Pleiadian Emisary KaRa and One Who Serves – Matching Vibrations For First Contact via James McConnell – 1-16-10 – via Ashtar Command Crew

James McConnell


1/13/2019  Sunday Conf. Call 

Pleiadian Emisary KaRa and One Who Serves channeled by James McConnell 

Shoshanna – Joanna’s Higher Self

These messages were given during our weekly Sunday  Prepare For Change group based in Payson, AZ  on January 13, 2019. (Article may be reproduced in its entirety if authorship and author’s website is clearly stated. Please make sure to include the question/answer portion as there is much wisdom imparted.)

SANANDA  (Channeled by James McConnell)

I am Sananda, and I release this one now to another who would join you.

All of my peace and love be with all of you for all time.

KaRaChanneled by James McConnell)

I am KaRa.   I have not spoken through this one or to this group before.  I have asked permission to be able to do so, that I would come as a representative of the Pleiadian fleets,

I say pleural in fleets, because there are many of us circling the planet now.  We have been here for some time.  We are indeed coming closer and closer to your reality here on the planet.  We have been watching and waiting for the opportunity to be more fully involved with all of you.  Because in many respects, we are you, and you are us. 

And I say I am a representative of the Pleiadian fleets of the councils, Pleiadian council.  I come at this time to prepare you for what is to come, for what this group is being prepared for,  and many who would listen or read these words after.  You are being prepared for those times where we make the connection with you.  For it must come before the event.  It must come before the many changes.  That we would become more associated with you, more closely with you.  And yes, indeed, even some of you will be invited upon our ships. 

Those times are coming, and you have been being prepared for this.  This is why I come and speak at this time, to inform this group, many of you within this group, as well again as many who would hear and read these words after.  

You are being prepared for those times where we can be together in a more physical fashion.  Not in your current vibration, but in a vibration that you are moving toward.  Because as you continue to raise your vibrations, then we are able to lower ours somewhat to meet you, what you call “meeting half way.”  We are in the process of doing that. 

There are many functions, you might say, that are happening at this time, many programs that are being run.  Each time one of the programs that we are working on, one of the part of the plan, when that is finished, then we move to the next stage. 

That is where we are now.  We have just moved to the next stage.  That stage is the preparation.  The preparation for welcoming those of you who would be called to come and be with us more fully. 

It is a choice on your part, yes.  But it also requires a matching, a matching of vibration.  If you can match our vibration, and we can match yours, then we can have this more full connection–not at the 3D level, but at the 4D level. 

That is where many of you are residing now:  in the fourth dimension.  Many of you are finding those things that you wish for, that you ask for are coming true much, much quicker.  Even those things that you don’t want are also coming through quicker.  So it is important now for all of you, as you continue to raise your vibration, to continue to control your thoughts, learn to still the mind, so that the connection between you and your higher self can become stronger and stronger.  When that occurs, when you have more fully connected with your higher God self, that is when your vibrations will be high enough to match ours. 

It is not only we, the Pleiadians.  There are many of the fleets of the many different civilizations: Serians, the Archturians, the Andromedans, and so on.  Many are preparing in various stages themselves for this ascension process that is underway now.  Yes, you are going through a transition and will continue to do so.  But as you are going through this transition, you are also moving through your ascension closer and closer to that moment, and you will realize fully who you really are.  In that moment, you will fully connect with your higher God self.  The integration will be complete.  You will move through the ascension in those moments. 

Prior to this, leading up to this, is all that I speak of now.  Many changes that are happening here on the planet, some yet still behind the scenes, but all of it, is coming forward.  All truth is coming forward to be revealed.  Nothing, no rock, will be left unturned.  All will be revealed.  Trust in that.  Trust in yourselves.  Trust in the great plan that is forever working on behalf of the consciousness of man. 

I am Kara.  I leave you now in peace and love, and a sharing between us that holds no bounds

ONE  WHO  SERVES   (Channeled by James McConnell)

Om, mani, padme, hum; om, mani, padme, hum, hum, hum.   Greets to you.  One Who Serves here to follow through on that. 

But before we do, we have something we wish to share with you.  It has come about as a result of something that is occurring with certain members here within the group, we will not say who at this time.  But there are ones who are experiencing a loss of different types.  And this is part of the transition that you are moving through.  Yes, there have been always those losses that happen.  

But they are going to increase, we can say here.  Not to create fear,  here, but to prepare you for what is coming.  Because the changes that are coming upon you and the vibrations as they continue to raise, and these waves of energy, are going to cause a schism, you might say, between those who are ready to move on through this transition, and those who are not.  And that can include not only your human friends, but also your animal friends as well.  For they are sensing—these animal friends–are sensing the changeover that is coming.  Some will want to be here through it and others do not, and that is their choice as well.  So do not think it is anything that you are doing or not doing or whatever.  It is simply a process of evolution that is happening. 

Now, when those ones pass on and go to wherever they would go, whether it be animal or human, wherever it might be, you will be reunited with them at another time.  If it is the Animal Kingdom, they are absorbed, you might say, into an animal soul.  But that individuality within them continues on.  It continues on within you, within your heart, within your memory.  But it also continues on as a spark of the whole.  And that spark will be reunited with you at another time.  It may bring all of the ones that you have had, all of those loved ones that you have had before into one, and you will understand that at that time when it comes. 

So do not despair.  Everything is a part of the greater whole, the greater plan, here.  A part of the greater transition that you are moving through.  So allow for the process, be in the now as much as you can, and realize that everything is indeed being orchestrated. 

Do you have questions here for One Who Serves?

JoAnna:   We have a question from the email audience.  It is a two-art question.  The first question is: “The alternate media on YouTube is reporting that military tribunals have already started in various secret places across the country.  Can you comment further—true or false?” 

OWS:   That is certainly accurate.  They have begun in various respects and will continue on.  Much of it is, as we say always, is behind the scenes at this time, but as Kara said, and others have said previously, all will be revealed, all is coming forward to come back to the consciousness of man.  The truth will be told.  The truth will come forward.  As the saying goes, the truth is out there, and you will receive the truth as it comes along more fully.  As vibrations continue to rise, as consciousness continues to rise, then those who are ready for it will be able to handle the truth.  Okay?

JoAnna:   Yes.   And then the second (actual there are two more questions on this page):  “Is martial law highly probable to occur in the U.S. in 2019 and, if yes, what is the rationale?” 

OWS:   Martial law, as you are knowing it, is not necessarily to happen in the sense that you would expect it to.  You see, everything happens for a reason.  But everything is not always as it seems.  So know that even though this could occur, of course it is all based on probability and possibility at this point.  And looking at this in the exact moment now, it is not very probable.  But it could change based on circumstances, based on consciousness of man both here in this country as well as worldwide could bring about the change here as it is necessary to curtail those efforts of the forces of the darkness that still exist but have been largely curtailed at this point.  Largely their power has been taken from them. 

JoAnna:   Okay, and the last part of this is:   “That said, it is fair to say that the RV will happen when everything is safe?” 

OWS:   The RV, your revaluation, will happen when it needs to happen, when it is time for it.  We cannot give certainly any date here, but it will come as a result of man’s consciousness rising across the planet, and this is moving in that direction toward it.  We cannot say it is tomorrow or next week, or even next month, but it is coming, and is a part of the transition as you continue to move through this entire process.

JoAnna:   Okay, one more question.  This person came across a video that showed something huge hitting the earth on the 3rd or 4th of this month.  He said just watching the video of our magnetosphere, even I can see that something huge happened.  Can you comment on that? 

OWS:   Something huge happened, and something even “huger,” if that is a word, is happening even now and coming even more so.  The waves that will happen are here,  and they are more fully on the way as well.  So you will notice these spikes in energy.  If they can be measured by physical instruments, they are going to be recorded as energy spikes that are coming into the planet because of these waves of energy. 

You must understand that the entire solar system, and even the galaxy, is moving through parts of the universe that it has not been in for a very, very long, long time.  And this part of the universe that the galaxy is moving into is bringing all of these new energies to the planet.  And it is all part of the great plan and the orchestration that is in the works here.

JoAnna:   Okay.  Thank you so much.  That’s it for the email.

Guest:    I have a question. 

OWS:   Yes.

Guest:   I have been noticing somethingunusual in the sky that I haven’t seen much before.  It started on the way to the crater.  Now I have moved to a different area, different city in Arizona, and I have noticed it in the sky here.   I don’t think it’s chem-trails, but it kind of looks like that.  But they are all circles in the sky, like donuts, and I don’t see how that is or what that is.

OWS:   What you are seeing Dear One, is what we have spoken of with you before, and your tendency to be able to see energies, as others cannot see.  But up to this point, you have not believed in your ability to do so.  You have not fully allowed for this process to take affect here for you.  But you are seeing those glimpses that we have been speaking of for some time now, and you will continue to see them, because you see energies that many others do not see.  And the more that you trust it and believe in it, the more it will increase for you.  And as these energies that are being shown to you, or that you are able to have revealed to you now because you are beginning to trust, these energies will take on a meaning to you, specifically to you, as they continue to show themselves for you. 

Guest:   Okay, thank you so much.

OWS:  Yes.

Guest:    I have a question.  First of all, I want to acknowledge that I am receiving more guidance and information in the dream state from my guide, and so I really appreciate that. 

My question is two tiny questions that are related together, and I think they are related to a purging process I am going through a purging of perceived pain that my soul still remembers  from the perceived or what we think is some separation from the soul family or the Galactics.  There is no separation, but we perceive it, and we feel the pain out of it.

 So on Friday morning I woke up with a memory of a dream.  Among other things and other people in the room, there was One Who Serves represented in one very, very old being, and he called me to go walk closer to him in a way that made me feel that I am special, but not special from the ego 3D side.  This has no relevance to our experience. 

Saturday morning, yesterday morning, I realized…

OWS:   Hold please.  Is there a question there for this? 

Guest:   Yes.  So the question is, did this really happen?  This connection is getting closer to One Who Serves, or what is it exactly? 

OWS:   What we can tell you is your connection is becoming stronger as you become stronger in terms of your ability to believe in yourself and believe in those things which are coming to you, your connection to your higher God self, as well as connection to various guides that are attempting to reach you and be more fully with you, whether it be through us, The One Who Serves, or whoever it might be.  These connections are becoming stronger for you as you continue to allow it, as you continue to believe it. 

Believing is seeing.  And this is what you  need to come more and more to understand.  Not only you who is asking this question, but to all of you.  All of you:  begin more and more to believe in those thoughts that are coming to you, those may even be in terms of sounds, or various types of indications that there are messages coming to you, and begin more and more to trust those messages—not the messenger, but the message that comes. 

And if the message feels right, if it resonates within you, then take it within you and run with it, as the saying goes.  Okay?

Shoshanna:   (Channeled by JoAnna McConnell)

Shoshanna wishes to share with this one.

OWS:   Yes.

Shoshanna:   My Dear Sister, we find that your vibration, and your energy, and your level of enlightenment at this time in your movement as the being that you are is drawing the energy of the ancient wisdom to you, and you must recognize this as a beautiful gift to you through your dream.  It is your mind, the one that is the third-dimensional mind, that doubts the experience when your higher conscious-knowing mind is giving you this gift of enlightenment.  Do you understand this? 

Guest:   Yes.

Shoshanna:   You must be in gratitude for this dream.

Guest:   Wow.  Thank you so much, Shoshanna.

Shoshanna:   Namaste, my lovely beautiful sister. 

Guest:  Thank you.

Another Guest:   Hi One Who Serves, I have a question.   I was so resonating with Kara.  I just love that name, Kara.  Kara mentioned that the light forces  are going into this next level, this next system of events.  The reason why I am asking this question is, I was told the other night in meditation by Ashtar Kari, that there was a very big meeting (he said grand conclave) that was taking place, I guess regarding the next level of everything that is taking place.  Do you think because of this meeting that took place, this is why Kara came through?  For me, it was not a coincidence, that this very, very big meeting—everyone of importance was t here, many light beings were there, it was somewhere in the Andromeda system, somewhere that has a binary star system, there were 16 planets, and there is a Federation planet there, and this is where this meeting took place.  Do you think that has something to do with it, this next level of sequence of events, because of this meeting?  

OWS:   First of all, in order to answer this question, you must first understand that there are many meetings that are occurring, many councils from many different civilizations that are meeting on a regular basis.  But from time to time there is a greater meeting:  one that calls for many more to come to the tables, and this is what has occurred here because of the changes that are developing very rapidly now, we might say, here on the planet, and even more than what you would call the outer influences here on the planet, but what is the inner influences, those changes that are happening within the collective consciousness of man at this time.  And this brought about this greater meeting, as you are saying, to initiate the next phase, as is what is being said, here.  And that next phase has been initiated and is in process of being implemented at this time.

Guest:   Oh, this is wonderful.  Yes, a great big meeting.  Yes, many meetings he said, but this one was very important.  They are all important, but this was a grand conclave .  So this is wonderful, thank you for validating that for me, and wonderful next level of awareness.

OWS:   Part of this phase that was shared by Kara is that they are preparing for the contact, you might say, what you could call first contact with those of the Lightworkers, -warriors.  This is being discussed and worked toward as to how it can come about.  You heard about this, many of you, through the one, Cobra, before who is also associated with the Pleiadian fleet, and it was given to him at that time that this was being prepared. 

Guest:   This is wonderful.  I felt that it would be something to do with that next level of first contact with the Lightworkers.  So that was validation for me, and that’s wonderful.  The next level of the way this is all going.  So this is beautiful.  Thank you.  I love you so much for validating that, and it was truly wonderful to hear Kara come through today.  Beautiful.  Thank you much.  And I love you, Shoshanna. 

Shoshanna:   Namaste, Dear Sister.  May we share something with you?

OWS:   Yes, please.

Guest:   I love to hear you come through.

Shoshanna:   We see for you the vast enlightenment that you have achieved is so apparent to all that you reach out to.  We hope that it is apparent to you.  And what we see for Kara, as we see her in our vision, this is a beautiful Pleiadian goddess who has so much light around her that some would be blinded by it, and we see her as part of your family, and that she is in your presence as well, and that is why you resonate so strongly to this name.  Namaste.

Guest:   Oh, thank you so much.  The moment Kara came through, I thought, “Oh, I know you!  I love you!” 

Shoshanna:   Yes , you do.

Guest:   Wow.   Thank you.  I love you, Shoshanna, thank you so much.  I love you One Who Serves, thank you so much.

Shoshanna:   Well, we love you so much.

OWS:   Kara is also telling us here that one thing she did not say is that she is very connected to many of you who are here on this call.  Many of you do not know her directly by name at this point in your conscious knowing self, but you know by vibration, and she knows you by your vibration as well.  And that connection will come about more fully as the transition continues on. 

Would there be other questions, here?

Guest:   Yes, One Who Serves.   Yesterday in my meditation time and visualization time, I was taken to I think it was Inner Earth to this beautiful building, which I had seen before.  It is kind of like a coliseum.  I was with my twin flame and my guide.  It is kind of like an open coliseum, and there is all this light that comes down in this one area that totally fills you up with the light.   And it was almost like a celebration there.  I was being reconnected with people.  I don’t remember exactly who they were, but I could get a sense that we were having a big celebration, a big party, and it had something to do with when I went into that light, when there was just tons and tons of light emanating out of me almost like a sun, or something, and I felt like there was some kind of initiation or like one passes into another place.  I was just curious whether this had to do with Kara or with me going down to the Inner Earth to be with my twin flame, or with the mercaba.  I was also given the name “Leilani.”  Which I believe might be the name of my soul, my soul name—can you shed any light this?

OWS:   We cannot give you confirmation on your soul name, as you are saying here, for that is only for you.  But we can say that you are on the right track in terms of other things here that you are experiencing. 

But this is only the beginning, Dear One.  You are going to experience much, much more of this as you continue to allow for it.  That is for all, here, as well again.  We keep saying it is mostly like the same things over and over and over, but that is because it is important for you to come to understand that the more that you believe, the more that you will continue to see, the more that will continue to manifest for you in various ways.  And this is what is occurring here at this time. 

More and more of you will begin to see, hear, feel, remember all of these things are coming to you.  So this is part of the continue to fasten your seatbelts.  This is what we keep saying.  Not only for those things that are happening outside of yourself, but those things which are happening within as well.  Okay?

Guest:    Ok, thank you so much.  Thank you, yes.

Another Guest:   Hello One Who Serves.  I would like to give gratitude to Kara.  I felt just great kinship with her and a deep knowing.  And I had spent time communicating with Semjase this past week and last week, and within dialog and also great meditation regarding those teachings that she gave years ago.  In my dream state or during the nighttime I felt like I had been part of some councils over the past week that were Galactic councils and Pleiadian councils, and I was wondering if I am reading that correctly.  I will just listen for the answer.  Thank you.

OWS:   You are most definitely reading that correctly, as you are saying.  It is not so much at your conscious-knowing level, for there are many times when you are experiencing these councils in various ways and types, but it is happening in your dream state, in your meditative state, and even sometimes in your waking state.  And this is indication of your coming back more fully to remember who you are.  You have come to some memories of this, as we are finding it here, and this is going to continue.  Again, as we speak to one, we speak to all.  All are going to experience much, much more of these types of things, and it has to do in many respects with Sananda has given previously several times about the 12 and the 12, the councils, the various tables.  That is what is coming.  We cannot give you too much more information on this until that time or that vibration when it is ready for then.  But you are coming closer and closer to that.

Guest:   Okay, great.   One other question:  James had a hit about a week ago and mentioned that a possible life that I had was Akhenaton, the great rebel pharaoh.  Is this true? 

OWS:   We are always reluctant to give indication here as to correctness of these types of things, but in your case you are coming to understand these things for yourself.  Although we will not say yes or we will not say no, here, because that is something that you must more fully come into contact with. 

We would suggest when you have the opportunity to do the multi-level awareness technique through the James here, and you can connect to this directly and understand not only this, but other ones as well. 

Guest:  Very Good.  Well it definitely resonates with me, and I will do that with James.  Thank you.

OWS:   Shoshanna, do you have something to say?

Shoshanna:   Yes, Shoshanna wishes to share. 

Guest:    Yes, Beloved.

Shoshanna:   Shoshanna wishes to share something with you that you may be completely aware of and perhaps not.  Your clarity of mind and your thought processes in this time in your situation has become very clear for you.  There is much clarity in your life right now.  There is much clear-headedness.  And we find that you are following your journey and following your heart which creates for you this clarity of mind and thought processes.  The only challenge that you will have, as all third-dimensional beings have, is to doubt themselves.  You must find and complete each pathway and each step on your own and take your own council, My Beloved.   That is all.

OWS:   Yes.

Guest:   Yes.  Thank you very much.  I’ll take that to heart, Shoshanna.  Thank you.   One Who Serves, thank you.  So much love.  And Kara, thank you.  I love you.  Thank you for coming in for this group.

OWS:   Very good.  Would there be other questions, here?

Then we are ready to release channel. 

We wish to say here, an indication as you have come to prepare for your next Advance, we are saying now since that has already been in preparation by those of you, this one James and JoAnna as they are beginning to prepare for this.  We can tell you that we have been preparing for this for a long time, just as we do each one before this, we have been preparing for this next one as well.  And there are things that are coming that we cannot say yet at this point, but by the time you reach your next Advance, you will understand what we are saying in terms of things coming.  And those things that are coming are very much going to relate to your next Advance, here.   Okay?  That is all we can say at this time.  But more to come as we continue this process. 

Guest:  I had a question, I couldn’t get my mute off. 

OWS:   Very good.  We take one more question then, and then we release.

Guest:   Okay.  I sent everyone this morning a channeling by Archangel Ariel.  He was speaking of the pole shift.  He was saying that Wormwood is the twin of our sun, and that Nibiru revolves in an elliptical orbit around Wormwood, and that when it does come close to our planet that that is going to be part of the actual ascension.  I am just wondering if you can confirm some of that.

OWS:   Yes.  What we can say here is what you are speaking of was in the bible.  It has been predicted for a very long time.  It was originally, though, predicted in terms of end times in terms of many earth changes that would come as a result of this planet, and the connection in the solar system, and the galaxy, and all of these things.  The celestial connection, we will say.

 This has been largely altered, here, as a result of man’s consciousness.  Man’s consciousness is directing all of this, what is coming to the earth, what isn’t coming to the earth, and all of these things.  And as man’s consciousness continues to direct this, those of the Galactics and those that can work with these forces, can then work to either bring about or to hold off various types of situations that can occur or were going to occur. 

But you also understand now more and more about time lines.  And you have been creating new time lines, here, which do not contain the earth changes that were spoken of that would be created by this one called Wormwood.  But understand that it is an altered change, you might say, from what was going to be, to what is coming now.  And you are correct in terms of this has led directly to your ascension process.  But it is not just the ascension of a small portion of the planet any longer, it is now a full ascension of most of the planet’s population as they are ready for this.  Again, this will come in waves of ascension—not all at one time, but in three or four waves of ascension, as we find it here now.  Okay? 

As to the second part of this.  You are correct in terms of the second sun.  And the second sun is already there.  It has been there, it is just not visible to the naked eye.  But it is visible to your third eye.  As your third eye continues to be reintegrated, you might say, then this will bring about the shifting that will be created enough to begin to see this second sun.  It is there.  You can see it with your third eye now, but it will become more and more visible to all because as you move through into these higher vibrations and higher dimensional realities, it will then become completely visible to those who are in those higher dimensions.  Okay?

Guest:  Yes, thank you.  I heard that was a blue sun.

OWS:   That can be correct, yes.

Guest:   Thank you very much.

OWS:   Anything to add, Shoshanna?

Shoshanna:   No, that is a wonderful explanation.

OWS:   Very good.   Then we are ready now to release channel. 

Shanti.  Peace be with you.  Be the one.

Channeled by James McConnell

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“Believing is seeing!”

SAINT GERMAIN and OWS – You Are Creating the New Golden Age of Gaia Each Moment – via  James McConnell – by Love Has Won – 4-29-18


Thanks to   Love Has Won   /   By James McConnell

Saint Germain   

I AM the St Germain. As if you did not know. [Laughter]

I AM the Violet Flame. I represent the Violet Flame. But even more than I representing the Violet Flame, you represent it. You represent the I AM Consciousness here on the planet. Each and every one of you, each and every one of us are the I AM Consciousness. It is not separate from us. It is one with all of us. Together we are moving to spread this consciousness, this vibrational frequency that is increasing and increasing and increasing each and every moment of each and every day.

If you could but see it from our point of view you would see the Light coming on everywhere. You have no idea! And you have no idea of the power that you all hold. You held much before this Advance but you hold much, much, more now. And as you hold and anchor this Light, this power within you, you can now go out and share and spread this power, this Love, this Light. It is all one and the same.

It is no longer the love of power, it is now the power of Love. Think of it that way and be that power. For you each one have that now. Even if you did not participate in the experience last night, even if you did not you are still one with this group. And as one with this group you all are given now the ability, the power to reach out to anyone that is within earshot meaning they are open to the whispers that can come to them. Do not shout to them. Whisper to them. Let them hear your whispers just as we whisper to you.

Yes there are times when you do not hear the whispers and then we have to begin to shout just as you may do so as well as the times move along as the frequencies continue to rise. You are the future of this planet. You and all of those of you that are sharing or are anchoring and then sharing the Light. You are all the future. The children coming in now are the future. You are preparing the way for those children just as you are preparing the way for yourselves to continue on. And for all of those that have yet not awakened but are at the threshold of coming out of that sleepiness, that deep sleep that so many are in still yet their alarm clocks are beginning to go off.

They are beginning to rouse from that slumber. They are beginning to realize that there is something more that is here. Something more than just the day in and day out drudgery that many live through every day. Many of you live that yourselves at times. You all know life is not drudgery. Life is beautiful. Life is joyous beyond what you can possibly imagine.

But as you continue to imagine it, as you continue to visualize that which is the new life then you are creating that new life in front of you. You are creating the new Golden Age of Gaia right here, right now in this moment, and each and every moment following this.

Know that you have the power. You are powerful beyond measure. Always know that.

I AM St. Germain. I leave you now in the I AM Presence that is each of you. But that I AM Presence continues to fully awaken within all of you and then all of those that you come in contact with as it is called for.

One Who Serves

Om Mani Padme Hum. Om Mani Padme Hum. Om. Om. Greetings to you!

One Who Serves here. And yes Moses (One of the OWS whose prior identity has now been revealed)  is here, yes. And we are [to] continue in working with you, of course. And we have much to give on much of what you have been discussing, and all of this.

You are on a track now. You have changed direction you might say. But you have changed direction but we knew all along you were going to change direction. So only the James did not know this. We did not tell him. He had to come to this himself based on and following those of you that brought the understandings to this group to bring about this new direction or redirection here. Because yes it is true, we have said this before, and in some cases it fell on deaf ears because it was not time for this. It was not the Divine timing.

We did say that you do not know this group, or those that were with the James previously did not know how close they were to finding those records (speaking of Lemurian records that were secreted away). Finding those records within first, of course, and then finding the records that are there. And yes there are solid records there.

They are physical records but they are not accessible in your physical way of thinking here. They are not accessible to you in your third dimensional paradigm and within this illusion. You must step out of the illusion. You must step through the veil that is no longer there. And you must step through that and know that you have moved into higher vibrations and therefore a higher dimension, even if only momentarily, that you can slip from this 3rd dimension into the higher 4thdimension and even into the 5th dimension.

And at that time, in that moment that you have made that shift, that 90° phase shift in the moment, you will discover those records. That is a promise!

If you are able to come to that level of vibration, and yes, at that crescendo that is necessary to reach the highest of vibrations within you and feel the resonance inside of yourself from those vibrations of singing those chants. That will bring you to those tumblers as has been spoken of, which are in those readings as James has said. And they will be the key to take you to the next step that is awaiting you. And we speak of even beyond the records here.

All of this is a process. All is being orchestrated. And it is preparing you to be in the Divine timing that is necessary to uncover — or rather a better word here, ‘recover’ those records. Many of you that are in this group, both here in the room and on the phone, many of you participated in those ceremonies that were spoken of, that were read about here. Many of you were there. Only one of you was one that went into the cavern though, into the secret place of the thunder there. Cannot say who that one is but that one will come forward and be a part of your expedition there as you continue this process that was started long, long ago. It was started back in the Lemurian times and then picked up again in your 1960s with that other group and then picked up again in the early 1990s with the James and his groups and will be picked up again now with the group that will form for this purpose.

So much is in front of you. So much is possible and probable if you follow the guidance. Not the guidance from us — we will help to guide you, we will nudge you along — but the guidance from within each and every one of you and the trust that is necessary to be able to ascertain what will be needed to open the secret place there; to open the entrance; to open the entrance to your higher vibrational body at that point. Possibly needing to be an etheric body but we are speaking now of raising your physical body into higher vibration where you will then be able to open the seal and walk through it. And we say walk with your physical body. Okay?

Are there questions here now?


Q & A

Q:  So you said, if I understand correctly, that by increasing our vibration it allows us to access what is known as the physical record. And if we increase our vibration to fifth dimensional consciousness it allows us to access those records. So does that mean that we are changing our bodies to access the frequency of the fifth dimensional light body, creating more of a light body?

OWS:  [Inaudible] Yes in that moment when you are able to reach that crescendo you will have raised the frequency of your physical body to be able to step through the entrance. To be able to first ascertain where the entrance is directly, open it, and then step through it.

Q:  So will the physical body be transmuted into more of a light body?

OWS:  Not so much a light body but a facsimile of that we would say. The beginnings toward that. But not so that it will be permanent at that point. Just momentarily. We are getting here from the James he is sending us a book. It is the one where they had the manuscripts, they discovered the manuscripts. The Celestine Prophecy. It is certainly correct in that one of the manuscripts spoke … pardon here. Need to manipulate body. One of those manuscripts was speaking about the, you would say, disappearance. The movement from one frequency, level of frequency and dimension even, into a higher frequency a higher dimensional frequency at that point where they were able to disappear entirely from those who in that case wanted to bring them harm. And they disappeared and those that were the bandits or whatever you would call them were not able to find them and see them, even though they were right in front of them. This is what we are speaking of. If you have not read that book and you want to be a part of this expedition, this group, then it would be wise to know these things that we are speaking of so that you can then take this information and expand on it on the guidance from within your selves. Just as you were doing earlier when the James read from this reading that we gave in that time in the 60s, and are able, those of you here in the group were able to then expand on this and receive the guidance that you were getting which was coming from your higher selves predominantly. Does this answer your question?

Q:   The Ketto Shaman in Peru say that we are moving from Homosapien beings into Homoluminos. So will the discovery of these records be a conclusion to the next potential?

OWS:  Not to a conclusion, no. But it will be a step; a very important step, because this group is being prepared. We have said this many times: You have no idea yet how fully you are being prepared and what is yet coming and the power that you are now carrying each one of you. If you would but believe that which had happened last night as to be fully realized within yourself as a full reality. For it did happen and you did receive the anointing. And you did receive the power of the Holy Spirit or however you want to call it, the power of the force, the power of Source, the power of the comforter coming over you, whatever it might be. The power of Isis. Anything you want to call it. But you did receive it and you are carrying that now forward. You are no longer just anchoring the light you are now ready to spread the light fully. Spread the love, the consciousness.

And all of this was in preparation to the continuing of searching now for those records. Always though as first the records within. Finding those records, finding those memories, those remembrances. Remembering yourself in that procession in Lemuria; remembering being in that circle raising your hands to the Heavens to the Great Central Sun and chanting in one unison invoice. Chanting that you are sealing these records forever until the time comes around again when those that placed the records can return to recover them once again. And you those of you some of you within this group were those that were there. Many of you were there, we can tell you that. Many of you.

Why? This is why you have been drawn specially to this group because this is the James’s mission here to draw that — not only the 144,000 — but to bring back those that placed those records. To bring them back together so that this can go forward now. It was ended somewhat prematurely twice now. In the 60s and again in the early 2000s and we of course could not say anything or do anything to change that. That was their choice at that time.

 But now you all have a choice to be a part of this grand experience we will say. This grand experience. The finale, yes, the finale of those placing of the records long ago but it is not the finale of all finales. It is so much more yet to come. That is only a brief hint about what is yet coming. And it coincides directly with The Event, The Pulse of energy, The Event.

 In fact we will tell you this, we are getting permission to say this, you yourselves … ready for this? You yourselves as this group and going about this process can actually serve to bring about The Event faster. [Exclamations of astonishment] [Wow! Oh my gosh! Fantastic! Let’s roll!]

Q:  So by us getting the records is that a key to The Event to begin?

OWS:  No. It is not the key. For The Event will occur no matter what. But it is a key, as we are saying here, to maybe speed up the process a bit. To have a portion of bringing about the event a little bit sooner than it could be. You could directly affect the events … and pun intended there. Okay?

Q:  Because we’ve raised the vibration? [inaudible]

OWS:  That is only relative based on what you are calling short. Your ‘short’ is different than our short. Just as our ‘soon’ is different than your soon. You always must remember, we are mostly — except when we are here in physical body here on the planet — we are mostly in a place of no time. You see? That is also where you are moving toward. And in that timeframe when you are able to reach that crescendo you will then also move into that zero point, that no-time point, in that moment and reach the crescendo which is then that 90° phase shift that is required to open the entrance.

Q:[Asking if member could bring son on expedition to help him awaken.] Is this something you think might have some value?

OWS:  What we can tell you on this is if it is the right timing for this one to reach out and find himself or begin to remember who he is, then this is a possibility. But to push into this we would say no. It is not for you to direct this one to move into any direction whatsoever. That is his choice entirely and it must come into his own Divine timing.

Q:  Can you tell me if he is one of us? [inaudible]

OWS:  We cannot tell you at this point. No. This must come more as he would become involved here.

Q:  I know going there is very strenuous. I would love to go.

OWS:  We know what you are going to ask already and we will answer you. You, my dear sister, you are not meant to go and go through something so … what was your term earlier, arduous, strenuous. Although it is not so much. From our point of view it is not that bad. And from the James is also not that bad. From the Joanna … maybe another story! Therefore you must look at this from all points of view here. For you particularly, you are not ready for this. This would not be time for you.

But — and this is a big but people, (okay?) — you will certainly be a large part of this just by being who you are and where you are in the moment that they are there. Because even though you will not be physically there with them you can be there. And this goes for all that are not being coming directly a part of this, you can all be a part of this astrally, etherically as they are going about it. And as they are doing that chants down there and raising the crescendo, at the exact moment — and this moment will be given to you — you can then be also where ever you are joining in. You see? You see how this can work as a group fully together working as one as unison together? One spirit working together on the same goal. But the goal itself is not — even though James does not like hearing this — the goal itself is not finding the records. The goal is continuing the journey. You see?

And that was what you were going to ask, correct?

Q:  Yes. And I love you so much.

OWS:  And we you, as well.

Q:  I am doing every day Cloud, based on the Saint Germain book Advanced Alchemy. Is there any advice for me to increase the light in the cloud?

… I do the genetic light or should I state plenty problems on the planet and then push that light or any advice you can give me?

OWS:  Did not quite understand the full question here. You are speaking of St. Germain’s book on alchemy?

Q:  Yes. And every day I am creating the cloud of the full of light. Is there any advice for me how to increase the power of the light in general?

OWS:  Whenever you are working with the light it is important for you to know that you are the light. You see? It is not manipulating anything outside of yourself. You are not manipulating light outside of yourself or power outside of yourself, or even Elementals or anything of this nature outside of yourself. You are manipulating, or better yet, controlling the elements within yourself. The light is within each and every one of you. So do not think of it in terms of that it is coming from anywhere else but from within yourself. Does this help you?

Q:  I just want to touch a little bit on what Athena Rita just said because I feel her. I feel how much she really wished she wants to go but I totally understand why she can’t and I feel the same. Like I just want to go, yet I just physically can’t. So I feel like oh my God am I really contributing to this group because I can’t get to the Advances and I can’t get to this wonderful, wonderful mission they’re all going to go on. And I feel quite sad about it.

OWS:  My dear Riya, you have already come to the Advances. You have already been here with everyone. You have been one that has woken at all different kinds of your morning or whatever it might be when others would be sound asleep. And you have gotten on the phone and been a part of the connection with this group, more than you can realize at this point, how much you have brought to this group and how much this group has brought to you. So you have been here. As to being with those ones that are, we will use the word here and we do not want it to be misinterpreted though, but those that are ‘chosen’ to go on this expedition, this experience, because it is largely a chosen experience. You choose it first and then you see if it is possible for you to then be fully chosen to be a part of it. It is by Divine timing and Divine calling here. You understand this? We do not want you to misunderstand though. We do not want you to say, oh, the One Who Serves said that I can’t go. Do not do that because we will never say you can or cannot go. But you will realize from within yourself whether you are meant to go or not. If you can hear the voice within you that wee small voice within you telling you it will give you the understanding. Yes you need to go or no this is not directly for you at this time. But you will participate at the levels that we have already said. You see?

Q:  I just wish I could be there. I want to go, that’s the thing.

OWS:  You’ll be there in spirit.

You have a saying here: wish in one hand, spit in another and see which one gets filled first. [Laughter] Is that right? Wish all you want but now comes the part of going beyond the wishing and the intention. And if you were to intend to be here and that was fully your mission to be a part of this directly then you will be. You see how this goes? What will be will be, yes. Let it be.

Q:  I’m going to slide in on Riya and Rita’s questions. I really want to go and I’m pretty physically fit but I do have some knee injuries and an injured ankle and I broke some bones in my foot and I really want to go and I’m very active but I’m wondering if this arduous trip would be too much for me to go.

OWS:  We will tell you this. If you need crutches you cannot go. If you can walk you can go. In that understanding, you see? Now with that understanding also there is time. In your understanding of time you have time. You have time to not only rehabilitate yourself fully, but those of you that are somewhat lacking in the energy, or the tendency to become winded and that kind of thing, you have much time to prepare yourself for this. This includes this one we speak through. He is not in the best shape he ever was. [Laughter] And he knows this. And he knows that he must get on the stick too. [Inaudible] Whatever it takes. If you want to be a part of this then you will make it your intention. And just as those of you that said before you came to the Advance, before you agreed to and you did your RSVP and all of that, you said, “I don’t know if I can get there. I don’t know if I can afford it,” and all of these things. But you made a way. You created the way. And wherever there is a need you can create a way. You see? You must look at it in that respect. Where there is a will there is a way but where there is no will there is no way.

Q:  Or where there is doubt you sabotage your way.

OWS:  That is true.

Q:  I missed last night’s session because it was in the middle of the night for me. Will listening to the replay be good enough for me to receive the activation that everybody else received?

 OWS:  We can tell you if you go into this with the intention of doing so and the belief process is there, then the answer is yes. As we say many times there is no time. In this case we’re talking of time and space. So there is no time and space here. There is only what you believe. Believing is seeing. Understand?

Q:  And I will find out from the replay what this trip that everybody is talking about is going to because I don’t understand.

OWS:  Yes if that was recorded you will find out about this. And more information will be given over time period here. Please understand we are not dropping this anytime soon. This is going to become a part of this group expression. And it will not be fully taking up all your time, certainly, you will still have the program that you are on, but you will this will become a part of this expression. As those show more and more interest. As the intention raises here within the group. And if it is determined that there are enough and the right ones to go on this journey, continue this part of the journey, then it will happen. And as we are looking at this right now in this exact moment you are going. [Referring to the group, not the individual.] And not only are you going but you will be successful as we are seeing right now. [Applause]

Q:  Is it in South America?

 OWS:  It is in Mexico directly across the border from Arizona. More than that we cannot give. And we must be careful here that not too much information is given out over your internet or even over your phone system here. We have to be careful. Never will there be a hint of where it is or anything and we will ask all of you to do the same. Do not share any of this information as to hints that you receive or possible places where you will be, although the James already knows where the location is. He already has that. All that needs to come now is the opening of that area where the entrance is located. The unlocking of the Seal. There must be the going in again of the permission from the Guardians. They will remember but you must call upon their permission again to open it up.

Q:  I just remembered as well this Celestine Prophecy was made into a movie. If somebody doesn’t want to read the book they can download the movie.

OWS:  Yes. That is correct. Although the movie is not quite the same as the book in terms of that particular episode that we gave here. It is somewhat but it is much more profound within the reading.

Q:  About last night. The experience was different for me and I would love to know what that meaning was. I try not to nod out or phase out in the meditations but sometimes it does that to me and I’m just gone and then I wake up or come back. So what I heard last night was when Sananda came in he took over and the next thing … I didn’t remember anything about Mother Mary. Never saw her. Never heard anything. But instead there were here the roof opened up and a UFO came in, a spaceship came in. [Wow!] And it was like it just fit the house and it was hovering in here it was like a greyish metal, not very shiny, and there was a light beam that came down and it came onto the people. And I saw that afterwards when I came back — and I don’t remember what time I was back — that this had been the anointing. Can you fill me in on this?

OWS:  Yes. What you saw was the scout craft you might say, the smaller craft for Ashtar. [Exclamations of astonishment] We told you at Ashtar was here. Sananda said Ashtar is here as well as many, many, many others. All the angels, the archangels, they were all a part of this. There was even as one of you said there was a rapper here [Laughter] just wanting to check out the scene as Joy said.

Q:  What about the [inaudible] the sarcophagus of Isis?

OWS:  What about the sarcophagus?

Q:  Before the anointment I felt a real strong energy and I was kind of flying towards it and the very first thing I saw was a blue sarcophagus coming over my head. And that was it. And I [inaudible].

OWS:  We would say to you dear Viriya, you were certainly associated with those in the Egyptian times with the Ra Collective. You have a connection with all of this. You with the one Randi Joy here, and the Joanna, and many others here were a part of many different expressions and some of you were a part of this Ra expression. That being the ones that you know of now more fully as the Blue Avians that have come. And some call them the Guardians but there are also different levels of Guardians, we can tell you. And you were a part of this. This is why you are seeing this sarcophagus from the Great Pyramid and other areas there as well as we are finding it. And you have the

the expression of the remembrance from this. This is why you were seeing this. Because within that sarcophagus which you have been in before — not directly the one you are speaking of — but you have entered the sarcophagus before and had great expansion experiences similar to what you were talking about earlier as we are finding from the James in the ayahuasca and the magic mushrooms and all of these kinds of things similar to those mind expansion experiences that can come about from this. You see?

Q:  I have neuropathy real bad in my legs for the last two weeks. [Audio interference]

OWS:  There is breaking up here. Hold please. We cannot hear what you are saying. There is much interference. Please. There is echo and we could not understand the beginning of your question. Now try again here.

Q:  I have neuropathy in my legs. But the last two weeks

where I couldn’t hardly walk. Is that

or is it my neuropathy getting worse?

OWS:  As we look into this and we cannot give too much information on this there are limits that we have here. Certainly we cannot invade or directly influence you in any way. What is occurring with you is something there as most often happens, you have brought forth a pattern from past life experiences. And you have brought this pattern into this life and it has created the situation that you have now in your legs. What are the symptoms of this in your legs?

Q:  Oh I just have like cramping real bad and hurting. My legs have been hurting real bad.

OWS:  Yes. We could tell you this exactly what the source of this is but it would not serve your better, your benefit here. Because we could tell you but you must come to it on your own if you possibly can. In other words you can ask within yourself and ask for the answer that way. Or you can find someone that will do a past life regression with you and you will ask them. Or ask your higher self to take you back to a time where this pattern began. It began in a warring situation, in a battle situation. And you had an injury both to yourself and an injury that you created in another and the karma has carried forth from this. But it is a pattern that even in that time you continued from a time before that, and a time before that. So it is a pattern that you are holding onto.

Now with that understanding, if you were able to fully understand what we are saying you could then have the intention of that pain disappearing entirely. Because we have said many times here now that the karma from your past lives, for those of you the light workers, those of you the 144,000, is over. But it is only over if you believe it is over. So if you continue to have the programming there which is holding on to you here then this pain will continue until you do something about it.

You can go the direction the root of the medical profession but as you know that only works with the symptoms. That will never take care of the source. But the source of this is already within you. As a matter of fact, taking it further for all here, the source of all pain and suffering and all of that is already within each of you. You only need to either find it or just simply decide it is gone. It is that simple but your programming keeps it from being simple for you. It keeps it being very complicated. It keeps you thinking you need to take a pill for this and a pill for that or go for surgery here and there. What, in many respects, what barbarism that is to open yourself up with surgical techniques. At times it can be helpful but many times it is not necessary. But it is only necessary because the programming continues to make you believe that it is necessary and you stay within that.

As you continue to move up the vibrations, and we would say to you who has asked this question directly, there is another method that you can use here. And that is fully working on raising your vibrations regularly. Now we know that can be difficult within a pain situation. So first you must find a way to help to relieve the pain and then work on raising your vibrations as a regular occurrence each and every day more and more and more. And then you will find that the pain will subside because it will no longer be there. In fact, it will as if it was never there at all. How is that for an understanding?!?

Q:  Does a person have to ask for Divine Dispensation in order to get [inaudible]the karma cleared[???].

OWS:  If you are speaking of those that are out of the light worker community. As we say the karma is already cleared. It is only within that one that they need to continue to work on that programming. If you are speaking of those that are outside of this that still may be involved in the wheel of karma here, then for them you do need to ask their permission. Now you can ask their permission directly if you can, but if it is in a situation where they cannot answer you, for instance we are finding that you had discussion about coming upon someone who is injured say on the side of the road here and needs immediate attention. Do you wake them up out of their unconsciousness (which would be difficult to do) and ask them for permission or do you begin fully beginning to work on them and assist them in any way that you can? In the case of say blood pouring out of them, put a tourniquet on them. Would that hurt anything? No. It would not. It would help that individual or whatever it might be. So within the situation — this is how we are answering this — within the given situation you go within yourself and ask your own higher self how to proceed here. You can do that quickly in just a matter of seconds and then administer whatever it is. But in the case that we just gave, give immediate aid as you know how to do and ask for assistance in doing so.

Q:  I was wondering if you could give me a clue because I have a feeling that I have an up-coming mission. And I really do not have a clue on what it would be and I would like to be prepared.

OWS:  Dear Gene, we are so thankful and glad that you have joined this group in the timeframe that you have done so now. You and your lovely companion there have joined with this program and in doing so you received a message. You received a message directly from St. Germain who is very close with you and has been watching over you for a long time here and has been waiting for the opportunity to begin to more fully communicate with you. That was the beginning of this. And yes he sent it in a garbled message to you that it took the Moses — Moses, interesting how that works out [Laughter] — and it took the Moses here in your group to understand what that message was saying. And largely he got it very close to being fully accurate. A little bit off here and there but that is okay. So you have been drawn to this group purposely. You have a mission. You have a mission beyond this group but you have a mission also with this group and this communicating and connecting with this group in the way that you have already begun here. Much yet to come. And if you are one who is wanting to be a part of this expression of this expedition or this group going forward on this journey or is working with the records then you are one that is meant to do this. And that can be considered part of your mission within this group. More of that we cannot give you at this time. Okay?

We need to release channel.

Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the one.

Channeled by James McConnell

Article may be reproduced in its entirety if authorship and author’s website is clearly stated.

“Believing is seeing!”


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SANANDA & OWS – On the Cusp of a Great Many Changes to This Planet – by Love Has Won – Channeled by James McConnell – 4-8-18 – Energy Waves – Solar Pulse: THE EVENT


These messages were given during our weekly Sunday Prepare For Change group in Payson, AZ on April 8, 2018. (Article may be reproduced in its entirety if authorship and author’s website is clearly stated. Please make sure to include the question/answer portion as there is much wisdom imparted.)


Lord Sananda   

I AM Sananda.

I AM with you here at this time just as I have been many times before. And will continue to be with you as this group I have taken under my wing, so to speak. And I Am here to mentor to you just as you are being prepared to mentor to many others as well. We are bringing the light; you are bringing the light; and you are sharing the light sending it forward, sending it forth.

And very soon those of you that are becoming the warriors of light will be imbued with a new level of knowing and consciousness that will take you forward into this New Golden Age of man and give you the ability, the power, the love, to be able to spread it forward to all of those that you come in contact with.

You are being prepared for much my friends.

We are here, those of us that mentor to you. We are here to continue to assist you in every way that we can. But all of you must know that you are on the verge, on the cusp of a great many changes to this planet, to the consciousness here on the planet.

You are this consciousness shift. Everything is happening exactly as it needs to. You have heard many times that you are in the right place at the right moment, at the right time. For everything is shifting. It is not that it is about to shift, it is already shifting. You are in that shift now.

Yes there are waves of energy that are still coming. And there is that Pulse of energy. What we and you call The Event, that is certainly coming and will be a part of your expression very shortly. But know that as this energy is building now to begin to move toward the planet, those of you here on the planet, those of you of the volunteers of the warriors and workers of the light, you are the ones that have been anchoring this light and this energy for some time now. You are increasingly anchoring this light and increasingly spreading this light just simply by being who you are.

It does not take where you sit down and speak to someone and share what you know, although that is helpful when it is called for, but simply being in a room, being in a building, being somewhere where others are gathered, there you are amongst them and there we are amongst them as well. Because where you are we are.

Always know that. We are always with you, have been always with you. For you are our emissaries. You are our messengers. You are our wayshowers. The ones that come before, the ones to go out and share the message. Just as the John the Baptist shared the message of my coming, so too are you now going out and sharing the message of the Christ, the Consciousness of The Christ returning within each of you. And to share with all that you can, all that will be able to handle this energy.

I AM Sananda. And I leave you in all peace and glory and love that you will each one take this mantle once again just as of old times. Take it once again and move forward and share all that you are meant to do as you continue on about your missions.

Peace and love be with all of you.

One Who Serves

Om Mani Padme Hum. Om Mani Padme Hum. Om. Om. Greetings to you! One Who Serves here to continue this process.

And as we say many times this is a process. This is a program that you are on and you are all doing wonderfully on this program. Even though you may not realize just how wonderful you are, we know how wonderful you are. And we see tremendous abilities in all of you as you continue to go about your daily business, your daily lives.

And knowing that as you are doing this things are changing, things are changing very rapidly and you are right now in the middle of those changes. And they are going to get much more what you call ramp them up. These changes are going to ramp up greatly. And always know though, and we must always reiterate this because we see many times where those of you are waiting. You are waiting for something to happen.

And we would say to you do not wait. Be in the moment now. No longer wait for it. Do not wait for the money to come. Do not wait for the experiences to change in your life. Do not wait for the relationships to change and new ones to come. Be in the moment now and believe that these things are going to change.

Create what you want right now in your life, do not wait for it. And if you create it now you will have it now. That is how it works.

Know that in your discussion earlier you spoke of manifestation and manifestation is happening much, much faster now. You are finding that. You are finding that as you create something in your life, as you think of something, as you visualize it, it is coming forward much, much quicker now. And will as the vibrations continue to increase you will find that everything that you are creating in your mind will begin to manifest much, much quicker because that is what occurs in the higher vibrations.

You want help? You want healing from diseases and medical situations and all of this? You want that then create it. It is there for you. No one — and I speak now of to all of you/ we speak now to all of you — no one needs to be sick. No one needs to have any illness of any kind. It is simply the programming that is holding you there. If you are having some type of malady or dis-ease that is because you are out of balance. You are not in a point now where you are in control of your emotions and your control of your thinking processes. You are still in the old programming. Get out of the old programming and you will find that if you are having problems with your eyesight or your ear, your hearing, or anything that is going on you will find that it will clear up. It will become exactly what you want it to be. But first you must believe that it will be. Okay?

We are going to ask for questions now. Did you have questions now for One Who Serves?

Q & A

Q:  [emailed question] A few years ago there were sounds in the skies across many countries of the world. Some of these noises were metallic sounds, trumpets and horns. I even heard some construction metallic machinery noise in front of my house about five years ago and there was no construction. It seems that those sounds keep coming up in different places of the world. What are those noises and sounds all about?

OWS:  These sounds and booms and all of these things that you are hearing are many different things. Some of them are your hearing from the ships above. Some of them you are hearing from deep below in your caverns and your underground bases that are being cleared out at times. These were some of the booms that you have heard.

As we will continue now, the sounds are coming from many different things. We cannot say exactly what they are because they are different at different times, at different places, and for different ones of you to hear and to be aware of. Again it is always for those that have eyes to see and ears to hear. So not all are hearing these things but if you are attuned to them, even to the attunement of the planet herself she makes noise. But up to these times and as you have been in the lower vibrations you have not heard the sounds of the planet herself. But this is changing now because up in higher vibrations, into the higher dimensional frequencies, you are becoming aware of the very sounds of Gaia herself. So much of this it is in these respects and other things that are not being said here because we are not allowed to share all of this yet with you. But know that it is happening and many more are becoming aware of this and will continue to become aware of these things.

Q: [emailed question] What type of ET race is on the dark side of the moon? Are they good or evil and do they have structures on the moon?

OWS:  We need to ask whoever is on the phone there please mute your phone. Very important here there is interference there. Someone is not having their phone muted or is not keeping it very quiet near their phone.

OWS:  So for the other side of the moon you might say, the shadow side of the moon, the one that is not visible to those of prying eyes with their telescopes and all of these types of things, those things on the other side are covert operations in many respects and have been kept that way from the general populace here not knowing that there is even life out there beyond this planet. To think in terms of when you went to the moon that that was the first time that man stepped on the moon is a fallacy. That is not true at all. There have been many that have been there before this in your secret space program that has been brought out more recently in terms of your whistleblowers and all of these things that have brought this information forward. It is real. It is true. There are bases on the moon. There are bases on Mars. There are bases on the moons of Saturn and so one and so on. And some of them are human bases and some of them are not — non-human bases — meaning not Earth bases. They are from many different civilizations that have been working within the solar system for a very, very, long, long, time. And many now are beginning to show themselves more. And very soon you are going to find that the other side of the moon, as you are saying, what we are calling the dark side of the moon is going to be revealed in some respects more than it already has been.

Q:  [emailed question] Do humans continue incarnating in this lifetime after they have ascended? Do they incarnate into another body after their ascension? How is it possible that we can see them in our dreams if they occupy another body?

OWS:  Ascension is just that. It is ascension. It is moving beyond the need to incarnate into another physical form. Once you go through your ascension process the universe is yours. You can travel anywhere as an ascended being. And to have to come back in and reincarnate is a choice, not something that you need to do because you are caught up in the reincarnation cycle here. So when you ascend you are free of the reincarnation cycle here.

Q:  [emailed question] There is a huge h*** in the sun’s atmosphere right now 400,000 miles long. It’s facing the Earth and spewing a stream of solar vent towards us that’s expected to reach us tomorrow. Would this have anything to do with The Event or does it have any significance?

OWS:  It certainly has significance not so much directly with The Event but it does have significance with events that are coming in terms of cosmic events that are occurring and bringing these energies to the planet. It is all a part of the great orchestration of the plan, the Creator’s plan that is in the works here. And it is continuing to be so and will continue to be so. So do not be concerned, though, about any of these types of things because everything is exactly as it needs to be. So know this. Know that there are many forces at work here that are bringing all of this together as it needs to and keeping these energies from being too strong here on the planet. Because if these energies had been allowed to come into the planet fully, as at one time they were going to, only a very small certain percentage of the population would have survived through this. But that was curtailed. That was the old timeline that you have read about in your Biblical prophecies and all of these things and that is no longer the case. The timeline that you are on now is taking you into your ascension process, through your ascension process rather, and it is taking you through it in a calm more peaceful manner as it needs to here.

Q:  [emailed question] During the December Advance of 2017 when we returned to Lemuria as a group and were there, I saw a black cloud appearing in the sky. And when I looked at the sky a little later it was completely black. For me that meant something very bad would come. Later when we gathered in a kind of theater there were 12 chairs for 12 elders. My feeling was I belonged to the 12th chair and I sat there. My question is whether this is true and that

I was the 12th person.

OWS:  First of all, whenever you see black in your visions, in your visualizations, you are seeing what is the unknown. It is showing up as black because it is unknown. And you are not being able to see through that blackness you might say and see it through the unknown.

Now as to the tables and chairs there we cannot say directly if you are the 12th one or the 1st one or the 144th one or the 144,000th one. You see? But you are one of them. And that is why you were in this process and participated in this. And those of you that did — this is a more of a generalized question here as well because many of you participated in this exercise — and for those of you that wonder it was a real exercise. It was a real experience that you had. And those chairs that were meant for you at the council chambers, they are there waiting for you and they are already being occupied by you in your multidimensional selves. Take that and think about that! Contemplate that for little bit here.

Q:  I was just wondering if instead of dwelling on the attachment of negative labels to certain individuals or organizations like the media, we were better served all by simply sending love and light to them.

OWS:  Always that is the case whenever you can send love and light. Be love and light with all that you come in contact with. But also understand that awakening is just that. It is awakening to everything that has gone on before. Awakening to who you are. And in order to awaken to who you are you must be awake to what is occurring around you as well because you are moving out of the old paradigm. The old paradigm is programming and holding many — not so much you necessarily but many — to the old ways, the old illusion that is still in effect here at this point. You might call it a hologram that is still in process. But that hologram, looking at it as the veil that has come down and is coming down, you will be able to then move through this and not find that it is holding you anymore because it really is not holding you. The only thing that is holding you is your thoughts that you are thinking that it is holding you. You see? Does this make sense to you? Use discernment, always. Yes. This is what this is all about; why there are so many things happening in so many different directions; so many different sources that are coming forward; one saying this, one saying that; and it is up to you yourself to use discernment as to what resonates for you and what does not. But as one said earlier and we would certainly reiterate, we are saying ‘don’t shoot the messenger’. Allow the message to come through. Do not be concerned with who the messenger is but the message that comes through whether it works for you are not.

Q:  Can you say anything about the constant high-pitched sounds in the head area that I have been hearing for a couple of years now. It’s not even the ears, it’s within the two hemispheres. And I want to know if I need to understand this differently.

OWS:  What we would say to you is don’t go to a doctor. Don’t go in the medical route here because if there is nothing there they will try to find something wrong here. This is what happens in your allopathic medicine at this point. Not all will do this, certainly, but for the most part it is wise to stay away from this and look for a naturopathic solutions here. But for you specifically, and for many of you that are having this, we say again do not go to a doctor for this because this is part of the ascension process that is occurring. It is part of the vibrations that are increasing. And as these vibrations are increasing some of you have … [call drops]

[32:33 OWS resumes]

OWS:  Om Mani Padme Hum. Om. Om. Greetings to you! Back here with you and this crazy contraption that you continue to have to work with here and we are so looking forward to telepathically being able to communicate with you more and more here as we go along here. And then you will have no difficulties such as these types of things in the times ahead. Do we go back to the question that was asked? Please repeat your question if you can.

Q:  I think I got the answer fairly well. Not to go to see a medical doctor for the high-pitched sounds and to see an allopathic if I could or if it was needed.

OWS:  Naturopathic! And we would add here to continue with this, those of you that are having this sense of sound within your ears or in your head or whatever it is, it is again, it is an ascension process that is occurring here. And it is because you are raising in vibration and as you are raising in vibration it is doing something within your inner ear here, as we are finding it, that is creating this sound vibration there as well. And it happens only certain times and if you will notice that when this occurs it is it not make you want to go within yourself somewhat? Has this occurred to you?

Q:  Well as I said earlier, I hear this sound constantly all the time. It’s not once in a while it is constant. And the only time where it alleviates is in deep meditation then I’m not aware of that.

OWS:  Very good then for this particular thing then we would say it is nothing to be concerned about but if you are feeling a sense of concern here, it would be necessary for you to alleviate this concern and even maybe look at the symptoms here as well. Is it something that is disconcerting to you? If it bothers you in any way?

Q:  Well no. It doesn’t bother me that much. I’m just curious to know if I should do something different to understand the process and either speed it up or do something different with it.

OWS:  We are finding that if you allow it to take its’ course it will clear up on its own as you continue to move along and move up in vibrations here as you can. And you will find that everything is what you call fine here as we find it. Nothing to be concerned about yet at this point.

Q:  It looks like I don’t want to take back my power and I prefer myself to stay small. I am preoccupied by paying my bills and going from one crisis to another. So why am I doing that and what to do and how to step in my power and accept my responsibility?

OWS:  What we would say to you and to all — not only this one who is asked this question but it is very important for all of you — to accept your power. To accept who you are and to go about your daily lives and not be concerned about the old programming anymore. That is not to say that if you have your bills to pay and these types of things that you just ignore them. We are not saying that. You take care of what you need to take care of at this point. But know that as you are doing this that all of this is going to be worked out and you are simply in a process now that you are moving out of the old paradigm and into the new.

We must ask whoever is on the phone there to please mute your phone. There is noise coming.

It is important for you to continue to work within the system that you are in but not be a part of the system if you understand this. Be in the world but not of the world. You see?

Q:  If any of us experience what Sananda spoke of last week, the ‘dark night of the soul’ or an apparent separation from our higher self and from Source, what else can we tap into then to allow the experience but bring love to it even if we don’t feel it, and pray that somehow allowing the experience and attempting to bring love to it will help others.

OWS:  We would say to you and to all here that this dark night of the soul is not a figment of your imagination. It is real. And it is a time as you are moving through this transition where you will feel a sense of everything familiar to you leaving you and a sense of being disconnected from your higher self. And it will feel at that point where everyone has left you. And if you are feeling that now, it will pass. It is something that you are moving through and all that are moving through the ascension process will at some point have this feeling. And it is a feeling of loss that is something that you cannot even describe at this point. If you have felt it before you will know what we are speaking of. If you have not yet felt it, it will come at some point but nothing to be concerned about because you are being prepared for this. You are being acclimated to these energies so that when this type of thing occurs you can be in love at that point. You can be — with capital “B”- “E” — and be in love at that point. You see?

Q:  I would like to express that I think I have felt this a lot, often. And I seem to be having some issues with trust I suppose around the issue of so many things that we have spoken about coming almost here almost around the corner but you know they just never get here. So I do, I have experienced this dark night of the soul and I think it’s around trust. So do you have any recommendations for us that are experiencing this?

OWS:  Yes. When you are a experiencing this type of thing just know that it is temporary. It is not something that is going to last and you are going to move through it and within it as you need to. So do not be concerned about it even if it seems to last for a lifetime it is only for momentary here. That is what you need to understand. And as you continue to move up in vibrations, in terms of seeing the beauty all around you, in terms of feeling everything being wonderful around you, then you will change your vibration in that moment so you will no longer be in that dark night of the soul at that point. You see?

Q:  Okay. We’ll keep on giving it our best. It’s getting kind of hot down here so kindly to hurry up.

OWS:  We cannot hurry anything up just as you cannot hurry anything up. But you can, you as a collective, you can manifest what it is that you want. So if you want peace, if you want freedom, if you want financial system to changeover, and all of these things, then create it. Create it in your mind. Feel it already happening. See yourself going to your financial institution and withdrawing your money and this type of thing. See this. If this is what you want, see this. If you want your technology to be released, see the technology coming out. See the devices coming forward. Create it in your mind. Visualize it in your meditations and it will be in your dream state and all of this. And the more that you do this as a collective whole, the faster you will bring all of this on here. You are the ones that are in control here. You are the ones that you have been waiting for. Always know that.

Q:  My dear Master, I thank you for your words but help me understand what the major malfunction is because we have been doing this for a long time now. Please help us understand why it’s not happening.

OWS:  Shoshana wants to say something here.

Shoshana:  I have something for you. The message is trust. Not trusting is a symptom of judgment. So that he who judges does not trust. We must come to a point of neutrality regardless. We must come to neutrality and acceptance and joy. And within neutrality and joy you will find what you are seeking.

OWS:  That is correct. That is wonderful. Always be neutral at all times. Be neutral as the Source within you is neutral.

Shoshana:  And seek to believe that, dear Moses. If you continue to believe that you do not have what is required for joy and love and happiness, this will be your reality.

Q:  I thank you but it’s I seem to be either the only one having this malfunction or there is something wrong because I am doing my visualizations daily and my prayers but how can you tell someone starving in the desert from hunger and thirst just to visualize and water will come. If you’re on your last day without water there’s some sense of urgency. I don’t understand this being neutral thing. We’re in the desert, we’re struggling but we’re supposed to be neutral I’m struggling with this concept.

OWS:  It is very difficult for you to understand from a three dimensional understanding in all of the programming you have gone through. But if you look at it from a higher viewpoint the higher idea of the whole plan that is in the works here that it begins more to make sense to you. But you cannot look at it from the lower vibrations. You must look at it from the higher vibrations. And yes we understand if one is thirsting or is hungry, it is very difficult to do that because you are operating at the first chakra level and it is the survival mode only, at that point.

But that is something that one who is experiencing that in the moment, needs to go through for whatever reason they are going through it. You do not understand why one other is going through whatever they are experiencing. You only can experience for yourself what you are going through. And if you are the one that is having this hunger and is thirsting, then it is important for you to, again, as we are saying, as much as you can is your vibrations to look at things in a different viewpoint. And if you do that you will find that the food or that thirsting will go away. The hunger or the thirsting will go away. You see there are those that are able to be in a position where they are in the higher vibrations where they have no need of food or water or anything of this nature. They can survive completely on the sun’s energy. But you are not there yet at this point as you are still operating within your third dimensional programming as we find it. But as you move up and away from this old illusionary program, you will find that none of this will be any concern anymore. So we would say for you to be patient, to continue to do as you need to do in the given moment and everything will work out as it needs to.

Q:  I have a question about using affirmations. Could you share the importance or how speaking in terms of our sound, our consciousness, affirmations of the I Am. One of our members mentioned earlier about the I Am. But the importance of speaking sound into our macro/microcosm of our consciousness versus telepathically meditating those commands to our macro/microcosm bodies. So does that make sense about the voice-sound connection versus no sound connections to enhance our consciousness or help us in our creative intentions?

OWS:  Yes, certainly. The power of the word is very important. How did it all begin? “In the beginning was the word and the word was of God. And the Word was God”. You see? That is in your Genesis in your Bible. And it is very apropos here because that was how it all began with the spoken word. Spoken creation. And you, as you speak your creation out, you manifest that creation. Now you have the thought first then from the thought comes the word. And then from the word comes the action. You see? This is how it works. This is : you call The Secret.

We would add one more thing the visualization of this as well. When you think it, you visualize it, and then you speak it out.

Q:  Just as long ago as November of last year Sananda said get ready for action. And a few weeks ago Ashtar said the Galactic Federation had been given the green light to get into position. But since then nothing really public has happened with regard to the downfall of the cabal or the GCR or anything like that. And going on what Moses said I feel his frustration. I feel a lot of frustration the light worker community that I read in various different avenues. Can you give us a really solid update on the arrests and the global currency reset and really where we’re at please?

OWS:  First of all we would say that the Ashtar, when he spoke and spoke of the green light it was the green light that they would prepare or begin the preparation of the last phase, you might say, of the plan that they are working on at this point. That was the green light that they were given to move into that final phase. That is what they have done. With that will come many more sightings, you might say, across the planet. More will increase. They will begin showing themselves a great deal more. As to the arrests and all of these things that you are speaking of those are in the works now. They are happening still behind the scenes for the most part but some have been brought out into the open and will continue to be so.

And what you, though, are looking for are the ones that you are aware of, the ones that you know of. As they are brought into being arrested and all of these things. But always know that as these things are happening, it is important for you the light warriors and light workers, it is important for you to send love to them, to be love to them. That is the important thing. Do not see this as they are arrested and brought in front of the courts and these types of things. Do not be gleeful that they are getting what they deserve or whatever they are. Even if they are. Be loving toward them. Because they are in a position themselves where they do not know what they do. “Forgive them Father for they know not what they do.” You see? Even Yeshua could do that while He laid on the cross. If He could do that then could you not do the same? Forgive them Father for they know not what they do. Okay?

If you are looking for a time frame here as we find it in the other part of your question, as you know we cannot give a timeframe, but we can tell you … we will not tell you it is soon. We will not tell you it is imminent. It is just what it is. And everything is continuing to work out as it needs to.

We know you do not want to hear this. We know you get tired of this. But that is because you are operating still at the old times sense within your three dimensional programming. And you look for things to happen directly in the moment or in the next few moments. And even though we keep telling you that these things are coming, they are happening now. Many things are going on behind the scenes, there are arrests that are happening, there are those that are being taken out of the picture without you even knowing it. Many have been taken off planet here without you would even know that. You would not know that unless they were, what we are finding here in the James, what is called a perp walk here. You are not necessarily going to see that perp walk as you are hoping for. Some of them will, though. And you will find though that it matters not how it happens but that it happens. You see? Okay?

We need to release channel here now.

Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the one.

Channeled by James McConnell

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“Believing is seeing!”


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Ashtar & One Who Serves – We Are in The Final Stages Now – 3-31-18 – by Rose Rambles dotorg

Lord Ashtar and One Who Serves

as channeled by James McConnell

These messages were given during our

weekly Sunday Prepare For Change group in Payson, AZ

on March 25, 2018.

(Article may be reproduced in its entirety if authorship and author’s website is clearly stated. Please make sure to include the question/answer portion as there […]

via Ashtar & One Who Serves ~ We Are in The Final Stages Now ~ March 31, 2018 — roseramblesdotorg

SANANDA, One Who Serves – This is The Time Prior Now to the Great Changes – via James McConnell – 3-25-18


Lord Sananda and One Who Serves as channeled by James McConnell

These messages were given during our weekly Sunday Prepare For Change group in Payson, AZ on March 18, 2018. (Article may be reproduced in its entirety if authorship and author’s website is clearly stated. Please make sure to include the question/answer portion as there is much wisdom imparted.)


 I AM Sananda.

As always as I come to you to be with you, with this group, with this program, I AM here to continue this process we began so long ago. And I come now to remind you of those promises that you made as the volunteers that you are to come into this system, to bring this system forward; to bring this evolution of man forward. That is what each and every one of you are here now in this moment to do. This is the mission that you came for.

Many of you have not yet come to exactly what your mission is going to be. Some of you already have. It is all a matter of a process that you are moving through: to remember. To remember those times, those experiences that you’ve had in the long past. To find you here now in this moment, this moment that is directly in front of the Grand Event as it comes closer and closer to being realized here at this level of experience; this expression this consciousness here on the planet.

And the moments that you have been expecting and waiting for are coming now in waves of energy. You are feeling these energies as they come in and move through you and raise your vibrations. And as your vibrations continue to raise you will find that whatever maladies, illnesses, sicknesses that you might have had, they will dissipate now as these energies become stronger and stronger and you yourselves become stronger to be able to handle these energies.

We as a group have been preparing you for these times. You’ve been brought together to bring your mission forward as a group, as one, as a family, so that when those moments come, when you are then called for, when your name is called out — and we all know your name as your vibration just as you know us by our vibration — and those experiences that are ahead and those experiences that you’ve already had are preparing you for all that is coming now in the moment. For always remember you are here in the moment. The past is only the past. The future has not yet been written. But in this moment you are creating that future that is ahead. Not only for you, each one, but for the collective you, the collective mankind.

This is the process of your ascension. And as you continue to move through this transition — and this is a transition area period — as you move from the old three-dimensional illusion that has been created here, that you have had a part in creating. As you move from that into the higher vibrations of the fourth and the fifth dimension you will find that your thinking processes, your visualization skills, all of this will create your new world as the new age, the New Golden Age of man begins.

This is the time prior now to the great changes that befall you. And as these changes become more and more prominent; as you become more and more aware of the energies as they increase all around you; as more and more of your brethren, your brothers, your sisters become more aware of these energies as well, they will begin to awaken just as you did. And as they awaken they will be reaching out and need reassurance that they are not crazy.

Just as you reached out when you first began to awaken and began your connection once again to your Higher Godself, so too will they do this as well. And as you reached to your Higher Self and they will reach to their Higher Selves, they will seek out answers. And you will be there to provide those answers as they are requested.

I AM Sananda. I leave you now with all of my peace, my love, to be shared with all of you as One. For as One we are in this together as always.

 One Who Serves

 Om Mani Padme Hum. Om Mani Padme Hum. Om Mani Padme Hum. Om. Om. Greetings to you!

One Who Serves here with you to continue as we have been doing for some time to bring you closer and closer to the grand moment that you have all been waiting for, that we have all been waiting for, that we have all been working toward.

That is not to say that you are not to be in the moment as always and in all times here, because as you await this grand event just as we do, you continue to live your lives. You continue to move and have your being in the expression that you need to at the given moment and continue to enjoy your life.

And that is the important part. In-joy! Enjoy. Be in the moment. Find the joy in every moment that you can because this particular part of your life is going to be gone very soon.

As you know your lives, they are going to change intensely. So in the time moving up to the grand event, in the time moving up to these waves of energies that are going to increase drastically here … greatly — let’s use this word better here ‘greatly’ — as these energies increase greatly you are going to be prepared even more and more, or acclimated as Sananda has used this term before. You are going to be acclimated to these energies so that when they come in more and more fully, not only will you have the eyes to see and the ears to hear but you will have the love expressed within you so that you can open up to those that are longing to find the answers themselves, just as you have.

So we would say here to you to continue to keep those seatbelts fastened because yes things are going to get rocky here for a moment and then they will smooth out. So while the storm is beginning to rage around you more and more now, find that calm, that peace within you. Find that, be in that eye of the storm. Because that is what is going to take you through this transition and prepare you for all that is yet to come as you are prepared to assist all of those others that are going to be seeking out this assistance. Okay?

Do you have questions here for One Who Serves?

 Q & A

 Q:  [emailed question]  When the wave of frequencies from the Central Sun beams forward for The Event will this be the time that the entire Earth is covered in daylight (Light)?

OWS:  We would say certainly light yes. There will be an affluence of light that has never been here before. It is as you go out on a beautiful spring day and you feel the energies as you move outside and you feel the sun’s warmth and you see the beautiful blue sky and you feel the light as it comes to you from the sun. Especially as you look directly at the sun or even with your eyes closed as you gaze at the sun and you feel those energies and you know it is the light coming from the sun. Well now experience the light coming not only from the sun but from the Galactic Central Sun. That energy, that immense expression of energy and light coming from the sun. And it will appear as if the days have become super bright and the nights even, at those times, become super dark because it is the expression that is coming that is going to spread the light and the energies across the planet as these waves of energy come in and certainly as the pulse of energy comes from the Galactic Central Sun and increases the light a thousand-fold here. Okay?

Q:  [emailed question] How does the Galactic Federation or Prime Creator predict or model the different elements of managing the transition to 5-D for planet Earth (for example: the financial change, introduction new technologies, etc.) and how humanity will react to these events. What tools and techniques are used by the master planners?

OWS:  What we can say about this is not so much the tools that are used but that there is a great plan in motion. It has been in motion for a very long time and it continues to be shifted and changed as mankind’s consciousness shifts and change. Mankind’s consciousness is what determines the path and the path of the great plan that is going to be … is in the works here, it is going to become, come to fruition. And as the consciousness of man continues to change it alters the plan so that there is a plan a “A,” a “B,” a “C,” a “D.” And the shifting is needed as consciousness continues to shift. So mankind’s consciousness it was what determines the probability and the possibility of this plan developing and being worked out as it needs to, and the exact moment that it will be brought into the picture here. In other words, take down the 3-D illusion and bring you up into the higher vibrations into the higher frequencies of the higher dimensions here. So all of this is in motion. All of this is in process but it cannot be completely predicted based on mankind’s consciousness shifts and changes in every moment. So you must look at it as the bigger picture here, not from your more individualized picture. Look at it from the point of Prime Creator. As Prime Creator assimilates or works with this plan as it develops in every given moment based on the consciousness in every moment of every individual on the planet.

Q:  [emailed question] If we came from other star systems and the Pleiadians are our ancestors, what was our vibrational frequency before we decided to incarnate into a human being? For example were we 5-D, 6-D, 9-D, etc.

OWS:  First of all there is no ‘if you came from other systems.’ You all did come from other systems. So that is for certain here. And as the idea of where you came from and what dimension you came from and vibration, you all came from higher vibrations, higher dimensions, to come to a point where you volunteered to literally bring your vibration down to this three-dimensional illusion and be a part of this experiment here. Just as Gaia herself volunteered to lower her vibration as it was needed to be a part of this expression. Now it is time for all to raise their vibrations back up again. This is why we continue to say the memories are coming back to and will come back to you. Because as these memories come back you will realize where you have come from, where you have been before, the vibrations that you came from. This is why so many of you find yourselves in this dense vibration of the third dimension and feel like you need to leave it and go home, and you do not want to be here anymore because you have realized that you are beyond the 3-D illusion now and you are remembering the higher vibrations and you long for those higher vibrations once again.

Q:  [emailed question] Are we going to have the opportunity to see our family members who already ascended when we go onboard the ships or would that be at a different time?

OWS:  That is a wonderful affirmative yes! You are all going to experience your families that you have left long ago, and those families that are even here in your lifetime now that have passed on. There is going to be a remembrance … rather a reunion that you cannot possibly imagine at this point. Take your greatest party you have ever been to, your greatest celebration you have ever had in this lifetime, and magnify that hundreds of times over, and know that is the celebration that is waiting for you, that we have been preparing. We as the Ascended Masters, we as the Galactics, the Agarthans, all of us have been preparing this celebration and making it so that it is going to be something beyond your wildest imaginations as you come aboard the ships, as you come into the Inner and Hollow Earth, as you find yourselves going back with your families that you had left long ago.

Q:  I’m hearing about the 432 sacred number being everywhere in all of life and things of that nature. Are we remembering the sacred knowledge and information and will we be setting up let’s say education or ashrams and things of that nature to help reeducate ourselves, or help remember these things to help us with the New Earth? Could you share about that – things of 432.

OWS:  It is all about vibration. We have spoken of this many times. Vibration and consciousness. And as you continue to raise your vibration your consciousness will raise accordingly. And as you raise your consciousness you will raise your vibrations accordingly as well. So as you find that your music and your various vibrations that are created by music will resonate much more with your consciousness as these vibrations of your consciousness raise. You see? So as you find yourself drawn to various musical experiences that make you feel good – not make you feel high or in terms of make you excited or anything of this nature, but bring you to a balance within yourself, the harmony within yourself, if you will. And this is what you are moving toward, going back to we would say, because at one time your classical music and your different vibrational music that you had long ago and even not that long in your various lifetimes here as we find it, you had experienced this feeling that these various masterpieces brought to you as you listen to these piano concertos and all of this. It brought you feelings of peace and calm and oneness. But it was shifted and changed by those who did not want this so they changed the vibrational frequency to a totally different vibration so that it would excite you and it would excite your lower chakras and work within your lower chakras instead of the new vibration that is coming and old vibration even if you look at it this way that is coming back, that will bring you into these higher vibrations as you listen to it. Okay?

Joanna/Shoshana: What I find is that numbers are part of universal language that can be translated easily by all beings. What would be purposeful for this caller would be to meditate on each number that comprises 432 to find the personal meaning within that number for himself and to understand what the message is for him. Thank you.

OWS:  Yes. Wonderful. It is all about finding the personal harmony for yourself where you resonate. This is how the healing processes are coming forward where they are going to use more and more of the vibrations, sound vibration, color vibration, that is going to resonate with those parts of your body that are ill at ease in those moments bringing about a balance situation within you. And these vibrations are going to resonate with the cellular vibration within you. This is how this is coming. And this is the precursor to those of the crystalline chambers that we have spoken of many times. They are called now that are being released now the tachyonic chambers. And they are coming even now as we speak are already available across the planet here as we are finding it. And more and more will be brought forward. This is part of the transition of moving from your medical science as you know it now into a more molecular and cellular science that is coming forward.

Q:  I had a three-part question about dimensions. I understand that processes are constantly expanding so the first part is are higher dimensions constantly being created? What is the highest dimension? Can it be defined by a number?

OWS:  Yes, no and no. Or rather yes, yes and no. You are constantly raising your dimension. In other words eternity is just that, eternal. And everything continues to shift and change and the dimensions that are available now are not going to be the same dimensions that are available in the far future. Just as they are not the same dimensions that have been available in the past. But if you bring all of this together, the past, the present, and the future all as one, it is all considered one dimension. You see?

Now that, we know, is very difficult to understand at your three dimensional level and it is difficult for us to even begin to share this to you so that you can begin to even fathom to understanding it, but all is one. And there are infinite dimensions just as there is only one dimension. So all of this is going to come together to you at later point when you had experienced the sense of oneness. But when we say later point that is putting it in a time sense. We cannot do that because it is all happening now in the moment. So in the now moment you are already in the higher dimensions and you are already in the lower dimensions. So you are in all dimensions all at one time now. And your multidimensional selves are experiencing this in many different dimensions at once here. You see?

There is never going to be a point where there is going to be a number to the dimensions. We cannot say there are 100 dimensions we cannot say there are 1000 dimensions because dimensions are eternal in the now.

J/S:  All is expanding always and forever through Divine Consciousness and Creation which is you as the One.

OWS:  Yes. Wonderful.

Q:  I have participated in some very powerful educations that help people get rid of their past and are also vibration-raising and I know that some of these have a similar root as Scientology. And so my thought would be that Scientology was of the light. Now we’re hearing all of this stuff come out about how bad Scientology is. Is Scientology of the light? Did it get corrupted? Or is this a cabal tactic to take people away from it?

OWS:  All religions, all experiences such as this have a root in the light. There is never a point where it comes beginning from the darkness. But there are points where as it moves within the light the ones that are moving with it in this expression then begin to move toward a darker expression and bring it into a sense of not of the light. So what we are saying here is that all of your religions began as one and they as these religions began to move into a sense of darkness, or a sense of control rather, moving with control as the prominent need for these various religions, then this is moving away from the light and more toward the darkness. And all of these religions though are going to move back from this sense of darkness back into the light and realize that all of the religions are one from the beginning anyway.

J/S:  And One Who Serves, in the third dimensional reality there is always duality.

OWS:  Yes. That is correct. As you move from the lower vibrations from the third dimensional illusion then you move more and more and more out of the sense of duality.

Q:  This is about a dream I had a few days ago and I don’t usually remember my dreams. This one was pretty vivid. I was looking up in the sky and saw big black and red eagles flying around. And there were especially two that focused above me and were kind of almost hooked together, doing a dance around each other. The next thing one of them had come down and was embracing me and it felt wonderful. It felt like a love affair, like just wonderful. And then he was gone. And then the next scene I remember I was walking up a big street and on the left side, which is where the eagle had come from, there were these huge trees everywhere and I was looking up all the time. I was walking with a small child in my right hand. And I was looking up to see him again and find him again but these trees were in the way. That was the dream. Now my interpretation was something like once drawn … maybe I should just let you interpret it. May I?

OWS:  Please say what you were going to say first.

Q:  That for me, that connection, the longing for the beyond and wanting to be there but being held up here maybe because of an attachment to my children. I’m not sure.

OWS:  Whenever you have dreams of flying or these, as you say, these eagles flying it is a dream or interpretation of your fourth chakra. That is the air chakra. At this point it is saying that you are being worked with in your fourth chakra more and more. This is the love center. And the love center is reaching out just as this eagle came down to you this is your fourth chakra embracing you. This love center within you embracing you so that you are feeling this energy, feeling the love coming to you from your Higher Godself. Your Higher Godself is reaching out to you.

Q:  Beautiful. Is there any reason why they were black and red? Or that they were eagles?

OWS:  The idea that they were eagles is your sense of the majesty of what the eagle brings here to your society. The beautiful eagle that flies freely, soars across the sky. This is your indication that you are going to be soaring — not necessarily flying in this way — but soaring into the clouds coming closer to your Higher Godself. Reconnected here as we find it.

You wish to add something Shoshana?

J/S:  I have the red and black as the feature of prominence. And for this one [caller] to take notice of this dream, they showed vibrant colors so that she would remember.

OWS:  Wonderful. Very good.

Q:  I was going to say, One Who Serves, the last caller mentioned in her dream state she sees the eagles but like today I saw a hawk. And lately I’ve been seeing lots of hawks just flying, hovering. So from the collective consciousness — not just my own consciousness — but the collective consciousness that I’m part of, and the multidimensional consciousness that I Am, would seeing hawks, would that be related to majestic consciousness or remembering our consciousness or our fourth chakra communicating to us that we’re returning back to that opening of our fourth chakra?

OWS:  Absolutely yes. It is certainly this. This is for all that become to experience, become more and more aware of the flying creatures, the birds, and the various types of birds as you begin to feel your sense of oneness with them, you feel connected to them. This is not only your fourth chakra but this is your expression. You are reaching out. You are wanting to fly again; fly again home you might say. Even to the point of your seeing the ships and all of this. This is all a part of the transition as you are moving through these expressions here.

Q:  I was talking late at night with my adult son on the phone and all of a sudden we heard all this beepings and I’ve been reading about codes. And we looked and there were a whole bunch of numbers. Were we being coded or something we’re going to remember? I wrote a lot of the numbers down.

OWS:  When you are saying you are hearing beeps on the phone, is that what you’re saying?

Q:  Right. And then when I looked on the phone it was like 4477047700 – all of these numbers were coming up. I’ve been in numerology before too but is this a kind of a code or something?

OWS:  We do not understand here how you can be seeing these numbers on your phone.

Q:  Well I just took the phone down because it was beeping and I kept seeing all the numbers running across on my phone. [Cell phone] Like I was dialing in.

Q:  [Interjection]  Could I just say something. It could be just your year. Because sometimes like my ear hits the dial pad and it could be your ear hitting it.

OWS:  What we are finding here as there is not a great deal of significance to what you are experiencing. This is a glitch you might say in your phone or your contraption that you are using at this particular time. It is not saying that there is … although we are finding that there is a sense of surveillance, you might say, that is occurring here. Not to frighten you or anything of this nature but to let you know that it can happen and does happen at various times, that there is this connection that is coming from other levels of your governments and all of this. This can be a possibility here as this is occurring. It could also be as the one that just said simply a bunch of numbers that are being hit here. But to understand what is occurring here is not something that you have to be concerned about at this point. Anything further Shoshana on this?

J/S:  I believe that that is accurate.

Q:  Because of a harsh situation I put myself in in 3-D, I start worrying about me not doing what I came here to do. I mean my mission. And worry that I received I will know more about it and at the right time especially after the event. And the other thing is that I wanted to be there for the Advance but for this kind of situation I cannot and I received the thought that I can bilocate to be there to participate. So what has spirit to tell me about it please?

OWS:  As far as you’re being able to bilocate and be here astrally, certainly you can do that. Be a part on the phone here, be in that connection and in that connection there is no time and space so you can be here as much as you believe that you are here. That is one thing here. The first part of that, can you repeat what it was here?

Q:  Yes. So because I put myself in a harsh situation, a harsh experience, 3-D experience, because of that I start worrying of me not doing what I came here to Gaia to do. I start worrying about my mission. I’m not doing my mission. I’m not doing what I’m supposed to do. Or I’m not on the right path.

OWS:  Ye. And what we do hear is the reason we asked you to repeat this is because you repeated it the same way again. And that is the use of ‘worrying’ here. There is no need to worry about what your mission is. Your mission is what it is. And when the time comes, when the frequencies raise enough within you, then that mission that you are here for will continue to evolve and bring you to the right situation, in the right moment when it is time for this. So no need to be concerned about this. This is for everyone now. Not only this one who has asked this question but all of you. Do not worry about anything here because it is all part of the orchestration. Just be who you are in the moment and everything will work out for itself and you will be guided as you need to be here. Okay?

J/S:  And I have a message for you if I may. The message is that your intuition and your awareness is very high in this lifetime. The ingredient that is missing for you is to trust it.

Q:  I wonder if I can share that Sananda showed me an image of the reunion and it was absolutely wonderful. As you said it was a party, a celebration we will never forget. And that many of us will come back. I remember him putting his arms of my shoulders expressing to me that yes, I have to come back, and that vibration, that moment was just so precious. But I want to turn it around to what I was wearing. I was wearing a gold suit and I wanted to understand what the significance is of the colors of the suit everyone was wearing. Some were wearing blue, I wearing gold, and I wasn’t sure is that because of the New Golden Age. Why was I wearing a golden suit? Was it symbolic?

OWS:  Perhaps it is just due to color at that time. Just need for various colors. You do not need to focus so much on what the colors are but the idea and the excitement and the joy that you experienced within this celebration. This is what is important here. Not so much what one wears just as there is not importance to someone’s name here, but your vibration. It is all about vibration … has always been about vibration. And your colors, themselves, are a vibration in itself. So whatever you are feeling in that moment would be the color that you may tend to want to adorn yourself with in that time.

Q:  Regarding the three stars of Orion, the Belt of Orion: there are three stars aligned and the middle one is a touch off. I’ve been seeing them everywhere for about a year, year and a half now. I don’t look for them but I see the formations in so many things whether it’s rocks on the street or houses lite up or whatever. Even one day I dropped some oil on my boot and there it was on my boot. My favorite linen shirt now has three tiny holes in it in the same pattern. But they even showed up on my cheek about a year ago. Three little spots same formation. I never hear you talk about Orion. Is there anything about that? Do I have any kind of connection with it?

OWS:  We think, as we are looking into this, that you already know the answer to that and you are just looking for confirmation here. But certainly, yes, you have a connection here just as those ones that are arranged the pyramids in this exact way. The great three pyramids there in Egypt were arranged in this exact formation because of the connection to that area where you came from in those experiences. So that is an affirmative yes you have a connection there. You may continue to be seeing this just as others may experience this as well. So all of this is about your memories returning. Even that sometimes an unconscious level they may come to you.

J/S:  The message that I am getting for you is that when the pattern repeats itself it is a significant thing. And that as the being that you are, it is important to reach out and understand this constellation and its ancient meaning. And as you reach out and investigate this constellation and its ancient meaning memories will return to you.

Q:  If I understand correctly one title for our group is First Wave Indigo Starseeds. I know that the indigo is light ray and I believe it represents a level of attainment we have reached, I may be wrong on that. But can you tell us more about the Indigo Ray and the abilities we have at that level?

OWS:  Yes we can say to you that many of you are associated with this particular Ray, the indigo, the purple Ray here and you are expressing at that level and moving together, come together here as a group as a soul group in this particular Ray. You are working with the Yeshua, the Sananda here. And this is particularly an expression that you are bringing forth here. When you yourselves are drawn to this particular color in the higher frequencies that this brings here, then you are finding that you are coming back to the remembrances from which you came. Does this answer your question?

Q:  Well okay so it’s not necessarily a level of attainment, it’s just kind of an expression of their frequency that we are expressing at that time. Is that what you’re saying?

OWS:  That is correct. Not so much to look at attainment because that begins to separate you from your fellow man. It begins to put you into an elite status. And we would never want you to think in those terminologies because you are all one. We are all one. And there is no reason to differentiate yourself from one another other than a sense of responsibility. That is all.

Q:  So I kind of was looking at soul evolution as kind of a series of attainments and you get greater abilities as you advance along the path. Does it not really work like that?

OWS:  It does not work that way. That is again putting you into an elite status and that is what you are moving away from in your new Golden Age. It will move you from a status of what you attain to a status of what you are responsible for. This is how the hierarchy in the higher vibrations, higher dimensions work. When for station, you might say, is dependent on responsibility. Not station as to what you attain in terms of power and control and all of this. Do not think in those higher terminologies, for that will be after the transition, after your ascension, all of that will be in the past.

Now we have one more question that has been asked by one who did not want to ask the question directly but we are getting it from the James so we will answer this. It is about the Kumaras and who the Kumaras are and where they come from. And when you hear Sanat Kumara and Sananda Kumara and all of the other Kumaras they are from the planet Venus primarily in terms of the Seven Flame Lords that came from Venus to assist the Earth evolution here. And those of the two, the Sanat Kumara and the Sananda Kumara were the ones that stayed on to bring this evolution forward. The others have moved on. But the Sananda and Sanat Kumara are here to see this through to the end and they even into the beginnings that are coming forward here. So they are going to be with you, are with you and will move on after they are no longer needed here at this level of evolution. That is what we can answer for this question at this point.

Now we need to release channel here.

As you continue on to experience these waves of energy that are coming in and will continue to come in, you will feel these moments come over you where you will be excited in one moment and be completely down and depressed, and what you use the term earlier, aggravated in another moment. And this is to be expected as you continue to feel these energies moving into you and you resonate with these energies. And the more that you resonate with these higher energies that are coming in then those times of aggravation and anger and all of this will dissipate more and more where they will be replaced by a sense of joy and happiness and goodwill toward, not only others, but toward yourself as well.

Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the one.

 Channeled by James McConnell

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“Believing is seeing!”


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Commander Ashtar and OWS via James McConnell – The Paradigm That You Have Come To Understand In This 3-D Illusionary World Is Coming Apart … Is Coming Down



Ashtar and One Who Serves as channeled by James McConnell

These messages were given during our weekly Sunday Prepare For Change group in Phoenix, AZ on November 26, 2017


I AM Ashtar.

These times that we can be together are very fulfilling times, not only for us but for those of you that are awaiting these many changes that are coming, that some that are already here.

But as always, we always caution you to not look only to the future but to be in the present moment now. For that is all you have. You only have the now. The past will soon be forgotten in many respects. The future has not yet been written. But each and every moment of your life you are preparing that story that is yet to come.

And know this: as everything around you begins to crumble, everything that you’ve known begins to fall apart in many respects — it is not to spread fear, certainly, for we would never do that — but it is to let you know that the paradigm that you have come to understand in this 3-D illusionary world is coming apart … is coming down.

Each and every day it comes down just a little bit more until one of these mornings you will awaken and a paradigm that you have known for so long will begin to fall into your rear view mirror and more and more will be forgotten because you will have moved through this transition, through this ascension process. You will have come into those higher vibrations that have been spoken of for so many, for so long now and you will know that you have finally arrived at what Sananda has called the finish line; what others call the new beginning, the New Age of Gaia, the New Nova Earth. All of these things are yet the same.

But you yourselves are not going to be the same, not the same as you have always known yourselves. For those of you that are the light workers, and many are now becoming the warriors, the light warriors, the ones that are ready to take action, the ones that are ready to move forward. We share the Sword of Light and Truth which you will all be holding.

It is not only Archangel Michael that carries the Sword. He has entrusted the Sword to all of you now as well. You will all be carrying this forth. All of those up here on our ships are in preparatory mode to move at a moment’s notice as soon as that signal is given. We are expecting a great deal to occur in the very near future. Much is about to shift and change.

You are receiving much information now. Many truths are coming forward and those truths shall indeed set you free. In order for those truths to come forward takes more of you, more of you the light warriors, ones who are sharing the light now. It takes more of you to bring this about, to bring these truths to come forward. Because you are the audience. You are the ones these truths are meant for now. You are the ones that are in the awakening stages. You are also the ones that will assist others in awakening.

You have heard many times without you we would not be able to do what we are doing. And without us, you would not be able to do what you need to do going forward.

Expect now in the next days and weeks a great many things to come forward, many truths to be revealed. Some from unexpected places; unexpected ones to come forward. You have already heard of a few. More are coming forward. More are going to bring information, information that has long been in the shadows is now coming into the light just as all of you are.

I AM Ashtar. I will be with you very much so in this coming Advance. If not more physically in person, certainly as a consciousness to be with you. All of my peace and love be with all of you.


Om Mani Padme Om. Om Mani Padme Om. Om. Om. Greetings to you!

One Who Serves here to continue in this process, to continue to bring you along in these many ways that we are doing. And to prepare you for much that is coming, not so much just this coming weekend in your Advance, but in many things that are coming forward, many things that are going to happen.

But as you know that, it is not that you do not focus on the things that are now, in the moment now, in the moments that you are in, to find that joy in every moment now. Because this is what you have now. This is your life. And every moment of your life you are creating that which is going to be the future of your life.

So continue to move in the direction of spreading the light wherever you can because that is your mission people! That is what you came here to do. Each and every one of you that are on the phone or here in person, each and every one of you came here to do this, to spread the light.

This is why you are here. This is why you are still attending this group and being a part of this because you are the ones that are being trained in many respects to be the ones that are the emissaries, the way showers, the ones to go forward and share the light with all that you come into contact with. And yes, the James is correct, you are going to be receiving this from Sananda this coming weekend when he is going to be sharing much more about the Twelve Tables and your relationship to these Twelve Tables, these Councils that are going to be formed in the coming times here. So we would say be ready for that.

We would say be ready for a great deal more than that. Many experiences, many happenings, many fun things that are going to be shared, and even a show or two is going to be there for you to keep you amused, to keep you awake, and to keep things rolling along. We are going to have different types of experiences that are going to be had for this.

You have questions now for One Who Serves?


Q & A

Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the one.

Channeled by James McConnell
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FUNDAMENTAL CHANGE IN YOUR LOCAL UNIVERSE – via Archangel Metatron, Master Djwal Khul, One Who Serves – via James McConnell and Charles Osburn – 10-13-17 – by We Signed Up For This – by Prepare For Change

There Has Been A Fundamental Change In Your Local Universe Which Has Allowed Us To Install The First Level Of This Energetic Change That Is Now Permanent

Meditation by Sananda, with messages from Archangel Metatron, Master Djwal Khul, and Q&A with One Who Serves as channeled by James McConnell and Charles Osburn.

These messages were given during our weekly Sunday Prepare For Change group in Phoenix, AZ on October 8, 2017

End of Meditation led by Sananda

I AM Sananda, and I turn this over to our dear brother Charles to carry on.



Greetings! This is Archangel Metatron.

And in my realm, which is the realm of Sacred Geometry, which is the realm of the infrastructure of this universe which is what I mostly deal with as far as the structure and how this universe operates from an energetic level, I’m here to say that there is much celebration today!

There has been a fundamental change in your local universe which has allowed us to install the first level of this energetic change that is now permanent and what is now happening on this planet and you have no doubt been feeling a certain difference in energy that you’re feeling. It can come across as more bliss but it can also come across as a certain emptiness.

And what is now changed is that the ability for one to gain energy from controlling others or gaining energy from having this sense of self-righteousness through judgment is now missing.

So there are still people who out of habit will try to control. There are still people out of the habit will try to judge. But they’re not going to feel that energy that charge of emotion, that satisfaction that comes from this. It will feel like an empty gesture because there is no energy available anymore for this type of activity. And this is cause for great celebration in the Heavenly realms. We have been waiting for quite some time to start this first layer of change.

So what does that mean for you? Well you’ll feel this within you. If you have fear or if you have bouts of judgment or if you have bouts of wanting to control you will start feeling somewhat of an emptiness when it comes to this activities. So the challenge here today is to think of the habits that you have which only you can change.

We can change the energetics underneath this but it is still your free will to choose to do these things or not to do these things. So as you go about your daily life and you find yourself in a place of just out of habit wanting to judge, think about what you’re doing. Do you want to continue this because it’s really not benefiting you or anyone else in this universe for that matter.

So think about what you do throughout the day. And I tell you that the benefits of dropping these particular behaviors and patterns is a new sense of love, and a new sense of oneness, and a new sense of joy will start to overcome you and come into your life in those areas that you are now vacating these habits. So it is very similar to cleaning out your house. If you have a house that is full of old stuff if you have a house that is full of old habits now is the time to clean it out.

Clean it out to allow this new energy to come in. And what is this new energy? This is an energy of letting others be. This is the energy of honoring their free will. This is an energy of letting them experience their path. This is the energy of honoring yourself and honoring your path. This is the energy of forgiveness.

This is now what is been put into play. This is the first level of scaffolding of the new Golden Age. So take advantage of this; enjoy it. But first clean out your house so that you have room to bring this energy in.

I AM Archangel Metatron and I am so very delighted to give you this good news. Thank you.


This is Master DK. I am also very happy to be here and humble to be here in the presence of so many masters.

As I look around this room in Mahendran’s house and as I look around at the ones who are connected through telephone and as I look around to those who will be listening to this later and reading this later I give you my greetings.

I AM the one known as Master DK; also known as The Tibetan and I’m here today to talk about this emptying out of your room which is really emptying out your own patterns in your own behaviors and to give you some practical advice on this if you so want it.

So I must ask first permission to give you this advice. Would you like to hear this? [Enthusiastic response] Wonderful! I’m always happy to help clean out the closet. So everybody get your brooms out. It is time to clean out the clutter.

You don’t need those old wax lips sitting in your closet. You can let those go. You can let go of those old dusty things in your closet and give room for some new shiny ones from a New Golden Age.

So let’s think about throughout the day the practical advice here is to monitor yourself. We have been hearing about this for quite some time now. Monitor yourself. Be self-aware is the first practical tip.

If you are going throughout your day and you meet somebody you don’t know and you don’t particularly like how they look or feel or smell and you find yourself judging them — and that is a tip by the way (each one of you will start to see people that you don’t like; you don’t like what they’re saying; and you don’t like how they smell; and you will judge them. So catch yourself. That is the first one.

You must first be aware that you’re judging them. But what can you do? What can you do when you find yourself judging? First thing is don’t judge yourself. It’s natural. It’s an old habit and habits die hard.

So what you need to do is be self-aware and then simply surrender it. Ask our Creator to take it away. Take away this habit please. Our Creator loves to help us clean our closet. No request is too small for our Creator because we are our Creator.

The Creator is everything that you see around you including that smelly person that you are judging. So don’t be afraid, don’t be shy to ask our Creator whatever you may call her or him or it … he’s called by many names: The All That Is; The One Infinite Creator; The Supreme Creator; The Universe; The Divine Mother; The Divine Father; Divine Mother/Father.

It matters not what you call Her. Just know that She is ready or He is ready to help you. And when you ask Him/Her/It to take these habits away it will be taken away.

So step one is be aware of the judgment that is happening and understand that it is natural because it is a habit and it is now time to clear it out.

Number two: don’t judge yourself. Forgive yourself for having this habit.

And number three just ask our beautiful Creator to take it away and it will be taken away.

And that is a very simple message for you today. I invite you to use this throughout the weeks throughout the months ahead and you will find yourself in a higher and higher place. And I thank you for your time.

And it has been my privilege to talk to you. Thank you.


Om Mani Padme Hum. Om Mani Padme Hum. Om. Om. Greetings to you!

One Who Serves here with you to answer your questions but before we do we just have a slight message to give you to add-on you might say here, and that is as you are hearing to clean out the closet, cleanout the home, all of this — and this is important now because of what is occurring energetically in these times now — it is time for you to let go of the old. Move on into the new. That time has arrived.

This is an auspicious time now that you are moving into because it is the end of the old and the beginning of the new. And those of you that are into the numerology and all of this you are finding this. You are seeing much remembrances or understandings of this type of energy acquaintance you might say that is occurring now.

The synchronicity’s all these things that are happening are all a part of the letting go of the old paradigm, the old 3-D illusion that you have been programmed into for so long. It is time now to let that all go and be ready to embrace the new energies that are coming in that are taking you into the next higher vibrations and into the higher dimensional frequencies. That is your destiny to move into.

Do you have questions now here for One Who Serves?

Q & A

Q: I just wanted to touch on the energy that DK was mentioning and Archangel Metatron because he said that you guys have been extremely happy almost having a party when these new energies come through. I was in telepathic communication with Ashtar the other day and he was in such a good mood it was almost like there were a party going on or something. Was that what was happening? All I got was it was a wonderful time; a celebration time. So I was thinking would that have something to do with it?

OWS: Yes. We have been celebrating for some time now because we know that things are close here. And we are gearing up, you might say, for those celebrations for all of you to be re-acquainted with your family members from the stars and all of this that is coming here. Those of you that have connections to those in Inner Earth and Hollow Earth you will also be experiencing remembrances and reunions with those family members as well and all kinds of celebrations are planned as you come back into your home understandings and reunite with so many of those members of your ancient families here.

Q: Really can’t wait! Everyone just cannot wait to be reunited with their family members and loved ones. It’s going to be such a magical moment. Ashtar is always happy but there was just a little something else with the communication that was really, really a wonderful time right then at that moment when I was talking to him. Thank you for clearing that up.

OWS: Yes the energies are certainly shifting and will continue to do so and all of this is in preparation for what is coming. Are there other questions here?

Q: When we’re getting messages that we’re let’s say attracted to, for clarity sake, is that our higher selves or ancient members of our ancestors from other lifetimes? The ones that we are attracted to in terms of channeled messages would that be accurate that these are the ones that we are getting communications from us well? Not just the channeled person but the channel messenger?

OWS: Yes very much so. You resonate to certain sources of information and energies that are coming in and some of those are from your home areas you might say. Those of the family members as we speak of that are communicating with you and the ones that you resonate to such as Sananda and Ashtar and Archangel Michael and so on and so one you have connections with. And all of you out there must understand that you as the light workers and light warriors have been chosen for this these missions that you are on. And many of those things which you came here to do you are either in the process of doing now or are getting ready to move into action when those times in those frequencies arise to bring this about. So as we keep saying, get ready keep those seatbelts fastened. It may get a little rocky along the way but you are on your way.

Q: Can you give any insight or comment that I am commanding my own ship and also am a representative for the Venusians?

OWS: We can share with you, as you are coming to understand, as you are a commander yes of a ship and there is that connection, or an aspect of yourself that is this. And when the times and the frequencies rise enough you will come into the remembrance of this and join these aspects of yourself.

This is coming also. This is part of moving into the higher vibrations of the higher dimensional frequency.

Q: I’ve been getting messages from my higher self and the Mother/Father/God trio to go here, go there. Do this, do that. Take this course, etc., and yet the prosperity packages aren’t here and there isn’t money for all of this at this moment. St. Germain says yes this money is coming and just keep up the faith, but in the same message he and Lady Nada says you have to get to Hawaii for this course and the fee is due now like today. I just don’t know what to make of what seems to be conflicting messages. You can count on it coming so sign up for that course … but don’t overextend yourself or get into financial distress. I don’t know what to make of that. Shouldn’t it be easier by now?

OWS: We can tell you that yes, the money, the financial situation is going to increase greatly, be rectified from the old paradigm, the old level of consciousness as ‘money is power’. And it is going to change to where money is just an avenue of expression that is leading you to where you need to go. And this is how it will work through the transition as you are moving through this. So for those of you that are waiting on this money and waiting on this money we would say do not do that. Live in the now. Be in the moment and all that needs to work out will work out for you. But if you continue to wait on the money to live your life then you are wasting that precious energy that you have to find joy within the moments of your life. So let all of that go.

As the messages earlier were saying let all of that go. It is time to move on now. Move on. Be in the perfect now because that is where you are. You are not in the past. You are not yet in the future. So be in the now and be happy and joyful in that now. That is all we can say to you on this now.

Q: I would say that was perfect clarity. Thank you.

OWS: Sometimes we surprise ourselves. Or surprise you maybe even too.

Q: My question is about in the healing arts in general both for those already experiencing ascension symptoms and those that potentially will be. The first question about if there is some level of collaboration that I’m not aware of both to the group and the one who serves about how to not just yes being present in the moment to the symptoms that arise but also knowing and sharing the tools that are most helpful for say cranial expansion through receiving craniosacral work or ways of balancing the nervous system with herbs like gotocola [phon].

If there is a collaboration on that that I’m not aware of that can be participated in and in moving forward if that’s something that we can be putting together to help those who in the present and near future will be awakening to either path along the way to step forward more quickly through the trials we have all enjoyed.

OWS: What we can tell you is what you are speaking of is all part of the newer energies that are coming in. All of the new technologies that are going to be introduced to the general public. Some of these technologies are already known and have been held back and covered up and all of this but it is all coming out.

So for you to be specific about certain types of technologies now we would say to you it is all going to work out. And do not be concerned about this thing that you read about on the Internet that is the miracle pill or the miracle cure or anything of this nature because all of this will come out and be what you are looking for each one of you your selves. You will be guided in many respects.

Certainly as the mentors are introduced to you they will share with you how to heal your body completely, what to do to bring this about, what system or what device to find for this you will be guided and led into all of the areas that you need to continue to move through this transition and through this ascension process. So not to worry.

All of this is being worked out, orchestrated as we say often, and nothing to be concerned about in terms of specifics here. If you feel that certain resonance or guidance as you are reading about some new liquid or vitamin mineral drink or any of these types of things that would be helpful and it feels right to you then go for it.

But do not be concerned because all of this is going to be worked out and many of you will find yourselves in those crystal chambers when the times come here and you are in the right frequency to bring this about. Okay?

Any further questions? There was one that wanted to ask a question earlier and something about a dream that he had. Would he like to share this now? You must ask if you want to receive.

Q: Is there a difference between a healing chambers in the crystal light chambers?

OWS: They are one in the same. Just many different names. There are different variations you might say — different variations for different purposes — so it is all part though of the same of bringing you through the transition process, as you are making your way through the ascension process.

Q: I recently saw the David Wilcock episode with Corey Goode and Corey was taken to Inner Earth and Anchara were all flying around busy and anxious yet seen before there were full of activity of you to be the people were dancing and said that they were all leaving the majority of them were leaving only those who were connected and channeling to souls that are here on earth are staying. They are expecting something and I was wondering if you have information on that.

OWS: What you are hearing from this one is quite accurate, we might say, and this one is speaking from personal experiences that he is having and that he is remembering. And all of this is a part of the process that you are moving through to bring these technologies to the forefront, to bring these understandings to the forefront to all of you that are resonating to this information as he and this other one Wilcock brings out here because it is all part of the greater expressions and the greater energies that are being released here now. Okay?

Q: So there was nothing in particular that they were worried about why they were leaving?

OWS: Nothing to be concerned about here in that respect. No.

Q: I have a question about the cosmic energies tsunami of love hitting our wonderful planet. Is that activating various strands of DNA/activating various chakras and are helping us consciously?

OWS: Very much so. You have no idea how much these energies that are coming into the planet that you are taking into your bodies into your astral bodies into your etheric bodies and be able to work with these energies. There are others that are experiencing these energies around the world and are having different types of experiences with this. Not so pleasant you might say.

They are finding they’re coming down with diseases and illnesses and things of this nature that if they were at higher vibrations while these energies were coming in they would not be having these maladies.

So those of you those of you the light workers and light warriors as you are receiving these energies mostly you will be able to handle and be able to experience these energies as they are meant to be, as part of the transition that you are moving through.

So no concerns here as these energies continue to flood in and we use that term specifically flood or tsunami as you said here because that is what this is all about. It is a tsunami of love of consciousness that is sweeping across the planet and preparing for that one moment that green light that will be given when that pulse of energy will come in and create a greater experience of this consciousness expansion. Okay?

Q: You were just talking about this frequency of love going over the globe and the world. They had an experiment that I have read about and has been given to me about the 528 Hz which five and eight this is numerology now five and eight is 13 two is 15 you add the one and the five makes six.

And six is the love number if I understand and I have been using that. And they said that they had to scientists who decided to use that to clean up some things. So they went to the Gulf of Mexico and they used the sound and within 24 hours the water was pure. The dolphins and fish came back in. And my point is that John Lennon with his song Imagine used that frequency. I notice that I love that song and everybody I’ve ever spoken to loves that song. Is this true?

OWS: Very much so. And this one John Lennon if you are aware when he came out with that song and it resonated across the planet, to many across the planet that they’re — not the entire planet but — many across the planet resonated to that because of the energy he used in that the 528 Hz as you are saying. This was very important. And certainly shortly after that he was killed. So this is important in terms of the energies that are coming out. And with this idea of sound and music and all of this is going to go more to what you are speaking of here as that 528 Hz, which it was originally and it has been shifted by the cabal into lower vibrational music and those of you that know about this understand what we speak of here with lower vibrational music.

Think about some of the music that is out there and how it makes you, the light workers and light warriors, feel. It does not resonate with you at all. And you want to run away from it, do you not, rather than run to it. So yes you are very correct in much of that.

Q: Please remind me the name of who came through Sue a few times … I don’t know how many Advances ago. We had not really heard from that one before. But I just can’t remember his name and she had the kind of tell us who he was. Some of us had to look him up.

OWS: And your reason for wanting to know this?

Q: I knew you were going to ask me that. Well because I can’t remember and nobody else seems to remember but then I was thinking you’re going to ask me that and maybe there’s a reason that I’m …


…not remembering. Yes. That is correct. There is a reason why you are not remembering this.

Q: Why is that?

OWS: That we cannot give you. But there is a reason. Search within yourself. You see within your life in particular you are going through some major shifts and changes with consciousness within yourself largely that is coming about because you are cleaning that closet that you are hearing about. Cleaning the house. Even literally you are doing that now. You are doing what you call yard sales or garage sales and all of this to clean out the clutter.

Because when you clean out the clutter that is in your physical you will clean out the clutter that is also within your mind and your head and all of this and then that allows you to open up to expressions that are coming in to bring you through this transition process here. So all of this is happening for a reason and we would say to you let it go. And let it be what ever it is.

Q: But does the name means something to me?

OWS: It means something to you and will when it comes in remembrance to you. It will come to you and then you will understand what we speak of here.

We need to release channel now. Please as you continue on continue to be in the moment at all times. Find that joy in every moment. Instead of constantly looking for moments, fleeting moments of joy in your life, look for that joy in every moment because it is there people. It is there.

You can find the beauty and the expression of life all around you. Go out in nature as we speak of many times and as you are out in nature or just simply be observant of nature your vibrations increase in that moment as you are becoming aware of these things. Aware of the beautiful blue sky.

Aware of the birds flying through the trees and chirping and all of this. Aware of the various animals that run by the stream. Whatever it might be. And certainly be aware of water whenever you come in contact with water begin to get in touch with the consciousness within that water. It is there.

And it is an ancient memory that will come back to you as you are doing this exercise we speak of.

Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the one.

Channeled by James McConnell

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“Believing is seeing!”

Archangel Michael, One Who Serves – Many that have Refused The Light – Have already been Taken Off Planet – 8-4-17 – by Era Of Light

Archangel Michael 333

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I AM Archangel Michael. As always we bring love and light with us. And I bring my Golden Sword of Truth as I share with you now the truths that are coming to you, the many truths that are going to be revealed that are being revealed.

Many are being revealed at this very moment but many still are not yet aware of this. They know something is in the wind. They feel it. They feel it. I’m speaking now of all of the mainstream out there. Not the news but the main population of the planet; the ones you might call the non-light workers although all are light workers.

This is not to differentiate you from all the others out there. You are all light workers except for those who refuse the light. Consciously refuse it. And there are those out there. They will experience whatever they are giving out, they will receive back. Do not be concerned about them. Be concerned about yourselves and about your fellow brothers and sisters as you are all creating, even now, you are creating this world in front of you.

You are creating this new Golden Age with every thought that you have now. But know that as you move into the higher vibrations, into the higher frequency dimension, your thoughts become so much more powerful and your visualization becomes so much more meaningful. And it is all right there in front of all of you.

Seize it now! Carpe diem. Seize the day, for this is your day, this is your time, your moment. As you have heard many times this is what you came here for.

You came to establish this new understanding, this new evolution, or this evolutionary leap. And do not be deceived, this is an evolutionary leap that you are moving toward, all of you. There is not one of you out there that is any lesser than anyone else. You all have a part to play in this process, this ascension process. All of you have a part. Some seemingly greater, some seemingly smaller, but all are looked at the same by the Source, by the Creator. All being of the same importance because all are one.

We are all in this together. I, myself, and all of the Archangels, all of the angelic realm, all of the Ascended Masters, the Galactics, the Agarthans, and so on; many that you have not even begun to realize are a part of this expression. We are all here to be a part of this changeover that is developing. And developing it is.

You have heard about the timelines shifting, the timelines splitting, and yes they have. And many who are on the other side of that split, that have refused the light, have already been taken off planet. Many of them. Not all but many have. For the mass arrests that you have heard about many times is no longer needed as it was spoken of previously, because that has been taken care of where many have already been removed or removed themselves.

Now that is not to say that there are not holograms many of those individuals that you know of. Some yes, even some still remain but they are being quickly removed from the situation. Not because they are being punished but because they are being loved. They are being loved back into the light if they so choose. Because no one is denied the light. No matter what they have done no one is ever denied the light and love lest they deny it themselves.

I AM Archangel Michael it is so wonderful to be with you always in these ways. And in these ways still, up until this point, are the way that we can reach you.

But as you have heard many times those times are changing. And soon we, the Archangels, will be there with you. Whether it is on a ship, or in the hollow/inner Earth, or even here on the surface of the planet, we will be here with you. And you will see us.

For remember it is always for those who have the eyes to see and ears to hear that are aware of these many changes that are happening now and still yet coming.

All of my peace and love be with you. Hold always the Sword of Truth in front of you for it will always protect you and guide you.


Om Mani Padme Hum. Om Mani Padme Hum. Om, Om. Greetings to you! One Who Serves here with you. Difficult to follow up without one of course but we attempt to always do what we can here.

And to understand all of these things that are happening just sit back, relax and open those eyes of yours. Open that third eye predominantly and let your physical eyes see through your third eye. And many of you hear this and you say but how do we do that? We have no understanding of that. Well you don’t have an understanding of that because you have been programmed into you to not understand that. But it is time to deprogram you. It is time to take you to understand the importance of that third eye center, your pineal gland, and what is that can bring to you as the gateway into the higher dimensions. And yes it is a gateway and there are many gateways that are going to open up both physically and astrally and ethericly. Many that have not yet opened. Many that are coming. Many connections to all of the sacred sites being bringing the ley lines together again across to all of the various vortexes across the planet. All of this is coming.

It is near completion. The crystalline grid is near completion. And when it completes … oh my goodness! What it is going to be like here once again. For those of you that remember back to times of Atlantean times, and Lemurian times, and many other of the civilizations that are not even spoken of yet. You will remember what it was like. What it was like to put your hand in the water in the various waters, the springs the streams the rivers the oceans, and feel not only the wetness, not only the salt that is in the air, or to smell it or anything of this nature, but to feel the water, feel the consciousness in the water!

Can you imagine the water being alive? Can you imagine the plants? Yes you know they are alive but they are a live consciousness. Try it sometime. Talk to a tree. Don’t just walk up and hug it. Talk to it. It will be amazing to you.

And to that one that spoke of the dragons yes they are real. They are so real. They are here, they are watching over all of this. They are guardians in a sense. And they have been guarding the gate ways for a very long time here. And soon those gateways are going to open again and the dragons themselves will begin to appear more and more to you just as the elemental kingdom is going to appear to you. They’re going to come back. They can’t wait to come back! They’ve been hiding in trees and plants and only for those that have eyes to see up to this time. But they’re going to be showing themselves everywhere.

Those of you even now that go out into nature, for just a moment center yourself. Close your physical eyes, center yourself with breathing, and then slowly open your eyes and see in the corners of your eyes that little flitting image that goes back and forth that shows itself just briefly; laughs a little bit maybe and then jumps off and you do not see it again.

Well that is what it is like now for you if you open your third eye to it. But it will appear not too far off here where the same thing occurs — they will appear in your corner of your eye, that fleeting image and then all of a sudden it’ll be right there and you will see them. Just as many in the past in Ireland and everything saw the leprechauns. They are real. Where do you think these images and folklore and all of this comes from? It comes from reality but it has been so programmed in to you to believe it is imagination … oh there’s that word again. Imagination.

Imagine-in a new life. Imagine-in a new wonderful world in front of you and you will begin to understand what it is going to be like when you are consciously creating without that buffer zone to hold back the manifestation. Okay?
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ERA OF LIGHT – Archangel Michael, Master Kuthumi, One Who Serves – Independence For The Light Warrior – 7-17-17



Greetings this is Archangel Michael and I AM so very humble and proud to be here today speaking to this group who is on this phone call and this group who will be listening to this in various videos and those who are going to be reading this in various transcripts. I’m here today to talk about independence which is appropriate, is it not, for this weekend in the United States for independence.

So independence for you, the light warrior, is to be able to ascertain and discern what is truth and what is not truth. Because we are coming shortly to a time where all of us will be incredibly full of action because we are now coming to a place of action for each and every one of us. Things will be moving at such a pace it may be hard for us to discern what is the right thing to do, what is the right action to take, what is the right decision to take. And independence really does require all of us to go within and seek that guidance that is within us and rely less and less for guidance from without us.

So I invite you today as you feel the oneness that you have created during this meditation that preceded this message, I invite you to go within; to close your eyes, to breathe deeply, to do the interruption of the breath at the top and the interruption of the breath at the bottom, and simply ask a question. I invite you to do this now. Ask: Do I have a connection to my Creator? Ask that question now and see what sort of answer that you get.

Many of you will receive that simple one word whisper of that silence, or that whispering voice within. This is your connection to Source. This is your connection to creator. Strengthen this connection. I invite you to strengthen this every day so that as you go into your service work, as you become very active in the various humanitarian projects which will soon require much activity, you will be able to go within. You will be able to ask the questions and ask for help in making the right decisions. This is true independence. So I give you this as a guidance and as a clue that very soon you shall all be very active. This is Archangel Michael and I now present to you Master Kuthumi.



This is Master Kuthumi. You may call me K.H., as many of you know me by this name. And I AM but a simple master who has served for many years for this purpose of ascension on this planet. And it has taken many generations and many years and many messages to get to this point. And I’m very happy to say that we are now at the point of activity. It is already occurring as you have been told of in the conversations happening before this channeling session, that we are now at the point where things are starting to manifest in reality.

And as this happens it becomes important for you to concentrate on the basics of the light warrior. As my brother St. Germain has mentioned in an earlier message, this necessity to breathe, conscious breathing is one of the foundations of achieving mastery.

And if you find yourself a month and a half later from that message having difficulty maintaining this gentle conscious breathing, I offer to you today another tool or another weapon in the light warrior arsenal. And this is called persistence. Everything that you know that occurs at the mastery level, be it a master baseball player or a master musician does not come without a certain amount of persistence. Would you not agree?

This persistence is something that we all must attain because even the most diligent light warrior may forget to do the gentle conscious breathing after a month or two or after year or two. It may have been that our ego creeps up on us and our ego says, “Well I don’t have to do this anymore.” So I’m here to tell you that persistence is a necessary weapon for you to continue with the gentle conscious breathing and what we have today is, shall we say the ammunition for the weapon and that is called intentions. Daily intentions.

So how does this work? Every day when you wake up have the intention to do your gentle conscious breathing. Make that intention known to yourself and to your physical vehicle that you wish to perform gentle conscious breathing throughout the entire day. So this is an intention. It is a command for your physical vehicle to know that you are in charge. It is a command to your ego to know that this is what you wish to do throughout the day. If you don’t vocalize this your physical consciousness or your ego will start to, shall we say, get distracted and it will go on its merry way looking at bright shiny objects on the floor or get distracted with one thing or another and pretty soon that basic weapon used by the light warrior, gentle conscious breathing, is left at the side of the road.

So I offer this to you today a very simple weapon called intentions. Use your intentions. Vocalize your intentions throughout the day. And that is all.

I give you now to my brother the One Who Serves.



Om Mani Padme Hum. Om Mani Padme Hum. Om, Om. Greetings to you!

Wonderful as always to be with you and we are getting so excited about so many things that are coming.

It is not only you that are excited, we are very excited. You think that we just sit around all day and meditate and go Om and all of this and that is all we do? No! As you have heard from St. Germain we party! We have good times.

And the good times are ready to roll, people. They are ready. And we are [??] and everything is coming together. It only takes your consciousness, your collective consciousness to continue this process, to continue moving in the direction that you have been guided to for some time now. We speak not only of this lifetime but many lifetimes.

So, so long ago, before you even came here to this planet to participate in this evolution here, you were what you would call a much higher level vibration, much higher dimensional density. And all of this you somewhat gave up to come here and to be a part of this expression here, to be a part of the evolution here of consciousness, and to be the ones that would move this consciousness along as you are the vanguard. You are the ones that come before to bring about these many changes. You, the light workers and even more importantly now, you, the light warriors are the ones that are doing this.

And all is coming together. Just continue to have patience a little bit longer and you will be amazed at how these things all come together and how everything really is being orchestrated. Okay?

You have questions now for One Who Serves?


Q & A

Q: Yesterday morning I woke up with a healing message and it was repeating: “A message for humanity. A message for humanity.” And then I heard “love.” And the second sentence was, “The veil will be dropped.” And then I woke up and wondered is this just my imagination or was that really a message I was given?

OWS: Oh my goodness! Did you hear what was just said earlier in the meditations by Yeshua, by the way, who was speaking there, that there is no such thing as a figment of your imagination. It is all real! So certainly everything that you are imagining is as real as what you are seeing. This is what you must come to understand. It is not like your parents told you or your grandparents told you, oh that is just your imagination. Pay no attention to that. Wrong! That is not what you want to do. You want to pay attention to that.

You want to continue to work with your imagination. Your visualization skills are very important. Because as you move into these higher vibrational frequencies your imagination, your visualization, is going to become more and more and more important because it will lead to direct manifestation. So if you are not believing in your imagination or your visualization abilities then you will not be able to manifest as you would be able to in those higher vibrations.

You will train, you will learn how to do this more and more because certainly you would not want to visualize some monster or something like that come crashing through your door like some of your movies. You see? Or there’s ones where they are about to go down into the cellar alone and as they’re beginning to descend you’re saying, “No, no, no! Don’t go down the stairs! Don’t go down the stairs.” You see? We do not want that. And there is a buffer that will keep that from happening just so you know. But there will be a training process as you are going through this. Okay? Does this answer your question?

Q: Yes in some way I believe it. I know it is not my imagination but at the same time because there is a lot of information, sometimes I think maybe all of this information was affecting what I am getting.

OWS: Yes and as far as specifically that of the veil dropping, it is. So that was not a figment of your imagination that was real. It was a message for humanity to come through you in this respect and this is happening. The veil is dropping. And at some point the veil will completely drop and it will be amazing to you. As we have said before, get ready because you will be seeing dead people. [Laughter]

Q: What does it mean? You mentioned it last time. What does it mean, dead people? [Editor’s note: Caller is speaking with very heavy accent so is likely unaware this is good-humored reference made by OWS to the 1999 movie The Sixth Sense.]

OWS: You will be seeing through the veil or the veil will no longer be there. It is the veil that is keeping much of the realities, the various dimensional realities apart. And this will no longer be. So when we say you will ‘be seeing dead people’, we are talking that you will be able to see through the different dimensional frequencies into the lower frequencies. You cannot see into the higher frequencies but you will be able to see into the lower frequencies. So therefore, in order for that to happen you will first have to be at the higher frequency, you see, to be able to look back down in a sense here. You are not really looking down it is not quite that way but you will be looking across the dimensions you might say.

Q: Okay now I understand.

Q: I’m trying to figure out this timeline thing that everybody’s talking about you know with the lion and the lamb and the wolf and all that. I’m guessing you guys were listening. What does that mean? Does that mean like literally there are other selves of us having a life in another timeline, another dimension, and now it’s all starting to cross over?

OWS: There is very much involved in this and it would take very long time for explanation here but those things that you are coming up with, as we did eavesdrop you might say on your conversation earlier, and those things that you are coming up with were very accurate in many respects. The dimensions are coming together, you might say, and the various ones that have been attempting to manipulate these dimensional frequencies and densities in the past are no longer able to do that. But they have done their works. They have wrecked their havoc you might say at times. And after they do their part it is up for those of the light, those of the alliance to go back and redirect some of the things that they did. And in so doing it shifts and changes the various timelines as you know them. Now that is not to say that all are aware of these timeline shifts. You are aware of them because you are operating very much more in these higher frequencies but some, many are not operating in the higher frequencies. And, as a matter of fact, they don’t even know what a frequency is so they are not aware of these shifts and changes because to them nothing has happened. You see? For those that have eyes to see and ears to hear. It is always this and will continue to be this.
Q: So the best thing to focus on now is how we want to move forward with raising humanity’s vibration as a whole and what projects we want to individually work on or as a group work on and start putting those plans in place so that we’re ready to roll?

OWS: Yes, very much so. And our dear friend and brother, Moses, said some time ago, you “have received your marching orders.” [Agreement] Not from us but from your Higher God Selves. You see? So this is in process. You are in process. And you are moving ahead as you need to, to bring all of this about. When we are saying you, we are not talking about certainly just this group, we’re certainly talking about you as a collective consciousness as a whole here. All are moving and creating this continuing ascension process that is not stoppable at this time. It can no longer be stopped; it is going forward. And some will go ahead kicking and screaming and others will simply float along into it.

Q: Exciting! [Agreement]

OWS: You have no idea! [Laughter]

Q: Was there a party last night? It looked up there like there had been a party all night.

OWS: There are parties going on yes because so much is coming very close and we, all those of us what you call the Ascended Masters and the Galactics and the Agarthans we are all getting ready for great celebration and moving into that celebration, we are having little parties along the way.

It’s all about enjoyment. It’s all about fun people!

Q: If I remember a little bit more. I feel the feelings of it but I don’t have the memories of it.

OWS: Yes. Think about that four letter word that James has talked about and hates so much in many respects ‘WORK’. Certain words are necessary certainly but not to the point that your society has created here. All work and no play?

Q: ‘PLAY’ is also a four-letter word.

OWS: Yes it is but it is a fun one!

Q: What is the breathing actually doing for us?

OWS: Mainly it is coming to a center; centering yourself. Focus. Finding focus within yourself so that you are moving out of the hurricane, the tornado around you, into the eye of the storm, into the center where all is calm and blissful. And in that blissful calm state you are then able to connect more easily with your Higher God Self, with your mentors, your guides, all of this. This is where you find this in that quiet moment within yourself. This is where then you hear the whispers. You see?

But if you are outside in the tornado, outside in the hurricane with all the winds and everything you certainly are not going to hear the whispers. You might hear the shouts though.

Q: It’s easier when I’m not walking. But when I’m walking and do the out breath I can’t help my body from wanting to inhale too quick without a pause.

OWS: It is like you cannot ride a bicycle and chew bubble gum at the same time. [Laughter] We have to throw that one in!

Q: Of course!

Q: When we go to redeem our currency will our mentors help us in determining the amount we should request? Will they help us to be able to disperse these currencies? I don’t want the funds because I was listening to Winston Shrout saying that having the notes, which were debt notes, could keep us from ascending or I don’t quite understand that but I don’t want to have a lot of notes left …

OWS: We are going to explain this to you in a different way here. Rather than answering your question directly we are going to speak in terms of three dimensional activities and understandings versus higher vibrational activities and understandings in terms of fifth dimensional.

One is it is coming from a three-dimensional point of view, the old way, the old paradigm, ask for what you want, make sure you have everything ready, all your papers signed, all of these things, your trust set up, all of this, that is the old way. That is the one where many are still operating from. You yourselves when this occurs are going to be hopefully operating at the higher vibrations. In other words you are going to go into your appointment, or whatever it is, and you’re going to ask for your help. You’re going to ask for your connection with your Higher God Self, with your light mental body, with your mentors, your guides, whatever you want to call them. But you are going to go in with the understanding that all is being orchestrated. Continue to believe that and that is what you will see.

But if you go in with turmoil; if you go in with thinking, ‘oh my goodness, I don’t know if I have this. Did I remember this? Did I remember to say it this way or so on and so on, and that will just keep you in the three-dimensional paradigm and that is where you will be. You see?

Do not be there anymore. You are coming out of all of this. You are being trained. We are helping to train all of you to come out of this old paradigm and into the new and experience all that comes in the new paradigm. You see?

Does this answer your question?

Q: Yes somewhat mostly. So just… when you go in just kind of talk with my higher self and request whatever just request what I feel I can disperse you know without…

OWS: There is a better word and understanding for you: Surrender. Surrender as you go wherever it is you go for your exchange or whatever it is going to be called. Surrender and everything will be exactly as it needs to be. Okay?

Anything else creates stress and makes this entire project then a chore. You do not want it to be a chore. You don’t, do not want it to be the same old same old. You want it to be the new age, the new vibration, higher vibration.

We need to release channel now. And before we do, though, we just need to suggest this one thing. As you are continuing to move through this next month, this month of July into the month of August, there are going to be many shifts, many changes on many levels of consciousness. [unmuted phone interference] There are going to be many levels of consciousness that are going to shift and move within you and outside of you and many things are going to be … well that is what we say, shifting and changing. But as you are moving closer into that time of August and into the Fall and all of this, just be ready. Be ready.

And those of you that are going to attend the next Advance, there are many things that are planned for this to continue this process, to continue this program.

Now that the one Charles has also come aboard here there is going to be a shift here that is going to happen as a result of this so that the Charles and the James are working together here and bringing about an extra level of shift, you might say, that can occur because of this. Charles may not yet be aware of this but he will be. And he is also expected and planning to be at the event as well. So there will be surprises yes, but even more than that there will be experiences. Okay?

Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the One.


Channeled by James McConnell –
Article may be reproduced in its entirety if authorship and author’s website is clearly stated “Believing is seeing!”

Sunat Kumara & OWS – As You Continue to Shift & Change, Everything Begins to Open Up For You – 6-14-17

Posted by paulinebattell 17.06.04 – “As You Continue To Shift And Change And Move Along With This Consciousness Shift Everything Begins To Open Up For You” – Sunat Kumara and OWS Sunat Kumara and One Who Serves as channeled by James McConnell These messages were given during our weekly Sunday Prepare For Change group.

via Sunat Kumara



“One Who Serves”

Greetings to you. “One Who Serves” here with you again to continue the process we started long ago with you. Actually you started these processes long ago, many lifetimes, and many understandings. Many different levels of consciousness that you have gone through over the many times.

But now you are here. Now you are at the precipice. We have spoken before about stepping off the precipice. We asked before if you are ready to step off this precipice. Meaning, are you ready to move through this Ascension? Are you ready to go through the transition?

Are you ready for the changes to come over you that take away all the old familiar ways, the old familiar knowings that you have had, even with the familiar guides you have had with you. For them to leave. For all of this to leave. For you to become alone in some respects. But not for long. There will be a brief moment where you will feel a sense of longing. A sense of missing. That sense of losing everything that you had known. Again for many, many lifetimes. But turning back to who you are. Remembering who you are. So this will be. An old remembering will be replaced by a new understanding and a new remembrance of who you are. This is a monumental time, a monumental effort on your part to be prepared for all of this.

You have heard many, many times and we have spoken in many different ways, many different terminologies how this will go for each of you. We do not know how it is going to go for each and every one of you. We do not understand this because it will be different for everyone here.

It will be similar for you, those of you the Lightworkers who have been prepared, been acclimated to these energies. As these energies come in, you will be able to handle them, to work with them and assist others with the energies that are coming into them as well. If it is foreign for you, imagine how foreign it will be for all those others.

So there is so much coming. So much happening and as it comes closer and closer and closer we get more excited too. We, the Ascended Masters, we, the Galactics, we, the Company of Heaven, the Agarthans ae all becoming very excited about all of this because the time is nigh. The frequency is nearly there. As this frequency continues to rise, you continue to rise in consciousness.

That is our message here and we are ready for questions. “Ashira” is standing by.

Question: I’d like to ask about the “proton light machines” they have in Sedona.
Can you tell us about them?

“One Who Serves”
Not so much in detail but we can give you understanding that this is precursor to those new technologies coming forward. This set is being presented here are the precursors for the crystal light chambers.

Much of this is moving toward that. There are so many technologies that are being introduced that will lead up to your full immersion into these crystal light chambers. The frequency will be as high and right for you.

Q: In the light chamber in Sedona, how can the different colors and lights have a long term effect on us?

“One Who Serves”
First of all, all that you are speaking of, all that is coming out is about vibration. Color creates vibration. Light creates vibration. As you move into these vibration centers you are working with the Chakras Centers. You must understand that color works with the Chakras.

When you speak of red, what does this do? Red is the first Chakra Center. It is the primal center within you. Red brings up an Earth excitement. An Earthly excitement, you see? Whereas the blues, the greens, the higher Chakra Centers have a different vibration altogether with them.

To have the various devices that work with color and light frequency there is a consciousness connection between you and this particular device. But again, we are speaking here of only the precursor of what is going to be available.

When you step into this device it does affect you positively. There will be some areas of knowing as you come out of it that has had positive effects. Think about how it will come as you move into the higher level devices that change immediately with your consciousness, immediately your bodily functions and everything within you and your consciousness and energy that you are at that time. Also the energy and consciousness of the device itself.

This is a consciousness device actually. Think of it this way. You enter the device with a plan in mind. This is something that is going to take care of my eyes or whatever is going on in my body. You hold that in your consciousness. Like last weekend! You knew that when you walked away from Payson you felt better. You were seeing better. You were on a new road, were you not? Yes!

So these are a precursor to the crystal light chambers that will be 100X more effective. This will be effective as long as you hold the consciousness.

Q: Is the time coming when it will be a lot easier to manifest? We are in different environments, how will that affect us?

“One Who Serves”
James and Joanna have prepared a New Year’s Eve understanding for this. We, probably not myself, probably the other “One Who Serves” the “One” who has come close to you now (the comedian). Not that we are not all close but this “One” will come through and he will give understanding of what types of things to expect in the New Year.

Not so much predictions but probabilities. Based on those things occurring in the exact moment they are occurring. And give you some semblance of what you might expect in the times to come.

We understand that there are frustrations and anger at times of all of these things that have been said and have not come true. We keep saying prepare for the show; get ready to watch the show.

But you say, wait a minute, “One Who Serves”, there has been no show to watch. But we also heard your conversation earlier. The dots are coming together. There is so much that is happening that is coming together. The pieces of the puzzle are coming together. Soon you will see the completed puzzle. Soon it will be available to you.

Soon. We realize that is a bad four-letter word but please understand that we are doing everything we can that is in our ability to work with you, all of us and the Alliance, the Galactics, all who are coming together to bring this entire process together. You understand that it is the Collective YOU that are making it all possible.

We know you want a why, where, when and how this is going to happen. We understand this in your question. We will not add a lot to “OWS” answer. We will say that as you can see the changes in the world, the changes in people you know, the changes in yourself you will know that all of this is moving ahead.

The process is ongoing. As you see more and more the Light in the world shining, the things we speak of happening, as things unfold and you know you are close to being in the Event. When the Event happens you will have your mentor and you will see how you will be working anew with the world and with each other. OK?

Q: I realize we cannot change the world. I want to know, at a personal level, when am I going to see things manifest more quickly? Will we have a friendlier, more adaptive energy that will work with us?

We know that you have things on your mind and you want to know if you are going to see things happening more quickly and more easily. Last weekend someone spoke about time difference and manifest station difference and how much this has already sped up in their lives. If this is not something you are experiencing now, you will experience it very soon because this is all part of the Ascension Process that you are involved with. Changes in time and changes of the manifestation as you bring it down from the Light Mental body. This will bring it into your life more quickly.

Q: Is it wise to use the Causal Plane for manifestation?

“One Who Serves”
It is very helpful to work with your higher level bodies. Your Light Mental Body, your Causal Body, all of these and knowing that those things that manifest in this third dimensional level manifest first in these higher levels. If you go to the source immediately it will manifest for you much quicker.

But please understand, as the “Event” occurs and consciousness shifts and you move along the transition through the process you will be merging more with your Mental Body and Causal, your Etheric, your Astral, all of this will be coming together more. There will not be a need then to manifest at the higher level. You manifest with your thought and your thought will become creation at that moment. More and more as you become accustomed to it.

Q: Are our thoughts at the Causal Plane?

“One Who Serves”
No, more at the Mental Plane.

Q: So when we think something, then we imagine something, we are already at Different level?

“One Who Serves”
Yes, but not in your mind which is at the 3D illusion. It is the higher YOU that is in the higher dimensions you might say.

Q: Is it the thought and the imagining that create at the physical?

“One Who Serves”
Yes, along with the intention with it and feelings get into it also. Combined this is how you manifest. As you find yourselves within this illusionary process still, this is correct. This will shift as you move into the higher vibrations where your thought process will be your imagination. They will be one in the same. Here they are somewhat separate now.

Q: I guess the speed of manifesting depends on where your consciousness is.

“One Who Serves”

Q: It does not have to do with energy it has to do with consciousness?

“One Who Serves”

Q: I have an awareness of my Higher Self in this life. What is the use of the Higher Self and how does it come down to us?

“One Who Serves”
First of all, your Higher Self does not come down to you. You are rising in vibration and going up to it. Your Higher Self is not lowering in vibration. So, you are continuing to rise upward. That is first part of your question.

The Higher Self is one who keeps an eye on everything that you are doing. Every thing that you are doing on your many timelines. Not just this particular point in time.

When you move into the Fifth Dimension you will see that Higher Self will be much more available to you. It’s available to you now. You can talk with it, share with it, learn from it, and listen to guidance. But many people do not do that. They leave it alone.

As you move up you will see that all of these different aspects of you come together. Your Higher Self will come in and blend everything to move forward in the right way. OK?

Q: Will we come out from the light chambers looking like our Higher Self at that point?

You will have an opportunity to make decisions about what you want to look like, how old you want to be, what type of body you want, what sex. We don’t know what you’d would like but you will have an opportunity once you have had a look at all of your lives, at all the things you have done and are doing, and bring all of that together into one new body. OK?

“One Who Serves”
One thing you have to understand is that your Higher Self is not separate from you. Not only you but many others speak in terms of their Higher Self being separate from them. Like god within the clouds or something of this nature. It is not that at all. YOU are your Higher Self.

There has never been a disconnection. Only in your mind and throughout the programming which has produced this separation between you and your Higher Self within your mind. There has never been a disconnect there. You will come to understand as you move through this transition and through the Ascension Process that YOU and your Higher Self are ONE.

Q: Would you say that our Higher Self is a consciousness that understands all multidimensional knowledge and keeps it straight?

“One Who Serves”
Yes. Look at your Higher Self as a being that is you at a much higher vibratory level that puts down portions of itself. Called the multidimensional selves here, and puts down various personalities into many different situations at once. All to gain experience for your Higher Self, for YOU.

At some point, we cannot say when of course, when frequency is right, when vibrations have increased enough all will come together as one. You will know that YOU are ONE with your Higher Self.

That is much out in the future though. This is not at the time of the “Event” or the time of Ascension. This comes much later. You will move through the Ascension Process as the personality now will go into a higher vibratory frequency and your consciousness will be raised and you will become enlightened and all that.

We are ready to release channel. There will be an annual Yeshua message next week in your Sunday group. In the beginning of the next year here there will be that which has been spoken of.

Be ready for some major things coming, major events. Not the “Event” but that is certainly not too far off here. There will be many events that proceed this.

Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the ONE.

I am “Ashira”.

You had an amazing weekend last weekend. We were so glad to share that with you and be a part of that with you. We are glad to hear you continue on those brainwave activates for this past week. It is good to hear that you can take the weekend and put it into a way that you can work with it every day and to have more of an idea of what to watch for, what to look out for and what to leave. All of these things are important for each of you.

This is a time of great changes. This is the time you have been looking for. Now you can see the changes which we know will be making you very happy. We have asked you to live in faith for several years now.

Some of the time we have given soon. Much of what we said soon about was delayed, put off. We have always said soon. But now, now is the time that you are experiencing change s in this life that you can see. Not only believing is seeing but now seeing is believing.

This will open conversations between you and friends and co-workers and family members. If you listen you will hear them say tell me more, what is there to know? That is the invitation you are looking for.

This is a grand season. We know Christmas time around the world raises vibration for all. This is a special day because it is your day.

Have a wonderful week. Namaste.

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OWS & Ashira – Create The Reality You Want It To Be After The Event – by Rose Rambles dotorg- 10-12-16

Courtesy ocf



Believing Is Seeing!

“One Who Serves”
We were not yet recording? Maybe it’s because I am here (referring to himself as the #2 or #3 OWS and now for at least this session #1) . Anyway, where were we? Oh, yes. Everything is happening here for a reason, people. Everything is happening for a reason. Things are going on exactly as it needs to. You do not be concerned in any way whatsoever that you are going to miss the boat. It is not going to be any missing boat unless you decide to miss the boat. That is up to you.

For all of you who are wanting to move along with the Ascension Process. For all of you who want to be in the right place at the right time when “The Event” comes, when the “Changeover” happens, you will be exactly in the moment you need to be in the moment you need to be it.

Do not be concerned in any way. Do not be thinking about the RV, the money and all of this. That is part of it. Do not be concerned about NESARA being announced. That is part of this as well. Do not be concerned about the major arrests and all. This is part of it.

You see you are the ones creating this. It is your consciousness creating this. So, please get yourselves together. Get your minds right. Create the best thing you can. Alright? Create everything you want. Imagine it. Use your imagination each and every day. Imagine. There was a question earlier, “What will it be like after the “Event”?” And we will say, create it now.

Create what you want it to be after the “Event”. Create the changes. It is you who have created this. It is your creation. You as a collective whole. It is your creation. Create whatever you want. If you want replicators, create replicators. If you want no more money, create no more money.

All of this but understand it is a transition. You are going through a transition process. You are not going to go from A-Z without going through B, C and D and so on. It does not happen this way. Allow for the process. Be in the process and just be that process. OK?

We are ready now for questions. “Ashira” is standing by and putting up with us the whole time here. (laughter) We will see if she can keep up with us here. We will try. This is kind of an experiment here.



ANCIENT AWAKENINGS – You Are Getting Closer and Closer To Accessing – THE EVENT – Sananda, Ashtar, OWS and Ashira – 8-10-16

Ancient Awakenings


“Sananda”, “One Who Serves # 1 and 2″ channeled by James McConnell

“Ashtar”, “Ashira” channeled by Dr. Susan Sammarco


(Note: these messages were given during our monthly Sunday joint Ancient Awakenings and Hollow Earth Network call over Blog Talk Radio in Phoenix, AZ on August 7, 2016) Also note: only the Ascended Masters messages were transcribed not the question/answer portion. If you wish, you can listen to the audio file to hear that part.



This is “Sananda”. Wonderful, as always, to be with you. To share in these times, in times as things are changing, as your consciousness is shifting and changing. I speak now of the consciousness of the entire planet. Not only to those of you on the phone and those of you in the room here, but the entire planet is shifting.

Of course those who look through their regular, three dimensional eyes do not see this. They do not understand that this shift is happening. As we have said, as many have said, it is for those who have the eyes to see and the ears to hear. Those of you have those eyes. Those of you who are opening your Third Eye are beginning to see into other dimensions, other levels of consciousness that before you did not know existed. But yet they are there and you are beginning to shift into those levels of consciousness that give you access to these other realms.

There are many across the planet that are moving in this direction such as you are, that are meeting in groups just as you are, that are reaching into higher levels of frequency to bring about the changes. The changes happen within you. And as they happen within you, I speak of the collective you, as these changes arrive you move higher and higher to these dimensional levels. And as you reach higher and move closer to these dimensional levels you are getting closer and closer to accessing the “Event. “

What has been called and is being called, the “Event”. The “Event” is a cosmic event, a cosmic happening that never has happened before on this planet or any other planet in the way that it is going to happen. But it is coming. It is part of the expression now on this planet, Earth, of the Solar System and of the Galaxy itself. Because this energy coming from the Galactic Central Sun is going to shift consciousness throughout the Galaxy.

It is not only the people on the Earth, the people within the Earth, it is also across the Solar System and the Galaxy that consciousness is shifting. As we have said many times, nothing at this point can stop it. It is what  you call “a done deal”.

Many of you have now heard that a selection of those at the top, those controllers, have been taken out of the picture. Yes, that is true, they have been removed. Those who are their minions, those Illuminati, those Cabal on the planet still seemingly to run the show, I say seemingly because they feel they are still in charge. But they know now that their time is short. They are losing the battle. We know that they have already lost it. They are receding in importance. They know they are losing control each and every day that passes and they know there is very little they can do about it.

Yet, their tenacity is strong and they continue to thrive. They continue to move forward and do whatever has worked for them. I speak of the various families and whatever has worked for them up until now. It can no longer work because there are too many forces of light that have come to bear upon the situation and have brought even more light to those who have tried to maintain control.

So their time is short. Your time is just beginning. Everything is in place. As the Ascended Masters have been saying, as the Galactics have been saying, everything is being orchestrated. Everything is being orchestrated for the betterment of mankind.

Do not be concerned about your brothers and your sisters and what will become of them. That they are still asleep and do not know what is coming and that is correct. They may not have any idea at a conscious level of what is coming, what is already here. But they all know that everything is in shifting changes. All is shifting with the wind and they know at a deeper level that they are part of this shift of consciousness.

I am “Sananda” and I will turn this over to my dear brother “Ashtar” who is waiting to speak with you.

Peace and love be with all of you.



Well, I am so glad to be here today. It brings me such joy to be here with you. It has been a while since we have spoken through this one for this group.

I am “Ashtar”. Indeed, we asked Susan earlier to share her first experience with us because we want to involve you today in one big hug. To allow ourselves to join with you today to raise your energy even more.

Feel our heart as it joins with yours. Feel our embrace. Feel our kiss upon your forehead. All of you, who are hearing our voice, know this connection is for you and it lifts you higher than you have been.

We are so excited about what is happening upon this upon this planet. When we first started speaking through Susan for this group we talked about lights going on, pop, pop, pop, around the world. And now the world is lit up!

You may think, “Oh no…this one is not awake.” You have heard that we have said it is the heart light shining that counts. Not where someone’s mind is tied up with at this moment. But the heart light of each being upon the planet has been awakened. Next is the Pillar of Light that is coming in that will awaken all at the conscious level.

We know that around the world there are groups such as this that are meeting every day of the week. They focus on raising of consciousness and they converse on things you converse about too. However, you have missed the point that you do not need to be doing this any longer because the change has already begun. We see the changes on this planet, in this planet, around the planet and through the System. We are all changed. We are all new beings. New creations.

Each of you is a new being every single day. Someone mentioned that in your conversation earlier. Every day they are a new being. That is so true. We do not think about these things. We simply are. You simply are.

We know that humans like to chastise themselves for areas they do not feel up to par. That is something you do not have to do.  Fear is gone. Self-recrimination is gone. Everyday wake up and see the beautiful sunshine coming into your world, into your room. Be grateful. Be happy.

Think about what happened during the night. There are many of you who are Ashtar Galactic Command Ships. There are many who are working beside me, with me and are mine. Every day you see more and more what are called UFOs coming into this world’s vision. Every day in other parts of the world as well as here. You can see as they are shown on your Internet. We told you a year ago that this would be happening and it is happening. And whistleblowers are coming out in various places talking about what has not been working in this world and how things can get better. All of these are things we could not have told you a year ago because you would not have heard us. You are in a totally different place today.

We are so pleased with where you have come from and where you have come to. And you are but a tiny part of where the whole world has come. We know that there are more things coming but we do not speak of the future world, we speak of the now.

So, once again, let me embrace you in my arms. Feel my heart as it is next to yours. Know that you are cared for perfectly. Know that each day those things you are to handle is part of the orchestration for you in particular and for what is yet to happen upon the planet.

I give you my love in a great big hug. Thank you.


“One  Who Serves” #1

Greetings to you. “One Who Serves” here. We are to continue to be of service to you whenever and wherever we can. We are going to do something different here with the “Hollow Earth Network”.

We are going to ask you to turn on your heart lights. Just like turn on your heart light song from the “E.T.” movie we find within the James’ consciousness. Turn on your heart light. Everybody. Close your eyes and turn on your own heart light. Turn it on. Flip the switch.

As you are doing this, see everyone next to you doing it as well. Then see it happening all across the planet. If you can lift your body high above the atmosphere of the Earth. Look down and see all of the heart lights turning on. Visualize this. Make this happen. Visualize light turning on everywhere.

There was another movie, an “X-Men” movie where the professor did this with the help of a machine. He could see all of the lights come on. Whichever works for you but see the lights coming on everywhere.

It may be a candlelight, flickering on, in every corner of the planet. If there is a spot of darkness see the candlelight flicker on and fill the darkness with light. The light grows and grows. See it expanding. Until all of the lights come together across the planet. Expanding, growing, merging together.

If you are seeing this from above as we suggested, you can see the light coming on across the planet. Light spreading. One light. One Being.

Very good. Now you can return back to this room, this group. Be sure to tuck yourself into your physical body. Many forget to do this. If you left in your astral or etheric bodies, make sure you tuck yourself back in so that you don’t feel any ill results after. “Come back into a complete state of consciousness and circulation, fully revitalized and refreshed”.

How you all feel?  Feel good? You not only helped yourselves but you helped the entire planet by doing this. Think about all of those listening here in the room, on the recording and on the phone or read these words, all can have a part in this.

This is a happening people! You are a part of this happening. You are part of all that is expressing on the Earth, in the Earth, around the Earth. Know that as you shift your consciousness, you shift that of the entire planet. You are the one. Be the One!

We are ready for questions now. “Ashira” is standing by.

(Question/answer was not transcribed. Please go to either or to listen to the audio file.)


“One Who Serves”-two

I am another “One Who Serves”. Couldn’t let you get away without my jumping in today!

We chuckle about the last question. Where are you from? You are from many different planets. There is no one planet anyone is from, you see? You are truly from a Galaxy, far, far away! All of this stuff that you know from your movies and such. Those movies are important because they move you into a higher level of expression because you are learning from them.

Many of you were shocked when you saw that scene in the cantina in “Star Wars”. You thought of it as fantasy but guess what? It is not fantasy it is real and you are going to come into contact with many of those in the present lifetime. Yes, we are speaking of your present lifetime, now. Not at this present but as you move higher in your Ascension Process you will experience much, much more than what you have come to call home.

This is not your home. You have come from many different systems. You have done this many times and you are going around and around again. You are never going to come to a final destination. You are moving to connect to your Higher God Self. Connecting to your highest God Source but even that is not your final destination. There is no final because all is eternal.

So, I get off our soap box now and give you a little hint of what is coming. We do not like to use imminent and soon but there is an announcement coming. It is very shortly that you will experience a shift in consciousness because of this particular announcement that is close at hand now.

Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the One.



I am “Ashira”. Thank you so much for the opportunity to share with you today.

I know your heart is opened from “Ashtar’s” visit with you. We know his deep desire to connect with each and every one of you today.

These are times that we are all celebrating. These are times that we are preparing our parties with you. These are times that we are excited about the work you have done. We know that many of you are worried about whether you have done this right or that right. About whether or not you have prepared in the proper way. Are you meditating correctly or being concerned about anything that has to you for your preparedness?

We say, let it be. Let the flow go. You are in the exact right place at the exact right time to experience all that has come to you.

We give you our love and our light. Namaste.

Channeled by James McConnell and Dr. Susan Sammarco
Article may be reproduced in its entirety if authorship and authors website is clearly stated


ANCIENT AWAKENINGS – LORD SANANDA – THE 3rd WAVE IS THE ONE! – – Message from Saint Germain – 6-5-16



This 3rd Wave Is the ONE!

~ Sananda



June 5 2016

Greetings everyone,

We had another great call with Hollow Earth Network on Sunday with Sananda, Saint Germain, OWS and Ashira giving messages and answering questions. Prior to the call, we had our discussion time with those members present and over the phone with many sharing their experiences from our “Advance” this past weekend. Several people shared their healing experiences and how they continue to still have marked and in some cases extraordinary healings.

According to the messages given, we are now in the midst of the 3rd wave with the crescendo being the Summer Solstice when many more will begin to awaken from their deep slumber and mass consciousness will take another leap forward as well as the rise of frequencies across the planet. So we all just need to hang in there a little while longer and continue to go with the flow. And as they keep saying, “get ready to enjoy the show”!

If you are planning to attend our next Wednesday or Sunday groups whether in person or by phone and have not yet RSVP’d, please do so as soon as you can. A big thank you goes out to Lee Binder from Germany who provided us with a partial transcription which includes Sananda and Saint Germain’s messages as well as one question and answer. The rest of the question/answer session is ommitted but you can listen to it by going to or our Ancient Awakenings website.

Enjoy and Be in joy and get ready to watch the show.

Love and light,

(Note: these messages were given during our Sunday Ancient Awakenings joint call with Hollow Earth Network over Blog Talk Radio in Glendale, AZ on June 5, 2016)

Believing Is Seeing!




Sananda, Saint Germain and One Who Serves
channeled by James McConnnell

Ashira channeled by Dr. Susan Sammarco


This 3rd Wave Is the ONE!




his is Sananda. Always wonderful to be here with you in this way to reach out to so many across the entire planet. These times that you are in now, they are momentous times; they are times that have been in the works for a long long time, and you yourselves know why you are here – most of you know why you are here. You know how long you have been going through these various changes that are happening now.

And as you have heard many times, all is about to change. You are moving up fast on this third wave to come across the planet, that is already on you now. But the major part of it is not yet here, but it is coming. And once it hits, it is going to wash across the entire planet just as the first wave and the second wave did; but this third Wave is THE ONE! This is THE ONE that will bring all the momentum. This is the one that will raise vibrations for all involved, not only the first wavers and the second, but those that are just now awakening and ready to awaken. They will be caught up in this wave, in this tsunami of love.

And many of you now are beginning to experience – many of you that are listening now, many of you that resonate to these words are beginning to experience many changes in your lives. You are beginning to see things that you haven’t seen before; you’re being able to get what have been called the glimpses through the veil as the veil is thinning and dropping. Many of you are experiencing healing in various types, in various ways. And that healing is going to continue, those glimpses are going to continue. Until at a certain point, when what you call The Event, when this happens, the veil will be gone. Healing will be immense and available to all, both energetically as it is now, and also through your various sciences, as the medical science you know now ceases to be as it is and becomes what it can be. It is a brave new world we are approaching, the new Golden Age of Light.

The Guardian of the new Dispensation was going to be here today, but it has been postponed for now, for various events are occurring still behind the scenes, yes… but now beginning to come out into the open. You are hearing many more stories of various personalities out there, that are having their times, their times of travail, whereas once before they had none. The balance that has been spoken of so many times is coming over this planet, and you, the Lightworkers… you, the ones that share the light, you are the ones that are bringing this about… you are the ones that are spreading the light everywhere you go, without your even knowing it in many cases. Wherever you walk when you are out in public, you spread the light, you spread your energies. And those energies, that light moves into the next one next to you and to the next one and to the next one. And the light continues to spread, and an awakening continues to happen.

For those that are asleep will not be asleep much longer. You will notice across the planet a grand awakening is in the process of happening. Many more are hearing the time clock, the alarm clock go off deep within their hearts, and they are awakening from their long slumber; and it is time now, it is time for all to awaken.

And you, you are the catalysts for this. So you have come to do a mission, and you have succeeded beyond expectations in this mission. Many of you came with me a long time ago, and it is now time to reach the finish, for all is about to change.

I will leave you now. St. Germaine will come in and speak about NESARA… that it is also about to unfold. Peace and Love be with all of you. Continue on on this journey of light.



I AM Saint Germain. It is wonderful to be here with you as each time I can share with so many… so many wonderful and loving beings that are primed for all that is about to occur.

You have heard for so long now, many years, of these changes. And you hear often, that these changes are upon you when I tell you now, is, St. Germaine, the I AM presence, is coming over ALL. And these changes are going to be remarkable. You hear, many of you hear about the Republic, and how what was going to be a wonderful Republic of the United States of America, has turned into the corporation of the United States of America; and under the circumstances, that is to be understood. But their time is at an end now. For what has been prophesied is now to be: the Republic that I, myself, helped to foster in the signing of the Declaration of Independence and the forming of this New Republic.

This is about to be announced to this country and eventually to the world. There are but only a few remaining items on the agenda before this can occur. But those that have been stopping this, those ones that we call the “cabal,” have reached their end of being able to hold anything back – their power has diminished greatly, their power over you, their control. For that is what they have been all about is control and power, increasing to more power and more power, but at a certain point they have reached the end of how their power can be; and their power, as they know it, is diminished, and the New Republic or the Old Republic… what was to be… is now going to be.

And along with this is the great new program called NESARA – National Economic Security and Reformation Act. It has been in the planning stages for a long time, has been held back from you, the public, for a long time as well. For several decades it has been in the planning stages, and many times it was about to be announced and was held back for one reason or another. But those reasons, they have come to an end. They can no longer hold it back. And the one you know as the “Disclosure President,” who has always been that Disclosure President, and is still that one. Nothing has changed, even though it appears he has been working for the dark, he has really been working for the light. And at some point you will understand this – ALL will understand this. He has made an amazing sacrifice to be able to bring this about, for in order for all of this to happen, there first had to be a complete breakdown, or a seeming breakdown, of the seeming republic that you have had.

For many are asleep to this; many believe it is America as it has always been and meant to be. But the America that you know now is not the America that was meant to be. The world that you know now, the planet that you know, is not the way it is meant to be. So NESARA is close to being announced, as is the Republic. It is all done in the background and only waiting on that final signal that all has to come forth, and then the I AM presence that all of you resonate to and that resonates within you will come to the forefront, and you will all know who you are and what you are all about.

I AM Saint Germain, and I leave you with all the Peace and Love you all deserve, as the whole planet is about to move through the tremendous change that will be rigged up in your history books for ages to come, and you will know that you were a part of its beginning: the end of the old age and of the beginning of the New Age.

I AM Saint Germain. Peace and Love be with all of you.




Lee: Namasté and thank you, One Who Serves and Ashira, and Sananda and Saint Germain in the background. This is Lee, currently from Lake Constance, southern Germany.

My question is about the Light Healing Chambers. I’m aware that the master-plan is constantly being adapted to the needs and circumstances of each current “Now.” Still, the Company of Heaven has very clear visions.

Do you know and can you please share with us, what the current goal is? How soon AFTER the Tsunami of Love crescendo event, to have the Healing Chambers made available to the general public?


Largely, after The Event, after many of these changes have gone through and disclosure has happened, and all of these things… and there’s our beginning of landings and this…  THEN these Healing Chambers will be open.

But, prior to this, there are already various devices, healing devices, that are coming into the understanding of man here now. They are being released, very slowly in some respects, but they are coming out. Many new technologies are about to be released. So you have those technologies, as well as, once the landings begin and all of this, then you would be able to go up on the ships and into Hollow Earth.

You will be invited down into there, and on into the Cities of Light, as well. And there will be these Healing Chambers, these Crystal Healing Chambers in all of them, and they are meant for you. When you go into them, they are resonating only to you, not to anyone else, so they will resonate to your consciousness. Your consciousness will mix with the consciousness within the device itself, within the crystals, and that all of this, itself, and there will be a healing process that happens, as well as what you hear of in terms of rejuvenation and all of those things. And… to move you along in the ascension process, as well. So all of this is coming.

Yes, Ashira, anything to add here?


Well, we would add that you can visit your Light Healing Chamber now; you can have an energetic experience of healing. You can visit it when ever you feel that it is going to be good for you. Take a meditation and imagine your self above or below – wherever you are drawn – to your Light Healing Chamber; and you can take time to lay in it or stand in it or sit in it, what ever you choose to do, and feel it, these healing energies flow through you, healing you, making you stronger.

This is not that actual experience that you will be having in the future, but it is actually something that you are experiencing, and that you will continue to experience as you use them. It will help you become familiar with this technology, and who knows where that will take you. Thank you.

Lee: OK, thanks for reminding me. And those Healing Chambers, the ones after The Event – when they become available for the deep, very thorough kind of healing, how will we find those Healing Chambers? I mean, there can’t be a road sign: “Next healing chamber in the forest clearing twenty yards after the big oak”?

How will we find them, how will we get there?


You will have your mentors by then; your mentors will be happy to take you to your Chamber and to help you meet all of those who are going to be taking care of you and ease you into that experience. All right?


Yes, and in many respects, they will find YOU.

Lee: OK, that’s alleviating – thanks for that answer, I appreciate that.


Ancient Awakenings





NEWS  –  Your Governmental Structure   –   Forces of the Light are moving against Them   –   NESARA moving forward   –   A MAJOR SHIFT IS COMING   –   You will be meeting your Brothers and Sisters from Inner Eaerth Soon   –   New Mentors wil be coming from the Ships, and also, from Inner Earth.


This exceptional call brings messages through two live inter-active channels:

James McConnell – Founder of Ancient Awakenings and 30-year channel, and

Dr Sue Sammarco, author, teacher and channel for 30 years.


Today we expect Sananda, St Germain, and perhaps a third guest – bringing an expected special announcement.


And One Who Serves and Ashira will once again, participate through our channels in a lively

Q & A.





I Am The Way, The Truth and the Life

Just As You Are The Way, The Truth And The Life



                         James McConnel         Dr Sue Sammarco
Channeling                   Channeling
Yeshua                       Lady Nada
One Who Serves                   Ashira


Hi Everyone,

Here it was Easter Sunday and Lady Nada gave in her message that this would be the last Religious Easter, celebrated as we do now. Yeshua gave the message of his life as an ideal to follow not to worship and that we are all The Way, The Truth and the Life.

Although we had a somewhat smaller in person attendance as several of our regulars were unable to attend, our phone audience continues to grow. Tomorrow is our 2nd Wednesday group and would love for as many as possible to join us either in person or by phone. If you are planning to attend either tomorrow or our next Sunday PFC group and have not yet RSVP’d, please do so as it helps in our record keeping and knowing who to expect for attendance.

Next Sunday is our 1st of the month joint session with Hollow Earth Network over Blog Talk Radio. Sananda will be with us as will Arabella through Sue and of course our always robust question/answer session with OWS and Ashira.

We are in the process of firming up who will be joining us at our next Advance in the cool Pines in the AZ mountains the last weekend of May. We have been receiving hints about what we might expect as well as I am already receiving info about what experiences we may expect. We are being prepared for the final wave in June so that we might be of assistance to those newly awakening and be ready to either continue our missions or begin as well as advance our own Ascension process.

Enjoy and Be in joy and Victory of the Light!

Love and light,


Believing Is Seeing!

Note: these messages were given during our weekly Prepare For Change group in Glendale, AZ on Easter Sunday March 27, 2016



This is Yeshua, the one who you know as Jesus and I am also Sananda. I have been with you many times in this group. Many times I have to share with you.

Today that I come now is a day of rejoicing, a day of rejuvenation. Yes, a day of resurrection. It is not my death so long ago and its subsequent resurrection that is celebrated this day. It is the light. It is the light that I share. It is the light that I show to each of you, to all of you. To care for all of you.

I did not die for your sins. That is a fallacy. I came to live that you might live. So that you might raise up into the higher heavens of your own being. This is what I came for. To prepare and to show you the way. Show you the ideal. To be the ideal that you would follow. Not to be an idol. I do not wish to be worshiped. I wish to be followed as a life, as a life-giving love.

I am the embodiment of love. Just as you are the embodiment of love and light. You have never not been. Nor has any one else on the entire planet or in the Solar System or in the galaxy or in the very universe itself.

Yet it is true that sometimes ones lose their way. They stray far from the rest of the herd. But all of you, even if you have strayed here and there, you always come back to the flock. I am the shepherd who holds you to me, keeps you new and dear to my heart. See, you and I, we are all in this together.

I came to show you the way to follow. I AM the Way, the Truth and the Life and You Are the Way, the Truth and the Life.

It is all about consciousness, my brothers and sisters. It is all about raising your consciousness and being aware of raising your consciousness. It is all about awareness and improvement of consciousness as you become more aware.

As I say, we are all in this together. We are all working toward the same goal. We are to find the love that is in each and every one of us and bring the unity consciousness back into this planet, back to those who reside on this planet. To connect all to the planet, herself. To Gaia herself. To all the plants and the animals. To every living creature on the planet. To connect… just as of old.

Those times when I came as Yeshua, those that were around me were not yet ready for the messages that I had to bring. They were not ready for the ideal that I showed them. But you, my brothers and sisters, are ready! Each and every one of you are ready for this. Even if you do not believe, as of yet, that you can ascend into the higher heavens of your being, you can, you are and you will.

You have heard, many times now, that many of you have ascended. But yet, you do not feel as though you have ascended. You have not raised up into the clouds as I raised up into the clouds, as those who were watching could see, as I did this. In those times this was necessary to show the ideal. To show the way. To show what was possible.

To you now, this is no longer necessary. You won’t raise up into the heavens, but don’t feel sorry for yourself. You will rise to the frequencies of your own being. You will ascend. You have ascended. You are just not fully aware yet.

But I am telling you now, as many are telling you, there will come a time, a frequency, a certain frequency will be reached when you will awaken one morning and all will change in a twinkling of an eye, in an instant. Your lives, as you know them today, will be forever altered. Forever changed.

You are the ones, my friends, my brothers and sisters. You are the ONE!

We leave you now in peace and love. Know that I have always been with you. I am with you now and will always be with you, and you with me.

Peace and love be with each of you.




I walked the path with Yeshua many years ago. I was Mary Magdalene. We are forever consorts, He and I.

Would it be nice to know that this is the last Easter celebrated as religious holiday? The last one to be treated in this way. But the meaning will have changed after this year. And the meaning of so much of your life will go in the coming months. Very rapidly changing.

You will see the love that is on this planet explode! You will see the wars stop in one day. You will see all change not easily and gradually. You will see the greatest number of these things change very quickly.

We are proud and pleased to be walking beside you. To be walking with you on the path you are on. We know, Yeshua/Sananda and myself, that we are walking beside you. Knowing that you have come already to the end of your pathway for your Ascension process and the next step will be taking place very soon.

We thank you and we bless you today.

Have a wonderful Easter Day!





Greetings to you. One who ‘Serves here and ready to move ahead with the program here. And it is a program. It is a process, as we have said many times. And you are the program. You are the process.

So, kick back and get ready for the show because the show is coming and it is going to be quite the show. We wish to share something with you now. You have come more and more to work with this thing called “The Plug.” Working with the Lemurian Plate and this technology. This technology is beyond your understanding at this moment. You are going to become aware of what it is, how it works and all of these things. This is coming.

For the time being understand that it works because it can. Because it is ancient technology. It is higher vibration technology. It is something that you are able to move into and to work with. To be able to have this technology.

As this begins to work in your homes, in your bodies know that this is a precursor of the crystal chambers. It is a smaller development of this. Of course, the crystal healing chambers will do so much more than this but it is the beginning of this, it is working with the same vibration. And the vibration is working with the consciousness of the being that it is attempting to assist here.

You are beginning to understand the many various ways that this works with. How it works with a vibration or that it works with a vibration. It works with the various consciousness that it comes in touch with. We are speaking of not only human beings but animals and plants. Of various fruits and vegetables and all of this.

Even the building materials in your homes themselves. Your home has consciousness. Please understand this. They are made of various items that come together to build a home. They are made from wood and various other materials that have consciousness. Especially for the newer fashioned home, there is going to be a consciousness within them. This “Plug” will be working more and more directly with these homes. With this technology here. OK?

We will give much more on this as we move along here. You have questions for One Who Serves and Ashira who is standing by?

Question: I am feeling like my job I can barely stand. Can you give me some direction to help, where I am going?

ONE WHO SERVES:  Where you stand is where you stand and where you are going is where you have already been. We are being a bit cryptic here. It is important for you to find your path. To follow your path. You need to let go. Let go of the various things that are plaguing  you, that are causing you disconsternation. Is that a word? Allow for the overall process to take hold here.

How would you do that, you ask? We would say to find various things in your life that you enjoy. If you find something that can make a little money, can be a financial relief, than follow that. Do that.

Do not get stuck in a rut, you might say. For many feel as if there is no way out and they are held there. And this is purposeful for the Cabal that has created the entire situation that you find yourselves in, to be in a dead end job.

You do not need to be in a dead end job. What works for you? What is enjoyable for you? Then move into that direction to find remuneration for this. You see? It is there for you. Many are beginning to do that more and more.

Now we also want you to understand that you are always to be in the Now moment. Not to think about the future as coming because the future is already here as well. It is all in the process of the Now. So, let go of these things that you are waiting for, you are hoping for, you want to happen. It is already happening.

In your jobs there that you are working and have worked, do something different to bring about a new change. You will be ready for these things that are already upon you. You see? As we say things have already happened at the higher level and just need to manifest at the 3D level. At the higher 3D level and even into the 4th dimension.

ASHIRA: I do not have anything to add. You touched on an area I would have covered.

ONE WHO SERVES: We are not in the habit of giving “x marks the spot.”


Question: I believe we do not understand how powerful our intent is.

ONE WHO SERVES:  Yes, the one who is speaking is giving us a good path. The more you intend for something to be a part of your life, the more it will be so. The more you want it, the more it will be. And there is the opposite of that for people who don’t want things who think strongly about how much they don’t want something and they draw it to themselves.

ASHIRA:  I agree completely with her comment. The many, many people who are so caught up in what they don’t want in their lives and so they are staying in the same job, the same relationship, the same rut that they have had for a period of time.

As we learn to release and let go, each one in this room, each one in this group, release and let go completely there will be wonderful new energies that will fill that space! You can modify, you can manufacture, you can make of those energies what you want! That is what you will manifest for this space that you have cleared for yourself.

ONE WHO SERVES:  It is all about the creative process. You have been in the creative process in the 3D realm and the only difference between this and the 4th and 5th D realms is the buffer period. There is a period of time between your thought, your intention and your creative event. That will become less and less as you move into the creative vibrations. Where you are now you have the intention of what you want and then you move toward creating it.

But the idea is that you have to move. You have to move your feet or do something to bring it about. Because if you sit on the sofa and watch TV all day or night, that is what you will get. You will get a funky brain here. (laughter)

So there is a need to move your feet, find a direction that you want and move in that direction. We say, “Go with the flow” but that does not mean to sit back and do nothing! If everyone on the planet just “Let it be” there would be no changes. As we have said many times, “you are the change.”  You are the change you are waiting for so you have to create the change. Whether it is in yourself or for others, you have to create it!

If you want a new job, go get it. If you want a new relationship you have to move from the old and into the new. You have to make the movement. It’s a movement of consciousness that is all about awareness here.

You are more powerful than you can imagine. Practice using your imagination now. Practice your visualization skills. Do something! Find something to do that is beneficial to somebody.

You do not have to be a David Wilcock or Corey Goode of the world. There are many, many behind the scenes that you have no idea of their names. You, yourselves, are those ones behind the scenes.


Question: My encounter with the colors…is that an encounter of the 5D kind or some other explanation ? (Person asking the question gave an account of seeing a UFO)

ASHIRA:  Those who have eyes to see and ears to hear. Is this not what you have been asking for? You want to have an opportunity to look through the veil to the other side. You want to know that you are one with your Galactic family. They are there waiting for you so that you and they can come together at some time in the future when it is safe and good for all.

So yes, this is an opportunity for you to have that communication you want. And to know fully and completely that there is an aspect of yourself on that ship, working on that ship, doing the things it does. You will have dreams with this one. Have good dreams and report back what you hear!

ONE WHO SERVES:  Yes. And how many looked in the same sky as you, saw what you saw and discounted it. Not to think, as you, that it was something extraordinary. Yes, eyes to see and ears to hear. There are many who would look at that sky and not see anything you have seen.

Question: Thinking with the heart instead of the brain. What can you share about this?

ONE WHO SERVES:  Always in all ways. Yes. Very much so. Look within your heart. Listen to that small, wee whisper within you. It will never guide you wrong. You have been so programmed to think and to act from the thinking.

That is not to say that you may not think. You have to use your brain. You have to think but you have to hear with your brain but listen with your heart. There is a difference here.

Further questions?

Question: I had a dream but it was real….Discussed presence on ship.

ONE WHO SERVES: We are so pleased you brought this up because it is a precursor to your next Advance. There is a connection here and you will find it as you are there. You believe it was a dream and it was more than a dream. It was in that state where you are between waking and sleeping. It was very real and very important. It has to do with the 12 of the 12 Tables of the council. The Council you have been a part of and will continue to be a part of if you wish. Many will be involved if they are wishing for it.

ASHIRA:  We wish to add that you ask for these types of experiences and you have one! We are very pleased for you. We see this as a live experience and we would say, ask Ashtar.  Ask him what you would like to know about this experience and see how he answers you. We believe that will be an interesting experience for you.

You will continue to have these experiences. So many in this room are on ships  at night. So many in this room are a part of the migration of ships that are coming and going from this system. So many have their own crews that are serving with them.

This is not a one and only type of experience. This is something that many, many of you are experiencing. So bring your experience forward when you have it!

Question: I am dreaming about falling off cliffs. I am afraid of heights. I am falling in dreams with no fear.

ONE WHO SERVES:  We like this dream! Are you ready to jump off the precipice? We are using different language now but your dreams are showing you that you can walk over the edge and let go. Very indicative of the Ascension. Have no fear! The more you can let go and let it be, you will have amazing experiences and all of this.

You are here for a reason and it will come.

We release channel. Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the One.


ASHIRA: I am Ashira. Wishing you a wonderful Easter today! Thank you for coming along with us today. Thank you for sharing as we serve you.
Blessings and peace. Namaste!

Channeled by James McConnell and Dr. Susan Sammarco
Article may be reproduced in its entirety if authorship and authors website is clearly stated

ANCIENT AWAKENINGS – SANANDA! – The Landings Are Coming! – Channel Panel, Blog Talk Radio – 3-6-16

Sananda True

Lord Sananda



We are expecting Sananda as our guest speaker today!

Following will be One-Who-Serves, channeled by James McConnell and Alisha, channeled by Sue Sammarco.

Our two live channels have been channeling about thirty years. This is a very lively and interactive Q & A that follows our guest speaker. Bring your questions! – Ancient Awakenings

You are Now in a New Program – Orchestrated by your Higher Selves – One day soon, You will awaken to find Miraculous Changes! – @ Ancient Awakenings – One Who Serves via James McConnell – 3-3-16


You Are Now In A New Program Being Orchestrated By Your Higher Selves   –   @ Ancient Awakenings   –   One Who Serves  via  James McConnell   –   3-3-16


Believing Is Seeing!

​”You Are Now In A New Program Being Orchestrated By Your Higher Selves”


“One Who Serves” channeled by James McConnell

(note: these messages were given during our weekly Prepare For Change group in Glendale, AZ on February 28, 2016)


“One Who Serves”
Greetings to you. Good to be here with you again in this way. We so look forward to being with you and we are so looking forward to the times ahead. Not that we are not enjoying those in the moment!

And we ask you, each one, to enjoy being in the moment. And if you find that you do this you will find that your lives will take on a new meaning. A new sense of understanding and being in who you are.

Allow for the process to work through you and help you be who you are. And as we have told you many times, this is a process. You are a part of a program here but it is not the program that you have become used to in the Cabal programming.

This is the new program. We are not programming you. You are programming yourselves. Your Higher Selves are involved in the orchestrating your entire endeavor here. You are the ones who are creating all the energy around you. You have heard many times, “You are the ones you have been waiting for.”
Because you are IT. It is not us. We are only here to assist and guide and nudge you along the way. But you are the ones who are here to do the work and the work is coming, my friends. The work is coming and it is not going to be business as usual as you have become accustomed to.

That is not to say that you are going to have to go to jobs and these types of things. No. This is in the past. That is not going to be the way of the coming times here. You are going to be in situations that you are going to relish, you are going to enjoy. And if you do not then you will not be in those situations. You see?

You will not need to survive or find your need in the day. This is talking to the entire planet now. This is the way it is going to be. You are going to experience the love and camaraderie with those around you. You will feel the energies as you connect with one another. And as you hug one another or shake hands, you will feel the energy moving between each one. You may already be doing this, are you not? When you hug another do you not feel the energies moving through you and the other one? Whenever you do this you are moving up in vibrations.

We would suggest that you do this more and more and more. Hug a neighbor. Hug your relatives. Hug a friend. Hug them. Clasp their hands in love and joy. You will be amazed at the energy transference that will happen here. Not only you to them but them to you.

Now certainly be discerning in this. Not to hug one who is in a negative 3D space to you unless they need it, unless they are wanting it. But do not allow their negative energy to move into you. If it does happen then wash it off.

This is the way. This is what you are going to be called to do. Those of you who are preparing for your mission. They are very close now. As you begin to work more and more with the populace around you. As you move from those who are awakened to those who are still somewhat asleep. But they will be opening their eyes wide and will be wondering what is happening? And you will be there to give them the answers they are looking for.

Not give them answers if they are not looking. That is not what we are saying but give them answers. Help them. Nudge them. Guide them, Just as we are doing with you, you will do with them. That is what you are here to do. That is your mission.

There are many who will have different missions. Those in this group, those listening on the phone and all those who resonate to these words, you all are a part of this great mission. You all have part in your individual missions to accomplish and you will be guided to these as you are needed. As you are needed to move into these various roles that you have come to do.

You have come to be part of that mission and it is going to unfold more and more and more for you as you move along in vibration here. More and more find yourself in the higher vibrations here. All that you can do, be in those higher vibrations whatever it take to do this. Be in those higher vibrations and be there longer and longer and longer.

See the beauty in everything that comes in front of you instead of the ugliness and the negativity. See the roses. Smell the roses. Smell the coffee as the saying goes. You see? All of this is important. All of this is a new language that you will be using. And we will be sharing that next week in your call with Hollow Earth. About the importance of language and what is needed here.

So, be ready people. Everything is about to shift! It is shifting now. You are hearing this and hearing this but one of these days, one of these mornings you will get up expecting the same old, same old and another day. And you will find the changes will be miraculous around you that day.
This is our message here. Do you have questions here for us?

Question: Can you explain why I am seeing many different combinations of numbers?

Yes. As I gave an explanation for James earlier for some of this. You are moving up in vibrations and as you move up in higher dimensions you are going to experience more and more of these types of synchronicities. Not only synchronicities in numbers but also in daily activities. In different types of expressions that come along.

And you are becoming aware of these synchronicities because you are becoming aware. You are awakened and the more awakened one becomes the more aware of synchronicities in their life. And how they fit together, how they move within their very being.

This is why this will continue to happen, not only for you, but for many across the planet are beginning to notice this. There are those that are having this happen and they think there is nothing to it but when someone points it out to them, they say, “What?” And to them it is a just a number. You see? For those who have eyes to see and ears to hear.

This is what it is about. You are awakening. You are becoming more and more aware and as this happens the synchronicities are happening more and more. OK?

Question: My husband of 27 years is awakening slowly and I have been nudging him more and more. What can I do to help the process?

We have to chuckle here because we have been doing the exact same thing, nudging these people along here and there. Sometimes they go along and sometimes they hold back. So it is very similar, you see?

It is the same thing that you are having with your husband. But we would say to you, just as we do when we have the opportunity, we nudge a little bit more. We push a little bit more sometimes. Sometimes we push hard. Depends on what is needed at the time. One will listen to the whispers or they will hear the shouts. You see?

So, if you continue to whisper, that is good. Whisper in his ear. Give him a little nudge here and there. Let the course take as it will. You see? This is the go with the flow here. You certainly cannot take a sledge hammer and hit him over the head. It is not time for that. OK?

We do not have our comrade, “Ashira” this time so we are on our own. Another question?

Question: I have an association with “Athena” in my life. What can you tell me?

What we can tell you about “Athena” in a deeper archetype here is that she is passed down in stories from one generation to another. And it started as “Athena” in the Greek times gods and all of this. This comes down from there but it all comes from a deeper understanding and why it was brought into the mythology of the Greek times as it was.

For your understanding as to why you are having this is that your particular attraction to this is not being “Athena” but what she represents. You see? And you are having this remembrance you might say, of her or what she represents.
We will not say that you are “Athena” or a Twin Soul of “Athena” or anything of this nature. We would not give that if it were so. But you are bringing up a remembrance of this here. This is why it is coming back to you. But do not let someone in body share with you anything deeper because then you will need to use you discerning qualities about that. Do you understand what we have given here? We are trying to not give too much information here. It is not a negative energy as you are understanding it.

Question: Described a dream where she joined as one with another (the dream itself was not transcribed here). Was that my Twin Flame?

We would say to you that the precipice pass is Ascension. That is the idea of stepping off the precipice to either fall or to soar, you see? But taking the leap of faith as one steps off the precipice. That is number one.

The second part where one appears to you there, that is your Higher Godself. And you becoming one with your Higher Godself. As you become one with your Higher Godself you are able to step off and ascend. A wonderful dream!

And as you move ahead you will find your dreams much more important than you have been programmed that they are. Some are finding even now that they are a continuation of their life work in dreams. That they are moving into alternate realities, parallel realities in some cases, and continuing to live their lives, their journeys, their dream states. That is all we can say around this at this time.

Question: I was in a fire in a dream but not burning. Was that me?

Was that you? When you look at your dream symbolism you look at things that are happening in your life at this time. When you look at the various symbols, they are different aspects of yourself.

Whenever you look at a house or high rise building or whatever, it is your house of consciousness. Your house of consciousness was on fire. It was burning but it was not burning with the idea of fire as you know it to destroy but it was burning with the Violet Flame to renew. To burn away the old and to raise anew.
And if you continued the dream you would see that the house became a new house after. This part you did not remember in your dream. See?

Question: Can you shine some light on my dream (this dream is not transcribed here)?

Yes, certainly. Again, the hangar or warehouse is symbolic of your house of consciousness at that moment and your colleagues were portions of yourself that were trying to hold you back from something. Trying to hold you back from moving on in your Ascension process.

It was symbolic in this way. And you killed them all off, systematically, as you said. This is indicative of you taking those things out that are holding you back. Those attachments that are holding you.

And your Higher Godself directed this dream to show you that you can eliminate those that are holding you back so that you can begin to move freely through the warehouse, through the first floor or a lower floor. There were other floors and you would continue on in this dream you would have moved up those floors. You see?

It is normally “Ashira” who does these dream attractions. We are somewhat out of practice but can jump right back in.

Question: Will we have the chance to meet you and others with you at some point?

Oh my goodness. You have heard many times of the celebrations being planned. The laying of tables. The creating of the buffets. All of these things are ready! Literally! Ready!

On the ships. In the Inner Earth. All of these are ready for the Great Celebration that is at hand. And when the frequencies are right, we will be there hugging you, grasping your hand, all of this. All of this is coming and we are so looking forward to it. Thank you for asking about this.

It will be a celebration like none you have even begun to imagine.

We release channel. Go with the flow. Don’t let yourself go. Do what you need to do in the moment to create your life. Every life, every thought creates your life. Believe it and you will see it.

Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the One.


Channeled by James McConnell
Article may be reproduced in its entirety if authorship and authors website is clearly stated

THE NEW TECHNOLOGIES ARE COMING! – Adama, One Who Serves, Ashira – @ Ancient Awakenings – 2-23-16

art the key of love painting by korinna 

ART : The Key of Love painting by Korinna


 Found at:


Believing Is Seeing!


“The New Technologies Are Coming” – Adama, One Who Serves and Ashira

“Adama” and “Ashira” channeled by Dr. Susan Sammarco
“One Who Serves” channeled by James McConnell

(Note: these messages were given during our weekly Prepare For Change group in Glendale, AZ on February 21, 2016)


I am “Adama”. Wasn’t this a special gift you had today, was it not?
Planned but beyond knowing. We will tell you that it is but part; it is the new knowing of the technology that is coming to you.

This type of technology has its presence throughout the world. These types of technology are coming to you faster and faster now. This group will find many amazing things that can be done when you go home.

The technologies that you are seeing are old technologies. The technologies that you are hearing are exciting and things that we have enjoyed for a long time.
We want to say that this one who brought this today is an emissary. He is showing his gifts although he does not know exactly what they are. But that too will change as the near time come. We say that we are happy for you because this is another one of those things that is promised to you and which you have.

Thank you.


“One Who Serves”
Greetings to you.
You have a saying do you not? “There are no accidents”. Certainly that is the case here in this time and this moment and you have a new friend who has come on the scene here. He brings a technology that is ancient as “Adama” has said. It is certainly from the Lemurian times and the Atlantean times.

It has a frequency that it carries that is beyond most of your understanding at this time. But I t is the new technology. It is the new understandings that are coming. It will replace those frequencies that you have available to you now. We have been saying this to you, that the three dimensional devises you have in your understanding and realm will no longer work. These types of devices will replace them.

But this device particularly is making a transition here. It is transitioning those negative energies that you have now in those various devices and it will move those frequencies into higher frequencies to allow you to subsist with those devices you have now.

This is a transition, the next step. It is an evolution. Just as your bodies are evolving you are moving through an evolution. You are moving through a “quantum leap” in evolution and you are going to continue to have this leap here.

These particular devices that are coming out now and many more of these as it becomes easier to come out with these devices whereas before they could not. They would not have been allowed or held back in some way or in some way they would have been killed for their devices so they would not be brought out.
But that is all changing now. You are moving into a new process, a new time here where these will be released more and more and more. This is just the beginning here. There is so much more coming. There is so much more that is not yet begun to be released yet but it is coming.

You have heard of the replicators. You have heard of many various devices. Much of this comes from the Tesla Technology that has been in the past. It is being brought out now. It has been used by the secret government or the secret societies or things of that nature and they have been using these for some time. They did not want you to have them because if you had them, just as this one can cure diseases or protect you from having diseases, if they stayed in this vibration they could ward off this kind of thing.

We have said that you cannot have this in the higher vibration. We have been saying this and saying this. You, your bodies, are moving into a new vibration yourselves and this type of device will assist you in doing so.

That is our message here. Now for questions for “Ashira” who is standing by and ourselves.


Question: Was Nicolai Tesla killed?

He died of natural causes but he was moved into the direction of being ill in his later years because of, many ways, a broken heart. He was not allowed to bring into the world his inventions which he so much wanted to do. He was held back in many different respects, in many different ways. Does this answer your question?

Question: Do you have contact with Kathleen?(asked by the new member who brought the device to the group about the ancient one from Lemuria that gave the information to build the “crystal plate”)

We know of whom you speak. Not direct contact here but we certainly know of this one. She is ancient. She has been around for a very long time. She has come to you in that respect of what you have said and she is standing by, you might say! She is ready to assist in this process as it moves on. This is yours and her endeavor together.
Any other questions here?

Question: I feel that I am doing what I need to be doing but that I am not fulfilling a mission at this time. Can you help me understand?

Dear One, you are a man of action. Seeming that you do not have the opportunity to act at the moment seems to put a bit of slowness in your movement. We know this about you and we know that you are verbalizing something that many in this room, many on this call and many who read this feel too.

We know that you are moving forward in the consciousness and the thoughts that you have. We know that even though you feel as though you are in a low spot in the moment you can once again contribute to the greater whole. The greater, who at the moment is consciousness work, my friend. It is sending those good thoughts. It is sending those feelings of well-being onto the greater consciousness, the mass consciousness.

We know that is not the kind of action you are accustomed to seeing and accustomed to being but it is appropriate for the time. It is appropriate for the time, my friend.

So, bid yourself a little longer in this state. Not to be feeling depressed or feeling down at this time. Take the time to enjoy your loved ones. Take the time to do the work you are called to do. Take the time every moment to be in gratitude. That will be of assistance to you at this time.

“One Who Serves”
Please understand, Brother, you have so much to look forward too! All of you do. But what you are stating here is what many are feeling here at this time. They are feeling enough is enough! They are feeling enough is enough and they want to get on with it. They want to move ahead.

There are those who feel fine within the moment and we tell you always to be in the moment. Not to be focused on the future and what is going to be although that is to be glorious. But to focus in the moment, in the every now moment that you have. Because if you do not, you will miss the moment that you are in. You see?

So, be in that moment. Be who you are in the present time and allow for the different types of feelings to be there and don’t be too concerned if you are not finding your purpose or finding your way because you are. You are finding your way. You are all living your purpose in the NOW. You may not believe so but you are. Even in just being a member of this group and becoming aware and awakened in many respects and allowing us to offer guidance and training and all of this, to move you ahead in your Ascension Process.

All of this is important. All of this working with consciousness and group consciousness and city consciousness and country consciousness and world consciousness. You are doing all of these.

Do not be concerned that you are not doing enough. You are all you need to be.


Comment: I wanted to share that if we are helping or loving one person that spreads around the world.

That is correct and very well said.

Question: I received that I was to open up to receive this past week so I was in a state of reception. I received the joy and energy and that might be helpful too.

“One Who Serves”
Yes. Always know that if you are feeling less than you would be at any moment, ask for help!

Ask for our guidance, our assistance. We are all there to help you. We are all
there to help you in your times of need, whatever they might be.

Call out our name and we will be there

Question: I was struck by the member last week who went through a gateway. I was not going to call upon my guides and guardians. If I call on them, is it OK to then go through the gateway as I am drawn to it if I am protected?

“One Who Serves”
That is the optimum saying there. As long as one is protected. As long as you believe and feel that you have protection.

The gateway is there but it is not something to be trifled with. It is not something to go willy- nilly through into “never-never” land. Just allow yourself to experience whatever you need or want to go through but know that you have guidance and ask for it. And certainly, always have the light. Does this answer your question?

We are going to bring up again for you to read. It is the “Emerald Tablets’ by Thoth, the Atlantean. And it will be very beneficial to you, this talk of going through gateways and portals and what you need to be concerned about with this.

It is not something that you take lightly. It is NOT something to go and play with. OK?

Question: Does your spiritual maturity and frame of mine change your experience?

“One Who Serves”
Very much so. Take someone as yourself doing it and someone as the Cabal doing it and you can see the difference here. The one going through as the dark forces will need more of that.

Going through as Light, you will need more of that. Like attracts like. Vibration. We speak always of vibration, raising your vibration and the more you do the more easily you will move through these experiences. There are many of those types of experiences that are coming for all of you.

Question: I have been looking for a new home to move to and do not seem to be getting the guidance I am seeking. Can you help?

“One Who Serves”
OK. We will do what we have always done with you.
Know that you are on the right path as you are asking. But it is not only in the asking you are looking for something more profound to come to you. When it does not come, you believe you are not receiving. But you do not think you are receiving because of constant chatter in your mind which we have told you many times.

That chatter is very difficult turning off. You are receiving answers. You are receiving answers to your questions when you ask. You are receiving answers but you only feel you are getting the answer sometimes. Those times that you are, are moving you in the direction you need to go at this time.

But we would add to this here that it is certainly for you and for everyone here, go with the flow. Be in the flow of the moment. Be in the flow of the energy. You will be in the direction you need to be. “We can show you the door but you need to walk through it” (quote from the Matrix). It is there. Just open your third eye. You are not so good with your physical sense but open your third eye. This is why we bring it up.

Question: Is it true the more powerful we are the easier to manifest?

“Óne Who Serves”
The more powerful you are? Yes. Certainly. It is “believing is seeing”. Is it not? And the more you believe it the more you will create it. The more you create it the more you feel that power within you. The more this happens the more you will be able to create anything you need.

Question: Do you have a suggestion for those who have a thick covering over their third eye? Maybe some advice like for dummies.

“One Who Serves”
Oh, my Brother, we have to chuckle so much for the thing you say. “Open the Third Eye for Dummies”. Wouldn’t that be a wonderful book? Probably not ready for publishing yet.

Brother, we recall at one of the Advances that you had tremendous sight during that weekend. And it would seem that you are operating in that part of you that is much in that rational side. That side that want to see first before believing as opposed to believing is seeing.

We know that this is a heartfelt question from you. We can tell this. And as you have not experienced that experience from that weekend we would say that you and others you are helping along their path simply need to get in the habit if believing is seeing. Giving into the habit of thinking that, practicing that, creating that in your life.

There are others in this room, on the phone and probably many of those who are reading who have these similar challenges. Who have challenges in seeing in their third eye, in their brains what is to happen. And following through on things such as visualized meditation.

Know what? We would basically say you need practice. We know you don’t like this word but that is the word we are going to use today. Practice. Practice. Practice. That will make perfect. You need to have faith in yourself. Faith in your system because it works! Once you have this down, you will never lose it.

“One Who Serves”
Many of you come to the group to get re-charged and this is wonderful but then you go out into your regular work and you get pulled back down. We have been saying this for some time. You go back up and back down. Like a yo-yo here. It feels like you are not going anyplace here because the world is with you in so many ways. You continue to be held down by the 3D programming.

But, and this is a big but, you are moving through in raising your vibrations more frequently. This is important because the more you raise your vibrations, the more you get up into those higher levels, you will stay there longer and longer. And that is what is important.

You will begin to hear the new term brought up here. “Ascension Language”. We are so pleased that this came out here because it is a new understanding, a new “Ascension Language”. What does that do when you hear that? “Ascension Language”. Doesn’t it feel that you are in higher vibration just in those words?
Certainly “believing is seeing” is Ascension Language, is it not? Saying you are well instead of sick is Ascension Language. You see? All of this is going beyond the programming that you have become accustomed too.

The more that you get into the higher vibrations, the easier and easier it is for you to get back up there. And then stay longer yet. OK?

Question: I learned a new word, “heartricity”. I have a lot laying on my mind right now and would like some guidance around this. How this word may relate to my present circumstances of relating to my family and attempting to help them awaken as I am?

“One Who Serves”
We see so many things here. To start with your family, though your family connection and the idea that you are sharing the awakening you are going through and they are not responding to this. And we would ask those in the group, how many are having the same think happening? Yes, you are certainly
not alone.

You have everything going for you. You do not yet realize it all the time. This is what we speak of. You go up into your higher vibrations during your meditations and you see wonderful things and then the world pulls you back down. All are having this same thing. It all continues until these changes we have been speaking of. This will alleviate much.

But again, it is important to be in the moment at all times. Be in gratitude in the moment and as you are in gratitude in the moment, your next moments will change. They will become what you want more and more. If you allow yourself to be pulled into the old doldrums, this is what will be coming forward. You see?

Bravo! Bravo! We are pleased that you are seeing these things in your life because you are releasing some of these. And as you heard the group support you with their challenge with their family you know are not alone. You can be the most spiritual person and still have these problems with friends and family.

And as far as the job that has been vexing you for weeks and weeks with this group’s conversations perhaps it is time now to look for something different. It is coming to a lot of people in the planet that it is time to leave an old job and find something new. Make something happy. Choose something different for yourself.

Know that we have shared with you in the past that it may not be the time to leave but we would say today, that this is an opportunity for you. An opportunity to let go of those thing which are vexing you. Let go.

You cannot do anything about your children. You can make changes in yourself. Make your life happier within your job. Take the time you need to do that. You will at the end of your week that you have for yourself a much better picture and that alone will bring you into a better space. Does that help?

Question: I have been seeing a lot of figure 8’s I believe having something to do with infinity. Can you tell me about them?

We are so pleased to have you in the group today.
This is a sign of a guide who is with you. We smiled as you spoke of infinity. This is one who is guiding you in the process that you are dealing with now. This is in your own spiritual growth as well as your healing. This is one who is
strong with you at this time.

They will make themselves known to you in other ways too. They are visiting you in dreams and in meditations. So know that you take their light and know
that they are visiting you.

“One Who Serves”
We need to release channel. Please continue on in your daily activities and allow for all the processes to happen within you. And continue to allow for the changes to come over you. And be aware of your ability to hold off any kind of illnesses or diseases or anything of this nature. As you move in to the higher nature, these things cannot get you.

But, as said by one earlier today, there are openings that can occur. And when these occur then energies can come in, of the dark energies, and they can have their way with you. So do not allow these vibrations by staying in those higher vibrations. Then there will be no openings here. But if there are, know that it cannot hold it for very long. You can move through it and not have it be of any significance. OK?

Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the One.

I am Ashira.
I wish to share with you this day all the changes that are occurring on this planet. That are occurring in you, in your lives, in the relationships that you hold, in the jobs that you have. All of these are changing.

For all of those of you who do not appreciate change in your life, you have wild rides coming. Be patient with yourselves. Look at your lives and look at those in your lives and you think, “What is happening here?”

But when you can look at these from the highest point, the highest frequency, take care of yourself. Be sure to come from the highest point of light and love that you can immerse yourself in at that moment.

We know that we speak of being grateful, of giving thanks throughout your days. And we know that there things in the 3D world that may not be enjoyable. That is not your life. Every day you call yourself to the highest good. Riding through those moments in life that are challenges and moving to the other side where it is light and love again.


Have an amazing week.
Our love and our light. Namaste.


Channeled by James McConnell and Dr. Susan Sammarco
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SANANDA – Time To Sit Back And Enjoy The Show! – One Who Serves and Ashira​​ – 2-11-16


Time To Sit Back And Enjoy The Show ~ Sananda

Sananda, One Who Serves and Ashira​​


Greetings everyone,

Well, we had another great group discussion with members sharing personal experiences which preceded our monthly call with Hollow Earth Network over Blog Talk Radio. We had a full room of 18 members generating a great deal of energy and excitement along with at least another 10 joining us by conference call. We also welcomed our newest member, Guadalupe.

Things are definitely heating up and you could feel the excitement in the air as we are all realizing that we are getting close to the end of the old paradigm and ready to begin anew. This is looking like quite a month.

As always, if you are planning to attend our next Sunday PFC group and have not yet RSVP’d, please do so now as we are filling up the room quickly and may even need to look for a larger space in the not too far off future. Thank you to Barb for providing us with this transcription (giving Sue a break) and to Moses and Mahendran for their continued support in helping everything run smoothly. Also a big thank you to Anne DeHart for her efforts to make this show happen monthly allowing for a much larger audience to benefit from the wisdom of the Ascended Masters. And finally to Sue for all that she contributes each week. We are truly blessed!

Enjoy and Be in joy and “sit back and enjoy the show”!

Love and light,

Believing Is Seeing!

Note: these messages were given during our weekly Prepare For Change group in Glendale, AZ on February 7, 2016


Sananda and One Who Serves channeled by James McConnell

Ashira channeled by Dr. Susan Sammarco


This is Sananda. It is wonderful to be with you here again as we have been each month. It is such a good time to be able to share with all of you, share all of the messages that we have, all of the understandings that we have. But please understand that you also have these understandings. It is not something that only we have. You were born with them, you came in with them. It is just a matter of re-acquiring those messages, those understandings, remembering. You have heard this many times and we wish to say here that the last month we were preempted by our dear brother Sanat Kumara. And certainly I was more than willing to step aside for the message that he brought last time.

And of course that message was that there was going to be a Great Initiation across the entire planet. Many would feel this in many different ways and many have already been feeling this but the major impetus of this yet has not been felt. It is still coming so relax, sit back, and basically enjoy the show. Because it is a show, certainly to those of us who look down upon you, we see this as a show. It amuses us at many times, it saddens us at other times, but we can see that all is progressing as it needs to. All is happening as it has to, to continue to bring about all the changes that need to happen here. And the changes are many, as you have been understanding.

Yes, we know that you are not yet seeing these with your physical eyes but close your physical eyes, let your inner spirit come through, your inner understanding, your inner sight come through. That is how you will begin to see more and more and as you open your third eye, more will come to you and there will be no stopping it once it has been fully opened. So sit back and relax, all is happening as it needs to, all is happening as we have been saying for some time. And even more importantly, all is happening as you knew it would before you even came into this lifetime. Those of you that came in and knew that this was the last lifetime that you would have to reincarnate for; and we are telling you now that this is true, that is the case.

We recently gave a message to James – he has not yet shared it – it came just after his dream state when he was in the awakening, just after his coming awake – and at that time he was given the message that “they have not surrendered but we are taking over.” And we are taking over. There are still some things that we cannot do because of the Prime Directive as you know it, but it is all happening and we are going to be more and more and more moving in and taking, not control because we do not want to take control away from you, but giving you more and more assistance, more guidance. That is coming. Please understand that there is nothing that can stop it now, nothing that can hold it back. The cabal, as you know it, is in their last…we don’t like to use these terminologies…but “their last dying breath.” Even what you call the chemtrails now are dissipating; you will begin to see less and less and less of them. Their funding has stopped, they cannot continue to do this as they were. You may see little glimpses of it here and there but the major use of these chemtrails is no longer going to be an issue. They did not get what they wanted from it and they realize that it is a futile attempt at this point so it will be drying up so this is certainly good news for all. For you will be able to look at the skies and see the blue, the clear skies, feel the energy in the skies once again. This is all over the planet, not just here in this United States, but all over the planet. You will begin to see the skies clearing more and more.

So much is in the works, so much is happening, so much. We are proud of all of you, all of our brothers and sisters, all of our dear friends that have been working at this, working and working to make this all happen. For without you it would not be happening; we could not do it for you, we can only do it along with you. So know that there is nothing that can hold it back and you are going to begin to see more and more and more of the results of your labors as we continue to move on in this year. And it has been given by my beloved, Lady Nada, that this is the year, 2016 – this is it. There will not be a need to go beyond that. We are telling you that now. Unless something incredibly major happens, which it cannot, there is no more concern about this. You will see a great deal, a great many changes, in the weeks and months to come here. That is my message as Sananda.  I will leave you now. All of my peace and love be with all of you as you continue on doing what you came here to do and preparing for the missions that are at hand. (Thank you, thank you).


Greetings to you. This is One Who Serves here and just so you know we are not just one, it is not just a “he” as it is many of us. There are several of us that are considered the One Who Serves – it is a title, you see. So we are here to assist in any way that we can, to be of service. That is what we do.

And we are here to answer your questions but before we do we wish to just share a slight understanding here. It was said that there would be something profound would come in this time here and we apologize that what was going to be is not quite ready yet but it is coming. You are going to see it, it is going to be here. Certainly the understanding from Sananda about the drying up of the chemtrails though is pretty profound, we would think, would it not? So everything is on track, everything is on schedule here – not your schedule but our schedule at least (laughter)- and you will begin more and more, as Sananda has said, to see the changes, and in your tine you are coming to the finish line and everything is going to turn out roses, okay? (Okay) Would you have questions now for One Who Serves and Ashira who is standing by?

Question: I have a question. This is Diana from Phoenix and I would like to know if “Killary” is going to be indicted and if there is even going to be an election? (Laughter)

ONE WHO SERVES: Boy we get right to the point, do we not? We would say to you that, as Sananda has said, “Sit back and enjoy the show,” okay? There is so much that is happening and so much still that is yet to happen and we would say that the idea of the election, as you know it, will never be the way it has been. It cannot continue on in that way; it is, what you call a travesty, at this point. So most of the population is not aware of this, yet but many are; many more than you would possibly think, and are aware that the election process is not what it was meant to be or what they thought it was. So many are beginning to awaken to that and many others, still many though, who are not and are ready to go and cast their ballot and think that they have something to say in it. They have not had something to say in it for a long time. But they will come to the understanding and certainly these things are going to be cleared up and cleaned up, okay? (Excellent – thank you). Do you have anything to add here Ashira?

ASHIRA: No I do not think so, thank you.

ONE WHO SERVES: Okay, very good.

Question: I have a question about that – this is Joanna from Phoenix. Really quick, based on what Diana is saying: Are the candidates that are speaking out, that are debating etc., do they know what they’re saying, are they aware of what they’re saying or are they really super asleep?

ONE WHO SERVES:  There are some that are very much aware, but they have to play the game in order to feel like they could be in a position of presidency or Congress or any of these kinds of things; they have to play the game and they know this. So they are saying things that they know are not true in many respects. But isn’t that what you call politicians, that they lie through their teeth and all of these types of things?  Do they not? They are very much scripted, yes. And it is unfortunate, but it is what it is and it is changing and it is going to very much, drastically, change here. Anything to add here Ashira?

ASHIRA: I think not at this time thank you.

ONE WHO SERVES: Very good.

Question: I have a question. Greetings One Who Serves and Ashira, this is Kathy. Lord Sananda had mentioned that we will be receiving more and more guidance and help to battle against these cabal and the dark side, whatever you want to call them. Are we expecting like another wave, like the September wave, like a second wave coming through and going into a higher frequency very soon? Is that what was meant?

ONE WHO SERVES: Ashira would you like to go first with this one?

ASHIRA: Thank you yes. Sananda talks about where you are in this very moment in time and yet also a month ago you learned about a Great Initiation. It is not so much that there is a great new spirit of energy that is affecting everyone, or will affect everyone. However, as you rise in your consciousness, as you rise in your frequency, more and more of these opportunities become open to you. More and more of these connections to those of the higher realms come to each and every one of you and everyone upon the planet. This is what we would answer for you is that you are looking forward to more and more opportunities to see and that veil drop, see those connections come to you, see as you hear and you feel all of the newness that is upon the planet. Does that help? (Yes). Yes, One Who Serves.

ONE WHO SERVES: We just wish to add here that the concept of the cabal and them attacking you and the negative energies and everything…we wish for you to put this all out of your thinking process. Do not allow it to come into your understanding. Believe and you will see – and we do not give that lightly. Believe and you will SEE – because if you continue to use the old paradigm of “Seeing is believing” and letting everything happen to you, then it will continue to direct your life in that way. So begin to more and more to know who you are and that you are controlling your life and that no negative energies can come into you unless you allow them. And that is the ticket, that is the understanding here, you have to allow it to come in. They cannot enter your energy field without your allowing it in some way. That is a secret they have kept from you for a very long time but we are telling you now that that is no longer the case; they cannot influence you if you do not allow them to influence you, okay?

Question: I was just…because Lord Sananda had mentioned that we will be receiving more and more help so I was asking if that was what it was. Is it another wave that’s coming in to give us more knowledge, more helpings to raise our vibration higher, that’s all…

ONE WHO SERVES: Yes and Ashira has said that it is not so much of a wave of energy, although that is also coming as well, but it is not so much that that Sanat Kumara was speaking about. He was speaking of a consciousness movement within each individual, okay? (Yes, thank you). Are there other questions here?

Question: I have another question…

ONE WHO SERVES: We also need to go to questions on the network here as well, but yes…

Question: This is Diana and I wanted to know of the five planets that we’ve been able to see in the sky I did notice that at least four, Mars Jupiter, the moon and then there was a very, very bright, bright planet which I thought was Venus. But in the middle of it turned real red and it seemed really huge. Can you explain what I might have been seeing?

ONE WHO SERVES: Yes you are seeing what has been called the New Jerusalem. It is in front of the morning star and the evening star, Venus. (Wow it’s huge – thank you). And it will become, to use your vernacular, even huger. (Laughter – can’t believe how big it is now and it’s so far away, wow. Thank you.

Anything to add here Ashira?

ASHIRA: No we will let this go, thank you.

ONE WHO SERES: Very good. Are there other questions now – we can come to the network now, Anne, if you wish?

ANNE DEHART: Okay well, wow you guys really hit the ground running this morning. Good for you – that was great. Thank you for the good questions. Okay we’re going to move on, asking you to be very concise so we don’t use up the energies of our channels. I’m opening 352 ending in 3047. We’re asking for your first name, location and one brief question. No conversation please. Come on.

Question: Hi Anne this is Rod from Florida. Just wondered if there is anything new on the dinar in terms of whether they’re going to announce a rate on it anytime soon?

ONE WHO SERVES: Ashira would you go first here?

ASHIRA: I will go first and I know that you will come up with information
too. We are not ones who will give you times or dates because that changes from moment to moment; there is so much going on in the background, the background of which is beyond what you are seeing at this time. We will say it is close. All of this is close because it is occurring behind closed doors. And so keep your eyes open because there are lots of things occurring at the same time as well. One Who Serves?

ONE WHO SERVES: Yes and we are going to add, as Zorra has said many times: do not sell back your dinar, your other foreign currencies – do not sell it back, hold onto it. It will come forward and be very beneficial for all of you. Are there other questions here?

ANNE DEHART: Okay, are you good Rod? (I’m good Anne). Okay I’m going to close your line. Good to hear your voice and you asked the question for all of us – we appreciate that. I’m moving on now to 843 ending in 8176. Your name location and brief question, come on.

Question: Yes hi Anne this is Henry in South Carolina. I have a source that says that we have a lot of our so-called corporate government…lot of clones out there, even Obama possibly. Can you verify anything of that nature?

ONE WHO SERVES: The idea of cloning is something that has been going on for some time; you would be amazed at how long it has been happening and how many it has happened with. But we would ask you to not be too concerned about that anymore. It is being curtailed, it has been taken control of by the forces of Light, and there is not anything that they can do with this particular kind of technology to continue to enslave and control the masses. So it is not something to continue to concern yourself with. It has happened, it is nearly done with. It has been very secretive and in very secretive areas it can be done in the very deep bases and these types of things but for the most part it has been very much curtailed.

(Well thank you very much I figured that was the case, I just wanted to get it confirmed).

Do you have anything to add here Ashira?

ASHIRA”: No thank you.

ONE WHO SERVES Okay then we’ll move on here.

ANNE DEHART: Okay, thank you Henry. I’m closing your line and please touch #1 for me, Henry and I see Rod already did, thank you Rod. Moving on to 760 ending in 2986. Identify yourself please and you may ask your question.

Question: Hi, good morning this is Happy. I’d like just to know anything that you haven’t said yet that’s important that may be about whatever is going on in some of the realms. If there’s anything else that you can say that’s important that we need to know.

ONE WHO SERVES: My goodness (laughter) we certainly chuckle at this one because there is so much that has not been shared in many respects but so much also has been shared. We have given many indications of things that are happening behind the scenes and happening as we speak now that are still going on. But it is, again, not to be of concern here because all will be revealed; all is going to come through in the disclosure process as it has been said. The truth will all come out at that time – what is the saying from your X-Files, “the truth is out there”? You are going to get the truth believe me, believe us; we are an “us” – we forget that sometimes. Anything to add here Ashira?

ASHIRA: No we chuckle here as well – thank you for the answer. (Thank you).

Anne DeHart: Well we’re just doing our best to wheedle something out here. Thank you Happy. I’m going to go ahead and close your line…

ONE WHO SERVES: You can try to wheedle and wheedle as much as you want but we can only give what we can give here. (laughter) We also, you may not understand this, but we have our mentors as well that we have to seek guidance from. And sometimes we are ready to say something and they say “No, no, hold back – cannot say that.” So even here, where we are, it is the experience that we have to hold some things back still.

ANNE DEHART: Well you know I think sometimes that this was the purpose for this last question. Sometimes we understand the rule of the game is you can only answer a question; you cannot offer of your own volition some information. But if we ask a question then that opens up more ability to respond and I think that was the purpose that Happy had. You are still open – I’ll close your line, Happy, if you’ll touch #1. And thank you for trying. (Laughter). Oh I want to ask you a question about something, One Who Serves.

Question: This morning when I was looking at my email I received a brand-new YouTube from a country foreign to us; it doesn’t say where and I think they were mostly black skinned people there. And they were looking at a huge… it looked like a rainbow but it was all solid making it look more like a planet. It was huge and they were in such awe, the people that were watching, and they were quoting Scripture saying that it’s this, it’s that. Can you give us any enlightenment as to what that huge, it must have been a planet or mothership that they saw, can you tell us anything?

ONE WHO SERVES: Yes we can say that this is an example of the various glimpses that we have been speaking of for some time here, seeing through the veil, being able to see more and more and more with your physical eyes.

They, all of the expressions that are out there, all of the new understandings that are coming… so these things are going to increase and increase and increase as your statement, your channeling, that you had about what you call the arrival. All of that is still coming – it is going to be very prominent in the times to come. And disclosure is going to happen one way or another whether it comes through your governments speaking about it or whether it comes through full disclosure coming from more of us and those in the ships above, okay? Anything to add here Ashira?

ASHIRA: No I don’t think so, thank you for asking the question.

Anne DeHart: Okay, thank you. Well everybody I’ll be posting it if you want to see it, it’s quite amazing and looks like a huge rainbow but it’s all solid. It’s big, okay let’s go to 804 area code ending in 2693. Your introduction and your question please.

Question: This is Jimmy in Virginia and I had a question for One Who Serves. A friend of mine noticed that for the first time today for Super Bowl 50 they’re not using the Roman numeral anymore; they are using just the letters “50”. Can you enumerate any on that now?

ONE WHO SERVES: Part of that is the new understanding that is coming from many directions. And you would think that something of this from the sports type of thing which is, yes part of the cabal in many ways, but all of this is a process of change. And in this small respect it is changing but there will be others that will see this and begin to see it in a new light, in a new consciousness. This is a step, you might say, baby steps. Anything to add here Ashira to this?

ASHIRA: Well, we would see it too, the audience or the younger audience is not as familiar with the previous methods of the writing that took place. And so the 50, the “5” “0”, is something that is more broadly understood, more broadly accepted; and again a step into the future. Thank you.

ONE WHO SERVES: We would even add to this – how many of the adults around here even know what “V” and “X” and all of that mean anymore if you think about it?

(We were just wondering if it was part of the Roman empire – with the Roman empire influence on us and that energy fading out as you set into this new energy and new Light).

ONE WHO SERVES: Yes new energy, new paradigm. (We’re all for it – thank you very much).

ANNE DEHART: Okay, I’m back! I had to let the doggie in. Okay Jimmy, thank you, good question – you’re very observant. Alrighty I’m going to go ahead and close your line and I’m opening 360 which is the last hand raised folks…360 I’m opening your line ending in 9642. Your introduction and your question please. Yea come on, who are you?

Question: Hello this is Fran from Washington state and I have a question that might help others as well. For the last six weeks about I’ve had this freezing cold energy around me; it’s like I feel it in my bones it’s just so cold and it comes and goes. But during this last week I’ve had tremendous energy coming in, great pressure in my head, my eyes, my face, neck and shoulders. It’s very intense at times and has been lasting almost a week with pulsating energy in my head and my body. Can you tell me what’s going on? Thank you so much.

ONE WHO SERVES”: Yes Ashira would you like to go first here?

ASHIRA: Yes I will, thank you. Dear one, what we would share with you is that you are simply experiencing the energies that are coming into this physical plane, energies designed to raise your frequency, and your body has interpreted them in different ways and being cold and being warm. But truly this is a source of energy that is coming into this plane of existence and what we would say is that if you could take time to ground yourself in bare feet with mother Earth that would help to ground that energy into the planet as well and you’ll be able to more fully equalize the experience in your body. Does that help?
(Yes thank you very much I do that anyway).
Alright good, One Who Serves?

ONE WHO SERVES: This is part of the understandings that Sanat Kumara gave in terms of initiation or movements of consciousness in an individualized fashion here. So you are experiencing the changes as he spoke of. The beginnings of this, not fully yet, but the beginnings. It will increase for you and it will also come in many different respects and ways for all of you.

So get ready, it is coming. Enjoy; sit back and enjoy the show.
(Thank you for that – I appreciate it. Bless you one and all).

Anne DeHart: Yes, okay while they’re getting brave – the hands are… I thought we were going to have a short show folks (laughs). Okay Fran I’m closing your line – there you go and be sure and touch number one for me please. Rod is back; when everything had cleared he took advantage of it and raised his hand a second time. Come on Rod.

Question: I was watching a like Science or Discovery and it was talking about the evolution of animals and the first one they had looked like a piece of spaghetti with a hole in it and it would suck nutrients out of the environment that it was in and it discovered somehow that it should have a jaw which would help it. And they determined that it took about 50 million years in order to evolve a jaw. And we were talking about an animal that was about 500 million years. Now when our guides talk to us and they say it’s imminent are they on the same time zone that we’re in or does the blink of an eye mean to them 10,000 years. Because looking back over the amount of predictions that have been made, I say it’s a pretty sorry case of failure and may be… Do you get the drift?

ANNE DEHART: Yes we understand – thank you Rod.

Question: Are they in a different time zone?

ONE WHO SERVES: We are in some respects, yes in a different time zone. But more in a “no time” zone; more in a “zero time.” So to understand what you are experiencing here is that time, as you know it, is certainly speeding up.

There is so much that is happening and is in the process of acceleration; so what took before millions of years is done in much shorter period of time. We are talking about a full evolution of consciousness, a leap you might say. And this leap of evolution, the leap of consciousness that is occurring now is going to be very profound, indeed. And you are going to be glad that you are here through it all when it comes more to the ending or what you would even consider the beginning of the next phases.

Anything to add here Ashira?

ASHIRA: I thought I was going to have something to add and you are so thorough, I do not. Thank you.

ANNE DEHART: Okay well we appreciate that. Thank you Rod – we’re pretty much synchronized here and I know they’re doing their best to not mislead us timewise; that’s why they’re so careful not to give us any kind of a finite date as we see it. Rod I’m going to close your line and ask you to touch number one. Fran your line is still showing in the question queue – have you touched number one Fran? And let me open 970 ending in 3786. Please introduce yourself and your one question.

Question: Yes good afternoon. Hi Anne and thank you for all for your being here today.

ANNE DEHART: Who are you?.

I’m sorry this is Barbara in Colorado – I’m sorry I forgot to tell you who I was. I was just wondering if you could speak more about the new governance, the new Republic and the kind of shutting down of the IRS and Federal Reserve; specifically the IRS because it seems to be that there is still pretty much an action to try to be very intimidating to a lot of us. So if you could speak more on that and then as it relates to NESARA.

ONE WHO SERVES: We could speak volumes on this particular topic but Ashira would you want to start here on this?

ASHIRA: Well there will be all kinds of changes. We’ve said before that this is the year that all of this is taking place, all of the new governance around the world, the NESARA and the GESARA, relieving everyone of the debts they have had in the past. All of this is taking place now. I am not going to be one who tells you of who is going to step into place in every situation but I will say that if you have money that you are expecting from the IRS turn in your receipts now because it is going to be out the window. One Who Serves, take it from here.

ONE WHO SERVES: And you just took the words right out of our mouth, or James’s mouth here at this time. So everything that you know of when you look up the term NESARA and look it up in the correct fashion, and not to the cabal’s version of it but Forces of Light version, you will find that all of these things that you speak about: the New Republic, the ending of the IRS, the revaluation and global currency reset and all of these things are going to be a product of this particular year that you are in now. It is all coming to an end, it is all going to come to a head, you might say, very shortly these things will begin to show themselves. And as Ashira has said your IRS, what many call the “infernal revenue service” (laughter) is going to be kaput. It is going to be gone as you know it now; there will be a facsimile of it but it will not be the dark and negative corporation that it is at this time.

So we have to pretty much play the game until that all happens I would assume.

That is correct.

Question: And can I just throw in one other thing. If you could speak on mentors – what that will feel like, what that will be like and are they coming soon to assist us?

ONE WHO SERVES: Yes in many respects the mentors are already here with you, you just may not be aware of them yet but there are many who are becoming aware of them. They are coming in their dream state, they are coming in their meditation state, in visions and all of these types of things. But they will eventually come to you in a more physical fashion – you will come up to them, they will not necessarily come down to you, so that is something you have to be understanding about that you do need to take action, you need to make a move and it will happen very fluidly as these energies come in more and more. But you will need to move up in your vibrations mainly by letting go of the old programming. We know the discussion here earlier was partially about programming, and we would say to you to certainly let go of all of the old programming, as you can begin to voice the new understanding, the new level of the new paradigm here. Begin to voice that out – that is the “believing is seeing,” all of these things. Begin to voice it, make it come into your understanding, into your life directly. Anything to add here Ashira?

ASHIRA: I will add – you asked how can you know them? They will be as good friends – when you meet face-to-face, you know that you will have known these ones who come to serve as your mentors from other times and other places. You will have a comfort of your heart with them, you will be on an equal plane and yet they will have so much to share with you. There will be almost like catching up – you will find this a very enjoyable experience. One Who Serves?

ONE WHO SERVES: Very good, next question?

ANNE DEHART: Okay thanks Barb I’m going to close your line and don’t forget to touch number one for us. We’re moving on to 607 ending in 9400. That’s a good number. Your introduction and question please.

Question: Well thank you Anne. My name is Glenn – I am from New York State and my question is I’m not experiencing sickness per se as towards the ascension; I was having very heavy dreams at night of not so much contact but good will but as of lately I find myself waking in the morning with a lot of anger that I have to push off of me before I start my day. Like I lay in bed and I’m just very angry and violent, even towards my partner whom I love her very much. I have a violent imagery in my head until I get up and make the affirmations of intent, of love and good will. Can you, can anyone explain to me why I’m going through so much turmoil in my waking hours?

ONE WHO SERVES: Ashira would you like to address this is?

ASHIRA: Yes. So what we see with you dear one is that you are processing the energies upon the planet that are in a very confused state. Many, many angry people. And it feels very foreign to you because this is not how you relate to the world. How can you perhaps prevent this from happening? Before you go to sleep at night, share your gratitude, share your gratefulness, share the good things with your partner in life.

And when you awaken in the morning, how do you diffuse this? You get up and once again share what you are grateful for and you process this easily and effortlessly, knowing that this has not to do with you. This flows through you and that you are not holding onto this, you are letting it go. And you’re picking up with the cheerfulness and the love that you have in your heart, in your mind and in your mind’s eye. One Who Serves?

ONE WHO SERVES: And we would add that those who tend to be more empathic would have more difficulty with this because as Ashira has said, the ones who are more empathic will take these energies onto themselves and they must have ways to rid themselves of these energies. And the way to do this, as Ashira has said, is to be in gratitude.

(Okay well thank you for your consideration and your time and for everything you do and I’d like to thank everyone that is listening and tell them to continue the Love, the Light and to continue throwing your energy upwards).

ANNE DEHART: Okay thank you Glenn – I just closed your line. Glenn if you will touch #1, Fran if you’re still listening you have not exited the question queue – touch #1 for me please Fran and Jimmy. No Jimmy your coming up for a second round but someone new is here before you and then we’ll be back to Jimmy again. 817 we hear noise (muffled background noise) – 817 okay I’m going to have to close you because you don’t hear me – okay I closed 817 they’re not attentive right now. Jimmy I’m going to open your line again in Virginia and there you are, come on.

Question: Yeah I wanted to know if y’all could receive…my dreams have been…I’ve recorded over 20 dreams just since the 1st of the year. And I had a dream last week where I had a golden hand of solid gold on my right hand, on the back of it, and I was told that I was one of the golden ones. And the question that I’m asking is that I keep sensing that’s so powerful is the capstone of solid gold on the great pyramid – is it ready to be discovered and put back on the great pyramid?

ONE WHO SERVES: It is not so much that. We’ll answer this second part and then Ashira can answer the first, if you would Ashira, okay?

ASHIRA: Alright.

ONE WHO SERVES: The second part of this is the capstone is not needing to be re-discovered – it has never been lost. It has only been lost to the surface world here. But it has been secreted away, very safe, and it will be brought back to its rightful place once the energies are ready for it, okay?

(Yea, that’s what I thought).

ASHIRA: Alright I will talk about the dream state that you had. This is a time where everyone on the planet is experiencing different types of dreams and the fact that you are experiencing these many dreams, are some of these lucid dreams that you are having?

(Oh very much so).


(I’ve been really aware of going into the ascension chamber, the ascension tube, and several years ago I had a vision where it was called the superhighway; and I’ve been aware that this is the superhighway that we are all wanting to connect to. So through meditation and visions I’ve been going through the superhighway of connecting).

That’s wonderful! So we would just say “Ccngratulations, this is a step in your development of consciousness; this is a step of understanding of who you are and your part in the entire plan for the planet. There are so many who are Lightworkers who have had dreams of various import, of past lives, of future lives, of multidimensional lives and so this is just part of what you are experiencing. And we are very happy for you for the more aware we are on the planet, the more that each of you embodies and embraces that which you receive from your Higher Self, the more quickly it can be available to others as you are called. Does that make sense?

(Yea, it was also revealed as the yellow brick road).

Yes, will we have had experiences in this group with the yellow brick road but we will not discuss that today and leave it for another time. Good luck.

(Thank you, thank you very much).

ANNE DEHART: Oh, that’s intriguing, thank you Jimmy, thank you – I’m going to close your line and we have two lines that are open. 817 we tried you before and you were distracted with noise in your environment so let me give you a second opportunity. 817? (background noise) Okay they are somewhere else. 928 I’m opening your line – 928 ending in 1498, not 1492 but 1498. Come on.

Question: Hey thank you this is Sue in Tucson Arizona and I have a question about a vision that I, or an appearance that I had last week one evening when I was meditating and quiet. What I thought were two, but maybe there were more than two, beings appeared that I felt were probably Zeta Reticuli beings. They looked…you know, they had the large eyes and slanted appearance in their head with almost what some people refer to an insectoid appearance. Could you comment on why they were here, who they are to me?

ONE WHO SHARES: Ashira do you wish to address this?

ASHIRA: I will start. So dear one, how do you feel about these beings being with you?

(Well, I accept them and, you know, was aware that they were present. I’ve been told that I have had a lot of connection in the past with this star system).

Right, well we would answer to you is that in your state of meditation as in your state of dreams the veil has been dropping. And so as the veil drops you have visits from others and they are there to visit with you, to share with you, to care with you. We are not, we do not have any sense of concern in this situation and we know that you also have others who visit you in dreams and in meditation so the connection is that they purely wanted to visit with you and we will let it go at that. One Who Serves?

ONE WHO SERVES: Very good – we do not have anything to add at this time to that.

(Okay thank you).

ANNE DEHART: Okay, the hands are coming back up again and we’ll squeeze until they tell us to stop. Sue I’ve closed your line and you touch #1. I’m going to 303 ending in 1087. Your line is open, come on.

Question: Hi this is Richard from Colorado. I have one question – a friend of mine sent me a photo of a UFO that was taken over McPhee reservoir in Colorado this past summer and they were taking pictures of the lightning and it was kind of on the dark side a little bit, you know, maybe evening. And this large superstructure showed up and it’s a quite stunning UFO with a lot of light underneath – you can almost see through it, a lot of orange light around it, a lot of orange light below it and it’s quite stunning. I’m wondering if you can tell me where it’s from and what the mission was.

ONE WHO SERVES: With these types of questions we cannot directly give where they are from and what they are here for.

(Oh, okay)

Understand that they are a part of the expression that is needed to bring about these glimpses that we have been speaking of and disclosure. So all of this is to be shared with those who are ready to understand it, ready to see it, ready to believe it, all of these things. So do not be concerned necessarily yet about where they are from – all of this will come forward in disclosure time. You will begin to…at first only those that are more human looking that look more like all of us here – these ones will be the first ones that will make contact directly. And then it will switch to more of your Star Wars Cantina type of thing. (laughter)


That was purposeful please understand, all of these things are purposeful. So your movies, many of your movies are on purpose; they are not always for the darkness, not always done by the cabal. Many of them are done by the forces of Light, just somewhat directed by the cabal in certain ways. But this is all going to come forward. This is all we can say on this particular sighting at this time. Anything to add here Ashira?

ASHIRA: No thank you.

ONE WHO SERVES: Very good.

(Thank you very much).

ANNE DEHART: Okay, well that applies to all of us. We’re going to see these things but we just accept them or ask in our own heartmind to learn as much as we’re allowed to learn at that time. And so we won’t ask about anymore sightings because we are learning that that’s limited. Happy, I’m going to open your line. I know you were on before but you lingered and maybe you weren’t complete so I’ve just opened your line again.

Question: Yea I was just wanting to know if you could give us some, some specific practical events that would occur that would let us know that we’re actually right there on the mark for whatever is, this big shift is going to take place in our world on our globe. Is there any specific things that you could point us towards that would happen that we would know for sure that this is what’s happening?

ONE WHO SERVES: Yes we can tell you practicality-wise that when they happen, you will know it. (Laughter). The only way that we can put it at this time because the order of things has not yet completely been determined, and as we say many times, because of man’s consciousness all of these things are altered in many respects. So we can say one thing will occur such as the global currency reset will occur and then the re-eval will follow that. And if we say that, all of you will now be looking for that to happen immediately, so we can not do that because it may not happen that way; it may happen with a disclosure type of thing first or the Event or the series of events or many other… An  announcement of the Republic, all of these things could come and they will come in the order in which they needed to in that particular moment as they are announced.

(Let me ask you this – the fact that there is a stock market process going on in a downward spiral here, is that significant in any way?).

We can tell you to take your money out of your stocks, literally.

(Well, some people make a lot of money…)

There will be no more stock market,

(But I meant is that a significant thing in reference to all these other things happening – that’s what I was wondering if a crash in the market is a huge significator…).

It is a huge significator, yes. (It is). A large indicator.


ASHIRA: I would like to add…

ANNE DEHART: Okay we are getting hands up…

ONE WHO SERVES: Ashira wishes to address this as well.

ASHIRA: One of the benefits of having a group such as this…each week talking about what’s happening in the world helps one to become more aware of everything that is unfolding. A year ago conversations were not the same, two years ago conversations were definitely not the same.

Conversations that take place now are noticing as things that have been expected are unfolding, as things that were expected have started to happen, as things that you might be looking for in a group such as this is talked about on a weekly basis. If you have an opportunity to meet with a group in your area and start to have these types of conversations it will help you feel supported through this, does it not group?

(Yes, yes).

Yes this is a very supportive group of people who have similar ideas, similar belief systems, coming together. And we know that Hollow Earth and all of the Internet has so much, but if you can go into a group, even if you start one yourself sir, start in a group. Have people who will surround you and everybody is watching and everybody can discuss what is happening and you will feel so much more relaxed in the world as it unfolds before your eyes. Thank you. Anne?

ANNE DEHART: Alright that was very good – I hope everybody can take that to heart. You need one strong leader to open the door and invite and then the camaraderie will grow and develop and you will feel so at home with each other. Thank you Happy I’m closing your line, okay? Please touch #1 for me Happy and and Fran and I’m opening 708 ending in 9261. Introduce yourself and your question please. Wait a minute 818 opened somehow – it jumped just as I opened your…you’re not open 708 and I’ll have to close you 818. Okay 708 you’re on. 708 ending in 0171 your line is open.

Question: Oh hi Anne, Hi everyone, this is Loretta from Chicago and I just want to make two comments real quick. One, I finally I got a part answer for Chicago’s financial district – it was announced a few days ago that Chinese investors have bought the Chicago Stock Exchange. So now I am so happy that the cabal from Chicago can finally go bye-bye. And second, I did have questions but because of all the wonderful explanations that One Who Serves and Ashira has been giving us…oh my goodness, I’m so glad that I got on this call today because I have been going in a whirlwind all week from one end to the other because I work for a tax company and I don’t want to be there because I know the IRS is full of baloney. But I have to be there for now for financial means and all week long, as I’ve been doing the tax returns, I’ve been getting a nudge on my shoulder and calling my name. I look there behind me and there’s no one there (laughter) and they said “Just go on and do what you have to do, just play the game and help those that are in front of you, just remain patient and focused and ground yourself. The time is short and it’s going to happen very shortly.” And I just wanted to thank all of you.

ONE WHO SERVES: We can tell you that you are going to be out of a job soon.

(laughter – thank you all so much and I love all of you and I’ll sign off – thank you).

ANNE DEHART: Thank you Loretta I’m going to close your line. Closing Loretta’s line, opening 818…



ASHIRA: Anne we are going to have a conversation here. (To OWS) How many questions do you feel that we are…

ONE WHO SERVES: We are in a good place here, so it’s up to you at this time.

ASHIRA: We would say let us have three…

ONE WHO SERVES: Three or four.


ONE WHO SERVES: Three more.

ANNE DEHART:  I’m going to ask that no one from this point forward touch #1, okay? Loretta if you’ll touch #1 and close your line it’ll give me a better view of who’s left. So Loretta has closed, Fran you haven’t been responding to my request – I think you may be gone – so let me see how many are left. 817 is still waiting, 860 is still waiting, I have 818 open, Glenn is back from New York and Loretta…there Loretta just closed okay…no she’s still there. My goodness. We’re going to ask that no one touch #1 unless you’re closing your line and 818 is open right now. Come on.

Question: Okay this is Melba from California. I have a question for the panel. Last week, it was like Monday or Tuesday, and I was meditating with my partner and the reason we were meditating is that we created, visualizing, two pyramids; a golden white light pyramid, one above and one below, especially in this nation to remove all the dark entities. We created a vortex on top of the pyramids, one above and one below, to destroy all the dark entities, especially the IRS, to dissolve all systems and to remove all the dark ones in there, in the IRS. Two days later their systems were down (laughter). So I’d like to know if that’s our visualization made that happen.

ONE WHO SERVES: We think that you already know the answer and certainly everyone that is listening in also knows the answer, yes of course you intended it, you created it – Believing is Seeing. So it is, you are doing it. Did someone just say “The Force is with you”? (Laughter) Yes it is all happening, please understand, in your intentions; this is why you do this in meditations and in your guided meditations within your group and all of these things, to bring about this consciousness movement across the planet. You are the ones that are doing it! We are helping, but you are really doing it! So know that as you have these visions, that they are real. ​​

This is the creative ability within the higher vibrations. When you move much more into fifth dimension, many of you are already there in some respects, and when you are there, your creative mind, your imagination is everything there. You are going to create everything from your imagination. You “image” it, it will be there. That is what is coming as you enter into your Ascension process.

 Anything to add here Ashira?

ASHIRA: No that was wonderful. Thank you.

ONE WHO SERVES: Very good.

(Thank you)

ANNE DEHART: Okay, honey, good for you! We all cheer you on and you’ve encouraged others to do the same. Thank you, Melba. I’m closing your…

Question: So it was supposed to be three people, so we asked for the purest light of the Ascended Masters and I believe they were there to assist us. Am I right?

ONE WHO SERVES: You are right. Affirmative.

ANNE DEHART: Seeing is believing, and you’ve proved it to us Melba. I have to close you because we’re piling up. In the beginning there’s nobody and at the end I can’t keep up with them all. Melba please touch #1 and help me keep this cleared here. Let me see 267 I’m going to open…267 where did you go? Uh oh – it jumped, just a minute. 267 is open, come on. Introduce yourself and your one question.

Question: Hello this is Charles from Pennsylvania. In the last few weeks I’ve been getting, probably many have heard the story about the family in Oregon. If I get the story correctly, they have occupied what was called Federal land; I thought they were actual land owners there. And there was a whole influx of law enforcement, FBI, what have you, people were killed and this and that. I don’t know the truth of the story – do you have any truth of this and how the whole fear kind of, could have been dissipated with meditation? The Bundy’s may be a name, of course, that may bring the story to light for you.

ONE WHO SERVES: Yes this is another one of those stories or what you would call false flag attempting to mobilize within fear, to bring about fear, and these things, they try to do these things to continue to do what has always worked for them before. But it is no longer working. They are meeting much resistance in these types of things now and this will continue and eventually it will completely end and die out because this type of energy cannot continue. But it is happening now and there are ramifications that will come from this that you will see and understand as it occurs. So just be patient, do not fall into the fear though. That is the most important thing – do not become ensconced within the fear. That is what they want and that is what you do not give them. Ashira?

ASHIRA: We would say that no matter what side you might place yourself on,  you can find literature that will support it. This is an aspect that is devised behind closed doors and the truth is very hard to discern from a 3D aspect, is it not?

(It is).

You asked about meditation – send love. (Laughter) Send love and that will continue to cleanse the area. And we know that you are not one who is in fear and we know that One Who Serves talks to all across this audience about fear. In this area we would say all of you who are meditating, sending thoughts, send love to this particular situation, alright?

(Thank you very much, thank you).

ANNE DEHART: Okay I’m going to close your line Charles, thank you for the question and please touch #1 to help me keep this…there you go. Now let’s see who has not had a chance to speak yet. We’re having returns but going back to the Oregon, I kind of had a feeling that it was a revelation to those who aren’t aware of how things are being done to land owners sort of to make them receptive to when the New Republic comes in. They’ll see that we don’t want what we’ve got, we want something new (laughter). That was just my own opinion on it. 817 I’m going to try you and if you don’t answer this time I’m going to close your line. (background noise). 817 are you there? Okay I’ve closed their line. Okay let’s see who is here? There are so many…Fran you are lingering although we’ve tried to get your line closed for you, Fran I’m going to try to open your line. Do you need to talk at all? Did you keep your hand up … (Hello I’ve tried 12 times it won’t take the hand down). Okay thank you then we’ll just leave you there and move on and see if we don’t miss anybody here. Area code 860 I don’t believe you’ve had an opportunity yet, come on, ending in 1796.

Question: John Connecticut. Two questions. After announcements, how long will it be until the healing ships show up?

ONE WHO SERVES: After announcements when will the healing ships show up? We can tell you that again, as we spoke earlier, these things are determined on man’s consciousness and how these things will develop and in what order they will occur, will come in. So when you speak of announcements you do not say which particular announcements. Are you speaking of announcements that you are not alone in the universe?

Which is such a ludicrous idea when you think about it (laughter), is it not?

(No, not at all just GCR, NESARA, just the immediate stuff we’re waiting on).

There are many announcements, that’s what we’re trying to say, there will be many different kinds of announcements that will come.

So when these announcements are coming, or have come, it is considered safe, you might say, for our Galactic brothers and sisters to join us, then they will join us.

Question: Okay thank you and my second question is there any way to get beamed up now and come back like after it’s all done? (laughter)

ANNE DEHART: Go to the end of the line! We’re all waiting (laughter).

ONE WHO SERVES: I think everyone wants to get beamed up at one point or another.

ANNE DEHART: Thank you John.

(Thank you).

ONE WHO SERVES: It’s not quite the moment for that yet.

ANNE DEHART: Yes, stick around and watch the show. After all we’ve been through, don’t miss the show now that it’s ready to begin!

ONE WHO SERVES: Anything to add here Ashira?

ASHIRA: No thank you.

ONE WHO SERVES: We believe that was your last question of the three questions, was it not?

ANNE DEHART: Oh was it three that we were allowed? Oh well, I’ve got all
the newcomers except one – no, wait a minute, that’s not even up so okay the others are returns. Happy is back and Glenn is back and that’s the only ones that are left.

ASHIRA: We will say that it has been a pleasure having so many men on the line today. Generally it seems that this is either fairly even in terms of male and female or more heavily on your female audience. But it has been a pleasure to have so many men join us here today.

ONE WHO SERVES: Yes and this One Who Serves is going to step aside briefly for another One Who Serves who wishes to come in and give his two cents. (laughter) He always wants to do that when he gets the chance so Shanti but another is coming in. (Thank you).

ONE WHO SERVES​ #2: Greetings to you (greetings) yea we sound just like the other one, we know, but we are a little bit more higher energy, frequency rather, a little more excited and that type of thing, but we wish to just… We heard something earlier and we certainly chuckled at it. That was the one who said “the panel,” — that she wanted to ask questions of “the panel.” And she does not know how close she was to what is really happening here. It is not just two here that are speaking or that are even in process here of understanding what is being asked. There are many of us here, so we are a panel, that is certainly true.

Now we also wish to share one other thing that came about in one other question which was speaking of dream and Ascension dream and all of this type of thing. And we wish to share that the James had a dream of this nature some time ago when he was able to step out into the, what is called, the “Ring-Pass-Not.” And at the time, he knew nothing about this and he stepped into the Ring and he was told as he stepped into the Ring to not look back and not tell anyone that he had stepped into the Ring. So what did the James do in the dream? He turned around and said “Hey look at me, I’m in the Ring now.” (Laughter) And certainly… then he could not stay in the Ring, you see? And he could not go on to the next step.

This was indicative of what you will come across as you are moving in this Ascension process. When the mentors say to jump, you jump, okay? That is what you need to do – they will come and they will give much understanding, much help to you as you are ready for it in these times to come, okay? (Okay)

Okay, oh the other thing was that when the James woke up in the morning he did not know anything about this Ring-Pass-Not. He looked it up, he Googled it (laughter) – you know how you Google everything? He Googled it and there it was – Ring-Pass-Not. He learned all about it.

And there is definitely proof of your dreams, there are things happening in your dreams, there is more than you can possibly imagine happening in your dream state. And we would say to you, do not think about that as dreams anymore. Think of them as continuing your life, continuing your journey. This is a part of your journey, your dreams are a part of your journey. They’re moving into a different state of understanding, a different frequency vibration, a different dimension even, you see? So you are having experiences while you’re awake and you are having experiences while you are asleep and they are all part of your greater journey, okay? (Okay).

We release channel now. We just needed to jump in and say that. Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the One. (Thank you).

ASHIRA:  I am Ashira. It’s been a pleasure to be with you today. Many great questions have been asked, many questions have been answered by all of us who are here to be of service with you. Since the past month has passed Sanat Kumara talked about the Great Initiation and this group has every Sunday come together. Some of you have spoken about the Great Initiation that you’ve taken beyond this planet, beyond the universes. You had experiences.

This one Susan has had experiences she spoke of last week visiting earlier parts of this life and then moving into past lives. All have been part of an initiation. Everyone has had different experiences and you will continue to have more and more experiences as your frequency raises.

You will have more and more of these lucid dreams, these awakened dreams. You will be able to know that you are dreaming and be able to affect the things that you are doing. And then there are also those that know that they are having multilevel experiences, multidimensional experiences. And all of these, all of these are part of your growth, part of that which you are embracing at this time and moving forward with.

In the month to come there will be even more things to share, more things that have unfolded for all of you in this time of awakening, this time of starting from the base of understanding. Many of you will be helping those around you, helping them to unfold even more.

These are great times to be alive, great times to do everything that you have to do. And as we always say to those in this group and those on the phone and all of those who would read these words, “Ask for help. Ask for help. We are by your side; we are there to assist you. The mentors are already speaking in your ears. There are so many who are here on this side waiting to step forward with you to celebrate in the days to come. We send you our peace and our love.”

Namaste. (Namaste)

Channeled by James McConnell and Dr. Susan Sammarco
Article may be reproduced in its entirety if authorship and authors website is clearly stated

It Is Time NOW To Release And Let Go – Ashtar and (Ascended Masters) One Who Serves and Ashira – Channelers James McConnell, Dr. Susan Sammarco – 12-18-15



“One Who Serves”   channeled by James McConnell
“Ashtar” and “Ashira” channeled by Dr. Susan Sammarco and

(Note: these messages were given during our weekly Prepare For Change group in Glendale, AZ on December 13, 2015)


I am “Ashtar”. I am pleased to be with you again. I have been visiting many channels across the world recently. Some of that which has been written of me has been filtered through those that share my words. What I want to share with you is happiness this day.

All of this in your world can bring you down, we know. And yet, the Conference in France is complete. That had so many things that were happening behind closed doors. Things that did not make it into mainstream news. Things that did not bring about what the world thought was happening. We are pleased with its existence. We are pleased with the outcome.

So many things that we see, as you know in this group, are not the truth. We have spoken before of how the light is popping on around the planet. The light of individuals in the light of heart and mind are all here. They have continued to increase.

We know and we know that you are told that you need to release and let go. This group has been very careful in its planning in what has happened in your Advances and what has happened on the ground and in the air above you. All of you are part of this wondrous activity.

We also share today that the time for excitement and glee are here! You are in the midst of everything that is becoming the NOW. It is not soon, or imminent, it is NOW! We have shared this with the group before and all of you have come to see the importance of thinking about the NOW.

You can, if you desire, become engulfed in what is being written in various ways. We would say, “release and let go”, “release and let go” of all of that which you were looking for. All will come to you one morning when the bulletins will be all across the airways, in the papers and in the videos. In all of those things you search through. It will be right in front of you, NOW>

This is the time that the world is celebrating. It is the time when those on the planet turn inward and outward to share and praise. The time is perfect for the gifting of all. For all of humanity.
We are all One. We are all in the NOW.

“One Who Serves”
Greetings to you. “One Who Serves” here with you.

What a wonderful time we are in NOW. You may not feel it. You may not experience it. Things may be a little off for you at times. Things may be moving a little too quickly or maybe a little too slowly. Whatever it might be. It may not be exactly the way you want it but it is exactly the way it is.

We would say to you, and always remember this, as we have said many, many times all of this has been orchestrated. You, yourselves, are a very large part of this orchestration that is happening here. You, in this group, you who are listening here and you who would read these words as well. You are all part of this.

And all of those you come in contact with in your daily activities are a part as well. Even if they have no conception of what you are speaking of or what you are ranting on and on and on about. And yet, this is getting into them. It is getting into their consciousness and they are experiencing it at one level or another.

And we gave it to the James earlier that you, in your discussion here that you are having an effect on the entire planet. In your discussion, having those types of ideas and ideals in this space here you are putting that out into the collective understanding, the collective consciousness of man. The collective consciousness of man is taking this in, it is pulling it in and it is having an effect.

One single individual with the right intention, with the intention to create the change, the intention to Be the change can have an entire change on the entire planet. It has been shown many times that this is the case. But you, yourselves, in many respects ask, “What can I do?” “What can little me do here?” “How can I have an effect on things?”

We are telling you now that you are the effect! It is not us who speak through this one or through the Susan or any of the various channels. It is not us who are doing this, it is you are who are doing this. You ARE the ONE. You are creating a new understanding, a new level of consciousness. It is seeping into mankind little by little across the entire planet.

When you do a meditation such as you have done here today, and this needed to be recorded and we understand that it has been recorded, we wish for this to be included with the transcription at this time. Tell the James to do this. That must be included, the audio portion of this. Many will listen to this, the vibration that is in this meditation.

It is not only the words but also the vibration that is included here. People will resonate to these vibrations. It will change them as they listen and interact with this particular meditation. It was designed for this group to emanate outward from this group. And for this entire experience to spread across the planet first across the unconsciousness and then it will spread across the conscious, knowing state. But if anyone will take these words from the entire meditation each week when you do your meditation, or something very similar, or a facsimile of this, it may change a little bit each time but we expect you to re-enact this particular meditation. Not that you can’t do another one or if you are guided to something a little bit different that is fine but we wish for you to stay on this channel. OK?

We also wish to add to the message here of letting go, how important that is, in whatever terminology you want to use here for letting go. But the idea of letting go, the idea of moving on, the idea of creating the new space, this is what is important. It is not important to hold on to all that you have had, all of the comfort levels, all of the familiars in your life. For if you do that it will hold you here. It is very simple. We cannot say it any more simply than that.

If you are feeling an inclination to move away from a particular place you are finding yourself, if you are finding an inclination to let go of a certain relationship, if you are finding an inclination to move away from a job that no longer sustains you, no linger brings you happiness and joy, if any job still does that, if anything is holding you back then it is time to release it! Let go and release it! Release it and be the new vibration that is coming into you.

It is so important in these moments now. Because of where you find yourselves now. Because of where we all find ourselves now. Be ready! Move on! Go with the flow. And experience all that you are in this very moment.
Take questions now for “OWS” and “Ashira” who is standing by.

Question: I am having a tough time at my job. I know I don’t give it my all. Is this a good time to leave it?

“OWS”: As you are asking this question it is important to look deeply within you and find the answer, it is there. It is not for us here, “OWS” or “Ashira” or “Ashtar’ to say whether you should or should not. You know how we feel about the idea of should.

So, in this situation, let go and listen deeply within yourself. Listen to that whisper because it is sending you a loud and clear message even if you may not be hearing it yet. It is coming and if it is telling you it is time to move on, we know you are moving geographically and that is a change that is certainly happening, but if it is a change to let go of that which has given you employment, that which has given you the financial condition that you are in now then it is time to do so. But you must also look at the situation you find yourself in with your family as well. If it is going to create a hardship for you then that is also something to look at. You see?
Anything to add to this, “Ashira”?

“Ashira” : We would. We would just add that as you are thinking about, “Is this a good time versus is it not a good time to leave.” We would say that this is who you are NOW and you will know the right moment and the right time. The meditations will give you the answers you are looking for. You are thinking about the moment and you will find a release about what the future brings. Bless you!

“OWS”: Wonderful. Further questions here?

Question: I have a question about the crystalline bodies. Where are we in the development of those?

“OWS”: We would say it is happening right now. You are already into that process but you may not be aware of it. It is not like you can take your blood out and look at this. You will not have the crystalline structure there. You will not have this yet. It is coming at the higher vibrations within you. That has already changed into a more crystalline structure that way. It only needs for you to move up. You will move up into that
crystalline structure that is waiting for you. Does this make sense to you?
Other questions here?

Question: I talked to you a couple weeks ago about my Pit Bull. My life has changed since we talked. I am in a new job and he is crated for fourteen hours a day. I am thinking about finding another home for him. Do you have a follow-up for me?

“Ashira”: Yes. I would be happy to answer this.
Thank you for bringing this up again and letting us know how you are doing.

So you have fourteen hour days and he is crated. First of all we will share that this is a long time in a crate but we will share that the crate is a cave for a dog. It also provides security for him.

If you can find a family that can take care of his needs, his very special needs, perhaps a single person, his could be beneficial for you. This is not for you to feel guilty about. This is not for you to be a state of recompense about this. You have done everything you can to help him express himself. With this we give our permission, if you want that, to find another home that will allow him to experience and express himself. In a yard, by himself, with a family or a new single owner.

You have done the very best you can you can for this dog. We would say that this may be the time to find a new location for him to reside. Does that help?

“One Who Serves”: We would add something here. There are times when you love something or an animal, and then you need to let it go.
Any further questions?

Question: Are you happy with us and to see things developing the way they are now?

“OWS”: We have to chuckle at this for this was something the James asked a long time ago in his understanding in time. He asked the question, “Are you frustrated with me?” Because I am not doing exactly what you want or some terminology such as this.

Our answer to him at that time and our answer to you at this time is that we do not become frustrated, we do not become disillusioned, we do not become unhappy or anything of this nature because we do not have any direct purpose in what you do. See? We are not purposely involved with you and your individual lives.

It does not mean that we do not care, we love you greatly. Beyond what you can possibly imagine at this point. We wish for all to happen and occur but we know your saying though that you will “wish in one hand and spit in the other”.

We want you to know that all is happening as it needs to. There is nothing that is not happening as it needs to. You are in the present NOW. You have always been in the present NOW. It is only in the mind, in a controlled type of situation, a programming type of situation that has taken you away from this understanding of being in the NOW.

As you come more and more into this conscious awareness that you are in the present moment and that you are in joy in the present moment then everything will take care of itself as you move along. See?
Anything to add, “Ashira”?

“No. You are brilliant today!

“OWS”: Any further questions here?
Thank you for asking the questions for when they are asked the questions can be answered. And know that when you ask a question that others may not ask, they want the answers too.

Question: You can choose between an enlightened path and a dark path. Is this true?

“OWS”: This is true but it depends on what direction you are peering into this.

Question: I feel that I listened to one of the other’s questions that I have been there. I experienced that when I was with a company that no longer stimulate I felt like I was going to darkness. I believe we get trapped into thinking the job is the provider but I know we are the provider. Do you agree?

“OWS”: We would certainly agree with all of the above. As you are moving in your enlightenment you are moving toward that. But you must understand that you have never left it. This is what we have been attempting to get across to you is that you have always been exactly where you are now. You have never strayed off the path as you understand it. It is only that you think you have moved off the path that you have moved off the path.

We know that this can be difficult to understand because you have to understand it from a three dimensional point of view in terms of time and space and all of this. This no longer works for you. Speaking to all of you in this room, all on the phone and all who would resonate to these words. This no longer works for you!

The old ways of thinking, the old 3D understanding are no longer working. We have told you this. You have moved up. You have moved up to higher vibrations. You stay there longer and longer each time. And you are moving through an entire transition through the 3D into the higher four and five dimensional space. As you move into the higher vibration you become the higher vibration. You see?

As you become the higher vibrations nothing from the lower can bring you down anymore. is a major difference. The optimal word here is as you “become” the higher vibration. As you BE the higher vibration. There is a major difference here from Being it to want to be it. See? Do you understand this?

I am not sure.

“Ashira” can you assist here?

“Ashira”: When one looks into the belief system that one has it is important to know that your belief system does not need to be shared by everyone. It is one that is yours. We would say that when you spoke of the darkness that could apply to any of the people in this world today who have not yet awakened. This is intentional for them. They are waking up in their own time and in their own way.

Whether or not one makes a decision about staying with a job or leaving a job, about being open to allow the newness to flow in, that is enlightenment. In your words and in your truth. Does that make sense?

“OWS” : Any further questions here now?

Question: Can you explain about timelines? Last week you answered a question about timelines like the change from the Revelations in the Bible. Can you elaborate on that?

“OWS”: All you are speaking of was in the predictions of the past. This particular timeline that you are speaking of has run out in the past. It has run its course because of mankind’s consciousness. Mankind’s consciousness has written the script for the new timeline. You are in a certain consciousness that is creating this new timeline. As this continues you will remain on this timeline you are on.

This is not the timelime that the dark forces, the Cabal wanted to happen here. They wanted to stop here. They wanted calamities, catastrophes and floods. They wanted this. They wanted to survive and be the ones in control. That was never going to be allowed because man’s consciousness will not allow that.

Those of us, those coming from the ships are not allowing it. All of these are making this new world that you are creating. They are not the ones creating this new timeline. It is your consciousness that is creating this. You are on it NOW!

And it cannot be stopped as Sananda and others are saying now. It cannot be stopped. It cannot reverse back to the old timeline even though they have tried to do this. Even though they are trying in their small, feeble ways to create chaos, to create fear, to bring it out into the collective consciousness as they have always done but it is no longer having that effect. It cannot have that effect because you and the collective have moved up in consciousness. See?

Question: I have a question about timelines. Aren’t they made up of past, present and future?

“Ashira”: When we speak of the many timelines that have taken place in the past, they have taken direction from many peoples around the planet. It was a variety of timelines. When 2012 came it was a decision to move forward as a group. All of the timelines that existed in that moment before 2012, were past, present and future changed.

This timeline became the one timeline. Every experience from the past was moved into this timeline. It was a commitment of all on this planet, in the solar system and the universe to commit to this timeline to clean up the act of those who had been acting in certain ways. To move them into other places. To move forward. NOW.

All of those in this room and upon the planet, all of those on the ships as “OWS” said earlier, all of those NOW move forward.
You know that you are multidimensional beings experiencing lives in other times, other places and other experiences. This one is for you NOW!

“OWS”: We speak all the time of being the One as we end each of these sessions. This can be interpreted in many different ways, in many different understandings but it is all coming together as One collective consciousness together. Not only here on this planet but on all of the planets of the Solar System, all of the planets in the Galaxy and so on and so on. Its all about Being the ONE.

Even in your movie, “The Matrix”, was not “Neo” meant to be the One? Did they not say that many times? You are the One and sooner or later he began to believe he was the One. You see ? So, you, yourselves, are bringing this together on the one timeline, as “Ashira” has said. All of this is coming together as it must.

Question: Are there still other timelines even though there is a commitment to this one?

“Ashira”: There are other experiences that you experience. The timeline is in the 3D realm. The timeline that we speak of frames the experiences that you have. The other multidimensional experiences are not locked into a 3D timeline. They are all experiencing their experiences. You are here now in this experience, in this planet, in this time is a one-time timeline experience.

Question: Why more than one timeline?

“Ashira”: We are not going to give anymore. What you have been given is about the timeline you are affecting now.

Question: Can you help me understand release and let go and make this easier. My heart does not want to do that.

“OWS” : We cannot necessarily make it easier for you. You are the only one who can make it easier for you. We can give understanding. We can give guidance. We can give nudges here and there. But it all comes back to you as an individual and how you handle anything that comes to you. Where ever that may come. It may come from these channelings, it may come from the Internet, it may come from watching a movie that brings a particular expression to you that brings a new feeling, a new understanding. All of these things can bring new ideas to you.

We cannot directly answer your question because it is your direction, your experience. If it is a letting go that is needed, whether it is a letting go of a pet you have, or if it is a letting go of a spouse, or a friend or a brother or a sister or whatever it may be, it is a process you must go through. It is the leavening of the loaf now. It is movement away from that which is no longer serving you. If it no longer serves you it is no longer needed to be in your life. See?

If there are no further questions here, first we wish to share that when you find yourselves in the next Sunday group, there will be the Annual Christmas message from Yeshua, known to many as Jesus. He will share his understanding of that particular time period. Not the day itself but the period of time and what it represents, what is was meant for.
Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the One.

I am “Ashira” and I am so pleased to close this today.
We love how each you picks up on the topic for discussion each Sunday. We love to be a part of this. To be inspiring you, to be sharing with you. To be encouraging you.

Know that these Sundays are important, a good re-set for the week. A good time to come together sharing love, understanding and share in laughter. Know too that “One Who Serves” and our self are with you sharing closely during the week.

We know that this is not an easy time on the planet, not that there was an easy time to be on the planet. Not for many thousands of years we would say. Our commitment to you today was to urge you to look at your lives. Look at yourselves. Look at what serves you well and what is not serving you any longer.

That which no longer serves you is indeed, part of the past. You are in the midst of being in the NOW. You are in the midst of manifesting new lives of peace and reality upon this planet. All of this for the good of all.

And we would share to those of you who still have concerns about family members. About children. About friends. As I share earlier, in 2012 it was decided that this would be a shared experience for all. Do not worry about family and friends. This was a commitment to take all.
There is a time when you shall see those of the Cabal come before you. You will see that they will be moved to another location where they will exist.

All of us have the light. As was shared in the meditation all of the people on the planet have their light on. All but a small handful have their spiritual chakra opened. We will celebrate with everyone.
We bless you. We give you peace. Namaste.

Channeled by James McConnell and Dr. Susan Sammarco and
Article may be reproduced in its entirety if authorship and authors website is clearly stated

ASCENDED MASTERS: Ashira, Sugat Gu Ra Ru, One Who Serves – MANIFESTATION – “As you move into the higher dimensions your thoughts will continue to create but they will be creating instantaneously” – 6-24-15

Ashira channeled by Dr. Susan Sammarco

Sugat Gu Ra Ru and OWS channeled by James McConnell

(Note: these messages were given during our weekly Prepare for Change group in Glendale, AZ on June 21, 2015)



I wanted to take a moment because this was, indeed, a planned exercise because we know there are still aspects to the relationship with mothers and fathers that are still hidden in corners. These are times for healing and these are times for forgiveness. These are times for self-forgiveness as well.

This is the time now that all come together on this day to honor the energy that fathers bring to this planet. And while there is much discussion of the Goddess Energy that has entered the planet there is many times that bad-mouthing, is that a word, I do not know, but bad-mouthing and reprimands of the male energy occurs. Many times the masculine energy, the patriarchal energy is associated with the negative. That is not what we desire.

We desire that the men and the women, the male and the female and all of the sexes in between and everywhere are coming together with an understanding, a forgiveness and a tolerance for one another. It is more common these days to see men and woman as true partners, true strong partners within relationships. Even within relationships that are not marital in nature but those relationships such as with Susan and James. There is a strong balance and an equality that is shared.

These are the types of relationships that are moving forward in the 5th dimension. The understanding of strength on both parts. The understanding that each has a role to play. And in the 5th dimension you will understand this more clearly because your roles will become more clear. There will be clearer communications with one another.

However, in the past there is still much to heal and much to love. This is a brief message to follow up on the exercise today. We will return with questions and answers and a closing at the end.

Let us prepare for “One Who Serves” and James by singing three “Ohms” please.

“Sugat Gu Ra R

Greetings to you. This is not who you thought was coming. We throw a monkey wrench into the works here! This is Sugat Gu Ra Ru. And I hail to you from the mountains in Tibet. Where I spend all of my time and some of you here have been with me before in what you would call a student –teacher relationship. And yes, you were the student! You were my chelas. And there were those times when we were together when you were experiencing and working with various aspects of raising your consciousness, just as you are doing now.

I can tell you that in those times when you were with me in a more stricter fashion you might say, more different, disciplined, something very foreign to you now. We do not see you in this lifetime being one who can sit in a lotus style position in a cave for hours and hours, sometimes days and weeks and even months at a time and meditate. I can tell you that you raised your consciousness in this way.

This time you are doing the same thing. It is just taking a little bit different route here, acknowledging that you have your everyday aspects here, your life to live. That life does not work together with the austere life which you had at those times.

At this time now, we would ask you and this has been coming, that you would continue to work with your thought processes. And raise your thoughts for as you raise your thoughts you raise your consciousness. As your consciousness raises your thoughts raise. And very soon you will find it is more and more difficult to have a negative thought.

When you have come to this point when you are no longer having negative thoughts or at least when you have one, you can push it out immediately. When you come to this point then you are moving closer and closer to your transition. Yes, the transition towards the Ascension Process. It is a process though. It is not an overnight sensation here. You will not be here one day and gone the next although there will be some who have more of that type of an experience. You have been told that everyone will have their own type of experience and yes, this is true.

And you in this group and many who are reading these words are in training to bring about the changes in yourself that can lead you to the point when the transition happens for you, for the entire planet, you will be in a position where you can be ready to go through it. You will not, have the aches and pains and the quandary that many will feel as to what is going on.

You will be experiencing it as a sense of bliss. A sense of wonderment. And you will be saying, “OK! I am ready. Take me now!”  Because that will be the feeling that you have. But in order to get to that point you have to first come to more and more of an understanding of your thoughts and how creative your thoughts are and how to control those thoughts as much as possible.

We say to you now every day, focus on this. Bring your thoughts into a more of an understanding that you are in control of the thoughts not the other way around. Because your thoughts create you. Every day your thoughts create that which is your life ahead of you. And as you move into the higher dimensions your thoughts will continue to create but they will be creating instantaneously.

So you have to prepare yourself for that eventuality when your thought manifests immediately. We would certainly not want some of your thoughts to manifest at this time in the higher vibrations. And the “One Who Serves” has told you it cannot be this way because there is a “fail safe” process here and this will keep this from happening but even so we want you to work on this every day. Feel your thoughts, experience your thoughts, and then take your thoughts into the higher vibrations with you. You will not want to stay in the lower vibrations with lower vibratory thoughts.

That is my message here at this time. I do not come to this group very often but when I get the chance and when there is the movement of consciousness within the group, it can call to me. This has happened. I have been called here to work possibly a little closer with you and to bring you closer and closer to what would be your own personal transition here.

I will not take questions. “One who Serves” will take care of that.

Shanti. Peace be with you.

“One Who Serves”

Greetings to you! “One Who Serves” here now to answer your questions with “Ashira” standing by here as well. We will say something at the end before “Ashira” comes in.

Would you have questions here for “One Who Serves” and “Ashira”?

Question: Several friends and others have had the inspiration to create their own language in symbols. I have written entire pages with symbols. When I went to the hospital recently, I spoke to people who have been seeing symbols appearing on their skin. What can you tell me about these experiences?

One Who Serves”:  We can tell you that you are experiencing that which we have been saying for some time now. Your memories will come back. Your understandings will come back. As to the deeper understandings as to where you hail from, where you come from, your system, your experiences prior to this. Even some of your past lifetimes are coming in. It is not so much at a conscious knowing level but it is a subconscious level that is feeding into the conscious level. You see?

So, that you may not understand what those symbols are and where they are coming from but yet they are there within you. As the time goes on here we are seeing that as you continue to work with this and this is the important thing that you continue to work with this, that these symbols will become more familiar to you. Then one particular day you will have this experience as you are reading these symbols or looking at them that it will come back to you what they are meaning. Okay?

Anything to add, “Ashira”? “No, splendid!”

Would there be other questions here?

Question: Í have a major question in my life. Since the plans have been initially made each girl has developed a major issue in life. Do you have any advice? I feel this is my last shot to be able to have some influence with them.

Ashira”: Yes. This was received (from “One Who Serves”).

We would just say to you as “One Who Serves’ would say, “Go with the flow”. If you are asked questions, you may give advice. We would share that giving advice without the question is part of that wall that you are striving to tear down. And that said, the problems that have developed in their lives is a subconscious way of them being able to come to you with a reason and allow this to play out the way it is meant to play out.

You are at this point in time given the opportunity to change what has happened in the past. For you to respond in such a way that they will not expect. And so if they present you with a problem and say, “What do you think I should do, Mother?” Remember what we have said in this group previously. Baby steps. Teaspoon full. Not the whole apple. Not the who game plan that they should follow to make it right. It is their’s to figure out.

You are right. It is time for you to move in new direction with those who have come to you I this lifetime and to be able to share with them as a mother who supports them and allows them to be who they are as they strive to meet their path.

So we feel you would have another question. What would that be?

Question: I don’t understand baby steps and not the whole apple. That might be one of my problems. I want to pick them up and carry them.

Yes. From one who understands that maternalistic urge we so much do want to see our children at any age in pain or confused. We believe that we have the answers and yet, each of these has their own strengths and their own answers. It will be an opportunity for you to allow all of those things to play out and to walk away after this month feeling much more accomplished as a parent and feeling that you have indeed accomplished that which you set out to do in this trip. We bless you!

“One Who Serves” would you add to that?

One Who Serves”:  Yes, we would add something here that you bring up the term, “this is your last shot”. This is not your last shot! No matter what happens As the “Event” and all of these things occur, you will continue to have experiences with your loved ones.

Please understand that when the “Event” happens and the “Ascension Process” happens it is not going to be taking your loved ones away from you, it is going to be adding to what you already have. It will make it more wonderful, not less wonderful. We know that this question has come up many times to many different sources. What will happen to those who are left behind? What if our children are left behind? What if our pets are left behind? Or whatever it might be?

That is not a concern at all. What would be to rip your loved ones out of your arms? How could that be wonderful? That is not to be. Do not think in terms of this is your last shot because whatever happens you will be with them again and again. Not in terms of reincarnation or anything of this nature but with them. And with them in a wonderful way. Not in the trials and tribulations that you have here in this 3D illusion. You see?

Time to put away the 3D’d expressions! Do as “Sugat Gu Ra Ru” said. Gain control of your thoughts. It is very important here. It is all part of the training we are bringing to you! How can you have negative thoughts when you think of going with the flow, Be the One, you see? All is purposeful.

Question: For the past 7 years I have been going through a lot. I was wondering if I am going in the right direction for healing.

One Who Serves”:  We understand your loss here and many would echo this same loss. Not specifically what you have gone through or are going through but loss in terms of those who are finding themselves estranged from those who were close. You may have had the friends before but they are no longer your friends. Or you were close to someone and no longer close to. That is because of the changes, because of the vibratory changes. Those who are changing in vibrations are now looking for others who are changing in vibrations.

It is the same as when you enter a room and there is much negativity. Let us say it is an office function or something of this nature and you walk in and everybody is down and negative. Do you want to stay there? No! You want to leave. You don’t want to be brought down by their negativity.

So you search for those who are at the same vibration as you or even higher vibration because it makes you feel better. That is what is occurring across the board here. Not only to this one who has asked the question but planetary-wise. There are many who are experiencing these changes where once they had these relationships and now they are gone. Whether it is job relationship or family relationships or friendships or whatever it might be. It is all changing and it is all purposeful.

Now to deal with this as you need to, that is what becomes difficult because you have what are called the familiars in your life. As you move through the transitions in your life as “Sugat” has spoken of, as you move through this transition the familiars in your life leave both at the physical level and at the spiritual level. New ones come in, new friends, new family relationships sometimes and even new pet relationships. Whatever that might be but it is the new and you are moving to the new. Think of it that way. Create it that way.

Know that you are moving on and everything that is happening to you now is being orchestrated by those who work with you directly. And know that there are many working with you! You see? Does this answer your question?

Anything you wish to add “Ashira”?

Ashira”:  We would add that you have asked about healing and are you on the right path. And as “One Who Serves” has said this is about release. Releasing the past. Not judging the past. Allow it to flow through you. Move into a consciousness of acceptance for the new. Move into a consciousness that forgives yourself and all others in your life. Move into a consciousness that everything that has happened has placed you in a exactly the place you are supposed to be even though it may not feel comfortable.

The judgment you seem to have in your speech about this situation, release that. Know that you are allowing life to flow in you and through you as it is meant to.

Becoming concerned about what types of healing will be best for you; this is a time of frequency of vibration. This is a time of thought processes taking you into the next dimension and those around you are pushing you into those directions. We would share that is the direction to be looking for the healing and the wholeness you seek. You are moving forward into it even as we speak and even though there are those that would tell you that you need this crystal or that potion this is not a time to become hung up on those things. This is time of self-improvement and wholeness and of affirming that you are an amazing being and that all things that come to you as you, in you and through you are all in perfect Divine Order. That will help you to be in the place that you are moving to and that you are welcoming.

Wonderfully said, “Ashira”. Are their any further questions than we will release the channel.

“One Who Serves’

Understand that as these times continue on and you continue to look upon being in the NOW, certainly in the NOW at all times for the present NOW is what is the most important. It is the journey you are on, not the destination. Yes, you eventually get to the destination you are looking for but then when you arrive there will be many more that will appear in front of you and that is life! That is the way it is.

To be in joy in the present moment and that is what is important to do. And the more you are in those thought processes that “Sugat Gu Ra Ru” spoke about here will bring you into the higher vibrations and keeping you there. That is the thing. Keeping you there. Many of you can have a wonderful thought and be in the higher vibration but the next thing you are back down again. Now you have to work on staying there. That is the more difficult here but that is the discipline that is necessary to find yourself in the higher dimensions and stay there and maintain there so you will be in the position to reach back and help your fellow human beings move forward.

That is all. Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the One.


I am “Ashira” and we are giving time to allow James to come back into his body and consciousness for he has a question for us today. We would share too that is a time where much is being revealed every day. More and more you will see these things occurring in what is called your mainstream. You will know that those who are to be awakened at this time in their 9-5 jobs, those who are to be awakened on the streets and in their homes. Their alarm clocks are going off more and more quickly. And you will see upon faces more and move visions of people who are confused. People who are fed up with the world because the world is a mess and they do not know where to look. And now, they are hearing about civilizations on other planets. They are hearing about other civilizations who have had their hands on this planet. The world, all of a sudden, seems larger and more mysterious. It is even expanding into the universe.

Yes, this is what you have been preparing for. They are the exciting times that you can be called into service at any given moment. At the grocery store, at the bank, in the office, in the park. Any place where there seems to be a conversation that starts with people who are confused, people who are wondering about what in the world is going on. These are your cues! These are what we have been preparing you for.

And we are very excited that all of you who are in this room, hearing us on the phones, all of those who are reading these words or hearing us around the world, are those who touch one another through the work that is being done through these two. We give you thanks because we know you are ready to move into action.

James, are you with us?

Question: Yes. Speaking of action here. I have a snippet of a dream. In this dream I knew that I was supposed to bring together the “rival groups or  factions”.  That memory came to me as I was driving back this morning  from Flagstaff as I did not remember it when I first woke up . Is there anything you can tell me?

It has much meaning on many different levels. It is part of the work that you and Archangel Michael have been working on for a very long time and you have had memories of some of those dreams. Bringing those of different forces into harmony has been that plan in that particular dimension but let us also bring it into this world for the work you have been prepared for here.

You have been an observer at this point in time, have you not? More than an action because the action has been in other dimensions, other places. However, the time is come that you will have very soon this awakening in yourself again. A whole new awakening as to who you are and what your purpose is.

Standing beside Archangel Michael on this planet for all those that are the minions of those who were at the top, they will continue to be troublemakers for a while. It is your recall that you will have to move you into your next position. This is what the dream was about. It is to help you to not be surprised when the shift happens for you and you realize that it is time to be called into service with Archangel Michael and those who are in service to him.

Now to bring together under his wings of love, grace and protection all of those on the planet who still thought they were in service to those who had something to give them and they had something to gain. But as they come to realize that they have no more to gain, that their world has shifted and they will be confused. They are looking for someone to serve and Archangel Michael and his forces will give them that particular direction. They will fall to their knees in gratitude.

How does that feel to you, James? Thank you very much.

Ashira”:  We know you are also in service to Lord Sananda. And to building the Twelve of Twelve and having those expand. And it may seem, in this moment in time from your seat, that it all seems too big, too broad, too overwhelming to conceive of but all of you will find that once the Event happens and the awakening comes to each of you, you will find yourself in many different duties. Serving as one of the Twelve of Twelve is there for each of you. You also will have callings into this world and the universe depending on who is receiving these messages.

This is the reason we have all been so excited. It is not just the shift into the Golden Age upon this planet. It is the shift into the true meaning of your lives and why you chose to be here at this moment in time to go through this process and to move into the future.

Does that make sense for each of you?

That is what we came to share today. We are so glad as always to be a part of the Sunday meetings in this group for we know that it reaches out into the world and that the mass consciousness of this planet is shifted again higher into frequency for the time you spend together as a group.

I give you all my love and all my peace. Namaste.

Channeled by James McConnell and Dr. Susan Sammarco
Article may be reproduced in its entirety if authorship and authors website is clearly stated

A Moment In Time To Say Thank You! – Saint Germain

One Who Serves channeled by James McConnell

St. Germain and Ashira channeled by Dr. Susan Sammarco


James McConnell
Hi Everyone,
Wow, are these energy changes wrecking havoc with our electronics or what?
Ever since our Blog Talk Radio show with Hollow Earth Network two Sundays ago, I have experienced several computer and cell phone  problems and our coffee pot gave out. I normally seldom have problems with electronic and electric equipment going bad.  So something is definitely changing or is this just coincidence?  Uh no! To top it all off, today as I powered up my main laptop, there was no video. All the power lights were working fine, so it appears the video card just gave out. Oh well, it was about time to invest in a new one anyway as that one lasted 8 years.

The question about electronics going bad (evidently many people are having these problems now) was asked during the channeling yesterday and their answer was quite interesting. You will need to read or listen to get their answer. Anyway, something sure is going on and I am wondering if we are going to experience many more problems with all our devices as we continue moving into the higher vibrations. It is looking more and more as we are in for quite a ride.
We welcomed two new group members here yesterday:  Ruben and wife, Maria. Also, Marita joined us over the conference call from Alaska. Welcome to our growing family.
If you are planning to attend our next Sunday PFC group and have not yet RSVP’d, please use this as your reminder to do so quickly as we are getting closer and closer to filling the room.
Enjoy and Be in joy and Believing is seeing!


Love and light,
Believing Is Seeing!

Note: These messages were given during our weekly PFC group in Glendale, AZ on October 11, 2015



Greetings to you. Good to be here again with this wonderful group. We so much enjoy these times that we can be

*together and enjoy the camaraderie with our brothers and our sisters, our friends and our family. We are all family, are we not? It is a wonderful time to be involved with this process that is going on here on this planet, within the planet and outside of the planet.

All are a part of this process, this program that is going on and you, yourselves, are assisting in many ways that you have no idea. You are! You think, “How can I give to this situation? What can I bring to it? How can I help the world?” —  Just in your thinking in that way, you are helping! Just in your intention of being of assistance, of being of service, you are being of service.

You do not have to be the one who is the whistle blower, who is going out and sharing with the world all that you know. It is not that you need to do anything special. Now, if you can share in some place or in some way, it is important for you to do this.  It can be important for the one, or the many you are speaking to.  Allow yourself, as we say many times, to go with the flow. All is happening as it needs too. All is happening as the process is continuing to develop here.

You are all a part of the “Great Plan.” You are the ones that have been called the “Way Showers” … the ones who come before, and show the way. You are those,  because of who you are and what you came to do.

Many of you are coming to an understanding or a remembering of who you are. It is beginning to trickle in, here and there, and you are having these memories. This is bringing you back to the idea that you have the knowing already. You do not need to ask those of us here that have a little bit different vantage point, a little bit higher in vibration. Yes, we are. But we are no better than you or you are no better than us. We are all one. We are all in this together.

We are having such a wonderful time! You have no idea of this. We have spoken of the celebration that is coming, and it is! We know that you in the 3D world,  still trudging through your daily lives, are wondering, “When is all of this going to end? Take me away from all of this. When am I going to be able to fly? When will I be able to bi-locate and have all of these powers that have been spoken of?”

All of these things are coming, but, to you who are waiting for them, do not wait! Do not wait! Make it happen now!

This is the “Believing is seeing.” This is the creation process that is within you.  You can make it happen. Change the silver into gold. You see? Who is to say it was someone else doing it? It could have been you doing it!

This was a demonstration for the one who received it. Because she was open to it. That is not to say that each one is not open to these things, but as you are open and the situation comes forward, you will have the experience as well. A different circumstance, certainly. Not all can have their silver turned to gold. You will have other experiences, other visions. Other fleeting images that come out of the corner of your eye. Other things, like you look up and see a ship within the clouds. All of these things are going to be increasing in intensity, increasing in the amount of how much it happens and how many times it happens.

So, be ready people. Be ready for all of these things. Be ready for all of it. It is a grand new day and the new dawn is certainly approaching here very rapidly.

That is our message here. And now, with our dear sister, Ashira, we will answer your questions; and then we understand that dear St. Germain will be making an appearance here.

Do we have questions?

Question: Can you expound on why the Pope says, “Pray for me” to each one he visits with?

ONE WHO SERVES:  It is because he wishes for someone to say something nice for him. Does it need to be anything else, here? We do not say there is; however, there are plenty of reasons for others to say something nice.

What has this Pope heard? What have many if these Popes heard from the populace, from the people? Oh, “This one is not doing right here; this one is not doing it right there.” And they are the ones in front of the public; they are the ones out in front of everyone.

They need a little helping hand here and there. Now you understand that this one has a lot of helping hands here because he is a prominent figure in your culture, in your society. This one needs some help when a situation calls for it.

Anything to add here, Ashira?

No, I don’t think so. Thank you.

Would there be other question here?

Question: The Pope met with President Obama before his speech. Was there something he was supposed to say in his speech?

ONE WHO SERVES   There have been many indications, in the past or in the present, where there was going to be announcement made of one type or another. Because of various situations that arose at those times, the disclosures were held back for various reasons.

It is mainly because man’s consciousness continues to change. The plan continues to change along with man’s consciousness. So, as these things come up and the ideas of disclosure for the President or the Pope or anyone in a prominent situation would come out and say, they are either held back or hold themselves back at the time because they feel as if it is not quite ready.

Now, as the one you are speaking of, the President here, wants to come out and speak these things and holds back in other ways. And even in some ways, he is not wanting to because, as soon as he does, his time is over… as a President, as a leading figure here in the world. There is some ego attachment to this. Certainly you must understand this.

There is a push-pull that goes on in many of these circumstances. That is not to say that at one time or another, this one, or another, may take the podium and speak out and actually say something. You see?

Anything to add here Ashira?

ASHIRA    We would add that there are many things that these two have to speak about.  And it is not only about disclosure. The time they spend together,  one on one, in a room, is a special time to be in contact with others who are surrounding them, who are helping them, and leading them. They spoke about many things other than disclosure.

ONE WHO SERVES  Yes. Very good. Would there be other questions here? Can be to those on the phone as well.

Question: Can you give me any information on why the electronics are messed up?

ONE WHO SERVES  Yes, there are many things happening with these energy currents that are happening now. These energies have been coming in for a very long time. In some ways, your electronic equipment and all the devices you have, do not operate well in the higher vibrations.

So, as these energies are increasing and moving the vast populace to higher vibrations more and more and more, then the devices that are meant to operate at the 3D level will not operate at the higher vibrations. Therefore, when you have moved more fully into those higher vibrations, into 5D as you understand it, you will replace these devices with more consciousness related devices. These will operate in the higher vibrations.

That will be a transition. You are going through a transition now. It is a temporary transition and you will move into other areas of expression, avenues of expression. You will be moving into newer devices that you will consider higher level devices. Does this make sense to you?

Anything you wish to add here, Ashira?

  No. You did well. Thank you.

Any other questions?

Then we release channel. St. Germain and Ashira are coming on next.

Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the One.


Greeting my brothers and sisters. I am St. Germain.

I am happy to be with this group today. I am making my rounds. You can see through the Internet that I have been speaking with many groups. It is to give you a feeling of hope. It is to give you a feeling of satisfaction.

There are many things going on, with a few coming to the surface now. And there are many things going on that you do not hear about yet. Have faith, for so many things that have been planned are ensuing. There are things that have become easier for you to see. There are things that are becoming easier for you to feel.

We are excited about your new financial systems that are being put into place that will bring you a relaxation of your thoughts and your concerns around money. We know that we have said this for a while, but these systems are being put into place now. This is something to be very excited about, for it is a way for you to see and believe… and yet, have the way to “Believe it, and then see it!”

You are amongst those who are leading the way on this path. You ARE the ones who are creating the new on this path. There are many things you can see throughout the planet at this time. There are many new opportunities for you to become involved. There are opportunities for you to become involved in projects of technology… for you to become involved in housing… and providing for food. All of these are opening for you.

You may be noting that there are many stories on the Internet how animals are clinging to one another of different species. The lion and the lamb are indeed communicating and sharing.

These are the softer times of the world. These are the more gentle times of the world. These are the times when you will be experiencing a feeling of self-reliance in this world and that will bring you to the Unity Consciousness.

We are pleased and proud of this group. For you have come to us in many different ways and at different times. Many have had lives with me and have experienced these things that we put together in the past. And now it is yours to enjoy.

This was just a moment in time to say Thank You. I wish you great pleasure in all you are about to experience. Enjoy. And in luxury!


I am Ashira.

We have been bringing you great messages over the past number of weeks and months, have we not?  We know that it is difficult when you are in your day to day 3D lives and 3D vision to think that we are telling you the truth. This is one of the reasons that you experienced your miracle last week, Miss Marylou, to share with the group, to have it out right and to speak of it. Whoever you are, you will have more opportunities to share with this group.

We have been leading you and sharing with you in the most elegant of ways. The group of One Who Serves and I, Ashira, share with you each week. We know that this has been a challenge, because you listen to us through the session,  but yet, you listen to us through your hearts. We know that which you are experiencing goes out into the world’s consciousness. Not only through the sound bites and the transcript, but each of you is feeding this information into the mass consciousness around the planet.

All of us are proud of you, each and every one of you. And we know that as you are called into your place of being, that you will be ready. Because you are ready now.

I leave you with my love, my peace and my blessings.


Channeled by James McConnell and Dr. Susan Sammarco

Article may be reproduced in its entirety if authorship and authors website is clearly stated

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Well… did we ascend?  All 2.3 billion of us??

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Practice Being In A Loving State Of Consciousness – Ascended Masters: One Who Serves and Ashira @ Ancient Awakenings – 9-22-15


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“Practice Being In A Loving State Of Consciousness”​​(Ascended Masters) One Who Serves and Ashira

“One Who Serves” channeled by James McConnell
“Ashira” channeled by Dr. Susan Sammarco

(Note: these messages were given during our weekly PFC group in Glendale, AZ on September 13, 2015)

“One Who Serves”

Greetings to you. So looking forward to be here with you in these ways and even more looking forward to be here with you in other ways, hint, hint.

We do not have a message for you here at this time except to mention this wave of consciousness that is coming in. Yes, it is coming in and has been here in many aspects. It is growing in intensity more and more and more. And as you have heard, it is going to peak around the 28th of September, as Sananda has said and as many sources are also saying this. The most important thing to know is how to be in the time when this energy hits you. At that point you want to be in a certain state.

You want to be in a state of consciousness that is a loving state. Think about this. Be in that state coming up to that time period where you are more and more and more in a higher vibrational level. Where you are consciously there. Be aware of this wave.
Be aware that it is coming even more so. Be in that state that you can in higher vibration in a loving sense.

Be loving toward yourself. Be in service to others rather than to self. All of these things put you into the place of experiencing these energies much easier we would say here, with much more ease.

Because we would say that many would experience this energy wave and have difficulty with it because of the state of consciousness that they will be in at that time. Because, as has been said, it will exacerbate the state of consciousness they will find themselves in at that moment.

So we begin to say to you now to practice. Practice being in a loving state more and more. Practice enjoying the beauty outside. Practice the beauty of the bird, the bees, the butterflies, if you can see them, the hummingbirds. Be aware of all of these, the flowers, the trees. Be aware of the consciousness of each of these. Be aware. If you are aware of these things when the Wave hits, you will be much more prepared to meet the Wave and gain the most that it has to offer. OK?

Would there be any questions for “One Who Serves” and “Ashira” who is standing by?

Question: Is it about time for us to get a true picture from the Sphinx historical tablets about who we are and what are we here for?

“OWS: My dear sister, much of this has already been discovered. They have just held it back from you. Much has come forward and much has been kept secret. Much of this has been in the works and much of it will be a part of the revealing as it comes forward and then more so after.

There are many “secret places of the Lions”, that have kept secret places and hold many secrets. These will come forth after the changes are upon you. When the secrets are revealed, when all of the truth is revealed you will find yourself free from all of the programming that has held you back. It will be as if the programming just begins to melt away. It will melt more and more and more. This will be for you but it will be for all others too as they grasp the totality of the universe and how they have been held back from learning of the totality of who they are.
Does this answer your question? Yes.
Anything to add,”Ashira”? No, you have done fine.
Another question?

Question: I am getting excited about being up in higher elevation this weekend. Does it mean that I will be getting the Wave sooner?

“OWS”: There is no connection in terms of relating to the Wave and height here. There is only elevation in terms of those in consciousness. So, if you are in a higher state of consciousness, this is how the Wave will affect you. Nothing in terms of the elevation by feet here. You see?
Anything you wish to add, “Ashira”?

“Ashira”: We would add that you have much to be excited about and we are excited for you. Those things that you think about and dream about, you shall see in ways that are unusual for you. We look forward to your report after this.

“OWS”: We would also say that we are excited for you and for all of you. And for all of mankind, even. Good times ahead!
More questions?

​Question: You can see us more clearly than we see ourselves. If there was one thing you would share with us that applies to all who are listening, what would that be?

“OWS”: We believe we have already given that. Be in a higher vibration in the moments leading up to that Wave. Even if you do not believe anything will happen. Go with it. Go with the flow. Be in that NOW moment and be in an expression of gratitude for all that is around you and within you. If you do this, you will be in the flow to experience the full ramifications of being in this consciousness.
Anything to add here, “Ashira”?

“Ashira”: I agree with you.

Other questions?

Question: I have a question about the others we are in service to. Which others?

“OWS”: Very good question. The others are other than you and also, you, yourself. So, it is all. All are one, are they not? You are all and all is you. So, be in the position that you are in service to all. And as you are in service to all, you are in service to the Source. That is all and all is within the Source. Do you understand this?

Question: I am thinking of the mundane. If you see a crying child or a depressed adult, how can you be of service to them?

“OWS”: Be in the moment. Be in the present moment and you will know. It is difficult to give an answer to this that would make sense to everyone. If you are in the present moment you will know what to do and how to do it.
Anything else to add, “Ashira”? No. I think you have done a good job.

“OWS”: We are on fire here, are we not? (laughter)
Do we have another question?

Question: I felt that I needed to let go of my job to better prepare myself for my ascension. However, I am concerned about taking care of my house payment. What can you tell me to help me?

“OWS”: We are going to start with a quote from the Master Sananda. “Give unto Caesar what is Caesar’s and unto God what is God’s.” It is important for you to know where you are in any moment. If you are in your present moment, you need to know how to take care of the things in your life. Allow for these processes to occur.

If you are experiencing a lack of something, you are missing something in your life. So replace it with what is needed there. In other words, be in that moment you have and take care of the experiences you have. Knowing that you are going to shift greatly and as you shift know that these concerns are no longer going to be concerns. So, be in the present moment and concentrate on taking care of the things that face you. Does that make sense?

Anything you wish to add here,”Ashira”?

“Ashira”: Yes. It was interesting watching you dance through that. I do not believe I have anything to add to that. You covered the areas I would have covered.

“OWS”: Do we have another question?

Question: If we are being treated by a 3D program for an illness is it true that we are affected by a poorly running chakra? And that these can be helped with crystals and essential oils?

“OWS”: Yes. This is true. However, if you are experiencing life in the old ways than you will experience healing in the same old ways. But if you begin to move up in the chakra centers and cleanse the body in many different ways, with the tools that have been given. Then you will not have to experience that bodily ailment that is built into your systems. Because all of these things are going to change drastically.

As the shift continues to change things you will continue to see your bodies improve. As the James said earlier, “Walk the Talk”. Walk the talk. You are believing so you can see. So, believe that you are healthy! Some in the room are doing this now. Some on the phone too. You are believing that you are healthy and you are seeing it more and more and more. You will find the experience of health coming within you. This is the “Wave” of the future. We use this phrase purposely.
Anything you wish to add here, “Ashira”?

“Ashira”: I bring to you this thought, for what it plants in your mind. You are a healthy being. All that can pour into this, into you, are things you can look at and release.

At times the darkness in one’s body is not the turning or not turning of chakras in one’s body but are results of old wounds. The act of forgiveness of self and of others is part of this process of the body. As you find yourself moved by the Wave, you will find yourself cleansed whole and relieved. We bless you.

“OWS”: Do we have another question?

Question: I have had three 3D addictions that I have not been able to move beyond. Will we see help with these kinds of things in the future?
Do you wish to go with this one, “Ashira”?

“Ashira”: Sure. I will. As we look upon your body know that as the Wave passes through, you will see the mentors come to help you as well as others who will come to help you. Again, self-forgiveness is the first item I will seek with you allowing for these three things to move through your body. You are knowing that these three things are no longer affecting you and you are allowing them to pass through your body.

As you continue say, “I forgive myself”. You will discover that you are only participating with things that allow your body to thrive, help your body to grow and to become the Divinity it truly is. Self-forgiveness, healing and belief will lead you to the person you are in truth. Does that make sense to you?

“OWS” : Very good. Any further questions here?

Question: I have been battling this for a while. I have a 401K that is not earning me much money. Should I cancel this investment?

“OWS”: We think that most of you know what we are about to say here. In terms of the terminology here, the “shoulds”. There are no shoulds here. There never is. There is only what is necessary to do in the moment.

At this present moment you find yourself in a crossroads. The old situation that you find yourself in and the new golden age you are moving into and treading on the line here. Which way do we go? Do we let go of the old ways and go with the new? It is the same thing as the first question asked. In the present moment, to the one who asked about these things go with the flow. Your higher God-self knows what to do. If you believe in this trust and you work with this trust, then all will work out as it is meant to. You will have the experiences you are expecting to have. You see?

In terms of telling you to take money out or leave money in, we are not going to do that. That interferes with free will here. We cannot necessarily give it in that way. Do you understand this?
Anything to add, “Ashira”? No, you have done this splendidly.

Question: I wanted to add that financial managers don’t know anything number one and number two, money is consciousness. Some people are comfortable with no savings and some are comfortable with a million in savings. It is in their consciousness.

“OWS”: Yes. There is only one you need to listen to and that is yourself and your higher self whispering to you.

Question: I have had an epiphany. The saying, “Physician heal thyself” means that we all have the ability to heal ourselves.

“OWS”: Clearly. The physician within you can heal your own physical ailments. Would there be any further questions here?
We are going to release channel here. Before we let go we want to share something with all of you. Whatever your financial situation is here and now, the old ways are not going to work. It is important that you let go of the old ways and let the new ones flow. Let the new ones develop and the shift that is coming will be much easier when it comes.
We are going to release channel.
Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the One.

Next week you shall be visited by “Obeediyah”. He has not spoken with you for a while but he has been invited by a couple of people in this group. He has heard the “Mother’s” call and will once again be with the group.

What will I leave you with this week? This is a week of change. Some will see much. Some will see little. It depends on the consciousness of those who receive of the Wave.
Those who have been in groups such as this, receive what they will need. They are learning to be of service, they are learning to be present for those in need. You will hold the consciousness for happiness. You will hold the consciousness for wholeness. You will hold this consciousness in ways to help others adapt in positive ways.

We will be here to help those find answers for as things begin to shift, they will shift quickly. And you who are looking at things from a fourth dimensional viewpoint and those of you looking through a fifth dimensional viewpoint seeing those in the third dimensional viewpoint are at a loss and not sure about what is coming or has come.

This group is well-prepared. We are prepared to meet you face to face. We are prepared to share with you, to party with you, to meet you in a one to one basis. As these things begin to shift this week, we look forward to sharing with you once again and learning about all the new things that have turned up in your life!
We bless you. We give you our love. Namaste.

Channeled by James McConnell and Dr. Susan Sammarco
Article may be reproduced in its entirety if authorship and authors website is clearly stated

LORD SANANDA – You Are Now Ready To Cross The Finish Line – One Who Serves, Ashira – 9-16-15

Sananda best


LORD SANANDA   –   You Are Now Ready To Cross The Finish Line   –   One Who Serves, Ashira   –   9-16-15

“Sananda”, and “One Who Serves 1and 2” channeled by James McConnell

“Ashira” and “Divine Mother” channeled by Dr. Susan Sammarco

(Note: these messages were given during our weekly PFC group in Glendale, AZ on September 13, 2015 over Blog Talk Radio with Hollow Earth Network)


“One Who Serves”

Greetings to you. It is good to be here with all of you at this time. To speak out to all of you! What a wonderful contraption this is that allows us to be in your living rooms, your bedrooms, wherever you might be. It is so exciting for all of us. And you were expecting “Sananda”, were you not? Yes, “Sananda” will be coming through as James spoke of. This is the funny one, with a Tibetan accent that he first spoke of.

We are here to introduce ourselves. He did not really speak very much about us. We are an us. We are not an I. We are the “One Who Serves”. This is a title we have taken on but it will not be for too much longer. Soon we will becoming an “I” too, moving along with the shift. Just wanted to take a moment to introduce ourselves before turning the floor over to “Sananda”. We have been with the James a very long time. He has been our compadre and we have been his. He has been student and for some of the time we have been a student.

There has been much push and pull, is that the phrase with this group and we continue to be with you. However, we are coming to the point of being more fully with you. We will enjoy meeting you and not coming down to where you are now but you are going to come up and join us here. We are going to meet you half way. Now we are going to release to allow “Sananda” to come through and yes, he has a message. We will be back after that to answer questions with “Ashira” who is standing by.



This is “Sananda”. It is a great time to be with you here at this point. It is a great frequency that has developed here on this planet. You who are listening on these calls have no idea about how far you have come and how far you have yet to go.

There are so many things happening, so many things going on in the background, it is going to be beyond belief when all of things begin to be revealed even more than they have been. And there is so much more that is coming.

But we are going to back up just a moment here. Back up to the beginning when many of you were there, many of you were with us. At that time the call went out, the call for the volunteers to come to Gaia. To once again open the darkness to the light. First you had to choose yourselves and then you had to be chosen. It was not where everybody put up there hand and said, “I am going. I am going.” Not everybody was selected. It was not that way at all. It was a conclave that had occurred. You could say it was a galaxy far, far away and a long time ago. It was your “Star Wars” kind of thing that we know of.

And it is those kinds of things that were very accurate but at that time we all came together and decided that there needed to be something done. You knew that you needed to become a part of the process, knowing that it would not be an easy road, knowing that it would be fraught with many difficulties and many obstacles. But yet you came. You came to assist. You came to bring the light, to anchor the light here again. But what a job there would be, what a difficulty to do this.

When we first came here, there was a great deal of darkness. The light was barely shining through. But with all the travails you have gone through, lifetime after lifetime and after lifetime you will come to the point now where it will be all worth it! You will wonder what it will be like at the end when you finish this job.

And here you are now at the finish. I have said many times that you are in a race, what you would call a marathon. You have been running this race a long time and now you are coming to the finish line. You will cross and behind some are struggling; some have fallen and cannot get back up. Some are crawling now just to get to the line. Of course, there are those who race across.

The difference here is that once you cross the finish line (in your normal marathon) you are done, you don’t go back to help your brothers and your sisters.  You, my friends, will be doing that. You will be crossing the line and you will be going back to assist. Many of you will decide to do that. Not all, but many. Because why? Because you came here to be of service. That is the reason you came here. You will go back to serve others. You will only be thinking of service.

So, I tell you now. You have come full circle. You are at the point where you will be making the Shift. Everyone will be making the Shift at one point or another. Can I tell you that the “Wave” is coming? Yes. Can I tell you that the “Wave” is here? Yes. We have been telling you about how to prepare for this. And “Wave X” and the “Tsunami of Love” is all one. It is all coming together; it is reaching the crescendo as was given earlier.

And you now are at that point where you are going to be called upon to be the mentors, to be teachers, to be the ones who will be there to assist those who come after you. You will be the ones who go back to assist your brothers, your sisters because they are floundering, they are having a difficult time. Many are still asleep but their alarm clocks are starting to go off just as yours did at a certain point. Now is the time that many of their clocks are going off.

They will come to an understanding that this is not the way it was supposed to be. This is not what we came here for. And now they will begin to ask questions. Just as you asked questions, they will begin to ask questions. Who will be there to answer their questions? You will be!

Not so much us. Yes, we are here mentoring and guiding through these types of communications. You are the ones you have been waiting for. You are the ones who will bring this whole process together. It is you who will be giving the answers to the questions.

We are not saying to bombard them. We are not saying go door to door or anything if this nature. We do not want you to provide a mission. This is a journey. You are on this journey. You are near completing this part of the journey. It is not the end. It is never going to be the end. This is the end of the beginning or the beginning of the end. However you wish to look at it.

But the time is now. Look at this month, this September. Look at September 28th and at this photon energy coming in that is supposed to be at its highest level ever. And yes, that is true. It is going to be. Can we say that all of you are going to Ascend in that moment and go off in your Rainbow Bodies and cross the Rainbow Bridge to get back to your higher selves? No. We say that is not necessarily going to happen. It may happen for a few but there is still much of those who are still awakening, too much work that is still ahead.

And yes, those of you who have been sitting back and thinking that you are going to be relieved or delivered or thinking that the Rapture is going to come or any of these things, no, that is not the way it is working. It is working with you. You have to be the ones to make this happen.

So, on the day that this goes through, those of you who are listening to this call and are resonating with these words, you will feel the energy the most. But there will be many across the planet that will also be feeling this energy as well. There will be those holding arms and looking for a battle but will turn to one another and say, “Why. Why are we doing this? There is no reason to continue on like this! Why would I want to harm my brother and my sister?” And they will begin to realize, not the unification that you have, but they will begin to realize a connection that everyone is a brother, everyone is a sister. I can tell you now that time is coming. That moment is nearly here.

When you feel these energies move through you, yes, on the 28th , may be a few days before, may be a few days after, maybe a week later, we are not going to say exactly because everybody will resonate to these energies differently. So, you, yourselves, we can tell you to prepare. Prepare for yourself. Do you need to prepare for safety for each other as far as stockpiling weapons and these types of things? NO! Certainly not. That is the old paradigm and that will not work in the New Age that is coming upon you. That will not work in the new vibrations that are here now and will be exceeding the vibrations you are feeling now by a tremendous amount.

So we tell you again now, be ready. Those times are here. You are ready to cross the finish line. There is no turning back at this point. Why would anyone want to turn back? We know you don’t. We know that you came here to finish this race, to finish this journey. You are all working together with us and we are working together with you. And together, my brothers, my sisters and my friends we are going to make this happen. It is a joint effort, a unified effort. We will come together in oneness. Archangel Michael has been speaking of peace. We will come together in peace. The entire planet will come together in peace. It is destined. It cannot be stopped.

There are those of the Cabal, the Dark Forces who are still working at it. They are fighting tooth and nail to hold on to their life that they have created. They realize now that they are at their end. They are fully realizing that they cannot hold on much longer. Yet they still proceed. They still continue to be arrogant and think that they can overcome heaven. How could anyone possible do that?

So, that is not going to happen. There is not going to be any nuclear war. There is not going to be any major pandemic across the planet. There is not going to be any culling of the populations that many of the sources have been saying. That is not going to happen. We have not worked as hard with all of you for many decades, many hundreds of years; many thousands of years to let it all go away in a puff of smoke. That will never happen.

So, I tell you now, all of you listening to this call heed my words, this is it! This is the end or the beginning. You decide. It is coming to the crescendo, a culmination and it will be very, very shortly.

That is my message, as Sananda. I will be with you many times in the future. There will be times when we will be joining hand in hand, shoulder to shoulder, sitting across the table from one another, breaking bread and yes, even wine. The celebration has been prepared and it is waiting for you to sit at the tables!

All of my peace and love be with you.


“OWS” back with you again. We certainly hope you like this message. We certainly did. It was very powerful, no? And there is so much more coming. You have no idea yet! Sananda touched on just a little bit. There is so much coming that will be revealed in the times ahead. Get ready! Good times are ahead people. Are we ready to take questions here? Is Ashira standing by? Yes.

Question: Sananda mentioned crossing the finish line and then also talked about coming back to help others. Can you please verify that?

OWS”: Yes. As you are coming to the finish line you will feel somewhat completed, that the journey has come to an end. But lo and behold you are going to have memories return and you will be reminded what this is all about and how it is to be of service. So, when that kicks in you will find yourself turning back around to help those who are straggling a little bit.

That is not to mean that you would have to do it all again. We would not say that to you because we would not do it. This is to assure you that the process here is all it is meant to be. We will share that you may cross that finish line and decide that you want a little bit of rest and relaxation. Certainly that will be ok! And where can you spend your R &R? How about on a ship? How about in Inner Earth, Hollow Earth, in Telos? How about any of those places? How about portions of the world here that you have never been too? You see all of this is ahead for you.

Now that does not mean that on September 28th all of this is going to change. We hope you understand this. It may take a little longer than that but it is the crescendo, as Sananda has said. It is the coming of this Wave. It is the energy that is going to move through you. It will create a shift, a shift in consciousness across the entire planet. A shift of love that is coming and all will feel this shift of love in one point or another or in one degree or another. You are all going to experience this. Does this answer your question?

Question: Will we have all the information we need before we ascend or after? Will we have light chambers to help us heal our bodies?

Yes. We are turning this over to “Ashira.”

Ashira”: Greetings today. We are glad you have joined us. Everything that you will need to know will be yours in the Shift of Consciousness. Your mentors will arrive to share with you what you need to know. You will have them there as you begin to make decisions about what you want to have in your life during your R&R. You will have the opportunity to become the people you have always wanted to be in health, in service and to be able to assist people in ways you cannot really fathom now but that will become evident to you as you continue to move through this “Shift”.  Does that make sense to you, Lori?

Question: Will I be rid of the sciatic bothering me now before I ascend?

You will be rid of that, using your language. As you move forward toward the finish line, we see you moving without pain. Part of this is the shift that is taking place in your body. This is part of the aligning of the new chakras and the new DNA that is coming on. As a Lighworker you are experiencing these things deeply. They will be relieved as you move into your future that is not that far away.

Question: My husband has double vision. Will that be cleared up too?

This is another symptom that people are experiencing. It is part of the opening of the chakras in the head. It will be removed as he completes his race. Give him the message that he can see clearly and as his earthly eyes change to absorb the frequencies and new vision, he will have clarity. Bless you, ma’m.

Question: I have been seeing a lot of numbers in my head. Is that for everybody?

“OWS”: Many people are experiencing these types of things, these sequences. Mathematical sequences, formulary sequences. Many people across the planet have been experiencing these types of thing. Is everyone experiencing those? No, it is only for those in the awakening process for the most part. But even those who are seeing these numbers may not be seeing them in a way that puts any qualification to it at all. No concern here.

But it is you that sees. Especially those of 11-11, 12-12, 555, those of you who are experiencing this, it has been a very long time now and it is increasing as the “Shift” is developing here. You will have more of synchronicities happening here. For those listening here, we will say that the synchronicities are already increasing.

Question: How do you describe synchronicities, “OWS”?

OWS”: Many things are happening for instance, the phone you have ringing in your head before it actually rings. Things you used to call E.S.P. or psychic development. All of these things are the “Gifts of Spirit” that are returning to you.  That is to say that it was never lost, you just have to remember it. And remember it you shall. There is no way you cannot do that.

Question: How can we get our “Quantum Love” meetings up and running by the “Shift” and can Sananda answer this?

We wish to share here that “Sananda” has left the building. We are here to assist in any way that we can. “Ashira” would you like to start with this question?

“Ashira” : Yes. I will begin with this question.

So, with intent that you have set for “Quantum Love” attracts those of like mind to your group. What would you look for on the 28th or whatever day this occurs giving lee-way either way, see that those in battles around the world drop their weapons. See that peace that is in your heart for the world, is already present. See that grid that is around the planet fill with light and see it as it charges around the planet a note that it takes a stop at various places to bolster those of similar belief systems to build them up higher. See that this frequency that comes to the planet spreads light and love around the planet. See that it brings peace and harmony to all aspects of the planet.

These are things you can imagine, you can envision,  you can see and know that they are changing the world.

“OWS”: We would add here that groups are formed all over the planet. Many are forming now. Many have been going for some time. This “Meet-Up” group is putting together many groups for this type of interest. This is how this group got started.

You are welcoming people into your group and are sharing and this is all wonderful. And we must say that the contraptions you all use to speak and to communicate with is going to go away! People, you are going to have telepathy. Won’t that be wonderful! You will be able to communicate with people across the planet, across the solar system, across the galaxy. Won’t that be wonderful?

Not only that but you will be able to travel like that as well. We are not saying that you will be doing any of that on October 1st. You will not be able to fly away but it is coming and you will be experiencing this in most of your lifetimes.

Question: Should these new children be allowed to come to meetings?

It is very important to have the young ones present at your meetings. They are not bogged down yet as you are. They are more a sponge. They can be totally open and absorb everything. They are going to be the catalysts after the “Shift”. They are going to be the ones who push it even more forward.

Many of those in the audience are “Baby Boomers” and you have pushed the world forward in America and you continue to do so. But it is the young ones coming in that are going to be the continuing catalysts that are going to form the “New Age” here.

Question: (This first part is paraphrased) First, I want to thank all of you for your guidance and assistance. I am curious about the masculine and feminine. Also I am curious about that programming that is holding us back and how to “feel” abundance?

Before we turn this over to “Ashira” we want to thank you. For without your participation, this would not be taking place. Thank you! We turn this over to “Ashira”.

“Ashira”: We may need to ask questions again about your questions,  however, let us begin.

In blending the masculine and feminine energies is something that is occurring on the planet. And has we have shared previously; the love of power is now overtaken by the power of love. This is something that is being done at the conscious level because it has been depleted by for such a long time.  The demoralization of women, the over powerment of women, taking away the contributions that the feminine has brought into this world. Giving to the masculine power to take away of the feminine energy that has been in slender balance for thousands of years.

So, as this energy is shifting, love is considered more of a feminine energy. This is the Goddess Energy. This session today will end with a session from “Divine Mother” who will be touching on these things.

You are doing a great job in this area. What might we say? You could utilize more self-forgiveness. Every time it comes up for you to change, say “Thank you. I see that. I change that  now.”

And all things that have kept you enslaved on this planet, say the money aspect, this is being changed as well. As you move away from the programming that money is needed to survive, you will see that the energy of money is in gifting. As this “Shift” moves you along, you will see how money is changed with the advent of the new dimension. The “New Earth” that you are building. Does that answer your questions?

Question: To disconnect from the grips of the past, I am now disconnecting? What do we do when we are covered over with fallability?

This is art of the 3D experience you are still in. Be kind to yourself. Be loving to yourself. The old 3D experiences sometimes overwhelm a person. And you in your good self will say, “That is a bad thought. That is a bad action.” That is judgment and we invite you to no longer have judgments about these types of things.

As you move forward on the path your energy levels will attract much less of these type of experiences. You will have less and less of these thoughts or actions in your own being. So catching yourself is a good way to move forward. Catch yourself, forgive yourself, and utilize any of the affirmations you stated earlier.

This is how you continue to move. You allow yourself to be a 3D human in your experience and you strive moment to moment every day to continue to raise your frequency. Be clear on what is true and what is not true for the divinity of your being. Does that answer your question?

“One Who Serves” did you have any information for this one?

“No, you handled it very well”, my dear sister.

Question: Are we leaving the body or are we anchoring to the Divine in our bodies?

“OWS”: Yes. We can answer this question. You are going to take the body with you. In the past, when those of us who went through it, those of us considered “Ascended Masters” although we do not like that term, we are not much more “Masters” than you are. We have mastered our body. We have mastered the control of our emotions and this type of thing that you are all moving toward.

But you, yourselves, have already been there before. You have all been Master’s before. When you are on your calls with “Zorra” he calls you, Masters, does he not? You are all Masters.

So, it is not that you are going to leave the body in the old way when you go through the death process and you ascend in the old way. That is not going to happen. What would happen on the planet if they all knew that they were going to ascend but they had to die to do it? Who would like that? That would not be a very fun thing, would it?

So, it was decided in many different council meetings and much discussion, that this is the process we would go through. This is why we are assisting you in helping to allow the process to happen. You are not going to leave the Earth. You are not going to go up on some planet somewhere. You are not going off to “Never Never Land” or anything of this nature.

You are going to ascend with your physical body but it is not the physical body as you know it now. It will be changed. There is a transition that is happening with the body. Even as we speak now it is happening. Some more than others but you are moving from a carbon-based structure to a crystalline-based structure. All of this is happening and cannot be stopped.

So, it is an entire shift of consciousness on the planet. After you have crossed the finish line, as “Sananda” said, you will be in a higher vibrational state. In that state there are no diseases, no ills, no dying. None of these things can happen there.

So, be of good cheer people. It is coming and you are going to have a grand time!

Does that answer your questions?

Question: I witnessed a flash this morning. Another person experienced energy around her midsection and then heard,”Re-Set”. Can you tell us some more about this experience?

“Ashira”:Yes. I will start here. As many people are experiencing the dropping of the veil more people are experiencing the energy impacts upon the planet and are visual to those who are attuned. You are attuned, awakened and open to experiencing the opening of the veil. Look at your environment and see with eyes that are not your 3D vision. See what the view holds.

And the word that your friend heard is what is coming on now with each person’s body. In the chakra structure there is reformation, there is healing, there is re-set, an expansion going on and this is what you were experiencing this morning.  Does that make sense?

OWS”: We would add this is common when the Kundalini Energy is rising and just as those who are coming up to the Ascension there are flashes of energy that do occur. We are not saying that you will be ascending tomorrow. We are not saying that. So, go with the flow here. That is one of our favorite sayings here, go with the flow.

Question: When you hold a cat you can here at purr. I have been feeling like this for about two weeks. Is this something that others are experiencing too?

OWS”: I am going to pass this to Ashira. It has an animal being discussed and that is more your area.

Ashira” : I am that one! So, you are sharing with us that the sound you feel in your body as it steps up in energy is much like a cat purring. Is that accurate?

Yes. Well many of those in this room were discussing the energies in their bodies and what is happening for them, before this part of the day began. We would expect that there are many around the planet who are feeling the uptuning of the chakra energies as well. Hearing it as a purring of the cat is a good description for you.

This is a time where many are experiencing the upsurge of the energy in the body. It will be interesting to hear about other’s experiences in this area of their development.

Question: Do you believe that NESARA will come in before the “Wave”?

OWS”: What we can say here is that NESARA will be a GESARA, a global treatment for the financial markets. As this shift comes through there will be a change in consciousness. This shift will move many who were not in tune with this. They will now say, it is time. This is not only for GESARA, it is for galactic disclosure too. All of this is coming to an end. Disclosure and all of the truths.

Was it not said a long time ago, the truth shall set you free? This is that moment in time that you have been preparing for. For all the truth to come out. The truth to be revealed. Even the truth about Atlantis and Lemuria, all will come back to the knowing of mankind. This is all going to be a part of this.

Yes, this is all part of that entire process. When you have moved along the process you will find yourselves in various situations. You will find yourselves in bringing healing to your physical bodies, healing to your mental bodies, all of these things are going to be. Some of you will find yourselves in crystal chambers. Some will find themselves on ships. You will have mentors at various levels. All of this will be assisting you to go through this process.

You will not be alone. Just as we said that you were not going to fly off, think about how you teach a child to walk, you help them on their way. You will learn how to fly from someone who knows how to do it. OK?

Question: I have a female Cardinal desperately trying to get in here. What can you share about this dear one

Ashira”: It is pleasure to visit with you today. This one is trying to get you a message but you do not hear her. If you could be outside for a period of time, she would be able to deliver this message to you. It is a message of hope, of shifting and she is already in the process of doing this herself. This is a concern that she has for you. You do not need to worry about her. Take a cup of tea or coffee outside and wait for her. She will come near you and open both of yourselves for the conversation with her. This is a good time to communicate with this one. You are a natural telepath in this way. You may not always recognize the voices from other creatures that are inside your head. She is here to share her gift as it is part of the opening for your Ascension.

It is only being blocked by your heart. It is not a block in your communications with creatures. She only wants you to join her outside so that she can most effectively give you her wisdom. Thank you for your attendance.

Question: A couple of months before 9-11 I went up into a higher consciousness. Is that what we will experience for the “Shift”?

OWS”: Everybody will experience the change differently. It is not like there is going to be a unitary experience across the planet. You will experience it at whatever level you are at in the moment. And in those moments, it is a “Wave” that continues to come on and on and on. Think of a Tsunami, it comes on shore and then continues to flow until it covers everything in its path.

That is what the “Wave” shall do. It is a consciousness energy that is going to sweep across the planet. It will affect many different people in many different ways. Depending on how you are in your heart at the moment will determine how you will be affected by this. It will exacerbate anything you have been feeling. If it is fear, it will exacerbate the fear. All of the sources have been saying to not let fear overcome you. Control your thoughts as much as possible. To let go of all the various attachments that are holding you back. This is what you need to do to prepare for all of this.

As this comes keep yourself in a peaceful, calm state as much as possible. This will assist greatly.

Question: People I have been close to seem to be going away. Is that part of what is happening?

Ashira”: This has been happening to many people in their lives. It may be in the need to change homes. It may be in the need to change job. It may be in the need to change the people that surround them. And what is interesting is that you have working on yourself and raising your vibration and you have dropped people on your pathway without really even remembering them being there. This has been a way that you have been moved along your pathway. Those things that no longer serve you, are removed from you. They are dropped from you.

Think of this in a global way. Think of the Lightworkers who have been called together and as they have come together, other parts of their lives are dropped away. This is a good sign. You are doing the work you came to do. Do not worry. You are accumulating other friends, other support systems as you move forward. Does that make sense dear one?

Question: I was in Hot Springs, AR today and I found a wonderful plate with a dragon on it.

OWS”: This goes along with the synchronization that is going on here plus the becoming aware of those who are a part of you but you have not gotten to know them yet. This is part of the message earlier about losing the familiars in your life.

The dragon that has come on is a symbol of ancients, ancient understanding, ancient communications. There were certainly dragons here and there are certainly dragons now. You have heard of dragons in Hollow Earth, various places there. You may have heard of dragons on other planets being in various states of beings. This is certainly true.

So, this is a pre-cursor for you telling you that you have other beings coming into your life. They will not seem like they do in your human experience directly. So, this is preparing you in some ways.

Question: What can we say about the 28th of September to our children?

OWS”: Youwill find what it is you are looking for. Those on the call are looking for some good times, freedom and things of this nature, from the old programming. You can look at the September 28th like your September 21, 2012, when you were getting ready to fly off into heaven and all of that. Thinking that you would go to bed that night and wake up in the New World. Don’t think the 28th is it. It is not necessarily going to be it but it is going to be something!

Do you wish to add here, “Ashira”. No thank you.

Question: I also experienced wing creatures. A bat and a swallow. Two years ago some of my family members went away. What should I do?

Ashira”: Very well. We appreciate the work you are doing. What can you do? Forgive them on all levels. For if we love someone and hold on to them closely, it becomes hard for that relationship to grow. If you release those you love, their response to you will be more positive and first, you are allowed to love them from a distance. This is a gift. They are exactly on the path they are meant to be on. They are on the Divine Path they came in to live and it will bring you greater satisfaction than any other thing you can do at this time. We bless you.

“OWS”  We have 2 things we wish to say here and then we must release this channel. First, we would like to do this again after the 28th of September maybe the next Sunday or the week after, your choice. That is number one.

Number two is another one of our group. He is breaking down the door here. He is another one of our collective who wants to come in and say a little something. Here he is!

One Who Serves #2

Greetings to you. I am number two or maybe number six. I do not know. We kind of lose track sometimes. I am here to feel the great energy that is here and they knew this. So, whenever there is a stage, I am here. I am the standup comedian here.

Anyway, I come just to share with you briefly about the excitement we are all feeling. All of this. All of the Ascended Realm. All of the Galactics. All of those from Inner Earth and Hollow Earth.  All over. We are all so excited. We are not excited for us though. Well, a little bit I guess we can say. We are excited for you because it is coming to a close. Your journey as Sananda has said, has been a wonderful journey. And you can say that sure we can have this opinion where we are but it is not so great for us sometimes. But, you must understand that we were there with you many times.

We have been with you in many situations. You even know some of us. And when the time comes, and it is coming very shortly, we are going to reveal who we are, those in the “One Who Serves”. There are also many councils and they are occurring in many aspects and they are not as individuals either. But they will be sharing who they are and we will be sharing our identities. You will understand that you experienced many different situations with all of us before.

Thank you for this experience with all of you. We must release channel now

Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the One.


Thank you so much for the time today. We are blessed by the opportunities to share with people from around the world. The Divine Mother has entered the room and would like to address this audience on the subject of love.

“Divine Mother”

Greetings. It is my pleasure to be joining you this day. The light from this room reaches out into the world and covers the world with love, with light, with openness, openness of the heart and spirit.

We have never left you alone. And if you feel alone, become quiet and you will feel us upon your cheek. You can feel us upon your shoulders. For all of us are encircling each and every person on the planet at this time. Each and every member on the planet is meeting with their mentors in dream states. Each and every member of the planet is visiting light chambers or being visited by medical teams.

You are not alone. You are not alone. We love you and we remind you that the greatest gift you can give yourself at this time, is love. As you inhale it, as you breathe it, as you feel it that which you give out returns in greater fold.

This is a time to share this love upon the planet with others. With those who may not be of the same mindset give them love, send them love. This is something you can do as a spiritual being. There is no time and no distance.  Blessings to each of you. All my love.

Channeled by James McConnell and Dr. Susan Sammarco
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Pillars of Light,The Pillars Of Light – Ashtar and (Ascended Masters) Ashira, One Who Serves – 9-2-15

Lord Ashtar

The Pillars Of Light   –   Ashtar and   (Ascended Masters)   Ashira, One Who Serves   –   9-2-15


“Ashtar” and “Ashira” channeled by Dr. Susan Sammarco

“One Who Serves” channeled by James McConnell

(Note: these messages were given during our weekly Prepare For Change group in Glendale, AZ on August 30, 2015)


We are proud to be working with a group that is diligent and willing to work and to share laughter and joy. Today my message is going to be about the “Pillars of Light” that have been seen and are going to be seen around the planet. You are getting one-dimensional answers about what these are. We believe we are sharing with you today information that will enable you to see these experiences around the planet even more.

The “Pillars of Light” come from within the planet. The “Pillars of Light” come with out the planet. There are different manifestations and yet they look the same. That which is within is also with out. And there are different purposes for these.

Some of the “Pillars of Light” are portals. These are portals for the Ascension into the 5th dimension for those who are ready upon the planet to make that change. Some of these are transport beams that send love and light to the areas upon which they land. Someone mentioned the transport beams where some are being “transported” down or accepting the rides to the planet in this way. Transport of mentors, those who will be working with you. Transport of those planetary leaders who will be up and coming.

Some of you in this very group have been receiving and have received new orders, new expectations of what you shall be moving into as you are moved to this new energy level, this New World. Some of these coming from the “Inner Planet” are bringing light, love and the energy to the surface of the planet. Some of those “Pillars of Light” are also transports of those from Agartha, from Shamballa and from all parts of Inner Earth to share with you and to celebrate with you.

These lights are from the Angelic Realm. These lights are from the Galactic Realm. These lights are from the Inner Realm of the planet from Mother Gaia, herself.

We know you looked in earnest for pictures of these last weekend in your Advance. It was not the time yet for you to be made fully aware. But now you may invite these. You may find yourself in a place where they open up. Do not fear. Step into these. Allow them to work their magic with you. Believe in them and they will come.

They will be coming more and more upon the planet until she shines her beauty around the planet as the jewel she is in the universe. Do not fear. There is importance in these portals that are opening which is why we share this with you today.

We know too that there are those who have concerns about friends and family. About those who are traveling distances next month, about what is to be happening. Know that each of you in this room, each of you on the phone, each of you who reads these words, all of you will be in the right place at the right time and this also goes for those who are part of your family. \

Those who are “old” people upon this planet, those who are “young” people upon the planet, these are all souls and the soul does not have age and there is no lack of connection to the Divine. There is a perfection that is necessary for every step of this unfolding. For every step of this evolution. This has been worked on for tens of thousands of years. Would we let one sparrow fall?

There is much to be agitated about, in fear about and that is not going to assist any of you. We would share with you, read or not read, pay attention or not pay attention, it does not matter. You are who you are and you are going to be exactly where you are meant to be. In this group you have been prepared to help others. In this group you have been prepared to take official positions. In this group we will meet you on level ground and assist you in the process that you move upon at the time of the Shift.

We are not meaning to be too serious today. We are in joy. We are in happiness. For all that has been written about, all that has been put off can no longer be put off because the time is Now. No more soon. No more impending. All that you wish for is unfolding in the moment. You may not see it in the word and the places that you want to see it yet but know in your heart that it is unfolding Now. And all those things that you have heard of, have spoken of are in the Now.

Lord Buddha visited you some weeks back with a message that all is in the Now. I take you back to this again. To this time. To this moment. This knowingness that you are in the Now.

That is my message for the day. I will be close for questions. Ashtar and Adama are both in this room and are here to answer questions as well. Start thinking what you would ask of them as well. We give you our blessings. We give you our love. Namaste.

“One Who Serves”

Greetings to you. “One Who Serves” here to serve you. That is what we come to do. Understand that as these things begin to unfold, as “Ashira” has said, no more soon, it is certainly “imminent”. These things that are happening now, as many have been saying, it is not only happening in the background, it is happening now. But understand that as you are preparing for all of this, you have been doing so for a very long time. This is nothing new for you. The process you are going through is everything you have been working toward and we have been helping you work toward it. Many of us have been doing so and those who are the mentors will be with you very shortly.

Time is fleeting now as you would look at it. And as you look at it, is not time speeding up? The movement is to the no time. You are coming more and more to that. We have spoken about this before. You wonder about these things and you wonder what is happening in September and what is happening in October and is the Wave coming and all of these things. And we can say that THIS is your moment! This is your December 21, 2012. Do you understand this?

This is what was spoken of back then when you were all going to go through the Ascension Wave at that time but as you know it was postponed for many different reasons. Predominantly though it was mankind’s collective consciousness that said wait! Your Higher Selves all got together and said, “Wait”. We want everyone to come along and now, everyone has that opportunity to come along and be a part of this. There are those who decided previously that they did not want to be a part of this. They wish to stay in the old ways and be a part of the familiar.

But you, yourselves, have been in release and are ready to let go. All that you know is getting ready to go, “bye bye”. Because it must. The old passes away for the new to sprout new growth. This you saw in the movie (The Last Avatar) in the end of the movie, all the brand new growth that showed up. And the tree sprouted from a seed into beautiful purple flowers. The beginning of the new blossoms. And you are in the beginning of the new blossoming age as we speak now.

And those of us who are mentoring to you and you have heard of the mentors that are coming but you, yourselves, are also mentors and are going to assist a great many. You will have your mentors helping you to help others. That is what it is all about. It is service to others. And you are all that type here, you are service to others. Even though you may not think that now, you are and when the memories return, and they are returning and are going to continue to return, when those memories return you are the mentors again.

That is our message here. We will answer questions with “Ashira” and “Ashtar” and “Adama” all standing by here, we have the whole gang here! Anyone wish to start out?

Question: I had a dream the other night when I was given the message that I need to look for human looking being that had on a specific outfit that was dark gray with bright turquoise trim. What can you tell me about this?

Yes, we are passing this to “Ashira” who is ready for this.

Yes I am. “Ashtar” is speaking with us as well.

So, you were upon the ships doing your duties that you have upon the ships. The light that was left with you internally is to look for these for they are your shipmates. These are those who will be coming to the planet more and more with the “Pillars of Light” and you will be able to see them. You will not necessarily see them dressed in those clothes when you see them but you will have the memory of those people. Those beings that you share time with and love with, you will recognize them. You will recognize them on the TV. You will recognize them in the grocery store. You will recognize them and you will have the memory in your mind of that uniform you see them in. Does that make sense to You?

These are colleagues on the ship. Not necessarily your mentors. This is an awareness you have.

Each person in this room has gifts that are opening. Each person in this room has purposes for those gifts. You will all be finding these gifts appearing to you more and more. This is one of yours. To recognize others with whom you serve in other dimensions so that you are more aware too of their purpose upon the planet as this Shift occurs.

“OWS”: We wish to add here that there is also the use of telepathy. Many of you are beginning to understand that you have the gift of telepathy and maybe it is in the beginning part but it is there and it is going to become much more useful in the near future here. And as you come in contact with those, let us say, different than you are in many respects, your way of understanding them and communicating with them will be through telepathy. They will use that as well for you. If you have difficulty with this as the Shift occurs you will be given instruction on how to utilize this.

But if you look within your own lives now look at how you communicate with animals or with other individuals. Look at how you can ascertain what they are thinking or you can send a message to them and they will pick it up! You see?

You will have this occur more and more and more. So, just be ready for it!

Are there other questions here now?

Question: I have a question about my baby. I am approaching 40 weeks and the doctor wants to induce labor. I am concerned about the possibility of a C-section and now I am worried about all of this. Can you help?

“Ashira”: Thank you. We are happy about the soul who will be joining your family! We acknowledge that there is a discomfort that accompanies childbirth on this planet. We would like to see a different experience. But on this planet, in the 3D experience, this is what you have.

If we understand you, you have concerns about the birth of this child. We would say that this child will make it well known when it is ready for the birth to take place. We would also say that should a C-Section become necessary that you should be relaxed about this. Not all children need to make the journey through the vaginal canal of the mother. Some children are meant to be lifted from the mother’s body. That is the easy track for the child to experience birth.

This may not seem so easy to you, we understand your fears and concerns. If you allow this child to make its wishes known to you, if you have conversations with this one, that you will know when the time is right. You will know that it is not necessary to follow the doctor’s clock. You will know internally. Your water may leak. Your birth pains may begin and not be fruitful. We share these things to ease you, not to frighten you. If you can allow the child to make its birth time known to you, it benefits the soul in the greatest way. And know that it becomes known that the child is to be delivered through a C-Section, that the child does not need to make the journey of a “normal” birth. Doe that help you, Dear One? Thank you very much from me and my baby!

One Who Serves” do you have anything to add?

OWS”: No, not at this time. We must say that it has been a very long time since we had that type of situation to deal with here. That was joke people! It has been a VERY long time since we had any kind of a situation as this.


It will be wonderful in the 5th dimension when the new children arrive because they will arrive in ways that will amaze you. (Yes! OWS)

Can you, Ashtar, tell us your role in the Ascension and who you are?

Let us give time for shift.

“Áshtar”:  Hello. I am “Ashtar” and I serve under “Lord Sananda’s” command in this universe. I come to assist those upon the planet and all of those upon my ships. In your multidimensional selves, many of you here are in fact working upon ships with me and you are mine. You are mine to continue to watch over. You are mine to continue to move forward in this service you have found yourself bonded to on this planet.

I am here to continue to assist with other ships coming from other planets and other systems. I am here to help in the organization of all of that. So that as these events continue upon the planet, they happen in the way that Prime Creator has set forth.

It is my greatest pleasure to serve “Lord Sananda” and to be at his beckon call for those things he directs me to do. I have spoken through many upon the planet to assist in the belief in the Galactic Brothers and Sisters we are and the faith in you moving this process forward.

Question: What does a time line shift look like from your perspective and what does the timeline look like a few years down the road?

Ashtar”:  A few years down the road there is no timeline. It will be non-existent because you will have shifted yourselves.

Timeline from day’s past was filled with the prophecies of destruction. It was filled with the prophecies of the planet not surviving. This particular timeline that had been in place had been written about in native people’s paintings and books around the planet. Of the holy Bible that had its effects on this culture, of the Mayan people, all who expected that this would be the end of days. And yet there was a continuance beyond the end of days into the continuum of the New Earth.

At one time there were so many timelines created as people who lived upon the planet. Because the programming had been so insistent on the culmination of “the end” that was the ending of the timeline that many individuals created and fed into the mass consciousness.

But as we more actively entered the pictures sometime back, close to 50 years of your time ago, we began to see things change. We began to change things. We brought forth a timeline, collapsing other timelines upon it, not only in our own powers but we watched as this occurred. So the shifts started to happen slowly and then began to happen more and more quickly in the past twenty years. And the shifts that we watched happen had an outcome very different from those of many thousands of years. What we saw from our perspective was a new hope, a new song coming from the planet.

The birth of Lightworkers upon the planet as well as those working from other dimensions, other planets, other places came together to make this New World occur. To allow the new to occur. To move things aside and to take those who have been in power and move them aside. This took much planning.

The timelines continued to shift because of the upsurge in the human population, in the human consciousness. And then the feeling of over-powerment came again. We watched as the human timelines continued to move into unity, into one-ness, over time. You have heard that the timelines have shifted moment to moment, day to day, because of the consciousness upon the planet.

We will tell you now that there is one timeline that is movement forward to no timeline. No expectations. No powers over you. All of this is occurring now. What does it look like to us? It looked like chaos when we became involved. It looked like chaotic thoughts, chaotic emotions, and chaotic consciousness. Now, there is much more unity and that will only increase. Much more unity at the Divine level about the timing that is to be. And so it allows us to step in at this time and be more hopeful, more unity and expectation of good at the mass consciousness level of humans.

Those upon the planet realize that the past prognostications for gloom, doom and destruction of the planet are gone. Now we are working to get rid of fear and build the love. Do you see this in the moment to moment shows, the moment to moment life upon the planet? No. you still see chaos as a result of old timeline planning. Old thought processes. Past, past.

What is created in the Now though is the love and the expansion that is present in the human population and the human consciousness. Doe that answer your questions, dear one.

Comment: Yes. And I want to thank you and all of our Galactic brothers and sisters and interdimensional friends who are working on this Ascension process. Thank you.

Well, we wish to thank you for all that you are doing. You are aware of many of your purposes on the planet at this time. We know that you know that you are in service to us and we appreciate that. We give you thanks and bless you on your journey sir.

“OWS” : Would there be any other questions here now?

Question: I would like to ask Ashtar a question. Is it true that you shall be landing before the end of this year?

“Ashtar”: “Ashtar” here. My dear, we are already landing. We are already being seen. We are doing what we can. What will facilitate the mass landings will be the shifting in frequency upon this planet. We must have a rising of the vibration for we cannot make the visits unless those we wish to visit are of the correct frequency. That will change on the entire planet and that is changing now.

We know that many of you visit us at night and we visit many of you at night. We know that these communications are already being made so yes, you can wait eagerly but again, you are one of our children, you are one who serves in the Ashtar Federation of ships and we thank you.

“OWS” : Are there other questions here?

Question: Will we spend time in Hollow Earth as Mother Earth is restored to her original state?

OWS”: Your destiny is somewhat pre-determined. You will have opportunities at various points where you wish to find yourself. Whether it is on a ship with Ashtar or Sananda or wherever it might be. Or it may be in the Inner Earth areas. There is very little concern as to catastrophes and this type of thing. There will be some occurrences on the surface as she continues her birth process you might say into the higher vibrations. There may be a necessity in some future time where there may be a shift to other areas that are somewhat endangered on this planet but that is far ahead here. Nothing to be concerned about. You will find yourself exactly as “Ashira” said earlier, “You will find yourself exactly at the right place at the right time and at the right moment when the need arises.” Does this answer your question? Would there be anything else here? Any further questions?

Question: Can you tell me how my Twin Flame is doing?

OWS”: It is most important that you know of your Twin Flame. It is important that we know that you know. You will come to know your Twin Flame at the right time and right place. You already know them and you are coming to remember them. This is for everyone. You will come to the place and the time that you will know “This is the one”. This the one you have searched for your entire life here as you searched for a mate. You see? Why do you think you have found yourself a mate and they are not quite what you expected them to be? They do not match up to who you are to your Twin Flame. That is coming and you will come to know this but for anyone to say this is your Twin Flame or that is your Twin Flame is not only ruining the surprise for you but is also not being correct in doing so. You see? This has to come from within you.

Anything you wish to add, “Ashira”? No, I think you did that beautifully.

Good! We think so too.!

Any further questions here?

Question: After meditation today I heard whispered in my ear the word “sanctity”. What does that mean?

“Ashira”: That particular word was given to you to remind you that everything is holy. Everything is light. Everything is God (if you want to use that). Everything is love. Sanctity, remember to honor all things, all people, everything you experience as the Holy Light that is guiding you. The Holy Light that you are. And that you are in the perfect place at this moment to bless all in your world by remembering that this is the truth of your being. Does that make sense, dear one?

“OWS” : Any further questions here?

Question:  I have questions about my skin. In particular areas that actually change. They seem to convey some messages at sometimes. Do you know any information about this?

OWS”: We are going to say that there is a shift happening to many people across the planet. Many are noticing changes in their bodies in many different ways. Some in the skin. Some in internal organs. Some in the hair. And all different types of things that are occurring and these changes are a letting go of old things that are in the body. Old things that no longer work. Shedding away of the impurities in the body, purifying the body. Sometimes when this purification takes place things may come up that are not so sightly or be something you may not want to have there but as to messages it is not so much a message directly but it is that the body is changing. You are going through a shift. You are going through a transition. All across the planet will have things that occur during this transition. It is not all pleasant but there will be a time when all the unpleasantries will be gone. Anything you wish to add here, “Ashira”?

Do you have different questions about this? No, that is good for me.

Any further questions here?

Question: I recently saw a presentation by a sacred geometrist talking about the Garden of Eden. He basically said we had been lied to. Can you talk about this a little?

OWS”: We would say that this is certainly a different understanding than most of you have heard before. To say it is a lie is not quite the word to use. Even though you have been deceived in many respects in your lifetimes here, your evolution here on this planet, to look at what you are speaking of is an allegory, a metaphor, for this shift that happened a long time ago in the movement from your God Consciousness. The movement from your connection to your Source.

That disconnection is to get you to look at all of these things that have occurred over your lifetimes. That shift is what happened a very long time ago. (This answer is interrupted at this point as the channel (James) is feeling very ill and needs to come out of it and ground himself)

“Ashira”: We will add to this that over the centuries those in power used this story to disempower women. The original story was of the shift from long ago but this has been utilized to take women from the strength and the soul partner of the masculine and to make her the one to blame for the shift. To take her powers from her. To “blame” her for taking the whole family out of the Kingdom of God. All of this was used by those who would control you.

There were aspect of this that were missed by this one who gave the presentation but you think about harm that was wrought upon the planet in terms of women. Think of women in other countries. Think of the power given to men by the use of this story. Think of the power, the contributions and all brought forth by women. Think of the soul bond between the sacred masculine and the sacred feminine. That is something to remember. Does that make sense?

Yes…not the apple literally of course, but the understanding. The more truth we take in, the more we walk in truth and upright, the more we remember the Garden of Eden, the more you utilize the truth and understanding, you are correct. It is the ingesting of truth and that is what we have tried to do as those who have been spoon feeding you, those who are in service to you goes very deeply into you and in what you bring to the table. Again, this has been used by those who would corrupt you and keep you subjugated. To keep you in a position of fearing hidden truths. Of being in fear of knowledge that is yours by birthright and this time you are allowed to ingest that, grow from that and seek your path. Does that make sense? Step into truth and out of ignorance.

The energy is in this room is VERY high. Some other bodies are also experiencing difficulty. Let us sing three OHMS to help those in the circle (and James).

Question: I had a dream all night about an Owl and I saw myself writing math equations on the chalkboard.

Ashira”: What is your symbolism for the owl? Wisdom, I was gaining wisdom.

It is always important to see what people’s views of symbols are. If one sees the ocean waves, in some it may be a symbol of peace and for others it is consternation. The importance of symbols is what does it mean to you?

We would say that you are channeling information that you have at the higher levels in other activities. This is a way to have it bleed into your conscious mind. These will become more important as you move forward in creating the New World.

“OWS”: We are back here.  What is your saying? Fall off the horse and get right back on. That is what we encouraged the James to do and he is doing so. Do we have any more questions?

Question: Every morning I go to work and I see something in the sky. It is not a cloud. It is not a plane. What am I seeing?

“Ashira”: They are beckoning you home. They are letting you know that you are with them and they are with you. They are with you throughout the day. When you go a little astray, they are there to give you hope. Every morning the ship shines for you. You are a part of them. They KNOW you. That is the memory that is to be given.

“OWS”: This is the viewing beyond the veil that we have spoken of. The glimpses that you get. And the veil is dropping for many of you. And one of these days it will be gone completely. Oh, what you will see then!

Would there be any more questions?

“One Who Serves”

We are going to release channel for second time. We apologize but sometimes things happen. What is your saying, “S-happens. Does it not?” Putting a little bit of levity into this situation.

Those who are here will experience physical symptoms. It can come and anything can happen. So be prepared! The energies are rising and when you are in a group such as this and the energies have piled up and piled up as they have in this room, you can feel an overflowing of the cup. That is what happened here. The cup overfloweth with the strong energies here. And we will say that since your Ascen,,, Advance here, we almost said Ascension, since your Advance the energies are even stronger than they were before. You need to come into a balance of energies here so that the shift that is occurring is a minimal shift.

You can see how it is affecting those of you here. Think how it is going to affect others as the full blast, the Wave, hits all of those who have no understanding and are not ready for it. You see? This is why it has been lessened over a period of time and have not had the immense shift happen all in one moment. You would not have been able to withstand this. So there was a change to allow the Shift to happen somewhat more gradually. But it will come when it won’t be so gradual. You will feel it as we have been saying. Hopefully you will be in a good place and you will find yourself in a higher vibrational process at that moment.

We wanted to address one more thing that occurred on the Advance. James had the process built for some time for his Higher self to come but there needed to be a catalyst to bring it out. That weekend was the catalyst. This was a demonstration, this was a process to show all of you there and to discuss today. It is not only for the James, it will come through the Susan and through each of you in different ways. It is not channeling necessarily. It will come through as gifts of the Spirit as you are connecting more and more and more with your Higher God Self. You see?

So expect it in different ways in times coming. Yes, it will come through the James again and he has been told about this. There will be moments when it will be necessary to show and demonstrate to show it is possible for all here. That is what we want you to take from this. That it is your destiny. Not only an individual’s destiny but all of you. All of you in this room or on the phone or all of you who are resonating to these words as you are reading them.

That is all. We release channel. Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the One.


I thank you for this time today. For allowing us to share with you. To listen during your conversations and allow us to use those conversations for learning. I give you all my love, all my peace. Namaste.

Channeled by James McConnell and Dr. Susan Sammarco
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The Truth Is Coming My Friends – It Is Coming – Sananda, Ascended Masters, One Who Serves, Ashira @ Ancient Awakenings – by Pauline Battell – 8-18-15

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The Truth Is Coming My Friends – It Is Coming!” – Sananda, and (Ascended Masters) One Who Serves and Ashira

“Sananda”, “One Who Serves” channeled by James McConnell
“Ashira” channeled by Dr. Susan Sammarco

(Note: these messages were given during our weekly Prepare For Change group in Glendale, AZ on August 16, 2015)



This is Sananda. Yes, I have been with you through this journey. Yes, I have always been with you through all your journeys that you have had. There has never been a time in the history of this planet or in the history of your evolution where I or others such as I were not with you. You have never been alone nor will you ever be alone. You are my brothers, my sisters, my friends. And sometimes you have been relations with me, family relations. Yes. Those of you in this room, you know of what I speak, for I speak only the truth. As you know, the truth shall set you free. The truth is coming, my friends. It is coming. It is here, now, all around you. Only for those that have the eyes to see and the ears to hear though yet.

You hear many things. You hear much information that is coming out in different ways. You listen here and you listen there. Some things do not resonate with you but some do. I can tell you now that there is nothing to fear. Even though there is information that is being released that are calling for survivalist’s mentality, that are calling for evacuations in the near future, that are calling for reasons to prepare to defend yourself, I can tell you that as long as you are in the higher vibrations, as long as you are raising in your consciousness in your being, these things cannot happen.

Will there be those who experience these? Yes. That is what they are intending. That is what their expectation is. They are only bringing up the expectations that they are planning to have. You who listen to my words, you who resonate to my words will not have these things to be concerned with.

Is it going to be a cakewalk? No, it will not be. Are there going to be times of consternation? Yes. But when have there not been, in your various lifetimes, that you have not already been through? I can tell you that those times of consternation are coming near to an end. And as the “Wave” moves over, just as it did in your meditation, this is what it will be like. It is your intention, the intention of the mass consciousness of this planet, of this solar system and of this galaxy. Yes. You are all Ascending. The entire galaxy is Ascending.

If you look upon those scientific proofs of the planets of this solar system you would know of which I speak. There are changes in atmospheres on the various planets. There are many changes in energies on the planets that can be measured and have been measured. It is not just this world that is changing. It is the entire solar system and yes, even the entire galaxy.

This is a momentous time that has been spoken of throughout the ages. It has been predicted throughout the ages. And I say to you now, that nothing can stop this. Nothing can withstand this. Even though they will continue to try and are continuing. They will be unsuccessful and they know it. But in their arrogance they continue on, thinking, hoping that they can put off these changes just a little while longer. In some cases, yes they have. But in the end, and the end is near, they will lose this battle. They will lose their war. It is destined and cannot be changed.

I am Sananda. I am going to be with you very much more closely in the time ahead at this Advance that you are going to have. Those of us who are working with you and are mentoring to you are going to be with you very closely to the point where you will feel us standing on your shoulder and whispering in your ear. We will be that close. And as “Ashira” said some time ago, there are surprises coming. Be ready for this. We will make you ready for the “Wave’.

All of my peace and love to you. Know that all of those who mentor to me and work with you will be there. We are with you at all times.

“Óne Who Serves” (OWS)

Greetings to you! We are not going to give a message to follow that one! We are going to sit back here and answer your questions. We have “Ashira” standing by who is ready and waiting here.

Do you have questions here for “OWS” You must have something after all of that!

Question: Is this a good time to pull money from my bank accounts and investments and put all of it in a safe? Should I think about doing this now?

“OWS”: First of all, there are no “shoulds”. Whether it is a good time or not depends on you. It depends on what you are wanting here. If you are wanting to be one of those who are preparing for great, drastic changes in their lives, if you are wanting to be one of those who is preparing for a major shift to occur where the financial shift comes into concern here, to move these savings from place into another, then do it.

Now, we are not saying that the banks are going to close their doors and that you will not be able to get your money and all of these things. This could happen but we are not going to say that it is going to happen, you see? Because, as one thing occurs, other things will be right behind it. As the shift happens, as one system moves into another system, and this cannot be stopped either! Just as the “Wave” cannot be stopped, this cannot be stopped. People this has to happen. There must be a transition and this transition is happening right now even as we speak here.

If you feel more comfortable to move this money from your banks into your home safe or your pillow case then yes,, do it! Whatever makes you comfortable. We would say to do that. OK?
Do you have anything to add here, “Ashira”?

“Ashira”: No, I think you have covered this well. Thank you.

“OWS”: Would there be other questions now?
We are feeling great energies here. We don’t know if you feel it but there are wonderful energies here! Wonderful energies and we love this high that is happening here. Do you feel it? Do you feel it? Those of you on the phone, do you feel it? You don’t have to answer but do you feel it? Good, good! We want you to be a part of this!

(a member on the phone – The tears are flowing).

“OWS”: Wonderful, they are tears of joy. You have not seen nothin’ yet!
Who wants to share what occurred here?

Comment: During the meditation I did visualize the Tsunami flashing across the planet.

“OWS”: Was there something you felt?

Comment from another person in the phone audience:
I felt the greatest feeling of love that I have never experienced before and joy. I felt the actual wave coming in through me, as me and above me. I feel like I have changed (tears) through this experience. I am sorry but I cannot talk without crying in joy. Thank you so much and I feel so much love for everyone there and the trees and everything in my vision. I am so grateful, so grateful for being here now and being able to experience this. Thank you!

“OWS”: Thank you for sharing this. It is most important because you did not just imagine this. We want you all to understand this. You did NOT just imagine it. You visualized it yes but in your visualization it was happening. It was happening at a higher level that you cannot become fully aware of yet but have we not said so many times, “So above. So below”.

So everything that occurs here on Earth has to first happen at the higher vibrational levels. You, yourselves, and your intention created this manifestation. And you have no idea how this one little group, that you think of as just a little group, is so much more powerful than you can possibly imagine. You affect the entire consciousness of the entire planet when you do these types of activities and your intention is backing this with so much energy and emotion and enthusiasm and love.

Now, think of this and magnify it many times over during your coming Advance. That is what we will be doing again. James does not know that yet but we have just told him. And Susan will be working with other types of activities and situations but it is all coming together at the same time. All is working. You spoke earlier of the Divine Plan, did you not?

The Divine Plan is coming together. Whether “those” are ready or not. Whether they like it or not. It is coming together and you are having a great part in this! And as of yet, you cannot know how much of a part you play here.

This is the reason we are with you each and every Sunday. We would not miss this for the world! This is an appointment with us and with love and to be of service in this way and for you to be of service in this way. It is all part of this great plan.

Do you have other questions now for “OWS” and “Ashira”? We need to get “Ashira” into the action here.

Question: It is my experience over and over to practice prosperity and abundance and that has nothing to do with the money in your pocket. If I have fear come to me about being taken care of I move into an understanding that all is well. I believe that is the Higher Plan. Can you comment on that?

So much, yes but we are going to step aside and ask “Ashira” to answer.

“Ashira”: Thank you. This is your truth, my friend. And know that as the shift, the transition is taking place; we are whispering in various person’s ears at that time what they need to be doing. And we speak to them not in the truth as you know it but we speak to them in a way that will help them accomplish their life plan.

So, we appreciate you sharing and discussing your basis for understanding and truth but know that, at this time, all of those in this room and on the phone and others who will be listening to these messages will be listening to the guidance which is given to them., just as this one, (Susan), wishes to leave her job. We send messages and situations that convey the message, “Sit tight. Sit tight. You are still needed.”

There is no basis for income or those kinds of things even in your discussion, so we share the message of “sit tight” with you. Give love. Give light. Know that each one is following their own path in this moment. Thank you for your insight. We bless you. Anything further “OWS”?

“OWS”: Very good. This is why we answered the question the way we did earlier. It is up the individual as to how they wish to look at these types of situations. As to the money part of this, this is temporary! It is only temporary. It is part of the transition here. It is not too long into the future where you will not even be using money anymore. It will not be necessary because you will realize that the abundance of the planet is all that you need. You do not need those things that you have now. There will not be the things that you need money for at this time. It will all be precluded.

You speak of the replicators. Think of a replicator making anything that it is you want. What would you need to go shopping for? That is not to say that there will not be areas for you to go shopping for various things that come from desire not necessity. But as you move into the higher vibrations we speak or and that you are beginning to move into you will understand this.

All of these questions that seem important in the moment will become a thing of the past in your dim memory only. And you will think back in your memory and think, “Did I really concern myself with paper in a safe somewhere? Or being held in a building?” Because that is all it is, it is paper. Or if you don’t look at it as paper, it is energy. It is energy that has a use now. However, the use for this type of energy is fast moving away. Does this answer your question fully?

Are there other questions here now?

Question: Aren’t we supposed to be relieving our attachments to things like money that will have no use in the future?

​”OWS”: ​Yes. That is correct. That is why we speak of the transition here. For you cannot go from the position you are in today worried about the money in the banks and the various positions on it, the revaluation and all of that, you cannot go directly from that to no money whatsoever. It is not possible now.

So, there is a transition period happening now and will continue to happen for a little bit of time. As consciousness rises, the need for this type of thing will lessen, and lessen and lessen. You see?

“Ashira”: I would just add that you can think about the free energy coming your way. Think about as “OWS” has mentioned, the replicators coming your way. Think of the things that money is no longer necessary for in the future.

Trust in the Plan. Trust in the transition. Each of those who are hearing us can think of those things that capture your attention. Even this one last night who held thoughts about not being able to work on the transcribed sessions today. All of these things are falling aside because it is a brand new world that you are creating. We bless you.

“OWS”: Would there be other questions now?

Question: Do you have any ideas to help us stay in the Now? Do you have any particular techniques that will help people?

“OWS”: Yes! Do it! Be it! Now you look for tools! Various techniques to use here.

We would say to you that to be in the Now is to be in the flow. Be in the present moment and you do that by being aware. Awareness leads to movements of consciousness. The more you are aware of what you are doing at any given moment, you allow for that process to take hold. Again, go with the flow.

It is not that difficult to be it the Now, people. It is only that you tend to focus on past events, those things that have hurt you in the past, those things that have held you back in the past, those things that have programmed you in the past, and you tend to hold on to those things. But what are they but attachments? Attachments that keep you back.

If you wish to be in the Now, let go of those attachments. Let go of those attachments. If a spouse hurt you in the past, so what? Let it go. It is no longer important. It is a new day, a new moment. A new dawn is coming. A new dawn is already here. You see?

Comment: I have a tool to share! When I start to be concerned about my past or my future I simply look at that thought and I say, “All is well in this moment and this moment is all I have.”

Wonderful. Thank you!

“Ashira” : I apologize for interrupting.
As you continue to rise in your frequency and vibration you will notice that those things which take you out of the Now will rise up less and less frequently. You will see them diminish so your abilities to stay in the Now becomes easier and easier for you.

We know that you are diligently working on this and we want to say good work and just acknowledge you. As you work on raising your vibration you will see these things that bring you back down, removed. Bless you.

“OWS”: Other question now.

Question: There was a huge chemical spill in the Colorado River. Some of my associates have been pouring structure water in to clean the river. Some scientists are saying that they don’t know how it is recovering so quickly. Can you comment on this?

“OWS”: Yes. Gaia is at work here! The Galactic’s are at work here. All are working in the process. It is not known to the general population. When these seeming miraculous events happen and they are happening all over the planet, you do not hear about all of them because there are many happening in other countries too. You do not hear about it in this country. That does not mean that they are not happening. You see?

So, there are forces at work here, such as your crop circles. Are they not forces at work? They appear overnight and they seem to have significance but you do not understand the significance. There is a calling to you, a deep level calling. These crop circles, these changes all over the planet are calling to you, to your collective consciousness and reaching you. It is all a part of the Plan, of the Divine Plan to raise consciousness. All preparing for the “Wave”, for the “Event” to come. All to make it a little more easy to withstand. If all of these preparations had not been made, there would not be much life left standing when the “Wave’ hit the planet, if this had not been dispersed over a period of time here.

This is all we can give here now. There is so much more to be revealed in the short time ahead here. But, just allow it to be. Anything else,

“Ashira”? No. I am fine. Thank you.

Other questions here?

Question: Is it true that it is the consciousness role on the planet to protect Mother Earth?
Do you wish to address this first, “Ashira”?

“Ashira”: Yes. Thank you.
It is always so enjoyable to have conversations between “OWS” and myself. We give each other the nod to move forward into a response. I am happy to answer this.

You are only part of the kingdoms upon the surface of Mother Gaia. Are you here to help? Yes. That dream could have been specifically for you. That is part of your service. To continue to cleanse and support her as she moves forward in her plan.

As far as human consciousness goes, it is preparing mankind, humankind for this shift. This is the consciousness from all of those, all of you upon the planet. It takes but a small percentage of people, thinking the same way, to put that consciousness into the whole to affect all.

The planet is moving on her own. The planet is repairing herself. As Sananda said earlier, things that have been written about the planet being in dire straits that make evacuations necessary immediately, that is not what we would share.

We would share that the Galactics and all of those in service are working with Mother Gaia. Working on her physical body and working on her 5th dimensional vibration. While it is not the job of the mass unconscious to be working on her, it is your privilege to be inhabitants upon her, and it is your job to do the work you are here to do as well as all those in the kingdoms upon this planet and within the planet. This is the process of Ascension for all on and in this planet and throughout the solar system.
This call is to you. Does that make sense to you?

“OWS”: Very good. We will move on here. Any other questions?

Comment: I have a comment I want to make. When the one shared how she shared about the love and joy she experienced. I loved Robin Williams’s movie (“What Dreams May Come”)that showed heaven and the love. I regret that and to have deep feeling of love with my kids.

​”OWS”: ​

Thank you for sharing this! Nothing further?
We wish to tell you that “Ashira” and we are excited about the coming weekend. The energy is growing! You are going to have several experiences that will catapult each of you to the next level of your being.
We cannot be more explicit than that. It will come to you as a knowing. It cannot be shared quantitatively but you will know it within you.

There is much excitement that is building not only for your Advance but across the planet. All of the movements behind the scenes are wrapping up and ramping up. This brings about this shift you have heard of for thousands of years. This Shift you knew of before you came to this planet, when you volunteered to come here. You knew about this then. You knew this moment would arrive. All of your preparation has been moving you to these very times ahead here, as we continue to assist and prepare you for the “Wave” that is coming and in many aspects, much of this wave is already here.
Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the One.


So pleased to share with this group again. This is “Ashira”.
Part of what many of you have received and worked with we will be working with again at the Advance, that is the “Light Mental Body”. You have left your bodies through your spiritual body, through your Light Body, through your Merkaba body during your meditations in this group. You formed a group Merkaba today in your experience with “Sananda”.
You experienced much in that experience and you accomplished much as well. Yes, in the coming week we will be working even more with this.
You are going to be coming to more and more of an understanding that the brain inside your head that you think of so much of the time as “your body” and is the center of your thoughts and your existence.

You have a physical body but YOU ARE A SPIRITUAL BEING. For the moment you are in this body but also in that same moment you are so much more than this body. Those of you who have called on the “Light Mental Body” have seen many wondrous things. If you have not yet received the gift of the “Light Mental Body” this is in part what you shall receive next week. For those of you who have it, you will be reminded of it.

There are so many more things that you are going to experience in the near future. The “Light Mental Body” is part of that. Some of you are already moving into this body during meditations to move into other lifetimes, other dimensions. We have talked about the dropping of the veil but much of these experiences are because you are achieving the higher vibrations and are experiencing these things. If nothing else, you experience these things on Sundays when you come together for meditation.

We are excited about the events that are coming for you. While the word “consternation” that came up a couple of times today may raise a red flag for you, we are pleased to say that it has not affected your frequency in a way that may hold you back. You are eager for the times to come. You are eager for the changes. You are eager to make this transition. For that we give you thanks for THAT is the eagerness and that is the passion.
That is what is being fed into the mass consciousness by this group!
We bring you love. We bring you peace. Namaste.


Channeled by James McConnell and Dr. Susan Sammarco
Article may be reproduced in its entirety if authorship and authors website is clearly stated

Lord Buddha, One Who Serves and Ashira – When The Beam Of Energy Hits You, You Are In The NOW – 8-5-15

Lord Buddha

 “Lord Buddha” and “Ashira”  channeled by Dr. Susan Sammarco

“One Who Serves”  channeled by James McConnell

(Note: these messages were given during our weekly Prepare For Change group in Glendale, AZ on August 2, 2015)


“Lord Buddha”

I am the one the “Buddha”. I have shared with you during those “Advance” (previously called retreats) times when we have brought forth sharing of celebrations to you. Today we come to speak about that “Eternal Now”. The “Now” that is in your consciousness.  The “Now” that I spoke of in my teachings. For all is in the “Now”.

When the beam of energy hits you, you are in the “Now”.  It is your choice to handle things in the positive way or in a negative way, in the “Now”. As all collapses around you, you are in the “Now”.  And yet you still look forward to the future and you are in the “Now”.

It is important for those of you who are the Lightworkers, the Lightholders, the Lightbearers, all of those who are awake and aware to be in the “Now”. Not to be looking forward and not to be looking back. For as this one spoke today, she is living many lives in the same moment, in the “Now”.  It is not appropriate for her to discuss these things unless she is experiencing them.  This is why we have brought these experiences to her, in the “Now”.

More and more you will be experiencing similar things.  It does get confusing if you remain in the 3D perception.  As you have risen from your 3D consciousness,  as you have risen in your frequency, you are changing your “Now”,  it is different from those around you.  It is different from those with whom you work, with whom you live, with whom you share your day to day lives.

Your “now” is different from those who exist in the “Now” of the 3D existence.  Your “Now” is changing because your “Now” more and more every day will include the glimpses that you will be given, the glimpses you will allow your Highest Self to experience.  There is ONE who is in charge of you and it is YOU! And you forget that at times. The YOU is allowing the experiences of seeing Galactic brothers and sisters, of seeing those from Inner Earth. It is the YOU, the Higher Self that allowing you to see glimpses of  lives you are living in the
NOW”, in the moment.

You have walked away from that 3D understanding of past, present and future.  You have walked away from that with the intention of bringing the present into focus.  You are bringing the present into manifestation. That present is the glorious imagination, that glorious vision that you have for the “Now”.

And we are so excited on this plane of our existence. All of those of us who serve you, share with you, all of us who are eager to greet you in person, we have many wonderful things planned for your next Advance to help prepare you for the “Now”.  All if this when you read the words will fill you with anticipation and an understanding that is hard to put into  words in this moment of time in which I speak. But know that this group, those on the phone, those that read the words  are receiving downloads of energy that are changing you.

We will share with you if you have questions for us during the question session. Give us time to change back and forth in the energy fields of this one. Blessings and love to you.

“One Who Serves”

Greetings to you. “One Who Serves” here with you now to take the next part.  But before we move on to the question and answer period here we would first like to address you.

With your “Advance” (previously called a retreat) coming this has been a precursor of what you experienced in this guided meditation or one of the things that will be happening at your advance.  It will be much more profound, much more –in-depth as to what will be occurring there. Because it is important now.  There is a time frame here. The frequency yes, but also a time frame here. We speak at your understanding, the 3D understanding but also at our’s as well. We are in the sense as well.

We have bodies here. We have our lives, just as you do.  Somewhat different, of course, but we do have an existence here in the 3d world many times.  Not that we are pulled into that type of atmosphere and we tend to stand above it certainly but there are times our services are needed and we are drawn back as well.  We can certainly move in and out just as you will be able to move in and out of it.  As you will need to as the times come, as the frequencies are right.

So, you are going to have many experiences at this Advance.  And those that are not going to be at the Advance can join over the phone here.  It will be set up to allow most of you to participate at most of the various events that happen. Not all of course. You will not be able to eat together and things like this. But you will have the experience of hearing our words as well as participating in the meditations  that will be given and that which is to be experienced.

So, there are many things coming. Many things in the works. Not only for your Advance but for many of the events that are planned. Including the “Grand Celebration” that we have spoken of many times. Many sources have spoken of this celebration.  You will never have had a celebration as that which will be had upon this planet when the situation is ready for it. We are all ready for it! And we are preparing!

Would you have questions here for “One Who Serves”, “Ashira” who is standing by and the

Question: I have a question about the body changing to the crystalline form? Is this going to happen at the grand Event or is it happening during these smaller waves?


That is a wonderful  question! And we can share with you that the changes to the crystalline form is already in the works, it is already happening. People are experiencing this in different ways, in different varieties and understandings of it. This is in the process and it will become more and more and more you will experience the changes that are happening. You will find the changes in diet as was spoken of earlier as well as all of the things that are still coming. The memories coming back. All of this is part of this changeover, this transition from your carbon-based to your crystalline base. All of this is going to culminate at the Ascension, you are correct. It is when the Ascension happens it will be the final culmination of this. And this will be complete transition from one level you might say to another level here.

Does this answer your question?

Question: Will this help us to let go of the density..the mass?

Yes. You are talking about the heavier density of the body?  Yes. You will be literally lighter.  Almost like you are able to float above the Earth, you will float above the Earth, some of you. All of this is still coming. It is in the process.

Anything you wish to add here “Ashira”?


I am going to add a touch of humor to this. You are probably too young to remember this but you in this room who remember the show, “My Favorite Martian”, a long time ago did he not have funny antenna that would come up? That was much the guffaw at the time, the laughter at the time. The show was very popular. And I mention this because this was a precursor. It got people thinking.

Your crystalline bodies are going to be much like antennae.  They are going to be much more sensitive reaching out in many different ways, as “OWS” has said, they will manifest in different ways for each person.

And the change in the structure has been something new. Those of us who have left our physical bodies and have raised our vibrations and have existed on other planes have had spiritual bodies but not quite the same body that you are manifesting. This is part of the grand show that has been going on. To see how you adapt to the bodies and how you change as you go through this process.

This has been an important part of what we have needed to do in our roles to support you in this. To make you aware of the aches and pains, the change in diet, the change in sleep habits.  And as the changes have progressed the need for sleep has increased, the need for certain foods has increased.  We told you at one time or another that chocolate is OK, have we not. For it you crave something it may be something you need at that moment to make the change.

Go with the flow. Allow yourselves the pleasure but we know that this one has not always experienced pleasure at times, allow yourself to go with the flow. Allow yourself to be led to what to eat, what to drink and to know that there are many, many who are closely watching this process and keeping a very close eye on every one of you.

“OWS”: Are there other questions here?

Question: Is the ringing in my ears a change in frequency?

OWS”:  Yes.  Certainly. Many will experience these types of things as well as many other “maladies” but are really not. They are understandings that are happening within you to make you aware. Just as “Ashira” has said, it is to make you aware of the changes. It is a by-product of all that is happening, of this wave of energy that is coming in.

As we have said previously, when the big wave, the major wave if you wish to call it this, hits, there will be no misunderstanding of this! You will not look at your neighbor and say, “Is this it?” You will know that this is it! There will be no question about it.

Would there be any other questions here?

Question: When the “Event” happens and one transforms into the 5th dimensional Lightbody, will we be able to move about the multidimensions?


OWS”:  Yes! That is correct!

Please understand that all that is happening here now has happened many times before in terms of individuals but those individuals were not prepared in advance as to what the changes would be like.  We are preparing you for the changes as much as we can. We have been through it. We know what it is.

But this is different because this understanding is being given out to all who are ready for it. It is all about preparing you for the wave. As the James said earlier, this is the theme for the Advance, “Preparing for the Wave”.  You will be prepared for it and we are going to make sure that you are ready for it.  Not only you who are going to be at the Advance but for you who are going to read about it as well.

Know that as your group is having these experiences that there are other groups that are having similar experiences as well. So, all is coming together at the right time. If you go with the flow, as we have been saying, it will all work out!  Your concerns at the 3d illusion will not be a concern to worry about any more. And we speak in terms of anymore!

Anything you wish to add here, “Ashira”.  No. Thank you.

Any other questions here?

Question: I have wondered if our children will have an easier time with the Ascension?

“Ashira” we have a sense that you wish to answer this question.

“Ashira”:  Yes, thank you.

First, let me address the new children who are coming in bodies that are very young.  Also, women who are carrying children who are coming in to experience this.  These children who have been coming in for many years have been given many different names. The new children who are coming into the plane have this very strong task before them for they are uplifting every person upon the planet.

Their innocence is amazing .  However, their awareness is also amazing and they stay connected at very deep levels.  It is their job to maintain balance and to maintain a sense of optimism and a sense of where everyone is going! They are so connected at this moment in time.

Even the child who sits in the cradle, even that child who is breastfed by its mother,  it is NOT a child, it is a soul being, it is a spiritual being that is here with a great sense of purpose.  And that great sense of purpose is also to assist the other children at every level well into their twenties. All of these children that have come with great desire to make a difference, great desires to see a change.

They will accept this easily and effortlessly and will move with the energy without question.  As you see the youngest children coming in, know that they are the support for the entire human family. Their sense of awareness and duty comes higher than other generation previously. They brought with them an understanding of this process.

To answer your question, yes, the children have an inner guidance to this process that even your children who seem to be turning their backs on you and your belief system, when the Clarion Call goes out they will understand more deeply and more quickly than adults around them. We will see this in young people up until and through the twenties.  The twenty year olds are more concerned about supporting one another and their family. They will still be more alert than those who are not yet awake on the planet.

The Wave will hit and there will be a response of love from the very youngest in the cradle to the very oldest. All of the children that you ask about are a part of this process and will amaze you in the depth of their understanding and their support.


“One Who Serves”: Yes.  And we would add here that there is the preparation in the Lightworker community that will add a great assistance to all of those who are not understanding what is going on here, what is happening. So, you will be of service beyond what you can imagine up to this point in time here. You are being prepared for this.

Any further questions here now?

Then we are done here. We will release channel. Just continue to work on those things that are given you and are coming through you at all different times of your life. You are being nudged here and nudged there. You are being shown glimpses of the veil dropping, all for you to accept these things that are within you. Whether they seem like maladies or they are pleasurable experiences they are all part of the great change and transition that is happening here.

Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the One.



I am “Ashira”.  I have addressed you in questions today. As always it is my pleasure.

I would bring the remembrance to you, you have discussed it in your group today and that has been intentional.  There are things you turn away on purpose in the greater world for you know they are but remnants, like shadows. They are memories that pop up here and there that are not of the highest love. It is part of the cleansing of the planet.  This is to allow people to release their old belief systems. Such as that you saw this week of that of the Animal Kingdom.

You have seen that toward ethnicities. You have seen that toward countries. You have seen that toward people. But each time there is an occurrence it is an opportunity for more to be awakened, more to feel the greater love. Not only for humans but also for animals.

This is the time that love is awakening in each and every being. It is your opportunity to speak of love in every instance.  When you have information that is not resonating with you, it could be a piece of the puzzle that they are so fiercely defending. It is no longer the time for fiercely defending. It is now time for truth, it is the time for love. It is time to say, “Maybe you are right” and allowing it to pass from you.

We give you great thanks, peace and understanding for the coming times. Namaste.


Channeled by James McConnell and Dr. Susan Sammarco
Article may be reproduced in its entirety if authorship and authors website is clearly stated

You All Have A Resolve To Be Free – Saint Germain, One Who Serves and Ashira @ Ancient Awakenings – 7-7-15

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Thanks to Pauline Battell   –


“You All Have A Resolve To Be Free” – Saint Germain, One Who Serves and Ashira

Saint Germain and One Who Serves channeled by James McConnell
Ashira channeled by Dr. Susan Sammarco

(Note: these messages were given during our weekly Prepare For Change group in Glendale, AZ on July 5, 2015)

“St. Germain”

I am “St. Germain”. It is very good to be with you in this way at this time. It was good to speak with you two Advances ago about this day you just yesterday, the Fourth of July. But know that the Fourth of July, as you know it and the way it is celebrated in this country was not the way it was supposed to be.

For how many of you and those that you know really understand what this day has meant to this country and yes, even to the world. For it was a day that was to be free, a day to signify the freedom for all of this country and eventually, to the entire world.

But, as you know, that has not happened. Yes, there are many here in this country who think they are free. Who think they can do whatever they want and live a life that they want. To many it seems so. But those of you who have listened to many sources know that you are not truly free, and have not been free for a long time.

For as the forefathers who developed, who created this country and had plans, ideas and ideals to bring it forth and to put all of that into motion. There have been those that have come through and usurped all of their great ideals.

You call yourself a democracy here in this country but that was not what it was meant to be. You are a Republic and a Republic again you shall be. For a Republic becomes all that it was meant to be for men to be free, where all men and women are truly equal.

You have those times coming ahead. Very soon now, within the next several months, you will begin to see many different changes. But many of these changes were begun back in your 1776. It is only now when those who have taken control of this system and created this democracy, once they are gone they will no longer control. Incidentally, they have lost much of their control now.

Once their control is completely eliminated you will have the freedom that was meant to be. The freedom that those who were gathered in that room, before signing the Declaration of Independence, and there I was with them. They looked at each other and would not sign this document. They were afraid. There was fear. They knew that whoever signed this document signaled their own death, giving them a death sentence.

But yet, as I looked around this room and saw it in their faces. I saw the fear, yes, but I also saw that which would overcome the fear. I saw the resolve in each of them. A resolve to be free. I stood up and I addressed the gathering there. I spoke to that resolve, of the need to be free. Yes, I believe I was quite eloquent at that time. But it was not my eloquence that won them over. It was their inner knowing of what could be.

One by one they overcame their fear. Their resolve took over and they stepped up one by one to the table and signed their name. Even knowing that at the moment they signed, they would be signing their death sentence. Yet they signed. Yet they came forth.

It is today, now, so many years ahead in the future from that moment that there are those again that have that resolve, that have that freedom in mind but this time, not just for a country but for an entire planet. For there are those across this entire planet that want freedom. And freedom they shall have. Freedom you shall all have. For you all have that resolve in you.

And it will come forth and it is coming forth just as it did then. I can tell you now, as you look ahead, and this exercise you just did was meant to show you this. As you look ahead, a year from now, and the changes that you saw, your idea of the Fourth of July will never be the same as it was yesterday!

I am St. Germain. I am with you now and will continue to be with you as these many changes begin to happen. You will show forth that very resolve that was within those who came before you.
All of my peace and love be with each of you. I leave you now.

“One Who Serves”

Greetings to you! “One Who Serves” here with you now to answer questions you might have. “Ashira” is also standing by and will also have a message for you. Would you have a question for “One Who Serves” and “Ashira”?

Question: With the visit of the Pope and the month of September. Is there something you expect to be happening?

“One Who Serves”
Is it something we expect to be happening? Yes, it is in the works here that it will happen. As to what will occur in that moment we cannot say because at this point, we do not know ourselves. Because even though there are those plans that are created in the “boardroom” you might say, and they are moving toward fruition, there are many things that can occur before that moment that can cause changes to happen to those very plans that were enacted at that time.

Do you understand this? Now as to various changes that can happen as St. Germain has said and there are many others who have said this and we, ourselves, have said this and Ashira, there are so many things that are coming. What
​do ​you have a saying that is, “mind blowing”. Prepare to have your minds blown. Not you​r​ Central Nervous System though because if these things had happened too fast, there are those who would have had their Central Nervous System blown out, literally. This could never be.

This is why there are calls for patience here. This why there seems to be delays of all of those who work to bring this about. Those of you are included in this for you are working to bring this about as well.

When you have your guided meditations as you had here today, notice that as you work with this, you are creating. You are creating what you are wanting to have and what you are wanting to develop. This is going out into the Collective Consciousness into the Universal Mind. It is creating this process.

When you do this there are many who come upon this and pull it in you might say and begin to create it as well. This is how the entire creation process occurs here, you see? Does this answer your question?

Anything you wish to add here “Ashira”? No, thank you, not at this time.
(“One Who Serves”…we will wait here for the dogs (2 huskies howling upstairs) to have their say! They are answering as well!)
Any further questions here before we release channel?

Let us say, continue “keep on, keeping on”. Continue going on with your various activities, your daily lives and continue to be in the present moment at all times. For as you are in the present moment and creating your future ahead of you with your thoughts, create it in a positive fashion. Create that which you want to be, not what you don’t want to happen. Begin more and more to take the focus away from what you don’t want to what you do want. This is the secret of manifestation here and the attraction process.

So more and more and more focus on what you want and as you focus on what you want the attraction process will draw that to you and you will find that you are manifesting much more quickly than you have ever done before. As you spoke of earlier in your group, the energies are growing and expanding and many people are feeling them differently.

And as we have said many times, you will see more and more of the glimpses of what is beyond the veil. As you have more of these, the veil will be dropping, It is already dropping and soon it will be gone completely.

And those negative ions that were shared in your guided meditation will replace all of the energy that has been here before in a negative fashion. You can imagine what it is like after a beautiful Spring rain or a Summer rain. How would you feel after this? This is what you are moving toward.
Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the One.


I am “Ashira”. Last week the transcription was cut short and I wanted to repeat some of my closing message again. We also wish to share our support for the messages given this day.

Last week we discussed some of the mood swings people are experiencing. Know that these moods, those of melancholy or depression are not yours. They are part of what is evolving upon this planet and as it moves through you and you feel it, stop and say, “This is not mine”. Allow it to move through you.

Those who need to process are processing but as it moves around the planet in consciousness, those who are awake to others feel this as well. As was given last week, allow these to move through and do not seek a meaning from them. You have done your work.

There are many who are crying out saying that “we” do not understand what is happening. Yet those in this group and others like it know that we understand because we have been through this too. As this continues on, as you meet in this group and other groups as well, you SEE what is happening. You are in a different place and a different state of mind than those who are in early states of awakening and wonder about all they are being shown.

This is the good news. For as you look a year hence from now, next year’s Fourth of July, the conversation will be lively. This is the reason we have been excited and spoke about the movement over the finish line.
It is only days and weeks and months and not so long as many months.

Yes, August, September and Fall this year sees many changes coming. Bigger changes are coming. All over the planet, changes. The majority of those who are sleeping now will be awakened. You will step into your new roles. We are eager to be sharing with you and answering your questions.

Those of you, like Mahendrin who was not able to ask his question, are feeling nudges, you are feeling pushes. You are feeling that which is coming for it is coming so quickly that you are being pushed in ways that are unfamiliar to you. You do not see a finish line. Where are you going? Where are you being pushed to?

Keep the faith. Go with the flow. Allow each day to unfold. As doors seem to close, know that others will open on the other side. It is somewhat like the death process where there are crowds of people who tell you goodbye on one side and there are crowds on the other side welcoming you. We are with you there pulling you forward, helping you as we are happy to do.

We give you all of our love and blessings. Thank you for this day. Namaste.


Channeled by James McConnell and Dr. Susan Sammarco
Article may be reproduced in its entirety if authorship and authors website is clearly stated

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