Steve Beckow – Nobility, Sacredness and Love, part 1 – 1-5-15

angel 3423If we’re to take seriously some of the things that the Company of Heaven have told us starseeds in the past several years, the implications are challenging and sobering.

The Company of Heaven have told us that we’re for the most part incarnated angels, wayshowers and world servers.

They told us that we agreed before birth to come here at this time and help anchor in what is a first in the universe – a mass Ascension in the physical body.

We made it even more of a “mass” event by asking that as many people as possible be permitted to come along at this time.

Until then, there had been a cut-off time, called “the time of separation,” (1) and only those who were ready would be permitted to come.

Since then, the Tsunami of Love and other additional preparations have raised the number who’ll ascend, but it’s still limited by choice. Those who choose not to ascend will have their wishes respected.

In this series, to prepare the groundwork for what comes next, I’d like to start by establishing the assertions that we are for the most part incarnated angels, who have agreed to work as wayshowers and world servers. After that, I’d like to look at three qualities which are making themselves felt in me and which I think are relevant to us assuming our much larger roles in lightwork.

Let me start by citing passages in which the Company of Heaven make their assertions.

We are Angels

The Angels through Tazjima ask us: “Would it surprise you to know that many of you now embodied are angels? You have chosen to take the human path of incarnation rather than to remain in the Light Worlds.” (2)

Mary through Pamela Kribbe challenges us to “dare to be fully here as the angel that you are, and to fully receive what you need to shine your light.” (3)

In donning the human body, we agreed to wear the veil of forgetfulness. The Group through Steve Rother obliquely refer to it: “It is not easy taking your wings off and pretending to be a human.” (4)

And Commander Ashira of the Unified Forces of the Outer Galaxies makes a startling assertion through Linda Dillon:

“Yes, we’ve seen your wings – you, Suzanne [Maresca], and many of you – but we also know the intention and the plan is for you to maintain, and you are doing a good job many of you in maintaining, your physical reality.” (5)

SaLuSa captures our sense of astonishment at connecting with what this group are saying to us: “You are slowly but surely beginning to understand your spiritual history, even though the idea that you are Angels is quite astonishing to you.” (6)

We are Wayshowers

If we can get this far with matters and accept that most of us starseeds are or were angels, then the next sobering revelation is that we signed on not just to be spectators at these marvellous events, but to be wayshowers. I don’t mean the gal who started a homeless shelter in your city or the man who climbed Everett to raise money for orphans. I mean us – you and me.

Aisha North’s Constant Companions tell us: “You are the wayshowers, the pioneers, the ones that have taken upon them this grand task of breaking through every single barrier that have ever existed standing in the way between you and your former greatness.” (7) Every single barrier. Much work left to do.

Archangel Michael explains to us that what we’re doing is that “you, the Wayshowers and designated Vanguard, are clearing the Sacred Pathway, and you are laying the foundation for the Divine Blueprint/frequencies of the New Age.” (8)  Again, clearing the sacred pathway.  Not just explorers but brush-clearers and obstacle-removers.

He reviews how we were chosen and makes some surprising statements about our expertise and depth of experience:

“You all are masters of the highest order, or you would not have been chosen as Star Seed Wayshowers for this unprecedented evolutionary process the Earth and humanity are presently experiencing.

“You have expert credentials, and you have proven your cocreative mastery a multitude of times during your many cosmic journeys.” (9)

Is he really talking about us?  Well, yes, he is.

The Divine Mother, to whom all knees bend, gives us our marching orders:

“You are literally going into the fray to help shift those who are not quite awake yet. This is one of the primary roles of both wayshowers and pillars. You are gathering the people up and you are showing them the way.” (10)

Jesus, who played this role two thousand years ago, makes our methodology very plain and simple:

“As Light-bearers and Wayshowers, like the loving guides and teachers of previous eras, you are here on Earth to demonstrate Love in action, and as you do so you demonstrate that It works.” (11)

So we are for the most part incarnated angels who’ve come as way showers to the lost at a crucial time in Earth’s history when those who are ready will leave the cycle of Third Dimensionality at this jump-off place that occurs at the end of each world cycle and enter the higher realms.

While we have this in our sacred literature (the rapture, the second coming, the end times, the procession of ages from Kali Yuga to Sat Yuga, etc.) and in our esoteric history (Lemuria and Atlantis were supposed to have been times of world Ascension), very few of us have conscious memories of past Ascensions that we’ve participated in.

Nonetheless we’re gradually being awakened to our histories and our responsibilities and encouraged to take up our missions.

And part of that is not only to be wayshowers but to be wayshowers on a planetary scale – to be what the Company of Heaven calls “world servers.”

World Servers

The Company of Heaven reserves the term “world leaders” for governmental leaders and calls us instead “world servers.” Archangel Michael affirms:  “You agreed to be the examples, and you are willing to do everything within your power to ease the way for others by becoming sentinels of Light, Wayshowers and World Servers.” (12)

He reminds us that “you have been preparing for this time for many incarnations, and you are sorely needed as World Servers of the Light.” (13) Anyone here having trouble considering themselves to be a world server? Well, I do. And yet I’m willing to swallow my fears and objections and serve.

He goes on to reveal that “those of you who are stepping to the fore as qualified World Servers have had vast experience throughout this Universe and its many Sub-universes.” He echoes the Divine Mother in describing the mission of a world server:

“The primary Divine Mission of these special groups of Star Seeds is to lead the way for those ready to evolve into the next level of expanded consciousness as an infinite number of cycles and Divine programs come to a completion.” (14)

We can read these words and consider them a novelty. We can read them, take them in and still not plumb the depths of their meaning and significance.

Or we can begin to let in the full impact of what these statements mean for us and our future.

This canary in the mineshaft has found that meaning and significance pressing itself in on him and the meaning and significance seem to be encapsulated in three words: nobility, sacredness and love. And it’s those three notions that I want to turn to tomorrow.