to share with them as a mother who supports them and allows them to be who they are as they strive to meet their path.

So we feel you would have another question. What would that be?

Question: I don’t understand baby steps and not the whole apple. That might be one of my problems. I want to pick them up and carry them.

Yes. From one who understands that maternalistic urge we so much do want to see our children at any age in pain or confused. We believe that we have the answers and yet, each of these has their own strengths and their own answers. It will be an opportunity for you to allow all of those things to play out and to walk away after this month feeling much more accomplished as a parent and feeling that you have indeed accomplished that which you set out to do in this trip. We bless you!

“One Who Serves” would you add to that?

One Who Serves”:  Yes, we would add something here that you bring up the term, “this is your last shot”. This is not your last shot! No matter what happens As the “Event” and all of these things occur, you will continue to have experiences with your loved ones.

Please understand that when the “Event” happens and the “Ascension Process” happens it is not going to be taking your loved ones away from you, it is going to be adding to what you already have. It will make it more wonderful, not less wonderful. We know that this question has come up many times to many different sources. What will happen to those who are left behind? What if our children are left behind? What if our pets are left behind? Or whatever it might be?

That is not a concern at all. What would be to rip your loved ones out of your arms? How could that be wonderful? That is not to be. Do not think in terms of this is your last shot because whatever happens you will be with them again and again. Not in terms of reincarnation or anything of this nature but with them. And with them in a wonderful way. Not in the trials and tribulations that you have here in this 3D illusion. You see?

Time to put away the 3D’d expressions! Do as “Sugat Gu Ra Ru” said. Gain control of your thoughts. It is very important here. It is all part of the training we are bringing to you! How can you have negative thoughts when you think of going with the flow, Be the One, you see? All is purposeful.

Question: For the past 7 years I have been going through a lot. I was wondering if I am going in the right direction for healing.

One Who Serves”:  We understand your loss here and many would echo this same loss. Not specifically what you have gone through or are going through but loss in terms of those who are finding themselves estranged from those who were close. You may have had the friends before but they are no longer your friends. Or you were close to someone and no longer close to. That is because of the changes, because of the vibratory changes. Those who are changing in vibrations are now looking for others who are changing in vibrations.

It is the same as when you enter a room and there is much negativity. Let us say it is an office function or something of this nature and you walk in and everybody is down and negative. Do you want to stay there? No! You want to leave. You don’t want to be brought down by their negativity.

So you search for those who are at the same vibration as you or even higher vibration because it makes you feel better. That is what is occurring across the board here. Not only to this one who has asked the question but planetary-wise. There are many who are experiencing these changes where once they had these relationships and now they are gone. Whether it is job relationship or family relationships or friendships or whatever it might be. It is all changing and it is all purposeful.

Now to deal with this as you need to, that is what becomes difficult because you have what are called the familiars in your life. As you move through the transitions in your life as “Sugat” has spoken of, as you move through this transition the familiars in your life leave both at the physical level and at the spiritual level. New ones come in, new friends, new family relationships sometimes and even new pet relationships. Whatever that might be but it is the new and you are moving to the new. Think of it that way. Create it that way.

Know that you are moving on and everything that is happening to you now is being orchestrated by those who work with you directly. And know that there are many working with you! You see? Does this answer your question?

Anything you wish to add “Ashira”?

Ashira”:  We would add that you have asked about healing and are you on the right path. And as “One Who Serves” has said this is about release. Releasing the past. Not judging the past. Allow it to flow through you. Move into a consciousness of acceptance for the new. Move into a consciousness that forgives yourself and all others in your life. Move into a consciousness that everything that has happened has placed you in a exactly the place you are supposed to be even though it may not feel comfortable.

The judgment you seem to have in your speech about this situation, release that. Know that you are allowing life to flow in you and through you as it is meant to.

Becoming concerned about what types of healing will be best for you; this is a time of frequency of vibration. This is a time of thought processes taking you into the next dimension and those around you are pushing you into those directions. We would share that is the direction to be looking for the healing and the wholeness you seek. You are moving forward into it even as we speak and even though there are those that would tell you that you need this crystal or that potion this is not a time to become hung up on those things. This is time of self-improvement and wholeness and of affirming that you are an amazing being and that all things that come to you as you, in you and through you are all in perfect Divine Order. That will help you to be in the place that you are moving to and that you are welcoming.

Wonderfully said, “Ashira”. Are their any further questions than we will release the channel.

“One Who Serves’

Understand that as these times continue on and you continue to look upon being in the NOW, certainly in the NOW at all times for the present NOW is what is the most important. It is the journey you are on, not the destination. Yes, you eventually get to the destination you are looking for but then when you arrive there will be many more that will appear in front of you and that is life! That is the way it is.

To be in joy in the present moment and that is what is important to do. And the more you are in those thought processes that “Sugat Gu Ra Ru” spoke about here will bring you into the higher vibrations and keeping you there. That is the thing. Keeping you there. Many of you can have a wonderful thought and be in the higher vibration but the next thing you are back down again. Now you have to work on staying there. That is the more difficult here but that is the discipline that is necessary to find yourself in the higher dimensions and stay there and maintain there so you will be in the position to reach back and help your fellow human beings move forward.

That is all. Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the One.


I am “Ashira” and we are giving time to allow James to come back into his body and consciousness for he has a question for us today. We would share too that is a time where much is being revealed every day. More and more you will see these things occurring in what is called your mainstream. You will know that those who are to be awakened at this time in their 9-5 jobs, those who are to be awakened on the streets and in their homes. Their alarm clocks are going off more and more quickly. And you will see upon faces more and move visions of people who are confused. People who are fed up with the world because the world is a mess and they do not know where to look. And now, they are hearing about civilizations on other planets. They are hearing about other civilizations who have had their hands on this planet. The world, all of a sudden, seems larger and more mysterious. It is even expanding into the universe.

Yes, this is what you have been preparing for. They are the exciting times that you can be called into service at any given moment. At the grocery store, at the bank, in the office, in the park. Any place where there seems to be a conversation that starts with people who are confused, people who are wondering about what in the world is going on. These are your cues! These are what we have been preparing you for.

And we are very excited that all of you who are in this room, hearing us on the phones, all of those who are reading these words or hearing us around the world, are those who touch one another through the work that is being done through these two. We give you thanks because we know you are ready to move into action.

James, are you with us?

Question: Yes. Speaking of action here. I have a snippet of a dream. In this dream I knew that I was supposed to bring together the “rival groups or  factions”.  That memory came to me as I was driving back this morning  from Flagstaff as I did not remember it when I first woke up . Is there anything you can tell me?

It has much meaning on many different levels. It is part of the work that you and Archangel Michael have been working on for a very long time and you have had memories of some of those dreams. Bringing those of different forces into harmony has been that plan in that particular dimension but let us also bring it into this world for the work you have been prepared for here.

You have been an observer at this point in time, have you not? More than an action because the action has been in other dimensions, other places. However, the time is come that you will have very soon this awakening in yourself again. A whole new awakening as to who you are and what your purpose is.

Standing beside Archangel Michael on this planet for all those that are the minions of those who were at the top, they will continue to be troublemakers for a while. It is your recall that you will have to move you into your next position. This is what the dream was about. It is to help you to not be surprised when the shift happens for you and you realize that it is time to be called into service with Archangel Michael and those who are in service to him.

Now to bring together under his wings of love, grace and protection all of those on the planet who still thought they were in service to those who had something to give them and they had something to gain. But as they come to realize that they have no more to gain, that their world has shifted and they will be confused. They are looking for someone to serve and Archangel Michael and his forces will give them that particular direction. They will fall to their knees in gratitude.

How does that feel to you, James? Thank you very much.

Ashira”:  We know you are also in service to Lord Sananda. And to building the Twelve of Twelve and having those expand. And it may seem, in this moment in time from your seat, that it all seems too big, too broad, too overwhelming to conceive of but all of you will find that once the Event happens and the awakening comes to each of you, you will find yourself in many different duties. Serving as one of the Twelve of Twelve is there for each of you. You also will have callings into this world and the universe depending on who is receiving these messages.

This is the reason we have all been so excited. It is not just the shift into the Golden Age upon this planet. It is the shift into the true meaning of your lives and why you chose to be here at this moment in time to go through this process and to move into the future.

Does that make sense for each of you?

That is what we came to share today. We are so glad as always to be a part of the Sunday meetings in this group for we know that it reaches out into the world and that the mass consciousness of this planet is shifted again higher into frequency for the time you spend together as a group.

I give you all my love and all my peace. Namaste.

Channeled by James McConnell and Dr. Susan Sammarco
Article may be reproduced in its entirety if authorship and authors website is clearly stated

Lady Nada, Ashira, One Who Serves ( 1, 2 ) – As we cross this finish line, things have always been prophesied to get crazy. Know that is one of the signs that you are ready to cross – 6-17-15

Ascension 444

 One Who Serves #1 and #2 channeled by James McConnell

Lady Nada and Ashira channeled by Dr. Susan Sammarco

(Note: these messages were given during our weekly Prepare For Change group in Glendale, AZ on June 14. 2015)


“One Who Serves”

Greetings to you. Good to be here with you again in this way! We hope you enjoyed your trip here. It is your reality that you are creating here and we hope you are more and more to understand that. You have the capability, each and every one of you. You are God, each and every one of you. We are all God and we are all Creators here.

The more you come to understand that you will begin to more and more create that which you want to have, that which you wish your existence and your lives to be. And as you are creating your lives in front of you, you are creating those that will come after you as well. It is a grand adventure that you are upon here and have been for a very long time.

But as you are hopefully beginning to understand here, that adventure is not coming to an end, it is only just beginning because there is so much ahead here and we can only begin to give you these glimpses of this but you yourselves are having these glimpses as we are finding here as you are beginning to work more and more with your Light Mental body. That you are having these understandings that there is this sense of you that is not outside of yourself that is a part of you that is there to assist you, there to be a part of you and create with you. You just need to allow it to be with you and to know it is there. When you know it is there, it cannot not be there. Allow for this process. Continue to allow for it.

Now for those who are continuing to experience various levels of pain, not only physical, that is also there, but in terms of emotional pain that you are experiencing those pains from loved ones, those who are coming close to the end of their time here. They are close to the end of their contracts that they have created, that they have been living and moving toward. We would say to you to allow them to have their space, allow them their letting go process that they must go through.

And yes, as someone in the group said, the more you hold on to them the more they hold themselves here. Let go people! Let go. Let it happen. Let it be whatever it is going to be. It is all part of the orchestration. Those that pass from this world into the higher realms, to the other dimensions you might say. They are moving on with their journey. They are moving on and they will experience bliss beyond anything you can imagine here at this point.

Although we hope you are beginning to get an idea of the bliss that is in front of you, that you are moving toward because this is just the beginning my brothers and sisters! It is just the beginning of the great changes that are coming and changes are here and moving now toward the various expressions that we have been speaking of for some time.

It is all about to break loose! It is all about to move forward. You, those of you, that are preparing for this, you are in the forefront. You are the ones that are going to be experiencing these changes as these waves of energy come through and you feel the bliss. You say, “Is this it? Is this the Event? Is this the Ascension process?”

And we would say, “Yes. This is it as it is happening.” But as you are beginning to understand their will be many who will be flummoxed. They will not understand what is going on. They will reach out to those of you that are being prepared to be those teachers, those ones who come forward. Those ones who can be the mentors. Yes, you will have your own mentors, that is true. You will have those who come forward to assist you but as we have said you will be the mentors to others. They will become mentors to others to and so on and so on. Those who are preparing to become the teachers will be the teachers and prepare the new teachers to come after them and on and on.

So be of good cheer my people, my brothers, my sisters. It is all coming together. It is all coming together. So just be a little patient a little while longer. We know it becomes more and more difficult as the times go on but we also feel the excitement mounting within you. Do you not feel the excitement mounting within yourselves? Do you not feel the sense of something is coming?  You feel it. You know it and it is just seemingly beyond your reach but we can tell you now it is within your reach. It is already here. Just reach out your arms. Reach out your hands and move your fingers through and into the higher dimensions, higher vibrations that are just there, just there. You will reach to them.

As you believe it is there, as you believe your Light Mental body is real, as you believe these glimpses you are getting are real, the more you believe it the more you will see it! It cannot be any other way. Allow for it. Go with the flow. For if you go with the flow and allow yourself to move, down the stream, away from the banks do not cling onto the banks any longer, let yourself go into the stream. Let the stream take you and it will take you into faraway places within your dreams, within your reality as you are creating it.

That is our message here at this time. We will entertain questions here to the One Who Serves and to Ashira who is standing by with us here.

Question: David Wilcock made a statement that small groups, like ours can reduce terrorist actions by 70% through meditation. Can you verify that?

OWS”:  YES! That is what you were doing today. You were doing this as a group but understand that you, yourselves, as a group begin to do these processes (and you have been doing them for some time as we work with you in this way) that as you do them you are more than just the ones in this group. You are more than just the ones in this group here and those in “phoneland”. (Conference call attendees) You are much more than this.

As you do these experiences and send these vibrations out, do they not go out into the Universal Consciousness? These vibrations make it all the way into the collective consciousness. And then another will pick up on this vibration, this thought, this process and will move it through them and it will move into another and another.

Even though it feels like it is just this tiny group, you are influencing millions of people, not only on your website and your Internet but just in vibration alone, millions. So whenever groups come together in this way, where “two or more are gathered in my name, so shall I be there amongst them”. Was that not what Yeshua said? That was what he was experiencing and that was what he was referring to.

The energies that are created by one or two or three or a few of you are creating the vibrations moving out such as the centrifugal force of the rock hitting the pond. You see, and the waves moving out.  Does this answer your question? Yes.

Question: Earlier today someone mentioned that we are manifesting more quickly. Can you make any suggestions to help us avoid manifesting things we might regret?

OWS”:  Yes. We can help you with this because as you are moving more and more into the higher vibrations. The various thoughts you can have are being minimized. You cannot have there the various thoughts you have had in the previous vibrations.

That is not to say you will not have these fleeting thoughts because you can have this but they will have less and less effect. At the higher vibrations negative thoughts cannot be. There is a “fail safe process” for what would be if those that vibrate at the higher levels into the 5th dimension to then bring their negative thoughts with them. You see?

There is a “fail safe” that keeps this from happening and those that would have those thoughts will maintain more and more in the 4th dimensional aspect. At times they will move into the 5th dimension and even higher and then they will move back and move up but eventually they will be anchored. Much as you have anchored yourself much more into the 4th dimension. We’ve got news for you. Many of you have moved out of this three dimensional world and are largely operating in the higher vibrations NOW.

That is not to say that those things cannot bring you back, they can, your everyday world tends to call you back and you come back and go through your various experiences. Are you not finding yourselves in those higher vibrations more and more? Feeling the bliss and the experience of doing this? People, the more you feel this bliss and these experiences, the more you want to be there, do you not?

So, it is the feeling. Feel it! Experience it! Move into those higher vibrations and you will stay there longer and longer and longer. This, my friends, is the Ascension process. You see? Does this answer your question? Yes.

Is there anything you wish to add here, Ashira?

Ashira”:  I would add that there was a discussion last week about the removal of time. You see time passing faster and faster. You note that the beginning of the week seems like yesterday and yet, it is again tomorrow. Times have been moving faster.

That is one of those safeguards that has also been removed with manifestations. As our friend shared earlier, he brings the thought to his mind about, “sweet, graceful rain” and it appears in the sky without clouds or vicious storms. That is also what is occurring in your lives. As you think about things with this 5th dimensional understanding, with kind heartedness, with compassion you see these things into manifestation.

This is where we have been bringing you along all of this time. Now you are in the right mindset to send your thoughts into the world with even more conviction sending them with compassion. You send out peace, the dropping of weapons and the movement of the whole human race as a family exactly where you are and where you are going. Thank you.

OWS”:  Wonderful, Ashira. Do you not feel the excitement people? Do you not feel the excitement in our voice here? Do you not feel the energies moving and growing? Because it is so close now! We can feel it! We can experience it! We can SEE it now!

Before we could not because consciousness was constantly changing and creating the shifts and all of this and those of the Cabal were doing their shenanigans and holding things off and doing this and that. But they are becoming more and more powerless to do anything here! Look out and look at what is happening! Your entire world could have exploded many times over but it did not. Your entire world could have experienced a pandemic that would have been created in the laboratory, has been created in the laboratories but have they spread? No!

It is the time now. It is time for all of these things you have come here for, that you have volunteered to come into this life and all the many lifetimes you have been experiencing, moving to this very time! You can look back at those times in Lemuria where you were all there! You knew these times were coming over you. These Dark Times. You knew though at that moment that it would end at some point and that you all be together again. We speak of all of the Lightworkers now, all coming together, once again. You would be there to experience the new Golden Age coming over this Earth and within this Earth once again!

We are on our soap box today but we are so excited about this! You have no idea!

Question: Is anyone here smelling the strong smell of incense and/or essential oils in this room? What is that?

Ashira” Lady Nada has entered the room. While the meditation was taking place to bring a message to you. That is an essence she brings to you to help you become aware of her presence. Thank you for noticing.

Question: Did anyone notice the depth of sound coming into the room, kind of like a gong? Small chatter takes place.

Ashira”:  One Who Serves, Lady Nada is happy to wait her turn until you have spoken and had all questions answered.

OWS” Yes. Any more questions?

Question: Is the Light Mental Body the same as the “I AM” presence.

OWS”:  What a wonderful question. The “I AM” presence is you. The “I AM” presence is the entire totality of who you are. Please understand that there are so many levels of this. It is somewhat difficult to help one understand this in words and certainly in your 3D language here. It can be communicated in the higher vibrations in terms of telepathy and a knowing.

The “I AM” presence is a knowing that comes over one as they are moving up in vibration. The more one moves up in the higher vibration the more they feel this “I AM” presence. They feel this sense of who they are beyond the physical body you are in now. You see? The Light Mental Body is a portion of this “I AM” presence. Just as the Light Mental Body is a part of the total expression of the higher self and the highest self we would say here.

Does this make sense to you? Anything else to add, Ashira?

Ashira”:  No. Splendid job!

Question: When all of those Ascend on the planet what will happen to those who have been placed in lower dimensions? Will they be released?

Ashira” Thank you. Brother Moses. Thank you for the question. Does this come from religions you have been involved with or is this from something you are noticing on the planet at this time?

Comment: This comes from my work colleague. He is concerned about some relatives that have passed on.

Ashira”:  OK. It was important for me to understand your frame of reference here for if it was not part of YOUR being asking this we needed to know that.

This one, again, take the message back to your friend, that he has nothing to fear. There will not be a raising of the bones on the entire planet as has been proposed by those of a particular belief system. These people have been in the Divine Realms, the heavenly realms as you would know them. They have been going through their schooling, they have been going through their education, they have been going through an understanding of their lives, what they have done and what they will be doing for their future.

Tell him that he can safely and freely release all of these. We have had many discussions in this group about others who have not turned to the light in this lifetime and so we did not believe that was where you were coming from. We do understand this situation though. Please assure him that they are doing the work they need to do in the heavenly realms and they have no attachment to that body that is in the Earth or in the catacombs. That is free and released and they are on their ways to other adventures. Does that make sense, Sir? Yes.

Question: My brother stayed here 40 days where the energy is really good. He went back (to India) and now has all the diseases I can think of and I am wondering if this is the time he will leave?

Ashira” Those of us who are in service to you and with you and are sharing with you, we do not have conversations about whether or not it is time for someone to leave, however, I will address a couple of things you have shared.

First of all, forty days. Is that not a spiritual number? I heard this and we share here that it was a time for his awakening to his spiritual journey and strengthening. How wonderful that you were able to provide that safe environment within your own home. To boost him, to share with him. To open him!

Those things he is experiencing once he returned home is part of the “vasana”. You know this and spoke of it earlier today. Did you not? These are opportunities for him to know, to see and to release. Your support is of supreme importance because you can bring an understanding to him about these things. As we have discussed in this group, this is the onion with the skin being pulled away. Getting more and more to the core.

On the outside are the emotional issues, the physical issues, mental issues, all types of issues and having come back to India from the spiritual retreat, the spiritual journey in your home, he now has the opportunities to cleanse, release and to know his own strength. That is his journey. To come to know his own strength not to be swayed by those around him, by the culture around him, by the religions around him. For him to KNOW his “I AM” presence. “IAM that I AM” and to be able to work through this with clarity and understanding that increases day by day by day. Does this assist you, Brother?  Yes. Thanks a lot!

Would you have more to say, One Who Serves?  No, you did a wonderful job.

Question: This is about the Law of Karma and the Law of Free Will. Is there one that is of a higher authority?

OWS”:  Yes. We can answer this. As far as higher or lower that is not in question here. The Law of Free Will is throughout this particular universe here. And the idea of karma is not exactly what you have been educated to believe what it is. It is not the “eye for an eye” or anything of this nature. It is has been changed into this. It has been manipulated into this. But it is not that one has to live through all their karma before they can ascend. This is not the case.

We know that you have been taught this. Many of your religions teach this but the truth is going to be revealed. So let that come. It is coming. But as far as karma, it is over! This is not going to be the case! When the Event occurs, when this energy wave comes, this love energy moves through the entire planet, as this happens it is not going to be that one cannot feel this vibration and they cannot move with the vibration because they are held back by their karma. That is NOT the case at all. For at that very moment one can say, “I am done with this! I am moving on now! I wish to experience the higher presence of myself, the “I AM” presence of myself.

Or whatever words they would want to use. It is the feeling that comes over them. So as that moment happens and it is a decision THEN. All karma that anyone knows, it is gone! You see? Even the Cabal, those various ones that we could name each and you know who they are, even those ones can say, “I am done with this. I wish to come over to the Light!”

And it would be done! You see? They do not have to dot every “I” and cross every “T” here. That is not so. So, please people let this idea go! It is no longer a process here. It is no longer a part of your expression as you are moving into the higher vibration here. There is no idea of karma at the levels from where you are speaking that is in the higher vibrations. You see? Does this answer your question? Yes. I am grateful. Thank you very much!

Anything to add, Ashira?

Ashira” No, it was perfect and filled with the passion I would have brought to it as well!

Question: Is this process a conscious release? We do not wish to participate at that level?

OWS”:  Yes. In respects it is a conscious release at the three dimensional level. But it is also at a higher vibration within people. It is a decision that is all the way from higher self to what you might call the lower self here. You see?

Question: What whispered in my ear is that it is a choice to let go of that. I still believe that if  we cause harm or difficulty to another will give rise to a similar situation in our own lives.

OWS”:  Yes. Yes. You will lose the propensity to commit those acts, as you have said. You can look at this as this wave of energy comes across and those who at the frequency of this energy can look at those who are still not at those higher vibrations yet but want to be. There will be forgiveness. There will be a letting go. No longer and eye for an eye because that is the old paradigm. This is the paradigm you grew up in but that is not the new way!

Please, people, let all of this go! We beg you! Let it all go and forgive. There will be those revealings that will have your 3d ego say “get them” they must be punished. But the higher vibrations will be saying, “No. Forgive them for they know not what they do.” You see?

Question: And when we forgive the recipient of the forgiveness moves into the higher dimensions? Yes! Wonderful. Should we not move beyond the idea of arrests?

OWS”: Arrests and these types of things are for the 3D world to feel this revealing, to allow for this expression to come through. It is not for those moving into the higher vibrations and have moved there. You see? There are so many out there calling for these arrests. It is all being orchestrated here!

Question: I just wanted to make a point of clarification. We are off the Karmic Wheel but there is cause and effect. Correct? If we violate a Universal Law, the response is  very rapid.

Ashira”:  If you kick the cat, you are going to stub your toe! Yes. We understand and we make a little light of this. The time frames have been taken off and if there is something done with intent and that intent is not positive, there is going to be instant karma. We don’t use the word karma anymore but it is much to what you have shared. Karma is more about past lives, coming again, paying for what we have done and all of those things that came with history and religions. We are indeed off that wheel! We are not playing that game any longer. However, if you kick the cat, you will stub your toe on the wall. Remember that!

Thank you for your input!

 OWS #2

Greetings to you! We just want to jump in here and share just a little bit about what is coming here for your Advance. We are so looking forward to this. Deeply at work to create the experience you will have there. As we have been working on this experience and have for some time now,  now as the date is set and is fully secured, now that has happened we can move more fully forward in what is to be expected there.

You are going to have a wonderful experience! And there are going to be some surprises as “Ashira” has said. And those of you who are in the wonderful land of phone here are going to be have this as a way to experience this as well because you are going to have the opportunity to join those that are there in your conference call like this. You can have this experience you see!

We just wish to say how excited we are and are ready to move forward too with all that is happening and to see your expression on your faces.

That is all. Shanti! Peace be with you. Be the One!


Lady Nada

As Ashira shared with you earlier when I entered the room. I whispered in Susan’s ear when she took her rest stop between the two parts of your meeting. Indeed, I do have something to share with the team here today.

My beloved, Sananda and I, shall be at the Advance (formerly called a retreat – August 21-24) and you will be able to visit with us and we have great things we wish to share with you and organize for movement into a whole new level of experiences and plans.

He is off and away today in many different meetings around the world. What I would share with you is that first, I bring you Love. I bring you Peace.

Part of your job at this time is to focus on the good. Turn people back to positive things. There are so many different messages. Those who were in power are striving to cause many “hiccups” around the world. So many messages that make people wonder. Is this real? Those of you in this time and this place and in the place of your understanding have learned to turn your eyes away from much of this but every once in a while it catches you too. It brings you back into this 3D world to ask, is this really real?

Keep your thoughts high, Brothers and Sisters. Keep your thoughts high. Fear not. Do not look at all of those different messages. Do not let them take you Astray. Sananda and I are here embracing each of you. Whispering in your ears and keeping your eyes toward heaven. Keeping your eyes to the Ascension process.

We know that many of you check the websites and the various methodologies of reading, looking for messages that are different than those you receive here but when you do that sometimes you land upon a site that has very different messages or very different thought or very different downloads that you receive.

We love you. We have been ministering to you and with you. It is our desire to continue to hold you close to our breasts and continue to walk with you hand in hand into the future. For you have chosen and you are chosen.

This is an important time. Everything is boiling to the surface. As a pot boils, all of the bubbles break at the top. So many people are sources you are following. Some of those are going to break away and you will see them differently as you see their agendas revealed. As you see the information they brought to you as not true.

This is not to concern you. It is not to make you afraid. It is to help you become more and more aware. Listen to the voices. Listen to all of us who have been with you and are with you. Listen for the funny, little Tibetan voices (OWS) in your ears. We know that has happened to some of you! Listen to Ashira’s voice in your ears. Listen to all of those who have come to serve you, both those who have spoken and those who have not. Listen to them.

As we cross this finish line, things have always been prophesied to get crazy. Know that is one of the signs that you are ready to cross!

We bring this to you in love and peace. I am Lady Nada. I bring you the life and a heart full of Love. We look forward, Sananda and I, to sharing with you at the Advance. Thank you.



I am Ashira and I will just say thank you for your time today, your presence today, your energies today. For we know that this an exciting time and we can see that. We know it is harder for you to see this. Keep your eyes uplifted and do whatever you can do to keep yourself in that space of expectation, of anticipation and of Love and Light.  We are here to do that with you as we walk with you each day.

Again, bringing you a heart full of love, peace and blessings. Namaste.


Channeled by James McConnell and Dr. Susan Sammarco
Article may be reproduced in its entirety if authorship and authors website is clearly stated


WE ARE ALL ONE – ADAMA, The Guardian of New Music of the Realms – One Who Serves and Ashira – Channeled by James McConnell and Dr. Susan Sammarco – 5-27-15

hollow earth

Adama, of Hollow Earth

 The Guardian and Ashira channeled by Dr. Susan Sammarco   –   Adama and OWS channeled by James McConnell   –    These messages were given during our weekly Prepare For Change groupin Glendale, AZ on May 24, 2015


“The Guardian of New Music of the Realms”

I spoke with you maybe two months ago. We had not long been here on this planet. There have been those who have picked up on the new energy upon the planet. Of course, there are those who would say that it has to do with this or it has to do with that. We don’t know what it is but it is new. We have spoken to some but MORE it is the message that gets through and into the collective consciousness of this planet.

We have been seen in the skies when those known as chemtrail pilots have sprayed their contents expecting to have the same consequences but they have not. We have come in behind them. We have come behind them to shift their energies, to shift that which they spray turning it into something merely mists that is water in the skies. We have turned them into cloud beings. We have turned them into angels and birds. We have turned them into symbols for some.

We do this because we love you and we are you. That indeed is one of the parts of the messages that you have come to learn more and more each day. You are not separate! There is no truth to that. You are not separate from one another. You are not separate from the Mother. You are not separate from the bees and the birds and the animals. Or the waters or the land. You are one with all who are known as “Ascended Masters”. You are known as “Archangels”. You are one with all! And the Galactics too!

And what is that “Oneness? It is that truth of your being that you are here indeed! To love. To experience. To be in joy. To be light. And some of these things we have been able to gift to those upon the planet. I have been singing at the peak of my voice to share the tune others that they may pick it up in the collective and move forward with new songs. I have been able to sing songs that are angelic to some. You will find in your “YouTube” as we see it in this world that you will find more and more postings of songs of the angels. They are not songs of the angels; they are songs of the Guardians! It is all right that these are called songs of the angels for if you but listen to these you will hear these of which we speak.

What are the new songs for? They are to bring to you the patterns, the scores, those things that continue to be downloads into your physical body as well as into those other bodies that you have in this life stream, You are an amazing being and all of these things that are happening to you and through you are being supported, at least in one way, by the songs that have been brought to you at this time. And there are songs that will be picked up by those who are spiritual song and music makers and you will hear the difference of the tunes and difference of the words.

We have attempted to encourage this one to share our music with you. We have yet to be successful in getting her to let go enough to share the music with you but do know that there will be a time in the future when this group too shall be singing new songs and new tunes.

This is a time of joy. Let go! Let go of all of those things that do not seem to be of joy, do not seem to be of love or peace. For those are of the old and we are here to help with the new. New dreams. New consciousness. The new music. The new!

Last time we visited with you, we took you other places to see other worlds in their manifestations. We took you as the Guardians. You can imagine us in much the same way that “One Who Serves” comes to you. We are One in consciousness and yet there are parts of us that are one in themselves. It may not make sense in this moment but we know it shall in the next.

We will be here to give “Ashira” answers if questions come forward for us from that section of this day. We will continue to smile with you and bring you cloud formations in the skies to assure you we are near. We invite you to thank us from your cars as you are driving. Thank us and ask us for a cloud that you would like to see. Perhaps it is a dragon or perhaps it is unicorn or perhaps it is a heart. Communicate with us. Believe us! See what happens. See the gifts in the skies with that consciousness that we share. And know that we are near. This is one of our ways of communicating more directly with you.

Please do not think that you are just one of billions upon the planet. Know that you are loved. Know that you are heard. Know that you are doing all that you are to be doing at this time and so much more is to come. That will be a joyful time and a joyful thing.

We bring this to a close and we will join you in the singing of the “ohms” so that our brother, James, might be able to go forth to in order to allow those that serve through him might come through. Thank you. Blessings of plenty. We are so thankful for you!

Comment: The skies have been beautifully clear of chemtrails lately and I want to thank you for your part!

Thank you so much! More and more of those who are down in the ladder, let us say, are getting the messages not to spray, not to do this anymore. There are changes about! There are changes afoot!

What our job is is to take those things that have been sprayed and encourage you! Thank you for sharing the blessing! Know that if ANYTHING is in the skies, we are RIGHT on it and transmuting it into good. Thank you!


“One Who Serves”

Greetings to you. As we say, here just to pave the way and we bring the one who is standing by here.



This is “Adama”. It is so wonderful to be with you, my brothers and sisters, once again. For this group finds a fondness within my heart because of who you are. As I gaze around this room and peer upon your faces, and yes, I can do that, for I am very much here with you in your presence. And as I look upon your faces and feel your vibrations within you I feel the connection and I wonder if you also feel the connection with me, because we have been together many times before, you and I.

We are once again drawn back at a time that is fast approaching, those times that we spoke about a long time ago. If you look deep within you and search within your memories now you may remember the conversation that we had. The one when we knew all was going to go to darkness but that the light would shine through once again. When that shone through once again, we would be together and we would be part of this grand undertaking that is afoot now.

For there are many things that are changing, many things that are happening and yet, still behind the scenes in some respects but there is much that is coming forward now. Much that is being revealed in all of your various sources, your media, your movies etc. All of these things are coming together at a moment we spoke of a long time ago. We knew we would all be back together once again when we knew that those of us who reside within the Earth would join those of you who stand upon the surface.

That time is now. That time we spoke of at that time, we are entering in this moment. Many of us from within the Earth have come forth now in various ways. Some even in a physical body and we have infiltrated within you. Not to spy upon or anything of this nature but to integrate our vibration into yours, to bring us together at a higher vibration. Because that is what is necessary to bring us together, a higher frequency. It is all about frequency and in order for us to be together in a physical body, your frequency must raise. Yes, we can bring our’s down some but we will not do this to the point of finding ourselve’s inside this 3D vibration. You must come up to us to meet us!

And you are doing that! That is why we are here and that is why this infiltration is happening now. And very soon to be the full emergence of those of us to be ready to stand next to our brother and sister as we did  before.

You are dear to me. More than you can possibly know at this time but again, if you search within your memories and they are there for you to reach now, they are being opened to you if you would but look at them. Remember those times in Lemuria in the Mother Land where life was grand beyond anything you could envision at this time. But there is an inkling, there is that small remembrance coming up within you of those times together and what our lives were like in that Golden Age.

We return together as One once again. You and I and all of those that are prepared, that the times are coming, before and after “the Event” and all of the events that make up “The Event”. We are going to find ourselves together and close as we once were.

It is wonderful to be here to share with you. And as you have been hearing, soon we will be together in a more physical matter in this sharing process. All of my peace with you, Adonai.


“One Who Serves”

Greetings to you once again. Yes, it is the “One Who Serves” with this funny accent coming to you. Not so funny though to Mahendrin and Raj! Raj, welcome back here. Good to have you back with us to continue this process. There are those who have been working with you who have guided you back here to this group. And it is important that you find yourself back here and you will understand this more and more as we go on here. As you have heard many times, much is happening, much is going on and there is much to be revealed very shortly.

You will continue living your daily lives and having your processes unfold but you continue to go with the flow, right? Yes! Always go with the flow and let it be what it is going to be. Because, before you know it will become so much more than what  is in your wildest imagination and your wildest dreams are going to be revealed and realized.

And we can tell you this, as the “Guardian” said, the chemtrails are rapidly retreating now because what was a part of that program is coming to a close, coming to a finish now. It is not to say that you will not see one here and there but you have been aware and we think you look at the skies and you have seen less of this, have you not? This is not only here but all over the world, in many respects. These projects are coming to an end because the money is drying up. And those that are being paid for this are not going up for nothing. And this is happening and it is coming to a close because it is time. It is time for those behind all of this to come forward and take their medicine because that is what is going to happen.

They are going through a process now where they are holding on to the bitter end. But they know the time has come. They now know this is at an end. They have known this for a very long time. They have known that this Ascension process was going to be the end of understanding of life as they have it. It is the beginning of a new life, a new age, a new Golden Age. It is also, as the “Adama” said, it is the remembering of the old Golden Age. The one in the past that most of you were a part of in various points. You have come together once again to be a great part of this new age, this new beginning. Finding yourselves freed from all the various stresses that you have had and some continue to have. We understand that as you are having these stresses you are looking at them in a different light, not so much stresses but now in gratitude for what could have been but was not because you are already operating at a higher vibration. This is not only for the one who shared this story this day but for all of you here and all who resonate to these words, this is for all of you. Because you are all a part of this great program, this great process, and the time has come for you to settle back and watch the fireworks. There are going to be grand fireworks!

There is going to be a great party and a great celebration. Just a little while longer, as you go through and live your life, and it is very important that you do live your life. Do not let go. You must continue in it until there is no more need to! And you will know when that moment arrives. Until then, do everything you can to raise your vibrations at every moment. Be in the moment in every NOW moment. Know that as you are living your life in the NOW the past will no longer be important and the future will no longer bring stress upon you. Know that stress is causing the physical abnormalities that are still continuing on within the body. It is the relieving of stress and the letting go and the going with the flow that will bring your body into a complete unification with mind, body and spirit.

Anyone who is continuing to use those expressions of the medical sciences that are very much in many aspects poisoning the physical bodies. Do all that you can to move away from this medical  science and move into the natural health and natural living. This is what you must work toward. Find a way from these various poisons and yes, they are poisoning your bodies. We are not saying completely let go. We are not saying go completely “cold turkey”. Let it go as much as you can. Wean yourself off these medications. Find yourself in nature as much as possible. Drink pure water. If it is not pure, purify if yourself with your Light Mental Body. That is one thing you can use it for, to purify the water.

There are many things you can do to cleanse the body and we would even say, if it is possible, to go through a cleanse process. There are many ways of doing this and there are many aspects of this. Find one that works for you. If it is a total cleanse then go for it. If it is a minor cleanse, do that. Go more and more to purge the body of all of those poisons that have been within it. Allow the vibrations within your body to purify the body, the emotions, all of this. Be at perfect unification with body, mind and spirit. Bring it all together! OK?


We are going to answer questions here. “Ashira” is standing by as is the “Guardian” to answer questions through “Ashira” and “Adama” possibly even.

Question: Thank you for the mention of the energies! Many of us have been dealing with the energies coming in. What can you tell me about the negative energies I was attacked with?

OWS: My dear sister, let me put you at ease right here and right now. You are not being attacked! No one in this room, in this group can be attacked in this way anymore. There are not those negative forces that can come in you because you are protected. You are protected by those who work with you and you are protected by your own individual barriers that you have put up.

Have you not worked with your Merkaba? Yes. Have you not worked now with your Light Mental Body? Yes. Know that is protection enough. Because of the vibrations that are out across the entire planet there is very little they can attack because vibrations are becoming too high. Those “negative” vibrations cannot interfere with the higher vibrations. You see?

You are completely at ease! Know that what is going on with you is a changeover, a shift in the process here. You have heard many times that your bodies are changing, have you not? Your bodies are changing from carbon to crystalline. Your DNA process is evolving as well and as you go through this there will be those aches and pains and those seeming “attacks”. It is simply a shift. If you look at it this way, as a shift, and a shift into the higher vibrations. It will pass each time and you will find yourself more and more at the higher vibrations and remaining there.

Yes, you will be experiencing more of the “lifting up process” seemingly like you are lifting out of your body. For in many ways is that not what you want? No one is going to disappear. When your vibrational raise happens, especially at the time of the “Event” and after, there will be more and more that sensation of seemingly disappearing. That is because of the raising of the vibration and those that did not raise up, will not see you anymore. That is yet going to happen at some point but you will be able to turn around and come back but not in the sense of being back in the third vibrations and being trapped again. Once you raise fully in the next dimensions you won’t have the feeling of being trapped as you feel now. Does this answer your question? Yes. So much.! Anything you wish to add, Ashira?

Ashira:  No. We have been watching the energy fields and we see as each one continues to make the Ascension Journey. This is the reason that those in this group are here. As you experience these and understand them, you are then available and part of the force that moves out into the world as others experience these types of things with the “Event”. You will be able to be there to assist them, to explain to them so that they might move forward with more ease.

You are the warriors on the path, the “Light Warriors” on this Ascension Journey that St. Germain spoke of at the Advance. As he said, “This is not for sissies. This is tough work”.  One of the reasons we enjoy working with this group so much is that you enjoy working with one another and supporting one another, understand one another and laugh your way through it after you step back a moment. Is that not correct?

Comment: Very much so. I keep getting that I cannot teach and cannot lead unless I am willing to experience this first.

Question: I wanted to know why I came back (to the group after a long absence).  I have had that question in my mind for some time (which had already been answered in an earlier part).

OWS: Funny how that happens! We do not read your minds! This is not the process that is occurring. We do not move into your privacy but we do pick up on your vibrations. We, all of us working with this group and to all of those who resonate to these words we are very much aware of you at all times. By your vibration we know you! And we know where you are at any given moment within that vibration and frequency. Where you are on the path towards Ascension. OK?
Other questions here?

Question: I feel so blessed to be here. My vibration is different and how the clutter of my life is being removed. I am able to be the being I truly am. Is there something you can tell me about my life?’

OWS: Yes. We can see a picture here. You are looking forward. See the entire pathway opening up for you. See things opening up for you. That the space is opening up. There are no more dark corners there for you. We know that they have been there in the past but there is a wide open space now. What is the song? You can see clearly now! The rain is gone and there are no obstacles in our way! Nothing but clear skies! Yes, that is what we want you to have a picture of now. You see this? That will help you to go forward.

Ashira:  We would just say that as you move forward in creating this new being that “OWS” talks about, if you have a bump in the road, move through the bump and don’t look back, move forward. Be nice to yourself, forgive yourself. That is a part of the process on your journey. That is a little nugget we would drop in, in addition to that which OWS shared.

OWS:  Very good. You get lots of “golden nuggets” from us, do you not? You could make a good book about the sayings and messages we share. But not for this life. Not for the next one either. You will see!

Question: This person having issues with regulators in her car and now in her refrigerator. What is the significance of the regulators?

OWS: We can see here that there are various circumstances that are happening in this one’s life that are leading her in various directions and movements in certain ways that are bringing about many changes, mental, physical, emotion and spiritual as well. These process that are happening are bringing about what you might call obstacles in a sense in the terms of things breaking down. This is the breakdown of the old ways, the breaking down of the old ways and the bringing in of the newer processes that are coming upon her.

The new regulator is bringing about, this was the Higher Self’s way of pointing out that your life is being regulated, it is being orchestrated in the way in needs to go. Everything is happening for a reason. You are going through this, as the window fell down and would not work anymore, the regulator brought this back up. It brought back up, your process, to bring you to the next level of being. Not that you are going to get a  new car or anything, but it brought you back to being fully functional again. You see?

And the refrigerator in the same way. Nothing deep or symbolic but you know that your life is being regulated by your Higher Self. Being orchestrated. You see?

Question: The hieroglyphics that came across my TV during a commercial. Can you address this with any specific meaning it might have?

OWS: We cannot give you the meaning of the symbols because they are varied but we can tell you why it was going on there, what occurred. Understand that it was a glimpse. A brief glimpse not from the “Powers that Were” but from the Light Forces you might say.

These ones sent this message out as a subliminal message. It was not meant for many to see as you have and as you have recorded it and all of this. It was sent as a subliminal message to all of those who were tuned to that show at that time so they would have this message go into their consciousness to be ready, to prepare. That there are changes coming here. It was done as a preliminary here. Just more will be able to see it and eventually it will come to those who will share this on your Internet. At some point it might become “viral” as it can be found throughout the Internet as it occurs more.

Question: Did the date May 11th mean anything? Did Mother Earth go into 5th dimension?

OWS: That is a different question to answer because she has been in 5th dimension previously during the shift of 2012 time. But there is a continuing process that is going on here too. She continues to leave the 3D program open but it will not be much longer. When the moment comes in what you call the “Event” you will find that this is the complete movement and shift for Gaia herself and for all of those ready to come with her. As well as all of those who are staggering behind who will be assisted by those of you who go forward. Does that answer your question? Anything more, “Ashira”?

Ashira:  We find that this one straddles many worlds, do you not? You know this on some levels and some not! This vision was not by accident! It is for you to continue to have an aspect that knows the reality of these changes. It talks to that part of you that is the rationing side, that part of you that is the reasoning side. And it gives you an audience with this group that helps give you credit!

Take this knowing that this is a gift. You have been selected to hear and to see and to capture. As this continues to unfold, as “OWS” shared, you will find yourself in a similar position. Is it not wonderful that you have the technology to stop and capture this? Not all in this room have that but it is part of that which you have received at this point in time to have what you need at your disposal to capture these words.

It is easy to hold on to or capture a date that disappoints. That is the reason that those who are assisting you and helping you have moved away from the use of dates. Because it is too hard to watch you as dates pass by and you try to put a meaning to those dates. If you look at this to see if the card held before you can be retransmitted, that in itself is an amazing thing! We are so glad that you are in that position.

We look forward to hearing others in this group report that they too, received a transmission. Let us see if that happens for not one TV show but for a variety of TV shows that you are watching are listening to. Others may not have the same storage abilities but each can share. Would that be of assistance to you? Blessings.

Question: I have a question about the Kundalini energies, is it just for a few or is it changes in all of us?

OWS: That is a wonderful question and we will attempt to give you an answer that makes sense. Understand that in the past, the Kundalini energies have been worked with by those in the Eastern influences in their way of doing meditation and all of this and yoga and more. The Kundalini rising would take them through the shift, through their Kundalini process.

But the Kundalini will rise in all of you but it is not to be worked with in a similar way that has been done many thousands of years in what is called the “Ancient Mysteries” or the ancient knowledge. Now it is to be worked with in the ways we have worked with you here.  We have not expected you to go into a cave and sit for days, weeks or months in meditation. That is not for you and your physical bodies cannot handle this. But your DNA changes, your Light Mental Body, your Pineal Gland, all of these are being done in more of the Western civilization here. Being done to assist your particular make-up, your physical bodies and emotional bodies too, in working to bring about the Ascension process in ways you can handle. The Kundalini Energy is part of this but it is not the full Kundalini process that has been done in those Eastern influences. Does that make sense to you?

Comment: Yes it does. I have had thoughts the past two weeks that my Kundalini was rising or I worried about my body.

OWS: Yes, And we would add to this to go with the flow. Don’t be concerned about pains or getting worse because you will draw that to you, You see? Let it be and go with the flow. Don’t let stressors come into your life. Let all of that go! Be as a reed in the wind. Go in whatever direction you are needed. Anything else, Ashira?

Áshira:  No, I think you have done a splendid job!

Question: I have been having tire troubles on my car, We talked about that earlier in the group. Is there a message for me in the tires?

OWS:  There is always a message for those who are aware of the message in it and you are aware. The others would look at this and say, “A flat tire here and a flat tire there. Why is God punishing me like this? You see?

You though have a different perspective here. The tires flattening is your consciousness. When we look at a car it represents movement, your changing consciousness, you have as your saying is, it is a stopping of your consciousness at that point or rather It is not a stoppage but an awareness from your Higher Consciousness that says go on! Get it fixed and move forward.

Just as you were not concerned, in your story this morning you are in control. Does that make sense to you? Anything you wish to add, Ashira?

Ashira:  We would add only this. As you are moving forward in this road of life, you are moving forward and occasionally things turn up. You have a new interaction with the road, a new communication within your journey. See this, every one that has happened you have taken care of and moved forward. Look at the situation in your life to see what is happening around it and you will see that you perceived it very differently. These are the messages that give you the opportunity to examine them momentarily and then move on and continue on your journey.

OWS: Look at your past and see how things have changed. It once was, a situation rose up and it destroyed your entire day. You might lash out at others and the day may have gone to “hell in a hand basket” .

The difference though is how you respond now. How you remain in the higher vibrations and are not drawn back down. You see? We congratulate you whether it is a flat tire or a regulator going bad, or whatever it might be. Keep in the higher light and it won’t have the same effect it once did. The reactive nature that once came about here. Any more questions?

Question: This is a follow-up on cleansing. I am curious about karmic cleansing and what to do to help that cleansing to prepare us for Ascension?

Áshira:  I am taking a moment to be with you. The Guardian has spoken with me and has asked me to share this message from the “Guardian” first.

The Guardian says the reason they came to the planet was because the karmic cycle was done. And so those things you continue to feel as karma from the past are also things that are being released because that is what you have decided to do as humanity. To allow those old hurts, those old issues, those times when you may have behaved in a way that is not like what you would do now, as an Ascended Master, and that is what all of you are at this moment in time!

See yourself letting go of all of this for none of this affects you at this time and at any time forward any longer. All of these things from your past are not who you are now or who you are in the future. If you choose to cleanse your body in ways such as “OWS” gave today, then you are still concerned or consumed from the past, sit in the Light of Love. Have a meditation where you have the flood of Light filling you in every way, in every memory. Allow that light to move into the past. Know you played the part you came to play. Release yourself of guilt of any perceived sins or shortness of handling things in an inappropriate way.

This is an opportunity to feel these things. We have talked about this for the past two years. How to forgive yourself. How to feel that self-forgiveness now and into the future where you are going. All of this is the NOW. Now is the time to forgive that other person fully and completely.  See them in the Light. Know that all of you has played these roles out perfectly for each of that karmic game you had but it is no longer a part of who you are. This moment of one moving forward. We know that OWS also wants to share here.

OWS: We add here that as the Guardian spoke through Ashira, the karmic cleansing is done. The need for karmic cleansing is done. Now it is time to work on your physical, emotional and mental bodies. So, work in that way. Know that the past is past and not a part of you any longer. This is time to take care of your body. This is your vessel that you have. This is one you are going to continue on in at least until the Ascension. If you wish you can have a whole new body. You will see when the technology is shown for this process. But for now take care of what you have here in all the ways you know how. There are more things being revealed for clearing, healing and come off the old ways as much as you can and move into more natural well-being.

Question: The last weeks I have been experiencing a lot of changes in my body. I feel as though I move through a lot but that I have attachments trying to get into me.

Ashira:  I can take this. OWS has spoken at great length today about issues that apply to you. Take note when you read these notes and see “OWS” message to another in the group. You are not being attacked in ways you think you are being attacked. It is what your body is reading when the energies that feel unfamiliar come to make the changes necessary throughout your entire being. These are changes in DNA, change in your Chakras and these are changes in your energy systems.

There has been an upsurge in the energies coming into the past week or so. These are having the results of working with this energy to have the body jumping around a little. Having a pain here or there. Having all these different experiences coming into many different peoples’ bodies.  It is amazing to listen to people around the world talk about their physical bodies feeling so different. Their bodies are different and many have different sleep changes too. This has “caught” the attention of many.

What we would say is to do your very best to get into a meditative state. Inhale that protective Golden White Light and know that it is for the good of you, it is for the best. It is part of your Ascension Journey. It will continue as you progress. If you feel that you need to feel less, this is a task for your Light Mental Body. This is part of the reason it comes forth for you. Ask your Light Mental Body to turn things down a bit for you to recuperate. You may need to turn down the regulator a bit, to go back to that term. See if you can’t find a more peaceful state at times.

You were at the Advance and we know you heard St. Germain talk about the different things that are happening to bodies. Some are feeling more at this time. Some not so much. Instead, of having expectation in your mind of being attacked to knowing that this is something good and part of your  Ascension Journey and something to be celebrated.

We know that is not what you wanted to hear but that is the message we bring forth today.

Question: I have a question about ancestors. Some cultures send prayers to ancestors. How can we assist ancestors who may not be in a good situation?

OWS: Assist ancestors? Ones who came before? The idea that you need to assist them is not something you need to be concerned about. Those that have passed on from the physical body they are continuing on their journey and they are just fine! You see?

The idea of sending prayers or love to those who passed on is wonderful but understand that when they pass on they are in better respect than you are! You see? It is not necessary that you assist them it is more that they are there to assist you! You see? Little bit different way of looking at this we know but the various cultures have called for respect for the ancestors and to help them go into the Light. But none of this is necessary. When they pass over they go perfectly into the Light all on their own!

They do not need your assistance. The more you focus on those who have passed the more you hold a connection to them and they with you. That is not always in their best interest. You see? They have their journey as you do. You might come back sometimes to be with each other.

Now with that understanding the idea of passing on is becoming passe’ for you. The death process is not something you have to become concerned about. We are not saying that nobody is going to die, we are not saying this. There is still going to be that process. Some have in their contracts to go through a death process but there are many, millions even billions that are not going to go through that process in this lifetime as you know it now.

Ashira:  All of you are thinking in the higher consciousness here. This is part of the old that is being released. All of the different religions that have prescriptions for success, happiness and part of that is respect for the ancestors.

The times are changing. It is not necessary to hold on to those religious beliefs. Much like the conversation that you had with Susan about dogs on the Advance. Do you recall that? The bottom line is, as you move into the future you will find more and more people like yourselves! More people who believe in wholeness and unity and the entire experience with one human family. It has been choreographed but it has not been written in tiny squares from which people have to operate. So, does that make sense to you?

OWS: Any more questions?  Here is another who wishes to share with you quickly!

“OWS #2”

It is good to share with you and experience these processes. I am here to provide you with the idea of all these fun things that are coming. To give you the idea again of another Advance but there are various activities going on that may preclude the Advance. It may not be needed or we may change it up a bit. It may not be necessary to have these Advances in the same way.

I just wished to pop in and give my two cents! Well I have more than two cents to share and I was with you more than that at the Advance. I gave you lots to think about and also had a grand time, a jovial time! One of these times I will ask you to share jokes. Good ones, funny ones. Not the other kind. I will share a couple jokes about Ascension.

We are answering about Obama and the Pope. The whole process may be a mute point because so much has been ready to celebrate. There are many things that need to happen behind the scenes. So many things have to be orchestrated,  to come together and in tune at the same moment and the same frequency. You see? At one time. The maestro is orchestrating all of this. That is Prime Creator here. He She or It is bringing this together in one moment and you are all part of these processes.

Please understand, don’t look at one particular person or one particular situation that is coming up for it is all only a part of the whole. Don’t look for one thing to be the all, end all here.

We know that you hoped that you would see worlds collide but it is not quite that. It could be but that is not what we see now.

There are times we can be funny and times to be serious. What would people think out there if they heard some of our talk? They are not quite ready yet. There is time for seriousness and time for jovialness…we just made this a word! Be ready people!

Another time we will come in and joke a little more.

Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the One!


The Guardian has released her energy and thanked you for the time.

I am Ashira. What I wish to share today is the appreciation all of us have as you are going through this Ascension Journey.  Each of us cares for this group, shares with this group and teaches this group. But we are also here to watch over you, to speak in your ears and to point you along your path. To help you maintain the frequency you are called to hold at this time and to continue to move higher and higher!

Watch the skies for the Guardians. Put those thoughts of gratitude in your heart minds and send them your requests for images in the skies. This will assist you in building a deeper relationship with them. Know that we are here sharing in the same way.

And yes, we have told you the times are here, the times are here. When you come to the understanding of the perceptions we have you will see how it is difficult to say this day or that. There is so much in constant flux. Everything depends on how this person is going to act or that person is going to behave.

We do not have a chess board with lines delineated or the movement on the pathway delineated. We are observers. And so we do the very best we can. We share with you and we love you. Sometimes that call brings one of us to embrace you and whisper in your ear. We do our best to support you.

We thank you for all you are going through and all you are experiencing. It is so worthwhile.

We bless you, We love you. Namaste.

Channeled by James McConnell and Dr. Susan Sammarco
Article may be reproduced in its entirety if authorship and authors website is clearly stated

WHAT HAPPENS AFTER THE EVENT? – Lord Sananda, Lady Nada, One Who Serves, Ashira – – 5-13-15

Jesus - Violet

Sananda and One Who Serves (#1 and 2) channeled by James McConnell

Lady Nada and Ashira channeled by Dr Susan Sammarco

(Note: These messages were given during our Advance/retreat in Flagstaff, AZ on May 3, 2015)



This is Sananda and my beloved Lady Nada at my side and it is always wonderful to be with you our brothers and sisters. It is also wonderful to be with you at this time and moment in this weekend that you are finding yourselves. In this time together, in this camaraderie together that you have shown for you all get along. Now can you imagine a world where all are getting along as you are? Can you imagine an entire planet with no boundaries, no separation of any kind where no one is wanting for water, for food, for shelter, for love…certainly for love?  Where everything is at anyone’s disposal in any given moment; where you can simply think a desire and it appears before you? Now is this going to be immediately after the Event? No there will be a need for, what you would call training, mentoring, so that you can get your wings you might say. Yes even some of you will have wings when the time comes.

Much is being prepared, prepared for the changes that are coming, prepared for you to be part of those changes. Places are being set, tables are being set, places are being set at those tables. And at those tables that we have spoken of, when the time is right, you will be invited to sit at those tables. There will be a need for many councils across the planet, a need for liaison between ships, between civilizations. If you wish you will be able to, as the Star Trek saying goes “boldly go”. That will be your choice. There will be those who will wish to find themselves on ships, there will be those who journey into inner earth or hollow earth, there will be those who will completely leave the galaxy and go to their home systems. All of this is in readiness but first before all of this comes, there is work.

We understand for many that is what you call a “four letter word”. We know the James is thinking that at this very moment, but understand that work does not have to be difficult – you do not have to toil at your work. It can be joyful. In the work in a new society, the work that comes after the Event and the events, all of this, will be work that will resonate with you. It will be the jobs that you want to do and there will be enough for everyone to go around. And if you think that the ones that you call the seniors now, senior citizens, you will be too old to work,, yourselves can be in brand-new body. Whatever age you wish to be, whatever body you wish to be in whether human or otherwise, that will be your choice. There will be a time when you will have the opportunity and the choice to move out away from this situation, you might say, find yourselves on ships and take some very needed R&R. You will have earned it. And after your R&R, after your relaxation, after your vacation…and this my friends will be vacation that you have never known before. If any of you have ever been on a cruise ship or on an island and this is something you love, think what it would be like to be on one of our ships. And everything that is available to you here is available to you there and much more will be available to you.

As I said the tables await, they are being prepared. You yourselves in this group and many more when the choice is given them, you will choose to sit at the table, to be a part of our councils, to assist in all the changes that are to develop here on this planet, to be a part of making this planet pristine once again. To be a part of ending once and for all poverty, thirst, hunger. For no one will go without and we do mean no one. This is the brave New World you are creating and you, my friends, are creating this world with every thought that you have. It gives a new meaning to your thoughts does it not? Every thought is creating the world you are going to be in. So that is why it has been said, many times, “gain control of your thoughts” now work on that, for they will gain more and more and more in importance. And where you have that delay now between your thought and manifestation, that delay will get less and less until there is no delay. It will be an instantaneous creative process. You are the creators, we are all creators and we are all created at the same time.

I am Sananda. Thank you for listening. Dear Lady Nada is standing by now.

Lada Nada

Good evening all (good evening). It is such a joyous pleasure to be with you tonight along with Sananda. It is a joyous pleasure to be here with you to speak of things that you will find comforting and exciting and hopeful. For one of the things that I have been asked to share is to discuss the arrival of those divine partners that belong to each of you. Those of you who feel now that you have come into contact already and may have your perfect partner, we applaud for you. There are so many upon the planet who know that they had been awakening and awaiting for their complement person. For it may be male or it may be female, it may be of this planet or it may be not of this planet. And those of you who have had your hearts in discipline, not looking to build relationships that you do not believe will last for long terms, now this is the time in creation that those beloved mates are now coming to you. And knowing that you will live for very long times after the processes that take place here, you will also come to know that even though one believes that they have soulmates and they have found that person that they have been waiting for perhaps for lifetimes that may last 500 years, 800 years, and then you may choose to find another. But those who have been waiting for you have been working for this too on the other sides of all of these veils and dimensions.

Sometimes those of you who have been waiting for your soul partner are meeting now in dreams and feel them and see them. They may be with you during waking hours even, whispering in your ears, feeling you as you fall asleep. And the complement relationship is so different than that which you experience so often on this planet for it is not out of fear or regret or concern that you join with a partner that you choose and you have waited for, but you have joyous celebrations because this is indeed your complement. The one who is your perfect match and who comes into the new dimension with new opportunities to swell their lives, their loves, to have children if they so desire for having children is a new process. And those who are having children now in this moment in time, in this new process, will see these children all rise, all rise and know one another instantly. Yes these souls are moving in and out and through your existence. Do not think that one who comes as a mentor is also your beloved, for your beloved will be with you when all of the little things that you have been working out are finally released with this Event experience. And you come flowing in to your partners arms and you share with them once again; they will be familiar and you will know them in your core. It will be part of the blessings of this amazing experience that is about to happen.

So I speak of love, I speak of love with children I speak of love with parents, I speak of love with friends and families and communities such as this here. This love that is shared with one another all weekend long and yes the energy has been different from the previous two Advances. However has it not felt overwhelmingly wonderful? (Yes, yes). We have had an opportunity, those of us who have served you and have presented to you and have been with you this weekend, to have a little bit more fun with you too. To be a little more of ourselves that are not so disciplined and restricted when giving messages and bringing in messages of love, gratitude, grace and happiness. You have learned over the weekend of the need to balance out and to join your Light bodies, your Merkaba bodies with the physical body to take the next step, in the next jump, of evolution. You have heard of others that have shared with you other things that are necessary for you to have your eye on, to keep your eye on. And still we have brought you messages of joy and exclamations that are taking place. This is a glorious time and I, Lady Nada, bring to you the glorious message of love, of love that has flowed and moved through and all about you for many months now. And that love now kicks you up to an entirely new start, a new evolution. And you will find yourselves laughing morning through afternoon through evening and through your dreams. You will find yourselves wondering how in the world could you have been so lucky to have gone through all of these things. Yes, you will forget the pains, you will forget the anxieties, you will forget the challenges and you will be in the midst of the most wonderful evolution and you shall be glad.

That is my message this evening. Love and blessings to all of you. This is Lady Nada.

One Who Serves

Greetings we are back, back to be with you again and back to answer questions if you wish, of either ourselves One Who Serves or Ashira.

Question: I have a question of Lady Nada. I’m curious about what you said about, I understood it to be, a new type of delivering of babies.

(Lady Nada): I will be happy to come back into the moment to answer questions or anything you might have. There is a difference in what will be happening with children born after the shift into the next dimensions. For those who meet up with their soulmate, their spiritual partner they have been waiting upon, their spiritual complement, they are no longer going to be limited to having children in your youth. Youth will last a lot longer and think too that the parents are open, aware, sentient, psychic, divine being. And the divine creation of the child comes upon the discussion from both of these that are part of the relationship. However, also the generation’s Galactic locations, the locations within hollow earth, the locations that other planets provide to raise children different ways. And it is raised more with the spirit of love from a village. Many people watch, engage, share, teach the children. And yes we will tell you too that the idea of labor is a 3-D idea that is disappearing. And when you move into the next dimensions you will find the children, we will say that they are “Light lifted” from the womb as the completion takes place and then will be celebrated with the family and with all of those who come. And you will see that there is not as much need for babies because people will live longer. There is a lot of things going on and a lot of things pulling you into different directions. But should a couple decide that is part of their spiritual destiny than all of those around them will support the decision and be part of the decision. And that soul that comes into the mother’s body will also have clear, conscious conversations with the parents before the birth. So this is a snippet of what you have to look forward to and, you, do you feel this is an opportunity for you?

Laughter…well I was thinking of will I have the nerve to try when I’m 95 years old? I’ll have to think about it.

(Lady Nada): Well you will no longer be 95, ma’am. You can be whatever age you choose to be in the miracle of birth is a miracle that is part of creation. If it’s something you choose to do it will be our pleasure to join with you and watch. Thank you. Blessings.

(One Who Serves): Would there be other questions here now?

Question: Namaste. I wanted to understand these dimensions you speak of, places like inner earth, are these because they are in different vibrations? Are they considered part of heavenly planet or the heavenly dimensions?

(One Who Serves): Whenever there is movement to the higher vibrations there is always the unity, there is always the sense of oneness. So if one finds themselves in a 5th dimensional experience and even high level 4th dimensional experience, they have a sense of a connection to one and the other and there is no separation. The separation that you have here is due to the, what has been called, experiment in the offering of complete free will and the misuse, in some respects, of that free will. Now it is an experiment, it has been an experiment and it has been an experiment that has done very well in any respect. But there has been those aspects that have taken it astray a bit and led to changes that were not exactly expected over the many hundreds and thousands of years here. But that is all coming to an end so when you find yourself in inner or hollow earth, Telos or if you find yourselves on ships of various types or you find yourselves on other planets and other systems it will be as if you are where you are meant to be at that very moment.

And there will be no semblance of wishing you could be somewhere else because if you wished to be somewhere else you will be somewhere else, you see? No one will feel in- prisoned in any way, no one will feel trapped, you see? This is what you would call the coming of Utopia, the Utopian society. And we know this can be because it has already been done, all over the place, all over the galaxy. Not in every place but in many planets, in many systems, and certainly in hollow earth as well, it is being done there. They live in complete harmony, love, peace certainly, unity; it is extraordinary and you are moving toward that. Does this answer your question?

Question: Yes, thank you very much. If I may, I have one more question. In the last part of our meditation as we travel in the last seven layers, were we traveling to what is known as the 7th heavens?

(One Who Serves): We wondered who would think about this when they were going through and certainly that was the case. When the Master Yeshua talked about heaven and his Father in heaven, where did you think he was speaking of? Where you have just gone. So my dear friends here, you have been to heaven. (Wow, wow, so we’re bringing heaven to earth, aren’t we?) Yes you most certainly are, yes, and earth to heaven.

Question: Dear One Who Serves, I understand that the first heaven is inhabited by Sananda, the second heaven by the John the Baptist and the third one by Moses and the sixth one by Abraham in the seven is the heaven of the ascetics? Did we really visit these places?

(One Who Serves): Did you really visit these places? Yes very briefly and we said that you could go back anytime you wish and at some point your physical body or the bodies that you will be able to move into freely will become a part of your expression. But we would ask you not to get too entrenched in the type of thinking that creates the separation you have just spoken of here, in terms of Sananda being in the first heaven and Buddha etc. for they can be anywhere they wish. They are not kept or trapped in any way on one level or another, you see? This is a product of your various religious experiences and those who intend to compartmentalize and put into a hierarchical fashion this kingdom of heaven, you might say. And this is not something that you want to do and it is not something that will continue into the new Golden Age. For you will find that just as Sananda is where he is, so can you be. Okay? (Okay thank you). Anything you wish to add to this Ashira?

(Ashira):  No I agree with you 100%. It is such a pleasure to hear Moses with his growth that he is experienced this weekend.

(One Who Serves): Oh my yes! And that goes for all here – we have seen much growth and we will not name other names because we do not want to leave anyone out but please understand that all are growing here, all are experiencing much. And just the idea that you are here this weekend, you have no idea what has occurred here yet. You have no idea but you will, you will I can promise you that. And when you awaken one of these mornings coming, you will feel much different then you have been. But it will not be a physical difference; you will not necessarily feel anything different in your physical body but you will feel it on an emotional level and certainly at a spiritual level. And it will bring you closer and closer to what you would consider a blissful state; and a blissful state is a higher vibrational frequency. So be ready! You’re going to wake up and it’s going to be bliss all over you and through you. Whether it lasts or not is up to you, okay? Any further questions here? Moses you seem to have one more did you not want to say?

Question: One more if I may. This place that we received the light mental body from, it’s an on earth place? What do you call this place? Because it is different than the other layers we travel through.

(One Who Serves): Yes. It is the light mental plane for your understanding at this time, this will have to do. You can give it another name if you wish – you can call it Nirvana, you can call it heaven, you can call it whatever you wish but know that this is not for everyone. That is what we wish for you to understand from this weekend. You have experienced something now that everyone does not get, does not experience. Now we do not want to have you think in terms of you are privileged at an ego level because that creates separation. But we want you to know that this is a preparation and you have moved into a specific point where it could be prepared in this way because the light mental body is going to assist you in the times to come. And the more that you will use it the more it will assist you, and the more it will astound you as to what it is capable of and to help you become capable of, you see? Look at it as an overshadowing – not taking over. It will never take over but it will overshadow you and give you strength, give you support whenever there is a need to give you security. It can be used as an energy force field, you might say at times if you wish, where nothing can penetrate the emotional level. It can be used even more than this but we will leave that alone for now for you to experience and go through before we can give you more of what is capable here; you may discover that on your own. Okay does this answer your question? (Yes I am grateful thank you very much). Very good and we are grateful for you, very much so. Any further questions here?

Question: Should we go outside at the closing of this meeting?

(One Who Serves): What is your saying about this “should”? (Uh oh) There certainly are no “shoulds” but was it already recommended to you? (Yes it was) Would there be any reason you would not want to go outside? Is it too cold? Is it too hot? Or is it just right? (Laughter. It’s just perfect.) And if it is cold put a jacket on, sweater, but we would suggest to follow through for Ashira did not give that understanding to hear herself talk at least I do not think so, did you?

(Ashira): No I did not. I thought that they were sleeping at the time and wanted to make sure that they remembered. (Laughter)

(One Who Serves): We have chuckled here many times this weekend and here as you have discussed things that have been said and now you are coming to the understanding that time has become shorter is it not? We hear you say “three weeks”, “May 11th”, “it is this summer” or “it is 2016” or whatever these things are happening here. And we chuckle so much because the three-dimensional consciousness is always wanting to know when. But will give you a secret here, okay? Can we give you a secret here? (Yes, yes)  We do not know when either!! (Laughterwell that’s not what we wanted to hear). We know that but we wish for you to understand that it is not in our control, certainly. It is not completely in your control although much more so, I would say. But there is a level of expression way beyond all of us which would be the God source, the creator source, which is the one that is saying “not yet, not yet” and we are all saying “well how about now, how about now?” And He/She is saying ” no, not yet…soon”. And then when the time comes and only Prime Creator knows that moment and will say “NOW”. And it will be as if the electrical signal goes down all of the levels, all the way down one to another, and everyone gets to move around and bustling in doing their various jobs even faster than you were doing to make this happen. But we can assure you that the preparations have been made and it is only needing to have, what you might consider, a green light given and then everything goes into motion. So does this help? (Yes, thank you, thank you) Very good. But now we have said to expect things have we not?  (Yes, yes)  And we continue to say that – be ready. Any other further questions here? Anything you wish to add to this Ashira?

(Ashira): It is one of those great evenings in that you have come with open hearts and expectations of wonderful learning and wonderful camaraderie, wonderful food. We know that all of these things have been more than met and even the surprise three-hour television event yesterday in the planning and planting of that from the one Diana. Each week we share with you that this is a great choreography. A lot of work goes into everything that we do around this group and for this group and with this group. And yet when we come to events like this, when we have said that this has been years in the planning and years in your preparation, years even in making sure that this perfect property was available for you, all of this is coming together. And this for this group of people who we’ll say average 12 to 15, some of whom have gone and some who have come back, but those who are to be and to continue forward are here. And those that have not been able to make it this time will rejoin. But the time is here in the joyous moments and the joyous experiences in all of those things that came forth to teach you, share with you, help you, those are all here to prepare you to be your most amazing self as the world unfolds. I thank you – I know that there are times that those who are in this group call upon me to be with you and help you. As well as does One Who Serves who comes as called and often comes when not called to help those in this group. We love you, we bless you, we give you our peace. Namaste. (Namaste)

(One Who Serves): Yes and if there are no further questions here were going to release to “guess who?” He is wanting to make his appearance and he is “not going to go quietly into the night” he is saying. (Laughter) So, here he is! What is your saying here “here’s Johnny!” (Laughter)

(Another aspect of One Who Serves): Oh my, it is so good to be here with you again in this time. We so enjoy these moments, these chances for us, not so much this time, it is just me! And to be allowed to be with you and to share and I am wanting you to understand that we are so looking forward to being with you. I know it has been said here again and again and again but the times are coming when this type of experiencing, what is called channeling here, is going away. It is not going to be a continuing process because there it is no longer going to be needed. But does that mean that we are going to leave you? No, no! Does that mean you’re not going to hear our funny little voices? No! You are going to continue to hear us, we can promise you this. But we’re going to be with you in a more personal level and that we are very much looking forward to. To see your smiling faces when we knock on the door, ring your doorbell when you are there at one of your Sunday group meetings and the James goes to the door and there is a stranger there. He does not know who it is and we come in and we say “we are new to the group” and we come in and sit down and when we are asked to share, oh my goodness what we are going to be able to share! (Laughter) Look who it is, we are here! (Laughter)  Oh we just love you so much. We love each and every one of you, you have no idea how much. And each and every one of you, we have been with you again and again Ashira and us and Sananda and all of us. All of the gang, you might say, we have been with you countless times, many lifetimes, many experiences. And you are going to be so amazed when you find out who we are. We are so looking forward to that! (So are we!) That we can finally say who we are and not be considered “The One Who Serves” anymore but we can be considered who we are individually. Now please understand and do not take that wrong; we love what we do, we love it so much. Ashira loves what she does but we know that she is certainly looking forward to being with you all as well. And sitting across the table, breaking bread, having a little wine – don’t forget the wine – you did not expect that, did you? (No) But did not Yeshua drink wine? Yes! He didn’t eat much meat that’s for sure but he drank a lot of wine, that is relatively speaking of course. (Laughter)

Question: I am a little concerned because I am on the Internet (Skype) and not present (at the Sunday meetings) and I do not want to miss your presence.

(Another aspect of One Who Serves): Oh dear dear sister, no concerns there. For has not it been said that we can be in many places, many different places, all at the same time? Is there anything saying that we cannot be there in the room with all of these wonderful people, not through your television screen and your computer screen but be there in your room as well? (Yes, thank you). Yes. You really do not yet have any idea of what is coming – you do not quite, in all of the things that you have heard and that have been said, do not yet see the possibilities, the great possibilities. And we would add, the probabilities here – so please everyone be of good cheer, be of wonderment, experience your every moment, marvel in your wonderful thoughts that you have and your creative abilities. Because your creative abilities are going to create your new world. Your imagination, your visualization skills – why do you think we are working so diligently to increase your visualization, you see? Your meditations, do they not always include some type of visualization? (Yes, they sure do)  Every time you do this you are focusing on the learning to focus more and more and more. And anyone who comes into the group who has already learned to focus is learning to focus even more. And the more and more you can focus, the more you will create the exact manifestation which you wish to have, again, without the delay. So, careful what you think and wish for because it will be there instantaneously but you will not have this capability completely until you are fully prepared. For we do not want you create anything what you would call monsters or anything of this nature – understand though there is a failsafe here, there is a failsafe that when you have these higher vibrations and you are creating with thoughts, there is that failsafe that will not allow any creation of any negative essence, you see? Are you still with us Ashira? Is there anything you wish to add to any of this? I am going to sign off here.

(Ashira): No I have nothing to add – this is so great to have you with this group as well and to lead us on with fortitude and with character.

(Another aspect of One Who Serves): Yes. This is my calling card, the laughter part. I am like the standup comic, standup comedian. (Laughter)  Although I must say that when Robin Williams passed over to the other side he gave me a run for my money! (Laughter- God Bless you and thank you so much for your service)  And thank you so much for your service. Shanti. Peace Be With You. Be The One.


Channeled by James McConnell and Dr. Susan Sammarco
Article may be reproduced in its entirety if authorship and authors website is clearly stated

BE CALM AS THE STORM GATHERS STRENGTH – Ascended Master, One Who Serves @ Ancient Awakenings – 4-28-15

art pegasus   valeri   Tsenov

 ART : Pegasus ~ Valeri Tsenov

“Be Calm As The Storm Gathers Strength” – (Ascended Master) One Who Serves

(Note: these messages were given during our weekly Prepare For change group in Glendale, AZ on April 26,2015)   –   Found at:


“One Who Serves”

Greetings! Good to be here with you once again. A very light energy here, very powerful energy going on here in the room. Do you feel it swirling around here in the room? (Yes, yes) It is wonderful, is it not? And it coincides with what is going on in your atmosphere, in your the very things that you were speaking of here earlier in terms of many things happening in your skies, in your ground, in the very air that you breathe.

It is different and some are beginning to notice this. It is different because the energies are changing, the vibrations are increasing. And even though it seems, at times, that this is not the case as all of this commotion, various things that are going on around you and it seems like, what is your saying “all hell is breaking loose”. But it is not, it is as though “all Heaven is breaking loose”. Because there are so many things that are going on and that are happening – they are just beyond your perceiving but even though you cannot see, they are still happening. You have a saying “if the tree falls in the middle of the forest and you did not hear it does that mean it did not fall”? No these things are happening, these things are going on. It is very soon and these things will be shown, they will be in your understanding, they will be revealed.

Many of these things have been said and they and we have been saying this and saying this and “go with the flow” and all of these things and they are all coming to fruition. It is in many respects just around the corner – you are nearing the finish line. But it is as one said earlier, it is like the hurricane, is it not? It is like the calm before the storm, the eye of the hurricane. Yet you have not yet reached the eye of the hurricane – it is still coming, the storm is gaining strength and it will be arriving here in many aspects around you. And you will move into that eye of the hurricane. And this is where, with all the commotion going on around you, this is where you need to remain quiet. This is where and when you need to come to a center point. And as you come to a center point, you will feel the energy swirling around you but you will be calm inside.

And as all of those around you are feeling those energies in the midst of the hurricane you will be the calm one, you will be the voice that will speak out and say “calm yourself… peace, be still… it is all right.” That is what you are here for, each one here in this group and all who read these words, that is what you are here for. You are here to bring about this new Golden Age, you are here to assist in the process and in the programs that have been developed.

You must understand that these programs have been in the works for a very long time. There have been many councils that have been meeting behind the scenes, both on the planet, in the planet and above the planet. And they had been working and working to bring about these very changes that you have been looking for and all of the galaxy has been looking for. The many, many ships that are waiting above the planet are here ready to assist when the time comes but they are on a holding pattern. They cannot yet come in. It is as if in your airports where there is the tower that calls to the planes and says when you can land and when you cannot land. Well the tower is here and the tower is saying “no not yet…you are in a holding pattern, you must keep flying around and around and around until it is time to land.” But that time is coming and you are going to be experiencing the wonderment of all of this that has been given for many thousands of years. The prophets have spoken of this time you are entering now.
Yes indeed these are the “end times” and you, yourselves, are here to participate in these “end times” and to be a part of this entire orchestration that is going on. Would you have questions now here for One Who Serves?

Question: I would like to know what is the purpose of JADE HELM ‘s 15?

Yes we knew this question was coming and we have already planted it within the James here because it is important that this information gets out, not so much only to this group but from all of the various sources that are speaking on this. And what you hear when you go on your alternate website and all of these things that you are listening to and reading, you hear all kinds of information, some good, some not so good. Even with all of the negative information and all of the fear mongering that is going on, it is important for you, yourselves, to remain centered and know that all is happening for a reason, all is a part of the great orchestration of the Father’s plan that is in the works here. So as these exercises begin to develop, know that there is a greater working that is occurring; all is not as it seems on the surface. So even though there is a purpose for this particular exercise for the side of the cabal you might say, there is also the side of this for the Light resistance forces that is working to combat and move these exercises to turn against them and for the side of the Light. So again all of this is being orchestrated, all is coming together as it needs to. Do not be concerned. It is all a part of the great plan here. Does this answer your question without getting into too many specifics here? (Yes, thank you).

We do not want to say that this particular group coming together is going to do this or this one is going to do that and they’re going to come upon the people and arrest them; we do not want to say any of this because that would add to the fear. And we wish to do exactly the opposite – we wish to calm this down. But know that as these processes are happening, they are happening as they need to so there is nothing to fear. And you, yourselves, who understand this are going to be reaching out to your brethren and saying “be not afraid, be calm, all is as it needs to be.” And even though they will not take this at your words, the end result will show all of this to be the case. Anything further on this needed? (No) Are there other questions here?

Question: I just wanted to ask you a question about my brother who is staying here from India. He has been having nightmares and dreams where he has seen ships. These scare him (inaudible) and it makes him scream. Do you have any guidance about what is going on?

Yes, we find that this one is having these experiences in the dream state because it is somewhat of a foretelling in terms of what you would call a psychic nature that this one has and it is bringing about these types of situations for two reasons. One, to show the potential of what is coming, not in terms of a fear process, not in terms of negative, as these ships and things are appearing in the dream. This is only to come to this one because it is a conditioning that he has come from in past lives that is bringing about this continuing pattern. Not so much with the negative entities, negative ET’s that he might be experiencing in the dreams but that there is the negative pattern that would come from outside himself, that are somewhat of an invasion of self. Those forces coming from outside into the inner person that he is and to bring about a negative patterns in the self once again. And this is largely to experience it, but not to allow it, not to have it be. So tell this one that when he may continue to have these experiences to utilize, if he can, lucid dreaming; he has access to this. He may not know it, he may not have had for some time but he has access to this lucid dreaming. And he can go in and change the outcome so that the ones that are showing in the dream are rather positive forces and he can turn the dark faces into faces of light, you see? (Ok, thanks). Anything further here on this or another question?

Question: What is CERN and what is CERN’s purpose?

CERN has many different purposes depending on who is looking at this and where it is coming from. In terms of those that are in the forefront of this and have been working at the particular level, the scientific understanding, deep scientific understanding, to bring about changes to the world that it wishes to create. In terms of creating portals or star gates and getting into those things which are somewhat dangerous; in many aspects to begin to work with the energies that one does not yet understand, that is on the one side. And then on the other side, there are those forces of Light that are working also with this to bring about those changes that are necessary to assist in the overall process that is continuing here with mankind. There is always the duality, there is always the push and the pull, there is always the one that is working against the other. But always know that all of this is also part of the orchestration, part of the great plan here. And these types of things that are working at that level, they can be worked with and become a part of the plan of the Light as well as the plan of the dark. Do you understand this without getting into anything really specific or any kind of scientific level here? Keeping it as you have a saying here, “keep it simple stupid, K.I.S.S. technique” – it works does it not? (Yes, thank you). It is important to keep these things at a simple understanding because what is life? It is simple, it is nothing complicated. It is only the mind that creates the complications. It is only the mind creates the misunderstanding of things that are going on. But if you follow the heart, if you listen to the heart, the small wee voice within, it will always guide you in the direction that you need to go. Was there a question here? We heard it coming from the right side of this one we speak through.

Question: I just was going to say that there are two forces at work when it comes to CERN.

Yes there are two forces at work when it comes to almost everything within your illusion. There are those that are attempting to keep the illusion going and there are those who are attempting to bring the illusion down, to bring the veil down. You, yourselves, are the ones who are here to bring the veil down.

Question: And how is that going? (Laughter)
It is going miraculously. Anything further on this? We heard a slight hesitation there like something wanted to be asked…

Question: Would it behoove us as a group to concentrate more on putting holes in the veil so that our Galactic Confederation can come in and assist?
Yes, you have already done this within the group, do you remember this? In working to bring the veil down?

Question: Yes I do remember that but my concern is should it be done on a more regular basis?

No, it does not need to be because when it is done it is done. Know always when you ask, you will receive. But when you ask for something you know that it is already being granted, it is already being given. (Thank you). It is already manifesting in your reality so that is the trick, that is the secret. (No repeats). Yes, don’t ask and ask and ask and ask and ask. (Ok, thank you). Ask once and know that it is already done. And if you would do this, just as when Yeshua changed the water into wine, did he say over and over and over “Please change this water into wine…I hope you do it, turn water into wine…If you don’t do it I’m going to look like such a fool here”? (Laughter). No, he said “the water is now wine” and then it was. The bread and the fish were multiplied and all of these types of things. Even though these particular stories were not exactly as it actually occurred, it is still the understanding that when you ask, you will receive. Know it has already been done. (Thank you). Are there other questions here?

Question: I have a question concerning the landings. When everything will be divinely orchestrated and we will have the saviors coming down… My question on the 3-D level is how this amount of radioactivity going to affect us here?

First of all, the idea of the saviors – they are not saviors coming to save the planet. They are brothers and sisters coming to assist and to guide and to help the process along, but they are never coming to save you. Only you can save yourselves. Now your second part of this we did not quite understand – did you say radioactivity?

(Yes that they are coming from different dimensions in different planets- would they be radioactive?).

No that is never to be a concern because at that level of technology and understanding any of this type of thing would certainly be mitigated. But they do not come with any radioactivity. This is in your movies and things of this nature. It is largely a plot of the cabal to have created this fear. And this being afraid of the extraterrestrial races coming to take over the planet and all of this is because they wanted to continue their process and be the ones in power and be the ones that would continue on in the illusion here. And as soon as the idea of extraterrestrial life is brought out, it shatters the entire illusion, you see? Do you understand this? (I’m going to say yes but I’m going to absorb and process). Yes. (Thank you). Anything further here?

Question: I was just reading material that the vibrational frequency of the planets and the people on the surface it reached a level that the Event can occur at any time. Is that true that we have raised our vibration to a level that we are ready to integrate our Higher Self?

In terms of the entire population, you see wars and battles and negativity and hatred and things like that in your news, in what is being shown to you in this illusion. But you do not see or feel the expression of those on the planetary population – almost all of the population wants peace, almost all of the population wants to love one another. There are only those ones who have been manipulated and become a part of the dark side, you might say, that are wanting the opposite of this. So this is just a small percentage that still wants to have war. It is still a small percentage that wants to hate rather than love and wants to be in fear. And we say that they purposely want to be in fear because that is what they know. But the rest of the population wants to be free, wants to love their neighbor, wants to follow the Golden Rule, you see? (Yes). Are there other further questions here?

Question: I have another question here concerning our senses as I did share earlier. As we grow in frequency does that mean that all of our senses are being heightened; the fact that we hear birds and everything seems to be louder. Is that part of the process here?

Oh my, yes! Certainly you are, those that are raising in vibration, as their consciousness continues to raise they become aware of many things that they had not been aware of before. It is as the children that are coming into the planet that are already with heightened senses, already have this psychic sense, you might say. That has been developed in many aspects. Those of you that are raising in vibration are developing these aspects of yourself, these higher gifts of spirit, you might say. And you are moving in that direction of continuing to heighten your senses. All of your five senses as well as more senses that are coming… It is not only the five or even the six, there are more beyond this. And you are going to begin more and more to experience this heightening development, yes? So the sounds will become crisper, the colors will become brighter. Yes all of this is coming and you are beginning now to experience this as you look up at the sky. Have we been not saying for a long time now, “look at the sky”? But see it as it really is, see beyond the veil; and you are seeing the sky this way and are beginning to look through those holes in the veil, you see? (Yes, thank you). Anything further here before we release channel?

Question: I do feel that my energies have definitely raised – I do see brighter colors and I hear things that I didn’t normally hear before. I can’t hear grass grow yet (laughter). I am very concerned about in my dreams, when I hear things constantly in my dreams. I wake up and I go immediately back to sleep and I don’t understand why I do that because I know I heard something, whether it be in the house or outside the house. Can you explain what these rumblings or these sounds might possibly be?

Yes. It was the same thing that was given by the Ashira for the one who asked about the printer earlier and it is the same thing that is happening. There are other levels of your being that you are working with in your sleep state. You are joining those other levels of who you are. And the sounds that you are hearing in your dream, the experiences, the colors, the visual acuity that is happening in your dream is happening at those other levels of your being at that time in your multidimensional experiences. (Thank you). Anything further here?

Question: What can I do to continue to prepare?

Prepare what? Dinner? (Laughter…to prepare for changes…). Yes, we joke here. Prepare for change. You are already doing it. Just the idea that you attend this group, just the idea that you are aware of the various things that are going on that the unawakened are unaware of. Awareness is a big part of you moving up in consciousness. Awareness leads to increased consciousness. Without awareness, you continue to be asleep and all of the population that is asleep is in the process of awakening. And as they continue to awaken, it increases the awakening of the ones next to them and the ones next to them, and on and on and on. This is the process.

And you, yourselves in this group and those who would read these words, are the awakening ones. And you are the wayshowers; you are showing the way and you are preparing the way. And so as you are preparing for the changes outside of yourself, know that you are also preparing for the changes within yourself as well at the same time.

As to direct understanding of what you can do, you can do many things. You can look at your diet as your diet is very important. And we are not speaking only to the one who had asked this question but to all. Your diet is very important – to become aware of the foods that you are eating. Do you want to eat the poison that is part of the illusion or do you want to eat the good foods, the nurturing, the Earth-based foods that are here for all to nourish the body, to continue the body on in the way it was made to be. You are not meant to leave the body, physical body, at an early age. You are not meant to die from your body at the age of 60 and 70 and 80 and 100 and 120 and 200. You are meant to live for hundreds and even thousands of years. The body can withstand all of this but it is the mind that is the creator here. The mind is the builder and the mind creates and builds what it experiences around it. So as you eat, you create within your body. What is your saying “you are what you eat?” Know this. In the water that you drink also – if you are drinking impure water, then do what you can to stop this. And if it is impure, then purify it by your very thoughts, by your spirit working through you. Bring the spirit through you, through the water. Know that it is purified as you do it. Don’t change the water into wine but change the water into purified water. (Laughter). Know it as you do it, as you bless it, as you put your hand upon it send the energy through it into the water and know that is purified. And that you are drinking the purified water.

Exercise is very important. It does not need to be, though, the exercise where you go to a gym or facility of some type. You do not need to do this; run up and down the stairs a few times, run around the block, walk. Walk, walk, walk. All of these things can be important – your diet, your water, your exercise, your thoughts. Your thoughts are very, very important. Take control of your thoughts as much as possible. Whenever a negative thought comes in, push it out. But do not push it out in terms of fighting it. Let it come in and then gently push it away, nudge it away. And if it is a continuing thought that keeps coming in, then say stop! Enough already! And then it will pass. Your attachments, your various attachments that you have in your life, let go of them. If you are going down the stream and you are clinging to the bank of the stream or of the river, can you continue to flow? (No, no). No, let go. Let go and let God move you along the river. Go with the flow, go with the current. And then as you go with the current you can see what’s on the other side, you see? Does this answer your question? (Yes, thank you). Anything further here? Then we are ready to release channel.​​

Continue in your efforts, in your daily efforts. Continue to be in the now. This is very important to be in the very moment that you are in because in the next moment everything changes and in the next moment everything changes again. So be in the perfect flow of the now, be in the experience, BE the experience.
Shanti, peace be with you. Be the One. (Thank you, Namaste).


Channeled by James McConnell
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IT IS TIME TO WAKE UP – Louren-Thio, Master Physician from Agartha – Ascended Master, One Who Serves – Ashira @ Ancient Awakenings – 4-20-15

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Greetings everyone,

Several members shared during our group discussion yesterday and our newest member Brian gave a wonderful metaphor about the movie “Wizard of Oz”. Susan then channeled a new Agarthan Master about Ascension symptoms many of us are experiencing and then OWS and Ashira followed with messages and question/answer.

In Louren-theo’s message, was the admonition to wake up. We all need to begin more and more to drift away from the old 3d paradigm program of relying on someone outside of ourselves to heal us. The power to heal is within us all, but the more we have come to depend on our antiquated medical model, the more we rely on those very outside sources for our relief from pain, illness, etc. During our group yesterday, I mentioned that I have not been to a doctor in nearly 15 years and not been sick in several years. Brian than shared that he also has not been to doctors in a very long time. How many of you can say the same? The times are changing. The more we begin to believe, really believe that we are healthy, we will be. Also, if you have not already, start looking at your diet and move more and more to organic, no GMOs. Stay away from fast food, carbonated soft drinks,etc. Start telling yourself you are healthy with a daily affirmation. I say everyday, “I am One with God and the Universe in perfect health and vitality and in perfect alignment in mind, body and spirit”. I believe I no longer can get sick. Believe and you will see. It is up to each of you to either take all the wealth of information and guidance we receive each week and utilize it or not. Everybody, it is time to wake up and help others around you to do the same. We are all in this together and we are nearing the finish line.

If you are planning to attend our next group and have not yet RSVP’d, please use this as your reminder to do so now while you are thinking about it. Those of you that join us each week on Skype, please also RSVP to attend. It helps us know who will be with us each week so we can plan accordingly.

Enjoy and Be in joy and Believe and you will see!

Love and light,

“It Is Time To Wake Up”! – Louren-Thio” (Master Physician from Agartha) and (Ascended Masters) One Who Serves and Ashira

Louren-Thio and Ashira channeled by Dr. Susan Sammarco
One Who Serves channeled by James McConnell

(Note: these messages were given during our weekly Prepare For change group in Glendale, AZ on April 19,2015)

I am “Louren-Thio”. I come from the realm of Hollow Earth, Inner Earth and today, from Agartha. I was invited to speak today to help all who are having physical challenges with the Ascension “symptoms”.

All, each one of you is precious. Each and every one of you has been monitored closely. And we will tell you that is not meant for sissies! This is not meant for those who are not willing to go through the process initially so they would KNOW how to help others when the time came.

Now the time is here when the others are beginning the awakening process. If you listen to them it will ring a familiar bell and you will be able to step in to assist them. Not only in explaining what is happening in the world but also to assist them with their physical, their emotional, their mental and other symptoms which are broadly now happening across the world.

And your medical doctors see this and yet do not know what to do with it. But they are charged with fixing people. They are charged with bringing relief. That is their role. So many people are going to doctors and medical facilities with their illnesses. That is what they have been trained to think. The doctors and the nurses are doing their best

But the best is not what is needed now. It is time to wake up! Patience with the bodies is not what is needed. Those of you in this group and many who read these words nod in knowingness. Nod for knowing that this is part of the Ascension. And while earlier you were told that you could ask for it to be “wound-down” so that you would have fewer physical challenges. Now with the time speeding up to the zero-point, now it is hard for you to ask for a turning down of the energies on one hand and the other hand you say, “Give it to me. I am ready. Give it to me!”

Many of you have moved through the parts of the chakra opening from the root, the number one, number two, and number three. Most of you are in the area of number four, five, six, and seven. It is not a clear jump from one to seven. It is not a clear jump from three to four or four to five. These are steps is the shade of gray, where you are in both areas having “symptoms” in all ways.

So how can we make this easy for you to understand? The Ascension process is a rising of the vibrations of the frequencies. The Ascension is the turning on of additional chakras. And as the additional chakras come “on” sometimes there is a step back to catch up with the new ones that are now online.

There is also a challenge at times when you have gone through a particularly difficult time with an area of the body. Perhaps you were unable to eat. Perhaps you had purging diarrhea. Perhaps you experience other types of symptoms that were related to a certain chakra. Last week you spoke in this group about the Throat Chakra. You discussed the possibility of the back pain being related to not being able to speak about important topics. This was also discussed in relationship to the rising area in the area of the Throat Chakra.

We will share with you that with the “turning on” of these chakras, the higher you get the more discomfort the body will probably exhibit because what the physical body “knows” when it is uncertain is to tell you, in your physical mind, in your ego mind, “Ouch. Something hurts!” It gets your attention. It may even drive you to a doctor. That is your choice. We do not believe that many who read these words and hear these words know or believe that they need to go to a doctor.

One of the things you can consider when trying to decide if something does more than catch your attention. Is this consistent pain? Is this consistent in the way it is expressing itself? Is it a pain in the back? Or is it a pain in the back every three or four days? Is it a pain that starts in the back and spreads into the pectoral muscles? And then recedes again like an ebb and flow? And what makes this very difficult as you go through these symptoms is that there is a part of you that tightens up. That cramps.
That breathes in the shallowness of the chest as opposed to the depth.

That is the reason we asked today for deep, continuous breathing. To get your bodies into deep relaxed states. As you move up you will, perhaps, experience more of those sinus infections. And feeling that you have a hard time to breathe. As you move into the higher chakras opening you may experience consistent headaches. What does that say? If you are a spiritual one on a spiritual path who has trained themselves or has chosen to look away from 3D world realities, then you will not look into things that others who are still hooked into the 3D realities may look at.

We want you to KNOW this so that you can support those who are in bodies that are hurting and may still be in that 3D reality of medical treatment. Those modalities that are based more on ancient knowledge such as the acupuncture, the Reiki, the type of teas you are drinking and eating, all of those things are beneficial. You do not have to be “sick” to participate in those. Another area is that of the massage therapists and all the work that they can do. You can be of the mind that “My bodywork is important” because bodywork in all these forms helps the body to relax and helps it be relaxed. You are healthy and you are vital!

All of these experiences you are having with your physical body are going to transmute. They are transmuting your body at the cellular level and the chakras levels. As many times as you can, speak to yourself in calming tones. “I know that these changes are happening in my body. I embrace them because I know where I am going. I know who I am. I accept this responsibility because I accepted the responsibility to move forward on this planet and to be here at this very time.”

When you move through all of these symptoms and we would tell you that there are those in this room who have made this journey almost completely. There are those that these words will hit that have ascended and have come back to be back in the physical body to share and to help others.

We are not going to give you a lot of rules and regulations because that, again, ties you to the 3D environment. But we DO want to share that when your body tells you that something is no longer appropriate for you, because the reaction to the food or drink or any other activity is one with a very clear message. “You can no longer do this because you have chosen to do and to be.”

Life is moving forward and evolution of consciousness which is body, mind, spirit, is happening. You have noticed that in your world. And so we encourage you again, as people share with you what is going on with them, discomforts they may be in, doctor trips or hospital trips that may have taken, take YOUR message given today and share it with them. For even if they are not ready to hear it this moment, the next moment they may be ready.

We will be available for questions with ‘Ashira’ and ‘One Who Serves’’. At this time I say thank you and give this now to James.

“One Who Serves”
Greetings to you. Good to be with you here in this way as always. It is a little more difficult to come through this one because he has experienced a grounding process that has brought him down to Earth, let us say, a little bit more than he was previously.

This is no concern but it is important to realize that whenever you have an experience of coming into the 3D realm and you experience that level of consciousness, that you allow yourself to have the time to come back out of it. You must allow yourself time to come into the higher levels. Does not take much to do this but there is a process but there is a re-awakening process that must occur here. And this is so for this one as we speak through him now.

Also, we wish to help you to understand that which we gave to the James here to announce here in this group that it is important to remember always who you are. Whatever situation you find yourself in, wherever you are, be who you are! If you are experiencing the higher levels of consciousness you will want to share that with those people whenever you have the opportunity. This is very important to remember. If you find yourself in a situation where you are surrounded by others that are not so high in vibration you might say, be the one, be so in the moment. So your vibration transfers to those around you.

This is important here for you to understand this. Be who you are in every given situation. Do not allow yourself to be drawn back to the lower vibrations whenever you can help this. OK?
We invite questions now for “One Who Serves”, as well as “Ashira” and “Louren-Thio”.Are there any questions?

“I am curious about Louren-Thio. I was wondering where he came from and what is his home?”

He, I mean I, (LOL) we answer in your terms not ours.
Louren-Thio. I have been existing in Inner Earth and Hollow Earth communities for more than a thousand years. Previously, I have had other lives amongst the Galaxies. But my role in the preparation, in this work that has to be done at this time, is to live amongst these realms and with these people. I have been part of the planning that has taken a very long time. To be able to accommodate each of the beings upon the planet and to work so closely with those above us in ships in other locations. This has been no small feat, let me tell you!

We have met in this group several times but I never stepped forward to introduce myself. That did not happen until today. It was appropriate today because as we come together as those of us on the inner part of the planet come together more and more so that you might know us as friends and family. That you are able to speak with us in this way as well.

And to be able to believe as the discussion took place earlier. To be able to believe that there are those who are working with you and for you at this moment. Striving to assist you in the process. That has been my focus for a very, very long time.
So, again, it was time to meet this group. Time to share. Time to smile. And time to give you hope as your evolution continues. Does that answer your question? Does that make sense?

My gratitude. Thank you for sharing!​ ​Your message was so appreciated. I am happy to know that this is part of a natural process. What can I do to assist myself? My medications are not regulating but I am not sure it is safe yet to drop them all together.

This is Louren-Thio. Thank you. As we see it this is one of those conversations you have with those you are working with personally. And we would invite you to meditate and see yourself back in the crystal chamber you saw yourself visit today. Have that conversation with that one who took you to that chamber. Help them help you let go, at the right time, of those things that keep you in the 3D realm medical world for yourself.
In the meantime you can be benefitted by extended time of deep breathing. Because as those aches and pains and symptoms come to you, you move into a state of speaking more quickly and hyperventilating. The deep breathing exercises will calm your body and will not bring up fear. And if you are not embodying fear you will see the time when the medications can also fall away because you will find yourself in a state of vitality, energy and love.
Does that make sense for you? Yes, it does!
Do you have anything to add, “One Who Serves’’? Not at this time, no.
Are there other questions here?

Would that also apply to our profession? I work at a wonderful place but I think the energy has changed there. I am struggling with whether or not this is a good time to leave. Can you give me some advice”

This is “Louren-Thio”. We will start with the answer for you and then invite others in the group to give you answers as well. Would that be suitable? Yes. Thank you so much.

So many people on the surface at this time are wondering what is my role on this planet? What is my job, my mission? This is part of the Ascension process because as one leaves the 3D experiences you really are in a bit of a quagmire, I am not sure if that is the correct word. What is happening is that are leaping between different worlds. You are not sure if you should come or go.

But it goes beyond your job. It goes beyond everyone’s jobs. It is talking about what are you rooted in, in your belief system? There was a great deal of discussion today about creating for yourself THAT which you are created to create. TO KNOW that you have the power to do that. And so that is YOUR message in the moment to yourself. Should I come or should I go?

Part of that is your call from the future that invites you to put that into place. Put that into place with words that are going to activate you. With words that channel your energy into the proper direction so that you manifest exactly what you mean to manifest, what you want to manifest. This is not about money. It is about being able to be of service in the perfect way, in the perfect environment that allow you to be yourself to be able to work with a group of others with whom you would like to work but that you are also in that place of perfect harmony, service and love.
Does that make sense? Thank you.
We will see who else has an answer for you!

“One Who Serves”
We would like to add something to this as well. There is the idea of purpose here. To understand purpose is to fall back somewhat into the old ways in terms of what am I here for and what is my purpose of being here?

When you do this you are holding yourself again into the old paradigm, your old 3D beliefs in the old programming. And we would suggest that with your idea of purpose there is no purpose. It is a continuing changing process that you are going through at all times.

If you think in terms of going with the flow at all times you will not fall back into that old paradigm of looking for the meaning of your life or your purpose. Just let it be what it is. As you allow the purpose within you then your various ideas of purpose change in each given moment and you always find yourself moving on into the next purpose you say, that comes up for you in the next moment. And that may change again the next one and the next one.

Allow the process to take it as it will. This is the way in the future, in your new “Golden Age” is to allow, to go with the flow at all times. Be of service. Be with others.
Does this help you? Yes. As I go with the flow and others do, will that help the Ascension symptoms get better? Yes, definitely!

“One Who Serves”
Are there any other questions or comments?

Comment? Yes. Sometimes during our path in the flow we sometimes hold onto that human element of what we would be giving up. Because we are giving up what we feel entitled to have. Those materialistic things that we may have had and have a hard time in giving up. They are really meaningless anyway. So, to step one’s greatness, one’s purpose, sometimes also means to let go, surrender control of things you may thought in this humanly world were important. So, as you come forward you come to the realization that less is more. And joy and happiness in what you are doing and you are making is more gratifying and more rewarding that what our visualness of our human world may say, “I should have.” And I am deserving of having that serves no purpose.

Thank you! Very well said. Yes.
Would there be any other questions now? No…Then we will release to another who will come briefly here. Always wishes to come in and say a little something here. One moment.

“One Who Serves-2”
Greetings to you! Good to be here with you as always! Very much looking forward as many things are happening and many things are going to continue to happen. You have no idea as to some of them. But we do! We can peek a little bit ahead from you.

We can see the things that are transpiring and moving in a certain direction. They are moving and you are moving and everything is moving and it is so wonderful.
At the Advance that is coming up there will be a lot that is moving there as well. And we will have a good time and much is planned. Much has gone into the orchestration that has gone into this. And it is going to be very beneficial and very monumental in many aspects.

We are looking forward to it and we hope you are too. We also wish to say that you are about to experience a great change in your lives. We know that sounds fearful but do not feel that way in those terms at all. It is just that there is a major change that is coming into all of your lives. It is all of you. Not just the individuals. We cannot tell you when but it is coming! Know that it is the process and it is already moving into manifestation. It is very shortly, very shortly.
That is all we have here.
Shanti, peace be with you. Be the One.

This is Ashira. I wanted to come to you with a very brief message as well since our friend and our family member was already very gracious to share with this group today.
Every week we see your Light grow brighter. Every week we see the people you touch every single day. Be it the smile, the hug, the conversation. The moment in the line when you connect deeply with someone. Know that you’ve touched them in the way that is opening the Light on this planet. We do not hold to numbers of percentages that tell who is turned on and who is not. But we would share that the Light we see. The Light that has been shared. The Light that is in that mass consciousness, the unity consciousness has grown so brightly.​​

We always bring you back. The Light is here! The Light is shining for all and YOU are one with every being on the planet, in the planet. You are one with the clouds. You are one with this sphere. You have a job to do and you know it! And you are doing it splendidly,
Again, my peace and love to you. Namaste


Channeled by James McConnell and Dr. Susan Sammarco
Article may be reproduced in its entirety if authorship and authors website is clearly stated


BELEIVING IS SEEING – Ascended Master Ashira – One Who Serves @ Ancient Awakenings – 4-13-15

art johanna writhART : Johanna Writh

“Believing Is Seeing” – (Ascended Masters) Ashira and One Who Serves

Ashira channeled by Dr. Susan Sammarco
One Who Serves channeled by James McConnell

(Note: these messages were given during our weekly Prepare For Change group in Glendale, AZ on April 12,2015)

We thought we’d mix this up a little bit today. We thought we’d give you the opportunity to hear this message and then give you the opportunity to ask questions when we are with the “One Who Serves” after he has completed his message for you.

We want to say that we are so proud of you, all of us who work with you. We have continued to watch as you let the words we present each week dwell within your hearts and allow them to move into your very spirit and souls. And your highest self as well as you have been calling forth your names. You are finding out who you are as you move beyond those dimensions, between the dimensions, between the timelines. We are with you and for you!

Many of you have been seeing those lights in the corners of your eyes. We have been talking about that. And another way of explaining these experiences that you are having more and more is to share with you that this is your Lightbody that is making trips to other dimensions in times when you are sleeping, meditating and more and more during your waking hours.

Now that part of you that is in your Lighbody, your Light vehicle in the 5th dimension is not the same exactly as that which you are moving into NOW. It is a higher frequency, a higher vibration of that. And so as you move into the Lightbody and it comes to more slowly operate in this realm than you see pieces, you catch glimpses of the other lives and experiences that you are having at this time.

There are many in this room and many who are reading these words today that are feeling physically, emotionally and mentally exhausted and we realize that. What we wish to share is that is the time for you to take more time off. Because as this shift is happening, you know in your heart of hearts, that there is very little time left where you are going to feel the aches and the pains and the need for slumber that you have at this moment.

Everything that moves up into the next dimension, not only the fourth but also the fifth and so many of you are already operating at the fourth dimensional level, but as you continue to move up, the restorative sleep that you will have will be shorter but deeper and more profound.

The Lightbodies that you feel more and more as you are straddling the 3rd dimension and moving forward, these are your imagination bodies! These are the bodies that are creating this new world! These are the bodies that are vibrating, resonating and moving you as a soul forward.

And as you have been putting into practice, “Believing is seeing”, you move forward with this thought process. Those of you who are working with and putting into action these concepts have been able to see those ships in the clouds, have been able to see the angels moving across the skies, have been able to grasp in the deepest part of your being that you are busy, you are active. You are flying star ships in the night time and you are visiting counsels. You are busy doing the things you came here to do.

You are NOT sitting on the sidelines, my friend. That is only a perception of the reality in this 3D world where you sit on the sidelines and stay in boxes. That is no longer your truth. The truth is NOW that you are a free being, creating, seeing, being, doing. You are believing in the creation that you are manifesting and you are seeing it unfold. As the meditation assisted you today, you moved forward again in the creation of the New Earth, New World, New Gaia.

How many of you saw the New Earth without cities, without roadways? Without pavement and concrete? How many of you saw the planet without not only those of the human family who you have known in the 3 dimensional way? How many of you saw those of us standing beside you, the Galactics, Ascended Masters and more? All of you SAW this into creation! This is why we set the pace today with questions, conversations, meditation and the messages.

We spoke last week about how remarkable this is! Each week the choreography that goes on behind the scenes during the week to bring you exactly what you need to know, do and be for THIS very moment in time!
And time is another anomaly that is rushing by, speeding by. You may feel that there are just not enough hours in a day. You may feel that you have missed segments of time in your days. You may feel that time is irrelevant.

You may feel that this time of the 3D world is passing through and around and away as well. For this is no longer an aspect of your life.
So many things are changing so quickly and yes, we are speeding up to use your time reference, we are moving you along this path of the NOW. Moving you along so you are ready to step into that next phase of your waking hours. Because there are so many things you are accomplishing in the period of time where you believe you are “sleeping” but indeed you are working on many different projects. You have come to be one of the selected few of the entire population. You begged to be a part of the 144,000. Now you wonder why?

We assure you that we embrace you. We love you. We are here with you and all of this continues to unfold. And you continue to see the world in a different way. You continue to build upon that which has been done here on the Sundays that you come together. And you are connecting with those around the world who are also on this path, ahead of the game let us say, to step into the role you came to play at this juncture.

We are proud of you because the conversations are no longer focused on “When will the money change. When will this change or when that will change,” because that is 3D world expectations and anticipations. If you notice in your body those things seem less and less important. The reason is that you are more and more in wholeness, unity and harmony.

We are so proud of you. You walk beside us. You work beside us. You do not necessarily recognize this in every moment of every day but as one of the group shared, you are all training to be coaches, teachers, mentors. And we celebrate that with you and in you.

So we will bring this part to a close and allow those who serve through James to speak with you and then be with you for questions.
All of our love and peace. Namaste.

“One Who Serves”
Greetings to you. Good to be with you again as always. This is “One Who Serves”. If you have not already figured that out! And we are here with a short message as well although that was a wonderful message from “Ashira”, was it not? It was very poignant and very much to the point.
And the point that we wish to make here, you might say we began today with the James’ here, was to help you to understand not only who you are as individuals yes, that is very important and you are coming to understand that in many respects. But we want you to know that you are all in training.

You have been in training for as long as you have been coming to this group certainly, but even before this in your lifetimes leading up to this. You have been training and moving and working in this direction of being prepared and ready for that exact moment that you are coming to now.
It is said many, many times that it is soon and it is coming. It is not just soon or it is coming.

IT is here! It is all about you now. Just look around at the various signs. Now we are not saying to go on your news broadcasts and things of this nature, no certainly not what you would consider your mass media. Look at your various alternative news sites and not so much to see, certainly not the negative sources for they are keeping you there in the illusion. It keeps those who resonate to those sites, it keeps them in the programming they have been in a very long time. It does not allow them to awaken from their slumber.

You, yourselves, see beyond the scene, see beyond what is being shown there and realize it is all being orchestrated. It is all coming together. You, yourselves, preparing to be the teachers; preparing to be the coaches and preparing to be those who are preparing your way, preparing to show the way. You are those ones. You have come here for this reason.
As “Ashira” said, you wanted to come. You wanted to volunteer to come as one of the 144,000.

And here you are! This is the time you came here for. This is the moment you have been waiting and preparing for and it is, NOW!

So, we are so very proud of you. As our students. As our mentors as well!
Because we have been in the situation where you are now and you have been in the situation that we find ourselves in now. And it is a continuing cycle that we go through because it is all about being of service. And as you are working toward being of service you cannot be in negative conditions, even seemingly negative conditions.

So, allow for the process to continue. It is not going to be much longer as you know it now. Allow it to be what it is and find yourself ready when the time comes to be thrust into that teacher mode, that leadership mode, because you are almost ready for it.

That is our message. Now we will take questions along with “Ashira”.
It would seem like we are doing too good a job these days. You are certainly going deep within yourself and that is very important. You are finding the answers within you and that is very wonderful.
If there are no questions, we will release channel.​​
Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the One!

Blessings. Have a wonderful week. Remember. Be of service in every place that you stand. In every relationship you have. And every conversation that you take. We love you. We bless you. Namaste.

Channeled by James McConnell and Dr. Susan Sammarco
Article may be reproduced in its entirety if authorship and authors website is clearly stated

ANNOUNCEMENTS COMING! – One Who Serves, Ashira – 3-19-15

Asana Mahatari One Who Serves channeled by James McConnell

Ashira channeled by Dr. Susan Sammarco


(Note: These messages were given during our weekly Prepare For Change group in Glendale, AZ on March 15, 2015)

“One Who Serves”


Greetings to you. Good to be with you as always here. What a wonderful time we are in here now. There are those who have not yet any idea but as has been said here many times here, there are good times coming people. They are just around the corner as you would say here. And from our vantage point we see much. We see all of these things in the works that have been spoken of for some time now.

In many respects these things have been in the works for thousands of years and in many of your lifetimes. Many times you have been a part of this particular process. At previous times you had a part in this great play that is unfolding here. It is unfolding now just as it has been prepared over a great deal of time. As you know, “The plans of mice and men oft times go astray.” Correct? And this, of course, would seem like, from your point of view, but from ours everything is on track. Everything is as it needs to be.

And it was as we gave to the James here, it is as if the gears are coming together here. The gears are starting to come together to turn. One is going to turn and then turn the next and this one will turn and the next and so on. It will be a complete symphony of gears turning here. This is what is in motion here and in the works.

As you know there is an announcement coming and yes, there is an announcement coming. There are actually several announcements coming. Now can we tell you exactly when? No, of course not but they are very shortly now, maybe imminent here. There is more to this entire story, more than that which appears to you. For there are certain things occurring in your external world but you often ignore or forget those things that are happening in your internal world, in your own internal life. It is important to see the differences in each one who is changing.  How much you yourself are evolving here to be what you came here to be, initially.

Each one of you are working on that. You each have your various symptoms that you spoke about. You spoke about this today in your group. And to the one that is having the difficulties that she is experiencing now. All of this is coming together. All of this is part of the expression of the end of the old ways, the end of the old regime. The old regime is fast dissipating and fading away.  As it does so it brings a great deal of discomfort in many aspects because it is foreign to you. It is unique to you. To come out of the matrix as you would call it; to come out of the illusion is very difficult for many because they have become so accustomed to being in the matrix.

It is just as in the movie, when that one who was already freed from the matrix wanted to go back! You see? And this is the case in some aspects when many become awakened but they will become fearful because they realize how asleep they have been for so long. This is what we wish for you to understand now. All is happening inside of you and outside of you, your exterior to you. Of course, all those things that are happening within you are also what you are creating outside of yourself.

That is our message for this time. Would you have questions here for “One Who Serves” and “Ashira”?

Question: I have been recovering from late sides Lyme Disease. I am reading the symptoms of Ascension and those that I have been experiencing in my Lyme Disease. Or is it a combination of both?

“OWS”:  Yes. As we find it, it is all part of the process here. To say that it is just Ascension symptoms would not quite do it or be accurate completely. But many are going through this process and this Ascension and it is a part of the portion or part of the whole here.

These symptoms that you are having and others are having, are akin yes, to those many are having across the planet here. You are experiencing this for a reason. It is time now. To let go of all of those things that in many respects have held you back. You are moving forward. As you move forward your body is changing through this process and as your body is changing you are experiencing all these various symptoms. Would you wish to add to this, “Ashira”?

“Ashira”:  You did a wonderful job. I am so excited to be back with you and this group again!

As was said by, “One Who Serves”, I have the image in my mind of the Lyme Disease being a part of the baggage you have been carrying along. As things appear in your body, you want to find a reason for those things.

Perhaps, you could bless yourself with the presence of the Golden, White Light that heals, harmonizes and protects you. As you walk down your path, imagine that you let go of a piece of baggage at a time. As you walk into the future you will see that you are clean of all of your past. You are clean of the past truths you lived in and know that you are walking into the future lighter, stronger and more ready than ever before.

Does that make sense to you? Does that make sense to you? YES! Bless you.

Question: Is President Putin turning into the Light?

“OWS”: Yes. We knew this question was coming from your previous conversation and for putting this into the James’ mind to speak about this. It is important but we are not going to say what his announcement is going to be because we do not want to spoil the surprises here. But there is a great deal that is coming and to speak about this one being in the Light, he has certainly come into the Light. Yes. You can definitely say this. At one time you could say he was part of what you would call the Cabal but when given the opportunity, and it is an opportunity for those have the opportunity to move from their realm of the darkness into the illumination of the Light, is a wonderful opportunity for those that have decided to take it.

Yes. Indeed. This one has decided to take it. Know though that he is still teetering on the fence sometimes where the old ways slip in, the old need to lead a nation and in some respects a world, a planet! This one has a great deal on his plate at this time. He is working toward the Light and many are assisting in this process. Many are assisting from what you would consider, “out of this world”.

Anything you wish to add, “Ashira”?  “No, not at this time,” she replied.

Other questions here?

Question: I am doing the “Aum” chanting and I am wondering if that is the same as the “Ohm” chanting we do here?

“Ashira”:  I will take this. Or would you would rather take this since it is your natural language?

“No, please, you have the floor.”

Actually both of these are the same. The reason for the “Ah—Um” gives you the full extent of your voice as you are very soft as you begin and you build to the full voice as you move into the “um”.

This is used around the world and so is the “Ohm”. What you hear is that full “O” sound that you hear in the middle of the transition of the “AUM”. Dear Sister, whatever you wish to utilize to raise your vibration and bring that balance to your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual selves, it is all the same.

“OWS”:  We wish to add something. Also understand that there is the sound here, the resonance, the vibration that is created. Whatever works for you in terms of that which you resonate too come to this from the “Aum” or the “Ohm” or a combination of this or you can also know that in the Mother Tongue, from Lemuria and such, that it was “Ah Eee UM”. And “AEUM” also resonated with the Gaia herself. It is a resonance that if you would use this even now,  you will feel a connection with the Earth here. Try it and see what happens! “AEUM”

Question: I am practicing a mantra and I am not sleeping at night. I don’t know what is happening in my body. I have been doing a traditional baby mantra to Lord Shiva. I don’t feel like eating either. Is this because of the mantra?

“OWS”:  It is not directly related to the mantra. The mantra is a tool. Always look at it as a tool. There is not a direct connection to the changes that are going on within you.

But it is an aspect of working toward those changes. The use of a mantra is very traditional, especially from where you are coming from, from your understanding here. And it is also a connection from those times in your past, what you would call your past lives here, where you would have these connections several times before.

To utilize this idea of a mantra is something you brought in with you. Yes, you learned it from those of your loved ones here in this time but you brought it in with you, it is part of your consciousness. You see? Do you understand this?

Question: I have had this curiosity for a while. From your dimension, can you see if Father, Source God and Brahma as the same entity.

“OWS”:  To understand in terms whether one is equal to another, you must take this many steps further here. In that all are equal to all. It is not that this one, as you are saying, the God Source, is Brahma or Brahma is God Source. This is no more than you are Brahma or you are God Source.

Because if you look at it from the God Source point of view, there is never any separation. Everything in creation is God Source and God Source is everything in existence. You see? So, it does not behoove one to begin to separate in terms of identity, to individualize you might say.  But this idea of individualization is part of your heritage. So it is not unusual for you to do this but we are saying, and you have asked from our point of view, we are saying what it is to look at things in totality rather than individuality. For that is where you are moving toward. You see?

“Ashira”:  So those of you in this group have grown tremendously. You have become aware of the Archangels and Ascended Masters. You have become aware of terms for God Source, Moth-Father God and Divine Mother. You’ve become aware of the Guardians who have come to be a part of the planet’s changes. You have become aware of so many things and this is just a part of an opportunity for you to shift and to know that all are indeed are One. Just as all of you will truly know that you are Masters who will know your One-ness with all of creation.

As “OWS” says, it does not matter if you see through the eyes of a culture that calls God, Yahweh, or calls the Creator, God. There are other cultures that call God, Brahma and there are other cultures that call God, many different names.

You are moving in this group beyond that consciousness. You are moving into Unity Consciousness, Unity understanding and this is what you are examining now. You are coming to realize that there are many, many different aspects to the one that is called, Mother-Father God. All of you are aspects of that being just as all of those who have served and have become known in legends, stories, myths and religions of people around this planet.  Does that make sense?

Comment: Not yet but I will digest it this week!

New question:

Question: I am interested in how to connect with my Higher Self.

“OWS”:  We can tell you this that as you are wishing for this and working toward this that you are already doing this. It is not so much that there is a technique or a way to do it better because you are already in the process. Your intention alone brings you closer and closer to this.

Do not think in terms of you and your Higher Self being separate, for you are not. You have always been One. You have never not been one. It is only in the mind that has created this because of being a part of this illusion in which you live that has been built on this idea of separation.  So, it is not a way to get back to where you were because you never left it. You see?

Question: Would you please explain on the expression, “I am that I am”.

Oh, my goodness! Ashira would you like to take this one first?

“Ashira”:  Yes, I would be delighted.

“I am THAT, I am”. “I AM that I AM”. There are many ways to say this powerful phrase and what it means is that you recognize your Divinity and you call upon that Divinity, your Oneness with all Spirit, with the Unity Consciousness, you call into being those things that you know are of the higher dimensions.

At this point in time and in the culture found upon this planet, this is an affirmation that will bring you closer and closer to that which one spoke about earlier. More into that connection with your grandeur, your power, your magick. And when you use this, you are not calling out to some deity to come and pick you up and take you elsewhere. You are calling to yourself and the magnificence of yourself to accomplish whatever it is to accomplish and manifest in your life.
Does that make sense? Blessings.

“OWS”:   Yes. And when you utilize this, “I am that I am” you are creating the resonance that you are exactly the same thing as the Creator that created you. It is one in the same!

Question: With this we are completing the circle of who we are with Father God and all of Creation?

“OWS”:  Yes but you are attempting to separate here. And we understand this but it is time now to move toward integration and not separation. Think within you as to coming together, becoming the One. See? This is why we say so many times, “Be the One”.

We are done for our time here. Depending on events that unfold here, there are some surprises coming. So, be expectant.

Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the One.


I shall follow with a message today.

Go outside. Get out from these artificial homes that block all of your senses. Do you not strive bring the outdoors in with plants and flowers, with scented sprays? With colognes? All of those things that bring the memories of the smells of Earth and the touching and grounding of your bodies upon her skin?

Was it not beautiful that in our friend’s story she felt confused and went outside to lay upon the Planet? It was an unknown and unconscious thought but her soul knew to get her down upon the ground to ground her and utilize that energy to help her to connect with the Earth and the stars. Even though she did not understand what was happening, there were thousands around you, Dear One. Caring for you. Loving you and helping you through.

There are things that you still on to, everyone in this group, everyone who reads these words, that are a part of the 3D world. You are not asked to give that up until your part in this world is done. If, at this point in time you need to take the medications the doctors have prescribed, and this is for anyone hearing this message, do it until the healing chambers are here. Do not blame yourself or feel guilty. Know that the “doctors” on the ships and in Inner Earth are all monitoring each and every one of you with love and care and guidance. There are moments in time that you have the realization that you no longer choose to be on this medication or that medication.

We know that there are those of you in this room, that as the last year and a half you no longer choose to eat meat. Or you bless your body and the creature who gave it’s flesh for your consumption, be it fowl or fish or cow or pig. All of these animals have still come to be of service in this way but as more and more people are led We know that many have been led to less meat in their diet.

It is a time of rapid change. Many people are experiencing things that you would like to think of as annoyances or Ascension symptoms. They are again a sign that you are moving forward. That your bodies are moving and your minds are opening. Look for those openings in the planet. Look for those changes. Look for those signs. Look and see in the skies as the clouds take the form of heavenly angels as they bring their resonant songs to this planet. Know that the “Guardian” who spoke last week is bringing a different song, a different frequency.

You are going to begin to start reading about this in the news that you follow. The crystalline bodies will also show up in more news stories and will be part of science news. It is small story still but it is a confirmation story for you because you are aware of this.

All of these changes are in the exactly right time and exactly the right order for what is occurring upon the planet. Those of you who are in this space today and reading these words in your homes, you ARE in the right place at the right time! And your eyes are open. People are there to share with you as you open even more. And you can see the path that is to be walked. You can see the journey that is unfolding. You can hear the opportunities for those who now seem to be in a negative space.

You can listen to those who see the world as coming to an end and you can hear those cracks. You can heal these people through your voice, your communications with them. As those small, tiny cracks form or as the one in this group, it may be as a lightning bolt strikes them in their place. These are all opportunities for you to stand up and be in service.

There are those of your friends, families and neighbors who will be reporting major changes in their lives. They may been fired from a job for which they seemed perfectly suited. They may have had a break-up in a relationship that seemed perfect. There are many things you are going to be hearing from people in the coming weeks.

The Ascension flow from the Tsunami of Love. That gate has been opened completely and fully and we know that you are awaiting the “Event” but know that the floodgates have opened fully. As you hear people discuss various symptoms, various changes in their lives assure them that everything is in perfect order in their lives. They may not see it now but the time is coming and they will see it. As they are in this perceived broken condition at this time, they will soon see the results that will mean something. That is part of the tide that has shifted.

These are exciting times for all and we would ask that each of you that follows our messages, know that in your inner soul you are exactly where you need to be and that these symptoms and signs and changes are for the good. They are for the good. These changes are to help people move into the New Earth, move into the shifting that is on the planet already.

Be ready for great news, all. Be ready for great news and ignore the stragglers that want to drive negativity that is left upon the planet. Ignore those messages of doom and disasters. Embrace all of the good that is coming in the weeks to come, the days to come, even. Know that your path on the journey has just begun as the “New Humans” upon this glorious planet.

That is our message for the day. We give you thanks. We love you and we send you our love and our blessings. Namaste.

Channeled by James McConnell and Dr. Susan Sammarco
Article may be reproduced in its entirety if authorship and authors website is clearly stated

Sananda, One Who Serves – You are here Now to bring Order from Chaos – Dark Ones (Souls) have been lifted off the Planet – Many of them moved Into the Light – Big Changes are Imminent – 3-4-15

Sananda True

“Sananda” and “One Who Serves” channeled by James McConnell

(Note: These messages were given  during our weekly Prepare For Change group in Glendale, AZ on March 1, 2015



This is Sananda. It is good to be here with you again. There are times when I can be with you and others, of course, are here with you in other moments. But this time now is  special  for as you have heard many times, much is happening, much is happening in the background. Much is happening that is yet to be revealed to you in your 3-dimensional understanding. But know that so much is happening at the higher levels so many of what are called the cabal, or the dark forces, have been lifted up off of the planet. Not in their physical bodies as of yet, but in their higher levels. And they have moved, many of them have moved into the Light. And many of those still, though, remain. But it is a process that is occurring that is moving in a direction of bringing all into order.

And that is what this is all about. That is what you are all here for at this time, in this moment of your lives. You are here to bring about order from the chaos that has been this 3-dimensional realm, this illusion that you have created or been a part of this creation. The illusion is changing, the illusion is lifting. The veil is lifting and as it lifts, it brings more to your understanding, it brings more into revealing and that revealing is close. There are many things that are happening that are what you would call the “last gasps” of the cabal. They are in their death throes, you might say.

Not literally, of course, but in their final moments they are reaching as much as they can to hold onto what they have known; to hold onto the comfort zone that they have created, mostly for themselves. But as you know, this cannot continue – it is not being allowed to continue. Prime Creator has said “enough is enough”. And once those words were uttered, once those words were revealed, then it was time for those of us that work at the higher levels, that mentor to you in many ways, it was time for us to begin to move into…not “take control”, we would never take control…to move the process along more fully. And that is what is happening now.


Those of us are working in the background, yes, and we are working with those of you, those “boots on the ground” here. . And as we continue to work with you, you continue to bring about the changes that are necessary. And even though you may not know that you are a part of this and you, yourself even sitting in this room, or those who would read and resonate with these words, you are all a part of this. There is no greater, no lesser part in this endeavor. Yes, there are those who are on the seeming “inside” of things and receive the various reports and understandings and then give them out to more of the general public.


But even those of you that meet in these groups in groups all across the planet and do not feel like you are making a difference, we can assure you that you are making a difference. Even just the fact that you are sitting and talking about these things, that you are looking into this, that you are becoming aware. And when you become aware then you can begin to move in the direction of creating the changes that are necessary, in terms of your group meditations, in terms of bringing down those forces that are seemingly still in control. But we sit here and tell you now they are no longer in control. They have given that up, not necessarily by their own doing, but they have given it up because they know there is no further use to it. They will hold on as long as they can because they do not want the outcome that is coming and they know what that outcome is. And of course, they do not want that. But it is beyond their control at this point.


So you, each one of you we would say now, be ready, be ready for those changes. We know you’ve heard this before, we are not going to say “soon” but we are going to say “imminent” at this point. So much is coming, so much is about to be revealed, that we cannot do that at this moment, but know that in this next week to come, it is very possible that there will be the St. Germain coming in to the next group meeting that you have because of changes that are developing and there will be a need for this. It is not definite because, as you know, the plan continues to be altered and changed as a result of man’s consciousness, as a result of the workings of the cabal in various ways to hold this off. But they can only hold it off so long so we can tell you very emphatically that the changes are afoot.


That is my message as Sananda at this time. I wish you to know that many of you were with me long ago and we came as volunteers and we’re going out as heroes and leaders. My Peace and Love to be with each of you.


“One Who Serves”


Greetings to you this is “One Who Serves” here to be with you here now and to answer any questions. But before we do, we have a short message as well. We wish for you to continue on in your daily activities like there’s nothing happening, like everything is as it has always been. But there is an expectation – have that expectation within you that is leading you in a direction to change.   And we know it is difficult for some to have change in their lives, but we are telling you to go along and “go with the flow” and all of this, but be expectant. Be expectant that there is going to be great, great change in your lives, in those around you.


And when that happens you are there at the forefront, you are the Wayshowers, the Wayseers, the Light Warriors and all of these words that have been given to you, and that you have given to yourselves. You are the One, you are the ones that it is time to assist others in their awakening process. For the world must awaken. James is fond of saying this “father, the sleeper has awakened”! It is from a movie called “Dune”. It is very apropos here in terms of there are many who have been asleep, there are still many that are asleep, but the awakening process is happening. And as this awakening process continues on, as it is and will, then you are going to be the ones there to assist in their awakening. Would you have questions for One Who Serves?


Question: I have a question. Can the Chimera and the archons, illuminati, other beings put in implants into people like Light Workers who are trying to do, or fix, things towards the Light? And can this bring pain to people?


(One Who Serves ) They can and they have. That is not to say that it is still a continuing process because much of their power has been taken from them. And much of them have also taken the power directly from themselves, in terms of they have moved into the Light. So again, it is largely at the higher levels that this has happened. But as you have heard so many times, “so above so below”. So as it happens at the higher levels it will eventually filter down into the physical, your 3-dimensional consciousness here. But understand that because of the veil being lifted that those things that are happening at the higher levels which, at times past, took a great deal of time in some circumstances to manifest here in the 3-D level, is now happening much quicker.


So yes there is these implant types of things and there are those out there of Light forces that are working to assist in this process of removing these implants. And assisting in the entire process of the DNA reconnecting and all these things that are happening when you receive these downloads. And you have been receiving these downloads for some time. And those of you that are working in these areas, and we speak now not only of this group certainly but all of the groups that are meeting across the planet, you have been assisting in this entire process and maybe not even knowing that you are doing it. But you were doing it and you have been receiving these downloads, as you would call them.


And they are assisting in removing these various implants that have been there for many lifetimes, many thousands of years, in some respects. Does this answer your question? (Yes thank you).  Would there be other questions here?


Question: I have a question. It is my understanding from many things that I’ve heard from different sources that the human race is a composite of many races maybe 20, 30, 40, 50 different races that have seeded the human body and now my question is, and I believe that, but my question is there have been several whistleblowers talking about a hybrid race walking among us that is recent. I believe that we’re all hybrids anyway but is there a new race of hybrids that has been coming to this planet and walk among us?

(One Who Serves) We would say that it is not a new race as you are looking at it in terms of your timeframe here. But it is a new race that has come to be here in this endeavor here within your planetary evolution. So there is this, yes, but it is an old race with much history behind it. But it is recently come into this understanding here, into this conscious level. Does this answer your question?

Question: I don’t understand. So the hybrids that are supposedly new hybrids are not new.

(One Who Serves) There is nothing new here as you would say it. There is only new to your understanding. There have been many civilizations, many races as you are calling them that have assisted, and not so assisted, in the evolution in the past. And throughout the solar system and the galaxy, there are many coming from all over the universe. Not only the solar system in this galaxy but all over the universe to witness these events that are coming; to witness the events and some to partake. And there are many who are waiting in the wings, as you might say, waiting for their opportunity to be a part of this program that is happening here. But understand it is not only happening here on the Earth but it is happening throughout the solar system and throughout the galaxy as well. For everything that happens here reverberates outward. You are all One, we are all One and what affects One, affects all.

Question: And I have one more question. The children that are being born today that are having tremendous awareness when they first come in. They understand, almost immediately, technology and things like that. And then they are placed in the system and they start working on “dumbing them down”. Is that going to change?


(One Who Serves) Certainly, all of this is changing. Your entire idea of education, as you know it, within your school system is all going to change. Because you are going to change it, you are the ones that are going to change it as you alter and change into your Golden Age, your Nova Earth here. You are going to affect the changes that are going to be a part of this fifth dimensional experience that you are moving into. So just as you have created this 3-D illusion over the many thousands and thousands of years here, so too are you going to create the new. But you are going to have the tools to create it without the need for various technology that has ravaged and pillaged the Earth here.


So it’s not necessarily a series of actions, it’s a transformation, it’s a process.


(One Who Serves) That’s correct – a transition yes.


Question: Is it true that the 7th root race is incarnating at this time to help with this process on the planet?


(One Who Serves) We would say here that this is premature in terms of 7th root race. It is more 4th or 5th root races, yes. These are the ones that are, well, what you are becoming here now.  Yes, you see? There are others that you would call, not so much root races here, but many who are currently, as we’ve already said here, that are to assist in this process and then become a great part of this process in the Earth herself and those within the earth and on the earth here who are becoming a galactic society. You are going to become part of the Galactic Federation. Many of you already are as you know it in your higher levels. But all of this is coming.


Question: I have a question. I’ve received some of these downloads and one of them said that there are certain races who are warring, like Star Wars. They are warring because their races on other planets are dying off and they are thinking that they can get DNA from humans and that’s why they are in this big war. I recently, though, was able to talk them into at least talking to the Galactic Federation and some other beings and asking them to do it in a nicer way without worrying and killing people. So that these higher-level beings would supply them with the right DNA in order to have their civilization continue. Is his all of this in my head or what?


(One Who Serves) Please understand that what comes into your head, is you are saying, it comes from somewhere. It does not just “poof” from I don’t know where. And all of this what is your saying, “there is nothing new under the sun” is that not your saying? And all that happens goes into what is considered the Universal Mind. And you are all a part of this Universal Consciousness. And when an idea comes, when something comes to you, it comes from this Universal Consciousness. And the Universal Consciousness is exactly that; it encompasses the entire Universe. So that when there are thoughts and ideas and concepts and all of this, they come from far out into the universe. So that someone such as say the Tesla, when he was operating at the optimum levels that he received some of these concepts and ideas. He did not know where they were coming from but he did not question whether they were real or not because he was able to put them into effect. So we are saying to you now, who is asking this question, that you take these ideas and “run with them”, you might say. And allow for the possibility that they may certainly be accurate. Now we are not going to sit here and say, though, that this part is accurate and this part of it is not. You know we do not operate that way. But trust yourself and trust that the knowing is coming. And many of you who are here, and those who read these words, you are going to have these ideas and they are going to seemingly come from nowhere sometime. And you’re going to question, “is this my imagination”? But what have we spoken of many times about your imagination? It is more real than your 3-D illusion that is here. Does this answer your question?


Yes I appreciate that so much and I do trust it and I will continue my work with it too. Thank you.


(One Who Serves) Are there other further questions here?


Question: One Who Serves, I have a question about this recent news that the cabal are trying to leave planet earth and are getting shot down. Sananda says everything is closing in and we are much more close to the Disclosure of many races. Could you please comment on that? That the ships are being shut down that they are trying to escape planet Earth.


(One Who Serves)  Yes, you are so close to Disclosure this time you can almost taste it, is that not your saying here?  Yes, there is some truth to what you are saying but some of it is also blown out of proportion, you might say. But there is the effect here that those few that have created the havoc on this planet are not able to escape it.  They knew what they were planning previously would tentatively destroy; they planned to go off to another planet and escape from their own destruction. It is not being allowed. So yes they are being kept here and whatever they create here they have to go through it themselves. So you can say, pretty much, that they are not wanting to create it as much as they wanted to before. Now there are those who are stubborn, there are those who are holding on. And they will be dealt with when the time comes. Does this answer your question? (Yes, thank you very much). Would there be other questions here?


Question: I have a question regarding the Dragon family. When there’s going to be Disclosure, is this going to also include major events happening directly in China? I’ve been wondering about this Dragon family helping the entire continent. Since the events will come from China first is this going to be also helping with the Disclosure?


(One Who Serves)  We can answer this in this way. The Dragon families that you are speaking of are new to the world in many aspects, in terms of being revealed. And much of what you know about these Dragon families, the majority of your population knows nothing about. But they are being revealed little by little. Now just as anyone who is a human being here and has their own egos and all of this, they also have that as well. So there are those that want to do what is best for humanity and there are those who want to do what is best for themselves, and maybe help humanity, you see? So they are not all there to assist in the overall process willingly. They will be part of this process to return to humanity what is rightfully theirs. In terms of spreading the money and all of these currency exchanges, all of this is being affected in the background, you might say. But it is all coming forward. So the Dragon families as they are, they are real, they are part of this and they are preparing for many changes. To say that the changes are going to happen in China first is not necessarily accurate. We cannot tell you at this time where these changes are going to directly happen first because it may not happen that way. It may happen across the entire planet at one time or it may happen individually. This is because of the changes that are constantly happening to the Great Plan here. (Thank you)  Would there be any further questions here?


Question: I have a request to clarify a thought that I’m having about the 3rd dimension. All of the things that are happening like greed and mistreatment of others, and other things that are happening at the cabal level seems to me that that’s 3rd dimensional. So my question is if we work at, in an emotional and mental level, to not participate in 3-D streaming thoughts and information and simply become the observer of that rather than the participant of that…is that a path to higher consciousness?


(One Who Serves)  Certainly, certainly. Whenever you can move into the higher vibration and let go of past understandings and those things which have held you back, certainly you are moving into the higher frequencies, and therefore, the higher dimensions.


And with that, would one way to do that is to become the observer versus the participator in these events?


(One Who Serves)  Yes, to a certain extent.  Because you are wrapped up in this illusion, this illusion is very much the reality to many here. There must be those that affect the changes at that level as well. So for those of you that moved into the higher vibration, that would be wonderful but what about all of those that are left behind, you see? You are the ones that are the Way Showers , you are the Light Warriors. You are here to anchor the Light, to bring about the great revealing. That’s what you are here for. So yes we would say to actually operate at the higher levels at all times as you can, but know that there must still be another effecting at the lower vibrations to assist the rest of humanity. (Okay thank you). Would there be any further questions here?


Question: I have another question. I was speaking with Archangel Metatron and Lady Arcturus last night and I’ve had since then this feeling at the temple of my head just a sensation so can you tell me if that’s anything or what that is?


(One Who Serves)  We can tell you if you are feeling it, it is something.  (Laughter). It is not a figment of your imagination although that wouldn’t be so bad, would it? But what is real at your level is very real and it is having an effect on you to allow you to understand that there is reality to all of this. (Thank you).  Would there be anything further here?


Question: I have a question concerning the 3-D body. Is it still part of the process of Ascension to still feel some strong things like pain? Is this still something that is going to be going on or are we already past that phase? Are we going to experience something more physical for us all?


(One Who Serves)  You can akin this somewhat to your going through puberty and the growing pains that one goes through, whether male or female. And do you not have those various pains and those aches and those things that you can remember back to those times? It is as though you were going through a transition at that time. And similarly, now, you are going through a transition but you are taking your physical bodies with you through this transition. So you must have an understanding that, as you are going through this transition, there is going to be some residual effects of this because the physical body is altering. All that you have known previously is going to fade away, in many aspects. You and your physical body at these higher vibrations with all these new-found abilities and all of this; these pains you are speaking of are going to be history. And they are going to fade from your memory entirely as you continue on in your own personal evolution here. Does this answer your question?


Yes it does. If I was to put push it to a deeper and more profound understanding about what the body is going through, is something to do with the DNA change that we’re also going through? Literally the aches and pains in the body


(One Who Serves)  That is the explanation of many things here but as your body is changing, transitioning from a carbon-based body to a more crystalline form, to be able to anchor and work with the light at higher levels and therefore the higher vibrational frequencies, then you must understand that there are those effects that are going to come with it. Now they are being lessened in many aspects as you ask for it. It is those that are having the predominant achesA and pains that may not alleviate quite so quickly as there are various levels of themselves who said “bring it on”.  “Bring it on, we will take it all because we want to move faster through this”.  And those that say “wait not so much…it is too much”, then it is lessened somewhat. But all are going through this at the level that they are at in this moment. Even those that have no conscious knowing of what we are speaking of here.  Does this answer your question?  (Yes, yes thank you very much).  Would there be anything further?


Question: One Who Serves, I just need your help about tools and techniques to get to the higher vibrations. Like meditations and savanas and yogas,  they get me to a higher vibration, but I don’t know how to maintain it at that level that I have built up. On top of that, moving forward, how do I do that?


(One Who Serves)  In order to maintain them it is a thought process that occurs here. And as you move into higher vibrations and you feel yourself being jovial, in joy and blissful at some points. And then you know at that time that you’ve moved into these vibrations. But then there are those thoughts that come in that pull you back, whenever it might be. And as those thoughts pull you back, you feel the pains coming over again and the aches and you feel the depression and all of these things coming back because you are slipping back again into those lower vibrations, back into the illusion once again. So as you find yourself in those higher vibrations, keep those thoughts high, keep your imagination running into the higher frequency in terms of creating what it is you want to feel in those higher levels, you see?


Question:  Yes, yes. So in moving forward, if vibrations are the effects or outcomes of everything I think then I can maintain it?


(One Who Serves)  Yes, to a great degree. And the one who can maintain those higher thoughts, then they will maintain themselves at those higher vibrations. Therefore they will, as the time comes, move through the Ascension process much more quickly. (Thank you). Understand though, that as this Ascension process continues on and it becomes more and more and more profound for you, you are going to receive a great deal of help. You are not ever going to be alone through this. So there will be both the mentors that will be introduced to you and also those who will literally, physically, be there with you, and you with them.  And you will be able to ask all these questions that you want and to get all the answers that you want. And they will be there to help and assist in this guidance process. You are not going through this alone.


Question:  Thank you One Who Serves. Whenever I ask a question to you, before even I ask you, I think it’s my Higher Self saying “Did you meditate today…you have to go within to get the answer”.  It’s just something that is grating me to seek answers outside of myself that’s happening for me. But I like to ask you because I don’t meditate as much, that much.


(One Who Serves)  That is a process that many go through initially when they first begin their awakening process, to look outside of themselves for the answers.  But the next step of the process that you go through is to realize that all of the answers you seek outside of yourself are already there within you.  That is the “so within, so without”.   (Yes thank you).


Question:  But it helps to have validation from you – I just wanted to add that. 


(One Who Serves)  You are not alone through this process.   (And I thank you for that).


Question:  So basically what you are saying is that you can think yourself into sadness or into depression.


(One Who Serves)  That is correct.


Question So it’s based on being conscious of what thoughts trigger what feeling.


(One Who Serves)  Yes, yes.


Question So because we are creators, we are creators outside of the 3-D illusion that is our minds, when we tap into our the Central Mind, we can basically create any feeling we want to create.


(One Who Serves)  That is correct.


Question:  We just have to remember that.


(One Who Serves)  Yes.


Question And isn’t it true that most times when we’re becoming depressed or sad we’re thinking ourselves that way?


(One Who Serves)  Yes that is also correct.


Question:  We just don’t realize it.


(One Who Serves)  Yes.  There is a saying that the mentor to this one James, the Edward, used to use. You may remember, Joanna: “You get glad in the same shorts you got sad in”.  (Laughter)


Question Yes because it’s all up to you.


(One Who Serves)  Yes that was what he was trying to say in those times many years ago.


Question So, just as a story of being my observer self.  I was feeling very sad about my son the other day about some things he had said to me. I called him and his voice was very high and elated, he sounded happy. So my point is that I felt sorry for him and it made me feel bad, but everyone has such a range of emotions that you catch them at any spectrum, at any point, it will be different.


(One Who Serves)  Yes and therein lies your illusion.  It’s all in illusion. And when you fully come to understand that, you are on your way.  We need to release channel is there one further question before we do? Otherwise are going to release.


Question:   Yes I have a question. There are times when I am in peace and meditation and focusing strongly on positive thoughts and I feel these twitches go through my body. Are those times that I’m getting downloaded?


(One Who Serves)  Those are always indications that you are on the right track, that you are receiving some indication that there is truth in whatever it is that is going on within you.  As the thoughts come to you, as your imagination seems to be running wild, these are indications of the truth and these are the whispers that come to you.


Question: That’s what I’ve been feeling and hearing. Thank you.

(One Who Serves)  We need to release channel here now. Please understand that this is near the end. You are coming to the end of all that you have been prepared for, all that you have come here for in this evolution. Many of you for many, many lifetimes, lifetime after lifetime wondering when you would get to this moment. Well we can tell you now you are very close.  Please be in Love and Harmony at all times and find Order within yourself and then in all those around you. Create it for yourself and those around you: Love, Peace, Harmony and Order.  This was given by the Guardian of the New Dispensation 20-something years ago through this one James. And it is important now, especially now, to remember those four things. And you can add to them, as well, joy and understanding and oneness.


Shanti. Peace be with you.  And one more thing we almost forgot. You’re going to be, again as Sananda has said here, that depending on how things go in this next week whether it will be St. Germain with you or not next week.  If he is here then be ready to rejoice.


Shanti. Peace be with you.  Be the One.

Channeled by James McConnell


One Who Serves

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One Who Serves and Ashira – Ignorance Is No Longer Bliss – 2-24-15

One Who Serves channeled by James McConnell and Ashira channeled by Dr. Susan Sammarco

(Note: these messages were given during our weekly Prepare For Change group in Glendale, AZ on February 22, 2015)


One Who Serves:

Greetings.  Good to be here with you again in this way and we so enjoy when you play our song (referring to group “Ohm”. For as you probably are aware, we do this quite often, this “Ohm-ing” sound and many other things that we do that you are not quite ready for in this particular incarnation that you are in. But you all here in this group have all done this before in many aspects. You have found yourselves in monasteries and in caves and all of these things previously and found yourselves doing these practices. And they are somewhat foreign to you in this particular lifetime, not all of you but some of you here, have a difficult time with, say meditation and to quiet the mind. The mind is so chattering all the time, is it not? It is difficult to quiet it down and even to get to that point – we know there is one who has spoken here about the sleep issue and it is difficult to find the movement into the restfulness of the sleep because the mind is always working unless you quiet it down.  And it is important to do that so we would suggest to one who has difficulty with this, you may have already done this, but attempt to meditate during that time and we can assure you that as you are meditating it will assist you in the quieting of the mind and you will find yourself drifting off. And there will be times when you will be not quite sure if you have actually fallen asleep or not but you will feel more rested if you would do this.

Now for a message here to those rest of you here and those who would be reading and resonating to these words, it is always important that it is those who resonate to these words because this is not for everyone. These messages are not for everyone at this point because there are so many still that are slumbering along and have, in many respects, seemingly no cares in the world. But those of you that are in the awakening process, you know that as you become more and more aware of all of the things that are happening in the world it is difficult, in some respects, to find the blissfulness state. But there is a saying, you used to have a saying, that ignorance is bliss; but we will tell you now that “ignorance no longer bliss”.  Because if you are asleep and continue in that sleeping state then many things would be happening around you that you would not like the end result.

So it is important for more and more and more to awaken to who they are and what they are here for and the real reason for all of this. And those of you who are who are in this awakening process, it is up to you to do all you can as well. Whenever you get the opportunity don’t jump in, don’t go knocking on doors or this type of thing. But wherever there is the opportunity allow for the process to develop, if a question is asked then answer it in the respect that it is asked and not more. Do not give too much because they would not necessarily be ready for it. But when they are ready they will ask more questions and more, and continue to go in that process. And you will find that more and more and more will awaken across the entire planet as this is being done, as the Light is being spread in this respect. And also in the respect of mass meditations and this type of thing is very important.  And it is, from our point of view, from our vantage point and from those who are above us in terms of in the ships and these things they are seeing the Light spreading rapidly.

Now we know that it is perhaps not quite as rapid as you would like it to be, but it is what it is and it is important to know that you are having an effect. Each of you here in this room, and those again who are reading these words, are having an effect on the masses so that the truth is coming out more and more and being revealed more and more. And the more the truth is being revealed the more will awaken from their slumber. And the more that awaken from their slumber, they will awaken others and on and on and on. And this is how the Light continues to spread and the Love is shared. That would be our message. Would there be any questions for One Who Serves and Ashira who is also standing by here we believe?

Question: Yes I want to ask you, Ashira, some information about what kind of being are we trying to bring and what type of prep work do we need to do to get ready?


(Ashira): And you are talking about the one, the child that is coming to you? (Yes). This is an agreement that is made prior to your lives even, so there is no more preparation to “attract” the correct soul other than being open to know that this is indeed the time for you to call that soul forth. And for the two of you to move into the opportunity for the soul to make its way through you and with you for the new dispensation, let us say. The two of you have set up and established a practice of business and spiritual types of agreements with this soul and so, with this birth, you will be able to experience all those things that you have established prior to the arrival of the soul upon the earth.

And you have been brought together yourselves, have you not, with the intention whether or not it was constant at the time, at the top of your mind, with the intention of bringing forth this little one. And you can be proud for the future for this one will be teaching others at a very young age and will also be greeted by others so you may think you only have one chance at this, you will have many more chances to share your love and your philosophy and your Light with these little ones does that help? (Yes). Bless you.

(One Who Serves): Would there be other questions here?

Question: I have a question I’ve heard that there are many corrections being made on Earth that need to be made and that some of that will be negative in terms of what’s happening here on Earth. And then we’ve also heard your message of joy and jubilation and having our awakening and our eyes open. So can you elaborate on this a little bit in terms of going to happen in the next year or so?


(One Who Serves ) We can assist in this in some ways yes. Understand that as the times continue on here, as you are moving in the direction of your ascension process, there is a letting go process that occurs within this. And this is causing some consternation in many aspects in many different ways physiologically, mentally, emotionally. And people are having these expressions of the change that is going on within their bodies, within their emotional bodies and within their etheric and astral as well. And these things will continue on as this process continues to move ahead. But understand that as these things are happening, there are also changes that are going on within the Earth herself and within the aspects of the frequencies that are also moving in a higher direction here, in terms of higher vibration. So there will be those, as you become more and more aware of what is happening then the truth is coming out more and more, and more is being revealed.


And as it is being revealed to you, you are aghast, you might say, at some of the horrors and things that before were covered up and you did not know of these things – they had not been revealed. So as more and more is revealed, you become more and more aware of “other than Love and Light” and all of this. And so it is difficult in this aspect. Now the earlier ideas and concerns of the catastrophes and calamities and all of this is not the case anymore. It will not happen except to those that are expecting that to happen and, in many respects, wish it to happen. Be careful of what you wish for, you see? They will have that aspect as they are asking for it, it will come to them. So know though that as you yourselves, those of the Light, are moving in that direction and into higher vibrations, there cannot be those types of catastrophes so nothing to worry about. Because it is all about moving into these higher frequencies where there is no worry, where there is no fear, where there is no concerns of lack and limitation. Where there is only Love and Light and togetherness and oneness and compassion and all of this, you see? Does this answer your question? (Yes, thank you).


(One Who Serves): Any other questions here?


Question: So does it help if we send love and light to some of these darker organizations like the Roman Catholic Church or I know we did for Montauk. Is it really good for us to get together and meditate and bring light to these places that maybe the changes won’t be as severe here on Earth?


(One Who Serves ) Yes but also understand we have been working with you to do these things. We do not want you to become, what is your saying, “bogged down” by this so that you are focusing only on attacking the negative and the dark forces and this type of thing. It is important to do that at certain points as we have been expressing with you but it is also more important to continue to spread the Light and the Love wherever you can and do it in this way, you see? (Yes) And not directly attacking those organizations. (Thank you). Would there be further questions here?


Not this time, okay, then we are going to close down our part of this and we are going to say that you have been told what is coming the next week. The following week after that, we are preparing another guest speaker, you might say, and the James even does not know who that will be yet at this point. But this is coming there are certain things that are going to be developing that will call for this one to speak to you.


Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the One.


And I have something to share with you at the end for the group here. A few weeks ago I shared about physical discomforts and physical activities that might be going on with those in this group and those who read these words and listen. And yes they hit you full flow, haven’t they? (Yes, yes) And that was the reason for the pre-education, let us say, of that. And there is more of this to go on that will continue to take place in your physical bodies for they are changing at those higher levels. Your emotional bodies, your spiritual bodies, all of these are being affected as you come online to these additional chakras, as well as for the refinement of your bodies to be able to fill more and more with those fifth dimensional energies and frequencies.

And yes, this one too has had her share of rebalancing and healing and energy shifts. And all of you are on that leading edge that you discussed earlier. On one hand, it is good for you who are able to share with others and share what’s happening and understand it more deeply. And while it feels like what you call sickness it is indeed not but glorious transformations from who you were, to who you are, and who you are becoming. And while this is frustrating because no one in this room, or those who read these words, have any interest at all in prolonging this misery physically, however, this is part of the path. It is part of the path and part of the reason that those of you in this room, and those of you who are ahead of others in this experience, that you are experiencing these opportunities at this time. And we strive to stay positive about this because the information can be interpreted to some as horrible, something painful.

And yet you look around the room here and you see the sunshine on your faces and you listen to one another as you share. Be diligent, be vigilant. Let only those things that enter your mind continue to support you as you move forward on your path. And yes, there are some in this room that can manage to read the situations and go forward, without having it take them or hold them. Others of you are not capable of doing that and so the best choices that you can make for yourselves is to allow only what you can change moment to moment every day. And this is a time of awakening, a time to close one door and opened this other one more fully. And while the educational process seems to be transformational it can also seem confusing and frustrating. We acknowledge that with you. And this is the reason that we have all been called together today to, again, have conversations about these physical, mental, emotional activities actions upon your body – and spiritual ones.

As you have called forth and calmed down the changes and welcomed them from all aspects of who you are individually, you will indeed find that they manifest in your life a little differently for each one of you. For each one of you has different gifts, each one of you has different understandings. And so it is only readily, perfectly yours to experience it at this time. And while you may, at days and times, feel that this is an overload on your system, calm back, settle back, move back into a place that you are comfortable. Pull in, knowing that the next energy round will take you again to that newest place. And you will stay there until it is time for you to be relaxed and to be able to manifest and exist in that new higher dimension. This is a wondrous time for changes in love.

It is a wondrous time to leave through, and leave behind, those concepts of disease, concepts of anger, concepts of anything that takes you away from that who you truly are, Which is a wondrous Divine Being expecting and accepting that which you are experiencing right now in right here. Remember to call yourself into the present moment. Remember to leave behind those symptoms or symptomology that you experienced, even the day before. Remember that these are wondrous times and the more quickly that you allow yourself to fully step into those shoes of the new “are” that you are. That’s a lot of “ares” I know, expecting to move into that newness of who you truly are, you will see all of these symptoms fade away and you will be able to accept the newness of your new body, your new aura, your new energy fields, your newness in all ways and that means turning away from those things which pull you back; and turning towards those things that pull you forward.

And we know that we talk so often of “be in the now” and holding the present moment, but even that is too, too little for this time. That which is yours is that promise of the future that now you have one foot into solidly and you are stepping fully and completely in over the next matter of a couple of weeks to month. It’s all part of the process, it’s all part of who you are and what you’re experiencing and it is part of the wonderful magic that is present on this Earth now. Stay focused my friends. Stay focused on the good. Stay focused on the possibilities. Stay focused on that whom you are at this moment in time, in this room and this place, one filled with Love, expectation, opportunity and even more than anything else, magick. I’m going to let you go this week our love and our blessings.  Namaste.


Channeled by James McConnell and Dr. Susan Sammarco

Article may be reproduced in its entirety if authorship and authors website is clearly stated

Ashtar, One Who Serves and Ashira – You Are Each A Piece Of This Symphony of Light and Love – Channeler James McConnell – 2-12-15

 Ashtar3 with hand starAshtar and One Who Serves channeled by James McConnell

Ashira channeled by Dr. Susan Sammarco

(Note: These messages were given to our weekly Prepare For Change group in Glendale, AZ on Feb. 8, 2015)


It is a wonderful pleasure to be here with you at this time, to participate with you in these endeavors. Please understand that all you are doing is in service, not to us but in service to yourselves. We are only here to assist you in any way that we can. We are to be of service to you. And as we are in service to you, you are then also in service to us and to yourselves. And to the God Source that runs through all of us.

We want you to understand that here, this day; you have accomplished something that has been in the works for decades now. This is all part of the Great Plan and there are many levels of this plan that are being worked out. There are levels at the three dimensional level in your physical understanding. There are levels at the etheric, at the astral. All are being worked to bring about the perfect plan, Prime Creator’s Perfect Plan. And even though there are those times when there certainly seems to be a set-back, it certainly seems as though nothing is happening, know that all of these parts of the plan are working together.

It has been said many times that there is an orchestra in play here. And you are all parts of that orchestra. Just as in an orchestra, all of the pieces are necessary to bring about the symphony. And you are each a piece to bring this symphony together. This is the symphony of light. This is the symphony of love. And we are all here to take part in this endeavor.

What is about to occur here has never happened before in the history of this universe. You have been given many indications in the past that some of those things may or may not happen. But please understand that they are already in the happening process.

All of you, all of those here in this group as well as all of those who read and resonate to these words, are a part of this process and have a part in this plan. And know that there is no small part and no large part. It is all one. So do not think that anyone has a larger part to play than you do. Or that anyone has a smaller part to play than you do. For you all have that part and you all are playing your instruments to the optimum that you can possibly do. And we, those of us who watch over you, those of us who mentor you are thrilled with the progress that has occurred here.

For at one point the Great Plan called for this process that is happening now to happen centuries into the future. But because of Man’s consciousness, because of your consciousness, you have sped up the entire program.

We are so pleased to be here and to be a part of this with you. And we are longing for the days when we can appear in your skies, above your heads, and everyone look up and see the great ships that have come. But also know that the great ships once came before. And many of you that saw the great ships then will again see the great ships now. And all will look up in wonder and awe and realize that you are one part of the great orchestra of the entire universe.

I am Ashtar. And it was my pleasure to be with you this day, to be a part of this expression of working with you today. And all of my peace and love and light be with each of you now. Peace and love.

One Who Serves”

Greetings to you. This is “One Who Serves” here to be here with you now and answer questions along with Ashira. Before I do this, before we do this, we would have a short message for you. And this is for you to understand that all is happening. All is in the process of happening and we know that this is said over and over and over but we wish for you to fully understand that you are in the throes of this passion now! It is in this moment, right now, as we speak.

And what has been spoken of as the end of hostilities upon the planet, peace on the planet, indeed, that is right around the corner. It is coming. And it is not that there will be the cessation of all hostilities on the planet in one moment but it is the moment that brings it all together. It is going to be the moment that ushers in the world peace.

You will know it! On your Valentine’s Day as we find it, you will experience a great influx of love coming over. Is this “The Event”? Not necessarily. But it is a pre-cursor of it. You will have this experience. We will say to you now to await this, to be expectant of this, create it in your mind that this is so, it is real. It is coming and it is going to be here!

Now would you have questions here for “One Who Serves” and “Ashira”? We assume you are ready “Ashira’? I am.

Question: The “Guardian of the New Dispensation” came to me and asked me to meditate and “help” with the “fallen”. Also, in another meditation I was contacted by the “overlords”. Can you help me understand who the “fallen” are and who the “overlords” are?

OWS”:  Yes, we will start here and “Ashira” will add to this.

We will speak of the “overlords” here. Understand that the “overlords” are not over lording anything. They are not over you or anyone else. They only thought they were at times. Are they completely on the dark side? No, they are not. They are there to assist in some ways to keep the flow of energy going. But it is not the flow of energy that is needed here now. In the past it was.

The whole idea of reincarnation and all of this, the working of the karma was a part of their expression a part of what they “lorded” over. But those times are over. That frequency has been reached so that those considered the overlords are going to move on. They are not going to be a part of this expression very much longer.

Question: If they ask me to work with them, I should tell them no?

OWS”:  That would be an affirmative. Yes.

Would you have something to add to this, Ashira?

Ashira”:  Not on the overlords but would you like me to take the first part of the question? “OWS”:  Please, yes.

Ashira”:  You feel most in resonance with the “Guardian of the New Dispensation” but we would remind you that one is just one of a group. And so, when they have come to you, that one has the higher resonance with your frequency so the communication is easier.

They have share a request with you for a meditation for the “fallen”. The “fallen” are soul fence sitters. They have not made a decision about what is real and what is not real on this planet in their experience. So, shining the light on their way is like a search light that allows the directions that once they are on contact with their true being and their true way will follow that search light into the light.

The will reject those false belief systems that are of the other side. They are still driven by fear to a large degree. Meditating on the light for them to follow opens their being and their awareness to a greater degree to draw them in. Remember, it is all personal, all soul choice and it is soul contracts. There will be some that choose to stay behind for a period or even longer. Some may find another path for their existence. Does that make sense to you? Yes.

OWS” Would there be other questions here?

Question: When I was trying to find the dark cell I couldn’t identify where it was. Did I do it right? The one in the center of the brain where we can cancel our contract.

OWS”:  Yes, you are speaking of something entirely different now. We would tell you that all have this contract and have come in with this contract but you have also been working in many respects to alleviate the contract you came in with.

In other words you came in with a blueprint; a certain way of moving through your life but with all your detours and forks in the road and all of these things but at some point you came to a decision. That decision has taken you to the next level of understanding and expression and into higher frequencies. And in so doing, as you move into the higher frequencies, the idea of the contract that you signed, not literally but that you agreed to, is null and void in many respects here. You see? OK Does this make sense to you?

Question: Last week I woke up after a dream that some dark entities wanted to possess me. Who were they?

OWS”:  Ashira, do you wish to answer this?

Ashira”:  Yes. I will take this.

Actually, we would speak to you in different levels about this experience. In one level it is part of your own self. As a part of a dream that is working with those things that are still unknown to you. Do you remember last week when you discussed your health and you had some belief systems about your health? One part of you called forth perfect health and other parts had beliefs that started with “but”. Do you recall that conversation? Yes, I do.

Yes. And so, in part those are the dark thoughts that are coming up that you are trying to examine and then, push down and push out. You are a Being of Light, you know that and you are claiming perfect health and are doing many things to work toward that. That is one level of this expression.

On another level of this expression you are growing. Light does attract others to you and many times they are looking for the light. The protection discussion today was very important for you to incorporate in your day to day meditations as well as before you go to sleep so that you know at your conscious level that you are fully protected and you do not need to be concerned about this.

Are you ready for the third level? On the third level, in your multi-dimensional selves you are working as a Light Worker. A Spiritual Warrior. In those other selves you are fighting the dark in a real way.

So, all of these things get mixed up in one night dream state, one night state that feels like nightmares. We invite you to review this transcript and see that there are many different things going on but the thing that we recommend, to make you feel more at ease about this is to call in the protection before your nights. Does this make sense to you? Yes. I am at ease already.

Would you have more to add, “OWS”? No, it looked good to us.

Question: I had a good experience this week while listening to “Blossom Goodchild” voice channeling the Galactic Federation. They said close your eyes and I did.  Afterwards, I felt all the energy coming in. Was that a being or something else or just the energy?

OWS”:  We will take this because we have worked with you for some time now. We have worked with you in terms of energy. Working with your energetic expression within yourself and for you to acknowledge that you have this ability to be aware of energies beyond what most beings, human beings on this planet, have. But always you have been the one who wanted to have the experiences others have, to see and to have the visual experiences and all of these things but please understand that other places, other planets, other systems, the idea of being aware of energy and experience energy as you can that is greatly wanted. It is only here at this three dimensional level that it is somewhat the other way around.

So, we would say to you, congratulations our dear sister, you are having an expression of exactly what we have been speaking of for a very long time now. The idea that you are feeling it in your higher chakra, in your crown chakra, is the idea that you are experiencing the higher frequencies and vibrations within you. Do you understand this? Yes. I felt that my vibration was raised during that time. Yes.

Ashira”:  May I add a comment? You listened to this one’s voice channeling, just as those who are here, you receive downloads, you receive downloads of energy. It is not that it is just through this one. Downloads are many times experienced with Sheldan Nidle’s workshops he gives, and those who have been here, you have received downloads. Some Sundays do you not feel more tired than others? It is because of the energy downloads and messages at a higher frequency.

That is also transferred many times through the transcriptions that are sent out not only from this group but from other channels around the world. People will resonate to their ability of experience and expression at this time. With the level of frequency that is transmitted through the channelings.

The voice channelings are one of the ways that helps the broadest groups of people who need the sound frequency. They do not necessarily relate the same way visually to that which is read. This is how downloads occur. It is not necessarily going to happen with every channel for every person. That is why there are so many of you who are performing these services around the world because you have nine billion people to speak to. So there are those who will resonate with some and not others. That is part of the discernment process.  Congratulations, Sweet One. This is a great step!

Question: Every time I visit India, I am exhausted. I meditate to keep myself up. Only my brother has some resonance with me. I don’t understand the work I am trying to do there.

We would share with you that probably every person in this circle could raise their hands to share similar experiences with family members. You are born through your family to gain the experiences you require to move forward in this lifetime. To have things that strengthen you and things that challenge you. It is as putting metal into the fire to build the sword. And you are the sword at this stage of your life at this point in time.

It is the love that you have in your heart and the compassion that you have that makes you want to bring them along on this journey. You are so fortunate that you and your wife found one another so that you have someone that can be walking on your path with you and unfolding with you.

We would share that the best path is love and not expecting them to hear your message or understand you in any way, shape or form because their clocks, their alarms have not yet gone off. But when their alarms go off and they see the world in a very different way, they will come to you for explanations and to have your support as they start their spiritual journeys.

So, you are as the “Hermit” card in the Tarot deck. You are the one who is leading others up the path. He is climbing the craggy, rocky steps and shining the light behind him for others to follow.

Does that help you?

Question: My daughter who is pregnant with twins, is having some possible problems with her ex. And her living space is on the third floor and it is getting harder for her as she gets more pregnant. Can you give me any idea of how to help?

Ashira”:  What do you think, “OWS”? Is this your’s or mine?

OWS”:  You can go with this one.

Ashira”:  Yes, it seems that the questions that are more personal or family related are more “comfortable” for me to answer. Those that are more technical and detailed are much better for the group of “One Who Serves”. Does that sound about right?

OWS”:  Yes.

Ashira”:  So, know that everything is in Divine Order. You know how the world is unfolding at this point in time. We cannot tell you yes, no or good or bad or anything else. We suggest that you continue to hold them in love and light and their life will unfold the way it is to unfold. In terms of a dangerous situation; many times that is more about manipulation and polarity. Send that other one love and peace and know all of this is going to unfold in the way it is to unfold. Your part is to continue to send the group love, including the “ex” and also to support your daughter in love and understanding. Be there is non-judgment to share her path.

Question: How to interpret the orbs we see on pictures. We took at a lot of pictures when my father was here. We saw big orbs, small orbs, translucent and some shiny almost like a star. What are they?

OWS”:  Yes. Many times we have given here aspects and ways from many different sources that you are going to have glimpses of the higher vibrations, the higher frequencies. Certainly when you have this expression, you call orbs that appear in photographs, these are expressions of these higher vibrations. Even though you do not see them with your physical eyes, some will and some have, but for the most part you will not experience them with your physical eyes but when the photograph is taken, it is there. Because in many respects the picture is beyond the veil, not held back by your physical eyes that are experiencing or not experiencing what is really there. Does this help you understand?

Question: When we are aware that this is happening, should we be communicating with those on the other side of the veil?

OWS”: Oh my goodness, leave the shoulds out of picture. When you are experiencing this don’t try to make it more or less of what it is. Experience it for what it is, you see?

OWS”:  We have one here that is clamoring to get his two cents in. We have him on a tether here. Just kidding!

Another “OWS”:  Greetings to you! Good to be here with you again! We have missed this time frame with you. We expressed with you in so many ways at your Advance but we have come only one time as we find it since then. But we always love these times to express with you and you to express with us.

Please understand that it is very important that as the days go by here and you move closer to your Valentine’s Day, as has been spoken of, as the beginning of the end of hostilities on the planet, please allow for that expression to move through you. Literally, go with the flow that day and experience it! Know that it is there as it moves through you send it out to another, send it out to one next to you. Or to one across the country or world for there is no time and space here. You see?

So, experience at its ultimate as it comes forward. You will have this expression of love that you will never have felt before. We will akin it to a time when you first met your mate and you had that feeling of being in love. Do you know that? Some of you had it a long time ago (laughter)  but you have had this expression. Do you remember? Think back now. What was it like? That feeling of being in love and wanting only to be with that person. It may only be momentary on that day (Valentines Day) experience of bliss, of being in love, in love with the God Source within you and feeling it move through you.

Now think about this for just a moment. If all people on the planet are having this expression at one level or another, do you not think it will create the sense of letting go of hostilities? Will it not create a sense of loving energy coming in for all? At different levels, we know that, but allow for it and send it to others. Send the goodwill. Send it out to all! OK?

We are done for our part. Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the One.

Ashira”:  It is hard to think of a message that is going to be as fun and light as that!

I come with a message about love as well and about reality as it has been and reality as it is changing. The message I wish to share with you today begins with taking you on a little bit of a trip. And to think about billions of people upon this planet who have been raised with very singular experiences in their lives. Experiences that come from their parents, from their culture, from their religions. Each and every one of you upon the planet has created your own hologram. The holographic universe that people have been speaking about now for many years is not only that which is formed by the mass consciousness, it is also that which is formed for each and every being.

It is as if you have a goldfish bowl or a glass bowl around you and that you send and project your belief systems across that. You have a film that is the reality you live your life through. One of the things that have happened is that with the veil coming down, these glass perceptions are fading.

You have had experiences such as this, going back to “OWS” conversations a few moments ago. When you fall in love with someone and you have that initial burst of love and you have that oneness with them through physical expressions, through sexual expressions and they take you into the arms of God, you think. And as you merge with that one, as the relationship builds, if it is a relationship that will be moving you along the path as partners, then that singular becomes more of a unified bowl, a unified consciousness for that future, the manifestation you live as partners in the path of life.

And then, many years down the road or it may not be so many years, let us say this is a couple that started out with the best of intentions and quality love and quality expectations that they are building their life with. Too many times those in those relationships begin to see that they believe that they are not being fulfilled in some way and that relationship begins to deteriorate.

What that does is to rebuild that wall and that bowl that was made from two to one, becomes as one bowl over each separate partners, making two bowls again. First, the bowls are touching until they drift and become separate beings, filling their bowls with their own, individual manifestations again.

As “OWS” discussed, the first part of the bringing down of the separation is like falling in love.  From the early times of the relationship where you have that unity with one person, where the veil disappears and you think like them and you speak like them and you build a future together.

The billions of people on the planet flow into and feed into the mass consciousness. And that mass consciousness is manifesting life through the quantum universe into a holographic expression that all humans have been living in for a very, very long time. As the veil drops and the energy coming onto and into the planet has been raising the consciousness and the mass consciousness bowl has been disintegrating.

The bowls that have separated each and every one of you is disintegrating. And so what you get to experience and express is this incoming love. On that date you will feel this even more greatly because it IS the time and the moment will be NOW. And you will remember this conversation today and know that you will feel this oneness with all around the planet in a way you have never felt that before.

And that IS then the new building of consciousness upon the planet. So that new idea, new technologies, new ways of doing things, can indeed infiltrate all aspects of life upon this planet. THAT is the exciting news! And for you to understand the ways you have approached life up until this point in time for such a very long time so that all of this that is fading away will see the new energies truly take you out of that singular experience to melding with all of those upon the planet. That mass consciousness that has kept you all as prisoners now is releasing and letting got so that each of you can move into your own master hood as you came to this planet to do.

All upon this planet have that opportunity to recognize who and what they are and can build that New Earth. The relationships that you have that are good in your life, that you are enjoying will only prove to get better. And then there may be a time down the road, since your lifetimes will be so much more expanded, that you decide to go with a different partner and a different love. But the love will always continue. It is not something that is done in hurt or harm any longer. It would be a decision at a conscious level that it is time to move into a different state, a different experience. There is no fear. There is no loss. There is only openness, transparency, support and compassion. Is that not a better way to live life?

We bring this to you today as the message for love. We look forward to people’s experiences next week for it will be after the `14th. It will be time to share those experiences.\

Thank you for sharing today and for giving us the love and expressions of honor that you do but that is not necessary because you know what? We are you and you are us.

We give you love and blessings abundantly. Namaste.


James Mc Connel, Channeler


Channeled by James McConnell and Dr. Susan Sammarco
Article may be reproduced in its entirety if authorship and authors website is clearly stated

At Some Point, The Changes Really Are Going To Begin – Expand, Trust Your Third Eye Vision, Your Heart – Opportunities To Play, To Be With Family and Friends – Balance Is Important – Put Into Practice Imagination, Your Vision Quests – Believe and You Will See – St Germaine, One Who Serves and Hava U’Lala – 10-22-14

sant Germain

St Germaine and One Who Serves channeled by James McConnell

Hava U’Lala (From the Angelic Realm) channeled by Dr. Susan Sammarco

(Note: These messages were given during our weekly Prepare For Change group in Glendale, AZ)

“Hava U’Lala”

Hello. I am Hava U’Lala. It is our pleasure to be here with you today and to take you through this experience. This group has stepped forward to say yes! We will participate with planetary healing and with addressing issues around the planet.

When Master Archangel Michael came to us and asked if we would be willing to serve you in this way and we said we would be honored to take such brave warriors on this journey. We are here to be of love for we are, let us say, “The Love Brigade” and it was our immense pleasure to take you to our realm today and to share with you the love we hold for you and for all in creation.

And yes we would be here today to speak of your path at the moment and the path moving forward, for it is important to remember the spiritual side as the physical side and the physical aspects that are changing the planet continue to unfold in rapid fashion. It is important for you, especially those in this group who have worked so hard to expand and to trust that Third Eye vision, to trust the heart that has been developing in each of you and in you as a group.

In working with those of you in this group, it is important to remind you of the spiritual side for in your celebrations it is easy to get swept up and to forget these aspects of you being. This will become less important as you move through the Ascension process more and more but as you are straddling the worlds it is easy to be distracted.

When the moment comes that those things you have as evil and darkness in your world, you see them disappearing then it is in your best interest to be ever-vigilant yourselves. Remind yourselves that balance is what is important. There will be opportunities for play, opportunities for joyous activities with family and friends. All of those are wonderful experiences but we ask that you make time for gratitude.

We ask that you remember to make time for quiet times to continue to exercise your spiritual side. Remember to put into practice imagination, the vision quests you have been on. To remember that believing is reality. Continue to bring forth this new world at this higher frequency dimension.

We have filled you today to overflowing with angelic love. That has been our intention. Also, it is going to be important remember to feed yourselves in all ways. To continue in positive activity and in positive actions. More will come forth about those things that will feed you on a physical basis as your bodies continue to change.

More will be coming forth about miraculous healings as new technology brings opportunities for healings in very natural ways. And as the Light Chambers begin to welcome you into those healing aspects of fullness and health.

Yes, we did invite Susan to bring you ginger cookies today specifically for the reason that this is a toxin cleanser. Even if it does have an amount of sugar in it we wanted to leave you with a sweet taste in your mouth from the experience today. Know that ginger is one of those products that you can utilize in many different ways, to cleanse toxins from your body and this is the reason that this is a positive product not necessarily just in cookies but in many different forms.

Ginger will help relieve the gastro-intestinal discomforts that are coming with the cleansing of toxins. Ginger tea, crystallized ginger, which does have sugar, but it can be used in very small amounts such as to dissolve under your tongue or in your mouth to achieve healing and balance within your bodies.

As the times move forward, we implore you not to leave this group behind but to continue to commit to your Sundays here. For as the changes continue to move faster and faster the group will give you a source of balance in your life. To bring you back to what sustained you through the difficult times. The group will give you a base where you can share the great and wonderful things that are going on and to find activities that you can become involved with. Know that the reasons you have been brought together are just unfolding, they are not completed.

We are going to leave you at this time. There are others here to share with you this day. This has been my Divine pleasure to be with you. We are of service to you and if you would like to call upon the Angelic Realm, call forth and that one who came to greet you today will come forth in dreams, or in meditations but will also be standing by your side before the call goes out. Listen and believe you will hear and you will hear our whisperings in your being.

Bless you.

“St. Germaine”

This is St. Germaine and I come at quite an auspicious time, a time that has been a long time awaited by many of you. Yes, you have heard over and over, “Now is the time.” “It is going to happen today.” And so on and so on. But at some point you are going to realize that it is really going to start. When it starts it will begin somewhat calmly and then gain momentum more and more and more. And certainly when that begins, it will begin with the financial changes that have been spoken of many times. And that, my friends, my brothers, my sisters, is right around the corner.

Know that I, St. Germaine, am involved with this financial changeover and have been for some time now. You could say that it is “my baby” in a sense. I have been involved with this and working with this for a very long time. And many who have been working with me have been putting all of their efforts into this. It is not some small little thing that is about to happen. It is a major change, a major shift. When it happens there will be no question about what is going on because all of those things that you know today are going to change. Certainly not all at once or overnight but as the times move along or as it has been said many times, the frequency increases, there will be change after change after change.

You are awaiting the financial change and when it comes it will be the first domino to fall. And fall it shall. We are not going to give dates for those days are long past. But look at the frequencies, as you feel what is happening, you can feel the vibrations increasing and you know at some point the tipping point must be reached. It is at that point now! So, you will begin to see these various things, what you have heard as the re-valuation and global currency re-set, all of these are coming. Of course, NESARA and the world expression of GESARA is also coming soon.

So be patient just a little while longer, my brothers and sisters. It is here and it is going to “rock your world”.

That is all I have for this time. Go in peace and love. Continue on in your journey and be mindful at all times that it is a journey. It is not the destination that you are after but the journey that you are on.

0“One Who Serves”

Greetings to you. Yes, it is we, the “One Who Serves”, and we are here to answer any questions. We do not necessarily have a message here at this time but we can answer your questions and then we will let you be on your way just as we will be as well. Do not think that we do not have things to do to. We do not just sit around all day and meditate and that type of thing. We have our lives as well. You will be surprised when you come to this realm and see all this available to you. It will be very amazing. Think about this for just a moment. What would it be like to think of something that you wish to have and have it be there immediately? No having to go out to the store to buy it or anything of this nature. Or to save up your pennies until you can get it, none of this. Instant! You have a saying, “Instant gratification!” Wouldn’t that be wonderful?

That is certainly coming here. Questions please?

Question: ​St. Germaine mentioned GESARA. I am not familiar with that. Can you explain the term?

Global. NESARA is National Economic Security and Reformation Act and GESARA is instead of being national, being global, to make finance equal worldwide. We think you will think it is good. There will be those who will not think so but they are the ones in the power position now. But if everyone is in the same position there is no more power ones. You see? In the realms to come, in the higher dimensions, there is no sense of power or anything of this nature.

​Question: ​I wanted to ask St. Germaine, can you assist in our understanding of the Chinese taking the Federal Reserve and the IMF down?

Have they taken them down? Yes. In many respects that have done this and it is just beginning to filter out to the public. And these things have happened, yes.

Question: ​Will this then put the TRNs into the banks? (Treasury Reserve Notes)

Yes, they are already to go, you might say! They have been for some time. Federal Reserve exists in name only. It has lost its charter for some time now. A shadow of what it was.

​Question: ​Are the Chinese the White Dragon society that will in time effect NESARA?

Yes, predominantly them. Not only them but they are very much involved in this, yes. For them it is all about balance for the entire planet and the world. NESARA was initially national in terms of this country, the U.S. but it has been expanded.

​Question: ​Can you give your wisdom and view on the question James raised in the group about the two sides of looking at the immediate future? Are we to look at the upcoming times and be prepared with extra food and water or should we know that all has been planned for and that it will be rolled out in stages to promote calmness and acceptance?

We would say to that, as we have been saying, “To go with the flow here.” To be in the stream, going along with the current, letting it take you as it will be not to the point of over the waterfall. Do you understand this?

For there is a sense of a need to continue at your three dimensional consciousness level, to continue in that survival mode. That is not something that is going to go away overnight. If someone broke into your home and threatened your family, would you not protect your family?

Or would you, “Oh, God will take care of me.” And if anything happens, it happens. You see? We would think that with the training and experience you have had at the three dimensional conscious level you would protect that which you have.

Now we are saying to you to begin more and more to put that type of thinking behind you. No one is going to break into your home, you see? It is not going to happen in that respect. You are going to continue along and the more you find yourself in the higher vibrations the less these things can happen to you. Do you understand this?

So continue to be in the higher vibrations no matter what occurs. When others may be panicking and not sure what to do, you will not have to because everything will just flow for you. You see? That is how we would answer this.

​Question: ​Not quite a question but an observation. I have been walking a spiritual path for about thirty-five years. One of the most common concepts is that you create your own reality. I have always known that but this week the light went on! I have been spending short periods of time creating and visualizing what I want and it feels me with joy! It feels much different than it has ever been. I really feel it and believe in a way I never have in my previous thirty-five years. I wanted a comment from you on that.

Yes! That is wonderful because as you are moving into the higher vibrations more and more, you realize that you do create your own reality. Now know that this has been a saying for some time now in your culture that you create your reality rather than your reality creating you but many still do not follow along with that as they still look at their lives as they are the victims and such. But you, yourself that is saying this now, is wonderful because you are realizing what we have been saying, “Believe and you will see!” Believe and it will be here for you. That is the higher expression here. That is what we are speaking of when we are talking about being in the higher vibrations. All of this will become  a common thing for you so that when you are there finally, you might stay, fully in the higher expression then you will have already practiced what we have been saying, “imagine it, have it in your mind, what you wish and it will appear before you.”

So, wonderful here. We congratulate you! Keep up the good work!

​Question: ​I have been spending time with this person and I was wondering if she is my soul mate or a Twin Flame. I’d like your guidance here.

We would look at this and say, “No, she is not your Twin Soul.” She could be considered a soul mate. There is a difference here, of course. And this person you have brought into your life, you say you just met her recently? And you are spending much time with her?

Understand that someone who comes to you at this point in your life, in this point of your movements of consciousness, that she is someone who is on your same vibration at this time. And the two of you will be able to move on into the higher vibrations as a couple, as together. Does this answer your question?

​Question: ​In regards to the Space Wars that are happening on the Moon and Mars, I am interested in the people who are going to be coming forward to bring that into the open as to why those are occurring.

Yes. We said that they were happening because they are no longer happening at that level that you are thinking here. In terms of your Space Wars, as you are saying it, to understand this you must look at your movie, “Star Wars” and realize that it is largely based on true stories here in many respects.

Now, not the characters of course and many things in it but the story line itself, the idea of the Dark vs. the Light and going from Light into Dark by way of anger and fear and all of this that takes you to the Dark Side.

Yes, all of this was a part of this and yes, there were those Space Wars and it was up until recently that they were still going but they have stopped with the changing of the guard, you might say, from the Ancharra Alliance that largely went over to the Light.

Now there is still that which is considered the Cabal and those forces but they have been grounded you might say. They cannot leave the planet in the ways that they were before. So whatever they had planned for this planet and the population of the planet thinking that they could do it and then go hide underground or leave in their ships, it is not going to happen anymore. They cannot do it so whatever they would bring about on the planet, they will suffer as well. So, I guess you could say that they will not do that anymore.

They are still trying to maintain control. They will continue to do this until they realize it is a futile effort. Resistance is futile, is what we are seeing here within the James from your Star Trek. Much of movies such as Star Wars and Star Trek were based on reality. Did this answer your question?

​Question: ​Recently I met someone who said you need activations before you can go through the Ascension process. What can you tell me about that?

That is correct. But we would ask you a question. What do you thing this group and others have been receiving for some time now? Those here in this group and many more Lightworkers are in the forefront. They are the Way Showers as we have said many times. You are the ones who are already practicing at these levels so when the Shift happens, the “Event” you might say, when this vibration is reached you will already be at that point when you have access to the higher vibrations.

When you mentors are introduced to you they will not have to go as far along with all of this. But there are activations that are needed. The DNA needs to be re-activated, the Pineal Gland or anything of this nature, they will certainly be there to assist in this process when it is needed. But it is as the need arises. Always know that. Whenever the need is there, we are there. You see? When we say, “we” we are speaking of your guides, the ones who work with you.

​Question: ​The mentors. Do they come after the “Event”?


​Question: ​ I have a question about my dog, “Alaska”. I have a feeling that he will be helping me with my work after the “Event”. What can you share about that?

When you have risen fully into the higher vibrations your relationships with your pets will be completely different from what they are at this time. They will have access to your vibrations and you will have access to theirs. In other words, you will be able to communicate telepathically with them and they with you. Just as you can now, those who believe they can do it and allow for this access to occur, it will happen and is happening. The belief first and then the actual conversation will occur.

Are there any more questions? If not, we will release the channel.

Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the One.

Channeled by James McConnell and Dr. Susan Sammarco
Article may be reproduced in its entirety if authorship and authors website is clearly stated

It Is Time To Believe In Your Power – Yeshua, One Who Serves via James McConnell – 10-15-14



*Note: these messages were given to our Prepare For Change Glendale, AZ group and even though they were meant for our group, much of what was said pertains to all Light Workers.

(channeled by James McConnell)


This was a great day for us who watched you step forward in a big way to be of service, knowing in your three dimensional understanding that it may not be so. Believe it! Believe that even a small group such as this with the right intention, with the right love, can bring about miracles.

You, each one has been chosen for this. In many respects you have chosen yourselves. So it is certainly not by happenstance that you find yourselves here today working in this manner, bringing about these types of changes. And changes you HAVE done this day! Please understand that. For even though it seems that the forces of darkness are still all around you, that everywhere you look, there is chaos, hatred and fear. Know that is just a moment in time.

Just as a drop of water into the ocean becomes that entire ocean, it creates that entire ocean. Know that all of the drops that you are, the human races, that all of the civilizations within the Universe are, you are all drops in this sea of consciousness in the Universe. And all of your drops make up this sea. Without just one drop the sea, as you know it, ceases to be as it was. For it takes all to make the One.

So although there are those that appear wayward, appear to be as your enemies, know that they are not your enemies. They are your brothers and sisters in the life to come. Know that at one time, one day, one moment those that were seemingly your enemies now will be your friends, your brothers and your sisters. They will clasp hands with you. Share a hug.

For even the darkest force at one time eventually becomes a force of Light. As shown in those ones who have been in what has been called the Ancharra Alliance and the Annunaki who were once enemies of the Earth but now have moved into the Light, many of them, and are now forces for the Light. And just as they were seeming foes within the Darkness, they now bring that same power into the Light. And so too, will these ones that you battled this day.

And just as you have been battling these same ones each night in your dream state from a different vantage point, know that now you have battled them within this three dimensional consciousness. Within the illusion itself we can tell you our brothers and sisters, you have won, and not only the battles but you have won the war. This War of Love. Not a war of hate or fear but a War of Love. Creation of Light and Love upon this planet once again. For at one time all was of the Light here. And at one time soon all will be of the Light here again.

I as Yeshua, wish to thank you again for what you have accomplished this day. And know that as you continue to move along in your daily lives, other opportunities will arise and you will be asked once again to be a part of this higher level of knowing and expression. And to bring that knowing and Light into those that are without it at this time.

All of my peace and love be with each of you as you continue on to wage this war of Love and Light for all of your brethren. Peace and love to you all.

“One Who Serves”

Greetings to you. Good to be here again with you in this way.

How do you all feel here? Feeling like you actually did something? You question this often. You see all of those things happening around the planet and you see those ones saying, “If we could only do this and do this. Everything would be wonderful.” And your response is always, “But what can we do?”

“What can we do in this little world we are in?” And we have shown you this day what you can do, what you can accomplish. Just as the Yeshua said, we want you to understand the enormity of what you have done here. For even though it seems as though it is just your imagination, it is just your visualization process that you have done, it is much more than that. For as you can visualize, as you can imagine, it becomes that.

You must come to understand that as you were working with this light in this fashion piercing through the darkness, as was given the James to work with, just as you were doing that, it was being done. And even though those there on that island were not aware of anything happening around them those within that base were completely aware of what you were doing.

And we must tell you now that they are now aware of you. That is not to spread fear amongst you, for you are well-protected. This is why you have been given access to your Merkaba Light Vehicle as a force of protection. They know who you are now. Not necessarily by name or your address or anything of this nature. They know you be vibration. And in some ways it might bring about a fearful type of reaction but it is exactly the opposite my brothers and sisters. You want them to know of you.

We want them to fear your Light. Not in the same way of fear that they are creating but to know that you have power and to know that you together with all those in this group and all of those in other groups around the world have power together. You are a force to be reckoned with. You are the Lightbearers, the Lightworkers; you are a force to be reckoned with. A force of Light. A force of Love as you are swept up in this Tsunami of Love as it sweeps across the land, across the planet itself.

You can see now if you but look with eyes to see. You can see the waters of the Tsunami washing over the area you just found yourselves. And see the waters of love and light moving into those areas even now as we sit here now, as you sit here now. And that water flows into those areas. Once the water has flowed into those areas that you have now opened up that is what you need to look at, that is what you need to understand. You have opened these areas so this Water of Light, this Water of Love can spread into them and fill these nooks and crannies, fill these dark wells with this Water of Life.  He said, “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life.” So too, are you “The Way, the Truth and the Life.”

Great accomplishments you have performed this day. We are proud to be brothers and sisters alongside of you as we work together.

Would there be any questions here?

Question: Are there organizations and people we can support to bring in the Love and Light?

Yes. There are many processes in the works now you might say. Many levels of expressions that are happening and all of this will culminate at one point. For now it is all of these facets that are coming together, pushing toward the “Event”. A little bit over here, a little bit over there, a little bit here and all of these things are coming together, pushing and pushing until the final grand “Event’ occurs. All of this is a part of the Tsunami of Love. As this washes over the land it brings about change of consciousness in many different places and in many different ways.

So where as before one individual or one group or one company or one part of the government has not been on board, has not been part of the light, as this level of love washes over them they cannot be anything but. It is as if you are standing in front of the ocean and you put your feet in the ocean. Your feet get wet but the rest of your body is not yet.

But as you wade more and more into the water or if the water were to suddenly rise up and come over you, can you avoid getting wet? No! For as the Waters of Life touch you and move over you, you become wet with this. So too do all who come in contact with this. You must understand that all will come in contact with this. They cannot avoid it. But there will be those that might become wet and then dry themselves off very quickly. They do not want to be wet. They do not want to have this Light. There will be those who shy away from this. And are already doing so. All you can do is send more Light, send forgiveness to them. Will all forgive them? No, they will not. But you are the examples, you are the Wayshowers. “Forgive them, Father, for they know not what they do.” If Yeshua, himself, could pronounce those words, even if he could do that and forgive all those who were persecuting him can you do less than that?

Send them forgiveness. Send them love. Send them light and let it do what it will. And know that all is being orchestrated at many different levels and you are a part of this orchestration. Does this answer your question?

Question: My son seems to have separation anxiety. Can you shed some light on this?

As we are searching for this solution here, yes, another one of us has stepped in to answer this question here, because it is necessary that you have a look here at the truth. Are you ready to handle the truth? We want you to search yourself to see if you really want to hear the truth.

We would tell you to put aside the question of “Antares” or anything of this nature now because it is a sense of nurturing here. Not so much nature, although there is nature involved here too, in the sense that he came in with some of this. But he is at a certain age now that he is beyond much of this. He is at the point that he is at his own free will making his decisions. He needs to do that. And because of a sense of nurturing, this one has not been free to make those decisions on his own or at least he believes he cannot do this.

Because in many respects there has been a sense of you might say of over-nurturing in some respects here. What has been called, and we do not necessarily like the terminology but it is what we are finding through the James here that is a sense of holding on to much, a sense of babying in some ways. And this is what you need to look at here, what has been created by this situation here with you and your help mate, not so much anymore, but the way you have raised this one to be in many respects. That he is not able to fend for himself and to know that he can do so. He is not able to go out and experience the world because he has not done it yet. You see?

It is time to let go. Let this one out of the nest and fly or fall. Whatever the case but that is the way in many respects when birds have their young and they push them out of the nest and they do this. They push them out! They do not wait until they are ready. They push them out. If they fly they fly and if they fall they fall. And if they fall, usually it is not too far and they can pick themselves up and try again. You see?

It is time to push this one out of the nest. Do it gently. Do it with love but do it, because otherwise you will have this one clinging on to you for the next several years. You see?

There is a two letter word that you can begin to use. NO. NO. but with love. Knowing that this expression is going to lead to a newer expression for this one.

Statement: I hope I didn’t take up too much time!

There is no time here. We could go like this all day. It is the James here that has energy exhaustion at times.

Statement: I am happy that we could consciously be of service together.

We wish for you to know that as you continue on in this group you will be asked to do more of these types of things, if you are ready for it, if you are accepting of it. This was somewhat of an experiment, you might say, to see if you were ready and you WERE!

Question: Can you tell me anything about the woman I connected with during this meditation?

This is one that you particularly made contact with because of this one’s readiness to begin the awakening process you might say. This is mainly all it was. That one was doing this. In many respects this was symbolic here. There were many that were aware at a deeper level within themselves so that it could be triggered, that which would be considered the alarm clock that has been ready to go off in many across the planet. You had to go in there first. Just as we, so called Ascended Masters, could not do it on our own as well.

Question:  I had an experience of the Archangels. Their wings were rolled out. I realized that their wings were not for transportation, for flying,  but to cleanse and purify the atmosphere. That was exactly what they were doing there and I saw a lot of “them” rising up to the light as I spread the love.

Thank you for sharing it with us.

Question: I have been having these dreams of men representing love in my life. I am missing some great love? Why am I having these dreams of seeking great love?

Yes. What is the idea of the opposite sex in terms of the search for that person in reality here? Your other half, the portion of you that creates the whole that you are. And when that is missing, and it could be missing in your physical expression, in your relationships and it is missing in most instances as we find it across the entire planet, it is very difficult to find that other half of yourself because what is it? It is your Twin Soul. And you are not going to find, in most respects, that Twin Soul on this planet at this time. It is coming. But it is not yet.

So you are constantly searching for that. In your dream state if you are searching for that aspect in yourself that is showing up in the male aspect here, then you are searching for that other portion of you to pull yourself together. You see?

We will release channel here.

AS you continue on in these continuing journeys that you are having, know that it is just that, a journey. It is not the destination that is the most important here. Will you get to that destination here? Yes. You will get there. No sooner that you get to your destination then another one opens up in front of you. So you will never finally get to that final destination.

It is as if you are traveling in a train and you are moving along, looking out the windows seeing the various sites you see: the animals, the plants and trees, as things pass by. The rivers as you pass over them. You see all of this, you most of all will finally get to a certain destination and see that it constantly outdistances you because there is no final designation. It is all the journey along the way. Know that as you are traveling along in this train, looking out those windows, see through your Third Eye and see the vistas that are opening in front of you and marvel at all that is there in life as you continue on in this journey.

Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the One.

Channeled by James McConnell
Article may be reproduced in its entirety if authorship and authors website is clearly stated

We Are Now Showing Ourselves More and More – Adama, Ashira, One Who Serves – Channeler Dr. Susan Sammarco – 10-7-14


Adama, Ashira channeled by Dr. Susan Sammarco

One Who Serves channeled by James McConnell

(Note: These messages were given during our Sunday Prepare For Change group in Glendale, AZ)



Greetings. Usually I speak through the James in this group but it was decided this day to share with my daughter, Ashira, through Susan, with this group. Ashira serves this group well and we keep close track of all of you.

For those who have eyes to see these are the times that have been prophesized. For those that have eyes to see there are glorious signs in the heavens. For those that have eyes to see, there are ships caught in the early morning or in the corner of your eyes. They are our (Hollow Earth) ships. They are the ships of you Galactic brothers and sisters. Yes, as the dimensions and the frequencies continue to change more and more of these are being sighted by you.

It make catch you quite off guard when you snap your head around to see what you thought you saw and it was gone already. But it is because you are seeing not with the eyes of your body but with the eyes in your Third Eye region. Those dimensional eyes that you strive hard to develop every day.

You are the Lightworkers amongst others on the planet. You have called yourselves to be responsible. For this time and place and that responsibility first is being conscious, being awake, being aware. And telling the story even when the time is not comfortable. Telling the story and then sharing. We have been asking for you to keep cameras handy and to take pictures when you see the ships and when you see other beings.

We are indeed, showing ourselves to you more and more. Not only in this manner when we speak with the assistance of another but in the manner of showing up in your world in our own bodies as our own being. I would say that those of us from this realm you call Inner Earth, Hollow Earth, the realm of Agartha, we do appear more and more because we are helping those who are working with these energies to bring them to higher frequency and higher truth. We stand beside you, behind you, embracing you, encouraging you. At times we may come into the coffee shops and visit with you. There are times you may see us stand beside you at a fast food restaurant. And we may not exchange words but you will look at one of us and think, “My, that energy is different.” And we communicate with you, many not with words but with our presence.

And so it does behoove you to keep an open mind and an open eye and an open heart. For as more of us are allowing ourselves to be seen in your realm and to be more active with you in your realm, again it falls upon your shoulders to explain what those activities will mean, especially for those who are not awake. For it is our job to not only visit with you who are aware of us and know about these times but it is also our job to take our energy and influence others who are waking up. To basically give them an embrace of the higher energies to kick start them, to give them a jump! And that is only with the dearest of love for all of our brothers and sisters on the surface.

We are excited to share with you whenever and whatever, in your minds and your hearts, you wish to discuss with us. Some of you are visiting the Inner Earth during dreams. You do so in your meditations. Some of you have become quite attached to your healing light chambers. When you have visited them in this group during other meditations and it is our joy and pleasure to welcome you home. It is always our joy and pleasure to share with you in these ways.

These are the times you have been waiting for. And as the discussion ensued earlier, you see that it is the perception that is so important. You have the choice to see things as dark and gloomy or you have a choice to see things as a celebration for the ending and the beginnings. It is your choice.

It is our choice to continue planning the party for you. It is our choice to celebrate the success that is already manifested. It is our choice to be here with you today and to share with you our greatest love; our greatest respect and indeed, that you are our brothers and our sisters.

I am going to allow Ashira to come and speak with you now and to answer questions. We are proud of the way she has served this group. We are proud of the way she has delivered the messages and the way she has come to touch your hearts in so many different ways.

Blessings. We will be with you another time, speaking through the one, James. But for this day, thank you.


Good morning! I am so glad to have had our father share with you this morning. This was a bit of a surprise for our dear, Susan, was not expecting to make that adjustment. She appreciates a good “switcheroo” sometimes.

There are so many still teaching out there the many ways you MUST be prepared for these times you are in. And it makes us a little “crazy” sometimes, using your terminology, for you are perfect exactly as you are. And all of those who would teach that you must come “clean” with every aspect of who you are in this life, to come clean in this moment for any activities that you may be doing or anything you may be eating or drugs you may be taking, for any of those things from which you must be perfectly clean to move forward we ask you to be nice to yourself, to be good to yourself, to be kind to yourself. For indeed, self-judgments and criticisms, those are dark energies that will be in your way more than anything you could possibly be doing. Every single one in this room, every single one in the group, the wider audience that reads these words are all welcome here at this moment in time.

You are light. You move in the light. You have your being in light. You see light in the world. You see light in your families. You call forth light in every activity. You are not expected to be perfect beings. That is part of the old programming of needing a savior. You need someone to redeem you. Having the goat or the sheep die for you so that you might have your sins forgiven. That is old programming, my friends. You are way past that time! You are perfect, Divine Beings who are only now coming into more of an understanding of what that means. And as you continue in the opening of your consciousness you will see all that you are, all that you have been, all that you will be. All of these things are great and wondrous, Masters!

So this day release and let go and call forth those Masters that you are most attracted to, that you resonate with and call for them to come and embrace you. The Divine Mother is here at all times. I am here at all times. You have all felt and heard the love of Sananda in this group. Sananda is here for you and the Buddha. All those who are serving this group would gladly come to each of you and all of you and embrace you with our love and energy and light that you might be lifted during any time of loneliness or darkness.

We know that some of these times have been very challenging for you and your families. And we know that the programming that you have is that there is a Heavenly Father sitting on a throne somewhere. And that One is too far to really have a personal connection. That is not true. All aspects of creation are one with you and you are one with them. And we are all at your beckon call.

As the times are changing do not lose track of those in your world and in your own families who are going to be reaching out to you. You, coming from a place of greater and greater love, will have more and more love to give. Remember too that in giving love, it is without judgment, without attachment and no expectations. For each soul is on its path. Each soul is in its own experiences. If you are called upon, just as when we are called upon, you are called upon in love without strings.

Love is changing this planet. And as simple as it sounds that “All you need is love”, you are coming to understand that love is that aspect that is within you and around you. It is also called “God” or “Creator” or even, “Life”.

You have been told these are wonderful times and we are excited, as we see the changes upon this planet, changing exponentially every single moment of every day as the planet fills with this beautiful light, changing light, dimensional light. And yes, trillions of ships not so much outside of the planet’s atmosphere any more but so many millions of them present around this planet. All sizes, shapes and all types of beings. As Adama said, “They are there for you to see.” And every day as your frequency rises more and more you will have more of those experiences. And as others who have not been awake but are rising in their frequency too, whether or not it is clear to them, they are also beginning to see ships, seeing beings from other dimensions and to hear those things we talked about last week, the heavenly song, and spiritual visions. You have been prepared to be able to speak to them about these things. Each of you has an important part of this puzzle that has been unfolding.

So we will take questions today. We know that there are questions burning in the hearts of some. I do not want to steal “One Who Serves” thunder so make sure you keep a question or two for them as well!

Are there questions that are appropriate for my vision at this time? Please feel free to ask.

Question: Many of us are waiting for the re-val that we expect to change our lives dramatically. We also hear that we are able to manifest things more easily than ever before. From your perspective, what would you suggest to manifest more effectively and what could be important for me to know?

You snuck one in there. (Yes, you could whisper the last part to me-laughter) Susan is always very careful about making sure that she keeps the names out of the transcriptions so the guilty party is not recognized. (There is no guilt. Right. I am joking. More laughter).

First of all we will share what others have shared and that is first and foremost, take care of yourself and your family. Take care of those bills that may be pressing down upon you. NESARA should not be long after the other changes take place. But, as you know, when we say, “Not long”, not long might be very different in our terms than in your terms.

Again, release of the money, packages that are being prepared for release to all of humanity, all of these things will be very close on the steps of one another. So the first thing to do is to take care of anything that will slow you at this moment. That would include taking care of health issues that you may have put off. It may be replacing an old vehicle or taking your vehicle in for repairs, very mundane things. But this is time to take care of those things that have diverted your attention

We are excited about seeing you out of the jobs that you had to do, the jobs that people have to go and those that take so much of their time and energy each day. Because the jobs will be shifting into things you want to do. Those such as (a group member) who enjoys teaching will see her teaching change. And the hours that she spends will be greatly reduced, so that they have that responsibility of jobs every single day, that will be relieved for you.

Next is to take care of your family, your brothers, your sisters, your parents. Whatever needs they have had that again, kept them from the opportunity of focusing on spiritual matters at hand. Help them to relieve themselves of the burdens they have had.

Some of you may have need or want for new homes or cars. We are not going to tell you that those are things you should not have because there are purposes. There are times that a change in one’s environment is going to be essential if you feel so driven for the next step of what you choose to do with your life.

So there are many different answers just as there are many different people because it depends upon what your soul contract is, what you came in to do and how quickly things move forward into the new Golden Age. Thing such as how many people choose to leave the planet when their brothers and sisters come in the ships. How many people choose to move into Hollow Earth for other experiences. All of this will be changing over the next weeks and months and years to come.

You in particular, brother, we would say keep your eye on new opportunities that come out of nowhere for you. Things you haven’t even thought of yet because you have not allowed yourself to go into those areas for the planning for your future. Look for changes in relationships and friendships.

Look for opportunity that you may take part in for an alternative living community outside of the United States where you will be able to put in your organizational abilities and relish the people and the weather in the community. Something you may do for a part time basis that can lead into a full time basis. For these are people of your heart and people you will come to love.

The manifestations that are taking place first, of course, are things people can buy with money that they have not been able to purchase before. But even more than that is the manifestations of new jobs, new relationships for some, the manifestation of things that will feed your soul for the next thousand years. What are you going to do? So much will come to mind and manifest quickly once it is within your awareness and within your planning.

Does that answer your question?

Q: I’ve been noticing that when I go to the coffee shop everyone is nicer. I notice people that have strong eye contact and then they sit next to me. Who are they?

Sister, there are a couple of different questions in there actually. First of all, people are attracted to your light. They are attracted to your heart energy that reaches out from your body and out from the walls of the coffee shop. When people come into that space they are attracted to you. They want to catch your eye. They want to experience your heart energy.  Sometimes you forget you are a Master. You wait for other Masters to come to you but you, indeed, as each one in this room is, a Master.

That is the first part of your question. And to people being nice, people are being nicer across the planet because of the Tsunami of Love that has been called forth. This love energy that is present is helping people to become more comfortable, helping people to see the One-ness within each other, the commonality and when you let those guards that were up because of insecurity or fearfulness or the other things that were driving people to now having love as the driver, people are reflecting that in being more kind and more generous with one another.

It is wonderful that you shared this with the group because this is an important statement and an important acknowledgement for what is happening on the planet. Just see that in your mind being multiplied across the town, across your country and across your world. And know that so many of the stories that would contradict have no substance and that the world IS getting to be a nicer place to live.

Does that answer your question?

Q: Recently my Arcturian gave me her name, “Alana”. I was on the ship and I saw the burning fire that did not burn you and I saw a chief on a large White Buffalo. What was the meaning of these things? Do Alana and Adama know one another?

You have many questions. Many of the Galactics and those of Hollow Earth know one another because they are all working the same mission for the planet and working at the same time in projects. Those who are working with people in this group know one another and work together to organize efforts.

The fire that you moved through actually was a cleansing your energy and bringing you into a higher energy for the purpose of bringing you on the ship. The buffalo and the chief upon it was a manifestation of one of your guides showing that you have that connection with the indigenous ones in this country but also it caught your eye to give you motivation to explore the prophecies around the presence of the White Buffalo. And so it was a way to get your attention and to let you know that yes, it is part of your heritage, but also part of the aspect of one of your very strong guides.

Q: What is the message we are missing from the Crop Circles on our planet?

Crop Circles, I am trying to think of a way to put this. In old technology on the planet here, there was a time that people would send telegraphs, are you familiar with that? So people would send messages across the wires and then they would be received, they would be written down by the person who translated that and then they would relate the message to the appropriate people.

Think of this experience in this manner. That the Crop Circles are the teletype messages being received. There are others who would interpret or translate them. The Crop Circles do not come from one source. They come from many sources. And yes, we will take those who play at trying to make Crop Circles out of this picture for we know this is a room full of believers.

This is technology that is not known on this planet, so that is the first message. There are those who have greater technology than that which is present and they have been trying to share these messages for a very long time. If you look back over many years, even forty years or so when people started paying more attention to them initially, that there were times that there were very similar messages, that they would look very similar. And if you look at these historically, a good exercise for you for you have a questioning mind, you will find that there is information you can share. There will be a period of animals would show up. There would be a period when caterpillars and butterflies were depicted. Those types of animals and figures that people could easily recognize that might show up for a year. It would seem as if there themes. And now, as you look back at those times now, most of the Crop Circles have symbols and Sacred Geometry.

These are designed to trigger humanities recall, to trigger humanities DNA changes and to activate the DNA. As they are spread around the world now, no longer primarily in England but also in Europe, in the United States and other locations, they are able to touch people more and more and as people go to visit these sites they are also activated by the magnetic fields that are left from this experience. So, it is many, many different levels. Some of these have been placed there inter-dimensionally from higher dimensions down that wire into whatever field is selected. Many times the locations that have been selected are because of the portals of energy that are present in those places, around the planet there locations that have much higher energy than others on the planet. Those are the types of energies that are utilized with the wire coming down to the message end. Does that make sense visually for you?

So, again, some of these have come from your brothers and sisters from the stars. Some of these have come from those of us of the higher dimensions from within the planet. Some of these are coming from other beings that exist in the fifth dimension and higher planes of existence. So there are many different locations and they are the handiwork of many different beings but the message is designed to help raise awareness on the planet of activity for good outside of the three dimensional world and to activate the human population at this time.  Does that answer your question? We will look forward to your report later!

Q: Can you share the intention today that we have had as a group with the others in Minnesota today? Maybe a brief acknowledgement and explanation of what has happened?

Every connection that was intended today was absolutely complete. This plan for the groups to come together was all in Divine Plan. So even if there was not a direct connection we know that in all messages there is energy that knows no time and space or distance that will make a difference. The intention for joining is complete. It is complete.

And for that group there, know that they came in with you at this time to experience the expanded awareness of who they are within this realm and within other realms including the Hollow Earth realm and the Agarthan existence and into the Galactic realm that you work with. They are eager for all of these things and the best picture I can give you is that you, each of you, came to your workshop as caterpillars and in the retreat you went into your chrysalis and at the end of the retreat you are going to each be beautiful butterflies with a transmutation and transformation taking place for each of you.  Bless you for the work you are doing there and know that all of us are with you there as well.

At this time we are going to bring this part of the day to a close. We are so grateful for the time always that we have with this group. We are here to be of service. Call upon us. Let us know when you need us. When you want to speak with us. Want to share with us. We will be there in a beat of a heart.

Blessings. All of our love. Namaste.


Greetings to you. Good to be here with you again, always in this way.  Do not be concerned about “stealing our thunder”. We can always be here. No big deal. But please understand the excitement that is going on. Do you feel this excitement?

The excitement within Adama, the excitement within Ashira and the excitement within us. The excitement within many of the Galactics and the Ascended Masters that are looking on and all the Celestial Hosts that are looking on and sharing this moment in time with you. It is a grand moment in time! Grand moment in frequency we would say here. Because so much is changing as you know it. We want you to understand the great responsibility that is yours and the great value that is given to each and every one of you.

In terms of what you have done coming up into this present moment. What you have gone through. What you have experienced over the many lifetimes. And the experiences and levels of consciousness that you have moved through in all of your various experiences and travails that you have gone through. We wish you to understand how grateful all of us are who are watching over this entire process and marveling at who you have become within yourself within your own three dimensional understanding here.

In terms of, “You have come a long way, baby,” You have. You have! You must understand this. Many have called you Masters. And you hear this and say within yourself, “How can I be a Master when I am still on this three dimensional world and within this consciousness and not in the higher levels in terms of frequencies and understandings?”

We would say to you that you volunteered to come here and to be a part of this and let yourself drop down in expression and understanding and you may have done this without knowing that at times you would feel yourself completely separated or cut off you might say. But there is a portion of that higher self that you are that has never let go. It has never separated. It is that part of you that is holding on here to that level of consciousness. You can never be separated and never have been separate. We hope that you would understand this.

We want for you to be excited just as we are because so much is on the verge of happening. And yes, you have heard this over and over and over and nothing is happening and nothing is occurring. It is the same old same old but please understand it is not. It is not at all. For those that have eyes to see, as Adama was saying. Look around yourselves and see what is really there! Not the old programming. Not the old way the eyes have looked before. But the new ways that are opening up within your Third Eye center. See the world as it is, as it is becoming and as you are creating it to be.

That is what you are to be excited about! It is a grand new world opening up in front of you. Please understand that and be there in that type of understanding and then everything will be crystal clear to you. And you will feel a sense of belonging in this New Age, a sense of being able to let go and let it be, whatever it is. In the final reality, that is all you can do. You can only let go. You can only go with the flow. Because if you continue to fight against the current, what happens then? You drown! You see. We don’t want anyone else to drown here. We want you to float free and easily along with the currents.

That is our message. If you have any questions we will answer. No need to ever worry about stealing our thunder! Are there any questions here?

Q: Can you please clarify what the Light Body is?

Oh, my goodness that would be a long involved process to help you understand that. Briefly, your Light Body is you, your higher levels of you. And you are moving back into that understanding of those levels of yourself. You see the Merkaba is that portion of your Light Body, that which connects you to your Light Body and it is something that has always been with you, it has never not been with you. It has just been lost in the three dimensional understanding of the connection. So your Light Body is you and you are it and as you continue to move up in vibration you will be moving more fully into this Light Body and with an understanding that you are moving into it. You see? Does this make sense to you?

Q: I am seeing more light around people like a white shadow. Is this part of the aura or part of the Light Body.

Yes, in many respects the precursor of that which you are seeing. It is also the auras that you are becoming more and more accustomed to seeing. As you continue to exercise this part of yourself, this Third Eye center, you will see auras around people more and more. As you ask for it and expect it to be, you will see it more and more. There will come a time that you will try to shut it off because it will become too much. Depending on you progress here. If you progress rapidly into the higher levels of consciousness then it will all come easily and will be able to acclimate to this new understanding. You see?

Q: Would you say an easy explanation of the Light Body is an embodiment of the Christ Consciousness in our soul?

Yes. We are not usually that simple with our answers.

Q: I was asking for help this morning and I asked help from everyone, from Arch Angel Michael, Sananda, Jeshua, (names several more).  I began to feel an intense pressure in the middle of my forehead almost like a headache. I heard an internal message that said, “Open your Third Eye”. What was that message about?

When you call upon all the individual beings you can shorten it a great deal and just say, “Hey, you guys!” You do not need to go through the motions of including each and every one because then you will feel guilty about forgetting one. (laughter) You left one out. Just say, “All of you guys, listen I have something I want to say.” And then say it.

Yes, the Third Eye is opening. Whenever you work diligently with that area, with the Pineal Gland, you might feel pressure there. It is almost as if there is an indentation that is happening there in the middle of your forehead. And it in many respects that have happened in some cultures that they actually took a knife or a sharp instrument and cut out part of the area to open it up. Do not go that far! You do not need to worry about that because it is already opening. Now there are various things that are keeping it from opening fully because in some respects it is not the time for it to happen because if it were to happen all at once it would overwhelm you in some respects.

So it is a somewhat gradual process that is happening but it is happening. And that is what you must understand. It is happening and it is going to continue to happen. You could not stop it now if you wanted to. That is not correct but we know that there is no one in this group that would do that is there? Certainly not! Does this answer your question?

Q: Can I use it to help with things? Use it as a tool? Yes.

Q: During the meditation I got this message that said:“Each experience that is the human experience that we have has four elements to it. The first element is the personal meaning for each person and it is up to us to find the meaning of that and interpret for ourselves as human beings.

The second is each experience has a message for those close to us that surround us that love us, the closest to us. We must learn how to interpret it so it is meaningful for them.

The third level of the experience, like an onion peeling away, is how does it affect the world and how does that message affect the entire world.

And fourth, how can that personal experience and message change the world for good?” That is what I got during the meditation. Would you say that is accurate?

Yes and we would say to you take it from writing in your mind and write it down on paper. Type it out. Let others experience this wonderful understanding that you have come to. Share it! Share it with the world.

I would be happy to write it down to help others.

Guess what? It will be written down and it will go out to many. It was your effort to call out to all of us and to help you experience a new understanding here. Your “aha” moment let us say!

Q: Can you elaborate on the job that Ashira mentioned?

It is not so much of a job we see here but it is more of an experience, more of a movement here, from one into another. To understand the idea of a job you are still in the old programming. Because when you are in the new Golden Age it won’t be called a job anymore. You will not look at it in this aspect. You may call it that but it will be in a completely different connotation, the idea of “journey of bondage” or “just over broke” or any of these things. It will be a new experience. A new life understanding as you work in an area that is joyful for you and it brings the joy and the love and the oneness out in the expression that you are finding yourself in at that moment. You see?

Q: I saw an Extraterrestrial here on Earth and he communicated with me telepathically. Was there a reason for this experience? Was it to help me get over any fear and to embrace these beings?

Yes. You remember, not too long ago, when Aramda shared with you about Disclosure and the idea that Disclosure does not necessarily have to come from the President or other world leaders? Disclosure can come through the grassroots movements, you might say, those of you and others in groups such as this. And certainly, at that time it was somewhat a precursor that was going to come to this group. To those here within the group who are going to experience many more of those things, be able to see beyond the veil and having many more of these experiences. Whether it is seeing Extraterrestrials on the planet and conversing with them or telepathically communicating or it is looking up and seeing ships in the sky. Whatever it is, it is going to happen more and more and as these things begin to happen more and more you will be able to capture it with your photographs and things of this nature.

Why do you think you have cell phones and these things with cameras on them now? This was not all by happenstance. It was meant to be. So you can capture them in the moment, you see? This was all purposeful. Not by the Cabal but by those of us who have been working to bring about the changes to bring about new understandings and Disclosure and all these types of things. You see?

Keep the cameras out with for the selfies! Yes!

Another that came up earlier in the discussion is not to be worried about those things like the Ebola virus and all of these types of things. This will only be of a concern to you if you are concerned with it. You see? Do not be concerned about it. Let it go. Move beyond it for it is not anything that is going to affect those of you who are already in higher levels of consciousness. This is what we were trying to give to the James earlier, or rather we did give. He picked it up somewhat, that you are already in those higher levels of consciousness. And these things CANNOT affect you. Not like they could to those who are still mired in muck of the three dimensional programming that they have been accustomed too and the fear and all these types of things.

But the powers that were are still trying to get that across. They are still spreading the fear and that sense of doom and gloom and that everybody is going to die from this virus and all of these things. Think about this. Do you think we have gone through all these issues and troubles and all of these things we have done to bring this all about and have you all die from a virus? (laughter)

Wouldn’t that be pretty crazy? It is the same thing as the thinking that they are going to come down from the skies and destroy the planet. If they wanted to do it, they would have done it a long time ago. So be of good cheer. Be in joy in every moment that you find here.

Q: There was a blue pillar of light in the meditation. There is a very strange blue pillar that was built in Scottsdale and it is very odd. At the time it didn’t coincide with any of the surrounding structures and was an eyesore. Is there any significance to that?

You must understanding that everything that happens in architecture and similar arts comes first from higher levels of consciousness. Someone, somewhere picked this up from those higher levels and brought it into being. Probably not understanding at the time what they were doing. But it is a sense of moving into those higher vibrations now so as someone at this time begins to experience or see it, they will not see it as an eyesore but as a beautiful blue light and what a wonderful thing to have in this place called Scottsdale.

As a beacon maybe?

Yes, As a pillar of light, as a beacon of new understanding of the higher vibrations. You see?

Q: What color is the flame of the Statue of Liberty?

It is not so much the color of her flame that is mattering here. The Statue of Liberty had dual understanding here. The Statue of Liberty came from those of the founders of this nation and it had a wonderful idea and understanding with it. It represents the eternal flame of freedom, the eternal flame of higher levels of understanding. And it has been “bastardized” over the time here by those of the Cabal to be something completely different in many respects.

Yes, it is the beacon that is calling those to America. Come to the Land of Freedom and yes, this was what it was meant to be but it has not become that in these times now. It is not seen in those respects now especially by those of other countries on the planet. They do not see it this way anymore.

But it is an experience or understanding of the eternal flame that burns forever. And still to this day, not in today in this three dimensional world but it will be returning when you move fully into the fifth dimension and higher, you will experience it once again, that flame that has no fuel and burns infinitely. It can have many different colors and eventually will turn into the Violet Flame.

Q: My daughter wants me to come for Christmas. I am experiencing some money challenges. Will I get to go there for Christmas?

When you focus on the idea of a money situation and the focus of lack thereof, then you will continue to have that lack and the way will not open to you. When you focus on abundance, then the way will be shown to you.

 I will try to do that.

In the immortal words of Yoda, “Do not try. There is no try. There is only do!”

We are going to release channel now. Did not need to worry about stealing the thunder! By the way, Susan, please include some of these anecdotes and humor along the way. It is helpful for those that read these discourses to feel that we are in some ways, as human as they are. They like seeing that.

Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the One.

Channeled by Dr. Susan Sammarco and James McConnell
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Everything Happens First At The Higher Levels – Sananda, Divine Mother, One Who Serves – Channeled by Dr. Susan Sammarco – 9-23-14

(These messages were given during our Weekly Prepare For Change group in Glendale, AZ)

Sananda and OWS channeled by James McConnell and Divine Mother channeled by Dr. Susan Sammarco


“Divine Mother”

Joyous greetings to all, my Children, my Lover Ones. To all of those who are here in the room and those who are sitting in seats and all of those who join you, smiling and brimming with love for you.

I wish to share with you today. And as always, we drop thoughts into your mind for the discussion that takes place prior to the messages we bring to prepare you for that which we have prepared to bring you. And yes, indeed, the times they “are a changing” and more and more people are becoming aware upon this planet.

More people are becoming aware of the conversations of multidimensionality. More people are reading and writing and sharing these ideas with one another. More people are sharing their experiences of your Galactic brothers and sisters who play in the night skies with their lights dancing for you. More and more people are becoming aware that it is but a game that has been played upon you. Perhaps not a very pleasant game but a game indeed of the wars and the conflicts that have not been truth in nature or in cause but are precipitated upon you. And more and more you see people not participating with these thoughts, not participating with the games any longer.

For it is time, it is time for these shifts to happen and for you to become more aware of the glorious beauty of the skies that greet you every morning. Have you noticed the glorious color of your sky and the clarity they shine with? Have you noticed how the trees and the sun and the moon and the stars shine with auras now? Have you noticed there are differences upon this planet because she has raised her vibration and while she has done this previously, now you too are raising in vibration to witness and be witnesses.

These are glorious times. The more that you can turn from those things that would distract you and focus on those things that bring you joy, love, cheerfulness, genuineness and sincerity, all of those qualities of the 5th dimensional, emotional responses. These are what continue to change your DNA, to activate you more deeply, for the sun and the rays that fall upon your planet are part of the activation, the activation also takes place from one to another with a touch. When you reach out and connect with another person, not only with the comfort of family and friends and partners and children but you can look deeply, longer than is necessary, with someone with whom you are having an exchange in the stores, in the public, these are activations. These are ways you are holding hands one with another, around the planet, across the planet, in One-ness, in Unity.

So, please, be aware of all the activities that are taking place, that have been taking place over the past few weeks and continue to take place. It is the time for the flood of activity, of action, that is on the planet now.

Ashira shared with you in the last meeting how your measure of health changes have been occurring in your body and these are going to continue. They are but an affirmation that movement forward has, indeed, been made and that each of you is moving more and more quickly on this path. And more people have decided it is time or it is part of their soul contract that it is time for them to leave the planet because they were not going to go through these changes. Those of you who have continued to be strong and courageous in your day to day activities, I applaud you! We respect you. We love you. And we are here for you upon your calling. We are here to share with you and to help you with the small things as well as the large.

This is a time of great excitement and celebration. And while you may still have a small part of your mind in which you have a doubt about whether it is really a time to start celebrating with so much that seems wrong upon the planet, we will tell you it is the Light that we are celebrating! The light in each heart. The light in each being. The light in all of your animals, in your trees, in your water, in your water animals, your birds, Mother Gaia, herself. We can tell you that we look down, we look within the planet too and we see the shift in energy, the shift in frequency. We see the light differently than we have ever seen it before. And if you have not noticed it when you have looked out at the skies, the stars, the sun, the moon, the plants, go forth with new eyes today! For all of these are for you to celebrate and be in gratitude for they are proof that the changes are not coming, they are here!

You might say in some ways that we are waiting for the time lag to catch up! For as the future continues to be in the now, the past continues to approach the now. And as things continue to open and unfold every day you become more and more excited, more and more ecstatic because the dominoes fall and as the dominoes fall you have the proof you ask for in your three dimensional understanding. And you see with your 5th dimensional eyes more and more every day. These are glorious times. These are times to sing and to dance and to celebrate.

And while the conversation took place about what types of percentages you have yet to unfold, what parts are still dark while the other parts are light? Let us say, dear ones, that you are all light beings, spiritual beings having this physical existence. That does not mean that there is dark or light any longer. We have told you that there is no more karma for that has been accomplished as the new moves forward. And so those which feel like dark moments are opportunities for self-forgiveness, self-forgiveness for the idea that there is any separation. You are not separated from us and we are not separated from you! You move and have your being in us at all times as we have our being in you.

You are separated only in your own individual opportunities for expression. As a cell in your body is part of another organ is part of a system is a whole being, you are a cell in our whole Oneness.  You are a cell in the Oneness of humanity, in the Oneness of Gaia, in the Oneness of the universe, in the Oneness of the multiverse and the multidimensions. You are a singularly important being exactly as you are and we love you endlessly. We love you with every beat of your heart. We love every thought that you have for how can it be separate from us?

Know that at this moment I am filling this room with my blue light of healing love. My arms embrace every single person in this room and those who visit electronically. Feel my love coming deep within your being. Feel my love as it sweeps over every aspect of you. Know that we are One. Know that you are blessed beyond measure. And know that we are grateful for the work that you are doing. For the consciousness that you are holding and every part of every day when you get up and you pursue your day to the best of your ability.

Touch those that you come in contact with every day. Even a transference of energy can take place with a small finger or hand upon one’s shoulder, back or hand, in the exchange of money should you be in a store or in other circumstances. This is the hands across the world project you hold. It is you touching people, speaking to them with love moves forward with a step and the next step and the next step. That is how these times are unfolding and this is exactly how they are phenomenally moving ahead.

So know that all of those stories you may read and images you may see, we imagine that they are like children merely acting out. Still they are loved. Still they are worth forgiveness. Still they are your brothers and your sisters in this. And all of you chose to come into these times together to walk this path together.

We ask you to keep the light you created for unity in consciousness to not let it die because September 11th has passed. Continue to hold the consciousness for unity, peace, forgiveness and love every day in the top of your minds as you start your day and complete your day with prayers of love and forgiveness for all of those upon this planet. For indeed, this is part of the healing as you move forward and continue to see the dominoes fall for your new path upon the planet.

So with that today we are going to leave you again with the greatest love and peace and understanding from our Source into you bringing you peace, joy, love and understanding. We look forward to our next visit with you. Farewell.


This is Sananda. We wanted you to know that we have not, in any way, forgotten about the “Twelve of Twelve” as we have spoken of previously for it is in the works this very moment. It is not something that is in your 3 dimensional consciousness as of yet but know that all that happens in this 3D world first happens at the higher vibrations. So, all that is to come forward in this world, in your 3 dimensional understanding, is first happening at the higher levels. And we, those of us who are working with you, are able to be a part of that happening as it is in process. So, in other words, those of you who will be sitting at that Table that has been spoken of are already taking your places at the higher levels as we speak. And the only thing now is to manifest into the lower vibrations when the time comes.

And the time that is coming will be coinciding with that which has been called the “Event”.  So you will see yourselves at this Table, if that is what you are desiring, when that “Event” occurs. All of this is in process. All of this is part of the bigger picture that you came here to be a part of. And you are each playing a part in the portion of this play, you might say, that you are acting as an actor or actress within it.

And as this play continues to unfold, what happens when you get to the end of the play? There is the applause that follows the ending of the play. That applause has been spoken of as the celebrations as the truth being brought out in many different ways you will experience this for you are nearing the end of this play. It is a play you have been working with and being an actor or actress within for a very, very long time, for lifetime after lifetime after lifetime. And you have played many different parts. Some play as the villain. Some play as the hero or the heroine. You have all played your parts to the utmost that you possibly can. But know that the play is near an end after thousands and thousands and thousands of years and thousands and thousands and thousands of lifetimes. The play is near an end.

All that is left is for those of you to take the center stage. Do your bows. Listen to the applause. And then move on and start another play, another undertaking, for as the James likes to say, “Another adventure.”

The Table will come. The Table is a part of you and you are a part of it. Your place at that Table has already been pre-determined by you at your higher levels. So when the time is right you will know whether you are to take the place at that Table. You will know what the corresponding mission will be for you. What continuing part you are to play in this continuing play.

We, all of us that mentor to you, have spoken through many sources in many different ways, all to bring about the information, the knowledge, the awareness that is needed to accomplish this final shift, this final shift to end the play, to end this 3 dimensional illusion that you have created. That you are in the process of moving out of and onto your next adventure which, as you know, will incorporate many different civilizations, systems, planets, new understandings, new levels of Oneness that, up to this point you haven’t been able to begin to fathom. We can tell you now that in many respects all seems to be at a standstill but the Tsunami of Love is spreading rapidly and it will only be a few more moments, not so much your moments, but in the idea of understanding a sense of time, it will be only a few more moments before you will understand all you are about, all you came here to do.

I will leave you with that for now. I will join you again shortly. For I, Sananda, have taken upon my shoulders this particular group, this particular understanding that is here within this group in terms of a resonance together. That is not to say, and we wish to make this perfectly clear, that is not to say that it is an ego boost. For it is not that at all. It is a matter of resonance. It is a matter of which ones of us can work more closely with you, where you feel more comfortable with us and we with you. And we match in many different ways just as some groups in parts of the planet would resonate more with Maitreya or resonate more with other various Masters and beings from other worlds.

Now is the time, my brothers and sisters, now is the time to complete your awakening and assist your brothers and sisters in their awakening. For that is a part of the mission at the table. You will be called upon to fulfill that mission as you are prepared and ready to do so.

All of my peace and love go with you now as you continue on in these endeavors to, pardon the expression, to become all that you can be. Peace and love. I am Sananda.

“One Who Serves”

Yes, we are the “One Who Serves” here. We are here to answer any questions that you might have. No particular message at this moment. Any questions here?

Question: I had a vision of a round table and the “Twelve”. I asked, “Who will be King Arthur”? Then I knew it was Sananda. It felt like the King Arthur story and I want to know if there is a relationship to that?

It is a representation of those you are working with and yes, Sananda, would be the one considered to be at the front of the table but that is difficult because it is a round table. So, in that respect, your sense of it being a round table makes a lot of sense, does it not? For where do you think the idea of King Arthur and the Round Table came from? This idea of the Twelve at the Table is an ancient idea, an ancient understanding. This is not the first time this is occurring. So, understand that as you sit at the Table, you are a continuing expression of those who work with you and through you until they are able to sit there with you at the Table in a physical form as you see it now. You see?

Does this answer your question? It will manifest in a physical level, not so much the 3 dimensional understanding but still physical form as you will know it at that time.

Question: I was reading a channeling from Archangel Metatron, that mentioned the Earth will enter the Photonic Belt. Is this true?

It is already doing so, already affecting you in a great way here. Yes, it is a part of this, certainly. It is entering an entirely new area of the galaxy in your understanding of things. What has been considered the energy part of the galaxy as opposed to the rest part of the galaxy that you have come out of now. In other words, it is time to get moving!

Question: During the meditation I saw people throwing their guns down and hugging other people. Will the Tsunami of Love make people throw down their guns and just want to love people?

It is very difficult for those at a 3 dimensional understanding to grasp what I am about to say here but when that Tsunami of Love, that “Event”, occurs and these energies are flowing to each, the tendency will be to throw down their weapons, to throw down all the fear, all the hatred and in many respects they will not understand why they are doing it. But it will be something they are compelled to do. Will all do this? No. But the power behind this will be so complete and so in control that it will be very difficult to hold onto the darkness and not stand in the light.

You see? For how can someone be within a room of darkness and a light begins to form in that room and the light begins to illuminate all the darkness and as the light continues to spread and spread and spread, how can one remain in the darkness within that light?

Question: How can we raise our vibrations?

Just as you have had in early discussions when the topic was discussed about raising your vibration and now to do so, you have heard in terms of your thinking processes, have you not heard to be more and more in control of your thoughts? Be aware of your thoughts and change or shift your thoughts as much as you possibly can into higher level thoughts and along with this, the higher level thoughts, your feelings too. As your thoughts increase, so too your feelings will increase and be a part of this.

Another that has been given by the Divine Mother and many different sources is to be out in nature. And to not only be in nature but “Be” nature, be one with nature! There is one thing to walking outside and seeing things as everyone else on the street corner would see them from the walking outside and seeing them for what they really are in the higher vibrations. There is a big difference! And as you begin to do this more and more and practice this, it will become more of a regular practice for you and as your saying goes, “Practice makes perfect”. As you continue to work with it you will continue to thin the veil for yourself and as you continue to thin the veil your Third Eye center will open more and more and that will continue to thin the veil more and on and on and on. It works together hand in hand here. Does that answer your question?

Question: I have a friend I want to know if she will get a job she wants to move into. Can you give any insight here?

I think you know what our answer is going to be here, for we are not going to take out our crystal ball to say, “Yes, this one will get the job.”  Or, “No, this one will not get this job.” That is not our job to do this. But you can take out the crystal ball and do this for her and we are speaking quite directly here because you have the knowledge deep within you to do this for her. There are others in the room that also have this ability but may not be aware of it. You can use a crystal ball but it does not have to be so much of a crystal ball but something that represents that. You can do this with the cards, the various cards; there are many different ways of looking at the Akashic Records. There are many different ways of seeing into the understanding which is the past, present and future in all of One. You see?

Question: I have been staring at the candle and it works like a crystal ball and that was cool.

Yes, there are many tools that can be used in this fashion. There within the light. Be one with the light. Shirley McLane did this. “I am one with the Light.” You see?

You brought up the conversation earlier that you came to a major understanding of the dark and the light, this was wonderful! And it is commended that you allowed it to come forward and shared it with the group as well! This is a major happening for what is it that those you look at now that are considered enemies, not necessarily in this group but those who are listening or reading these words, as they look at this and they think in terms of the Cabal and those of the “Dark Forces” you look at them now but someday soon you will look at them as friends, as brothers and sisters. And be one with them and they will turn around and look at you the same way because we are ALL from the same Source.

So at one time we were all one and we are still one in this moment now, but many have forgotten this Oneness! You see? We commend you for bringing this out to all.

Nothing further?

We will release channel. You, as a group here, you have much ahead of you in many respects as a continuing group, as a continuing Force of Light to spread throughout the planet. And don’t think that you are just one individual and what can you do? Because even just one individual focused and especially when many individuals are focused the same way, you can create a great deal of light and energy and love and spread this. It is just as has been given, that your movie of the “X-Men”, when the professor is sitting in the chair and is communicating through his mind and communicating with all of those who are, in that respect are considered mutants with him, he sees the Light popping up everywhere around the planet. This is what we are seeing. As the lights continue to pop up, you are the new mutants, we might say. And we love you and we jump for joy when a new light pops up, a new one begins to fan the flame.

For they are all embers at first and then the ember becomes the flame and as the flame continues to be fanned, it begins to grow and grow and grow until it expands outside of the individual and now the individual is within the flame. And we are speaking of the Violet Flame. That is what you are after as world, as a race.

Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the One.

Channeled by Dr. Susan Sammarco and James McConnell
Article may be reproduced in its entirety if authorship and authors website is clearly stated

The Sword of Truth – Sever the Psychic Ties That Hold You Down – Archangel Michael, Buhda, One Who Serves – Answers From the Masters – 4-1-14

ascended masters 2



I am Arch Angel Michael. I have come this day in this moment to announce the near ending of all you have been working for and the beginning of your new age upon this planet. Much that you have been waiting for, in many cases with baited breath is now upon you.  All of the many truths that have been secreted away from you, the people of this planet are about to begin to be revealed. You have barely an idea of the breadth of all the information that will be coming to you in just a short time now. It has been said that the truth shall set you fee and indeed it shall. My sword has alighted on each one of you in this room as well as all those who read and resonate with these words, my sword of truth for the many untold coverups that the ptw have perpetrated on all of you. Of course, you the collective, you are the progenitors of all that has been created in this, your illusion. All of those coverups are near an end now and what will follow is an open understanding that you the people of this planet are free and sovereign unto yourselves.

The time is at hand, my brothers and sisters to lay down the sword of fear and fighting to be replaced by my sword of truth and Sananda’s of love. Together you and I are now forging a new understanding to replace the old outdated misinformation that has mired you down in the muck of fear and hate for far too long. You are sovereign and have all the forces of the Universe at your command to right now all the wrongs that have been done in the name of Jesus, God and through the many religions that celebrate false ideals and beliefs that have far outstripped the common conventions that have perpetuated the lies for far too long.

Be ready now to open yourselves up to the new understandings and the new higher levels of consciousness that accompany the higher vibrations to which you are headed for and in many, have already reached. It is only your mind and the customary conventions that are still tending to hold you back. Now is the time to utilize my sword of truth to sever any remaining psychic ties that still may be holding you down to this your created illusion within your 3d paradigm.  As always now, the new mantra is “believe and you will see”, so as you strike my sword against the illusory binds that seemingly hold you down still, know that they are being rent asunder under the mighty weight of my sword. This will also in turn free your DNA structure to begin or continue to mend itself back to the original intention of 12 strands and release your cell structure to begin or continue to metamorphasise into its now intended crystalline structure, which then in turn will be able to hold and anchor more light to the planet to then allow for more and more of those who are just beginning to awaken to take in more light and understanding to help with their awakening and ascension process.

You are in the early morning stage just before the dawn breaks but this is a new dawn with a new sun that is rising to bathe all in this new light of love and belief. And after this new dawn, will follow many new ideas and conventions that will be born along with this new Golden Age upon the Earth. What you had before considered only science fiction and far from reality, will become your every day norm and you will be sheltered and comforted by this new energy that is even now sweeping across the planet in preparation for the tsunami of love to descend into each and every person and to wash away all the years of strife and turmoil you have persevered through to arrive at this NOW point. The seventh trumpet has blown and the signal is about to be given.

Believe in this now, as I tell you, that you are all here for a reason. A reason and a purpose that has not yet been shown you in many cases but it will begin now to flourish within you, to come about so that you will finally remember the truth and that which you have come for. And yes, indeed, the truth shall set you free! It is already doing so.

I am Archangel Michael and I am with you in all the times that are coming and I have been with you in all the times that came before. And together, you and I and all of those that work with you and work alongside of me, together we will bring in this new Golden Age on the Earth.

All of my peace and love be with you. As I turn this over now to your beloved sister, Susan.


We come forth to share with you as the one known as the Buddha. Coming with a heart full of love and compassion. Last time we had a full discussion on forgiveness and this time, this time I wish to bring a lighter message, that of enlightenment.

There are so many stories about what I went through when I was in that lifetime as Prince Siddhartha, leaving my wealth and family as I ventured on my spiritual quest. Much the same story that you have over the lifetimes that you have had in this world, in this path here. In and out of wealth. Many of you have been in and out of wealth in this lifetime alone. Indeed, it is just part of the path.

What is enlightenment? Some of you experienced enlightenment when you were much younger. Some of you have experienced enlightenment in just a few months past. There is no right time. Enlightenment is what is referred to in the past in this group as the clock that is going off. Enlightenment is a recognition of connection. Of so much more than that which you perceive in your day to day world on a daily basis.

There is so much more to that which you perceive as the restrictions, the confines of a world that is given to you at the time of birth and yet you have come to this lifetime to be shed of all of these misconceptions, rules and experiences.

And many people think they have reached the stage of enlightenment at one point in time or another only to realize that enlightenment is a process. There are stages of enlightenment. It is not a one time fix all solution. You continue growing in each lifetime. You continue growing as a soul in the experience. The play on words I gave Susan to share with you was, “in-light-in mind”, light in the mind, the light bulb goes off, does it not? Something shakes you awake. Something shows you something different. And as that process continues, you continue in your life’s experiences and you continue to learn more. And if you are open, you continue to have new teachers come, share and move onto new teachers. Those teachers may be in human form. You may experience those teachers in spirit form as Ascended Masters who share such as in this group. You may experience enlightenment in films as you watch or plays upon the stage.

There is no set way for the message of enlightenment to come through. For each of you has different experiences, each of you has different opportunities; each of you has different time clocks. To a large degree, these have been pre-set before you came into this life. In part, perhaps, you had other work to tend, other relationships to experience and then it becomes the time for you to awaken, as the time is now. To be called to the mission that is at hand.

Light in your mind, enlightenment. Sometimes people believe that you are enlightened and then your life changes and then, you are on a spiritual path forever. However, you, yourselves, know people that had an experience of enlightenment and then returned perhaps back, to their old lives, their old ways, their old belief systems. And you wonder what happened to that spiritual being that was so enlightened. It is an ongoing journey.

Yes, before enlightenment one carries water and works their day to day tasks and after enlightenment one carries water and works their day to day tasks. So indeed, it is a process and the reason I wanted to share this with you today is there are several of you in this group that have had challenges with family members, people that you love, that you so want to bring these messages to and yet it is all in each soul’s good time. Some of you, such as those in this room, have come to be the ones who are the feet on the ground, the people who are in action. Prayer action, action in the deeds you are doing and in what you are saying. Other people are the people you are sharing with, you are ministering to. There are two sides at all times. You cannot always be the server if there is no one to serve.

So do not be in a rush for people to wake up because with the changes that are in the midst, with the energy shift, with the awakening of the DNA and the addition of the new chakras, with all of these things that are happening to the human race, soon, soon everybody will be awake and they can receive this message that you so want to share. And even with that, there will be different stages of enlightenment to those who are new to awakening.

Talking about cabals and darkness are topics that will be difficult for many people to hear you approach. Talking about light, compassion, forgiveness and joy and one of the things that will be best for all of humankind will be equality that you will see come about in a very short period of time.

Equality in terms of everyone having opportunities for food, for shelter, for energy. Abundance of prosperity until that is no longer needed by human consciousness because everything will be supplied for you abundantly.

Another part of equality is the equality of races, especially as the lines of religion are let go as humanity realizes that indeed, religion is a manmade invention. And the need for it goes away. Equality with the sexes when you can for the first time, see clearly into the eyes your partners, into the eyes of those who will come into your life as Divine Partners, as you come to realize that Divine Partnerships have nothing to do with sexual relationships but in truth with Divine energy and balance and accomplishing the tasks you come together to accomplish.

These will be new concepts for you. We know they sound wonderful in this room and exciting but they will be something that will take a little getting used to, full of wonder and love that they are. And all of these things are part of this New World. Part of the reason the Ascended Masters have come to share with you and speak with you each week is indeed to have you visualizing and imagining the New World seeing images, picking up but also putting out. Putting out those images of universal love in qualities of crystal cities, of visiting Hollow Earth, of space ships in the skies, and meeting your Galactic families, all of these things that you continue to envision and to manifest in those higher levels as you raise the consciousness of all across the planet.

All the parts of you, all of your atoms and molecules in the matter world have been here forever so you are part of stardust from all creation, you are part of all that is present on this planet at this time, you are part of the Saber Tooth Tigers and the dinosaurs, you are part of the butterflies and the grasses and the trees. All of these are parts that comprise you as a human being so more and more you will feel this deep connectedness with all of life, all of past, all of present, all of future, especially as the timeline disappears.

So indeed, there are wondrous, wondrous times coming forward. We are so excited to be sharing these with you. To be dancing in the streets with you. We will experience the EVENT with you that triggers all the changes in your bodies, in your minds and in your spirits.

So we leave you today with the understanding that indeed, we are one in all that we do, in all that we are, and that presence that we are in, that we move in and have our being in, we are one.

Blessings and enjoy your journey my friends. Namaste.


Greetings to you. I am the One known as “One Who Serves”, rather we are the “One Who Serves” there are several of us. And we may interchange here. You may hear some crazy people coming through, it is very possible. Please understand that we are going to shout now because there are a few here who are still not quite here in the room here. They have not come back from their experience so we are shouting out. Wake up People! Wake up! And not only here in this room but wake up to all that is occurring in your lives. This is very important now that you understand that there are so many things that are happening that are beyond your imaginings, even now. You are not quite seeing but as we have said many times, begin to “believe it and then you will see it”. That is what you must do. That is the new way. That is the new age that is coming upon you. And we implore you to allow for this process to move fully through you. Understand that as the Archangel Michael was here and touched each of you with his sword of truth, that sword of truth, that truth is moving through you now. It is going to bring you to the next step of your evolution. To the next understanding of who you are. Believe it and you will see it!

This is what you must do. As you are out in nature look at the sky and believe that the new colors are there and they will be there. Look at the various trees and bushes and grass and see the beauty of the green colors coming through and the red colors depending where you are, and all these bursting through, these brilliant colors in their new expression here. To be here with you on this planet. To share with you. All of you are experiencing these changes but you must believe it within yourselves and the more you believe it, the more you will see it. This is the promise.

And as you believe it, you will begin to see it. Your Pineal Gland will awaken more and more and your DNA will begin to form itself back together again. It is already doing that. First it happens at the higher levels. This was explained by the James earlier on. First it happens in the higher bodies and then it expresses into your physical body and this is the process that is occurring. And as you begin to move more and more into the higher vibrations you will begin to experience more and more.

And as the Buddha said, as you move higher into these vibrations, you begin to experience these higher levels, at first you are dropping back, you are coming back into who you are now into this 3D realm. Eventually, you will be moving and staying there. And there will be your ascension. There you will stay and remain. Never to drop back again unless you wish to and those of you who wish to and we hope that there will be many that wish, and we are speaking now to those who will be reading these words, we are hoping that many of you will wish to drop back and assist those others to come forward and move on in and understand who they are and awaken to their divinity within themselves.

All of this is coming, brothers and sisters, all of it. And you are on the forefront of that. You have prepared yourselves for a very long time and you are the ones who are standing on the edge, as has been said by Sananda, you are standing at the edge of the finish line. You are about to cross the finish line. Do not stagger back now. Do not allow yourself to fall back. But finish the race for it is almost over.

I will get off my soap box now and entertain any questions you might have. I am a different “One Who Serves” who has just come in here. I am a little bit more on the humorous side. I can do this if you would allow. Please understand that before we have questions here, we had something else come up. Your group, this particular group is moving in a fashion here. Moving to truly understand who you are and as you understand more and more who you are, we who mentor to you can utilize your services and you can be of service here. The more you are willing to do this, the more you can be utilized in this fashion.

And we are speaking of this directly because there are things coming here very shortly and also within this group that you will be asked to move forward in your consciousness, in your vibration here. And we are going to ask you to think on this over the coming week here. And when you return, if you return, we know certain ones may not quite make it back here and that is OK but if you wish to be a part of this, you wish to move on in your expression, in your purpose here, in what you came to do for your mission, then we are going to ask you to return and we are going to give more on this in the next week here. Much more will be given to the James as well as the Susan will be receiving things as well as others in the group too in terms of beginning to know and understand what you are here for. And the truth will certainly set you free and it is doing so now.  And now, we will take questions here. What questions would you have?

Question: How should I be meditating? Should I be doing anything differently?

Not so much in your own personal changes here. We are talking about group evolvement and beyond group evolvement here. Being of service outside of self. But for yourself you are asking this now, please understand that all you are doing is what you are meant to be doing. And you would keep doing those things and if there is need for something else, it will come to you. That is for each one here now.

Each one will come to an understanding more and more certainly as the truth now is going to come out and we speak now not only in this room but the truth in general is coming out is it not? Look all around the planet and see the truth coming forward. And yes, there is still those things of disinformation and all of this that is coming out but much of this is purposeful, much of this is necessary for the process because for the old 3D paradigm to come crashing down, it must first have these experiences of things to bring it down. And these types of activities, the plane disappearance and all these things that are happening and are going to happen here in the very near future, all these things are purposeful, you must understand that.

So in your daily meditation, however you would find yourselves meditating, whether it is formal meditation with all of the breathing or if it is simply being out in nature and feeling yourself one with nature, or touching a pet and feeling the love, that is meditation. Meditation is looking at a small child and feeling the love coming from that child. Meditation is being one with the trees and the plants and the animals and the sky and the Earth etc. etc. You see?

Question: What is the difference between meditation and thinking?

Thinking is more in terms of contemplating. You are thinking within your mind. Thinking within your brain processes. Meditation is going within. So when you meditate you go within yourself and you find your inner knowing within. That is what meditation is, it connects you once again with your higher God Self. That is meditation. Meditation is said to be listening to God. When you pray you are talking to God. When you meditate you are listening to God or to your higher God Self. You see? Does this answer your question?

Question: Is this the right time to relieve a person who works with me of his job? He seems to be of a lower vibration.

First of all we would ask you to look at the wording you have used here. He is of a “lower” vibration. Please understand that as you maintain that, you are creating a judgment within yourself that this one is of a lower vibration. How would you know if this one is of a lower vibration? You only know it from your point of view, from your truth in you.

And indeed, this one may be of a lower vibration in this sense here but please understand that all of those who are of what you would call a lower vibration, those of the dark forces, are not necessarily so, you see? They have come here for a reason too. They have created this, or helped create this whole 3D paradigm, this illusion, that has been created here. Without them you would not have it and yes, you would look at this and say and without them we would have a wonderful life here but please understand there is a reason for all of this. In order for all of you to understand what is light, you must first understand what is darkness. In order to understand what is love, you must understand what is fear. The opposite, all the time, duality, all of this was meant to be in many respects and yes, the experiment has gone on longer than it was necessarily thought to be but it is purposeful.

So those that you would look at and make judgment that they are of lower vibration, they may be of a higher vibration, they may be a master themselves in this guise that they have taken on here. We are not saying that it is so but it could be. So please be aware of your learning and even more important of those processes, thoughts and feelings that you put behind this. That is more important. Does this answer your question? We do not answer your question more directly. No “X” marks the spot and here is your treasure. You see? Even though the James many times would like for that to happen. We keep saying no, no, we are not going to do that. Any more questions here?

Question: Aside from living and speaking the truth, how does one convince other people to stop creating negativity? I recognize it is their world and their righto do that but how can we teach or show or convince that person not to do that?

First of all, we would like you to take out the word, “convince”. Because that is putting you into a higher point, a higher state than they are and that is the same thing again, who is of the lower vibration. So you, yourself, are not here to convince anyone. To teach, to spread love, yes but not to coerce in any respect. For if they will come to what they need to come to on their own, then all you can do, just as all we can do, as much as we would like to do more sometimes, we cannot, but all we can do is nudge here and there. And that is all you can do as well. You see?

Question: So, I have a belief or a truth or a law or whatever, in my life experience, if something negative comes into my life experience, is it because I created it? And I know that even though I have a hard time accepting it. Is that a reality or a truth?

Most definitely. Everything that is in your life, in your creation, you have created, you have put in there. In whatever respect that may be. You are the one who creates it. Your mind is the builder. Whatever you have built in your life, it continues to build in front of you every moment of your life. You see?

Question: So, would it better for all of us to view a situation that we made it and from that perspective, we can change it?

Yes, whatever you make you can unmake. Believe and see!

Question: What I am saying is take responsibility for it? And make a decision to be conscious about the choice.

Yes. Yes that is correct.

Question: What would be your advice about every day protection. What should we be doing every day to keep ourselves safe and shielded? Would the golden bubble help others shield from negative? How do we protect ourselves and others from negative attacks?

First of all you use the words, golden bubble. Surround yourself in the golden bubble, in the golden white light merkaba, a shield of light, whatever you want to call it, a golden bubble works well too. Know that love is shielding you, it is protecting you from the negative impulses that come around you, from the words, the feelings, all of this, it can protect you from this. And again, it is believing is seeing. If you know it is happening, then it is certainly happening.

Now as far as you speaking to others about this, again speak only to those who wish to be spoken to about this. You are not to do as some, go door to door and spread the light, that is not what this is about. You are not ready for that. We are not ready for you to do that yet. And we use the word yet here because there will be a time in the future, not door to door certainly but more so, more and more you will be able to spread the light.

It is that same when you look at your UFO incidents and things of that nature and you look back on the years here and look back to when if someone saw a UFO and they brought it out and talked about it they were laughed at. People thought they were crazy. And more of the population of the planet would agree with that, they were crazy, there wasn’t any such thing. But, now if you say it, everyone says “I want to see it! I want to know it too! I believe, I believe!”

You see, it is all changing. So all of this is changing in your lives, people. You are experiencing more and more of the truth within yourself and the truth will certainly set you free and it will set others free as well. But they must come to the truth just as you have. On your own, in your own way. Don’t be too quick to go out and try to bang somebody over the head, like the cave man thing or bang the woman over the head and carry her away. That is not the way of the New Age here. You see?

More and more will come into your aura and as they touch your aura, they will feel that deep within themselves. Not necessarily at a conscious knowing awareness but at some level they will feel it. Do they not feel the love, those who work in the medical industry here; do they not feel the love from you as you touch? You know what we are speaking about here. See?

Question: How do you navigate between the material world and the spiritual world and keep a balance?

That is something that many of the Lightworkers and such are experiencing now. To move between the two worlds into the higher vibration. And as you feel the bliss and the Oneness and then the coming back, the falling back down. Someone says something that brings anger or something of the old bring something back into play here and you are right back into the old 3D paradigm and wishing, “What am I doing here? I don’t want to be here anymore! Back to that again!” And something happens and you are back to floating up again in the heavens, in the clouds, you see and something occurs again and you are right back down. This is what is happening here. So, in order to move through the various changes, what have we said many times? Just go with the flow. This is very important. It is what it is. Swim downstream rather than upstream. Let the current take you. This is how you move between here. Does this answer your question? Is there further clarification needed?

Question: Can I help? Navigating, go with the flow, when the material world shows up, we are to allow it rather than resisting it. So the spiritual principle behind that is allowance and that navigating is not necessary, it is allowing life to occur and situation to happen.

Yes! And know that as these situations occur as life occurs, all is part of synchronicity; all is part of way it is to be, to follow your blueprint, your contract that you came here for. So all of it is purposeful in moving you in those directions. Sometimes it seems to go against the flow, yes.

Question: I have a decision to make. I am trying to understand what decision is serving the highest good. I want to make the decision based on serving. If the flow goes either way I need to know how to make the decision.

Yes. And I want to suggest to you not to make the decision with your head, with your mind. Do it with your heart. So go deeply within yourself and ask the question within. Ask your higher self. And then let the answer come in whatever fashion it will come. It will not necessarily be in words, it may be in pictures, it may not even be in that very moment.

It may be a synchronous event that happens such as in your book, “The Celestine Prophecy”, you see, all the synchronicities that happened in that, those of you who watched the movie here a little while back. All the synchronicities that happened. It is all synchronicity so let these synchronous events to take effect.

Ask and ye shall receive. Seek and ye shall find. Knock and it shall be opened unto you. Those words by the Master Yeshua were meant for those of us at this time now. Also in the past time certainly but also in this time now. The time is here the time is NOW people. Allow it to be. Go within. Go deeply within and ask and you will be guided in whatever respect you need to be guided here. It is difficult to tell you directly because we do not want to guide you in any way here. Give you a nudge. Maybe move you in one direction but not too much, you see?

We do not give direct guidance. It is a major undertaking for you. You have portions within you that are fighting this. Go or not go. You have to look at each of these and what they are saying and why they are saying it. Those portions of you. It may come in your dream state even if you pay attention to your dreams. It will come in some way for you. You see?

Question: Will I manifest a move to Oregon to be closer to my kids?

There you are asking for time frames and what has been said before, soon, some day. We are not saying. We cannot the place of your discernment of your decision-making process here but we can tell you that there are forces at work here that are moving you in a certain direction for whatever reason that is or whatever needs to be here. Those forces are at work here. Could be what you came here to do. And we will leave it at that.

Question: Does everyone have their own contracts and are we creating life moment to moment or is it set in stone?

There is never anything set in stone, please understand that. What you come in with, what we call the blueprint, the plan you are following, that plan is opening out every single moment of your life and to the point that you follow that blueprint is the synchronicity that we are speaking about here. There will be things that tend to move you away from that blueprint and there are things that will tend to move you back that way again.

There was a movie, the “Adjustment Bureau”, if you saw that movie and if you did not see, we will recommend it because it will answer this question in a funny, roundabout way, but it is almost accurate. There is a director there who is shooting everybody like part of a play here but it is certainly your higher self that is that director. You see, your higher self is the man behind the curtain in the “Wizard of Oz” you see?

If you remember, even in that movie they said, “Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!” This was purposeful of those of the forces at that time who wished for you not to pay attention to your higher self, you see?  We must release channel here. Anything further?

We are done for this time. We so enjoy this time for being with you. And to have these types of expression with you, we are not sure yet who will be next time. That will come during the week. Please understand that as you continue on during this week here many things are happening around the world, many things are happening within your own inner world, and these things are going to continue at a more and more and more rapid pace. And very soon, the someday comes after soon, but all of this is coming. So we leave you now.

Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the One.

Channeled by James McConnell and Dr. Susan Sammarco
Article may be reproduced in its entirety if authorship and authors website is clearly stated

Answers From the Masters – Begin Wearing Your New Coat of Love – Mother Mary, Arabella, Sananda, One Who Serves, Ashira – 3-4-14


Susan Sammarco – Mother Mary, Arabella, Ashira
James McConnell- Sananda, One Who Serves

Greetings. I am Ashira. Welcome all and indeed, the heavens have opened and the invitation has gone out far and wide for all to come join this group today. Yes, Mother Mary, as she is known by many of you has come to share her energy and spirit with you this day with a message.
And so close your eyes and we are going to use an exercise similar to the exercise that was used last week. The energy is perfect for this. So, in your mind’s eye, extending out that vision from your heart, not through your three dimensional eyes but through your heart, feel her presence now in this room. Imagine she is standing in the middle of the room. And as she stands she moves around as if on a pedestal, not to be better than you but for you to have a vision to be able to imagine her. And her arms are wide open and her countenance beams on you.
And this room is filled with her blue love. This energy ray of perfect, clear blue love filling every corner, every space of the room. As you breathe, replace that golden light with her blue light of healing and love. Her perfect love. And see as she connects with you, very deeply touches you on your heart and smiles with you. And she wishes to share her message with you this day.

Beloveds in this room and all around who might be reading this and sharing this message today, I bring you love for that is all that I am about. Love, is indeed, all that you are about. Love. And these are the times that are about moving back into the state of love that is perfect in every way. Perfect for that whole being that you are and that you express. The perfect love that overpowers darkness, indeed. But even more than that, all of those who have had this deep love of power and the excitement that power has brought in this dimensional world, have been washed away.
And you see but a shadow of it in your room and in your hearts and in your minds for it is only a shadow, a reflection of the past. For the new reality my friends, my beloveds, my brothers and sisters, the new reality is that the power IS love. And that power of love continues to remove the barriers that were set up falsely in that world you have left behind. And yes, even though it feels real to you, the message that I bring to you today is that it is no longer your reality. And while you all may be waiting for that heaven that you expect to manifest, it is already manifested. And it is but a short distance for you to be able to see it through different eyes, through different hearts. To say yes! To love.
And in my touching you very deeply today, very personally, by being able to be here with you, that you take this with you and let my love wash over you each and every one. Wash over you for your healing at the very deepest levels, bringing up to the light anything that holds you back from knowing truly who you are as divine beings of love and light.
This is the time now. These are the blessings that we bring you. Indeed, I am no better than you. I am no more than you. I am you and you are me. Just as you are all parts of one another and in one another. For the Divine Father, Mother, Creator Spirit, whatever you choose to call that Being which IS, has its reflections in every single one of you. Every single one of you is a part of that wholeness and a part of that love. And it is only the limitations that you accepted by living in the world that you have manifested your life into that hides this from you. And it was by choice on your part. We know that makes you laugh and wonder but it was here that you chose to be at this time and these are glorious times.
And I promise you that by saying yes! my friends, each of you will see through these new eyes that have been given to you. And it is but a realization on your part to be able to see into the new world of light and crystal and dimensional shifts and kindness and compassion and sharing and caring and love. So all of those I bring to you today with the message that is already here. You are no longer waiting for that new time to approach. It is here for you.
And so we will continue to have our energy here with you today as you continue to share in the messages of others including one who is known as my son, and you shall be blessed for you are blessing others with your ears and your hearts and your attention. And we give thanks for that. And we bless you with all of our love and all appreciation for who you are and what you bring to this very exciting moment in time today.

Well, you’ve heard from my friend, Obeediyah, you’ve heard from him several times. I am, Arabella, Arabella, from the kingdom you would call the Devics, the Elementals. We decided it was time for our people, yes, we call ourselves people sometimes too (little giggle from Arabella), to share with you information about the times that are now. You spoke earlier of the children who can see those of us of this vibration and indeed, not only children but many, many people are seeing the fairies, the elementals, the sprites, the elves, all of those pixies who share the task of taking care of the world as it is, has been and will be.
And we will continue to take care of all of those aspects even when the new experience, what will be grand and wonderful for us, is that we will be able to share with you. You will be able to work alongside of us as we sprinkle our fairy dust and we get together and create the magic of creating the new world for you and with you! And won’t it be fun to be able to imagine that we, just imagine in your mind that you are tending your plants and your gardens and your flowers and asking us to change the color of the flower and we sprinkle our dust and we sprinkle our magic and the flowers are able to change colors for you in your garden. Wouldn’t that be a fun trick?
So, many times we come to you as dragonflies and as butterflies and sometimes have you experienced a butterfly that has landed on your hand visiting with you? Perhaps it was not a butterfly but one of those of us who live in the elemental realm but your mind does not recognize us because fairies do not exist for you in this mindset. So we have come to express our love to you as butterflies or dragonflies who have been able to fly around you and land upon you share with you. So think back at times in your life when this may have happened. And it is indeed an opportunity for us to mingle with you safely and have it in an unexpected way because you would not have been able to see us in the world we live in. Our image has been captured in photographs and artwork and such through the ages. Those who have picked up on the reality of our realms have depicted us in positive ways. Many, many children’s films have come out with good representations of us as well and that has continued to open the reality that children can accept more easily and see us more easily.
But this shift that is happening, as Obeediyah, my friend has talked about, that the animals are holding the door open for you and all the other kingdoms are holding the doors for the humans. And we have been very excited because the shift that will take place will very rapidly change your abilities to see the world through your heart center and with that seeing, you will be able to see than all of us who are operating at that higher dimensional level. And so seeing fairies will become normal for you, just as it will be, as Obeediyah has shared, seeing the other animals that seem to be mythical in nature to you in this world, in this time, yet you will be able to see them such as the Unicorn and the Pegasus.
So those creatures, as we all are, are part of the reality that is the new reality that is coming for you and we wanted to make sure that we had the opportunity to speak for ourselves and share the good news, the good news and the excitement from the world that evolves and continues to show. And we know that the time has been long for you, those of you who have been waiting and waiting to see and again, as the Mother Mary just spoke, when you say YES! and you allow yourself to see the change that IS here, then indeed, you will be able to see us at dusk when we are moving amongst your garden plants, amongst your flowers, amongst your cactus. And we say to you, if we appear to you as a moth, or a dragonfly and you take the chance to say YES! and speak to us, we will have a conversation with you. We know that there is so much to be shared today so we will keep this short but we want to say blessings to each of you from the fairy kingdom from those of us who serve Mother Gaia in so many ways and we have done this since the beginning of time on this planet and we chose to stay in this realm and we are so excited about coming to see you once again. We sense that there is a question or two from the group and we will take those at this time. And so, again, my name is Arabella.

Question: My neighbors and my neighbors’ yard and back yard are the backyard of darkness. And nothing grows in my yard, nothing seems to be staying that I plant so I definitely need your help and your advice to be shielding the backyard. To tell me what plants and flowers to put it, to protect us and to push this darkness that is spreading. They have a very, very big yard and it is filled with darkness and its energy is not good. I spend time focusing on their yard and not on mine. I need to change and I need your advice. I need to welcome the fairies. I welcome the fairies to come. Things have improved but nothing grows, nothing lives so I need your help.

Blessings, child. We are so pleased that you put out the invitation to us. We would recommend that lilac would be a positive plant for you to place in your backyard as well as rosemary. And the placement of sunflowers around the perimeter of the yard will provide an additional source of healing and protection for you. For this indeed is a dark space and people are continuing to feed it with their energy. So their yard is not welcome for us to do our work however the invitation you put out for us, we do appreciate it. And we would also ask that you include water in your backyard and in your front yard, perhaps a bird bath, that you could put out for us to be able to do additional healing work with plants you put into your yard that would bring healing energy through the water there for us to carry and to bring a magical medicine to those plants that you do plant. Does that make sense?
Additionally, brighten up your space as bright as you can, utilizing crystals but they do not need to be gigantic crystals but bringing clear crystals into your yard will help with transmutation of dark energy from the space you have with your neighbors but also to bring additional energy into your yard and help to cleanse the yard. Additionally, to work on any consistent affirmation that you sing to the fairies in gratitude and continue to feed the positive energy into the yard and for those of us who are working with you to counteract that which is in the energy.
Remember too, as you continue to focus on the darkness that is in your neighbor’s yard, there is an aspect of that, that is being reflected in your’s. So, we would ask that you in any case, that you may catch yourself, child, to send the blessings to the neighbors. Say, “I bless you.” And if you could work on some forgiveness, “I forgive you, I forgive you, I forgive me, I forgive us.” Because in this forgiveness, this is healing for the earth beneath your feet as well and will bring more light into your own space so that the plants that are planted there will be able to have a better vibration and love energy to work from. Report back!

Question: I had an experience. I had a plant that a landscaper who came in and trimmed everything in the backyard and there was a rosemary bush, that was trimmed way back and I never thought it would come back. I was angry that it was cut back so far. And it was barren and the other plants around it were flowering and getting new leaves and this one was doing nothing. I was sitting out in the backyard feeling unhappy about it. This one day I decided to start visualizing buds growing on it and to forgive the landscaper in way, or stop being angry. I started visualizing buds on it. I walked over and there were buds all over it. So, in an instant I realized that I was creating the barrenness of the plant with my anger. I wanted to share that because I believe I had the power to change that with my change in attitude.

What a beautiful example of what we just shared! Thank you.

Question: My yard is actually good energy. I think everything grows very well. I talk to my plants a lot and I always feel that my plants draw energy from the neighbors, not a bad thing but like drawing out the bad and creating a good environment. It is something I always imagined in my head. I wonder if this is really happening.

Transmutation of vegetation is part of the natural cycle of plants. People have a hard time understanding and you have a brilliant insight! Brilliant insight! That is a part of the tragedy of deforestation of the world’s forests in all locations. It is not only about producing oxygen, it is about the transmutation of negativity on this planet that the plants are not able to do. And it is part of their job. And that is a wonderful understanding that you have. And it doesn’t even have to be negativity, they are cleansing creatures, the plant kingdom is here to assist the humans, the animals and creation with cleansing, providing an oxygen source, for providing food and they gratefully do all of that because they are in service and that is what they do of service. We love your property, Sir. It is a beautiful property. Would you consider putting up a couple of fairy houses, just as a way of saying thank you for the work that we do? (His daughter would love that) And we can assure her that it is time to share those conversations and we can actually see that we have quite the opportunity to visit with her and have tea with her in our houses!
Message for one in group-
We know that we have spent time with you before because you have been of our kingdom. So many of us have not shifted into human existences but we know that you have a strong bond with us and we want to make sure that we acknowledge that with you and say thank you to you for all the work that you are doing in the human world.

My hummingbirds come and speak to me face to face. I love the idea of the fairy house and I will put one in my garden as well.

And we know that our friend, Victoria, friend of Susan and our friend as well, discussed this (topic) last week and we hoped to be able to travel there some time with all of you who can make that trip. She has wonderful fairy houses throughout her property and acknowledges all the wonderful gifts that come from our partnership.
For those who were not here last week, she shared that her apple tree produced thousands of apples when nobody else in the community had any apples because of the frost and it is because she invited our kingdom to come and to protect the trees from a late frost after the buds were on. We are very happy to help! We are doing all we can for our regular responsibilities but if we are called in specifically for a task, we are happy to step in and assist in any way we are called to do.
Fairies are also very good at finding missing things. If you need to have something found, you can call and ask for the fairies to help you find it. Not for frivolous things all the times but for something serious, please call out for our assistance. This is part of the friendship to open you to and to make you more aware of so that we are more accessible to you as we are working with you more and more closely as these changes take place upon this planet. So we give you our blessings this day and thank you for this time.

I am Ashira and I am here to bid you adieu today because there is information that needs to come through James. I thank you for this opportunity to share with you again and we look forward to our next time with you. Again, we give thanks to all of you who have come from all dimensions, all places, all times to be here today. Namaste.
Greetings to you. I am known as the “One Who Serves”, and I am going to be here briefly to introduce another and then I will be back to answer questions that you may have as a result of this one who is going to speak or whatever else you might wonder. Be back here shortly.

I am Sananda. Many of you know me at a level different than we are today at this point. For we come from long ago and far way together, to come to this small planet. To bring about the changes here and the changes, my dear ones, are about to begin. I know we have said, many have said this over and over, and you wonder and you look about you and you say, “But Sananda, but St. Germain, but Arch Angel Michael, where are the changes that you have spoken of?” And we would say to you now, look all around you. They are everywhere. Your world, as you know it, is different, even now. Yes, in some ways, pardon the expression; it looks like all hell is breaking loose. But is it really? Is it hell or is it heaven?
That is for you to decide, using your discernment. But we can tell you, without a shadow of a doubt, that all is changing and about to change more. But you are here, not to see the changes come about but to bring the changes about. That is what each of you, each one in this room, and each one who is reading and resonating with these words, that is what you are here for! You are here to bring about the changes. You are the ones you have been waiting for! You have heard this before and it is so true. And you may have heard that you are here for a mission. I can honestly tell you that your missions are about to begin if they have not already. Not that your entire life is not a part of your being here, it is. But when we speak of the mission, we speak of the higher mission now. The mission of bringing in the light, holding the light, spreading the light, becoming a light bearer and light sharer.
Just know, my dear brothers and sisters, that as these changes begin to manifest all around you know that your time has come. So instead of looking about and seeing what others are doing to bring about the changes, we would implore you, we would ask you to bring about the changes that you can right now. The time is NOW! The time is NOW! To go about your Father’s business. And yes, I said that as Yeshua, as Jesus, many years ago and it was true then just as it is now. Time to go about your Father’s business. Because that is what you are here for. That is what we are all here for. And in any way, big or small, to bring about the changes to this world that have been prepared for, for many, many thousands of years.
All part of the Father’s plan, the great plan, Prime Creator’s plan. And you, each one are part of that plan, have been and are about to take a major part in that plan. Some, of course, greater than others, but even the least among my children, will have an effect on the greater purpose. The greater understanding.
You are moving into a new vibration. A vibration that, to your three dimensional understanding now, is foreign to you. But as you move into that new vibration you will understand it is an old vibration. It is one that you have had before. You will be comfortable in it. It will be as if you are taking a cloak and putting it around you. At first it will be appear to be a new cloak but as it is around you, you will feel more comfortable in it, and feel the love from that cloak, from that new understanding, that new vibration that is you.
So we ask you again, now, to do whatever you can to become a part of the changes which you seek within this world. The time is now. Go in peace my brothers and sisters. I am Sananda.

Greetings to you, once again. We are the One Who Serves, there are several ones of us and we come to be of service in any way that we can. And yes. we are what you would call, Ascended Masters. We have done this before, all that you are about to go through, we have already done. We have already been there, done that, that type of thing. But understand that those types of things that we had to go through in those times you do not have to. Now, we are not saying it is going to be a cake walk. We are never going to say that because for some it will be easier than for others. For some, they will have a very difficult time through this because it will be so foreign to them, so much out of their character, out of their knowing awareness. But for those of you who resonate to these words, to Mother Mary’s words, to the Fairy Kingdoms words. All of you who resonate to this will feel very comfortable in the new energy just as the Sananda said, in your new cloak that is the old cloak, the one that you have worn before.
For you have been called before, system busters. Those of you who do not understand that, you have been here before. Not here in the Earth necessarily, but you have been here many times yes, but you have come from other systems, other worlds, other planets of darkness. And you have moved through that darkness and brought the light there and busted the system wide open, just as you are doing here again. You are busting this system wide open here. Talk about opening doors wide, you have no idea of how wide this door is going to go open!
Please understand, my brothers, my sisters, all is going to change in the twinkling of an eye. It will appear to you as such. But understand that our sense of time is a little different than your sense of time and we know that you know this. When we say soon, we may mean months and even years is our soon. Because from where we are, people, there is no time, no time as you understand it now. But you are going to understand that “no time” that you are moving into. Why do you think everything is changing within your time frame now? Is not your time speeding up? Do you not look and say, “Where did this day go?” “Where did the month go?” “Where did this entire year go?” “My goodness, where did the decade go?” You see one minute you are twenty years old and the next minute you are sixty and seventy. Where did it all go?
It has not gone anywhere. It is all a part of you. And you are a part of it. And you are expressing now just as you have always expressed. The only difference is that you will be expressing with your heart center now. And that is a major difference because the heart center brings the love, the oneness, the companionship. The wanting to draw your neighbor to you instead of pushing him away.
You see all of this. We know this is going long here so we will lessen this. We have much to say, please understand this. There is much more coming. From many different sources, many different levels of expression. But are there any questions now that we might answer?

Question: I would like some advice on what I can do, what action I can take, to make others feel empowered.

It is a wonderful question. First, to make others empowered, you have to empower yourself. You have to know fully, who you are or at least come to more of an understanding of who you are. And that you are not this flesh and blood person who is here in this 3 dimensional consciousness that is a part of all the programming here that you have had lifetime after lifetime. You must know that you are not this and as you begin to understand more and more that you are not this, then you understand who you are and what you are and you will understand that you are a light being.
You are a light being, dear sister, and as a light being you control all within you and around you. That is what you have to understand. So, if you wish to reach out to another and empower them and help them, then understand it within yourself that, that is what you wish, that is what you want. And it will come from your heart center and as it comes from your heart center it can be nothing but love coming back out. It can be nothing but empowering another to help them, not in terms of helping one’s self. You see? It is the idea of moving from service to self to service to others. And we understand that you, yourself who asks this question, find yourself in service to others whenever you can but there is also that part of you that is not in service to self necessarily, in a knowing sense but service to self in a subconscious or unconscious sense. You understand this?
It is rather a simple, from our point of view anyway, rather a simple understanding. Just know thyself. Did not the Yeshua, did not he say this long ago? Know thyself. Know that all these things I do, so can ye do also. Because I go unto the Father now. And you, yourselves, are going unto the Father. Which means you are connecting once again with your higher God self, your Father. They are one in the same. You are one in the same. Does this answer your question? Rather round about fashion, possibly.

Question: If I understand it correctly, I feel empowered about 95% of the time. Are you saying that if I acknowledge that part of myself, I can give it to others?

Yes, as you said earlier, know the divinity inside of yourself. That is the key. Know that you are divinity. You are divine yourself. And then it cannot be but coming from your higher self.
Very good energies. Extremely good! If there are no more questions, we have a question for you. Then our question for you, for each of you in this room, even for those who were not here last week, because you experienced it somewhat again this week, those of you here now. So, what is your understanding or rather what was the feeling, a sense of the feeling coming within you as you were touched by the Sanat Kumara last week by the Mary this week? And even more importantly than that, did you have a sense of change in any way coming from the touch of Sanat Kumara when, by the way, he did provide an initiation of sorts, last week. And so did the Mother Mary provide an initiation of sorts this week. And we say of sorts, because it is not the initiation of old, where you move from one dimension to another dimension. It is a movement of consciousness, a change within you. And we wish for you to begin as the Arabella has said, we wish for you to begin to see the changes within you and around you. Go out into nature. See all that is changing. And again, we say to you, believe and you WILL see! It is not the other way around. It is not the Missouri way. Do you understand this? Seeing is believing, show me. What is this? The Show Me State. You see?
It is there. You will see it. But it is that little bit of a doubt that comes up within you. They say believe it! I believe it! But where is it? I am not seeing it. I am not seeing the fairies. I am not seeing the sprites. I am not seeing all these weird and wild colors that they have been speaking of. Where are they? And as soon as you say that…doubt. And as soon as you doubt it is back to seeing is believing. So stick with the believing first and you will see it. And believe it and know it, deep within you. Trust. Trust.
So we will leave the question for next time. Each of you find within you this week you are coming up in, by the way, there are going to be some things happening in this week, just so you know….hint, hint. Watch for some things changing. But mostly, watch for the changes within yourself as a result of the touch that has occurred here, as a result of these initiation processes. Changing your DNA. Your DNA, people, is reconnecting. Some of you would say, “But I didn’t know my DNA was disconnected.”
But it is and has been. Your DNA has been disconnected from what was originally intended and originally was. This is why the Sananda said the new cloak is the old cloak. Because you will feel the DNA processes changing within you and you will experience the changes. And yes, it may be as just a little bit of a change here and there, it may be line upon line at first, but we can tell you, the tsunami IS a tsunami. It is not a small little wave. It is a huge wave. You can even call it a tidal wave of love. But a tsunami comes in gently at first and gains momentum, gains momentum, it gains and gains. Yes, you are thinking that maybe in terms of destruction that a tsunami comes in and tears everything apart and in some ways that is correct. The Tsunami of Love is tearing away the old, breaking it down into the new. So that you can take on this new cloak and wear it for yourself and wear it proudly.
Yes, as a lightworker. Yes, as a child of God. But even more so, as a complete Oneness with the God Source within you.
The James does not know this yet but we will put this out as a possibility. When this question is asked here in the next week that you find yourself and we go around the room and share in this way, we are going to come in and somewhat take over here, if this is alright with those of you here and with the James here. And instead of the normal discussion period that you have we will provide for this, if that is OK for you. Different than your normal way of doing things here but we think it will be helpful because it will bring about a knowing within each of you, yes those things that are happening in each one but also those things that are happening outside of yourselves too and to the others and it will help to solidify or crystalize the understanding that yes, there are changes happening. Because so many times when you have discussion everyone does not speak and we wish for everyone to have an opportunity to speak with no judgments whatsoever. Can we do this?
Then, this we will do this next time as well as another couple of visitors will be here. This is becoming a happening! People. We have told this James a long time ago, that there would be many coming and that many would be called and come into this group. And he wondered, “Where are they?” Two here, three here, four here but it is growing. And it is going to continue to grow and this group will grow into another group and another group. This is what is planned but as you know, plans don’t always work out the way you want them to or the way we want them to but always have no preconceived notions or judgments or a sense of purpose. Then it can evolve into what it is to be. You can go with the flow here. And the flow will always take you downstream and not fighting against the stream. You see?
Are there any further questions?
Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the one!

Channeled by James McConnell and Dr. Susan Sammarco
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