10 Signs You’re In A Relationship With An Old Soul – by Body Mind Soul Spirit – 12-17-17 – via Power Of Positivity

10 Signs You’re In A Relationship With An Old Soul

Does your partner seem “wise beyond their years”? If so, you may be in a relationship with an old soul…

An old soul can make for an incredible partner in a relationship. Their perspective is profound, and the way they conduct their life can make you fall deeply in love with them. However, it is very important to identify the characteristics that make them so.


Before learning to recognize the signs of an old soulwe should probably understand what an old soul isAn old soul is someone who is thoughtful and contemplative. They see things through the eyes of someone with years of experiences that make them wise to the ways of the world, thinking and acting in a unique way

If you notice these signs, you may be in a relationship with an old soul:

1. Old Souls Tend To Be Introverts

The energy of someone with an old soul comes from their down time. They might prefer to spend time at home and alone, but are very comfortable in social situations too. While engaging and observant when they are out, they often need quiet time to process the event and recharge their batteries.

2. Old Souls Thrive on Philosophical Debates

An old soul is interested in a superficial relationshipThey want to discuss and share their thoughts, feelings, perspectives and their hopes with the people that matter to them. Good conversation is an important and significant part of what makes an old soul happy, and it’s through these conversations that they develop strong bonds with people, especially their partner. 

3. Old Souls Love to Share Life’s Lessons

Nothing gives an old soul pleasure more than sharing life’s lessons. They don’t do it in a demeaning or condescending manner. Instead, they find the balance between teacher and lover that makes their partner want to learn more. 

These lessons often have to do more with big ideas like gratitude and mindfulness and elevate the relationship to a new level.

4. Old Souls Are Always Supportive

Old souls are often the rock in the relationship. They are introspective and resilient and can look at challenges with a calm presence that others benefit from. Their patience in tough situations is what will pull everyone, especially their love interest through the darker periods of life.

5. Old Souls Do Not Play Games

Old souls don’t tolerate drama or the games that come with certain kinds of relationshipsThey are more interested in truth and authenticity. They welcome relationships based on mutual respect but are less likely to engage in less than honest and forthright connections.

6. Old Souls Are Very Honest

Honesty is the foundation of communication for an old soulIt is a value they deem very important. They can even be brutally honest at times and expect the same in return. 

Their intentions are pure, however, with a focus on sharing what they know, rather than ignoring it.

7. Old Souls Love Deeply

Old souls don’t love half-way. When they are in a relationship, they are all-in and want their partner to feel the same. They open their heart freely without reservation and will continue to do so if the relationship serves them as equally as they are serving their partner.

8. Old Souls Feed Off Their Social Connections

Connections within their community in addition to their partner are important to an old soul. While their partner is held in higher regard and holds a more prominent space, it’s all the meaningful connections that make the old soul who he is. They know that relationships feed their soul and cherish the people in life that matter most.

9. Old Souls Are Eccentric and Creative

Old souls have their own way of doing things, and this is often seen as eccentric. The reality is they are different from most people; they are creative in thought, and how they express, themselves and they don’t feel the need to conform to the social norm. Instead, they are constantly searching for and living their truth.

10. Old Souls Inspire Others to Be Better

At the end of the day, an old soul inspires others to be a better version of themselves, and this is especially true for their partners. Their ability to accept, rather than resist what is happening around them, makes others want be more like them. They go through life at a pace they dictate, and it’s up to us to slow down and enjoy the ride.

Old souls create a life of meaning that is fulfilling and rewarding. They welcome everyone into their world to make their space better and allow them to continue their growth and learning. 

For those of us lucky enough to love an old soul, whether romantically or platonically, we recognize that our lives are better for it, and we cherish every minute of it. 

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KRYON via LEE CARROLL – The Old Soul Defined – 5-14-15


Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. There’s always a system in place, and in this particular case of the new energy, the system honors the old soul as much as any system today.
Dear ones, we have told you many times before that the ones who are making the difference on your planet at this new point in time are the ones who have the most experience.

When we say the most experience, we mean those who have lived lives on this planet again and again within the energy of your Earth. This is indeed the old soul we are talking about, and this is the one with lifetimes of experience.
I would like to tell you something if you didn’t already know it. The old souls are the ones who are awakening right now to new ideas and perceptions. An old soul can be under 20 years old or over 80. It doesn’t matter, for your chronological age only measures this life. Your Akashic age refers to how many lifetimes you’ve had and how wise you are today because of it.
Even now there would be those who would ask, “Am I an old soul?” Before you can answer this, I want to give you some old soul parameters to think about in these last moments of this meeting. But before I do that, I again want to tell you something. I see the sweetness and the beauty and the purpose of your being here.

I come from the other side of the veil where there is no time and a perception of reality that is far different from here. In that place where I am, if you want to call it a place, there is acknowledgment of all that you are. We see the frustrations of the single life you live and at the same time the beauty of the lives you’ve lived before. We’ve seen what you’ve been through and what you believe you are here for.

We see it all at once in its grandness, and still you wonder, “Am I an old soul?” It’s amazing for us as you sit here listening that you would ever ask the question at all.
Dear ones, there is so much here that I want you to feel that I cannot even speak of.

I want this message to ring with truth so that you know who you are. I want to start a journey that helps to validate that which you already know at some level. You are an old soul. Let me make a statement. I know who is here, and everyone who is listening to my voice at this moment in this room are old souls – all of you, every single one.
There is a vast variety between you regarding the length of time each of you has been on the planet. Think of what you’ve experienced, the various cultures that you have been in, the battles you’ve been through and the reasons you came. I want to tell you that the experience of this group is amazing and it’s not what you think.

You think linear and you think you simply live a number of lives as different kinds of Humans. Instead, we see your lives as Earth catalysts. We call a lifetime an “experience” or an “expression” of a soul on the earth. What do you think about a soul who comes in for three months and leaves?

You might think there is something wrong there, that it’s a tragedy of a lost child. But in reality, it is done with pre-agreement with the parents’ souls. This is so a lesson might be learned or delivered or an opportunity would be given for the parent to become spiritual through their sorrow.

What about that? So it represents a lifetime that is profound by its potentials, which is only three months long! Often, this lifetime experience is only given by an old soul. Did you think that you might have done something like that?

It’s so basic and so profound and so meaningful! Perhaps a mother has awakened spiritually and asked the questions of her life because of what you did and what you agreed to do, and you come and go in only three months.
What about coming to this earth to only live until you are 19 and then be terminated on the battlefield by a knife that goes through you? You might say, “What good does that do anyone? It’s a waste of a life!” I would like to say to you, dear Human Being, that every breath you take as an old soul on this planet is meaningful, is countable, is recorded, and is beautiful.

Some of you had to be on the battlefield as the ones who fell and some of you had to be on the battlefield as the victors. That is experience, and it’s all needed by the old soul at this moment in time. What good does it do?

Perhaps you’d remember it enough that someday you might have the power to say, “There will be no more battlefields!” Your wisdom would realize that it doesn’t matter whether you are the winner or the loser, for they both represent inappropriate low energy for a new earth. War is not acceptable! Only an old soul would know this through experience.
I want to give you the attributes of the old soul, slowly, and I’m going to ask you for introspection. In other words, I want you to analyze these things personally. Don’t lie to yourself. Don’t be in denial. I want you to sit and clear yourself for this right now. Are these your attributes?
Attribute One
The first reason to know you’re an old soul is because you’re here listening to this! I don’t have a room filled with Human Beings in front of me who are simply curious. At the level of learning represented here, in this kind of energy, it only attracts old souls.
Did you want to come? Most say yes, but a few of you were dragged here by someone who wanted you to observe what takes place. I will tell you that this is synchronicity and not by accident. Even those who may not have selected to be here and are here due to others are old souls.

This also applies to the listeners who are perhaps listening for the first time. It’s not an accident!
The first reason you know you’re an old soul is because you’re here. Dear ones, what do you hear or think about when we speak? Do you hear Kryon, or are you thinking about dinner later? Be honest.

Old souls are curious! When it comes to this energy, they are attracted to it like a moth to a flame. Old soul, you recognize why you are here and at some level you want more. A sponge for the information, you are, and not through curiosity but because the information is beginning to ring with the truth of the age. That’s number one.
Attribute Two
Some of you are starting to have what I will call profound remembering experiences. You have called these déjà vu, a phrase which means that you may think you have experienced the energy before. “I have the feeling of remembrance, although I cannot remember if it happened or not.”

Some of you are having this happen more and more. Perhaps you will meet a person, then walk away from the meeting and at some level be convinced that you have seen that person before?

Later, you realize that you have never met them. Perhaps you might go to a gathering and you meet somebody who is friendly and feels very familiar, like family, yet you’ve never met them.

Somehow, through it all, you realize this must be an old friend and you’re rekindling a profound friendship with Akashic family. Perhaps you’ve met a mother or a daughter from a former life? Men will meet former comrades who they somehow feel an affinity for, and they will call them “mates” and “chaps” or whatever is needed to verbally signal that they want to be with them. It’s even more than that.
Some of you will find a similarity of consciousness with others, but it’s more than that. You’re starting to remember things, an energy I’m going to call Akashic awakening. More and more of you are being led into situations that seem familiar, and you see faces that you think you know, yet it’s the first time in this life!

My partner has it happen when he goes to countries and cultures that he has never been to before, and there he meets brothers and sisters. It’s hard for him to leave. Many don’t speak his language and can only be available through interpreters, yet he looks in their eyes and he knows they are family.

As far reaching as it might seem, his experiences all over the planet are with ones he knows. He is meeting family.
This is a sign of being an old soul and some of you are having it happen over and over. In addition, how many of you are seeing 11:11 on the clock regularly? It’s out of synchronicity of being seen by chance.

You are seeing these number combinations too often for chance? Did you know that this is a delivery system to old souls so that they know they are old souls? That’s what it’s about. It is a system of communication, of love, that says, “We know who you are, old soul!”
Attribute Three
Perhaps you are a woman who has never had children, yet at some level you have! You know it and can feel it. Perhaps you have never had children and you decide that you are not going to!

You don’t need to, because you feel you’ve had children over and over and now it’s time for a rest. But you know what it’s like, don’t you? You really do, old soul. You’ve been here enough times that your Akash rings with being a profound mother. It is the same for men.

A man who is a gentle-natured man and who would never hurt another Human Being may intuitively know he has been a warrior. He feels, or even dreams, that he has put a sword through another Human a few times and knows what it feels like to take a life.

Now if you’re a man listening to me now, I challenge you to go there in your mind with me. You’ll feel it, and you know you have been part of despicable deeds. It rings in your Akash, and it is part of your cellular structure. As gentle as you might be, or as respectful as you might be this time around, you know you have the warrior inside.
Now, if you really want to get esoteric, listen to this. Women in the audience, you know you have a warrior inside as well and you can feel it. You have participated on the battlefields of Earth and you know it.

Although you may not respond to being a male, you can respond to the energy of being in the drama of battle. You know what it’s like to survive or not on the battlefield. So much history involved battles being won and lost that it means all of you in the room have participated to the fullest in many of them.

Sometimes you died for your God and sometimes you died for nothing, but you’ve all had the experience of knowing what it felt like to come and go quickly and have dramatic death.

Men and women, you carry that energy of the past, and the next time around it affects you, and you can decide if you wish to do it again or not. In an older energy, many of you have decided to do it over and over, and families of military men and women are born. Others awaken to a feeling of being finished with it all. Some battle-weary men become mothers. [Kryon smile]
Attribute Four
There are so many signs of being an old soul, that perhaps you’re not aware of them. Some hide. Here is one I want you to examine in your mind as you sit there: Are you naïve or wise?

Now, I recognize that a naïve person will never think they are a naïve person. I’m talking about wisdom beyond your years. Do you have wisdom beyond your years? The answer in every case is yes. You know it, and you sit there in all honesty with your body, with your consciousness, and you know it.

There are some young people here who feel it profoundly – wisdom beyond your years. How is that possible? How can you describe what that feels like? Dear ones, I have just given you one of the keys to knowing you’re an old soul and I also know that you never talk about it with anyone.
How could you ever say such a thing to anyone without them believing that your ego was out of control? If you say, “I am wiser than anyone around me,” people will question your motives and perhaps not wish to be around you. But honestly, between us now, doesn’t it feel like it?

Dear one, here is a secret that you all carry, and you have this in common with the group. You come together with them and you realize you’ve found a wise family. Your wisdom comes through experience. You’ve paid for it, dear ones. That’s how you know you’re an old soul.
Attribute Five
Now the next one is difficult to deal with, and we have spoken of it before in several recent channellings. There is one thing that the Akash creates in your personality. Living lifetimes over and over in an old energy creates self-worth issues.

For eons, you have pushed against an old energy and you haven’t done well. The old energy was always in charge and you either had to hide from it or battle it. Many of you died from it. It never really got any better through history. Lifetime after lifetime you spent in this condition, always being beat back, until now.
Now you awaken at a time on this planet prophesied by the Ancients.

It’s profound with potential change, and the prophecies are being fulfilled. The energy is finally on your side and that is what we have talked about through the last few years.

However, because of this battle with old energy, what is the attitude you carry? It’s a complete lack of self-worth. I’m not going to ask you to raise your hand right now to validate this, for most of you feel it. Search your soul right now and you will know I’m right. You may be assertive on the outside and you may be strong to others, but when you’re alone, you wonder who you are. You wonder if you’re going to make it; you wonder if you’re right. That is the old soul.
Your experience through history has caused you to search your mind to see if you are worth being here now in this new energy. Your logic weighs all this and often comes up with this result, “Maybe I’m not worth it to be here,” or, “Will it happen again?” or, “I’m too tired of this!”

That’s what you think about, don’t you? Lack of self-worth is the attribute of the old soul. It’s fully understandable. How many times do you lose the same contest before you don’t want to be part of it anymore?

But the contest has changed.
The energy of the planet is starting to turn around, and the light and dark balance of consciousness is altering greatly. As you learn who you are, why you’re here and why you feel the way you do, it will start to make sense.

There’s nothing better than discovering the truth, for it solves the past. Discovering the truth about the past also puts the future into perspective and you start to have the self-worth that you deserve.
The battles of darkness and old energy are all around you and you are watching them being fought by society in totally different ways. There is an overall feeling that Human Beings collectively desire equality, comfortable lives, fairness, good quality of living and integrity of governmental leadership, everywhere.

This is the main battle today – the changing of the guard from doing things the same way to moving to something that humanity has not seen before.
Attribute Six
Discovering purpose. The old soul has so much past experience and there is so much history that many look around and say, “What is my purpose of being here?” Often, they search for others to tell them what it is.

They may go to meetings where they are pretty sure they know what it is, but deep down, have no idea. They ask, “What is my purpose? What am I doing here?” This is because the energy is different.
As an old soul, you ask these esoteric questions because some of you, if not all of you, feel at some level unfulfilled by what you are doing. You think it’s not enough or it has gone a different direction than you thought at the beginning. Old soul, your questions really show that you are an old soul! In a new energy, learning your way around again is confusing and frustrating! For as many times as you’ve lived before, you’ve never lived in this energy.
This is a primary energy for you, and so you feel a little lost, or perhaps the purpose of your life is not clear because the new energy does not give you the feedback the old energy did. You can’t tell, because you can’t trust what you feel. So you ask the question, “Am I doing it right? Is there something I should do better or more often?”
I’m going to say this again. Old soul, as you begin to change yourself from the old ways, your power really starts to show. You start realizing not only who you are, but that you deserve to be here.

You’ve come in with so much experience that you begin to pull upon it Akashically. You may not even realize that you are doing it, but indeed you are. Intuition becomes higher, and you start to get advice for your own life. You receive synchronicity on where to go and what to do, all based upon your being an old soul today.
The ones who are just coming into the planet, dear ones, are only looking around and learning how things work. They are just surviving. They don’t have the tools of experience yet that you do.

They will, but they’re just figuring it out. However, you know what it’s about, and you have the wisdom of remembrance. You’re beginning to solve the problems of humanity, and some time ago we told you what the purpose of your life was. We told you to relax and simply “be here”.

We told you that it doesn’t matter what you do, and that your works are not as important as your presence. This is a concept that doesn’t work with what your parents told you.
Listen: It doesn’t matter what you do! Your light helps this planet, not your works. Your search for who you are helps this planet. Just by sitting in the chair today helps this planet!

The Crystalline Grid remembers what you’re doing and the energy created from your conscious search will last for generations. By being here as an experienced soul, you put your experience of wisdom into the grids of this planet, the energy of the maturity of your lives.

That’s what you’re doing right now.
This particular new energy on the planet, right now, is like a sponge absorbing your experience and Akashic power, so that the next generations will have what you have learned as an old soul.

There is a system here that is far beyond what you think it could be. Literally, while you’re sitting in despair wondering if you deserve to be here and what your life’s purpose is, this planet is absorbing everything you’ve done and maturing because of it.

That is the system that the old soul needs to know about.
Relax and be. Know that you are here on purpose. Relax and let synchronicity push you into the next area that will be benevolent and beautiful for you, if you will allow it.

You’ve been through so many lives where you’ve suffered that it’s easy for you to think you’re here to suffer again. You’re not! Parents, would you bring your children into this world on purpose so that they can suffer with you?

It doesn’t make sense. It’s not spiritual common sense! You have to start using the intelligence of Spirit that would ask, “What would I do if I were a loving, benevolent God?” Then, at some level, there will be a voice inside that says, “You are!

You are a piece of the whole creation.” You can answer your own logical questions if you want, since your wisdom gives you a common sense glimpse of the mind of the creator.
Attribute Seven
Finally, number seven, and you might never think of this one. Dear ones, you have something you feel deeply and it’s obvious. However, you think everyone has it. They don’t.

The old soul in this energy has the ability to feel profoundly loved by God and others do not. This takes a maturity! It takes lifetimes of experience for you to understand the benevolence of the creator and what this feels like and means inside.
This is why it’s so difficult to take a young soul from being a victim to feeling loved by God. They have no idea what that feels like! You do! Here is something that I never said before about my partner, and I reveal it here for the first time.

He gave you the Kryon story many times over the years and he told you what happened to him when he sat in the chair for first time and called upon me. He felt emotion!

That was his catalyst and that allowed him to sit in the chair again and again. Not only did he feel it, he liked it. At some level, the engineer recognized it and knew what it was. He was an old soul!

He is an old soul, and he was ready to feel the love of God. He recognized family and, dear ones, the new souls don’t. They don’t understand the feeling that you have, which is the maturity of being loved by the creator. They will, but it takes experience.
If you’re an old soul, you can feel it. If you can feel it, you’re an old soul. Congratulations to all of you for being who you are. You are the ones who will change the planet. In this room you have come from all over – from so many countries and so many languages – and you all have one thing in common right now: You are together and can feel the love of God.
You’re going to change the planet by your very presence here, Lightworker. The Crystalline Grid absorbs the light that you carry, that you have earned and brought to all of us.

This is a profound system, and the new energy of the planet needs the experience of the old souls and the wisdom of the old souls in order to affect those born in the future. This system is esoteric, difficult to describe and profound. Think of it. By living here today, you imbue into the grids the knowledge and wisdom for future generations.
How do you think that humanity is ever going to mature and evolve spiritually without this knowledge? The answer is that it can’t do it unless there is a change, and the catalyst for this change is your old soul Akashic experience. You are the ones who are putting it right in to the grids of the planet by just being here and understanding this.

This, and the time capsules opening*, will slowly create an ascended planet. You are planting the seeds of the future just by being in the room and letting us speak to you.
I close. What are you going to do with this information? I want you to think on these things if you can, if you will. I want you to think on all of them and ask the question, “Is it possible that I’m more than I think I am?

Is it possible that God knows me as I sit here with all my earthly problems and frustrations? Does God really care about all of the errands that I have to do or the children that I have to raise?

Does God care about the relatives that I have to please or the bosses at work? Is it possible that God loves me through all of this?”
The answer is yes, yes, yes and yes!
So important, old soul, are you! Congratulations. That’s your purpose to be here – to just live and know that you are loved.
And so it is.

Lord Kryon

lee caroll - Kryon

Lee Caroll, Channeler

*The Nodes and Nulls of the Earth]
Channel 141 – March 2014
The information is free and available for you to print out, copy and distribute as you wish. Its Copyright, however, prohibits its sale in any form except by the publisher.
Lee Carroll

Bob Mangroo – Old Soul In The New Energy – 2-26-15

Since December of 2012, Planet Earth entered a new energy and a new consciousness. As we look at the world today, it is tempting to think of it as dark and falling apart.
We are, however, in a transition process.Humanity is moving into higher consciousness, and we now have more positive energy on the planet than we have negative.
For centuries, we functioned from an old, negative consciousness of war, violence, cruelty, and the need for power. This is now changing. The change may seem slow; but, humanity is shifting toward peace, cooperation, and compassion.


It may not seem this way at this time, but the increased negativity we see is the dark consciousness putting up its last fight for survival. Dark energy will resist change, even if that change is for the better. We are creatures of habit and we tend to like the way things are; or, we often wish to go back to the way things were. We enjoy the familiar, even if the familiar is negative.


Human consciousness is now shining more light upon the planet. Because of this, we are becoming a positive world. This increased light does have its temporary problems. It will bring out the suppressed darkness that was within humans for a long time.


If a light is shined into an abandoned warehouse, rats and other pests scatter and run around. The pests were always there; they were merely hiding in the dark. As more light shines from human consciousness the world becomes more transparent; the deviousness of people becomes known. The new consciousness will not tolerate shady ways of thinking anymore.


We see examples of this in various forms of protests, social and environmental movements, and/or the exposure of corruption in political systems and corporations. The world is now giving a clear message that it wants change for the better. The new consciousness is different and unlike anything we have had in our history.


For example, the new humanity wants desperately to stop the wars and violence, but the old consciousness still believes it is the only solution. The mindset of the old consciousness is to overpower, conquer, and seek revenge. The new consciousness calls for peace, compassion, dignity, and respect.
The old consciousness was division thinking (us-versus-them mentality), and the new consciousness is a unified approach: “We are all one, and we must work with and help one another.”When it comes to the new energy, many of us may have already felt this shift in thinking. If so, it is because we are ready for the new energy.
Consciousness has been evolving for many lifetimes.If you feel within that you are a spiritual worker (an “old soul”), then this is an important time. You have been working on this shift for humanity for many lifetimes as an integral part of this healing process for planet Earth!
All intentions, meditations, prayers, activities and self-insight have all come together to change human consciousness. Overcoming personal struggles reflects that healing to the rest of humanity as well. In feeling peaceful, those “peaceful vibrations” are sent to the minds of others, whether you are aware of this or not.
True change and healing occurs at the energetic level of creation. As individual minds heal, the world heals. Mind is causation and the physical world is effect. Therefore, the ills of the world must be solved at the source; which is thinking, energy and consciousness. 
In this new energy, we are now ready for big work-and that is to truly feel our spiritual mastery. In order to speed up the process of peace and harmony, we must, as individuals, create peace and harmony within our own hearts FIRST.
In the old consciousness, this was not always easy to do, up against the dark at every turn. The good news is that, in the new consciousness, various problems of the world will be resolved easier and quicker than before. In technology for example, we have seen more technological advances in the last 20 years than we have seen in the last two thousand years. 
Just as leaps and bounds were made in technologies, imagine the same leaps and bounds occurring in your spiritual awakening. We can do far more in much less time.
Shine and continue to shine your energetic light. Fear not what is shown on the news. It is only a transition process. All that occurs is happening in the appropriateness of our human evolution.To brighten your light, drop any drama and negativity by resisting any tendencies to try and fix, fight, or make your past different.
The past is old energy. Let it be and set it free. There is nothing in negativity that you need. Walk away from it with courage and confidence.
Remember that spiritual light is your primary focus. This will heal and increase the positive energy within yourself and the planet as well. Hold thoughts of peace and compassion (especially compassion for yourself) as often as possible in any ways that you can. 
You cannot help anyone in darkness if you are sinking in darkness yourself.It takes strength to help the weak. It takes health and wellness to heal the sick. Only light, compassion, and power can help those in the dark. 
Be that which you came here to be.Compassion for self is our self-worth. As we increase our self-worth all things change for the better. Our world is not suffering because we do not have enough resources. We suffer when a majority of people do not have love and self-worth.
The degradation of society is due to greed, lack of integrity, and the hunger for power-all done in an unconscious attempt to fill the void in the human psyche. This void is sourced in low self-worth or negative consciousness. If people in general felt more secure and loving within themselves, thoughts of hate, jealousy, cruelty, power trips, or violence would not be found in their hearts and mind at all. The world would then know harmony.
*Become the peace, become the love, become the joy, and become the kindness you wish to see in the world. Expand these qualities within yourself FIRST, and allow the work of your old soul to enhance our present power. Spiritual workers now have new and greater energy to support their efforts.*

This is the strength and foundation that lies waiting through your many lifetimes. Each person’s energy and consciousness is far reaching. Do not let it go to waste on negativity. It is time for us all to exercise our spiritual mastery and help carry our planet Earth to its next level of evolution: a planet of love, goodness, and benevolence.


About the Author
Bob Mangroo is a personal potential coach and spiritual teacher. His training and coaching work includes hypnosis, meditation, and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). In addition, he has earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology at York University in Toronto, Canada. www.bobmangroo.com