How To Live In The Moment In 6 Easy Ways – via Operation Meditation – 11-3-15

Live in the Moment


Are you held down by the past or concerned about the future? Would you like to learn ways to let go so you can be happy and care-free? Living for the moment involves being an active participant in your life. It means that you’re focused on whatever is happening right this moment. Why is this important?

What’s in the past is in the past. There’s nothing you can do to change it. You can coulda, shoulda, woulda all day long, but it still doesn’t alter the outcome or change where you are now. Learn what you need to from past events and then let them go.

And, tomorrow isn’t here yet, so why worry about it? Worrying or obsessing won’t prevent things from happening. Besides, most worries never come to pass anyway.

Staying in the present is important because it’s the only part of time that you have any control over. So, how do you keep yourself in the present, when your mind wants to stay on memory lane or fast-forward to tomorrow?


 In Field

Here are 6 simple strategies:

1. Be child-like. Have you ever tried to talk to a child while they’re playing their favorite video game, but can’t seem to draw their attention away from it? It’s not necessarily that they’re ignoring you, although that certainly happens from time to time. Sometimes, they’re just so focused, so caught up in the present, that they truly don’t realize you’re calling for them.

Kids are the best at staying in the here and now. They don’t obsess about something that happened yesterday or fret over what may happen tomorrow. They keep their focus on whatever is captivating their attention at the moment.

2. Meditate. The whole premise behind meditation is to be present in each minute as it happens. When you channel all of your attention on your breathing, you can think of nothing else. Not the past. Not the future. Just the moment at hand.

Some people give up on meditation because they have difficulty keeping their mind from wandering, but this is natural until you get the hang of it. With enough practice, you’ll be able to tune out all distractions and be able to fully engage your focus.

3. Live like no one’s watching. Ever not do something because you fear someone will see you and think that you’re silly or stupid? The very thought that you’re being judged from others can keep you from living in the moment.

4. Let go of what others think. Who cares if they agree or disagree with you or think you’re a freak? Some of the greatest innovators are people that weren’t concerned with society’s labels and stayed true to themselves. Look at Einstein.

5. If you want to dance, dance. If you want to sing, sing. Do what makes you feel happy. It’s not important what others think. It’s only important what you think.

6. Take a social media break. It’s hard to stay focused on the here and now when your phone is dinging alerting you to a text message or your computer is bleeping because someone instant messaged you. Sometimes you have to unplug from social media to fully participate in your life.

Just because someone sends you something, doesn’t mean you have to respond immediately. If you’re always waiting for a message or stopping what you’re doing because a friend sent you a funny joke, you’re not fully engaged in your life. You’re not living.

Start living each minute like it’s your last. It is, because you’ll never get that minute back. So, make it worth it.

via  Operation Meditation

Peggy black – Every Moment is Ripe with Potential – 9-8-15

Universal Service of Light's photo.

Peggu Black

These are powerful times to be in physical form, alive and witnessing this shift. We also acknowledge that these unfolding events are challenging. Let us assure you that you are up to the job of anchoring and stabilizing this rise in consciousness. Remember that every moment is ripe with potential.

We want to address the galactic waves that are bathing humanity. Each individual as well as the collective is influenced by what might be called galactic weather or space weather. These waves and frequencies not only influence but truly prompt the actions of humanity.  More and more of your scientists are bringing clarity to this phenomenon, recognizing that the consciousness of individuals and the collective responds to the prompting of solar flares and full moons as well as coronal mass ejections from your sun.

It is known that during full moons there is an increase in violence. The gravitational pull of the moon affects your oceans and since humans are at least 75% water, they too are affected and influenced by the moon. Governments around the world are aware of the power of solar flares and how that energy can, and often does, interrupt your electronic readings, the communications of aircraft and the many satellites circling your earth.

Coronal mass ejections are magnetic explosions of energy in the form of electrons and photons of light. When these coronal mass ejections occur, many individuals feel a sense of security, serenity and well-being, just as when there is a cosmic storm, unrest and disturbances are felt by all.

We want you to begin to be aware of just how you are responding to these magnetic energies and photons of light packets that are being offered from the galaxy. Study what is happening in space because you are truly being prompted by theses celestial energies and gifts. This energy is connected to the evolutionary awakening of humanity.

These magnetic waves do influence and stimulate the awakening that is occurring within each and every human on your planet. This energy is activating latent codes. We have spoken and suggested that your very DNA responds to the light packets of photons so gradually that you might not be aware of these gentle activations and recalibrations. Most of these changes occur in such subtle ways that you do not realize they have taken place.

However, there is an internal shift being made within your very circuits. In the coming months there will be a hastening, a quickening of what is being offered from your galactic center.

There is an accelerated rate and frequency that you are experiencing as well as witnessing within humanity; it will continue till the end of your year and beyond.  Realize that this speeding up of electromagnetic energy can certainly cause some people to react in a more violent manner. There is certainly more unrest and chaos, especially with the monetary system around the planet.

This is not a time to anchor any form of fear. You are a powerful multidimensional divine creator, know this and claim this. You are here to anchor this true awakening and seed this potent field with a new reality.

There is a powerful frequency of gamma light coming from the galactic center or core. Understand that gamma ray bursts of energy are the most powerful explosions in the known universe. They can discharge as much energy as your Sun during its entire 10 billion year lifetime.

This intense intergalactic frequency of energy is advancing at optimal strength and culminating during your next full moon and total lunar eclipse.

This has been called “The Event Horizon” and it happens every 3,600 years. This intense frequency of galactic energies will trigger an awakening in humanity that will manifest shifts in the actions and consciousness of all for years and centuries to come.

You are now witnessing and experiencing the ending of one great galactic cycle and the beginning of another. The completion of this incredible cosmic cycle is stretching your understanding of what is reality. It is activating your awareness and inviting you to welcome the true understanding of the extraordinary dimensional shift of which you are an active part. You are the chalice for these incoming vibrations; anchor them fully into the field and matrix.

Understand that humanity is in a process of cosmic alchemy that is transforming your DNA, expanding your consciousness and shifting your physical body from the carbon-based matrix and blueprint to a precise, accomplished and elegant crystalline matrix and organism.

There are alignments occurring which open cosmic portals allowing energies to flow to this reality and timeframe, raising everything to a higher vibration and frequency.  Be mindful to care for your physical form as your body is the chalice in which this intense cosmic awakening is being anchored into your dimension. Rest, hydrate yourself, be in nature as much as possible, breathe deeply and sigh into your exhale regularly. Be mindful of the use of stimulants. Put your electronic devices aside for a while.

Remember and say often, I am fully embodied, anchored to earth and connected to Divine Source. Imagine pulsating light flooding the cells and DNA throughout your body with messages of aliveness and well-being.

Be aware that your starseed codes are being triggered, allowing you to establish a true resonance with the higher dimensional realities. Know that you are experiencing your fifth dimensional Self and beyond. Release your third dimensional limitation to this awareness and reality.

Understand that you are anchoring the gift of cosmic light. This cosmic light has the ability to transmute old karmic patterns and limited programs from all your past embodiments. Invite this to occur; intend this process of transmutation/transformation to unfold in a gentle and graceful manner.  Understand that every moment is ripe with potential.

Use your ability to imagine and your ability to focus, to seed, as well as anchor, a world and reality in which all beings thrive, in which all beings are honored, loved, nurtured, and respected. Envision and claim your partnership with your beloved planet Earth. Envision the divine partnership between all living things. Envision your oceans clean, your air clear, and your forests restored. Envision your foods nourishing, healthy and available for all.

Begin to accept that you are a major part of this evolution and that you are connected to the whole. Honor yourself as you create a sacred space. Create a ceremony or ritual that will allow you to be the chalice for this seeding. You can be alone or gather with others and anchor these powerful energetic gifts. Make clear intentions as you imprint this energy with your visions of life sustaining actions and realities. Share this information.

The event you have labeled the Harmonic Convergence that occurred almost 30years ago offered a powerful surge of energy which served to trigger and awaken humanity. This is the next surge which will offer humanity the opportunity for advanced enhancement of awakening.

Reach out and invite the support of other sentient beings. Recognize that humanity is moving to a level of Planetary Consciousness, a level of Oneness with all. Invite the awareness that you are entangled, intertwined with all starseed beings here on your planet and those who are non-physical aspects of consciousness.

Now is the time. We celebrate your expansion; we support your personal and global transformation.  Invite us as well as all loving beings of Light to assist you and others as you move through these challenging yet exciting times. the ‘team’

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NOW – by FATHER GOD – Channeler Kathryn E May – 9-7-15

NOW   –  by Father God
Dearest Children of Earth, it is I, Father God.  I am watching over your progress carefully, as we have told you many times recently.  It may seem difficult for you to understand why Mother and I would be so involved and interested in the goings on on your small planet, but for us it is completely absorbing.  Your progress, your efforts to ascend, and your everyday actions as you go about your lives are of utmost important to us.   We have told you how unusual your efforts to ascend from the 3 rd to the 5 th dimension are –  something no planet has achieved before.  We have also explained to you that the reason you find yourself in this position, “behind the 8-ball” in terms of wanting to make this leap at this time to catch up with the Multiverse is a very complex and fascinating story.  The history of Planet Earth involves great acts of kindness and terrible darkness as well.
We give you these messages with great care, including much but not all the information that would reveal the whole story, because it would be impossible for you to understand without more background, and more understanding of the Multiverse itself.  Of course, that is impossible for you to accomplish at this moment, so we have begun by giving you parts of the story, which we hope you will absorb, digest and build upon.  Compare it to learning a new language.  You cannot expect to speak fluently in the first week; you must learn the basics, get the feel of the language, and understand the nuances that come from understanding the culture from which the language grew.
This is the way we think about the messages we are giving you now, through many of our scribes.  We wish for you to absorb our teachings in an open-minded way, as if you are reading the articles in daily newspapers from across the globe.  Each point of view might be a bit different, but the background story is being revealed in each case.  We are working with our Lightworkers now to encourage them to join forces in Love and cooperation, rather than seeing themselves as separate and alone in their mission to bring different messages from “different” Masters.  Of course there has never been such a thing, since we all know what everyone is saying and who they are saying it to.
You live in a world in which there are many religions, but they are all ultimately talking about Mother and me and our Company of Heaven, and trying to understand who we are and how we feel about all of you.  We are encouraging you now to see beyond the discrepancies or differences and look instead for the harmonizing elements in your own life and around the globe and the Universe, for we are truly One.  It has just taken a bit of work for humankind to learn to see this way.
You are recovering now, Beloved Children.  Every time you walk out into the sunshine, turn yourself to the sky and call to us in gratitude and joy for the Life you were given to experience in this historic time, we are with you, and we are able to respond by sending you more of our Love and Light.  This is not because you deserve it more or have earned it.  No, it is much simpler than that.  Gratitude and joy lift your inner vibration, within the cells of your body and brain.  You are then able to absorb and use more of the high frequency waves of Love and Light we are sending you.
This brings us to the moment, today, in September of your year 2015.  I am here on this special day, which is right in the middle of an especially celebratory time in the U.S.  Many other countries have a similar holiday, but here in the U.S. it is especially savored as a time for everyone to lay down their work and turn to having fun with their family and friends.  All across the country, people are gathering to share food cooked on a barbecue or they are bringing their “pot-luck” creations together to share the variety and celebration of a day of freedom from hard work “in the trenches” as it has been called.  It is a day of sunshine, swimming, a celebration of summer, and a time to look forward to the coming fall.
I ask you now, Dear Children, all across the globe, join us in marking this gloriously beautiful time in either hemisphere, north or south, east or west, and allow us to touch your hearts with the warmth and comfort we long to offer you.  We are sending you ever greater waves of healing energy and uplifting Light, and we will continue to do so from now on. Your beloved planet, like you, is growing and expanding according to her destiny.  It is the destiny you all share.  Every single one of you volunteered to come here at this time to be of service and to take part in the most exciting events any soul can experience.
This Ascension of Planet Earth is especially poignant because it is the glorious return to higher dimensions after a long period of darkness and suffering for her inhabitants.  Terra has longed to return to the higher dimensions she knew in her youth.  You know the feeling, don’t you?  She has waited long eons for the ones she thinks of as her children, humankind, to awaken from the dark dreams they descended into, and to elevate themselves enough to begin the climb back to the Light and Love you all remember in the back of your minds.  And so, this glorious month of September shall be a time of great change for all of you.
I know that the words I am speaking may not sound like a revelation, or a brand new announcement to your ears, but I am speaking to your hearts, Dear Ones.  These words are just the medium that carries the secret message of Love that I bring, like a bouquet left on your doorstep.  You will discover it when you awaken, and we will laugh and celebrate together, when Mother and I will hold you in our arms and welcome you once again to the realms where Love is all that matters, and all ascend together in joy and harmony.
It is a wonderful time, Beloved Children, a time of anticipation.  We too are feeling excitement and wonder.  All of Creation trembles with expectation, for it is a time when all can be made new, and we stand together now on the edge of Creation, holding our breath and holding one another, knowing that something more wonderful than words can describe is now possible.
I am your Father God, and I hold you close to my heart as we breathe the Light of hope, as we look together into the great possibility that we – you and I and the Company of all the Heavens –  have just now created in our hearts and minds the beginning of something so wondrous that none of us could have done it alone, and none could have created it before this moment.
I am your Father God, and I join with Mother and all the Heavenly Host to embrace and honor you in your most auspicious and providential time of all, now.
Transcribed by Dr. Kathryn E. May, New York, September 6, 2015—Edition—30—Monday–September-7–2015.html?soid=1114135227078&aid=kW87fZg_glk

Sandra Walter – Blood Moon Eclipse – Now – 7 October 2014

SandraWalterBlessings Beloved Light Tribe,

A Brief Note since online time feels unwise at the moment. There is an incredible amount of New Light entering right now, I AM sure you can feel and witness this.

It is Highly Complimentary to connect and infuse the Grids with the Golden Crystalline Diamond Frequencies entering right now. Connect with Shasta if you choose; the incoming light is increasing dramatically through our beloved sites and grids. If guided, assist this operation, please.

Gatekeepers, we are ON it through the Eclipse passage. Pure conduits, open up and direct this GOLD with the intention to accelerate and amplify UNITY consciousness please. Connect with the Divine HUman Heart grid as well; there is great power in our unification. Get outside in the pure photons and do the work.

Have a beautiful Blood Moon Eclipse!

In Love, Light and Service,


The Wisdom Series — Manly P. Hall

pendeathlington·25 videos

Audio Lecture The Wisdom Series — Manly P Hall. 1- The Challenge of Forever Becoming — 2 – The Wonder World of Words. 3- From Knowledge to Wisdom. 4 – From Wisdom to Understanding. 5 – Faiths that Lead to Certainties. 6 – Now, a Moment in Eternity.