ARCHANGEL MICHAEL – Wanted: Lightworker Leaders to Help Build Nova Earth – by Steve Beckow – 6-11-16


ARCHANGEL MICHAEL   –   Wanted: Lightworker Leaders to Help Build Nova Earth   –   by Steve Beckow   –   6-11-16


Last year, Archangel Michael confided to us:

“It is time for [the] assumption of leadership responsibility to be front and center.” (1)

He issued this summons:

“You are being called to join the [lightworker] leadership … team, those who will show the way for the beautiful souls now awakening from their spiritual slumber. Thousands are needed to facilitate and assist in this next wave of awakening that is now in progress, for it encompasses millions upon millions.” (2)

“You,” he told us, “are the embodiment and the physical anchors, activators, doers of creating Nova Earth. You are the anchors of ascension, of the new reality, of the heart consciousness that is the new reality.” (3)

He described the new world we lightworkers were creating:

“Nova Earth … is a physical reality where ascended beings of all stripes, colors, beliefs, preferences come together to create wondrous things, whether it is an institution or a structure or a building or a family.” (4)

He told us: “This wondrous new [reality] … has not been done in form [before], anchored in a physical reality, a physical reality that is absolutely interdimensional. That is the task at hand.”  (5)

What he asked us to do was “to step forth in the truth of your gifts, your abilities…some in a minor way, some in a major way, but each in accordance with your true mission and purpose on Gaia – not on other planets…in tandem and cooperation with your Star brothers and sisters, but not off planet…to bring forth” this wonderful new world. (6)

“We know the magnitude of what we are asking,” he reassured us, “but we also know the support that we are prepared to give on every level.”  (7)

There would be a new form of leadership, he suggested. It “does not come from an arbitrary assumption of control. It comes from a deeper desire than ever to truly serve.” (8)

He went on to explain:

“It is not about the old realm of control or greed, anything like that. In order for the plan to unfold, in order for the practical building blocks (which is what you’re asking for –  money) to be in place, there has need to be a very strong re-assumption of leadership.” (9)

A very strong reassumption of leadership. We lightworkers need to demonstrate strong leadership – you and me – if we’re to make events like the post-Reval reconstruction of the world work.

How did he define leadership? In May of 2015 he told us:

“Leadership is assuming your responsibilities, acknowledging, accepting, embracing the wonder of who you are. And, yes, to refer to those core issues, to not allow those core issues to, in any way, interfere with the fulfillment of who you are and why you came.” (10)

Leadership was understood throughout the universe, he explained.

“We use this term that you understand – and that is understood throughout many intergalactic cultures – of leadership, of responsibility, of teamwork, of cohesion, of discernment, of all the divine qualities, not based on the old realm of control and authority and lust and arbitrary decision-making, but, upon the paradigm, upon the construct of sharing your talents and abilities.”  (11)

How does one serve? He replied: “Each in their own particular way.”  (12)

“Everyone, and I say this to a planet that has billions of people, each of you have brought unique capacities, talents, and abilities to create and co-create individually and collectively. And increasingly what you are going to hear us speak of is this union between — not only above and below, within and without — but the individual and the collective. You have a song, you can’t have one without the other. Well, this is where we truly begin to delve into this.”   (13)

So individual leadership first, shading into collective leadership. He’s laying out the map for us, just as he laid out the map for me in regard to the Michaelangelo Fund in my May 27 reading.

There will always be a need for leaders, he stressed. Never again will it be filled by a single individual:

“Sweet angels, whether you are earth-keeper or portal, wayshower or starseed, there will always be need for people, individuals, and groups, who will step forward and say, I can do that. I can take the lead because this is within the realm of my competence. I understand what is required. I am ready, willing, able, excited, interested, enthusiastic to do this.”

“And in that, you both lead the parade and act as the shepherd. You hold the vision and you go to the back of the line to make sure that no one is left behind.

“That is what leadership is. It is not assuming a primary position, because leadership is shared. It does not rest in one individual, one institution. Those times, my friends, are over.”  (14)

Leading the parade and shepherding the stragglers: what unites them? Service.  The essence of the roadmap he’s laying out for us  can be summed up in two words: “Love” and “service.” As he said, you can’t have one without the other.

When a team member asked that we broaden our audience from merely lightworkers to all other people on the planet, I asked AAM if this was the plan. He replied that it was not. The plan was that lightworkers as a group would eventually expand to include everyone on the planet.

Archangel Michael: It is important for the lightworker community [to lead] because they have stepped forward, acknowledged, and remembered why they are here.

So we are in this sacred partnership. Are we in partnership with every being on the planet? Yes. But it is difficult when you are in a partnership and the other person does not realize it. So we are working with those who realize we are in partnership. And so that is why we are having these conversations. …

Does the conversation expand organically and naturally? Does the energy go out to the entire planet, those who want to hear and those who don’t want to hear? Yes, it does. But it begins with the lightworker community. That is what we have need of.

Steve Beckow:  And I suppose then more and more people join the lightworker community?

AAM:  Exactly, until it is one family and one path. (15)

There are reasons for basing his plans for Nova Earth on the leadership of lightworkers.

All the personal clearing of core issues and vasanas and the opening to heart consciousness that we’ve done equips us to lead. This is according to plan. Send masterful, ascended starseeds to Earth to leaven the loaf. And we have.

The newly awakening have not he same depth of clearing and breadth of experience to be able to lead, he says.

“If no one [from among lightworkers] steps forward into the ‘how to’, into how do we go about this? How do we begin? How do we proceed? How do we build? How do we create in the practical sense? then there is a massive vacuum because many of the billions upon your planet have not yet learned, adapted and integrated the new tools – the fullness of this new energy.

“So they … try to step up to create and to take the leadership role, [but] they do not have the training and insight to do this in a way that is achievable. It is not a critique or a criticism or a judgment in any way of the collective, but if they are not fully engaged and enjoying the energy of wholeness, then they are not bringing the engineering of that wholeness to the project of creating Nova Earth. So there is a lack, a vacuum of leadership.

“Now, who upon this wondrous planet, who has been hiding in the shadows or edging out, or in the limelight and is ready? Who has prepared? Who has been diligent and practiced patience and fortitude and stamina, and anchored the divine qualities? Who is it that is prepared to do this? Well, it is the lightworkers.”  (16)

He asks us plainly if we will take the next step in our missions and assume a leadership role in whatever lightwork we do. Not like we’re pushing someone off the stage or asking for attention. Where leadership is already present, we’re stating our willingness to lead if more leadership is needed. Where leadership is absent, we’re introducing it, initiating it in our communities.

He asks us:

“Are you willing to step to the fore? Are you among those who are ready and willing to guide and direct, to steadfastly hold the focus of the new vision – the new Divine Blueprint for Heaven and Earth – and then to see that it is manifested for the highest good of all?” (17)

What he says applies especially, in my view, to the new circle of lightworkers who’ve participated in the Reval and now have the funds to make a difference in their communities.

He asks lightworkers to come forward and offer a different form of leadership than Earth has known hitherto, one based on love and service. Unless we do, the Company of Heaven will have no partners, no ground crew, with whom to build Nova Earth for the inhabitants of this planet.

The next step after our intense personal cleansing – our polishing of the statue – is to take the step to leadership. All of us. To begin thinking as leaders, planning as leaders, and acting as leaders.

He’s not speaking theoretically or generally. He’s speaking concretely and specifically to you. Will you step forward and lead?

I’ve stepped forward and am already leading. You read the results of it every day. Yes, it’s scary. I constantly dread someone saying: “On what or whose authority do you lead?” I also dread the rise of arrogance.

But like everything else, once we start leading, it gets easier every day.

MESSAGE from MATTHEW – The Work of Building Nova Earth – 11-9-15

Matthew Ward 222

*MESSAGE  from  MATTHEW  –   The Work of Building Nova Earth   –   11-9-15   –   Thanks to Golden Age Of Gaia


I’ve been engaged in the first explorative discussions of the Gender Equality Project, which is perhaps the largest and most extensive project I’ll be involved in after the Reval. You’ll have your projects. Many people are still wondering what projects they should create.

In the course of my research, I came across a passage from Matthew Ward in late 2012 that discusses the work ahead of us. It makes another pretty useful discussion of what awaits us in creating a world that works for everyone.

During its last days and the early days of 2013, the planet will travel through the celestial window between third and fourth densities, where the energy wisps of both densities briefly comingle, and it will enter fourth density, where Earth’s Golden Age begins.   …

It is natural to wonder how the mess your world is in can be cleaned up in the short time remaining before the onset of the Golden Age. It can’t be. Never were all the glories of that wondrous Age going to greet you at its doorstep, but because of the 10-year delay, neither will the early stages of grand differences in your lives be there as originally envisioned by the master planners.

Therefore the “mopping up,” so to say, will get off to a late start. However, with the release of your own technologies from Illuminati control and the assistance of other civilizations and their technologies, efforts can begin on many fronts simultaneously.

The primary priority is to provide survival essentials to the peoples in war-torn areas and refugee camps and to indigenous peoples and nomadic tribes in dire straits.

Warring will have ceased, but much will remain to be done in its aftermath. Building or rebuilding countries’ infrastructure, commercial centers and houses will be undertaken expeditiously, not only for current inhabitants, but so refugees can return to villages or cities where there are residences, hospitals, schools and supplies of clean water and food are plentiful.

The ridding of corruption in the global economy will occur in tandem with the same in governments so those areas of paramount influence in your lives can start operating with the honesty and fairness inherent in moral and spiritual leaders.

Your waters, soil and air will be purified and toxic waste, including radioactive materials, will be dematerialized. Areas will be cleansed where disease has flourished due to the unsanitary living conditions of the impoverished masses.

Other reforms that will be instituted quickly include ending cultural practices and customs that are unfair, injurious or lethal and the repeal of all unjust laws and regulations. Millions now imprisoned on false charges or for minor infractions or as a result of simply being on “the other side” in wars will be released – yes, it will be easy to identify all who are innocent!

Those are among the first changes because the current status is intolerable for the affected peoples. The plight of many millions of animals – endangered species and animals that become part of your diet – is another situation that will be addressed in earnest.

Initial structures, particularly housing for all who now are homeless in their own country or uprooted due to violence, and buildings for medical care and schooling, will be rudimentary. As rapidly as possible, those types of accommodations will be replaced with finely-built structures.

Free and renewable energy sources incrementally will replace current dependence on oil and natural gas. Other measures soon to be implemented also will assist Earth’s own efforts to restore areas of most severe environmental damage so that crops can be grown in abundance, forests can make a comeback and rivers can flow as Nature intended.

According to the original Golden Age master plan, all of those vast improvements in your world would have happened by now. The global web of corruption that so long enabled the dark ones to control the peoples would have ended and long-hidden truths would have come forth in stages to give the populace time to more easily accept the realities.

You’re approaching the continuum, where there aren’t ten more of your linear years for all of that to come about in “adjustment” stages – remedies must get going with all speed and efficiency possible. So some confusion will be unavoidable due to the haste to get the most essential changes underway, but it will be relatively short-lived. The dark minds and hearts that would attempt to create chaos to prevent those changes no longer will be on the planet, and the people who are there will be of a loving, helpful, cooperative nature! (Matthew’s Message, Sept. 1, 2012, at

Sanat Kumara via Kathleen W – Our Sacred Purpose Makes Our Heart Sing! – 1-10-15

Sanat Kumara

Building Nova Earth   –   Toward A World That Works for Everyone

Sanat Kumara, Keeper of the Universal Laws and our Planetary Logos, helps us come to know and work with the Universal Laws.

In accordance with the Law of Sacred Purpose, we find that our sacred purpose rests in our hearts and is truly our joy to do!

The litmus test is: Does our purpose make our heart sing? Is it something that excites us, moving forward in daily life?




Let’s look at how the first dimension of ideas, the root chakra and the divine qualities of compassion and humility interconnect with our sacred purpose.

In the handbook, Chakras as Portals by Linda Dillon, Albert Einstein explains that the 12 dimensions associated with this planet are not linear measurements, but circular planes, with states of being and growth patterns that define them:

“Humans usually think of dimensions in terms of measurement. The term ‘measurement’ refers to length, width, depth in the third dimension with the added element of time in the fourth and numeric assignment to the fifth. I wish you, my dear friends, to think of dimensions in a different way – not excluding measurement but as a measurement of growth and qualities of being: states of existence.

“As humans, you have come to consider growth as the core definition of what is alive – what is living. Examples of this would be trees, plants, animals, crystals, and of course human beings. It is natural for you to think of yourselves as the top rung of the food chain of life which expresses in the third dimension.

“What you and I failed to realize is that life, life forms and dimensions are not a ladder but rather a circle. That circle of twelve dimensions, each with twelve planes, defines this Universe in which all life forms participate or have the capacity to participate.

“Each dimension has qualities, or growth patterns that define it. That is the concept of dimensional measurement; you are measuring the energy force of that quality. Each of these dimensions has their own signature as it were and of course, within this there is a gradation – much the same way a diamond has a gradation.” (1)

As sheer energy, sparks of light, ideas of the Mother, we emanated from the Heart of One — each with our own unique sacred purpose — into the universe, into the multiverse.

Through the pinprick of light in the centre of the root chakra, on the accompanying meditation CD to Chakras As Portals (1), we access the black velvet of the void, the first dimension, where we find the idea of who we are, the qualities of our sacred soul design, our original essence — the joy of who we are.


root with pinprick


The blessings and virtues or divine qualities came from the Mother, as did the Universal Laws. They are Her ideas, ways of being and guiding laws, that spin in the colourful rays of our chakras.

By aligning our chakras with the One, and operating from the heart centre, in conscious joyful sacred purpose, we find the blessings and virtues or divine qualities are the practical foundation, along with the Universal Laws, for a life based in Love.


Dalai Lama


The qualities of compassion and humility, found in the red ray of the root chakra, are ways of being, guiding us to live and be our sacred purpose.

Compassion is the ‘heart’ understanding (with utilization our wisdom vision) of situations presented to us — knowing not to assume others’ burdens, for that could deprive another of valuable lessons.

Being compassionate means we love and serve without judgment.

Humility is vital in all our work; the privilege and honour it is to be in service with and for the Mother/Father One, our guides and guardians, the Council of Love, our Star Family, our human family, the elements, kingdoms, the animals, the plants, the fairies and the devas — our one family — intertwined with gratitude. It is the:

“Ability to be truly grateful for the many blessings bestowed upon each and all. Necessary for all works and sharing of service.” (1)


the void


From the stillness of the void, comes the joyful heart awakening to our sacred purpose, with the divine ways of being, of compassion and humility, helping to weave the tapestry of our spiritual journey.


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(1) Chakras As Portals, by Linda Dillon, with accompanying CD – 55 minute meditation, 2014


chakras as portals & cd

Law of Sacred Purpose Radio Show

meditation into the heart temple is at 15:00 ~ 48:10


Genii Townsend – Something Wonderful is Coming – A City of Light – 6-21-13


Genii’s book Something Wonderful is Coming! The City of Light…Sedona! This is a must read and will change your concept of this world because this world is magically changing right before our eyes. The book shows you that a city of heaven is coming to Earth to stay and you will be able to physically enter it shortly as millions will also be able to enter this city of divine light. The City is REAL ! Its just starting to materialize.

Archangel Michael with Steve Beckow – Is Ascension Beginning? – Part 4 – 5-22-14

Earth 234


Parts:   01  –  02  –  03

(Continued from Part 3.)

During Ascension itself, AAM cautioned us to anchor to Gaia when we ascend:

“When you ascend, it is important that you anchor with and on Gaia. Otherwise your feet, quite literally, are not on the ground.

“So when people can experience and go, jump, to the higher dimensions available within the human experience, it is important in the Ascension, both individual and collective, that you stay connected with Gaia.

“Think of yourself as a helium balloon and Gaia is holding your string. So, as you ascend you will be at this time within the Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, Seventh, brushing the Eighth, brushing the Third, but not really in those dimensions. So for people to think that they are going to ascend and simply go directly to the Eleventh or Twelfth would not be fully correct.” (1)

And what will we see and feel after we have ascended in the phase we’re now entering?

“You will feel no pain. What you have thought of as dis-ease is gone. What you have experienced as financial strife or lack, gone. Because you know how to co-create. It is as if the light switch, the understanding of your place in the co-creation has been switched on.

“There is an end to strife. There is an end to war. There is an end to murder and mayhem. Because you do not murder and have no inclination to murder yourself. So how can you murder your brother when they are connected to you on the grid? Because that is the equivalent of murdering yourself.

“There is a knowingness that expands beyond your comprehension currently. And that knowingness is in your brain, in what you would think of as your mental body, your emotional bodies, your intellect, but primarily your heart. Because that is your anchor. It always has been.” (2)

How will Gaia appear to us? He said:

“It appears more sparkling clean. The complete communication with the elements, the elemental, the kingdoms and Gaia herself is completely open. There is an understanding and a vision of the subtle cleansing and reorganization of what you can think of as the light body and the particles of Gaia herself. So yes, she does appear differently.

“And so do the animals. So do the creatures. But it is not a different planet, and that is what so many are looking for. And then I would say to you, well, then, what would be the point? For the planet to appear completely different, to shift like in an ice age, is not desirable. It is not what she wants. She is tired of all the pollution and devastation. So the changes that you witness are the clean-up.

“So, does she, and will she, and will you look different? Yes. But will you be in form? Yes.” (3)

Turning from the internal to the external for a minute, there remains so much chaos in the world that many of us are wondering how it’ll be possible to ascend. He acknowledged our concern:

“Some of you still shake your heads as you look at your fellow humans, as you look at the mayhem, at the chaos, at the war, at the upheaval, at what appears to be a still strong establishment of institutions which are not reflective in any way, shape or form of love, and many of you still shake your heads, and say, ‘Lord, how is this even going to be possible?’”  (4)

We may have thought Ascension would lead us to a world that was greatly changed and in which no more work needed to be done, but in fact that doesn’t seem to be the case.

The Reval may only just have happened or may not have happened at all; the Prosperity Packages and historic bonds, perhaps the same.  The work of building Nova Earth will not have begun in earnest.

He refers to that phase here:

“Now, as you enter this, does that mean that everything is done? Well, might I be humorous, and ask you ― what fun would it be if you arrived at the party finally only to discover that everything was done? No. What it looks like is humanity coming together, not to cleanse the Earth. Gaia is taking care of that. You will help cleanse, and so will your star brothers and sisters, but you will cleanse the rivers, the streams, the oceans, the soil, the air. But Gaia is already busy at work.” (5)

He addressed the matter of building Nova Earth after Ascension. He said many of us would do that work from dimensions higher than the Fifth.

“Now, once you have done your Ascension, are you free to move about? Of course you are. But the building and the creation of Nova Earth ― and we are talking about the human piece of Nova Earth, the human co-creation of Nova Earth, because the kingdoms and Gaia are already creating Nova Earth, and they are already participating in the higher dimensional reality ― but if you have your mission and purpose to assist, or desire to assist in the anchoring of what you, my friend, and I have called the Golden Age of Gaia, then you are primarily going to anchor in the Fifth, Sixth, and Seventh dimension.” (6)

Tomorrow we’ll look at three further Ascensions in our future.

(Continued in Part 5.)

2013 – New Life on a New Earth – Judy Santori

Judy Satori·7 videos

Judy Satori has been spiritually trained and physically prepared by the Elohim, the creator aspect of God and the higher dimensional Councils of Light as a spiritual teacher and energy healer working with sound. She speaks very fast frequencies of sound and light, ‘Light Language’ energy words, transmitted from the Elohim and others of the spiritual hierarchy that instill upgraded vibratory energy patterns into the cells and DNA template of the body. These energy patterns literally rewire the body energetically and recode the DNA, acting as a catalyst to create the physical and consciousness changes required for life on a fifth dimensional Earth. She is the author of “Sunshine Before the Dawn”, telepathically transmitted by higher dimensional beings as being the true story of why we’re here on Earth. Visit for free audio energy transmissions from Spirit to support your ascension process.

Please note that the information contained in this video is received from Spirit. It is not necessarily proven scientific fact. Remember when the accepted world view was that the Earth was flat!

“The process of Earth axis shift is ongoing. It is not complete on 21 December 2012. It is a gradual process of evolutionary change, which marks a new beginning for the Earth as it has now moved into a fifth dimensional (faster pulsating) energy environment and domain. Earth’s axis shift affects the angle of torque or angle of Earth rotation. This alteration in Earth’s angle of rotation also affects the electromagnetic entrainment between Earth and the Galactic Center, the energy programming center for our Milky Way Galaxy. The energy emanating from the Galactic Center codes for a consciousness and physical upgrade for both the Earth and for all life forms on Earth. This is allowing for New Life on a New Earth.”

Music “Home Coming” from the Song of Lyra, a collaborative Album created by Judy and Grammy award nominee, Russel Walder –

Consciousness Music – Ocean Blue – Nova Earth

Johann Kotze·24 videos

Soundtrack:… (Track 3 of Part 1 “Living the New Earth”)
Project conceived by Celia Fenn and Johann Kotze
Consciousness Music…
Music by Johann Kotze from Being Ambient Music

Celia Fenn – writer, channel and spiritual facilitator and Johann Kotze – yoga teacher and musician created this album to help everyone become Conscious of Who We Are and to Remember our Cosmic Soul heritage.

We stand on the threshold of a Major Transformation of our Planet and Ourselves. The Angelic Beings of Light known as the Dolphin Masters or Dolphin Angels, are here to assist us. These ones are the Higher Aspects of the Beloved Dolphins that we know in our Oceans. Their home is the Cosmic Ocean of Starlight, and they come to assist our shift into Higher Consciousness.

Video material edited from the documentary “Deep Blue”.

Divine Qualities vs. Nova Earth

Divine Qualities vs. Nova Earth   –   by Steve Beckow,  of  Golden Age Of Gaia 

Steve Beckow


Perhaps I can begin by saying that, in my view, manifesting the divine qualities in our behavior (walking the walk, instead of simply talking the talk) is far more important in the overall scheme of things than just building Nova Earth

Building Nova Earth is about reconstructing the Earth so that it allows for full Fifth Dimensionality to be experienced. Building Nova Earth means refashioning ourselves so we manifest the divine qualities, reconstituting our societies so they reflect the divine qualities, and introducing advanced technologies so we’re allowed to rebuild the Earth in a way that allows for Gaia’s comfort and our higher-dimensional experiencing.

Manifesting the divine qualities is crucial to life itself as far as we can see into the virtually-endless evolutionary future. Manifesting the divine qualities is crucial to our successful completion of life viewed as an overall journey from God to God through countless lifetimes.

Love vs. Bliss/Joy

OK, here comes another idea.

I’ve said before that we probably don’t fully appreciate the importance of bliss. Bliss causes us to expand. It opens the door to wisdom. Bliss, or you can call it joy if you’d rather, is the solvent that releases us from all our bonds. The more bliss, the higher our vibrations rise.

Love is also an attribute of the Divine but to me love is different than bliss, if difference there be at these refined levels of existence. Love is the attractive force in the universe. The electrons of an atom are held to the nucleus by love. The atoms are held together in molecules by love. People are attracted to one another by love. The planets are held to the Sun by love.

Love attracts; bliss expands. If we look at what it is that attracts us to others and others to us, we’d need to look to love. But if we want to know what it is that brings on expansive wisdom, we’d have to look to bliss.

Love is a horizontal pull; bliss is a vertical push. Love draws us to others but bliss pushes us to new heights. 

A friend of mine pointed out to me the relevance of balance and gratitude to bliss. Her joy arises when she’s centered or balanced. Of course the treasure buried in the field, or the Self, is in the center of that field of the body – the heart. And when she finds herself in the experience of the Self in the center or heart, she feels gratitude. 

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