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Sananda, One Who Serves – via James McConnell – 9-17-17 – by We Signed Up For This

Sananda 22


Are You Beginning To See And Know The Finish Line That Is Right There In Front Of You”?

Sananda and One Who Serves as channeled by James McConnell

These messages were given during our weekly Sunday Prepare For Change group in Phoenix, AZ on September 17, 2017


I AM Sananda.

And we wonder now as we look down upon all of you down from our perch, you might say, up on our ships. We look down and we see all that is happening all of the consciousness that is shifting and changing. And we wonder now are you feeling it? Are you feeling this new expression coming into you? Are you feeling this consciousness shift? Are you feeling this sense of anticipation that is coming over many across the planet?

Are you beginning to see and know the finish line that is right there in front of you? For it is right there in front of you.

Many of you have been feeling a sense of gleefulness, you might say, a sense of anticipation certainly, that all is coming to a crescendo. Many things are about to shift. And you are feeling this sense, you are feeling the ending of what you came here for. In other words you have been working toward this time for a very long long time period. You have been working toward this shift of consciousness, this frequency movement for a very long time. Anticipating this.

You came into this particular lifetime knowing that this is that lifetime, this is that one. And this is the one that will have the finish line. And you can look back on many of the lives that you have had wondering in those lifetimes whenever a conscious knowing came over you in a moment knowing when will this be? When will we reach the end? When will we reach the finish line?

And we can tell you now that you have reached this finish line. It is right there now. It only takes a little bit more to push you across. We are speaking not only of the ascension but of the transition that you are moving through now and this transition is pushing so many, many more souls across this finish line or coming close to it. And you are the ones that are needing to continue to work with this.

As you are beginning to see and feel and know the energies that are awakening across the planet, the energies that are awakening in the animals, and the insects as you have been speaking of. They are here.

They are part of the Elemental Kingdom. Those of the dragonflies, the hummingbirds, the butterflies, all of these are showing themselves now to you in various ways. They are not showing themselves as they are yet but they are showing themselves in ways that you can understand, in ways that you can be able to comprehend, and be able to know and feel the energy connection with them. And they are going to increase this process as well. Many of you, many more are going to be experiencing this.

And when you feel a butterfly, when you feel and sense a hummingbird coming close and you see that it is attempting to contact you open your eyes, open your ears and allow this process to happen because they have much to impart to you. To you personally, not to the collective as we are doing here, but personally to each individual, they will begin more and more to communicate to you. Because the time is now for this to happen. The time is now for these energies to increase, for the frequencies to increase across the planet and you yourselves, each one to begin to feel these frequencies more and more so that you are experiencing all that is possible in the moment that you can experience.

There is so much that is in the process. Yes you hear many things. You use your discernment in all of these situations so that you know that everything that is happening now is happening for a reason. So many things that are about to shift and change with your, those of the dark forces, what you call the cabal, they have come to an end. You are hearing this more and more yet you do not see it yet. You do not see it with your eyes, as of yet, that they have ended because you still see certain signs within the skies. You see certain things that happen on your newsreels. You see certainly storms that come upon you. But you also begin to know more and more that these storms, these signs that are showing and that have shown themselves for years and years and years and even lifetimes, are now showing themselves as much less than what they were before as the programming is being reduced more and more dissipating the veil. Dissipating and disappearing completely.

And my dear Nada telling you that there is no veil. And that is the truth: There is no veil. It is only there in your imagination or rather in your programming that it is there. It is only part of the illusion.

So know that as everything around you is an illusion, begin to see through that illusion more and more. And as you do that you will communicate with those of the other forces out there, the Elemental forces especially.

You will begin to experience contact and communication with these dragonflies and these butterflies and the dragons and all of this. You will begin to experience and communicate more with because they are there. And they are aware of you. And they are ready to welcome you into their world.

And that is important to know because you are moving out of this world. Not that you are going to leave the planet, step off the planet and onto other planets — although yes that will be possible when the times and the frequencies are right. But for now know that you are evolving. You are evolving into a higher form of life and this higher form of life is going to take you into this next Golden Age.

I AM Sananda. I always enjoy these times that I can be with you and these times are going to increase more and more as we as a collective begin to work with you more and more directly, more and more individually. Yes we are working with you as a group, but we are going to begin to work more with you as individuals beginning to prepare you for that which is coming very shortly where those of you that have come here and have your missions set in front of you are going to begin to work more on those missions. And you will begin to know and understand exactly what those missions are.

All of my peace and love be with all of you now as I take my leave.


Om Mani Padme Hum. Om Mani Padme Hum. Om. Om. Greetings to you. One Who Serves with you to carry on.

And we would say here to the one that brought up the being the one who is Athena, we are contemplating this. We will be looking into this and see if the James is able to have the connection with this one if they resonate together here. This is at this point yet unsure but it is possible certainly. So we will be looking into this to that one who has wondered about this.

As to all that is happening here all that is coming, we have been saying for some time ‘fasten your seatbelts’. Keep them fastened because things are going to get a bit rocky here but as you’ve seen here in the coming of these storms, these coming of these monster storms, we might say that they were not so. They were not so because you are not buying into the illusion anymore. Those of you that have the power, those of you that have the knowing can literally steer these hurricanes. You can literally dissipate these hurricanes. They are meant for a reason but they have been in the past and in many ways they have been overcome by the forces of darkness to be able to utilize the energies to do their bidding. But this is changing now because you are no longer listening to this. You are no longer accepting fool-heartedly as you have in the past, accepting that their programming is going to control you because it is not.

So let go of all of this. Know that you have the power. Know that believing is seeing and you can create and steer away a storm. You can do all of these things that are needed to continue to allow this process to continue across the planet. And know that fear is dissipating rapidly.

Yes you speak of fear of spiders and all of these kinds of things — we were eavesdropping, yes — but know that this is a process that you are going through and these various insects are not going to be something you are going to have to be concerned about in the higher vibrations. They will not be. They will be transformed into other life forms that will be more akin to the energies that you will be moving into. So mosquitoes and flies and all of the biting insects and all of this will be gone. They will not be gone as you were saying, they will not be killed, they will be transformed. Just as you are moving through a transition they will also move through a transition and be with you in a new form in the higher vibrations.

So what you are seeing now in the various insects and all of these things such as the dragonflies and butterflies and all of this are going to be with you in this new in these new vibrations. But they will be with you as they are: as the sprites, as the elves, as the fairies, all of this. They will take their original form that they are just now showing you in these forms but they will take now their original forms when the time is right. And you will look into the trees and not see butterflies but you will see fairies in the branches just as you see birds now. Can you imagine this what this would be like? All the life forms coming alive to you.

Do you have questions now for One Who Serves?

Q & A

Q: I just wanted to see if this is true that I had gotten because I do teach and I want to make sure I’m teaching the truth. What I found out that Mother and Father God, that Father God had created our left side of our brain and that is reasoning and logic and his color is blue. And then Mother God created our right side which is pink which is intuition, love, and going to our heart, etc. And so then the combination of blue and pink makes the Violet Flame and this is where the Violet flame came from. Is this true or can you add anymore to that?

OWS: That is certainly correct but the only difference here, the only thing we would correct is that the creation process comes from the Mother of the Father/Mother God. The Father is unmanifest. The Mother is the manifest. The Mother is the creation. The Mother is the one that carries within the womb the creation of life. So you can look at it in this respect. But also look at it in the respect of both are one.

Q: Will astrology like numerology be a practice in the higher dimensions? Will it go further from our basic to advanced?

OWS: We can answer yes certainly in the affirmative of that. Astrology has never left your evolution here but it has been put somewhat in the background in terms of not being taught in your schools and all of these things. But this is going to change drastically because astrology is one of the greater sciences but it has purposely been held back. But, know that the ones that purposely held it back use it themselves. And they have used it for a very long time back from the Atlantean times and even before this. So it is very important it is very much a part of this process and will certainly be within the transition that you are moving through in the ascension process. As you are moving into this new Golden Age it will become a very big part of your educational process.

Q: What you were saying about the insects manifesting themselves to us in their original form, does this apply also to animals that they are, in their true form, is different than what we witness at this time?

OWS: Animals are a little bit different here in understanding because they are in their soul form that they are needing to be in now. That is not to say that they will not transition as well but many of them will continue as your pets and all of this and you will also come into contact with many other animals that will become pets. Think in terms of a tiger or a lion or one of those that you fear now that will move through this transition as well and there will be no more fear. And once there is no more fear they have no reason to create the fear because they will certainly not be eating you anymore and they will become your pets as well. They will become even more than pets they will become your brothers and sisters in different life forms.

Q: I was given some information about the Holy Trinity that it was individual to each of us and that it was Mother/Father God was one point and another point was our higher self, sort of like the Holy Spirit. And then the 3rd point would be ourselves along with our twin flame which makes one just like Mother/ Father God. I was just wondering, would you say I’m on point and also what can we do with this understanding? How does that get used in our lives to move forward toward ascension?

OWS: As we are understanding what you are asking here the answer is certainly yes. The Trinity as you are saying is in many different forms and has been for a very long time. The various churches or religions have changed this to work within their system. But the Trinity is exactly as you are saying. It comes from the Prime Creator originally and then spreads out from there you might say, so that the three become one and the one are always the three. So there is certainly the connection. As you are continuing to move through this ascension process you will come more and more to understand how this all is working together and comes together for you, both as individuals and as a collective.

Q: I want to send my love and say thank you for your confirmation regarding Athena.

OWS: Very good yes. It is in process. We will look into this as we say here.

You have to understand that certain of the channels — and not only this one James but all channels — are able to resonate to different beings. That is why you see certain ones that only bring through certain entities, certain beings that they can resonate to. And to bring about the changes that are needed sometimes it requires some work, you might say, to establish the connection or the resonance to that new one coming in. An example here is when the James first began to allow us to speak through him and those of you that were there at those times would know that the James when these energies first came through even from us, the One Who Serves, his neck was very stiff after each session and this was because the energies were not quite yet compatible. And other ones such as Aramda and even Sananda at times were very difficult for this one to bring through in those early times. But that has all changed and shifted now because of coming to a resonance, a feeling a connection, you might say, more fully.

Q: I’m finding it a little bit difficult at the moment because of the unconditional love that I’m working towards. And speaking to people, some people just don’t understand where we’re coming from. And this unconditional love helps me to just send them love because I find that only in my little group, my meditation group, am I open — like your group — to speak about these wonderful things that are happening and our communication with our little insects. Can you give me some advice to help me through this please?

OWS: Yes we can tell you that this is the reason for these groups. Not only this group certainly but many of the thousands of groups across the planet that come together as a like-minded, like-souled, you might say, that are in the same and working in the same consciousness so that you could feel like you are not alone. And you can also be able to utilize your collective consciousness together to bring about change to the world, to the planet here. And this is what you are all doing. And when you bring a small group or a large group, it matters not, the small group becomes part of the larger group, and that larger group then becomes part of the larger groups yet, and so on and so on. And remember in your Bible where it is said, “Where two or more are gathered in my name there will I be amongst you.” That is speaking of higher self and Source being there with you when two come together. Two or more. You see?

Q: I have an observation that I want to share and I want to ask about it. So we have conversations that are not really typical — not typical of the masses — and we see others as different from us and we wish that maybe we wish that they were more like-minded. Isn’t that creating a judgment? And if through the judgment we judge that we somehow are higher up or different or better. So my question is rather than seeking that others change, that we be the change. Is that a better way to look at it?

OWS: Yes certainly, but you are not seeking to change others, you are seeking only to change yourself. And as you change yourself you change others.

Q: One Who Serves I find that difficult sometimes with family because family don’t accept the changes that they see in you. This is what I’m referring to. I don’t judge anyone at all because everyone is in their own place and you have to allow them to be. I’m just saying it’s difficult at times.

OWS: Yes it can be but always remember be the change you want to see in the world. You be it and whatever they see, whatever they experience (meaning the rest of the world), they experience. And it is not your concern. You change yourself. You work on yourself. You continue to evolve yourself into the higher version of yourself and then all will come as it needs to. And when you come to this full realization then all of the ideas of programming and all of the control issues and all of these things will go away. Not only in yourself but in all of those around you as well.

Q: Can you tell me what the difference is between regular crystals and a Herkimer Diamond and how to use them?

OWS: We can tell you the idea of diamonds and all of these things is a part of your programming process in terms of making this a semi-precious or precious stone that is then worth money and all of these things. But the diamond itself is just a stone, is just a crystal. It is just a part that is here within the Earth and comes from that experience within the Earth here and it is not something that you need to be concerned about or anything because as we say it is just part of the programming.

But crystals themselves now that is another story and this was part of your expression from long ago here on the planet certainly with the Atlantean times. And crystals have come what you would say almost full circle here. They will come completely full circle from the Atlantean times. So from the time of the fall of Atlantis the idea and the understanding of crystals left your understanding and left your memories and all of this because the crystals are what was used you to create the fall of Atlantis as it was. So you are moving though back to the times where you can then begin to use these crystals again. So this is all coming back as we say coming full around here.

Q: I was trying to figure out about what they call a Herkimer Diamond which is a crystal. I don’t know what the difference is there.

OWS: What we would say to you on this is to whenever there are question types such as this type of thing, you can look it up and see. Do your own research for this. This is not something that you need to rely on outside understanding to come to your own understanding of this. Simply look it up and you will find the answer to this. Ask as you are going into this process to help you to find the answer you are looking for.

Q: I have a question about how our current clients use the energy of the crystal. Most of our electronics run on crystal energy. Our phones, our computers are all run by crystals. Would you say that they know what’s going on?

OWS: Yes we would say that this is what we were talking about in terms of everything coming full around here. The use of crystals is coming back, very minimally yet at this point, but it will come back more and more as you move into these higher vibrations. Back in some ways to what it was in the Atlantean times, in those earlier times. Not so much at the time of the fall but before that where crystals were used in so many aspects they would be your electronics. They would be your electricity or rather generate your electronics and electricity that they were then, and as you are experiencing now. More and more you will find that there is a strong connection between your past and what you are moving into here.

We are needing to release channel is there one more question before we do so and then we release here.

Q: There’s been a lot of recent talk about AI or artificial intelligence. What are your thoughts on that?

OWS: We have lots of thoughts on that but we need you to be a little bit more specific here.

Q: Should we be concerned about it overtaking us or controlling us? That’s what the talk around here has been based upon.

OWS: We can tell you that that is part of the old programming; that is part of the continuing illusion. But once you have moved past the illusion, once you have moved out of this old programming you will no longer have to be concerned about this type of thing. This is what the dark forces were utilizing to control the masses. And as this is going to be dissipated — it is already dissipating greatly — and once it is gone entirely you will no longer have to be concerned with this. It is similar to your movie The Matrix. At the end of The Matrix, the third one as we are finding it, when the those of the humans, those that had awakened completely overcame the machines, overcame the artificial intelligence, in other words moved beyond it, and then they would be completely free of all of this. This is what you are moving toward. Yes.

We are needing to release channel now. As we do so continue to operate; continue to move within your own expression; within your own being, to continue to raise your own vibrations; raise the frequency around you wherever you can.

Find yourself in gratitude. Find yourself in the beauty all around you. Find yourself in a very thankful state as much and as many times as you can throughout the day. Be aware. Be conscious. And as you are aware and conscious you will find yourselves more and more in the higher vibrations and therefore it in the higher fourth and into the fifth dimension more and more frequently.

Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the one.

Channeled by James McConnell


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“Believing is seeing!”

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HIGH POWER MANIFESTING – by Richard Lee McKim Jr., One Who Knows – 7-21-17 – by Ascension With Earth

HIGH POWER MANIFESTING – by Richard Lee McKim Jr., One Who Knows – 7-21-17 – by Ascension With Earth


High Power Manifesting

This is the VERY ADVANCED course on Manifesting.  Frankly, this is how Manifesting is done in Higher Dimensions.   The only difference between where you are now, and the Higher Dimension of High Power Manifesting, is KNOWING.  In the Higher Dimensions they Know how the Universe works, and thus, they know how to work it.   In this regard, I am going to show you how simple, and how powerful Manifesting can be …. When you KNOW how easy it really is.

Creators Create

As Co-Creators of this Universe, we Co-Create it.  EVERY single “Being” in the Universe, has some Co-Creative ability, in DIRECT relevance to their Level of Consciousness, which simply means they can Co-Create to the degree that they KNOW they can.   In short, the more powerful you know you are, the more powerful you are.  It is easy to see why the Cabal wanted us to think we were “Born Sinners” and that we were powerless beings.  Since our ability to Create and Manifest is a function of what we think we can do, we were powerless as a result.  But, Creators Create…. so were we REALLY Powerless?  No, we were Powerful Creators, just not “Conscious” ones.  The consequence of “Un-Conscious” creating, is significant, but before we get to that,  how do we create?

The Basics Of Creation

This could more correctly be said “The Basics of Manifesting,” since all creating is Manifesting.  In short ALL manifesting comes from an Idea (What) and a Desire (Why).  That means a “Want” which I have explained before is a “What & Why.”   This is EXACTLY the same no matter whether you are at a super high dimension (Consciousness) Creating Universes, or a super low Dimension (Consciousness) creating your rent payment.   So this begs the question, “Why Can’t we create Universes, if the Manifesting formula is the same?”   That is a good question, and the simple answer is “Expectation.”

Expectation Begets Manifestation

Expectation MEANS all Criteria for manifestation have been met/satisfied. Criteria are simply blocks or obstacles that must be overcome before the Manifestation can (is allowed to) occur.  Herein lies the major differences between Dimensions and levels of Consciousness.

At the highest levels of Creators (God Powered Beings) they simply have an idea of what they want, such as a new Universe, and then EXPECT it to be created (Happen).  They did not have any false obstacles in the way, such as saving up enough money to buy the parts to make a Universe.  They know that the Universe is Magic at its core and whatever is wanted and expected, is created.  Ask and you shall receive.  How else could it happen?   Is there a “Universe-Depot” where Universe Creators go to get supplies to make Universes?  Of course not, the idea that you have to have “parts” and “make” things is so 3-d.

If we had the Understanding (Consciousness) of these higher dimensional beings, we could “Want” a chair, imagine its design, and then Expect it to appear at the location we wanted it to be.  But, we don’t expect that because we have a MUCH lower Consciousness Expectation.  in order for us to Expect to get the chair we want, we would have to buy it, get the parts and make it, or have it given to us.

It is easy to see that our Power of Manifestation is greatly limited by our “Level” of expectation.  If we just expected it to materialize, it would, or should I say “Could.”  But we are way to “Realistic” and “Rational” for that kind of crazy talk aren’t we?  Too bad, isn’t it?

So, could we just “Expect” to be able to manifest Universes, or at least, Expect to materialize a chair?  No, not really.  Because, while you may say “You Expect It,” in reality you really don’t.  Expectation has a measure of “Realness/Power” and that measure is “Confidence.”


Expectation, is only Expectation, if you’re REALLY expect it.  How much you REALLY expect something to happen, is a matter of your Confidence that it will.  I have written a post on types of Confidence and I suggest that you read it now, before you continue reading this post.  Here is the link:

“How To Be Confident” – One Who Knows – 2.13.17

As a short review, Meaning is what Creates “What Is Meant To Be.”  We call that Fate.   However, “Fate” is not black and white, it is a “Probability” of what is Meant to be.   What is meant to be, for our discussion, ranges from a 1% chance to 100% certainty.   Clearly, those events with a higher Probability, are more likely to Manifest, than those with a small probability.   All that the Universe does, is “coordinate” events and experiences so that events with a 0% probability DO NOT happen, things with a 100% probability DO HAPPEN, and everything else in-between is “Accommodated” according to circumstance.   In short, when Circumstance Meets Probability, then Manifestation occurs.

Raising Probability

The key variable of Probability is Confidence.  That is why those who are more confident get what they want more often because they believe they will.  It could be said that High Confidence = High Belief, and Low Confidence = Low Belief.   So, while this discussion could be centered on Belief, I still prefer using Confidence since it is actually the foundation of Belief, and thus more important.

To raise Probability of What is Meant To Be, or the Fate of a certain event, Confidence must be raised.   Without rewriting the post on Confidence, I will summarize it here, but reading that post (Link Above) is a MUST in order to gain mastery on your ability to Manifest at will.

The Four types of Confidence are Faith, Determination, Reasoning, and Evidence.  Clearly Evidence gives ample Proof that something is true and that “What is meant to be” most certainly will be, creating a Fate with a probability of 100%.  Without going into details, your Faith could be absolute, your Determination could be unwavering, and/or your Reasoning could be impeccable, and in all cases you could raise your confidence level to certainty and thus reach a perfect Fate Probability of 100%.

However, you could deny the evidence, refute the reasoning and/or have faith and reasoning that something is NOT TRUE, and lower your Fate Probability to 0%.   These same four Confidence types could be used to raise or lower confidence, thus raising or lowering the Fate Probability of a manifestation.

We Still Have Our FULL Power

So this brings us full circle about our Power and ability to Manifest at will.  Earlier, I stated that we have been told we were born sinners, and were weak and powerless beings, and so we did not take advantage of our own manifesting power.  This is in some ways true, and others not true.  The question is more like “Did WE use it to our advantage, or did someone else use it to theirs?”  Good question.

The short answer is that we did not use it since we most likely did not even know we had the Power, The “God Power®” to alter and control our own realities.   But, we still had our full manifesting power still.  To understand this better, let’s review the basics of manifesting.

Want & Don’t Want Manifest The Same Way

You need a “Want” which is a “What and a Why,” but what I did not tell you, is a “Don’t Want” still has a “What and a Why [Not]”  and has the same manifesting power.  When you have a What, any thought you give to it, causes it to manifest.   So when you want a new car, the what is the having the new car, and all the thought you give to having it, the why, in a way “fertilizes it” until the What, manifests.  Likewise, when you have a “What” such as “Getting a Disease” and you think about all the reasons you don’t want to get a disease and die, (The Why Not), gives the same thought energy (Manifesting Fertilizer) to the what and causes it to manifest as a result.  This is why are you always (In All Ways) told NOT to think about and talk about what you don’t want, or else, you just might get it.

Manifesting Review

So to review…. Manifesting takes a “Want” (Or Don’t Want), and Expectation (to the degree of your Confidence) = Fate (Manifesting Probability %).   This means that if you have these “Elements” you get manifestation, EVERY TIME.   Are you ready for the “Bomb Shell?”    You have co-created and con-manifested every disaster, and doomed mankind, unknowingly and unwittingly.  No worries, we are going to fix it right now.

Manifesting Examples

So, I am sure you are beginning to get what I am showing you.   When you see commercials on TV or news reports that people are being shot, in example, (Don’t Want) and why you are in danger (Why), and that it is happening to people every day (Expectation), and they show you evidence and give you good reasons why you are in danger (Raising Confidence and probability), you literally Manifest that reality for yourself, and co-create it for others.  Remember you are a FULL POWER manifester.  That means whatever you see or think about, want or don’t want, and expect and or anticipate, you create.

The Cabal have been using all of us to create the World they want.  They use movies, entertainment, news, and other media to show us a version of Reality they want us to Co-Create for them…. and as we pay attention to it, and we believe it, or worry about it, we create it.  That is twisted…. to say the least.

The Power Manifesting Question

This begs the question “How does manifestation work?”  Notice that when we want something for ourselves, we have to work for it, get the parts, and make it….., But, when we are tricked into manifesting a World we do not want, all that is required is our thought.  Think about that for a moment.

Why couldn’t you just think about what you want, and just have it materialize before your eyes?  Of course, the reason is that could not happen is that you were taught that could not happen….  But it does happen when we are tricked into manifesting what they want… doesn’t it?

Do you realize that Manifesting only requires “Want & Expectation” to manifest?  If you could get past the “Cabal Reality Programming” of being “Realistic” you could make things materialize at will?  Think about that for a moment…..  Do the higher Consciousness Beings, work for money, go to the store, get the parts they need, and make anything?  No, that is not how they manifest things.  But, they know the secret that “Doing” is not required to manifest anything, never was, never will be…. But we don’t know that.

However, for you, you would never be able to Manifest a Universe, because you are so trained in Physical, “Realistic Reality,” you would NEVER have enough confidence in it, for it to manifest….  But what if you began expecting things to Manifest without work, or effort, or materials?  What if you started thinking that way, just like a higher consciousness, higher dimensional being does?  What if thinking that way, raised your consciousness to the point where you REALLY did expect to manifest things at will, and REALLY could?

As a point of fact, and a point of understanding, that is how manifesting is actually done.  The way we have been taught to get things or to create circumstances, is the “Retarded Way” to do it.  If you started thinking and expecting to manifest things out of thin air, you would actually be doing it the “normal way,” just like beings of a higher consciousness do it.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that Reality in Reality, is way different than we were ever taught.  You could quite literally manifest tings from thin air….. if you thought you could.  So maybe you should start thinking that way.   Clearly, you won’t instantly manifest at first, but you will be on your way to it, after all, we will all be able to do it later when we ascend to a higher consciousness/dimension.  if you started thinking that way now, and trying to do it, you would just get there faster than those who don’t.  EVERYTHING in the Universe is a Creation/Manifestation.  Things and circumstances are manifested.  Happiness and sadness are manifested.  Where you are standing, and where you want to be in the next second is a manifestation.   How your World looks and acts with you, is a manifestation. Since EVERYTHING is a manifestation, it makes sense that you get good at it.

Frankly, you need to be not only conscious of what you want to manifest, but of what you do not want to manifest as well.  Keep your thoughts (manifestation Fertilizer) on what you want to manifest, and whatever you do, do not pay attention to or give thought to what you do not want.   When you master, your control of your thoughts so that you are thinking about what you want and expecting it, and not thinking about what you don’t want and thus not expecting it, you will have mastered your reality.

Now is the time to learn “How To Use Your God Power®” to get what you want and live the life of your dreams.  I have just covered a small part of how your Reality works here in this post.  I am including a link below so that you can get my book for free and start learning how to master your own reality.  Enjoy!

May You Get Everything You Want and Live The Life Of Your Dreams/Plans

Signed: One Who Knows / Richard Lee McKim Jr. / Star Fyer

“No one stands as strong as one who stands in truth, and no one stands as weak, as one who stands in deception”

– Richard Lee McKim Jr. 7-15-2017


Enlightenment, Manifestation, Encouragement.

How To Use Your God Power®  By: Richard Lee McKim Jr.

(Free Book & Audio Book Download Links – Bottom Of This “Power Affirmations” Post)

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SUNAT KUMARA – ONE WHO KNOWS – As You Continue To Shift And Change And Move Along With This Consciousness Shift – 6-14-17

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“As You Continue To Shift And Change And

Move Along With This Consciousness Shift

Everything Begins To Open Up For You” –

Sunat Kumara and OWS Sunat Kumara and One Who Serves

as channeled by James McConnell

These messages were given during our

weekly Sunday Prepare For Change group.

via Sunat Kumara

ZORRA UPDATE – 4-8-17 – INTEL, DISCLOSURE, HEALING – One who knows, Aang Aaka on Awakening – GCR,RV – Entering Photon Belt Soon – New Republic – Healing Ships, Chambers – Many questions about our future Answered!

Source 2:58 Zorra Updates, One who knows, Guest – Aang Aaka shares is awakening Zorra* Zaraya * Jane Our Beloved Zorra brings updates from a higher perspective of what is really happening. Many continue to perceive realities to be difficult and painful while others are feeling the heaviness of the energies flooding their bodies and […]


Published on Apr 8, 2017

By Zorra
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Our Mission
At Zorra of Hollow Earth, our mission is to bring new, inspiring messages, information and healing to inspire and assist humanity raise their vibration and consciousness levels.

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Sephora FyreByrd, One Who Knows – Sources, Power, Atlantis, Lemuria – 4-4-17

Source: Dinar Chronicles


Sources, Power, Atlantis, Lemuria by Sephora FyreByrd and One Who Knows


First & ForeMost I Have To Say THANK YOU To Richard/OWK! I AM SO HUMBLED By His ShoutOut Giving ME Credit & Acknowledgement.

In All Truth I AM A Symple MESSENGER That Was Chosen by GrandFather Dragon, The Dragon Elders, Mother Creator, Father Creator, Source & A Few VERY SPECIFIC People At The Top of The Power Structure in the Republic of the United States to Get Some VERY IMPORTANT Love-Based Information Out To EveryOne. I Brought This Up To Both VALIDATE & Back Richard Up On What He Put Out There Todaye.

Like Him, I was ASKED To Put Together A Post Revealing WHO My Own Sources Are. GrandFather also “HINTED” That NOWE Is The Tyme To COMPLETELY Join Forces & Put Out A Post TOGETHER. That’s EXACTLY What This Post Is… ENJOY!

The Power that is BEing Referenced Here Is LOVE! The Love that I AM Talking About Here isn’t What Y’all May Be Thinking Though. The Love That I’m Talking About is NEVER-ENDING DIVINE LOVE.



Atlantis Was Once An EXTREMELY ADVANCED, PowerFull Civilization… Lemuria Was Also The Same. They Both Had (AND STILL HAVE IN THE HIGHER VIBRATIONAL REALMS & FREQUEN-CIES) Technology That Is SO ADVANCED Compared To What We CURRENTLY Knowe That We WILL BE COMPLETELY FLABBERGASTED When These Come Into Our Knowing.



This Links Into & PERFECTLY Validates The Post By Eric Raines A Few Days Ago About This Very Topic. I Took The Aforementioned RaineBowe Picture on 3-26-2017 @ 4:54 PM. Richard/OWK Actually SAW That Device By The DISTURBANCE FIELD It Created. I Also Took Another Picture Of That SAME Area 4 or 5 Days Later SHOWING The Dyfference.


OWK (Star Fynder): First let me say that I didn’t think that this story/information would ever be released to the public. But, it is in line with Disclosure and so I will tell this story since Grandfather wants you to know about it.

March 23 ….

The story starts for me on the 23rd of March. I was talking with AAM, and he directed me to see a post that featured him and his message. The post had just been put up for all to see, but it was old at that point. It was “Channeled” on the 19th just before the Equinox on the 20th. He had some (unknown to me) reason he wanted me to see what the post said. I didn’t understand it at first, since I talk with him often anyway. Here is the post and the important part of it. If you want to read the rest of it, you can click on the link and read the rest.

By the way, this is where he talks about the time lines splitting into two different ones. I thought that this is what he wanted me to know and share. So I talked about time lines on the Zorra Call and wrote a post about it as well:

Zorra Call:
“Zorra Call Re-Play & Transcript (3-25-2017)” – One Who Knows – 3.26.17

My Post:
“Pick Your Time-Line Reality” – One Who Knows – 3.27.17

While that might have been the point, I have come to realize that there was something else in store for me that was way more important. In that regard, I am only going to quote the important part of the AAM post that relates to the story I am telling you now. Here is the relevant part of his post:

The AAM Post…

Sananda, AAM, OWS: Timelines are Going to Begin to Split

Sananda, Michael, One Who Serves: The Timelines Are Going To Begin To Split

Archangel Michael

And I AM Archangel Michael. I Am your brother, I am your loved one just as you are my loved ones and you are my brothers and sisters. Friends together through eternity.

These moments of time in your sense I have spoken of, others have spoken of this day that you are coming upon, this spring equinox. The day that is going to begin a shift of consciousness unlike anything you have felt before. It is not to say that tomorrow (The 20th) will bring the event, will bring the pulse from the Galactic Central Sun, but it is the precursor of this, it is the beginning of this, it is the beginning of the many things.

And there is one other change that is happening: that is the reconnection of the many ley lines and the connecting structures, temples, pyramids, all of the sacred sites being connected once again on these waves of light … no longer connected by the darkness.

For so long, those of the dark have taken these spaces, these energy sites and utilized them for their own means. But they have been taken back! They are being reconnected now and tomorrow the 20th will see not the completion but near completion of all of these centers. There are still some to move ahead with, still some that need to be connected or reconnected once again but that is also coming soon.

What That Post Meant

In hind sight, I can tell that the “Evil” (Dark) devices were place on the Ley Lines of the Earth, and were causing damage to the energies on Earth. He mentioned that they had “Connected” and Re-Connected many places but that there were still some more to “Complete.”

This is where Sephora and my story begins. The removal of the last 4 evil devices on Earth. It all started on March 26th.

Date: March 26th

Sephora saw a rainbow and took a picture of it and sent it to me.

I was looking at it and noticed that it was not a “Usual” type rain bow since it was sort of flat and not very arched. It turns out that I have a skill of noticing when something is “Different” and needs further investigation and this picture was “Calling for it.” It also turns out that the Rainbow was put there by the Galactics to “light up” (Point out) the evil device.

When I enlarged the picture to get a better look at the rainbow I noticed a very strange thing in the shot. From a distance, it cannot be seen, but when it is greatly enlarged, it is very noticeable.

At this enlargement, I noticed that there was something that looked like it was up in the top of that tree. At this point, I could tell that it was NOT a bird, and frankly, it seemed to have a white glow around it. So I zoomed in even more to see what it was.

Importantly, in the above picture, notice the detail of the branches in the tree. Even though this picture is enlarged quite a bit, you can still see the whole tree and all of its branches. This will be an important detail later in this post.

I brought this to Sephora’s attention and she passed it on to her higher realm contacts to check out in more detail. And it was quite surprising to find out what it was…

It turns out that this was some high powered ANNUNAKI device designed to imprison the Human Population. It was Planted there over 30,000 years ago and has been “Running” and doing damage to us ever since.

Importantly, this was NOT the device itself but was only an “indicator” that the device was there in another dimension. To make a long story short, the device, that was cloaked in another dimension was causing a light pole in our dimension to be invisible to the camera. That is, only this small part of the light pole could be seen.


Sephora and I got the word that the device had been removed. She went back to the location and was “Drawn” to another nearby place and to make a long story short again, she took more pictures and I noticed another weird place in the photo. It was another one and it was removed as well. So far, that was two devices we identified and got removed.


She got a photo of the first place where the rainbow had been so that we could compare them and see the difference between them. This is the “After Picture.”

Notice that it was the same exact place that the other picture was taken. So I enlarged it to see if that weird thing in the tree was still there or if it was gone. What I saw surprised me. It was a Light pole. It turns out that the device was “Masking” the rest of the pole from the camera, in a higher dimension.

It turns out that there was a light pole in front of that tree. The device in the other dimension was causing most of the light pole to be invisible to the camera. Interestingly, it was actually invisible. Remember the picture earlier where you could see all the branches of the tree? There was no blank space in the picture, where the pole was. That means it was really gone out of our reality as far as the camera goes. All this happened on the 26th and I am not sure of the exact time that those 2 devices were shut down and removed since that was being done in another higher dimension by AAM.

However this post (Next) came out later, and I heard it was directly related to what we had done. I will quote the first part of it and you can click on the link to read the rest. Notice that the post was on the 30th, but it was talking about what happened on the 27th, the day after we got those devices removed.

Later… (Post)

Ascension: Energy Update from Eric Raines 3-27-17

Eric Raines Energy Update (3/27/2017)

A very interesting development took place today around 12PM Pacific time. A massive false light matrix was extricated from the planetary surface, with connections to the moon, as well as Saturn being dissolved.

This false light matrix has been masquerading as benevolent ET/spiritual contact for millennia and is as old as the Soul Trap technology recycling the surface population back into incarnation after incarnation. The Earth’s moon is a natural satellite brought here from elsewhere, Technology was placed inside of the moon both physically and etherically, and the orbit was locked into a non rotating Lagrange point, locking the energy of the manipulated satellite into the Earth’s etheric and gravemetric/magnetic fields… (Click on the link above to read the rest of this post)

Later On: About 3-30-2017 Afternoon/Evening

Sephora and I were talking about the post and how we heard that it was the result of our discovery of those 2 devices and their subsequent removals. I was wanting to know what they looked like and how they were connected to the ground.

I suddenly “Connected” with Mother Gaia. She said she knew who I was and could feel my steps on her surface. She said that she was so glad to get those 2 devices off her surface. She then described them so that I could visualize them.

They were Cone shaped and were about 20 feet in diameter at the base and rose in cone shape to about 60 feet in the air. It is a very odd thing to describe from another higher dimension, but where that “Piece of the light pole” was showing was the transmitter area where it was transmitting evil stuff into our dimension. That is why only that small part of the pole was visible. That transmitter area was in “Our” dimension and frequency range.

Finding these devices is like hunting for a submarine. Most of it is in another dimension, like underwater, and only a small part is “Peeking” into our dimension like a periscope above the water. If you can spot the Periscope, you know the rest is there in another dimension.

2 More Devices…

Mother Gaia then told me that there were 2 more devices that were near me and she thought they were within a few miles of where I live. If I had the right intention, and took lots of pictures around different places, I could locate them.

To shorten this story… after quite a bit of discussion… I was able to figure out where they were, but it was late at night on the 30th. The next morning, I went and took pictures of the suspected area and between me and Sephora, we located the other 2 devices in the pictures. The resolution on my camera was not as good as Sephora’s was, but was good enough to find them. They were quickly removed and dealt with by Arc Angel Michael.


It turns out those were the last 4 devices on the planet. There are no more. In the weird cosmic plan, it seems that Sephora was meant to find the first 2 that were near her, and I was somehow destined (Meant) to find the last 2 that were near me. I now realize that this is what AAM was hinting to me when he wanted me to read the post with his message in it. It is clear to me now, especially since we have been told since, that this was our job to do, that we agreed to do it, many thousands of years ago. That this time in history, we would be the ones to identify these objects and AAM would be the one to remove them. He wanted me to read that post that there were still ley line issues to be “Completed.” I had no idea then, but recognize it now, that he was hinting that I would be the one to help get rid of these evil damaging devices.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that Sehopra and I have been busy doing more than posting in Dinarland. My guess is that our higher level contacts were no coincidence either. We have some larger part to play in this Change on Earth. When I got into this investment, I NEVER thought I would be talking with Grandfather, AAM, Gaia (The Earth), Prime Creator, and Zorra, and helping to remove evil devices from the face of the Earth. You never know what your future holds until you get there. There is way more to this story and many other things that I and Sephora have been involved in, and I will share them when I am told to do so. But for now, know that this World and Universe is an amazing place, and that everything is working out just like it should.

May You Get Everything You Want and Live The Life Of Your Dreams/Plans

Signed: One Who Knows & Sephora FyreByrd

Zorra , One Who Knows, Ted Mahr, Updates, Q&A, Healing – Using God Power – Meaning Creates Healing – Announcements Are Coming – 2-18-17




Zorra , One Who Knows, Updates, Q&A, Healing   –   Using God Power   –   Meaning Creates Healing   –   2-18-17

Intel: Zorra, Special Intel Call, Replay Links – One Who Knows – 1.15.17 January 15, 2017 “Zorra, Special Intel Call, Replay Links” – One Who Knows – 1.15.17 Entry Submitted by One Who Knows Zorra, Special Intel Call, Replay Links In response to some incorrect information that has been brought into Dinarland, Zorra agreed to have a special call to give us an update to the GCR, […]

via Intel: “Zorra, Special Intel Call, Replay Links” – One Who Knows – 1.15.17 — Angel 4 Light