JORDAN SATHER – 7.10.17 – Solar System Changes, New Crop Circles, Geo-Politics, and much more.


Destroying The Illusion 


Cosmic Vision News – Geoffrey West – News of the World and Beyond – 4-18-14

cosmic vision news

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Cosmic Vision News – Geoffrey West – World, Galactic News



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“With news around, upon, within and beyond our planet, it is the newscast making disclosure official”

Cosmic Vision News is believed to be currently the only newscast of its kind.  It is attempting to lay the foundation for the future of journalism.  CVN does not claim to broadcast ‘truth’, because ‘truth’ is subjective and relative to each individual in each moment of ‘now’.  It is a journalism of perspectives, and each individual is invited to use whatever messages or information that are meaningful for the individual, while setting aside any information that does not currently resonate with the individual.

CVN does its best to offer a variety of news, and does so with both a galactic and spiritual perspective.

As the human and planetary consciousness continues to shift into higher and higher frequencies, CVN is the only known newscast that considers this transition in the presentation of ‘3D’ news.  Humanity is being called to make new choices, and our responses to current events have the potential to shape what our planet and what humanity become in the future.