Ascension Pioneers – Visions of New Life


Dear Ascension Pioneers!

Join me as I discuss my new insights and visions of New Life! When we take time for ourselves and live our life in alignment with Soul, we shine that Light of the I AM, and everyone else can notice it as well. We wrap the whole of Creation with our unique Light and we start embodying the Divine Love that we are. We become as fluid as water, and our entire life becomes a meditation. We live completely immersed in the Now moment and the excitement that it brings. We can sense and feel magic in everything, and the whole world seems like a magic carpet ride. That is when we start anchoring our own Heaven/paradise on Earth.

Possible side effects: others who are not where we are yet might think that we are weird! But we feel so good that we take that as a compliment!

Within Divine Love, Polona